How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

Blu-ray movies are becoming increasingly popular which bring people a more wonderful audio-visual enjoyment. However, Blu-ray’s laser layer is easy to damage by scratches and it cannot playback on portable devices. Therefore, many people considered to rip and backup their Blu-ray discs with some powerful tools like HandBrake. In this article, we will share the basic knowledge of HandBrake, also accompany detailed tutorial about how to rip Blu-ray with HandBrake.

How to Rip Unprotected Blu-ray with HandBrake

HandBrake is a well-known free and open-source transcoder that available for Linux, MacOS and Windows users. It can rip Blu-ray for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc. with customized settings. Currently, HandBrake does not directly support the decryption of Blu-ray Discs, it can remove DRM (Digital rights management) only after the user installing “libdvdcss”.

To rip Blu-ray, the first thing you actually need is an external Blu-ray drive. Then download the latest version of HandBrake from its official website, install and run it on your computer.

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

Step 1. Import Blu-ray to HandBrake

You need to navigate to Blu-ray drive with “Source” drop-down button. It will take some time to scan your Blu-ray Disc. So you need to be patient with this procedure.

Step 2. Set Output Folder for Blu-ray Movie

With “Destination > Browse” button, you can set the output folder for your Blu-ray movie. Make sure your hard disk has enough space before ripping. Ideally, you can rip 50GB Blu-ray to 10GB MKV while still remaining 1080p Full-HD quality.

Step 3. Choose the Container Format

Click the “Container” drop-down button and you can choose to rip Blu-ray to MKV/MP4 format.

Step 4. Set the Output Video/Audio Settings

Under “Picture” tab, you can tweak the settings for your output video or audio file to your preference. It’s recommended to keep the full resolution to retain the original high-quality. Set “Automatic” or “Cropping” option to remove unwanted borders. You can also go to “filters”, “Video”, “Audio”, “Subtitles”, etc. tabs to set the codecs, quality and add subtitles.

Step 5. Start Ripping Blu-ray using HandBrake

Once you’ve accomplished all parameters, you can press the “Start” button on the top to start ripping Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV with HandBrake. You can see the process bar on the bottom and wait for the ripping process to finish. Since Blu-ray are very big and HandBrake needs to decode Blu-ray M2TS video and encodes to the format you choose, which is also in HD quality. Therefore the Blu-ray conversion will last for a long time. After ripping, you can get HD MP4/MKV files.

A Comparison about HandBrake and the Other Blu-ray Ripper

Like what is said above, HandBrake cannot rip copy-protected Blu-rays and DVDs. If you have to rip a Blu-ray disc that is under DRM protection, maybe you can look for HandBrake alternative.

There are many Blu-ray rippers out there and the best one besides HandBrake for ripping Blu-ray movies I can recommend is VideoSolo Blu-ray Ripper. This program is updated to perfectly rip copy-protected Blu-ray to 300+ formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, M4V, MOV, FLV, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, etc. even 3D formats. It can help you simply play Blu-ray on a large variety of devices like Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod/TV, Samsung/Sony/LG/Huawei smartphones/tablets or PS3/PS4 game console, etc. with excellent output quality and fast conversion speed.

• Comparison: HandBrake vs VideoSolo Blu-ray Ripper



VideoSolo Blu-ray Ripper

by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 6, 2021

HandBrake is a free, downloadable program that allows users to convert video from nearly any format. Unfortunately, HandBrake does not allow audio-only conversions, that is to say, the answer is “no” to the question of “Will HandBrake extract audio?” Hence, a good HandBrake alternative will be your better choice to extract audio and this easy-to-use as well as useful audio extractor can be free downloaded here: В

Can HandBrake Extract Audio from Video?

Q: I’m trying to convert a set of FLAC songs to MP3 with HandBrake. Under Output Settings you can choose a Container. But the only available containers are MP4, WEBM, and MKV. Is there a way to solve HandBrake FLAC to MP3?

Q: I have a collection of live concert DVDs that I would like to extract audio from DVD as MP3 format. Is there an easy way to rip just the audio, but not the video? Can Handbrake do this?

As a free, open source and multi-platform program, HandBrake is popular with users. However, it also has its shortcoming because it is just a transcoder for digital video only. In other words, handbrake does not support audio-only conversion, and it is impossible for you to use handbrake to convert MP4 to MP3, extract audio from video, or rip DVD audio. Hence, a HandBrake Alternative will solve above problems perfectly.

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

Alternative to HandBrake in Audio Conversion

The HandBrake substitute not only contains all the features that HandBrake has, but also embraces more powerful features:

Extract audio from DVD, videos and URL in easy and safe way.

Support all audio & video formats including the latest H.264, WebM, etc.

Decrypt all encrypted DVD movies you own.

Tremendous HandBrake Audio Converter for You

As mentioned above, you must fail in HandBrake audio conversion. Therefore, many alternatives have emerged. WonderFox DVD Video Converter is recommended as the best substitute of HandBrake for solving no HandBrake audio only issue. There are various reasons that make WonderFox DVD Video Converter beyond other so-called good HandBrake alternatives. First one,it enables you to rip any kinds of DVDs even they are encrypted by a variety of technologies. Then, it supports audio & video conversion among 500+ formats, whether you want to convert video to MP3, FLAC, or WAV, etc., it can be satisfied. Moreover, online downloading is also supported.

Such a program that combines multiple functions into one, just download it download it right now!

Tutorial: Use HandBrake Alternative to Make up for Deficiency of HandBrake Extract Audio Only

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

To compensate for the defect of HandBrake extract audio, please make sure you have downloadeddownloaded its alternative!

Step 1. Import Your Video

Launch WonderFox DVD Video Converter you just downloaded. Then import your video, here are 3 ways for loading videos: Add files (import your local video), Download video (online downloading videos), Load DVD (import your DVD). By the way, convert videos in batches is supported too.

Tips: If you choose the third method to import the DVD video, it is worth noting that, please put the DVD into the drive before launching WonderFox DVD Video Converter.

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

Step 2. Choose One Output Format You Desired

Click on the “Output Format” icon on the right side of the interface, then click “Audio”, and then select your favorite audio format in the bottom of Audio. In this article, we take “MP3” as an example, just click MP3 profile.

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

Step 3. Finish Video to Audio Conversion with HandBrake Audio Only Alternative

Preset your output folder path and click Run to start the conversion. For advanced users, here provides Settings button to change your parameters including bit rate, sample rate, or adjust audio volume.

More Features on the Alternative to HandBrake MP3 Converter

1. This conversion software can not only compensate for the defect of using HandBrake to convert audio, but also support the newest encoder H265(HEVC), or you can convert your video to H265 directly.

2. Either the movie video or the music video, you can add subtitles to them to have fun.

3. If you are suffering from the annoying interlaced lines while viewing a video, you can fix the interlaced video by this software easily.

Now download this omnipotent program to convert your video to audio at ease.

The Must-have Tool Makes Your Videos Special

How to decrypt and rip dvds with handbrake

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Enhance video quality: change from SD to HD, HD to 4K, etc.

Cut video clip: click Clip to cut a particular portion from a video or remove unwanted parts.

Merge multiple videos: click Merge to combine videos into one as a special home-made video.

Add effects: click Effect to add funny visual effects on your video, such as pencil drawing, old film…