How to merge multiple google drive and google photos accounts

You can easily move your photos between two Google Photos accounts through a “Shareable links”. You have another option to move photos between two Google Photos accounts i.e. using Google Drive. You can download and install Google Drive application on your computer. Now download photos from 1 account to Google Drive folder and sign out it, sign in to 2nd account and upload your photos from Google Drive folder to 2nd Google Photos folder. If you use the Shareable links method, you don’t need to download and reupload the photos and you will save lot of time.

Here are the steps to Move Photos between Two Google Photos Accounts:

  1. Log in to your first Google Photos account.
  2. Select the photos which you want to move.
  3. Click “Share” icon located at the top right corner.
  4. Click “Get shareable link”.
  5. Log in to your second Google Photos account where you want to move your photos.
  6. Open that link while on the second Google Photos account.
  7. When you open that link, you will see two icons i.e. “Download button with cloud” and “3 Vertical dots”.
  8. If you want to delete the link from the first Google Photos account, then click the menu icon and then click “Shared Links” tab and then delete it.
  9. This way you can move photos between two Google Photos accounts.

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Do you have more than one Google account, perhaps one for work or school and one for personal use? Tired of switching between them or just want to consolidate those accounts into one? While there’s no dead simple way to merge Google accounts, the steps below will help you get your files from Google Drive and photos from Google Photos into the account you want to use primarily.

If you want to merge two or more Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Contacts accounts, we’ve got a guide for that as well!

How to Merge Google Drive Accounts

To merge the files from an old Google Drive account to a new one, you first need to sync your Google Drive with your computer. If your files are already synced, you can skip to step two.

Step 1: Sync Google Drive to your computer

To sync the files from your old Google Drive account to your computer:

2. After the application has downloaded, click Get Started.

3. Sign in using your old Google account credentials.

4. Uncheck all folders, and click Next.

5. Check Sync My Drive to this computer, and select the radio button next to Sync everything in My Drive. Finally, click Start.

Depending on how many files you have in your old Google Drive account, the syncing process could take some time. Wait until it’s complete, then move on to step two.

Step 2: Merge your old Google Drive files to your new account

To merge the files from an old Google Drive account to a new one, navigate to the Backup and Sync control panel on your computer. It’s typically in your icon shortcuts (near the Wi-Fi icon) and looks like this:

1. Click the Backup and Sync Icon, click the settings icon (three vertical dots), then click Preferences.

2. Click Settings, then click Disconnect Account.

3. After disconnecting, click the Backup and Sync logo again, and sign in with your new Google account login.

4. Decide which local folders to backup to Google Drive, or uncheck all folders to simply merge your old Google Drive files to your new Google Drive. Click Next.

5. Check Sync My Drive to this computer, and select the files and folders you want to merge from your old Google Drive account. Then click Start.

6. Click Continue in the Merge with My Drive popup. This allows Google to merge the files from your old account to the new account.

7. Click Continue in the Continue merge popup. If you have a lot of files, it may take a while for everything to sync.

Now you just have to wait for everything to sync. When it’s finished, all of the files from your old account will be available both online and locally in your new Google Drive account.

If you think there’s a chance that you’ll add new files to your old Google Drive before deleting or losing access to that account, make sure to set up this Zap to automatically copy any new files added to your old Google Drive account to your new Google Drive account.

How to Merge Google Photos Accounts

The simplest way to transfer all of the photos from your old Google Photos account to a new one is to set your new account as a “partner account.” This allows you to copy all of your photos to your new account without having to download and upload all of your photos.

To set up your new account as a partner account and copy all of the photos to it:

Log in to Google Photos with your old account.

Open the menu, and select Settings.

Click Shared libraries.

If you’re already sharing your photos with someone else using the partner account feature, remove that partner first by clicking the Remove Partner link. You can add them as a partner again after you finish transferring all of your photos to your new account.

4. Click Get Started.

5. Type in the email address for your new Google account.

6. Select the All photos radio button, make sure Only show photos since this day is set to Off, and click the Next button.

7. Click Send Invitation to confirm the partner link, and re-enter your password—if needed—to finalize the change.

8. Log out of your old Google account.

9. Open your email application for your new Google account and look for the invitation email. Click the Open Google Photos button in the email, and—if needed—sign in with your new Google account.

10. Accept the shared library invitation.

11. Click the Get Started button in the Save to your library notification to copy all of the shared photos to your new Google Photos account.

12. Select the All photos radio button, and click Done.

That’s it! Google will then save all of the shared photos to your new account.

Even if you delete all of the photos in your old account—or if the old account itself is deleted—the photos will still be available in the new Google Photos account. But test it out first by deleting a photo in your old account, and make sure it’s still available in your new account before making sweeping changes.

If you deleted a partner from your old Google Photos account at the beginning of this process, follow steps 2-7 using your new Google Photos account to re-establish that partner account.

For other Google products—including YouTube, Google Play, and Google Plus—there’s not a solution for merging multiple accounts. While published YouTube videos from one account can be downloaded using Google Takeout and re-uploaded to a new account, it’s a manual and time-consuming process. With Google Play and Google Plus, you essentially have to start over. Google used to offer an option to merge Google Plus accounts using Google Takeout, but that option is no longer available. With Google Play, you’ll have to either use your old account on your phone or repurchase any apps you still want with your new account.

Most of these processes take time to complete. For that reason, it’s best to set aside an entire day to transfer everything. And while that may seem like a lot of time to dedicate to the process, it will save you a lot of time in the future because you’ll avoid the overhead of having to manage multiple Google accounts. And you can get all your files and photos in one place.

Want to keep all of your Google accounts and automatically copy any new files and data between them? You can do that with Zapier. For example, automatically send new emails from one Gmail account to another or copy new files from one Google Drive to another.

Google Photos is probably among the best gallery app available right now. The ability to sync all your media files over to the cloud and the cross-platform support has truly made it stand out among the crowds. But it does have to handle a fair share of criticism as well. For example, users usually complain about the limited 15 GB storage and problems in handling multiple accounts. We have already covered how to get Google Photos unlimited storage for free. And now we will be looking at the steps to merge your multiple accounts in Google Photos.

By doing this, all your photos and videos present in various different accounts will be stored under a single account. You may then discontinue using all the other accounts and solely use the single merged account. With that in mind, let us now see how to merge multiple Google Photos account into a single one. Moreover, if you have more than one Google Account, see how to add, remove and manage accounts on Android devices.

Merge Multiple Google Photos Account

The process to merge multiple Google Photos account works well and good on both PC as well as Android device. We have carried out the below steps on an Android device. If you would instead like to do so on a desktop, the steps will be the same. Also, for this process to work, you will require at least two Google Accounts. One will act as your primary account where all your photos are currently stored. The other one will work as a merged account. If you have only a single account, consider creating another one from the Google sign up page. Once done, head over to the below instructions.

Sharing Photos with Merged Account

  1. To merge multiple Google Photos accounts, login to Google Photos with your primary account.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon and select Settings from the menu.
  3. Next, go to the Sharing section and select the Shared libraries option.
  4. Tap on Get started.
  5. From the Select Partner screen, choose the account which will act as a merged account.
  6. Subsequently, the Choose settings page will now open up. Under the Grant Access To option, select All photos. Also, make sure that Only show photos since this day option is turned off. Once done, tap on Next (present at upper right).
  7. Next, in the Confirm screen, tap on Send invitation. This screen confirms whether you really want to share your photos and videos from your primary account over to the merged account. Until and unless you send and accept the invitation (next step), you won’t be able to merge multiple Google Photos account.
  8. You will now receive an invitation via Gmail. Open the mail and tap on Open Google Photos.

  • Now you will be taken back to the Photos app with a Shared library invitation. Tap on Accept.
  • With this, we complete the first part of instructions to merge multiple Google Photos account. Furthermore, to make sure photos shared across all your accounts are merged. you will want to know whether photos shared across other Google Accounts are shared back with you first. For that, Google has provided a Share back option.

    Therefore, upon successful completion of the above 9 steps, you will get a dialog asking Share back to . Tap on Get started. Repeat Steps 5 to 8. Once done, you will be required to set up a few rules so that all the photos get automatically shared with your merged account. Follow the below steps.

    Moreover, since Google Photos comes as a stock gallery app, you probably wouldn’t have tried any other. But you should definitely have a look at Memoria Photo Gallery which is a great alternative to the stock Android Gallery.

    One-time Account Configuration

    1. Once you have completed the Share back steps, you will receive a Save to your library notification inside the Photos app.
    2. Now, tap on Getting started.
    3. Finally, under Save automatically option, choose All Photos. Tap on Done.

    Google Photos will now begin importing images from your primary account over to the merged account. But do note that we have only done so for a single account. To sync all your accounts (and subsequently the stored images) with the merged account, you will have to execute the above steps in the exact same sequence for each of your accounts. Although the steps required to merge multiple Google Photos account might seem a pretty lengthy task, it is a one-time effort. The benefit of this is forever to reap in and enjoy. If you are wondering why my screenshots are dark, I have enabled the dark mode in my Google Photos app.

    Having a Google Drive account makes it easy for you to store, share, and manage your files online. As with all Google features, one Google user can have only one Google Drive, meaning that you’ll have to make another Google account to gain access to new storage.

    Google Drive’s free tier comes with 15 GBs of storage. Upgrading to Google One, which is essentially Google’s paid service tiers, you can get 100 GBs of storage for $1.99/month, 200 GBs of storage for $2.99/month, and a whopping 2 TBs of storage for $4.99/month. So if you just need more storage then consider upgrading to a Google One account as the pricing is very reasonable for what you get.

    Many people have multiple Google accounts – some accounts are personal, some are for business, and you may also want to set up an account for a particular hobby. But what happens if you want to connect these accounts and manage your files together?

    Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow syncing multiple Google Drive accounts. However, there is a way to work around this issue. This article will provide you with a way to manage all your Google Drive files at once.

    Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts via Your Internet Account

    You can use Google’s share feature to sync two or more Google Drive (free tier) or Google One (paid tiers) accounts. To get started, you’ll have to pick a “primary” account and open a folder in it.

    You can then give all your other accounts access to this folder, which will act as a centerpiece of your Google Drive management.

    Follow these steps to sync two or more Google Drive accounts:

    1. Choose a primary Google Drive account.
    2. Sign in to another Google account (the one you want to sync from) and go to Google Drive.
    3. Click on the New on the top left side of the screen.
    4. Select ‘Folder’ when the dropdown menu appears.
    5. Name this folder anything you want but it will have to be unique to the account you are currently using. For example, “syncing folder [your email address].”
    6. Drag and drop all the files that you want to share in this folder. If you have some files that do not require syncing, you don’t have to move them here.
    7. Right-click on this folder and select “Share.”
    8. Type in the email address of your primary Google Drive account. You’ll need to grant permission to organize, read, and write in this folder.
    9. Press ‘Send’.
    10. Google will send you an email and ask about permissions.
    11. Open another browser or a private browser window.
    12. Log in to your primary account
    13. Open the email from Google.
    14. Select ‘Open,’ then select the Shared with me folder.
    15. Right-click on the folder.
    16. Select “Add to my drive.”

    The synced folder will now appear on your drive on your primary account. To access it, press “My Drive” on the left side of the Google Drive home page.

    When you create a folder and share it for the first time, you can add multiple accounts to it. Repeat the above process, and in step 8, enter the email addresses of all the accounts you want to sync with the folder with. Then do steps 8-16 for each account that you want to sync the folder with.

    Now your multiple Google Drive accounts will have access to this folder. You can then manage all the content inside the folder from whichever account you want. Use your primary account to access any of the folders you shared.

    Merging Multiple Google Drive Accounts Using Google Drive Backup and Sync

    If you’ve installed the Google Drive Backup and Sync app, you can use a similar process to manage files from multiple accounts. To do this, you should:

    1. Open Backup and Sync.
    2. Click “More” (three vertical dots).
    3. Select “Preferences.”
    4. Go to the “Settings” menu.
    5. Click on “Disconnect Account.”
    6. Press OK when prompted.
    7. Sign in to another Google Drive account (not the primary one).
    8. Select the folders that you want to backup and sync to your Drive account.
    9. If you want to sync everything from your computer, check “Sync my drive to this computer”. If you want a particular folder, check it individually.
    10. Hit “Next.”
    11. Select “Continue” to link the new files and folders with the Google Drive folder that you have on your desktop.

    This will make one big Google Drive folder on your desktop with both old and new files. However, since you disconnected your main account, you won’t be able to add or remove files from this new folder.

    So, instead of syncing devices, this will just merge everything into one big Drive folder. You can then manage it from your desktop.

    Switching Between Drive Accounts

    Fortunately, Google does make it easy to switch between accounts on a web browser. If, for some reason the instructions above didn’t work out for you, we’ll show you how to switch between your accounts quickly on Chrome.

    Here’s how to switch accounts on Chrome:

    1. Open Chrome and visit Google Drive.
    2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
    3. Select one of your Gmail accounts from the list.
    4. A new tab will open with the other Google Drive account.

    If you need to sign into your other Google Drive account just click the ‘Add Another Account’ option and sign in.

    Now, it’s easy to share documents between accounts. Simply open the file and click the ‘Share’ icon. Input the email address connected to the Google Drive account and click ‘Send.’ Then, click on the tab for the other Google Drive account and the document will appear in your Shared documents folder.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I transfer all of my files from one Drive account to another?

    If you want to transfer all files from one account to another, you can. The simplest way is to share all of your files. Click on one then use the Ctrl+A or Cmd+A keyboard shortcut to select all files. Then, right-click and choose ‘Share’ from the dropdown menu. Share all of the files at one time to your other Google Drive account.

    Until the Feature Arrives, Work Around the Issue

    The closest you can get to syncing multiple accounts is sharing a folder. This is not exactly the same as fully syncing or merging the accounts, but it will help you to manage files in one space from different accounts.

    The other method can help you collect all the files into one place, but you will only be able to manage it from your computer. Until Google Drive officially allows users to sync multiple Google Drive accounts, these workarounds are the best option for achieving the same sort of result. If you’re looking for more storage space, consider upgrading a Google Drive account to a “Google One” account as you get a lot of storage space for the money, starting at $1.99/month for 100 GB’s of storage. To see the Google One plan options, log into your Google Drive account at then clock on BUY STORAGE in the left-hand panel.

    If you found this article useful, you might also like other TechJunkie articles, including How to Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive to Google Drive and How To Move Google Drive Files to a New Account.

    Tell us about your experience syncing up two Google Drive accounts. Did the process do what you expected? Do you have any tips or tricks for syncing two Google Drive accounts? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below!

    If you find that having two Google+ accounts is hard to keep straight. You might want to merge the two in a single account, including all of your contacts.

    Sometimes you might find that having two Google+ accounts can annoying to keep straight. If you’d rather have a single account, including all of your contacts, you can merge two account together. Here’s how.

    Why Would You Merge Google+ Accounts?

    Having two accounts is likely if you have a personal Google+ account, and also one for work have a work that uses Google Apps. It’s much easier if you turn them into a single account, something that’s done using the ubiquitous Google Takeout, which we’ve shown you how to use to archive Gmail and Google Calendar data.

    You will basically transfer your connections and circles from a source account to a destination one. After the merging process is complete, your connections will only get to see the destination account.

    The destination profile will include all of the data, but not the posts in the source profile. If circles have the same, they will be merged. Also, authorship information will remain in the source profile, which will still exist. It will only be replaced by the destination one in other people’s circles.

    How To Merge Accounts

    To merge two Google+ accounts, make sure you’re logged in then head to this Google Takeout page. Once you’re there, click the Transfer button or link shown in the screenshot below.

    You will be taken to the Circles Transfer Tool. Input the Google+ account to which you want to transfer your connections and your circles in the box on the right side, called Destination Account. Then, click Sign in to this account below it.

    You will then be told once again what you’re getting yourself into — namely what’s transferred and where, and that you’ll be waiting for 7 days before it all begins. Another important thing is that the process can not be undone and you can’t use the tool for any of the accounts in the next six months.

    Once you’ve clicked the Transfer button, all that’s left to do is wait. Do remember, though, that it’s possible to cancel the transfer anytime you want during the 7-day period. To do so, just click the link which appears at the bottom of either Google+ profiles. You will get a confirmation e-mail, too.

    If you don’t cancel things, once the transfer is complete, you’ll only need to to manage one account. Remember that the source profile will remain in place. If you don’t want it anymore, you can just delete the Google+ profile – here’s how to do it.

    Google drive is one of the biggest cloud storage solutions. And with its seamless integration with other productivity apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, it seems to be a favorite among consumers. Throw in the 15GB free storage for all users, and you have a win.

    Though, there is a handicap. Google Drive doesn’t allow more than one account to be synced on a single Desktop device.

    This issue becomes a problem when you have multiple Drive accounts you need to sync often.

    The good news is there’s a workaround. The following Google Drive tips will show you how to sync multiple Google drive accounts on desktop without using a paid service.

    Sync Google Drive Accounts on Desktop

    You can sync Google Drive accounts using its native share solution. The “Share” feature grants permission to another account to access a folder on your main account.

    Here’s how to go about it.

    1. Select one main Google account. This will be the account you will use to sync all the others.

    2. Next, log into the account you want to sync from.

    3. Create a folder inside your account and give it a unique name. This unique name will help you identify it in any other account you intend to sync from. Using your email ID is an excellent way to name this folder.

    4. Next, select all the files in your Drive account and move it into this new folder. If you don’t intend to sync all these files always, then only move the ones you need to sync. You can drag and drop these files.

    5. Once you have moved all the files that you need, you should have a clean drive dashboard. Open the folder to confirm that all your items have been successfully moved without errors. Once confirmed, click on “Drive” to go back to your dashboard.

    6. Right-click on your folder and select “Share.”

    7. Enter the email address of your main Google Drive’s account. Make sure you grant it permission to read, write and organize this folder. Now click “Send.” You can add more than one account if you want.

    8. Google will send an email invite to your main account and ask for permission to have access to this folder. Sign in to your main account. (You can do this on another browser or by using an incognito/private tab.) You should receive an email like the one below.

    9. Click on “Open,” then click on the “Shared with me” folder. You should see all the contents that you shared through your second Google account here. Right-click on the folder and select “Add to my Drive.”

    10. Now you are set. The shared folder should be there in all its glory. You can sync this account’s content from your main account anytime you want.

    11. Also, note that you can sync this folder to your desktop and have access to its content offline.

    Wrapping Up

    Syncing multiple Google Drive accounts is a great way to collaborate with different projects on one desktop. Not only does it boost productivity, it also saves time and allows you to concentrate on what matters the most.

    Hopefully these tips will be good enough to help you set up sync across all your Drive accounts. Cheers to smoother collaborations.

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    Many folks can expend to two Google+ accounts, however sometimes it additionally reasons a lot of distractions. If you want to just use a Google+ account containing all of the data and contacts, you’ll be able to merge the ones two accounts into one. Below we will guide you to do this.

    Why should you merge your Google+ account?

    Just two accounts, you’ll have a personal Google+ account, and in addition a task using Google Apps. It shall be a lot more straightforward should you flip them into a single account, executed using Google Takeout .

    Basically will transfer your connections from one account to some degree. After the merging process is entire, your connection will most effective be able to see the overall account.

    Note: Before starting, understand that the transfer is began 7 days after being asked, and it takes forty eight hours to complete. During forty eight hours, you’ll not be ready to do anything else in two accounts. Including sending messages, adding folks to circles and blocking off customers, .

    The destination profile will include all the information, but now not the supply profile. If they have got the similar connection circle, they are going to be merged. In addition, creator knowledge will stay in the supply profile, which can nonetheless exist. It will only get replaced through one of the destinations within the circle of others.

    How to Merge an account?

    Make certain you have got signed in to two Google+ accounts, then discuss with Google Takeout . Once there, click on the Transfer button or hyperlink button proven within the image underneath.

    You shall be taken to the Circles switch software . Enter the Google+ account you want to connect to the best field, it is called the destination account. Then click log in to this account ( Sign in to this account ).

    You will then be notified once more what you’re about to do – particularly the place and what data is transferred and transferred, you are going to have to wait 7 days earlier than all of it starts. It is essential that each one processes can’t be finished and you cannot use the tool for any account within the subsequent six months.

    When you click on the Transfer button, all that is left to do is wait. However it might probably cancel the transfer anytime you want inside 7 days. To achieve this, merely click on the link that looks at the bottom of considered one of your Google+ accounts. You will receive a affirmation electronic mail returned when done.

    If you don’t cancel them, once the transfer is complete you best need to arrange one account.

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    Merge your Gmail accounts to have a single primary account

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    What to Know

    • Select Settings >See all settings >Accounts and Imports and select Import mail and contacts.
    • Log in to your other accounts to import all messages, then add each secondary address as a sending address to the main Gmail account.
    • Under Send mail as, choose Reply from the same address the message was sent to, then set up forwarding from the other accounts.

    This article explains how to merge two or more Gmail accounts so that you can read and send all your emails from any of your accounts in one interface.

    If you want to access all your Gmail accounts on the same computer, you don’t have to merge accounts. Instead, simply switch between your Gmail accounts.

    How to Merge Gmail Accounts

    Follow these general steps to access your Gmail accounts from a single account.

    From your primary email account, select the Settings gear in the upper-right corner.

    Select See all settings.

    Go to the Accounts and Imports tab.

    Choose Import mail and contacts.

    In the window that appears, log in as the other account and follow the on-screen instructions to import all the messages.

    Repeat this step for every account from which you want to import emails. You can check the progress of the merge from the Accounts and Imports page.

    Add each secondary address as a sending address to the main Gmail account. This way, you can send emails from the accounts you added in step 1 right from your main account.

    In the Send mail as section, choose Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

    If you don’t want to reply from the second account, choose to send mail from your primary, default account.

    After all your email has been imported, set up forwarding from the secondary accounts so that new messages always go to your primary account.

    Now that the existing emails from your accounts are in your primary account, and each is set up to forward new messages to your main account indefinitely, you can safely remove the Send mail as accounts from the Accounts and Imports page.

    You can keep messages there if you want to send mail under those accounts in the future, but it’s no longer needed for the mail merge. All your existing and future messages are stored in the primary account.

    Andrew is the News Editor for Review Geek, where he covers breaking stories and manages the news team. He joined Life Savvy Media as a freelance writer in 2018 and has experience in a number of topics, including mobile hardware, audio, and IoT. Read more.

    Jul 12, 2021, 1:43 pm EDT | 1 min read

    For whatever reason, Google Drive has two different desktop apps. There’s the consumer-level Backup and Sync, and of course, the enterprise-grade Drive for Desktop (formerly Drive File Stream). Google plans to merge these apps into a unified Drive for Desktop by the end of the year, and to kick things off, it’s rolling out a major update that greatly improves the desktop app’s usability and speed.

    The most notable improvement may be multi-account support. In past versions of Drive for Desktop, users had to manually log in and out of each account they wanted to access. Version 49 of Drive for Desktop supports up to four accounts, which you can jump between by clicking your profile picture in the Drive for Desktop app.

    But Drive for Desktop also sees some improvements in its basic functionality (that is, backing up and syncing files). You can choose select files or folders to automatically sync with Drive, and now, all photos backed up through Drive for Desktop will automatically go into your Google Photos account. (In the past, uploaded photos sat in Drive like any other files.) Of course, this comes just as Google is ending unlimited storage for its Photos service.

    Interestingly, Google’s Drive for Desktop now offers the ability to stream files from the cloud. Past versions required that you mirror media files before using them.

    The final improvement to Google Drive is Windows and macOS compatibility. Google says that the client now works faster on both operating systems and is better at backing up files from the macOS iCloud and Photo Library. It’s also better at backing up data from external drives.

    Google is currently rolling out Version 49 of Drive for Desktop, though it may take a while to reach your computer. Starting in September, those who currently use Backup and Sync will be asked to transition to Drive for Desktop. Google will officially discontinue Backup and Sync this October, and if you don’t switch over, automatic backup to Google Drive will stop working from your desktop.

    by Sophie Green Updated on 2021-06-03 / Update for Cloud Merge

    Google Drive is a very useful application that offers cloud storage solutions. With the help of Google Drive, you can share, store, and sync any type of data, including pictures, across multiple devices of different operating systems. Sometimes, you may want to download photos from Google Drive to iPhone but don’t know how to do effcientlty. This article will tell you about the different ways of how to save multiple photos from Google Drive to iPhone. Read on to know more!

    Method 1. How to Save Multiple Photos from Google Drive to iPhone with Files Apps

    Apple allows the users to access Google Drive settings from the Files App. With the Files app, you can basically access any files stored on multiple cloud storage spaces like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and iOS device storage. You can know how to download multiple photos from Google Drive to iPhone using Files App in the following way.

      You will have to enable Google Drive on Files App first if you want to access any files stored in Google Drive. You can do this by launching the Files app and tapping on the browse button from the bottom of the screen.

    From the right corner of the screen, tap on the “Options” button and from the drop-down menu, tap on “Edit”. Tap to enable Google Drive.

    Once done, tap on the share button from the bottom left corner of the screen. After that, tap on “Save Image”.

    All the selected photos would now be available on your iPhone from Google Drive. This way, you can download photos from Google Drive to iPhone using the Files app.

    Method 2. How to Save Google Drive Photos to iPhone with Google Drive App

    Another great way in which you can get the photos on Google Drive to your iPhone is by using the Google Drive app. You can follow the steps given below to know how to download pictures from Google Drive to iPhone with Google Drive app.

    • From “App Store” install Google Drive app on your iPhone and open it.
    • Login to your Google account by keying in the correct login credentials.
    • Look for the image you wish to download and click on “More” right beside it.

    After that, tap on “Open in”, select “Save to Files”, and select the location where you wish to save the downloaded photos before tapping on “Save”.

    Once done, you can dowload all the photos from Google Drive to iPhone.

    Method 3. How to Save Photos from Google Drive to iPhone on Computer

    If you want to use a computer to transfer the photos from Google Drive to your iPhone, you can do this as well. There are two major steps involving this method of how to download Google Drive photos to iPhone via computer that are explained below.

    Step 1. Download the photos from Google Drive to PC

    • Open your computer and from any web browser, navigate to
    • Select the photos you wish to download.
    • Once done, specify the location of the image where you wish for the zip file to be stored on your computer.

    You can then download the files on the zip file to your computer.

    Step 2. Import photos from PC to iPhone using iCareFone

    Once the photos you need from Google Drive are on your computer, you will need a tool to transfer it to your iPhone. For this, there is no other better tool than Tenorshare iCareFone . This is an ultimate tool that can be used to easily export photos from your computer to your iPhone. You can use this smart transfer software in the following way to transfer the photos you want from Google Drive to your iPhone via computer.

      Install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer, launch it and connect your device to the computer.

    From the main interface, select “Manage”.

    From the file types being displayed, click on “Photos” to proceed further.

    Select the photos that you wish to download and click on “Import”.

    The photos you selected will then be transferred to your iPhone from Google Drive via your computer.


    In any case, if you ever wish to access photos on Google Drive and then get some specific photos to your iPhone, you can use any of the methods described above to know how to transfer photos from Google Drive to iPhone gallery. If you want transfer the photos from computer to your iPhone, you can take the assistance of Tenorshare iCareFone, which is a great tool that can help you in effectively and safely transferring your photos from Google Drive to your iPhone via your computer.

    Updated on 2021-06-03 / Update for Cloud Merge

    My husband and I both take a lot of pictures with our phones. If I want a copy of a picture he took, I have to ask him to send it to me, don’t I? Actually, I don’t. With Google Photos, it is easy to link his account to my devices so that I can view, download, and share all of his pictures as soon as they are taken. You are probably wondering how this works. Google Photos has an option to back up all of your photos and store them on the cloud. (You can see how in this post.) These photos are linked to your Google account. You can authorize multiple accounts on your phone and switch between them to view the pictures.

    Warning: If you add your account to someone else’s phone in Google Photos, they will be able to access your account in all other Google apps such as Gmail. Make sure that you trust them with this access. This trick is recommended for people who own multiple accounts (such as for work and home) and for close family members with nothing to hide.

    1. Open up Google Photos on your phone, and tap the menu icon on the top left of the screen.

    2. Tap on your email address on the top of the menu. This displays all the accounts currently authorized on your phone.

    3. Tap Manage accounts.

    4. This is the screen where you can add or remove accounts from your phone. Tap Add account.

    5. Sign in with the account you would like to add.

    6. Now, when you look at the Menu, you will be able to choose from multiple accounts. Tap on the email address at the top of the menu, and then choose which account you want to view. You can only view one at a time.

    Ashley is a mom, engineer, writer, and lover of gadgets and doing things efficiently.

    Having multiple Google accounts isn’t uncommon. And Google is also making it easy to manage multiple accounts, like making account switching a one-click process. However, Google doesn’t offer a straightforward way to transfer Google Photos to another Google account.

    Recently, I wanted to backup all my Google Photos data to another Google account as an extra security measure. To my surprise, there is no built-in option to move Google Photos to another account, unlike Gmail emails. And downloading all the data and uploading it to the secondary account is just too much of a hassle.

    After some experiments, I found a trick to use the new Shared Libraries feature of Google Photos to transfer Google Photos data to another account. Although this feature is created to sync your Google Photos account with your significant other, but it can also be used to migrate data between your own accounts.

    In this post, I’ll get you through the complete process to transfer Google Photos data to another Google account using the Shared Libraries feature.

    Transfer Google Photos To another account using Shared Libraries

    In Shared Libraries, the photos are shared with the secondary account and any changes made in the primary account will reflect in the secondary account; including deletion of photos. However, once you have all the photos, there is an option to save all these photos to your library permanently. This will save the photos permanently in the secondary account and changes in the primary account won’t reflect in the secondary account.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Open up your Google Photos account and from the main menu at the top-left corner click on “Settings” and then click on “Shared libraries”.

    2. Click on “Get Started” on the next screen that comes up.

    3. Now enter the secondary email address at the top and click on “Next”.

    4. There would be three ways to grant access. You can either grant access to all the photos, only specific people, or photos older from a specific date. Make your choice and click “Next”.

    5. Review details and click on the “Send Invitation” button. You’ll have to log in again to authenticate it.

    6. Afterward, access Google Photos from the secondary account, and from the top-left main menu click on “Invitation from (primary account name)”.

    7. Click on “Accept” on the next dialog and all the photos will now show up in the secondary account.

    8. Click on “See these photos along with your own” button at the top-right corner.

    9. From the dialog, select “All photos” and then click on “Done”.

    It will take a few minutes depending on the total data shared, and all the photos will show in the secondary account’s library.

    Note: Photos moved to the “Archive” section of the primary account will not syncs with the secondary account. Make sure you unarchive them before following the above process if you want to transfer them as well.

    Unlink the accounts

    Do keep in mind that any new photos added to the primary account will be automatically shared and saved in the secondary account. If you don’t want this, then you must unlink the accounts once all the data has migrated. Here’s how to unlink:

    1. From any account (primary or secondary), go to “Settings” from the top-left main menu.

    2. Click on the “Shared libraries” option and then click on “Remove Partner”.

    Ending thoughts

    Thanks to the new shared libraries feature, transferring Google Photos data to another account is now very easy. Do keep in mind that you can only do this with a single account at a time. If you want to backup data to multiple Google accounts, then you must unlink the first account once the data is saved there.

    Why were you trying to transfer Google Photos to another account? Do let us know in the comments below.

    The new ‘upload from drive’ feature which Google introduced recently can be rather confusing for users, especially if your backup has been on auto-pilot since you set up your Google Photos and Drive account (which was probably years ago). But in case you weren’t aware, Google Photos is a cloud service offered by Google to store all your photos and videos that worked in automatic sync with Google Drive before this new change.

    Before this new feature was introduced, everything that used to be backed up on Photos would also automatically be backed in Google Drive and vice versa. That’s not the case now. Google Photos and Drive have become separate entities from July 10, 2019. So you now have to ensure that photos from your phone are backed up in Google Drive as well as Google Photos because the backup won’t happen on its own anymore.

    • How to ensure your photos are backing up to Google through Photos app
    • Why should you save photos to Google Drive
    • How to add more photo folders to sync
    • How to add any folder to sync to Google Drive
    • How to check how much Google Drive space do you have?
    • How to buy more storage on Google Drive
    • Should you sync Videos too on Google Drive?

    How to ensure your photos are backing up to Google through Photos app

    The process is fairly simple. Just follow these steps:

    Step 1: Open the Google Photos app on your phone.

    Step 2: Tap the menu button on the top-left.

    Step 3: Go to ‘Settings‘.

    Step 4: Select ‘Backup & Sync’.

    Step 5: Enable the ‘Backup & Sync‘ option

    You’re good to go! All your photos will resume backing up from Photos to Drive after this.

    Why should you save photos to Google Drive

    Google Drive offers you the ability to seamlessly backup your photos to your Google account which is a handy feature to backup your photos. These backed up photos can then be accessed and downloaded by you through the web, the desktop app or the mobile app. Saving your photos to Google Drive is an easy way of ensuring that you do not lose track of your memories in case you end up losing your phone or other devices in the future.

    Additionally, you also get the ability to access your photo library from multiple devices simultaneously which makes it easier for people that own different devices. If you are a photographer, then this feature can be exceptionally handy to you as it eliminates the need to carry your library on a physical Drive in case you need to transfer it between devices for further editing.

    Hence saving your photos to Google Drive is an easy way of backing up your photos and accessing them from various devices without the need for a physical storage device.

    How to add more photo folders to sync

    To add more photo folders to sync online, open your Google Photos app, tap Library > View all (in front of Photos on device) > select a folder > Toggle on the Backup and sync option.

    How to add any folder to sync to Google Drive

    Google does not allow you to natively sync external local folders to your Google Drive automatically but there are many third-party apps out there that you can use for this purpose. We recommend using Autosync Google Drive by MetaCtrl. Download the app and grant the necessary permissions to get you started.

    You will then need to connect your Google Drive account to the app, if you have multiple Google accounts signed in to your Android device, you can select the one you want to use for backup during this step. After the setup is complete, simply tap on ‘Choose what to Sync’ and get started. The remote folder is the field where you want your backup to be stored on Google Drive while the local folder field will let you select a folder on your device to automatically sync to the cloud.

    Simply tap on save next and your local folder will automatically be set up to sync to your Google Drive account. You can even modify your sync intervals in the settings menu of the app which will let you decide how often your folder gets synced to the cloud.

    How to check how much Google Drive space do you have?

    Checking your storage space on Google Drive is a fairly simple process. Simply open up your Google Drive app and open the sidebar using the menu icon in the top right corner of your screen. You will see your storage details at the bottom of the sidebar which will show you your total storage as well as how much space you have left in Google Drive.

    If you do not have the Google Drive app, you can use this link to directly download it to your smartphone from the Play Store.

    How to buy more storage on Google Drive

    Head over to your Google Drive app and open the sidebar using the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen. At the bottom of your sidebar, Google will display the amount of storage you have used in Google Drive.

    Tap on it, and the app will redirect you to a storage page where you will be able to acquire additional storage on your Google Drive. Simply select the plan that best suits your needs and make the necessary payments using your favorite payment method.

    Should you sync Videos too on Google Drive?

    Yes, why not! Google Drive virtually lets you sync any file to the Drive without any file format restrictions. As long as your video does not exceed the free storage space in your Drive, you can sync it to the cloud directly from the app itself.

    You can also use Google Photos to sync your videos and in case they are stored in a compressed format, you can always use a service like Autosync for Google Drive to sync it to the cloud.

    Besides being a fantastic image storing solution, Google Photos has an option that enables users to share all their photos with family members and friends. While doing so doesn’t require any expert skills and knowledge, some struggle to find a sharing function.

    For that reason, we’ve provided a detailed guide to teach you the basics of image sharing on Google Photos. We’ll also explain how to set up partner sharing and answer the burning questions regarding this topic. Let’s dig in.

    How to Share Your Photos on Google

    Firstly, it’s important to learn to add new photos from the computer to Google Photos:

    1. Open Google Photos on your computer.
    2. Log in to your account.
    3. Open the folder from which you want to share the photos.
    4. Drag them to the Google Photos platform.

    How to Set Up Partner Sharing on Google Photos

    To share photos with Google Photos, users first must choose a sharing partner. This individual must also use Google Photos to be able to see the images. Here’s how to set up partner sharing:

    1. Launch Google Photos.
    2. Tap on the “Sharing Photos” icon on the top left.
    3. You’ll notice the “Share your photos” box in the bottom left. Click on it.
    4. Type the email address of your proposed sharing partner.
    5. Hit “Next.”
    6. You’ll now have two options. It’s possible to share photos from a selected day or the day you set up partner sharing. Choose the preferred option.
    7. Tap “Next,” and then click on “Send Invitation.”

    What Happens After Setting Up Partner Sharing?

    After setting up partner sharing, that individual will get a notification informing them that they’ve been added as a partner. They need to accept the invitation before being able to see the shared photos. Once they do, they’ll have access to these photos at all times. Although they will show in the “Shared” section, they won’t immediately save unless they do it manually.

    How to Share All of Your Google Photos With Someone Else

    Are you that family member or friend responsible for taking photos and storing them safely on Google Photos? What if another friend or relative asks you to share all those photos with you? How do you do it? First, you must make this person your sharing partner. Be sure to follow the steps above to do that. Then, do the following:

    1. Open Google Photos.
    2. Highlight all photos to share and tap on the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Choose “Shared album.”
    4. Add the title of the album.
    5. Once in the album, click on the sharing icon and write the email of the person with whom you want to share the link.
    6. Once you do, the person will get the link in their email which they can open to see your Google Photos.

    How to Share All of Your Google Photos With Someone Else on Android

    Sharing all Google Photos with someone on Android is relatively easy. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android.
    2. Tap all the photos from the album you want to share.
    3. Click the sharing icon in the top left corner of the screen.
    4. Choose “New shared album.”
    5. Select how you want to send the link to photos. The easiest way is to send via email.
    6. Type the email address of the individual and tap “Send.”

    How to Share All of Your Google Photos With Someone Else on iPhone

    If you’ve recently switched from Android to iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that sharing all Google Photos involves the same steps:

    1. Launch the Google Photos app.
    2. Select which photos you want to share.
    3. Click on the sharing icon on the top left. It looks like a box with an arrow.
    4. Choose “New Shared album.”
    5. Send the link to the person via email.

    How to Disable an Access to a Shared Album?

    If a Google Photos user doesn’t want to share an album with another individual anymore, here’s how they can disable the sharing option:

    1. Launch Google Photos and log in to your account.
    2. Tap on the “Shared album” in the left part of the screen.
    3. Select the album and tap on the three dots in the upper right part of the screen.
    4. Choose “Options.”
    5. Toggle the “Link Sharing” button to disable the sharing option.

    Additional FAQs

    Is there something else you’re interested in regarding Google Photos? If so, you might find the answers below.

    How to Share a Link on Google Photos?

    Many users wonder if there’s another option for sharing photos besides via emails. For example, is it possible to get a link and send it to another person via Facebook Messenger or Instagram? Luckily, it is, but you need to get a link to the photos you want to share:

    • Open Google Photos.

    • Select photos to share.

    • Tap on the “Share” icon in the top left corner of the screen.

    • Click on “Create link.”

    • Past the link in the Facebook, WhatsApp, or other messaging system and tap to send.

    How Do I Share Videos on Google Photos?

    Many Google Photos users wonder if sharing Google photos videos with other users requires different steps from sharing photos. But the process is the same:

    • Open Google Photos and log in to your account.

    • Locate the video and click on it.

    • Tap on the “Share” icon in the top left corner of the screen.

    • Type the email address of the person with whom you want to share the video.

    • If you want, write the message in the message box.

    • Tap on the “Send” button.

    The person will now get a link to the video in their email.

    Can Someone Else Access My Google Photos?

    Many Google Photos users store family photos in Google Photos. Naturally, they don’t want everybody to have access to them. But are photos really secure? And can other people access them? Fortunately, unless you set up a sharing partner or send photos to an individual, other people can’t access your Google Photos. In a nutshell, Google Photos keeps your photos private and secure.

    Can You Share Your Google Photos With More Than One Person?

    For the time being, Google Photos allows its users to set up only one sharing partner. This person can have access to your Google Photos at all times. However, users can share the selected Google Photos with multiple other people. All they’ve got to do is type email addresses of those people and send photos to them.

    Sharing Made Easy

    Previously, it wasn’t possible to share pictures from Google Photos. Families didn’t have access to the same albums, which was a nuisance for many users. With the introduction of the sharing option, Google Photos enabled users to set up sharing partners who have access to the same album. Now partners can see the same vacation photos, without having to ask the other person to show them the images.

    Have you tried this fun option yet? Who is going to be your sharing buddy? Share with the community in the comments section below.