How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

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How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

WebP is a widely used image format in Google products. For example, when you download an image from Google Chrome, you may find it is saved as a WebP format. However, you may not open it use your installed photo viewer. So, you want to directly download WebP to PNG or convert WebP to PNG. In this post, MiniTool will show you some effective methods.

The WebP image format is good. It can display an image at about two thirds the size of the same image that is rendered in PNG or JPG format. It is widely used in Google products.

Although it has a long time’s development, some apps still can’t open it, such as the Windows built-in Windows photo viewer.

How to download WebP to PNG or JPG from Google Chrome? If you are bothered by this question, you can read this post to get some useful solutions.

WebP to PNG! How?

  1. Save WebP as JPG or PNG
  2. Convert WebP to PNG or JPG

How to Save WebP as JPG or PNG?

Not all web browsers support WebP files. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari don’t support WebP images. But you can still use these two browsers to open the image that is using the WebP format in Chrome. Why? Because a website that uses .webp files also needs to serve the JPG or PNG format of the same images to make them available in Internet Explorer and Safari.

What does this mean?

This means you can download WebP to PNG or HPG using other browsers. If you are a Windows user, you can use Internet Explorer. If you are using a Mac computer, you can use Safari. Here, we take Internet Explorer as an example.

1. Right-click the image you want to save and then select Copy image address.

2. Open Internet Explorer.

3. Paste the image address to the address bar in Internet Explorer and open it.

4. Right-click the image and select Save picture as….

5. On the pop-out interface, you can see that the image format is jpg (it can also be png, depending on the target image’s situation). You need to select a destination folder and then click the Save button to download this image to your computer.

See! It is very simple to download WebP to JPG or PNG using an available web browser.

How to Convert WebP to PNG or JPG?

There are various methods to convert WebP to PNG or JPG. For example, you can use the Windows snap-in tool MS Paint. You can also use the Command line. If your requirements are complex, you can choose to use online WebP to PNG/JPG converters.

Now, we will introduce these three methods.

How to Convert WebP to PNG or JPG?

  1. Use MS Paint to Convert WebP to PNG/JPG
  2. Use Online Tools to Convert WebP to PNG/JPG

Use MS Paint to Convert WebP to PNG/JPG

MS Paint is a Windows built-in tool that can convert WebP to different image formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and more. So, you can use it to convert a Webp file to PNG or JPG. Here is a guide:

  1. Right-click the image you want to convert and go to Open with > Paint to open the image using MS Paint.
  2. Click the Save Here, you can also go to File > Save as to select a format and then save it.
  3. Select a destination folder.
  4. Select the image format you want to use from the drop-down list for Save as type.
  5. Click the Save button to save the image.

Use Online Tools to Convert WebP to PNG/JPG

Another method is to use online tools to convert WebP to PNG or JPG. Such tools include Convertio, Online-Convert, CloudConvert, Zamzar, Anyconv, and OnlineConvertFree.

These two articles are helpful to you:

These are the methods to download a WebP image to PNG or JPG. You can just select a suitable method to solve your issue based on your situation. Should you have any related problems, you can let us know in the comments.

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How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

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Almost everybody had heard of the most popular JPEG, which is an image format and is supported by all the devices, used regularly. JPEG is loved by smartphone manufacturers, digital camera manufacturers, and many others due to its compactness, versatility, portability, and everything else, needed by the world today.

What is WebP?

WebP is an image format just like JPEG, PNG and other developed by the Google in 2010, with the extension “WebP” or “webp”, which claims to better than JPEG for a number of aspects. According to Google, it can provide both lossless, as well as lossy compression. Google also claims that it can be up to 34% smaller than the equivalent JPEG or PNG file. However, it will not make a big difference for consumers and photographers. But for developers, it can be much more than just a piece of bread.

Why WebP?

WebP image files are almost 25% smaller in size, compared to PNG images, and more than 30% smaller compared to that of JPEG files, without affecting the quality of the image. Similar to PNG files, WebP also support transparency, which is no doubt helpful for graphics designers, as transparent PNG images are pretty bulky.

But, the maximum market share of image files belongs to JPEGs and PNG, kudos to their age, and there are many, who are looking for a hassle-free way to convert the existing WebP images to JPEG and PNG. Moreover, if you are downloading images from the Internet for some general purposes, and what maximum compatibility, WebP is not going to accomplish your demands, and in such cases, you have to get along with either JPEG or PNG.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

WebP is a modern image format developed by Google, which focuses on maintaining the quality of images on web pages while keeping the data compression to a minimum. It is natively supported in Opera, Windows Edge, and Firefox, in addition to all of Google’s products.

While this image format is very useful and it is gaining in popularity, you still need a browser which supports it in order to view the images saved in this format. If that’s a problem, you can always convert the WebP images to the standard PNG or JPG formats. Doing this may be necessary if you want to work with your image file offline.

Read on to find out how to easily convert WebP images.

How Do WebP Images Work?

The purpose of WebP is self-explanatory, it is an image format used for the web. It has two types of compression:

  1. Lossy – Some of the compressed file’s data is erased during compression, though the difference should not be noticeable.
  2. Lossless – The original data of the compressed file can be recovered when you decompress it.

Save and Convert WebP to PNG or JPG

Even though the quality of WebP images is great for their size, they aren’t always the best choice for your website. You also can’t use them for online submission forms and image editors.

Here are some of the best methods of converting and saving WebP images as PNG or JPG:

Change the URL of the image – This is probably the easiest way to save WebP images to PNG or JPG formats.

Some browsers do not support the WebP image format, which is why these images are saved online in both JPG and PNG forms. If you edit the URL of the image, you can easily load the PNG or JPG format instead.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the webpage with the desired WebP image. Right-click on it, and in the drop-down menu, select Open image in a new tab. You can also use Copy image and then paste it in a new tab.
  2. When it opens, click on the URL to select and delete the final three characters: –rw. Press Enter after you have done that, and the image will appear in PNG or JPG format.
  3. Now you can right-click this image and choose “Save image as…” – doing so you will save the image in either PNG or JPG format.
  4. Use a browser which does not support WebP format – Safari is a popular browser that doesn’t support WebP, and there are some others to choose from. You can always use it to open WebP images, as this will automatically convert them to JPG or PNG.
  5. You can use the “Save Image As Type” extension for Chrome – There are many extensions on the Chrome web store which serve this purpose. However, this one has the most users. You can search for “save image as type” or simply follow this link. Install it by clicking Add to Chrome. Once it is installed, follow these steps:
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
  6. Right-click the desired image and you will see an additional option in the drop-down menu, saying Save Image As Type.
  7. When you move your cursor to it, you will be able to choose the format you want (PNG, JPG, or WebP).
  8. Try an image converter app – You can choose from a variety of apps which can convert different image formats, but XnConvert is trustworthy and completely free. You can use it on different platforms, like Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is also safe and virus free. Here is how to use it:
  9. Simply follow the link above and go to the Downloads section. Choose your platform and install it.
  10. Launch XnConvert and click on the Input tab, then select “Add files”. You can add as many as you want.
  11. Click on the Output tab and you will see a variety of options. It’s enough to just select the output format you prefer (PNG or JPG), but you can also tinker with the image as much as you like.
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
  12. Finally, click on Convert in the bottom right corner, and everything you selected will be saved and converted to the destination folder of your choice.

Conversion Complete

We hope this article helped you understand the WebP image format and the best ways of converting it into PNG or JPG. The URL editing method should be the easiest if you just need a single image, but XnConvert is a better choice when you have a huge batch of images.

Images play a significant role in loading time of a website and hence they must be well optimized for the web without any visible loss in quality. A new image format called ‘.WebP’ has evolved over time and is currently developed by Google, that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Google reports that images converted to lossless webp are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs, whereas lossy webp images are 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEGs.

As of now, only Google Chrome and Opera browser natively support WebP while Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer continue to serve images in their standard format, i.e. JPG or PNG. As .webp image format isn’t acclaimed broadly, only a few companies use it like Netflix, eBay and Google of course on its services like Google+, Google Play, Chrome Web Store and YouTube (for thumbnails).

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

The problem arises when you save WebP images on your computer and are unable to view them. That’s because standard image viewing software’s like Windows Photo viewer doesn’t offer native support for webp. Though one can convert webp images to JPG/PNG format or use some other web browser like Firefox to save those images in their standard format. However, that’s certainly a cumbersome task just to save and view the images later. Thankfully, there is a simple trick that allows you to do so without much hassle.

Google created the WebP file format to make online images less bulky. With significantly reduced photo and graphic sizes, websites load faster and give users a better experience. Learn more about how the WebP file format works.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

What you’ll learn.

What is a WebP file?

Google launched the WebP format as part of its mission to make loading times faster across the internet. WebP allows websites to display high-quality images — but with much smaller file sizes than traditional formats such as PNG and JPEG.

You can choose to save WebP files with either lossless or lossy compression. This means you can either compress images without losing data or with losing only some non-essential information. Google’s developers have suggested that lossless WebP images can be up to 26% smaller than PNGs.

You can quickly tell whether a file is a WebP image by looking out for the .WEBP extension.

History of the WebP file.

The WebP format is relatively new, dating back to 2010. On2 Technologies — a company acquired by Google — created the original concept.

Each WebP file consists of VP8 or VP8L image data. Over the years, the format has evolved to keep pace with shifting consumer habits and emerging digital trends. Google added support for animation and transparency in 2011, and the format is now compatible with web browsers beyond just Google products.

Google Chrome natively supports WebP, and other web browsers like Firefox, Edge, and Opera. However, it also encourages web developers and designers to first convert PNG and JPEG files to WebP to speed up page loading times.

How to use WebP files.

WebP files were designed entirely with the internet in mind. Their main uses include:

Reducing website image sizes.

WebP aims to balance quality and practicality when it comes to website images. With the help of predictive coding, WebP files compress photos and graphics without reducing the quality of their appearance. Smaller image sizes also ease the strain on user broadband connections and make websites faster to navigate, improving page experience.

Supporting online animations.

While GIFs have long been the dominant format for memes and other basic online animations, WebP files offer an alternative. According to Google, an animated WebP can be significantly smaller than a GIF, requiring fewer bytes.

Pros and cons of WebP files.

It’s worth looking at the WebP advantages and disadvantages before you get started with this file format.

Advantages of WebP files.

  • Faster-loading webpages offer a better user experience and even boost a website’s ranking in search engines. In contrast, websites with slow-loading images might encourage users to look elsewhere when shopping for products and services.
  • The WebP format is highly compatible with various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • WebP might free up storage space for businesses by compressing their website images into more manageable sizes.

Disadvantages of WebP files.

  • The WebP file format is designed mainly with the internet in mind, so it might not be helpful if you use images offline.
  • Some older browsers, like Internet Explorer, may not be as effective in supporting WebP images, despite the format’s broad compatibility.
  • Even a small amount of compression can reduce the quality of an image, which is worth keeping in mind if you work with professional photographers and high-quality images.

How to open a WebP file.

WebP images are generally quicker to view in browsers rather than built-in photo applications.

First, make sure you have a compatible browser before you try to open a WebP file. Once set up, simply open the folder where you’ve saved your WebP file and double-click on it. The image will then automatically open in your default browser.

You also have the option to convert existing files such as PNGs and JPEGs to the WebP format. You can find a range of converter tools online.

How to create and edit a WebP file.

You may require a plugin to create and edit WebP files using Adobe Photoshop. Once you’ve installed a trusted plugin that’s compatible with your device, follow these steps:

  1. Create or edit an image using Photoshop, then click Save As.
  2. Save the file as a WebP using the Format menu.
  3. Choose the name and location for your new WebP file and click Save.
  4. A settings panel will appear, giving you the option to edit your file further.

WebP files: frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between WebP and JPEG files?

Both file types compress images to make them easier to share and store. However, a WebP file is generally much smaller than a traditional JPEG. Google’s developers suggest that a WebP image with lossy compression could be 25% to 34% smaller than a comparable JPEG file.

Does WebP work on all browsers?

After years of development and evolution, most web browsers support the WebP format. But some browsers, like Internet Explorer, may still struggle to support a WebP file, so it’s always worth checking Google’s latest compatibility list.

Is WebP an open-source file format?

WebP is an open-source model, which means anyone can work on the format and make improvements to it. Google’s developers have actively encouraged users to offer their input since its launch in 2010.

Does a WebP image have a maximum size?

The maximum size of WebP images is 16,383 x 16,383 pixels. This may be a factor to consider before you add WebP images to a website or elsewhere.

Are WebP images raster or vector files?

WebP images are a type of raster file. Raster is one of the two main categories of image files — the other being vector. The main difference between the two is that raster files consist of individual pixels whereas vector graphics consist of mathematical equations and paths. Find out more in our raster vs. vector comparison guide.

What is WebP Image Format?

WebP is the latest image format by Google that provides images with lossless and lossy compression on the web. By using WebP, developers can create richer and smaller images that loads faster on the internet without losing its image quality.

Despite being a modern and latest image format in the race, this image format does not support the commonly used image tool and application. In order to use this image format by other applications, we need to convert it into JPEG or PNG image format.

In this article you will learn about how to convert WebP to jpg and WebP to png by using following ways:

1) Using Google Chrome Browser Or Mozilla Firefox Browser

Converting WebP image into JPEG and PNG in the Chrome browser is very simple because the WebP image format and Google chrome browser both are developed by Google. Here are the steps to follow in order to convert the image WebP to JPG in Chrome.

Note: Follow the same steps for Mozilla Firefox Browser.

1) Open or select webp image in the chrome/firefox browser then click the Right button of the mouse, and select the option ‘Save image as..’.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

2. Save As window will prompt on the screen

  • Change “Save as type” to “All Files”
  • Give file name with extension .jpg or .png
  • Click the save button to save the image into JPG or PNG format.

2) Using Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge browser provides two option to convert WebP image which are

  1. Webp to jpeg format
  2. Webp to BMP format

In order to save image in png format, you can use chrome browser or you can save the image in BMP format using Microsoft Edge browser and then convert the bmp image into png format using the Microsoft Paint tool.

Following are the steps to save WEBP image in JPG or BMP format using Microsoft internet explorer.

1. Select any WebP image and open in Microsoft edge browser then click Right button of the mouse and select option“Save picture as”.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

2. Save As window will prompt as shown below.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

3. Click on the ‘save as type’ option and select the JPEG option then hit the save button to save the webp image into jpeg format.

3) Using Microsoft Paint to convert WEBP to JPG or PNG

1. Select the WebP image from your local drive then right-click on the image and select the option “open with Microsoft paint.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

2. Once you open the image in paint click on the file, drop down will appear then select the save as option in order to save the image in PNG or JPEG format.

  • Go to File >> Save as >> JPEG picture to save file in JPEG format
  • Go to File >> Save as >> PNG picture to save file in PNG format

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

4) Using Adobe Photoshop to convert WEBP image to JPEG or PNG

Select WebP image from your drive and open this image in Photoshop.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

Once the image opens in photoshop go to File >> Save As (Shift + Ctrl + S)

Change Save as type to .jpeg or .png then hit the Save button to save file in JPEG or PNG image format.

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.

WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images at equivalent SSIM quality index.

Lossless WebP supports transparency (also known as alpha channel) at a cost of just 22% additional bytes. For cases when lossy RGB compression is acceptable, lossy WebP also supports transparency, typically providing 3× smaller file sizes compared to PNG.

How WebP Works

Lossy WebP compression uses predictive coding to encode an image, the same method used by the VP8 video codec to compress keyframes in videos. Predictive coding uses the values in neighboring blocks of pixels to predict the values in a block, and then encodes only the difference.

Lossless WebP compression uses already seen image fragments in order to exactly reconstruct new pixels. It can also use a local palette if no interesting match is found.

A WebP file consists of VP8 or VP8L image data, and a container based on RIFF. The standalone libwebp library serves as a reference implementation for the WebP specification, and is available from our git repository or as a tarball.

WebP Support

WebP is natively supported in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, the Opera browser, and by many other tools and software libraries. Developers have also added support to a variety of image editing tools.

WebP includes the lightweight encoding and decoding library libwebp and the command line tools cwebp and dwebp for converting images to and from the WebP format, as well as tools for viewing, muxing and animating WebP images. The full source code is available on the download page.

WebP Converter Download

Convert your favorite collection from PNG and JPEG to WebP by downloading the precompiled cwebp conversion tool for Linux, Windows or macOS.

Tell us your experience on the project’s mailing list.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

April 14th, 2020

Recently, I downloaded some images for my project and I end up getting a .WebP file. My Operating System is not supporting this image file. Can you please recommend me a WebP to PNG Converter to save Google WebP as PNG image in bulk.

Imagine you have attractive product pictures that need to put up on a textured website background. So, as to permit the background to show through, you will require to use PNG image.

PNG images have a minimum compression loss without any quality loss. It supports a large number of colors and can store graphics with sharp edges, text graphics, logos, designs, etc.

The incompatibility of WebP images comple users to download WebP images as PNG. To do so, you can use Bitrecover WEBP File Converter that allows to convert WebP to PNG high quality images within a matter of seconds.

How to Convert WebP to PNG in Bulk ?

Follow these steps to convert Google WebP to PNG format:

  1. Start WebP to PNG Converter and choose Select Files or Select Folders option to upload WebP files.
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
  2. Check all or specific WebP images from software window and hit on the Next button.
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
  3. Now choose PNG as saving format.
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
  4. Browse the destination folder and click on Convert button to start.
    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

Save WebP as PNG using WebP to PNG Converter Software

While WebP has been gaining popularity since many years. But, you still need a browser that supports to view WebP images. In such scenario, you can always convert WebP to PNG images. The suggested BitRecover WebP to PNG converter is best to bulk save WebP to PNG with high quality resolution.

This software focusses on maintaining the quality of images while converting WebP to PNG files. Since PNG format is a lossless compression format and is really useful for maintaining the sharpness of image. Thus, users can use this application to download WebP as PNG without losing any sharpness or originality of image.

Why to Download WebP Images as PNG ? – Benefits of Software

Offline Software:- this WebP to PNG bulk converter is an offline application that anyone can use for converting WebP to PNG images. This software does not upload your vital images on web.

Supports corrupted images:- Sometimes users want to change corrupted or damaged images too. In such problem, use this tool to convert WebP to PNG image. It scans the entire picture file and convert it into chosen format without any error.

Provides clean results:- The users can change WebP to PNG with transparency as the software can detect any viruses or malware infection during the conversion.

Batch conversion facility:- This tool can convert WebP files to PNG in batch so as to gain the efficiency of conversion process. You can convert multiple WebP images to PNG in a single processing. This saves a lot of user’s time and efforts.

Selectively transform WebP to PNG:- With this WebP to PNG converter, you can selectively choose pictures for converting WebP files to PNG.

Select destination path:- It provides freedom to convert google WebP to PNG and save it at a desired destination path. You can browse a target image saving path by clicking on the browse button.

Swift conversion:- This software has been programmed with advanced algorithms. Hence, you can transfer unlimited WebP to PNG images with fasted speed.

Separate resultant file for each image:- The software creates a separate resultant PNG file for each image so that you can where your images are stored.

Free Demo version:- Now, you can use the free demo version of tool that allows to transfer WebP to PNG image with some limitations. With this, you can change maximum of 5 WebP images to PNG format.

How can I Transform WebP to PNG Images ? – Some User Queries

We are now going to show you some frequently asked questions from our users.

Ques1: Can I convert WebP to PNG image on Windows 10 ?

Ans: Yes, this software is a Windows-compatible software. It works on all Windows OS including Windows 10 too.

Ques2: Does this software helps to save WebP to PNG image in bulk?

Ans: Yes, you can batch migrate WebP file to PNG with this software.

Ques3: Are there any file limitations while converting WebP to PNG files?

Ans: No, there are no restrictions associated with this software.

Let’s Conclude

In this blog, we have explained how one can convert WebP images to PNG. The recommended solution of WebP to PNG converter is free from any bugs or viruses. Any technical or non-technical user can access this application without facing an trouble. Hoepfully, now you will be able to save Google WebP as PNG images.

You may have noticed that in macOS Big Sur, loading images in browsers like Safari now happens in the new webp format. Read on for several ways to convert webp images to jpg, png and more, including batch conversion.


You are probably used to the fact that image downloads from the Internet are displayed in the widely used png or jpg formats. However, in macOS Big Sur and Safari 14 (olso in Firefox), image downloads are initially saved in the new webp format and this cannot be changed, at least for the time being.

The format was developed by Google and aims to speed up the Internet experience with smaller, more efficient images.

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the Internet. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that speed up the Internet experience.

Lossless WebP images are 26% smaller than PNGs. Lossy WebP images 25–34% less than comparable JPEG images at equivalent SSIM quality index.

Curiously, at the time of writing, the latest version of Google Chrome was still loading png images.

It is disappointing at this point that webp is not as compatible with image editing software, so you will often have to convert it to a different format. Let’s take a look at the built-in option for converting webp images to jpg, png and others, as well as a quick option if you do this process often.

How to convert webp images to jpg and others on Mac

  • The fastest way to convert webp to png is to open the webp image and take a screenshot.
  • Or just take a screenshot of the original image instead of loading it in the first place
  • But for more control, read the next two options.

Webp images to jpg and others with preview

This is a more tedious option with the built-in macOS Preview app. But the process also gives you a lot of granular control and transformation option.

  • Open an image online using a Mac preview (this is the default).
  • On the menu bar (top left corner), click File> Duplicate (or the keyboard shortcut command + shift + S).
  • Now close the duplicate image to save it in a new format (keyboard shortcut + W).
  • From the drop-down list, select the format you want to convert the image to.
  • Move the quality slider to choose a more specific image size
  • Don’t forget to specify where you are saving the file
  • Click the “Save” button.

This is how the process looks like:

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

When the duplicate image appears, close it (click the red popup to close the window or the keyboard shortcut + W). You will now be able to choose where to save, rename and transform the image.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

After clicking the Format dropdown, select jpeg, png, or whatever. Don’t forget that you can adjust the quality slider to fine tune the image size. When ready, click Save.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

Using Webp Converter for Mac

If you download regularly and want to convert webp to jpg and png (or vice versa), you will probably save time by using a dedicated application like Webp Converter. This is a free offline application. We tested it and it worked great in our use.

  • After downloading and installing Webp Converter for Mac, open it.
  • Drag web images to the app.
  • In the lower left corner select convert to jpg or png (or jpg / png to webp).
  • Click Convert in the lower right corner.
  • Choose where you want to save the image, that’s all!

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

We’ve all been in a situation where we tried using WebP images and got disappointed with the result showing ‘this image format is not supported.’ While Macs can handle WebP images without any issue, the problem arises when we try to use them in our documents, mail, and messages.

Thus, it’s better to use the good old JPG, which 99% of the websites support and are less likely to return errors. If you’re wondering how to convert WebP images to JPG on your Mac and use them, here’re 5 best ways. But before that, let’s give you a small overview of WebP.

What is WebP? How is it different from JPG and PNG images?

WebP, or Web Picture, is an image file format developed by Google that can save image data both lossless-ly and lossy compression. It allows for a 34% smaller image size compared to JPG, all while retaining high-quality image data. To go into a bit of detail, let’s take a look at how WebP saves space.

We all know images are nothing but pixels stitched together. This image format saves space by ‘predicting’ what could be the color of surrounding pixels of a particular pixel. This allows one-pixel data to be used again and again in the image, thus saving space.

But enough of the color theory class, let’s take a look at how you can quickly convert WebP images to JPG or PNG on your Mac.

3 Ways to save WebP images as JPG or PNG on Mac

  1. Using Preview on your Mac
  2. Use online tools to convert WebP to JPG
  3. Take screenshots to save JPG image

1. Using Preview on your Mac

Apple’s macOS has a built-in image viewer called Preview. While Preview allows you to view, edit, crop, and even annotate images on your Mac, it can even be used to convert a WebP image to JPG on your Mac.

Although this process is a tedious one, it gives you granular control over the image quality. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the WebP image using Preview.
  2. Now, in the Preview’s menu bar, click FileExport.

How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

  • In the window that pops up, select the image format to be exported in.
    There are plenty of image formats to choose from, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and even PDF.
  • Adjust the image quality using the slider.
  • Once done, click Save.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Additional tip: If you plan on using this solution to convert WebP images, head over to System PreferencesKeyboardShortcutsApp Shortcuts → click the + button → select Preview. In the Menu title, copy and paste ‘File → Export…’ and add keyboard shortcut as ‘Cmd + E.’

    Next time you use Preview to convert WebP images, open the image and press Cmd + E to open the Export window quickly.

    2. Use online tools to convert WebP to JPG

    There are a lot of tools available on the web to convert WebP images to JPG. As for my choice, cloudconvert is one of my preferred options to perform this conversion.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    It not only has an easy-to-use interface but also allows you to set image’s quality, height, width and lets you save images directly to Google Drive — so that you can seamlessly attach them in your Google Docs. Moreover, it’s ad-free!

    3. Take screenshots to save JPG image

    Well, this is not one of the ‘cleanest’ ways to convert WebP images on your Mac, but it gets the job done. Depending upon the browser you’re using, open the image in a new tab — to retain its high quality — and simply take a screenshot by pressing Cmd + Shift + 4 on your Mac’s keyboard.

    After pressing the key combination given above, you’ll be presented with a cursor to select the area to be captured. Once you’re done, you can find the screenshot on your Mac’s desktop.

    WebP images can protect your image files and even save some of the storage space on your Mac, but not all browsers and websites support this image extension. Using the above solutions, you can quickly convert WebP images to JPG on your Mac.

    I use Chrome’s Save Images As You Want extension for quickly saving WebP images as JPG. Which tool do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!

    WebP is a modern image format created by Google. It was made specially for the Web, providing a high compression ratio without affecting the image quality. On Windows, any image viewer like IrfanView can open WebP images and save them as JPG/PNG. On Linux however, it might be hard to edit or convert a WebP image, because traditional image editing tools like GIMP do not support WebP yet. Here is how to convert a WebP image to the PNG format and vice versa.

    There are two methods you can use to get a PNG image from an existing WebP image. You can use either libwebp or ffmpeg packages which provide tools for our tasks.

    Convert WebP to PNG

    Depending on your distro, libwebp may be installed out-of-the-box, or not. For example, in Arch Linux package dependencies are not strict, so libwebp doesn’t get installed when you install the GUI. You should install it manually by running the command as root:

    On a Debian-based distro like Linux Mint, issue the command:

    The package provides the following tools:

    • cwebp – a WebP encoder tool.
    • dwebp – a WebP decoder tool.
    • vwebp – a WebP viewer app.
    • wepmux – a WebP muxing tool.
    • gif2webp – a tool for converting GIF images to WebP.

    To convert a WebP image to PNG in Linux, do the following.

    1. Open your favorite terminal app.
    2. Type the following command:
    3. The output file will be file.png in the PNG format.

    Note: Unfortunately, dwebp only converts WebP to PNG, but not to JPG. So, if you need to get a JPEG image from your WebP file, you need to convert it to PNG first, and then convert the PNG image to JPG using a tool like GIMP or convert it using ImageMagicK.

    Convert WebP to PNG with ffmpeg

    If you can’t get libwebp installed, you can go with ffmpeg. Unlike libwebp, ffmpeg is widely used and comes preinstalled in many distros. Do it as follows:

    1. Open your favorite terminal app.
    2. Type the following command:

    Keep in mind that ffmpeg produces bigger files than the WebP encoder. You might need to adjust its options and optimize the output file.

    Convert PNG files to WebP

    The opposite conversion might also be useful. In a number of situations, WebP provides a better compression ratio than PNG. To convert a PNG file to WebP, execute the following command:

    The default quality for WebP is set to 75. You can increase or reduce it by specifying the -q argument for the encoder, as follows.

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    Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. View all posts by Sergey Tkachenko

    Last Updated on March 12, 2022 by Lendle Gozun

    It is essential to know how to convert WebP to JPEG, which comes in handy if you download WebP photos frequently. WebP photos are more and more common on the web, but you may not have known it until you right-clicked and saved them as a new photo-type. But, what are the best methods to convert Google WebP to JPEG? Should you convert WebPs from Google? Find the answer by reading this guide!

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    • Part 1: The All-in-One Method to Convert WebP to JPEG
    • Part 2: How to Convert WebP to JPEG Online
    • Part 3: How to Save WebP to JPEG without Conversion
    • Part 4: How to Convert WebP to JPEG with Command
    • Part 5: FAQs about How to Convert WebP to JPEG

    Part 1: The All-in-One Method to Convert WebP to JPEG

    Due to its more advanced compression method compared to JPEG and PNG, WebP is more and more frequently used file format on a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox. WidsMob WebP is a one-stop solution to convert WebP to JPEG, PNG, BMP, and animated GIFs. Furthermore, you can browse WebP photos in both thumbnail and full-screen viewing. There are multiple editing features to rotate, resize, rename, and even add watermarks.

    1. Convert WebP to JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIFF/GIF, and vice versa in clicks.

    2. Provide editing features to resize, rotate, rotate, and add watermarks.

    3. Open and browse the WebP on Windows and Mac without converting.

    4. Support multiple photo formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and WebP.

    Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob WebP, you can launch the program on your computer. When you imported the WebP photos, you can choose the desired files you want to convert. It enables you to browse WebPs in different modes.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Step 2: Select the arrow adjacent to the Start convert button, you can choose the desired photos and click the Convert Selected Photos option to convert WebP to JPEG. Moreover, you can choose the Convert All Photos option to convert all photos.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Step 3: After that, you can specify the destination folder for the output photos. Choose the JPEG as the output format and adjust the quality with a slider, you can click the Convert button to convert WebP to JPEG. As for animated WebP, you can get a series of JPEG files.

    Win Download Mac Download

    Part 2: How to Convert WebP to JPEG Online

    If you just need to convert some WebP photos only, Zamzar is a trustworthy WebP to JPEG converter to convert WebP within 50MB. When you need to get the desired photos without an additional codec, it should always be the best choice to convert WebP in bulk.

    Step 1: Go to the online WebP to JPEG converter and select up to 10 WebP photos by clicking the Add Files button. You can also click the Select link to import the WebP files.

    Step 2: Choose JPEG from the drop-down menu. It takes a time to upload the files into the program. It does not support converting the animated WebP files to multiple JPEGs.

    Step 3: Input your email address and hit the Convert button to convert WebP to JPEG. WebP photos will upload and you will receive the converted JPEG images through email.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Part 3: How to Save WebP to JPEG without Conversion

    How to Save WebP to JPEG with Chrome

    There are some possible ways to save WebP as JPEG automatically. You can achieve the desired photos with a Chrome Extension. Search and install the Save image as Type extension to convert the desired WebP photos to JPEG with the following steps.

    Step 1: Once you have located the desired extension, you can simply click the Add to Chrome button in the upper right-hand corner to add the extension to Chrome on your computer.

    Step 2: Proceed to the Add Extension window and each image will have an additional option when right-clicked. There are some new options, including Save as JPG… that appears at the bottom.

    Step 3: Right-click on the WebP file and navigate to the bottom of the menu to the Save Image as JPG/PNG/WebP option. A side menu will then display, which allows you to save the image as a JPG.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    How to Save WebP to JPEG with Safari or Firefox

    What should you do if you cannot save WebP to JPEG directly? As some browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, do not support WebP. Instead of loading the JPG file format. You can load simply the file in place of the WebP format with a simple URL adjustment.

    Step 1: Once you have located the desired WebP files you want to convert, you can select the Copy image address option from the menu when right-clicking on the WebP picture.

    Step 2: Copy and paste this address into a new tab, omitting the last three characters of the URL. As a result, delete the -rw suffix from the URL. When you press enter, a picture in the JPEG format will be loaded.

    Step 3: You may then save the image by right clicking on it and selecting the Save image as option. After that, you can convert WebP to JPEG to your local drive automatically.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Often face trouble loading WebP image format on your PC? That’s because your Microsoft Windows doesn’t have built-in support for the Google’s developed WebP image extension. Google introduced the imaging format back in 2010 with a motive to get a smaller compressed file without affecting image quality, but it still hasn’t been adopted widely.

    If you are one of those who want their images in JPG and PNG format, here are a few tricks you can use to convert the WebP image to any other desired image format.

    1. Download IrfanView

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Further, you can add a third-party application on your PC, to convert your WebP image to JPG or PNG format. Well, there are multiple applications you could use, but the one that we are recommending is IrfanView. Download and install the application on your PC.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Save the WebP image>open the image with InfranView>click on the Floppy Disk Icon, a window of save option will pop-up where you can adjust the size of the image and save the image in either JPG or PNG extension.

    2. Online Conversion

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    There are thousands of website that can do this online without necessitating a third-party software, and one of them is the Convertio. To convert your file go to Convertio website, their homepage will give you the option to either add the image you want to convert or simply, drag and drop option. ‘Choose the format’ you want to convert your file to and click on ‘Convert’ and ‘Download’.

    3. Add Save Image Extension

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    The easy way would be to add an extension, Save Image As: JPEG, PNG, WebP, Base64, to your chrome browser. This extension will allow you to download the image directly as the JPG or PNG file, beforehand.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Once you have added the extension, ‘right click’ on the WebP image you want to download>roll over the ‘Save Image as Type’>choose the extension you want to save your file with.

    4. Use MS Paint

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Another option is to open the WebP file from the browser and pasting it on the MS Paint. Now, staying on the MS Paint, click on File (on the top-left corner) and select Save As option. The save as option will give you the choice to save the image in JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and many other formats.

    Are you looking to convert a png to jpg or vice versa? How about a WebP file? Fear not, there are built-in tools on your PC and Mac, as well as third-party options, to help you get the job done.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Image file formats are plentiful, from PNG and JPEG to the dreaded WebP. But what happens when you want to convert something from one file type to another? The conversion process was once an arduous process, but there is now built-in functionality within Windows, macOS, and even your web browser to get it done. Not to mention the many (many) online tools. Here’s everything you need to know to easily convert these file types.

    Change File Extension

    To easily convert JPEG (or JPG) to PNG, PNG to JPEG, or Google’s WebP web file format to JPEG or PNG in Windows, open File Explorer, and make sure the box next to File name extensions is checked under View. Click on the file you want to convert, delete the extension, and add your preferred extension.

    Mac users have been able to do this for a long time now. Right-click an image and select Get Info from the pop-up menu. Under Name & Extension, delete the extension and add your own, then press Enter. You should notice that your computer now refers to the file in its new format.

    Convert in Microsoft Paint

    Windows users can also use Microsoft Paint as a simple file converter by opening an image (including WebP format), then saving it as a different file type. Go to File > Save as and open the Save as type drop-down menu. You can then select JPEG and PNG, as well as TIFF, GIF, HEIC, and multiple bitmap formats. Save the file to your computer and it will convert.

    Use a Web Browser

    Results may vary with this tip; some sites support it, others do not. But if you plan to download and then convert an image from the internet, try changing the format from your browser. In Chrome or Edge, right-click the image you want to download and select Open image in new tab (View Image in Firefox). You will see that the URL of the image contains or ends with a file extension. If you have a .jpg or .webp (-rw for images in Google Play), replace it with .png to convert the image to a PNG file upon download. On Chrome, Edge, and Safari, you can only convert to PNG on supported sites. Firefox will only convert to .jpg.

    Try a Chrome Extension

    Another option is a Chrome extension. Convertio (Opens in a new window) and File Converter (Opens in a new window) support many different file extensions and media, but I would recommend Save Image as Type (Opens in a new window) for its simplicity if you’re only working with JPG, PNG, and WebP files.

    While other options may link you back to their website to perform the conversion, this extension does not. Add Save Image as Type to your browser, then right-click an image and hover over Save Image as Type in the pop-up menu to save the image as a JPG, PNG, or WebP file.

    Online Converters

    There are more online converters than one can count these days, but if you’re looking for a reliable name, Adobe has its own. You can follow these links to convert JPG to PNG (Opens in a new window) or PNG to JPG (Opens in a new window) . Other services, such as CloudConvert (Opens in a new window) , Convertio (Opens in a new window) , and (Opens in a new window) allow you to choose among dozens of file extensions, upload multiple files at once, and convert files via direct upload, Google Drive, Dropbox, and URL.

    If you’re shopping around for a professional service, look into their data collection and retention policies. Both CloudConvert (Opens in a new window) and Convertio (Opens in a new window) collect a negligible amount of data, delete your uploads within 24 hours, and have no access to your documents. They also have server infrastructure located in Germany, making them adherent to GDPR regulations.

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    Sometimes, once you downloaded and saved an image or picture in the format of WebP on Google Chrome. But some of you noticed that the WebP images cannot be opened, viewed and edited as you wish.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    For instance, even on Windows embedded photo viewer, you fail to access the WEBP images. Therefore, whether you need to convert the image format and how to do that will be expanded.

    What is Google WebP Images? What is Unique to this New Image Format?

    Compared with JPG or JPEG or PNG images, WebP is a new format of images or pictures created by Google. And this WEBP format is new and unique as it boasts of a compression system that can display images of about 2/3 size of that in the format of jpg or png. That is to say, WebP viewer will show your images in a smaller size.

    How to Convert WebP Images to JPG or PNG?

    It is undeniable that WebP can reduce the image size compared with jpg and PNG, but some people wish to know how to avoid saving images in WebP format in Google Chrome. For instance, Google WebP images usually cannot be opened by other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. therefore some people would rather change WebP images to JPG or PNG images.


    Method 1: Use Microsoft Paint

    Upon saving Google webp images on your PC, if you hope to view it in jpg or png format, MicroSoft Paint embedded on your PC will be helpful. In this application, users are enabled to save webp to jpg or png. However, if you prefer webp to jpg, you can just take MS Paint as a webp viewer on Windows systems.

    1. Navigate to the folder where the webp image is located and then right click it to Open with Paint. In addition, here are 6 other ways to open Microsoft Paint.

    2. On the right top of the Paint interface, click File > Save as. Then select an image format to save the image, like png, jpg, jpeg, etc.

    3. Here, if you want to save WebP images as other formats, you can hit Other formats to search for more image formats.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    4. Then Save the image in PNG or JPG format in a folder.

    Now, you can find out the jpg or png image to view it as you wish. And this time the photo won’t be shown in a smaller size.

    Method 2: Use Command Prompt

    However, if you want WebP to JPG converter for Mac or Linux, Method 1 seems to be unavailable for you. In this way, you would better turn to a way that is feasible on all systems rather than on Windows systems alone. That is to say, you can run certain commands to convert WebP to JPG or PNG.

    Here, take changing the image format on Windows 10 as an example, if you are using other systems, just refer to similar steps.

    1. On Windows 10, search Command Prompt in the search box and then right click it to Run as administrator.

    2. In Command Prompt, enter cd C:\users\Jane\Pictures and then hit Enter to run the command.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    You need to change NAME in this command with your username on Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.

    Or if you are to convert images with .exe extensions, you are supposed to move on.

    3. In Command Prompt, input the command C:\Path\To\dwebp.exe inputFile.webp -o outputFile and then stroke Enter.

    Here, you need to replace the Path of your WebP images and then save the jpg or png files converted from WEBP in the output files.

    Anyway, using certain command lines will help you convert webp to jpg and png. But if it is somewhat troublesome for you, it is also worth a shot to follow on for more solutions.

    Method 3: Utilize Third-party Image Converting Software

    For some people, if you have no time or you aren’t skilled at converting the webp file to JPG or PNG images on your own, it is suggestible that you try to use a reliable and powerful online image converter.

    For instance, Photoshop, Zamzar, and File Dropper are good tools for you to automatically change Google WebP to jpg or png. For instance, on Photoshop, you can open the webp image in this photo tool and Save it as jpg or png format as you wish.

    Especially, on Zamzar, the video, audio, and image converter, it is feasible for users to convert webp to jpg and png or jpg to jpeg on its online version. There is no need to download this format converter software, you can just navigate to Zamzar site and upload the WebP image to convert it to any other kinds of format like jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, etc.

    Hence, if you feel like convert WebP to JPG online for free, it is a good choice to make full use of free format converters.

    Bonus Tips:

    There are more options for you to save webp to jpg or png, etc. which have been proved useful by some users. That is to save the image on another browser.

    To be specific, you can copy the WebP image URL on Google Chrome. and then paste it on other browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and so on. Normally, WebP images will be transformed into JPG or PNG automatically due to the compatibility issue. Then you can choose to Save the picture as and find a location to place the image file.

    And then paste it on other browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and so on. Normally, WebP images will be transformed into JPG or PNG automatically due to the compatibility issue. Then you can choose to Save the picture as and find a location to place the image file. This way will work for some of you, so you can also remove your doubt that “how can I change webp to jpg or png”.

    All in all, you may want to convert webp images to jpg and png, this article has offered you several effective and helpful way. With the help of these methods, there is no need to worry that the WEBP images can’t be opened on some browsers like Microsoft Edge and Safari.

    It is undeniable that WebP can reduce the image size compared with jpg and PNG, but some people wish to know how to avoid saving images in WebP format in Google Chrome. In this way, you can try similar methods to convert it.

    Updated: December 24, 2020

    If you want to convert WEBP files to PNG files, you’ve come to the right place! This post shows you how to convert WEBP to PNG as easily as possible.

    WEBP is a modern image format developed by Google, which provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. While PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file format supporting lossless data compression.

    If you want to convert WEBP files to PNG files, you’ve come to the right place! This post shows you how to convert WEBP to PNG as easily as possible.

    Method 1: Convert WEBP to PNG online

    The online converting service allows you to convert WEBG to PNG easily, and it saves your time and patience to install a software and learn how to use it.

    If you’re not sure which one to use, follow the instructions below:

    2) Click Add Files to upload your WEBP file.

    3) Make sure it’s png in the drop-down menu, or you can choose other available format from the drop-down list.

    4) Click Convert Now to start.

    5) Once completed, click the Download button to download the PNG file into your device.

    Method 2: Convert WEBP to PNG with converting software

    In addition to online converting service, you can also convert WEBP to PNG via a converting software.

    Here’s what you need to:

    1) Download and install Wondershare UniConverter in your computer.

    2) Run the downloaded program.

    3) Click the Toolbox tab on the top, then click Image Converter.

    4) Click + or Add Images button to upload your WEBP files.

    5) Select PNG from the drop-down menu next to Convert all images to:. Then click Convert.

    6) After finishing, you can find your PNG files in the output folder.

    By Lillian Lai

    Lillian, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), is a technology enthusiast, longing to share the technical tips and solutions to computer problems. Also as a person who enjoys writing, she’s found the perfect match for writing and technology. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her either reading or playing mobile games.

    The most commonly used image format has to be either JPG or PNG. This is the format used for articles or even when we are sharing on social platforms. Google announced their own image format called WebP, which can retain the image qualities of JPG and also the transparency of PNG but at a very less size. The size of WebP images are much lesser than the JPG or PNG. But the inherent problem with WebP images are that they are not compatible with all browsers. Currently it is supported on Google Chrome and a couple of other browsers. So if a website is using WebP format, it is difficult to save the file and view it later. So how to save WebP images as JPG and PNG?

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    How to Save WebP Images as JPG and PNG:

    There are many ways to save WebP images as JPG and PNG.

    1. Chrome Extension:

    Save Image As Type is a Google Chrome extension which when installed gives you an option to right click and save images as JPG or PNG. This extension adds a Save as PNG, JPEG or WebP option to the right click context menu of every image. So next time you encounter a WebP image, use this extension to save images as JPG or PNG.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    2. Edit the URL:

    If you encounter a WebP image on internet, then right click on the image and select copy image URL in Google Chrome. Now paste this image in another tab and see if there is a –rw at the end of the URL. If the URL has –rw, then remove it from the URL and press enter. Now you will be able to save images in JPG or PNG.

    3. Use unsupported browsers like Edge:

    WebP is supported on browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so if you are on Windows, you can either use Edge browser or internet explorer and image will be available as PNG or JPG instead of WebP.

    Alternatively you can also use web services like Image Decoder or Zamzar to convert WebP to JPG or PNG format.

    Why PNG is saved as WebP?

    Google claims that webp reduces the size of images significantly in comparison to png and jpg. It reduces the file size in comparison to png images by up to 26%, and by up to 34% in comparison to jpg images.

    How do I stop Chrome from saving images on a WebP?

    Chrome OS isn’t Android (which runs in Linux).

    1. In the upper right, open the Customize and control Google Chrome menu by clicking the three horizontal bars. Select Settings.
    2. Click the Show advanced settings… …
    3. Under the “Images” heading, select Do not show any images.
    4. Click OK, and then close the Settings tab.

    How do I stop image from saving in WebP?

    If your browser doesn’t support WebP format, the JPG or PNG image will be uploaded on websites instead of WebP image to ensure it can be opened. So, you can use an extension named User-Agent Switcher for Chrome to disguish your Chrome as other browsers that don’t support WebP.

    How do I convert WebP to image?

    Windows: MS Paint

    1. Click File.
    2. Select Open.
    3. Find and select your file.
    4. Click Open.
    5. Click File again.
    6. Select Save as.
    7. Select JPEG picture.
    8. Choose a folder and click Save.

    How do I open a WebP file?

    If you have Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera, all you have to do is double-click the image, and it opens in your default browser for you to view. You can edit WebP files using graphics software, like GIMP, ImageMagick, or Microsoft Paint, which natively open WebP files by default.

    Why is gif saving as WebP?

    WebP Image Format

    The Google Company developed this format specifically to do work online as quickly and conveniently as possible. The main advantage is that its file size is small compared to other image formats, but similar in image quality.

    Do all browsers support WebP images?

    According to caniuse, currently 79.2% of browsers support the WebP image format. That would include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. … Although not all browsers currently support the WebP image format, it’s important to note that, if set up properly, your website’s images won’t appear broken for these browsers.

    How do I download a WebP image as a JPEG?

    Right-click on the image, then click Open With > Paint if it’s not set to open WebP files by default. Once you open the image in Paint, click File > Save As, then choose a format from the list available. Choose a destination for the file, then click “Save.”

    How do I save an image as a PNG?

    Save in PNG format

    1. Choose File > Save As, and choose PNG from the Format menu.
    2. Select an Interlace option: None. Displays the image in a browser only when download is complete. Interlaced. Displays low-resolution versions of the image in a browser as the file downloads. …
    3. Click OK.

    The WebP format is a modern image format that is developed by Google to reduce the size of the image for online storage space. This format is designed to make the web pages faster. The size will be smaller but the quality will not be sacrificed for this compression. However, some of the programs and browser still does not support the WebP format. It is much better to get the image in the PNG format than the WebP for editing. In this article, we will show you methods through which you can download or convert the WebP images as PNG.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngWebP to PNG

    Converting or Saving WebP to PNG

    There are several different methods through which you can download or convert the WebP images as PNG. Depending on your situation, you can use the one that is much more suitable for you. Some of the browsers do not support the WebP formats, so you can open the same link in the browser to save the image in a different format. There can be many other methods that you can use, but we are listing the ones that we tested and got a good result back.

    Method 1: Using the MS Paint Application

    The easiest method to convert the WebP image is by using the image editor. Most of the image editors provide the ability to save one format to another. However, the MS Paint application can also be used to do the same. It is the default application that comes with the Windows operating system. Therefore, the users don’t need to install any third-party image editor for this method. Follow the below steps to see how it works in MS Paint:

    1. Open the MS Paint by searching “paint” in the Windows search feature.
    2. Now click on the File menu and choose the Open option. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngOpening the WebP file
    3. Choose the WebP image that you want to convert to the PNG and open it.
    4. Now click on the File menu again and then choose Save As > PNG Picture option. Rename the file and save it to your system. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngSaving the file as PNG
    5. Now the file will be in PNG and you can open or use it for your needs.

    Method 2: Using the Online Converter

    Nowadays, most converting processes are done through online sites. This saves both time and storage for the users. Many sites provide the conversion tools for images. Every site will have a different conversion tool with different features. You can use the one that you are familiar with or like to use. In this method, we will be demonstrating the EZGIF site for conversion of WebP to PNG.

    1. Open your browser and go to the EZGIF. Now click on the Choose File button and select the WebP file that you want to convert.
      Note: You can also directly paste the URL of the image to convert it.
    2. Click on the Upload button below to upload the image. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngUploading the WebP file
    3. You can also choose other settings for the image before converting or you can simply click on the Convert to PNG button to convert it. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngConverting the file to PNG
    4. Once the image is converted, click on the Save icon to download the PNG file to the system. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngSaving the Image to the system

    Method 3: Using the Offline Converter

    Similarly, to the online converter, there are also many offline image converters. Users that do not have Internet all the time can install an offline converter for any time use. There are many converters that are free and some others should be purchased. However, you can also use the trial version if you are only using it for a short time. We will be using the Pixillion image converter in this method as shown in the below methods:

    1. Go to the NCH Software site and download the Pixillion Image Converter software by clicking on the Start Download button. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngDownloading the software

    Method 4: Using the Command Line

    Google also provides the libwebp codec distribution that can be used to convert the WebP format. By using this, you can convert other formats to WebP or convert the WebP to other formats. Users can use the dwebp executable file to convert any WebP to a PNG file in the command line. Using the command line can be a bit difficult for some users, but others may like this method than others. You can also check the use of the commands on their site.

    1. You can download the libwebp codec from Google that includes an extensive encoder and decoder API. Choose the latest one at the bottom and the format for your operating system. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngDownloading the codec
    2. Once downloaded, you can extract the file to the desktop or any location you prefer.
    3. Now open the Command Prompt by searching CMD in the Windows search feature.
    4. Change directory to the folder where your WebP files are located. In our case, our file is located on the desktop.
    5. Now paste the path for “dwebp.exe“, which is located in the bin folder of the libwebp. Then type the name of the image with extensions as shown below: How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngConverting the file to PNG using CMD
    6. Press the Enter key and the file will be converted and saved as PNG to the desktop.

    The Apple ecosystem is exceptional and unique, but more importantly, it is the only system that gives the massy Android as well as Windows ecosystems a major run for their money. Yet, we would be fraught with ignorance if we dismissed Google in this whole mix. The tech giant has a strong influence even in the exclusive Apple ecosystem because at the end of the day, many Apple users use Gmail and other Google apps; applications for which there is no replacement. So it’s not surprising that even the staunchest Apple fans may find themselves backing up their photos and videos in Google Photos.

    But Apple does not make it comfortable for a user to use Google Photos on the iPhone. A unique ecosystem comes with its own caveats and incompatibility is a major problem that users tend to face in a cross-ecosystem clash. What is a non-issue for a non-Apple user becomes an additional step for an Apple user. So here’s everything you need to know about how to download Google Photos in JPEG format.

    • What is the difference between a JPEG and HEIC file?
    • Why are my Google Photos downloading as HEIC files?
    • Can I download from Google Photos in JPEG format?
    • How to download from Google Photos in JPEG format
      • Download a single photo in JPEG
      • Download photos in bulk in JPEG

    What is the difference between a JPEG and HEIC file?

    The universal and age-old format of JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a universal file format that is used for saving digital photos. This format has is popular across all systems, including Android, Mac, Windows and iOS because of its ability to greatly minimize the file size of images. Even Apple devices used the JPEG format to save and store images, both on-device as well as on Cloud.

    As Apple worked to become more exclusive with each OS update, the tech manufacturing giant introduced the HEIC or High-Efficiency Image Format as part of its iOS 11 update. This effectively meant that all images on Apple devices would be automatically saved in the HEIC format.

    Unlike in the case of JPEG, the HEIC format is extremely exclusive and restricted to the Apple ecosystem. However it is a better space-saving solution as images that are saved in the HEIC format take up only half as much space as their JPEG counterpart and in terms of quality, there is no noticeable difference between images saved in both formats.

    Why are my Google Photos downloading as HEIC files?

    The ecosystem restriction kicks in very strongly when Google Photos is involved. If you are backing up your images in Google Photos, then the images are being saved in the .heic format instead of .jpeg format. Google Photos for iOS devices started supporting the HEIC format so that users would be able to use the cloud storage service to back up their images.

    Otherwise, the application will become obsolete on Apple devices and this would be a big inconvenience for users who rely on Google Photos for Apple. But while Google saves the images in the HEIC format, it does not automatically change the images to a JPEG format when the image is downloaded. So the image ends up being downloaded in the same format that it was uploaded i.e. HEIC.

    Can I download from Google Photos in JPEG format?

    HEIC images can only be shared and viewed amongst devices in the Apple ecosystem which makes it very inconvenient if a user is also using Windows or any other software that is basically not iOS. Fortunately, HEIC images can be downloaded in JPEG format and we have converted the tutorial for the same in the next section.

    How to download from Google Photos in JPEG format

    If you tap/click the download button in hopes of downloading the image in JPEG it won’t work. Here’s what you need to do to convert Google Photos in HEIC format to JPEG format.

    Download a single photo in JPEG

    Go to your Google Photos account and locate the HEIC image that you want to download in JPEG format. Click the image to open its preview.

    Right-click anywhere on the image and a menu will appear, click the Save image as option from the menu.

    An additional window will open now. Here, click the dropdown menu to choose the JPEG option.

    Your HEIC image will now be saved as a JPEG image.

    Download photos in bulk in JPEG

    You cannot directly convert bulk HEIC photos into JPEG photos. However, you can first download the images in bulk in their original HEIC format and then run the images through an online converter. This process can be a little tedious, however, this is the most efficient way to convert HEIC photos into JPEG photos in bulk. This Google search will help you out here.

    You can also look for software for this on Windows Store or on the web.

    That’s everything that you need to know about how to how to download Google Photos in JPEG format. We hope you found this article helpful. Take care and stay safe!

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

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    The benefits of WebP image format, compared with PNG and JPG:

    WebP is a newly launched and modern image format that supports superior lossless compression. This image format has been developed by Google and brought to you in the year of 2010. It comes with excellent compression efficiency and ensures better performance.

    This image file format is used by webmasters and web developers from all around the world. Compared to PNG and JPG file formats, WebP images support better compression efficiency. For example, WebP lossless images are at least 26% smaller in size than PNG images. Similarly, WebP images are around 25-34% smaller when compared to JPEG images.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Due to this compression efficiency and lower image size, WebP images are widely used in various websites for smooth and seamless performance and a rich experience.

    How to use AnyWebP to convert JPG and PNG to WebP?

    If you want to convert your existing JPG or PNG image files to WebP photos, then here’s a perfect tool for you i.e. AnyWebP. Get to know more details about the tool in the sections below.

    Overview of AnyWebP

    AnyWebP is an advanced powerful tool that is designed to offer you a very seamless facility i.e. the tool allows you to convert any type of input images to WebP formats (both JPG to WebP and PNG to WebP conversions are allowed). The best part about this tool is that — it’s completely online and it requires no download/installation.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Secondly, the tool is very easy to use. The detailed steps are shared in the sections below. AnyWebP ensures that the entire conversion process is fast, reliable, and efficient. WebP handles the entire conversion process in a seamless way.

    Plus, there is a 24/7 support facility where the team will address all your queries and concerns within 24 hours.

    Simple Steps to Use AnyWebP

    In the previous sections, you have already revealed the key benefits of using WebP images for your website.

    If you have any JPG or PNG files that you want to convert in WebP file format, then please follow the steps below.

    i) Please visit the official website of AnyWebP,

    ii) Click the button to upload your files or you can directly drag and drop your required files into the tool. For example, you can upload JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and many other image file formats.

    iii) Once your photo is uploaded, please check whether the output type is selected as WebP.

    iv) If yes, then just click on Convert All Images, and your converted WebP images will be ready to use.

    The process is both convenient and time-saving. The best part is that you can also do batch image conversions.

    • Ensures seamless and hassle-free conversion.
    • Any type of image file format can be converted to WebP.
    • The process is fast, safe, and super convenient.
    • There is 24/7 support.
    • Both individual file conversion and batch conversions are allowed.
    • The tool is completely online, with no downloads and installations.
    • There are no cons as such.

    Some other method for JPG/PNG to WebP

    In the previous sections, you have revealed all the details about AnyWebP. AnyWebP is a highly advanced and superior tool that can convert JPG and PNG files to WebP.

    If you are looking for any other options, then here’re three available methods to try on!

    #1 WEBP Converter

    WEBP Converter can convert any of your input files online. It supports the conversion of PNG, JPG, HEIC, WEBP, and GIF images to WebP format. The tool allows you to control image quality, resolution, and file size.

    #2 WebP Converter Online

    You can convert your input image formats into an efficient WebP format. This tool is also online based and it supports the preserve metadata option.

    #3 WebP Converter for Media

    This is a plugin and once you install it, your current images will be converted into the new WebP formats. All you will have to add your input images to the Media Library and the plugin will convert them and save them in a separate directory.

    The Final Verdict

    With this, you have revealed different methods of WebP conversions. To change JPG to WebP or change PNG to WebP, you can take advantage of any of these four methods. However, AnyWebP is the best among the rest.

    AnyWebP ensures the most seamless and convenient conversion without affecting the image clarity, quality, and resolution. Plus, there is a batch conversion option available too. No other methods support batch conversion except AnyWebP.

    So, what are you thinking so much now? Try this tool day, convert your existing images, get WebP files, use them on your website, and ensure a seamless performance.

    Do you want to convert WebP to PNG, WebP images to jpg? Here is our step-by-step guide to doing it.

    All Mac users have faced the problem of using WebP images to upload to email or send messages, these WebP images are not supported by other applications, and also if you want to share them with some other user.

    Converting WebP images to JPG or PNG is always a chore. Since these formats are compatible with 99% of applications and web pages.

    While WebP images are only supported for Mac but not for other popular applications.

    Therefore, converting WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac is always necessary in daily life to share these images through messages and emails with the assurance of getting minimal errors on any website.

    We are going to mention some basic but important steps and ways to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG on Mac so that you can easily share them with others on any platform.

    There is no defined software to do the conversion so we are here with some tips and tricks to satisfy your need at that time.

    Before we start the conversion technique, let us tell you about WebP in detail.

    What is WebP?

    WebP or Web Picture is an image file developed by Google. It requires less storage space, which is up to 34% less than regular JPG or PNG images.

    This image format helps reduce storage capacity on your Mac device. Since images are stored as pixels, WebP helps clone pixels to save storage space.

    When the color of most parts of an image is similar, the formulation repeats the pixels to save as much space as possible.

    This space-saving technique helps store the image in WebP format, which is not a user-friendly format for image sharing. Instead, you need to convert it to JPG or PNG to circulate or share with different users through any mode of communication.

    WebP images are formed by default on your Mac device, you can further convert them as per your required format.

    To convert WebP to JPG, PNG or JPEG. You need to follow 3 main steps and voila. WebP to jpg conversion is quite easy and doable.

    The best ways to convert WebP to PNG, JPG or JPEG.

    Preview on Mac-

    This is the Mac feature where you can preview your WebP images. The preview feature also allows you to edit, crop, view, and even annotate images on your Mac device. It can also be used to convert WebP images to JPG format on your iOS device.

    Although this process is a bit tedious and you will gain granular control over the quality of the image, that is not really a sign of a good image. This step is a must as it does half the task, you can adjust the image as per your choice.

    So we’ll add a few more steps to avoid the granules situation. The steps involved are.

    Step 1. Open the WebP image using the preview.
    Step 2. On the preview menu bar, click ‘File’ and then click ‘Export’.
    Step 3. After step 2, a window will appear to select the desired image format to export.
    Step 4. Using a slider, you can adjust the image quality as per your convenience.

    Step 5. Once done, click ‘Save’.

    Using online tools to convert WebP to PNG-

    There are multiple tools available online to convert WebP images to PNG. We have found a convenient and easy to use tool Cloudconvert for this purpose.

    You can easily go through the process through some simple steps. It is not only equipped with a user-friendly interface, but also has features to adjust the height, width, and quality of the image as per your requirements.

    That’s pretty easy to use, too, and on top of that, you can save it directly to Google Drive. Plus, it’s ad-free, so you won’t waste any time between viewing ads.

    Take a screenshot to save the JPG image-

    Although this is not the perfect way to get a converted JPG image.

    However, it does the job. To get the image in high quality, open it in your preferred browser and then take a screenshot by pressing cmd+shift+4 on your Mac keyboard.

    After pressing the key combination given above, you will be presented with a cursor to select the area to capture. Once it’s done, you can find the screenshot on your Mac desktop.

    After saving the screenshot, you can crop it according to the required image size and shape.

    Mac and Windows XnConvert

    You can use various free image converters to convert your WebP images to any format.

    XnConvert is one such free to use and open source image conversion software that converts WebP image to JPG or more than 500 other formats.

    This converter comes with several basic and advanced features along with full control of the output reference. XnConvert works on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Here’s how to convert WebP to JPG:

    • Download the free version of XnConvert and run it on your system.
    • Then click Add Files or drag images to the converter.
    • Go to Actions and in the output box choose JPG as output.
    • Choose the destination folder and click Convert to perform the action.

    Use Online Converter to convert images

    You can use the online image converter without downloading the software. One of these online image converters is Online-Convert. You can batch convert images from one format to another using this online image converter.

    Online-Convert can convert various types of files such as archives, audio, documents, e-books, images, videos, etc. to the desired format.

    Users can also change the quality, color, compression, DPI or crop the image with this cloud conversion tool.

    Here’s how to convert WebP to another format:

    • Go to
    • Drag the file or choose from a folder to upload it.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    • You can make changes to settings like DPI, sizes, colors and filters, and other optional settings.
    • Click Start to convert the images.


    WebP images are good for saving space and even come in good quality, but they don’t work with most browsers or systems. These were some of the ways to convert WebP images to JPG.

    You can use Chrome to save images as you like, the extension to quickly save WebP images as JPG or any other format.

    Mac users always need this conversion. Using the above ways will make life easier for Mac users.

    These steps include using Preview, any online converter of your choice, and then taking a screenshot to convert it exactly the way you want, the converted image will be saved directly to your drive, and the screenshot will be available on your desktop. for additional changes if required. We hope this article helps.

    The recommended online converter is Cloudconverter, which is ad-free and easy to use.

    There are various converters available online and you can choose any one because you need to take a screenshot at the end which will be saved after conversion. Now you can easily send the image to other people using any mode of online communication like email, chats, etc.

    Convert WebP to JPG format online for free.

    From Google Drive

    Drop any files here!

    Advanced Options (optional)

    What is a WebP file?

    WebP is an open-source file type that uses predictive compression to create images that are ideal for web pages and mobile applications. WebP images are as much as 30 percent smaller than JPEG (JPG) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files, with similar visual quality. WebP images load quickly on web pages and mobile applications.

    How to open a WebP file?

    The default program for opening WebP is Google Chrome (Chrome), which works across platforms. WebP files also open automatically on GIMP and Microsoft Paint. Besides Chrome, all other web browsers support the WebP format.

    Alternative free viewers to try are Pixelmator and Photopea. Also, try Corel PaintShop Pro. Prior to using IrfanView, Windows Photo Viewer, and Adobe Photoshop, be sure to install the plugins for opening WebP.

    Developed by: Google

    Initial Release: September 2010

    Useful links:

    What is a JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file?

    JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), is a universal file format that utilizes an algorithm to compress photographs and graphics. The considerable compression that JPG offers is the reason for its wide use. As such, the relatively small size of JPG files makes them excellent for transporting over the Internet and using on websites. You can use our compress JPEG tool to reduce the file size by up to 80%!

    If you need even better compression, you can convert JPG to WebP, which is a newer and more compressible file format.

    How to open a JPG file?

    Almost all image-viewer programs and applications recognize and can open JPG files. Simply double-clicking the JPG file will usually result in its opening in your default image viewer, image editor, or web browser. To select a specific application to open the file, utilize right-click, and select “Open with” to make your selection.

    JPG files open automatically on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Photos, and Mac OS applications such as Apple Preview.

    Using the internet means dealing with many different image formats. One of the most common image formats today is WEBP, which is an image format used by Google. In many ways, it has become the alternative to more standard image formats, such as PNG or JPG/JPEG. However, if you have a WEBP image that you wish to convert to JPG/JPEG/PNG, then you need to use a converter.

    We recommend some of the best converters for you to try out below. This conversion process allows you to quickly convert WEBG to JPG PNG without any issue.

    What is WEBP?

    As mentioned above, WEBP is the image format that is propriated by Google. It is a very popular image format today and has become commonly used on major websites such as Facebook. However, despite its obvious qualities, WEBP is not yet fully supported by a wide selection of image editors and online platforms. This means that you often need to convert WEBP to PNG or JPEG formats so that they can be properly edited.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    However, due to the challenge in editing, conversion is necessary. What, then, is the best way to convert WEBP to JPG or PNG formats?

    How to convert WEBP to JPG or PNG

    There are several options to consider when converting an image from WEBP to another format such as JPG, JPEG, or PNG. If you want to find the best methods for doing this, then try out the options that we have suggested below for quick-fix conversion solutions.

    1. Use

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
    Since WEBP is a Google propriated image format, it does not appear on other browsers. For example, users of Mozilla Firefox will not see the WEBP image. If you use one of the other browsers out there, then you can easily load up the image and it will be shown in its PNG/JPG format instead.

    Simply load the image and then right-click and hit ‘Save Image As’ – this will then allow you to save the image in a standard format as opposed to WEBP.

    This is the easiest way to go through the process, so if you lack time and/or tech-savvy this can be the quickest way to get your image saved in a different format than WEBP overall.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    2. Convert WEBP images using MS Paint

    Another solution that you might prefer is an offline option. So long as you are using Windows 10, you should be able to convert a WEBP image using MS Paint. Simply find the image you are looking to open on your hard drive, and right-click on it.

    Select ‘Open With’ and choose Paint from the list of programs. The file should now appear in MS Paint, so what you want to do is click on the File tab and then choose ‘Save As.’

    Choose the format you wish to convert the image from, and it will be carried out quickly. Click ‘Save’ and the image will be converted manually without you having to do anything else.

    3. Use a Google Chrome extension

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png
    If you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, then you can use a web extension to save WEBP as PNG formats. This also exists for users of Opera. To do this, simply visit the Extensions tab (or the Google Play Store on mobile devices) and search for an extension called Save Image as PNG.

    Once you have installed this extension, find your image online and right-click on the image. Select the new option which appears, listed as ‘Save Image as PNG.’ This will save the file in a PNG format. Please note this does not allow for JPG format; you would need to use a third-party PNG to JPG converter if this is an issue.

    4. Convert the WEBP image with Zamzar

    The next step is to use a popular online image converter, of which there are many to choose from. The solution we recommend, though, is called Zamzar. has been around for years and is an excellent starting point. Not only that, but Zamzar is free to use and allows up to ten images to be converted at once.

    1. To use Zamzar, simply visit the website and click on ‘Convert Files’.
    2. Now, click ‘Choose Files’ and locate the WEBP images you wish to convert.
    3. Choose the format you wish to convert to (JPEG or PNG most likely).
    4. Now, enter your email address where the files will be sent to for download.
    5. Click the ‘Convert’ button on Step 4, and wait for the conversion to be carried out.

    Is WEBP better than JPEG or PNG?

    In many ways, yes. WEBP is able to ensure that it manages to reach extremely small file sizes compared to a JPEG or PNG file. At the same time, it does not go through the major loss of image quality that some images can when converted to formats such as JPG. However, WEBP also wins out because it supports transparency in images, just like PNG, and unlike JPG. As such, it is a common choice for many web developers today.

    If you choose to convert WEBP to PNG JPEG formats, then you can do so using all of the above solutions. Each of the six solutions varies in difficulty, but you should find that one of them at least allows you to do the job that you had intended. Converting WEBP images can be a headache, but one of the above solutions will work just fine.

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    Convert WEBP to PNG without losing quality online using this free online tool.

    How to convert WEBP to PNG?

    1. Simply select the WEBP file from your PC or Mobile.
    2. Select image quality & image size.
    3. Click on the convert button.
    4. Your WEBP file is converted into PNG. Now download it.

    What is WEBP file format?

    A WEBP file is a raster image format developed by Google for online graphics called WebP. The WebP format compresses files more efficiently than typical JPEG compression while preserving picture quality that is comparable to or greater than that of JPEG. Like the PNG format, it enables both lossless and lossy compression.

    Google has made aggressive claims regarding the format’s compression efficiency, claiming that it may be up to 34% cheaper than a JPEG or PNG file. Because of the large number of photographs being seen at any one moment throughout the world, Google believes that by adopting a more effective image format, the web’s overall performance may be optimized.

    What is PNG file format?

    A PNG file is a transparent background image saved in the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format, which is often used to save web graphics, digital pictures, and other images with transparent backgrounds. It’s a raster graphic that’s comparable to a .JPG picture but with lossless compression and transparency capabilities.

    PNG pictures are superior to GIF images in several aspects, including the inclusion of an 8-bit transparency channel that allows the image’s color to shift from opaque to transparent, whereas GIF images only support entirely opaque or fully transparent pixels. Palettes of 24-bit RGB color, RGB pictures, or greyscale or RGB images are all supported by PNG. Because PNG was designed to convey pictures over the Internet rather than for professional graphics, it does not support additional color models such as CMYK.

    цуиз ещ зтп

    конвертирайте цуиз ещ зтп онлайн с едно щракване с този безплатен конвертор webp в png.

    PNG to WEBP

    Want to convert in opposite direction? Click here to convert from PNG to WEBP:
    PNG to WEBP converter

    Many websites rely on user-uploaded images as content and want to be able to present as much content as possible to their users at a tolerable speed. Google has developed an image format called WebP, which packs as much detail as PNGs or JPEGs, but it uses files up to 34% smaller. This makes it possible to serve more content to your users even for the ones who may browse your site with a slow 3G connection. In this article, we will show you how to convert images to WebP using a product named ImageProcessor.

    WebP is supported in over 80% percent of all browsers with the biggest drawback being that it is not supported by any of the Safari browsers. Luckily the HTML5 tag Picture makes it possible to serve a normal HTML image as a fallback. It is also (not surprising) suggested as one of the possible image formats to use if you have many big images on your site when using Google’s website performance tool Lighthouse.

    Getting started

    We get started first by creating a fresh ASP.NET Core MVC project.

    The first thing we will make is a simple form to post images. This just serves as the simplest example of a frontend for the current test.

    The backend

    Then for the backend, we need two packages that can be installed through the Package Manager using these commands:

    Then we can get started coding the action that will accept the post from the frontend.

    We first of all need to import a couple of libraries that we will need when implementing the following. We also need to take hostingEnvironment through the constructor of the controller via Dependency Injection. It is automatically served through .NET, so there is no need to add it in startup.cs . It will be needed for getting the path to write to when saving the files. We have also added a barebone Action for our post assuming the previous frontend is the Index of Home. We will now fill out the action step by step.

    The IFormFile that the action takes as a parameter could be other things besides an image, so we will first check for this. We will first check to see if there was even a posted file and if there is only one. Then we will check the file type, which right now we only allow PNG’s and JPEG’s, but it could easily be expanded to allow gifs or other image types.

    Monitoring errors and uptime on your ASP.NET Core applications?

    We also need some different paths for saving the files and serving them later. This includes a path where the original file will be saved and the path of the new WebP image.

    Finally, the images should be saved to the server. First, we use the FileStream as we would normally do to save the original image. The FileStream can be used in a using block because it implements the IDisposable interface and it, therefore, disposes itself automatically when exiting the block.

    In order for us to write the WebP image, a new FileStream is created. In the using-case, we make an ImageFactory , which is a class from the ImageProcessor package. This class uses the factory pattern, which makes it possible to Load an image and then apply filters or change different attributes in any order. When creating the ImageFactory we define that it should not keep ExifData, since we are generally not interested in personal information like GPS coordinates.

    We Load the stream of the image and then change its format to WebP. The Format method takes an ISupportedImageFormat as an argument. The ImageProcessor.Plugins.WebP package helps us by implementing the specific class WebPFormat that handles all the actions specific to the WebP format. Before saving the image via the FileStream we also note that we have set the Quality to 100 . This implies that there is no loss in quality so it will use lossless compression. This could be changed if one wished to get better results, but that would, of course, mean a lossy compression.

    Now that we have saved the images, we would like to serve them. We do this by putting the paths to the images in a custom ViewModel and presenting it in a view like so:

    And then ending our action:

    We simply make a new Images instance and populate the fields with the filenames. This could also be the place where the database is updated and the Image fields could instead be fields in for example your Entity Framework model.

    Presenting the WebP image and fallback

    We make the last changes to our view to show our images.

    The view uses the Images instance as a model and it shows the image if the model is not null . We then use the picture HTML tag which can have source and img tags inside. The image tag serves as a frame and fallback for the element shown on the page. The image referenced will be shown in the place that the img would be if the browser supports WebP. The source tags can also be decorated with a media attribute that will make it show different resources on standard CSS media queries. This combined with generating different quality or sized images in the backend can be a strong tool to create a fast loading website.


    WebP is inspired by some of the techniques used for compressing video keyframes by making it only look at the differences between the neighboring groups of pixels. This makes WebP good for graphical drawings or images with a lot of patterns or areas with one color. It is not as good with real camera images since these often have some complex patterns and a lot of uneven edges. Something we haven’t looked at yet though is the results when using lossy compression. When changing the Quality to 50%, most images will be about 3 times smaller, at least with the examples we have seen. When changing to 10% most images will be 6 times smaller. It’s recommended to try out some different settings to see what level of lossiness fits your use-case.

    How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or pngExample of lossy compression using WebP, with the original image to the left at 6.44 MB and an image with 10% quality to the right at 0.95 MB.

    В разделе Opportunities (Возможности) отчета Lighthouse перечислены все изображения в более старых форматах и показана потенциальная экономия, полученная при использовании AVIF-версий этих изображений. How to save google’s webp images as jpeg or png

    Зачем использовать изображения в формате WebP #

    AVIF и WebP — это форматы изображений, которые обладают превосходными характеристиками сжатия и качества по сравнению со своими более старыми аналогами JPEG и PNG. Если использовать для кодирования изображений новые форматы, а не JPEG или PNG, это приведет к тому, что изображения будут загружаться быстрее и потреблять меньше мобильного трафика.

    AVIF поддерживается в Chrome, Firefox и Opera и обеспечивает меньший размер файлов по сравнению с другими форматами при одинаковых настройках качества. Подробнее об AVIF см. Codelab по использованию изображений в формате AVIF.

    Формат WebP поддерживается в последних версиях Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge и Opera и обеспечивает лучшее сжатие с потерями и без потерь для изображений в Интернете. Подробнее о WebP см. в статье «Новый формат изображений для Интернета».


    Как Lighthouse рассчитывает потенциальную экономию #

    Lighthouse собирает каждое изображение BMP, JPEG и PNG на странице, а затем конвертирует их в WebP, сообщая о потенциальной экономии на основе коэффициентов конвертации.

    Совместимость с браузером #

    Не все браузеры поддерживают WebP, но аналогичная возможность экономии доступна в большинстве основных браузеров при использовании альтернативного формата нового поколения. Для браузеров, где поддержка ещё не реализована, рекомендуется использовать резервные изображение PNG или JPEG. См. материал «Как определить, поддерживает ли браузер WebP?», чтобы ознакомиться с альтернативными методами. См. также приведенный ниже список поддержки браузерами форматов изображений.

    Чтобы узнать о текущей поддержке браузерами каждого формата нового поколения, перейдите по приведенным ниже ссылкам.

    • AVIF
    • WebP

    Рекомендации по стекам #

    Рассмотрите возможность отображения всех amp-img в формате WebP, указав соответствующий резервный вариант для других браузеров.

    Drupal #

    Рассмотрите возможность установки и настройки модуля для использования форматов изображений WebP на вашем сайте. Такие модули автоматически генерируют WebP-версию загруженных изображений для оптимизации времени загрузки.

    Joomla #

    Подумайте об использовании плагина или сервиса, который автоматически конвертирует загруженные вами изображения в оптимальные форматы.

    Magento #

    Рассмотрите возможность поиска на Magento Marketplace различных сторонних расширений, чтобы использовать новые форматы изображений.

    WordPress #

    Подумайте об использовании плагина или сервиса, который автоматически конвертирует загруженные вами изображения в оптимальные форматы.