How to play boogie woogie piano

launched on April 2, 2020

Would you like to discover how to play piano boogie woogie within simply a variety of minutes?

What I like about the piano is that anybody can play, and unlike lots of other instruments like the violin, the trumpet, or the saxophone, you do not need to invest months simply discovering how to make the ideal noise. Press a technique on a piano or keyboard and you get the sound quickly, which not merely bypasses the months or potentially years of attempting to make the ideal noise, it’s likewise extremely inspiring to be able to quickly make a tune or tune with little to no musical understanding.

With the piano, anybody can discover– no matter what ability level you are presently at!

Prior to you continue taking a look at to find how to play piano boogie woogie, have you got your own instrument? If not, why get rid of either the RockJam RJ661 or the Alesis Recital Pro. Both are ideal instruments to begin finding.

Among the most popular designs of music to make use of the piano is boogie woogie, and with this tutorial I wish to expose you how anybody can play it today without the requirement for a variety of years of personal tuition or playing dull scales for hours and hours.

Here’s my guide on how to play piano boogie woogie– for newbies.

Here’s how to play piano boogie woogie

To start with, let’s begin by taking a look at an overhead photo of my own piano so you can see where to browse with your fingers–

How to play boogie woogie piano

You will discover that I have in reality put a few of the letter names of the notes in red on the techniques, in addition to some finger numbers. These are the only notes we require to play some wonderful piano boogie woogie!

Now, prior to we continue you require to be delighted that you understand which finger numbers are which, and I understand this may sound unimportant however it’s standard to get the left hand numbers unreliable if you do not follow this efficiently. The merely basic is that your thumbs are number 1, your forefingers are number 2, your middle finger is number 3, and so on.

It’s rather standard to forget in most cases and presume that your little finger on your left hand is number 1, however do not forget that would be your 5 th finger.

If you are going to attempt this on a keyboard or piano, you require to find where ‘middle C’ is. You will see that in the image of my own piano I have in reality advised where the middle C is, and to discover that by yourself techniques you require to simply discover which C sits to the most middle part of your piano or keyboard. The C is the note which sits to the left of the 2 apart black techniques.

Let’s having fun with the right-hand male

To discover how to play piano boogie woogie let’s start by building the chord you are going to play in the right-hand male. We are going to play a C chord that consists of 3 notes– C, E and G. To start with, position your thumb on the C and sit all of your staying fingers of your right-hand male on the remainder of the techniques to the right of the C. You need to discover that all of your fingers are now entirely resting on an overall of 5 techniques.

Guarantee your 3 rd finger rests on the E, and the 5 th finger rests on the G. Now play these 3 notes all at the exceptionally specific very same time and you will here a C chord. If you are a general beginner, practice playing this chord a variety of times prior to you move onto the left hand, making sure that each time you play the chord all 3 of the notes dip into the exceptionally specific very same time developing an exceptional strong chord noise.

If you take a look at music, here is what the right-hand male looks like–

How to play boogie woogie piano

Let’s having fun with the left hand

Moving over to the left hand we are going to play lower down now on the techniques. This time we are merely going to play 2 notes at a time that consist of A., g and c Location your 5 th finger (little finger) of your left hand on the C, and your thumb on the G. Now play the g and the c together followed by the C and the A, continuously transferring in between the 2. This is a basic boogie woogie left hand, and one which was made popular by the fantastic Jerry Lee Lewis.

Here is what it appears like–

And here is the sheet music for this great left hand boogie–

Let’s having fun with both hands

Finally, now that you have in reality practiced the ideal and left hands independently, it’s time to put them together to make an incredible piano boogie noise– one that Jerry Lee Lewis would take pride in!

To play this efficiently you require to play the left hand exceptionally at first followed by the right-hand male chord, which is played in between the left hand each time. Here is what it will resemble–

And here is the sheet music–

How to play boogie woogie piano

Discover to play piano blues online with me

My online blues course teaches blues piano from scratch and constructs your capability in a modular method. As you advance through the course, you’ll discover left hands, right-hand people, bridges and endings which you’ll utilize together to make your own blues piano structures. I’ll expose you the blues scale early on, providing you whatever you require to begin improvising– and we’ll advance to innovative licks and a remarkable tutorial tune to incorporate your brand-new abilities. We’ll move onto some popular blues tunes, consisting of music by the fantastic Jerry Lee Lewis and my own personal chosen, Ray Charles.

I charge simply ₤1499 for 6 overall months get to, with 58 videos and counting– that’s less than the expense of a single piano lesson!— and I provide a 100% overall satisfaction refund service guarantee.

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Discover piano blues: begin today

How to play boogie woogie piano

” I have actually in reality been teaching the piano for more than 25 years and I really think that everybody can discover to play the blues, even if you have in reality never ever touched a piano in your life! Register for my online video course and supply it a shot – it’s simply ₤1499 for 6 overall months’ gain access to and I provide a 100% refund assurance if you do not definitely like it.”

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How to play boogie woogie piano

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How to play boogie woogie piano

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How to play boogie woogie piano

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” I didn’t believe anyone might play like that. Jools has in reality got the left hand that never ever stops”

When the ‘King of the Blues’ B.B. King defined this about Jools Holland, it was not merely a substantial compliment, however likewise a recommendation that a sign of a remarkable blues pianist lies as much with what he makes with his left hand similar to his. Among the outright finest techniques of enlivening your left hand is through a research study of a design that initially injury up being popular in the late 1930 s and early 1940 s, called boogie-woogie The stress of it is a really active left hand.

Here is the 12- bar blues you discovered to play in lesson 4 from 8notes. To keep things basic, in this variation the right-hand male merely plays chords.

How to play boogie woogie piano

Now you have in reality got that under your fingers, let’s attempt a boogie-woogie design bass line, left hand merely. Do not forget to swing! The essential to getting this right is practicing gradually to begin, slowly integrating in speed.

How to play boogie woogie piano

Now effort putting left and ideal hands together

How to play boogie woogie piano

If you have actually in reality handled to do this, you have in reality currently got a lot. Do you remember from your blues lesson that the design is whatever about improvising? If you in reality wish to have the ability to boogie-woogie like Jools you require to be able to keep your left hand going, whilst permitting your right-hand male a bit more liberty to improvise. Take this GRADUALLY! It remains in reality difficult, so begin by simply permitting your right-hand male a little liberty. As you get more beneficial, you can be more strong. Here’s an example of how this may sound. You will discover that in it, the right-hand male slowly end up being more independent, the exceptionally specific very same thing that you need to select, merely over a longer duration.

If all this appears a bit challenging, why not attempt some 8notes initial pieces for piano in boogie-woogie design, which can be discovered here?

And lastly, for the strong, here’s an even harder ageless boogie-woogie left hand for you to attempt. The chords in the right-hand male are the exceptionally specific very same. If you can play this and improvise then, like Jools, you’ll have the ability to boogie-woogie boast!

How to play boogie woogie piano

Lesson Chapters

Boogie-Woogie Piano Design & Method

In this lesson, we will take a look at the musical qualities of the design. We’ll review the left hand and right-hand male independently, and after that check out how they include to develop complex well balanced figures and expressions.

The Left-Hand Driving Force

For the solo piano gamer, the left-hand end up being a driving force, the freight train engine powering the tune. There are a variety of essential boogie-woogie left-hand parts, with variations. A good deal of all are based upon an 8th note triplet pattern. We’ll take a look at the particular bass lines and review the rhythms in the next lesson in this course.

The left-hand is plainly the structure of the driving rhythm, over which the right-hand can … well … dance!

The Dancin’ Right Hand

The right-hand brings the melodic part of the tune, which is typically provided in a series of variations on specific riffs and figures. You will hear these riffs, or concepts, return in various boogie-woogie tunes. We’ll talk more about that element of the music in lessons 4 and 5 of this course.

The right-hand male altering rhythms, included with the left hand’s consistent rhythm, together develop more complicated, syncopated rhythms that can continuously customize throughout the efficiency.

Boogie-Woogie Improvisation

Improvisation is an important element of boogie-woogie, as it is an important element in all of the music in this ancestral tree … blues, rhythm and blues, rock-and-roll, and naturally jazz, which has actually in reality taken musical improvisation into the very best indication.

Establishing Your Own Noise

Playing boogie-woogie, or jazz, or any improvisational music, appears like of like talking. You require vocabulary, words, which then you can become paragraphs and sentences to absolutely expose what you wish to state.

Improvising on piano is the exceptionally specific very same; the little riffs and figures are the words which you can become longer, more complicated figures which end up being the sentences, played through each journey around the chord pattern end up being the paragraphs, and the tune, starting to end, becomes your declaration, your story, the story of what you feel, what your experience is.

When we’re ended up with the course, the tunes and pieces of tunes you have actually in reality discovered will assist to provide you the aspects needed to expose your own inner satisfaction, to bring a smile to your face and the faces of others.

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