Giving up is not an option! how to not give up and stay motivated

Giving up is not an option! how to not give up and stay motivated

Many a time in life I wanted to give up. I wanted to give up in many situations.
I wanted to give up-

When I faced discouragement,

When I couldn’t control the situation,

When I faced rejections,

When I confronted failure, disappointments, and many other conditions…

But, then I asked myself, Is this the only option left for me? OR Is there any other way to deal with it?

I imagined all the worst case scenario that could have happened if I don’t give up. And, then I came up with self-realization of making, giving up a choice rather than an option.

  • There was a time I faced a lot of discouragement, and I wanted to give up. I faced negativity all around me. I lost myself.
  • Instead of focusing on the lessons these circumstances are giving me, I tried to make giving up an option for me.
  • I was living with the thought that some situations in life are meant to happen, and nobody can change it, and I accepted it.
  • I considered giving up to be the easiest decision then.
  • I lack self-confidence. There was lack of self-belief in me which made me doubt my capabilities.

Giving up on something teaches nothing. But, trying something till the end of your capacity gives a lesson. I gave up many times in life, sometimes due to situations or circumstances and the other time due to people and their doings. But then I gained nothing rather than negativity. And I decided to keep going, keep doing no matter what situation comes in my path.

Instant success is not possible. It takes lots of effort, difficulties and hard work to get to the path of success. Maybe the moment I decide to give up was the moment when my success journey begins, so I decided not to give up.

Experience is always beneficial for future. But, my future cannot be the same as my past experience. Past experiences are used to be implemented in future work, but that doesn’t mean if I failed in past then I will fail in future also.

I used to implement the same approach to work in all similar circumstances. And I judged my incapability to perform based on my fixed mindset. Later I decided to change my perspective of doing work, dealing with life.

‘Giving Up’ situation may come again in my life. Maybe in the nearby future, I will find myself stuck in the same situation, and again perhaps I will GIVE UP.
So, rather than making Giving Up my habit, I decided to know my capabilities to deal with such circumstances, and I quit on the idea of making giving up my habit.

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