How to repost instagram photos

How to repost instagram photos

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps these days. Earlier it was made just for posting your pictures and getting likes, but as the time passed and the concept of E-commerce became more admirable to people, it also became a business platform. People are making thousands of dollars on daily biases over this platform. Since there are millions of users out there who are using this App even at the given moment, they tend to make you famous at the matter of seconds.

Instagram has a clear interface. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, stalking and noticing other people’s stuff is quite easier. The followers, who are addicted to using this app every two minutes are probably going to notice if you make a post, but for the ones who use it one on the whole day, their feeds must be swamped with posts, and there are good chances that your post is going to go unnoticed.

For such problem, the concept of reposting is used. There are different ways through which you can do this. Here are some most used ways. You can use Instagram picture downloader to download Instagram photos.

Download Repost for Instagram

One of the most efficient ways to do anything is by downloading an App for it. So, when it comes to reposting. There are apps available for both Android and iOS. This app is integrated directly with your Instagram. If you are using it for the first time, there is no need to worry. When you download the App, it is automatically going to give you step by step guide. In case, if you have missed it here is how you can use it.

  • Open Instagram
  • Click on … button
  • Choose copy share button.
  • Open repost.
  • Identify a photo or video to repost

Firstly, open your Instagram account and go to the picture which you would like to repost. The best-suggested way to do so is by going to the original account which has made the post. Check that if there is a photo available in full screen. If yes, then follow the step given below.

Copy the post’s share URL to your clipboard

If your phone is running out of space and you do not want to download another App. You can use Instagram as it is. There is nothing much that you require to do. The procedure is almost the same as when you post videos and photos on your profile. On the screen, you can see the “…” icon. Click on it. choose the option “Copy Share URL.” Paste the link that you want to repost, and you are good to go.

Open Repost for Instagram

When you are done copying the photo to your phone’s clipboard. It is time to make the repost. Now, open the repost for Instagram. The post you copied will automatically be on the app’s homepage.

Using DownloadGram

Usually, when you repost something from another account, there are good chances that the quality of video or photo will get affected. If you want to make an HD post, DownloadGram is going to help you out with it. For using it, open your Instagram account, search for the photo you want to repost. Click on the three dots on the top right corner. Click on the “Copy Share URL.” The post will be copied to the clipboard of your phone. Open Downloadgram, paste the URL in it. A “download” option will appear on the screen. Tap on the download option. The photo will be saved in your camera roll. Now you can make the post from your account, remember to give credit to the original account. Otherwise, copyright issues might occur.

One of the fastest ways to grow your Instagram following is to be reposted or tagged in photos posted by brands or accounts with lots of followers. While there isn’t exactly a go-to “recipe” for getting reposted, there are plenty of things you can do that aren’t too time-consuming to improve your chances! Follow these steps and you’ll be reposted in no time.

Research The Types Of Photos They Repost

Let’s be honest. If you’re trying to get reposted by a brand who has never once reposted another user’s content, your chances of getting reposted are slim to none. Notice this when you’re creating a “wish list” of brands that you’d love to get reposted by. Do they post user-generated content? If so, what type of content is it? Simple? Flat-lays? Scenic? Bright? Moody? Notice what they tend to repost, and try to emulate this style in the image you plan on tagging them.

Do Something Different With Their Product Or Space

While you want to ensure that your photo matches their style, you’ll also want to make it stand out. Big brands get tagged by dozens or even hundreds of users each day, so your photo will need to stand out from the rest. Try taking the photo from a different angle, add a fun holiday or themed twist to the photo, or try something completely new! They’ll love seeing your creativity and how you use their brand in real life.

@mention, Tag, & Use Their Branded Hashtags

When creating a post that you plan to tag the brand in, make sure you tag them in the photo, @mention them in the caption (if applicable), and use their branded hashtags. Most brands have their hashtags listed in their Instagram bio, but if you can’t find them there, search their most recent posts to get some ideas. For example, if we wanted to tag Urban Outfitters in an outfit flat lay, we would tag and @mention BOTH @urbanoutfitters and @uoarizona (since we’re in AZ) and use one or more of their branded hashtags, depending on the content of our photo: #UOonYou, #UOHome, #UOBeauty, #UOOnCampus, or #UOMusic (there’s tons more, too).

Don’t Post Photos That Include Competing Brands

This is something that everyone seems to overlook. If you were hoping to be reposted by Trader Joe’s and just tagged your pumpkin scone mix (it’s amazing BTW) in your breakfast flat lay next to syrup from Sprouts, Trader Joe’s probably wouldn’t care to repost your photo simply because they are tagged in the same photo at their competition. Choose your tags wisely!

Have A Well-Branded Feed, So That When Brands DO Repost, You’ll Get More Followers!

If Trader Joe’s were to repost your previously mentioned breakfast photo and all your other photos have to do with the outdoors, their followers probably wouldn’t care to follow you if they came across your profile. However, if your other photos also incorporated pretty food or recipe pictures, then they might be more inclined! Stay branded on Instagram (tips to do so here), and you’ll be golden.

The first step in having an amazing Instagram account is to have a strategy in place! If you’re wondering how to develop the perfect strategy, sign up for our first ever online class, Branding Your Instagram and Perfecting Your Grid! You’ll be rockin’ your grid in no time!

How to repost instagram photosAlexandra | May 7, 2020

How to repost instagram photos

The Repost feature is available in Preview App .

Preview App is also available on your phone and also has a Repost feature .

Now, the Repost feature is also available the Desktop version:

How to repost instagram photos

Preview is an Instagram tool powerhouse. You can plan your feed, edit photos, see powerful analytics (including the analytics of your competitors or favorite Instagrammers ), and of course: you can repost Instagram posts.

Now, here is a VERY important thing you need to know:

Instagram works differently on desktop computers.

And therefore, Instagram has different Terms of Use and Policies for desktop features.

Instagram is very strict with their Rules and Policies, and they are becoming better and better at finding apps / websites (and Instagram users) who don’t follow their Rules.

If you use an app or website that doesn’t follow their Rules and Policies, your Instagram account could be at risk. It could be banned, blocked or punished by Instagram now or in the future, in one way or another.

Preview strictly follows Instagram Rules and Policies.

It has been reviewed and approved by Instagram itself.

Therefore, Preview is safe to use.

And therefore, the tutorial you are going to see below is the official, Instagram-approved way to repost from desktop.

This is important to know because:

  1. You want to keep your account safe, and
  2. The steps below will make more sense


Here’s how to repost Instagram from desktop:

How to repost instagram photos

Can you get in trouble for reposting Instagram Posts? This is one common question most Instagram users, especially brands ask. Most brands don’t want to violate Instagram terms of use. Unfortunately, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have a native feature that allows you to automatically repost within the app. Many people feared that due to the absence of this feature, the practice of sharing other people’s content is actually a violation of the terms of use of Instagram.

What Does Instagram Say About Reposting

When it comes to reposting on Instagram, the rules of Instagram isn’t explicitly against it. Instagram updated their TOS some months back to say that “you are responsible for any content you post on Instagram”. You can read the most current version of Instagram Terms here.

To put it in layman’s terms, what Instagram is saying is that you are responsible for whatever you choose to post. If you are to share content that you did not create, it is your responsibility to ensure you get proper permission before you do that. Instagram won’t shut your account down and has no concern with what you are posting as long as you have permission from the original creator of the content.

Over the years, I have seen brands get into trouble because they repost a post on Instagram. Someone may decide to embarrass your brand when you make a repost. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, there are different strategies you can use to legally repost Instagram posts.

Top Ways To Legally Repost an Instagram Post

1. Always Give Photo Credit

When you decide to repost a content created by another Instagram user, don’t forget to give credit to the original owner. This is considered one of the “best practices” that aren’t totally legal but you can get away with it.

Majority of Instagrammers are happy to have their photo reposted on a brand’s account provided you give them credit. Tagging them to the post is not enough. When you share a photo/video created by another user, make sure you give credit to them either in the post or on the comment section. This will definitely save you from embarrassment and allow you get the result you are hoping for.

2. Ask for Permission

When it comes to protecting your brand’s reputation, you can never be too careful. You can cover your bases legally by asking for permission before you repost someone else’s post on Instagram.

When it comes to asking for permission, a lot of people are confused about how to go about it. Some people wonder if you have to send a contract to the original owner to sign giving you full permission to repost. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that cumbersome. There are two ways you can ask for permission as explained below:

3. Ask On Comment Section

This is one of the most popular ways to obtain a permission to repost content. You don’t have to write long content. Short words like “Do you mind if I repost?” will do. Once the owner replies with a “yes”, you can go ahead.

4. Direct Message

Another way to obtain permission is to send a direct message to the content owner asking for permission to repost the content. To ensure there is no confusion about the image you are asking to use, go to the photo and tap the direct message button that looks like a paper plane, then type in the name of the account and then write a short message asking for their permission to repost the photo.

How to Safely Repost a Photo

After getting permission to repost a photo on Instagram, there is still a procedure you have to use to ensure you are legally and safely reposting a photo:

Make Use of Instagram Repost Tool

Instagram repost tool allows you to repost any photo with a watermark added to the image. When you make use of this tool, there will be a watermark with the original post creator’s Instagram username. This is a great way to properly give credit to the owner.

Screenshot the Photo

Using a reposting tool can affect the quality of the photo. Another great option is to screenshot the post, crop it, and then post on your brand’s Instagram handle. Don’t forget to tag and give credit to the original owner.

Repost With Reposting Tools

There are tons of Instagram reposting tools available today. You can find some of these apps on Google PlayStore. Simply type “Repost Instagram posts” and you will see many of them.

Final Thought

Reposting content on Instagram can be a great way to come up with great contents for your users and also showcase your business. Reposting someone else’s photo on Instagram may not seem like a big deal to most people. When you have a brand to protect, it is important that you take steps to ensure you avoid any legal issues that may come up from reposting a photo on Instagram.

Taking the awkward time out of your life to chase someone down for a picture of theirs that you want to post on Instagram is an uncomfortable pain in the butt. And yet for many, learning how to repost on Instagram isn’t worth the time and effort, either. It becomes one of those things that you tell yourself you’ll deal with one day. But in reality, you never get around to it, and now the app has been around for years and you’re still that person who’s all “Hey, sorry to bother you but can you send me those pictures you took last night?”.

Whether you struggle with a lack of storage space, can’t find the time to search for the best app, or literally don’t understand how any of this repost life works, you’re probably tired of begging for pictures to be sent to you. Well guess what, I’m about to make your life so much easier. There are apps that make reposting super simple.

Now you can easily share someone else’s picture, while giving them proper credit, all without any communication. Because let’s be honest, we’re the generation that is always looking to find ways around human interaction. This is the easier app to use, how to use it, step-by-step:

Head To The App Store

In case you’re from space and don’t know where apps come from, you can find them in the app store by doing a simple search in the bar.

Download The Repost App

This is one of the most popular repost apps with the best reviews — always important to consider before downloading anything on your phone.

Log In As You Would On Instagram

Because this is a trusted app, you should feel safe logging into it with with your Instagram credentials. It needs this information to open up your account, so there’s no way around it.

Scroll Through Your Feed

Find the photo that you want to repost and click on it. Yep, it’s that easy. If you repost a lot, you might as well just log into this app instead of Instagram because you can get the best of both worlds there.

Confirm Your Image

Play with the dimensions, confirm your selection and hit that REPOST button when you’re ready.

Give Permission

Let the app know that you give consent to perform an action on your behalf.

Save To Photo Roll

Now the photo will be properly saved with credit in your library. You can then log onto Instagram and chose the repost-branded image from your roll and post to your feed as you would with any other post from your library.


Now your repost is there for all to enjoy. Not so difficult, right?

Image: Carl Court/Getty Images, Instagram

Posted October 31, 2017 by Beejay Adoghe in Apps

How to repost instagram photos

Here’s another amazing one that I bet you are going to love. You might have wondered. How do I repost on Instagram? It is actually really simple. It takes just a few easy steps to repost on Instagram, I am going to take my time to show you how to achieve this as you read along.

As you would already know, Instagram is used by millions of people worldwide, each person having a different story or moment to share in picture or video format.

Have you ever been in that situation where you see a lovely picture or video that you like and want to share it so that your followers can see it but don’t know how to? That is where the repost feature comes in.

Instagram has no built-in feature that lets you share other peoples post with your followers. There’s is no big white button labeled ”repost”.

However, you have the option to download an external application and use the external applications feature to repost any video or picture of your choice.

Now, sharing of pictures and videos to your followers or friends can be done by sending the post as an Instagram message to a particular user on your list. You could also tag your friends or followers to a post and they’ll be able to watch or see it.

But then, Imagine having 100k followers on Instagram and you want them to see a funny post that you just saw. You definitely can’t tag all 100k of your followers to the Instagram post. Your best bet in this situation will be to repost.

So, after all being said, I will cut to the chase and show you how to repost on Instagram with so much ease. Be rest assured, you won’t have any difficulties reposting on Instagram after carefully following the guide below.

How to Repost On Instagram Android

Now for Android devices, we are going to use an Application from the play store called Repost.

Repost is a cool App used in reposting photos and videos on Instagram.

Here’s how to use this App to repost on Instagram.

1. Install Repost App on your device from Google Play Store. Download Repost Here

2. Open Instagram on your device.

3. Scroll all the way to the photo or video that you want to repost.

4. Tap on the three dotted icon located at the top right corner of the video or picture you want to repost.

How to repost instagram photos

5. Tap on Copy share URL.

How to repost instagram photos

When that is done, the repost App that you previously installed on your Android device will automatically identify your recently copied post. And make it available for reposting.

6. Open the repost App, and Click on the option ”repost”.

How to repost instagram photos

And there you have it.

How to Repost on Instagram iPhone

The steps on iPhone are basically the same with that of Android devices. Why? Well, it’s because if you own an iPhone, you would still need to download the repost App from Itunes store.

The developers of the repost App made the App available for Android users as well as iPhone.

So, I thought it’d be a waste going through all the steps again. Like I said earlier, It is the same process as that of Android devices.

Open Instagram, Go to the post you want to repost, tap on the three dotted icons and tap on copy share URL, then open your already installed repost APP on your IOS device and click on Repost.

Other Methods to Repost on Instagram

I did some research and I found out that there are actually other Applications that can be used to repost on Instagram. There’s InstaRepost and a bunch of other Apps on the IOS App store or Google Play store.

But Another cool method of reposting on Instagram that I use often is the screenshot method. This method can work on Android devices as well as iPhones.

The only setback about this method is that you can’t repost videos.

For this method to work, you’ll also need to follow very easy steps.

1. Take a screenshot of whichever picture or scene of a video you want to repost.

2. Open Instagram, select your recent screenshot.

4. Upload the photo to Instagram.

And that wraps up this article on how to repost on Instagram. You can try any method of your choice. Both methods are sure to work.

How to repost instagram photos

If you are a regular Instagram user, you probably wish this app had some of the options available on other social networks – including being able to share other people’s pictures with your friends. Well, it’s finally possible! There are currently several apps on the market that allow us to repost or ‘regram’ any photo on Instagram. In other words, reposting or ‘regramming’ is the equivalent to the option of ‘sharing’ on Facebook and ‘retweeting’ on Twitter. Want to start sharing pictures on Instagram? Keep reading this OneHowTo article and discover how to repost on Instagram with both iPhone and Android.

The first thing to do is download the app. To do this, open AppStore or Google Play and enter the word ‘repost‘ into the search bar. On iPhone, you can also introduce the term ‘regram’ and other apps will appear. On Android, regardless of the keyword that you search for, the same apps appear.

How to repost instagram photos

You will see a list with several apps. You can download whichever one you want, as they all have the same function: sharing pictures. In this example we’re going to download ‘Repost for Instagram‘ because it is available for both Android and iOS. Select the app and install it.

How to repost instagram photos

Once installed on your device, open it. You will see the ‘Log in‘ tab appear. Select it and sign in with your Instagram username and password. Regardless of the app you have downloaded, the procedure is the same. A window with the terms of use will appear. Read them and accept them by selecting ‘Authorise’.

How to repost instagram photos

Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice that images by the people you follow on Instagram will appear. Simply select the photo you want to share and press on ‘Repost‘ or ‘Regram‘, depending on which term the app uses. Depending on the app you have downloaded, you will have the option of sharing the photo just on Instagram or also on Twitter. Some also let you edit the photos.

How to repost instagram photos

Now press on ‘Repost’ or ‘Regram’ and you’ll share the photo with your Instagram friends. As you can see, this is a very simple procedure. Try different apps and stick with the one you like most or whichever one offers the most sharing options.

How to repost instagram photos

Now you know how to repost a photo on Instagram you can also learn other Instagram hacks that you may find useful. Take a look at the following articles:

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Every social media site has a way to share other members’ memes, photos, and more — except for Instagram. You can tag people in the comments so they can see a post that someone else shared, but there isn’t a way to share the post on your own feed so that everyone can see it. Even though Instagram doesn’t provide a tool in the app to share posts, you can still do it. There are two main methods: Using a dedicated reposting app or taking a screenshot and sharing that on Instagram as you would any other image.

How to repost instagram photosGannon Burgett/Digital Trends

Use a reposting app

App stores abhor vacuums. If there is a niche to be filled, some app developer will try to fill it. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are several apps available that allow users to repost content on Instagram, such as Repost for Instagram and Insta Repost. These apps tend to be free — with ads — and are pretty straightforward. Here’s how the process works with Repost for Instagram, but other apps will be similar.

Step 1

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Repost for Instagram, first launch Instagram. Find a post you want to repost and tap the three-dots button in upper-right corner.

How to repost instagram photosGannon Burgett/Digital Trends

Step 2

Tap the button labeled Copy Link.

How to repost instagram photosGannon Burgett/Digital Trends

Step 3

Now, open up Repost for Instagram on your phone and you should see the latest Instagram post you copied in the above step.

How to repost instagram photosGannon Burgett/Digital Trends

Step 4

When you’re ready to repost the image, tap on it, adjust the variables to where you want them, and tap the repost button. Boom. You’re finished!

How to repost instagram photosGannon Burgett/Digital Trends

Keep in mind that you can use Instagram’s Save Post option to keep an eye on posts you want to repost. To do this, hit the flag symbol underneath the image’s right, and follow the prompts to make a place to put the post. To look at your saved posts, navigate to your profile, then click Menu > Saved. You’ll see your saved posts categorized into small folders.

Take a screenshot and post it

Reposting apps are wonderful if you’ll use them often, but they can be more trouble than they’re worth. Not only can these apps access your phone’s files, but they clutter your screen and take up a lot of memory. If you don’t want to use an app to repost, you can still share a post by screenshotting, cropping, and sharing it. It’s a little less graceful than using a reposting app, but the final result is identical.

Taking screenshots varies based on platform, but don’t worry—we have articles on how to take a screenshot on an iPhone and an Android phone. After you’ve taken and edited your screenshot, simply upload it to Instagram like you would with any other photo or video. Just be sure to ask the original poster for permission or give them credit in your caption.

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

How to repost instagram photos

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

So you want to re-post an Instagram photo. Maybe it’s a group shot from your college reunion published by one of your friends, or maybe it’s a meme that you think your brother would love. On Twitter, you’d hit Retweet. On Facebook, you’d press Share. On Instagram, you’d tap . nothing, because that option doesn’t exist.

For its part, Instagram has deliberately resisted adding a “regram” button. As Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom put it to WIRED last year, “that decision is about keeping your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see.” To Systrom, the exclusion of a regram option keeps the focus on “authenticity.” The photos you take, post, and share on Instagram should be your own.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped countless users from regramming all the time. And you know what? That’s totally fine—as long as you follow some basic social media etiquette.

Since Instagram doesn’t have a native repost feature, you’ll have to use a third-party app. The most popular ones, like Repost for Instagram (free on iOS and Android), add a watermark to the original photo to show where it originally came from. You copy a link to the Instagram photo you want to repost (tap the three dots at the upper right corner of the post to copy the link) and then open the Repost app. The app adds the watermark, saves that version of the photo to your Camera Roll, then opens Instagram where the original caption is pre-loaded. You can edit the photo or change the caption there.

A word about editing: Feel free to add your own caption, but it’s not kosher to delete the original poster’s caption or remix the photos you regram. Oh, you’d rather use the Juno filter but the original poster used Valencia? Too bad. You wouldn’t correct a typo in a retweet, or selectively quote parts of a shared Facebook post. With Instagram, it’s no different. Best to leave your regrams in their original form, warts and all.

The most important rule of regramming? Give credit where it’s due. Adding a watermark that clearly signifies the original poster is a good start, as is giving that person a shoutout in the caption of the post. But that alone isn’t enough to prevent potential copyright infringement. Just ask Groupon, which faced a class action lawsuit in 2016 for reusing peoples’ Instagram photos to promote its deals. Companies or brands should always get explicit consent before reposting someone’s photo—that means direct messaging someone and asking them for permission to regram a specific photo—to avoid copyright snafus. If you’re a regular old Joe Schmo, you should probably ask too. And always, always add attribution.

Soon, you might be able to share other peoples’ posts directly to your Instagram Story with a feature Instagram is reportedly testing. For now, though, regramming is something you’ll have to do in a roundabout way. Just don’t forget to follow the rules.

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