How to send gifs in imessage

Have you heard of GIFs? A GIF (graphics interchange format) is an animated image. They’re very popular online right now, and you may have seen them posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Apple introduced a new feature to iMessage that allows you to search for and send GIFs along with your messages from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to search for and send GIFS using iMessage.

To send a GIF with iMessage’s built-in GIF search:

1. Open the messages app on your device.

Tap the Messages icon to access all of your messages.

2. Start a new conversation.

Tap this icon in the top right corner of your screen to open a new conversation. Then type in the phone number, email address, or name of the person you want to send a message to.

How to send gifs in imessage

3. Tap the Grey Arrow button to access attachment options.

You’ll see a grey button with an arrow on it above your keyboard. Tap this button to view attachment options.

How to send gifs in imessage

4. Tap the Multimedia icon to access the GIF search feature.

Tap this icon to open the built-in GIF searching feature.

5. In the search bar, type in a keyword or theme of what you want to send.

Tap the search bar and type in something you’d like to find a GIF of.

6. Choose a GIF and tap the blue arrow to send it.

Tap a GIF you like to attach it to your message. When you’re ready, tap the blue arrow button above your keyboard to send it.

You can also find GIFs online on various websites that may not appear in iMessage’s built-in GIF feature. Now, we’ll show you how you can send GIFs from other websites to your friends.

To send a GIF from the Internet:

1. Open your device’s browser.

Tap the Safari icon to access your web browser.

2. Browse the Internet for GIFs. You can use a search engine or browse a GIF site.

Use a search engine and type in what you’re looking for, or check out a GIF website to find a GIF you’d like to share with your friends. Check out our list of GIF websites below to find some ideas.

3. Save one to your device.

Hold your finger over a GIF you find online to reveal a “Save” button. Tap Save to save the GIF to your device’s camera roll.

4. Open iMessage.

Tap the Messages icon to access your messages.

5. Open a conversation.

Tap the conversation with the person you’d like to send a GIF message to.

6. Tap the right arrow to add an attachment.

Beside the text box, you’ll see this icon. Tap it to add an attachment to your message.

How to send gifs in imessage

7. Tap the Camera button.

Tap the Camera button to access your device’s camera roll.

8. Tap the GIF on your screen.

Select the GIF you’d like to send. Tap it to attach it to your message.

9. Send it off.

Tap the blue arrow button to send the GIF to your friend.

That’s all you need to do to send a GIF with iMessage. If you’re looking for GIF websites to browse online, here are 5 great GIF websites to check out.

5 great GIF websites:


GIPHY is a GIF database website where you can find tons of fun animated images. It has millions of users and allows you to search for, save, and share GIFs. It’s also free to use! is an awesome site because you can browse GIFS or make your own. You can upload an image or video, or import media from a website or YouTube video. Whether you create your own or find one created by someone else, you can then save it to your device or share them with your friends.


Reddit is a site that allows users to submit all kinds of content – news articles, images, videos, and more. As you can imagine, there is a TON of content to be found on Reddit. Their site has an awesome GIF section where you can find GIFs submitted by Reddit users. You can search for specific topics or themes, or browse the main GIF page to see popular ones.

Reaction GIFs

Reaction GIFs is a website that provides GIFs you can use to respond to something someone has said to you. If you’re looking for a site that will give you great GIFs to send in response to messages from your friends, this could be the one for you!

What Should We Call Me

This web page is actually a Tumblr feed that’s full of GIFs with funny captions. These GIFs frequently reference movies and TV shows, so if you’re into that kind of thing, you should definitely check out What Should We Call Me.

Those are all the steps to sending a GIF through iMessage. Check out our other iMessage tutorials to learn what else you can do with the app.

February 22, 2018, 3:00pm EDT

How to send gifs in imessage

You’ve always been able to send static images to other people through iMessage, but you might not have known that you can also send animated GIFs as well.

There are a few ways you can do this. The easiest way is to use the built-in “#images” iMessage app, which lets you search through all sorts of GIFs and send them quickly and easily. You can also share GIFs from other apps and send them through iMessage that way. We’ll show you how to do both.

The Easy Way: #images

The built-in iMessage app called “#images” is perhaps the best way to send GIFs to your friends and family, since it’s easy to access and easy to search through to find the right GIF.

To get started, open up the Messages app on your iPhone and select the contact that you want to send the GIF to.

How to send gifs in imessage

At the bottom, you’ll see your iMessage apps all lined up. Look for the red icon with a magnifying glass and tap on it when you see it. You may need to scroll through the apps before you find it.

How to send gifs in imessage

After you select it, a small section will pop up from the bottom, displaying a handful of animated GIFs. From there, you can scroll through the endless list of random GIFs, or tap on the search box (where it says “Find images”) and type in a keyword relating to the type of GIF you want.

How to send gifs in imessage

Type in a keyword and tap “Search”.

How to send gifs in imessage

A list of animated GIFs will appear that relate to your keyword search. Tap on a GIF when you find one you like.

How to send gifs in imessage

After you tap on the GIF, it will appear in the iMessage text box ready for you to send. You can send just the GIF, or you can also tack on a message to send along with the GIF.

How to send gifs in imessage

Once you’re done sending GIFs, you can exit out of the #images iMessage app and go back to the keyboard by tapping in the iMessage text box.

How to send gifs in imessage

Sharing GIFs From Other Apps

If the #images iMessage app doesn’t have the exact GIF you’re looking for, you can instead open up your own app of choice and search for a GIF there.

We won’t go into detail on all the cool places on the internet where you can find GIFs, but I’ll be using Giphy’s website to find a GIF and use it as an example for this tutorial.

How to send gifs in imessage

Once you find the GIF you want, go ahead and tap on it to open it. From there, tap and hold on the GIF image and hit “Copy”.

How to send gifs in imessage

Go into iMessage and select a conversation thread of the person you want to send the GIF to. Tap on the text box once to bring up the keyboard and then tap on it again to bring up the “Paste” prompt. Tap it when it appears.

How to send gifs in imessage

The GIF image will paste itself inside the text box. Hit the Send button when you’re ready.

How to send gifs in imessage

Keep in mind that some GIF websites and apps won’t let you paste the actual image into iMessage, Imgur being a big example—you’ll only be able to paste in a link that takes you to Imgur’s website (or app) to view the GIF.

However, if the link ends with “.gif”, iMessage will show the GIF image within iMessage (as shown below). Otherwise, it will just show a link that you’ll have to tap to open. If you’re sending the GIF link to an Android user, they’ll be out of luck either way, as it will just show a link to the GIF no matter what.

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January 30, 2020

How to send gifs in imessage

When you’re talking to someone via texts, sometimes it can get really hard to communicate your emotions. And there is nothing more frustrating. But thank god for the internet! It has a solution for everything. Did you know you can send GIFs in iMessage? GIFs are a really cool way of expressing yourself. These animated images have been on the WWW for decades, partly due to their wide support, and wide availability of options, but also because they are so much fun!

You can send GIFs in iMessage directly from your message text box or you also have the option of sending them from other apps. We’ll discuss both methods here.

  • Sending GIFs using iMessage built-in app
  • Sending GIFs from Other Apps

Sending GIFs using iMessage built-in app

iMessage has a built-in app namely “#images” that lets you send GIFs easily to people. To send a GIF, first open the Messages app on your iPhone from the home screen, then open the conversation thread for the person whom you want to send the GIF to.

At the bottom of the screen, below your text box, you will find all of your iMessage apps lined together. Click on the red icon with a little magnifying glass with a hashtag in it. You might have to scroll through your apps to find the said “#images” icon.

Once you click on it, a small section showing a few GIFs will pop-up from the bottom. You can swipe it up to make it appear on the full-screen, or you can use it as it is. You can now scroll through thousands of GIFs at your disposal, or you can click on the search bar displaying the text ‘Find images’ and type in the exact keyword related to the GIF you want to send.

Once you type in the keyword and tap search on the keyboard, dozens of GIFs will appear in a grid pattern.

Tap the GIF you want to share. It will appear in your iMessage text box from where you can send it with the blue ⬆️ arrow icon. It might take a second to load, so just be patient. You can also add a comment with the GIF before sending it.

💡 Tip
If you want to see the enlarged GIF before sending it, hold down the GIF for a couple of seconds and it will show a full preview of the GIF. Tap on the blue arrow next to it if you like it, and it will appear in your text box, ready to be sent.

Sending GIFs from Other Apps

If you couldn’t find your intended GIF in the #images iMessage app, or you simply came across a GIF on the internet that you want to share with someone, you can use this option.

In Safari, if you find a GIF image on a website like and you want to use it, then tap and hold your finger over the GIF and select Copy from pop-up menu.

After copying the GIF to your iPhone’s clipboard, open the iMessage conversation to which you want to share the copied GIF, then either tap once inside the typing box or tap and hold until you see the tool-tip menu with option to paste the copied GIF.

Tap Paste and the copied GIF image will be ready to share. Add a comment if you wish, and hit the send button on the right.

How to send gifs in imessage

There are plenty more ways to share GIFs in iMessage on iPhone. You could even use the Gboard keyboard by Google to search for GIFs directly from the keyboard itself without using any app.

Have you ever tried to send GIFs in iMessage? Do you want to make some fun with your friends with GIFs? The recent updates from Apple let you send GIFs in iMessage. The iOS default keyboard supports to search and send GIFs direct on iMessage with the default keyboard. Well, Google Keyboard also supports to send GIFs direct from iMessage without using any search engine.

Without further ado, let’s find how to send GIFs in iMessage direct from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Send GIFs in iMessage Using iOS Keyboard

The iOS Keyboard is coming with the iPhone by default. You don’t need to make any extra settings on your iPhone. This GIF keyboard feature is built-in to the Messages app from iOS 10 or later. Now let’s see how to send GIF using iOS Keyboard.

How to send gifs in imessage

    1. Tap Messages.
    2. Tap on the chat to whom you would like to send GIF.
      • You will see a list of icons on the bottom of your screen.
    3. Go ahead and tap on the Red icon with a magnifying glass.
    4. Tap the GIF you would like to send.
    5. Type the keyword on the text box with the Search icon.
      • If you are looking for a GIF to convey a special message like “Happy Birthday” or something like that, then just n.
    6. Tap Send.

If you would like to add any comment for the GIF, then you can do that before tapping the send icon. That’s it. It’s pretty straightforward to send GIFs using the native iOS keyboard.

How to Send GIFs in iMessage Using GBoard

GBoard is a famous KeyBoard application from Google for Android and iPhone. Many users prefer using GBoard as the default keyboard on their iPhones, as it offers a lot of cool features. In addition to GIF, Google integrated search feature and other functionalities into GBorad. You can download GBoard from iTunes store. If you are one among them, then you can send GIFs in iMessage by following the below steps.

How to send gifs in imessage

    1. Tap Messages.
    2. Now, Tap on the contact to whom you need to send the GIF.
    3. Tap Globe icon to choose Gboard.
      • If Gboard is not your default keyboard, otherwise, you can skip this step.
    4. Tap on the text box.
    5. Tap on the Smiley icon located at the bottom.
    6. Now, tap GIF icon.
    7. Tap Copy to copy the image.
    8. Just tap on the GIF you like.
      • Here, you will see hundreds of GIF images listed under various titles like #DANCE, #MISS YOU, TRENDING, and more. If you would like to send special messages like “Happy Anniversary”, then you can get the related GIF by using the Search icon.
    9. Tap and hold the text bar to paste the selected GIF.

Even though you will find the above method a bit time consuming, the GBoard GIF library offers a lot of images and GIFs compared with the iOS GIF library.

How to Send GIFs in iMessage Using Third-Party Apps

Do you want to explore more fun and collection of GIFs? There are dedicated GIF app or keyboard on your iPhone to install. In this example, we are using a GIF keyboard named Gfycat which can be downloaded from iTunes. Gfycat is a free app for creating and sharing GIFs via iMessage, WhatsApp and other apps installed on your iPhone. In addition to the thousands of GIF images on its library, Gfycat also allows you to create your own GIF images.

Standalone App

You can either use Gfycat as a standalone app or add that as a new keyboard for your iPhone. First, let’s see how to use Gfycat as a standalone app.

How to send gifs in imessage

    1. Launch Gfycat.
    2. See the trending GIFs from the main screen.
    3. Next, tap iMessage icon located on the bottom of the screen.
    4. Then, tap the contact to whom you would like to send GIF.

In addition to the trending GIFs, you will find two more GIF categories: Gaming (Gaming controller icon), Reactions (Smiley icon) located on the bottom of the screen. Below every GIF, you will find two icons: Heart, Arrow. Go ahead and tap the Blue Arrow icon.

Add as Keyboard

You don’t need to open the app all the time for sending the GIFs. You can use Gfycat as a Keyboard on iPhone or iPad. Let’s see how to add Gfycat as a keyboard in iPhone to send GIF in iMessage.

  1. Navigate to Settings->General.
  2. Tap Keyboard->Keyboards.
  3. Next, tap Add New Keyboard.
  4. Scroll down to find Gfycat under THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS.
  5. Tap Gfycat.
  6. Now, Gfycat is added as a keyboard on your iPhone. On iMessage, just tap the Globe icon to select Gycat keyboard for sending GIFs.

How to send gifs in imessage

In addition to the thousands of images, Gfycat also allows you to create GIFs by using the images captured with your camera.

Best GIF Apps for iPhone

Gfycat support to send GIFs in iMessage. However, there are more third-party apps supports to send GIFs. If you are looking for dedicated apps for sending GIFs, try out the below-listed apps on AppStore.

GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard is one of the top-rated apps on iTunes developed by Tenor Inc. As it can be added as a keyboard on your iPhone, it allows you to send GIFs from a lot of apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. GIF Keyboard also allows you to create stickers and your own GIF images. The good thing about this app is that it regularly updates its library with new GIF images.


GIPHY claims that it has the largest collection of GIFs and stickers in the world. Like, GIF Keyboard, GIPHY is also quite popular among the iOS users. It allows the users to create their own stickers and GIF images by using the images stored on their phone gallery. As it can be integrated as a keyboard on the iPhone, it allows you to send GIFs from most of the messaging apps (including iMessage) installed on your iPhone.

Apple regularly adds new features to the iMessage app that includes GIF images. You might have already tried sending text, photos, or documents via iMessage. The iOS Keyboard offers enough GIFs to send from the iPhone. However, if you are looking for more images, and other Keyboard features, we would recommend using Gborad.

People are enjoying GIFs, they are more active and bring more fun while chatting. GIFs can convey your emotion or mood in a better way than a plain text message or a smiley. Also, it helps to save your time as you don’t need to spend your time to type lengthy messages. Instead, you can select a relevant GIF and send that instantly to your loved ones.

No more will you need to install buggy third party keyboards or use spammy GIF apps filled with ads. For the new Messages app in iOS 10 has added a native GIF search feature!

Using the feature, you’ll be able to search for images and GIFs right inside the Messages app, and send it along in just a tap. Here’s how it works.

How To Send GIFs in Messages App

Open the Messages app and go to the conversation where you want to share the GIF.

Step 1: Tap on the “Right arrow” button next to the “iMessage” field.

Step 2: Now, select the “Apps” icon.

Step 3: You’ll now see iMessages apps replace the keyboard. Each app runs in this view. You swipe left/right to switch between apps. You’ll see the dots in the bottom, they show which app you’re in.

For me, the “#images” app was on the last page.

To quickly switch between the apps, tap the “Grid” icon in the bottom-left, highlighted in the screenshot below.

Step 4: Then tap “#images“.

You’ll now see a grid of the most popular GIFs, images and videos. Mostly, it’s just GIFs.

You can swipe up to view more GIFs.

Step 5: You can tap on “Find images and videos” to search for a specific GIFs. Apple’s collection is pretty good – I was able to find lots and lots of cool Mad Men GIFs, as it should be.

When you tap the search, you’ll go full screen.

You can also go full screen by tapping the “up arrow” button in bottom-right.

Step 6: When you find a GIF you like, tap on it and it will be added to the text field. Write a message here if you want and the tap the blue “up” arrow button to send it along.

Your Favorite GIF Apps?

I really like using Gboard for quickly searching and sending GIFs and Emojis. This feature is great, but it’s limited to the Messages app. So when it comes to other apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, what kind of app do you use for sending GIFs? Share with us in the comments below.

Amuse and delight your friends by sending out animated GIFs of kittens, babies, celebrities etc from the Messages app on your iPhone

By David Price, Editor | 04 Dec 17

How to send gifs in imessage

It’s easy to send animated GIFs from your iPhone using the Messages app, using the built-in app drawer added in iOS 11. In this tutorial we show how to make use of this feature, and amuse and delight your friends with yawning babies, dancing Pokemon, Taylor Swift doing thumbs up, etc.

(It’s also pretty easy to send GIFs over WhatsApp, if that’s more your thing, or convert Live Photos into GIFs.)

Sending GIFs from Messages’ built-in selection

Open the Messages app, and either tap the compose icon (a pen in a square) to create a new message or open an existing conversation. Unlike many of the newer features in this app, GIF support is not limited to iMessage conversations with other iOS users; it works in conventional texts too.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see two icons to the left of the message body field (a camera and the capital A for Messages’ App Store), and if it’s an iMessage a microphone to the right so you can record voice messages. Tap the App Store ‘A’ and a row of new icons will appear below. The icons that appear will vary depending on which compatible apps you’ve got on your phone.

How to send gifs in imessage

Tap the red magnifying glass icon. (If you tap and hold it you’ll see that it’s labelled #images.) Tap the upward-pointing chevron to slide out the drawer to fullscreen; you can swipe up to scroll through more GIFs. Tap the ‘Find images’ field at the top to search for something specific.

How to send gifs in imessage

Once you’ve found a GIF you like, tap it and after a short pause it will be dropped into a message. (If you’re not quite sure, you can tap and hold the GIF instead, to see it blown up to full size; tap it again to go back to the previous page, or tap the arrow to add it to your message.)

Add any text you want, then tap the send arrow. If you change your mind, tap the X at the top-right of the GIF to remove it.

How to send gifs in imessage

Sending your own GIFs

We’ve shown how to access the built-in selection of GIFs you can find in Messages. But it’s also possible to make your own custom GIFs, based on Live Photos, YouTube videos and more. We have separate articles showing how to make GIFs on Mac, and how to make GIFs on an iPhone. You can find and save GIFs online; and don’t forget that if someone sends a GIF to you, you can tap and hold to save that to your Photos app.

As part of the iOS 11 update, Apple added a new Animated folder to Photos, and this is where any GIFs you save will be stored. So to add one of your GIFs to a iMessage or text in the Messages app, you simply have to tap the camera icon, then tap Photos, and find the Animated folder. Tap the GIF you want to send, then confirm by tapping Choose, and it will be dropped into a message ready for sending.

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Author: David Price, Editor

How to send gifs in imessage

David has loved the iPhone since covering the original 2007 launch; later his obsession expanded to include iPad and Apple Watch. He offers advice to owners (and prospective owners) of these devices.

Make your iMessages even more expressive with Memoji sticker effects, bubble effects, full-screen animations, camera effects, and more.

You need iMessage to send message effects. Learn the difference between iMessage and SMS/MMS texts. Depending on your carrier, messaging rates might apply when you send SMS/MMS. If you use iMessage and Wi-Fi is unavailable, cellular data rates might apply.

Send a message with effects

With message effects, you can use bubble effects to change the way your message bubbles look, or use full-screen effects to animate the screen. You can even add a Memoji sticker with bubble effects or full-screen effects.

How to send gifs in imessage

Add a bubble effect

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to start a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Enter your message or insert a photo, then touch and hold the Send button .
  3. Tap the gray dot to preview bubble effects.
  4. Tap the Send button .

To replay a message effect that you receive, tap the Replay button under the message. If you can’t receive bubble effects, check your Reduce Motion settings.

How to send gifs in imessage

Add a full-screen effect

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to start a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Enter your message.
  3. Touch and hold the Send button , then tap Screen.
  4. Swipe to the left to see full-screen effects.
  5. Tap the Send button .

To replay a message effect that you receive, tap the Replay button under the message. If you can’t receive full-screen effects, check your Reduce Motion settings.

How to send gifs in imessage

Send a message with Camera Effects

With Camera Effects in iOS 12 and later, and iPadOS, you can liven up your conversations even more. Quickly create and share a photo or video with Memoji, filters, text, fun stickers, and more. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to create a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. Tap the Camera button .
  3. Tap the Effects button , then select one of the effects, like Memoji* or an iMessage app. You can add more than one effect to a photo or video.
  4. After you select the effect that you want to use, tap Done.
  5. Tap the Send button or tap Done to add a personal message. If you don’t want to send the photo, tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the photo.

How to send gifs in imessage

Respond to a message with expressions

With Tapback, you can quickly reply to messages with expressions, like a thumbs up or a heart. Here’s how:

  1. Open a conversation in Messages.
  2. Double-tap the message bubble or photo that you want to respond to.
  3. Select the Tapback that you want to send.

You can also use Tapback in group messages. To see who replied with a Tapback, tap it.

How to send gifs in imessage

Send a handwritten message

You can personalize your messages by adding a note in your own handwriting. Your friends and family will see the message animate, as if it were being written in front of them. To send a handwritten note, follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to start a new message. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. If you have an iPhone, turn it sideways and tap on the keyboard. On an iPad, there’s no need to turn it sideways, just tap on the keyboard.
  3. Write your message or select one of the options at the bottom of the screen.
  4. If you need to start over, tap Undo or Clear. When you’re finished, tap Done. Then tap the Send button .

How to send gifs in imessage

GIFs are a great way to use visuals to enhance your text conversations, and using isn’t hard once you know how to text a GIF. Animated GIFs add an entertaining or humorous element to an otherwise text-heavy message. Since around 65 percent of people are visual learners , and most people respond to images rather than blocks of text, using a GIF can be a great way to enhance your message.

Read below to learn everything there is to know about GIFs, from how to pronounce the word, to how to text a GIF and even how to make your own.

How to text a GIF

Here’s your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about GIFs.

What is a GIF?

A GIF is technically defined as Graphics Interchange Format, which is a category of image file commonly used for images with a lower resolution. The standard GIF is a smaller file size, therefore has a limited range of colors compared to other file types like a JPEG, which is typically used for higher resolution pictures. GIFs can stand alone as an image, or a string of multiple images can be made into a short video, or animated GIF. Both have the ability to be added to Powerpoints, texted or sent via email. You can even send GIFs to large groups of people at once through mass texting.

How do you pronounce GIF?

Before we dive in, let’s go over how to pronounce the word GIF. There are two competing schools of thought when it comes to the pronunciation of GIF. Some people pronounce GIF as “jiff,” with a hard J and others say “giff,” with a hard G at the beginning. So which is it? According to the creator of GIF, the correct pronunciation is “jiff,” but both are acceptable. Just as the word “tomato” is pronounced two different ways, both are typically acceptable. The same is true of the word GIF.

How to text a GIF

Texting a GIF is actually quite simple, and built into the texting function on your smartphone. There are numerous ways to go about texting a GIF. Apps like GIPHY offer a large variety of animated content from culturally relevant GIFs that are divided by categorical emotion or keyword. If you haven’t sent a GIF before, you’ll likely be surprised by the sheer quantity available. Still having trouble finding the right one? You can always make your own.

How to send a GIF in a text: Android

There are differences in how an Android and an iPhone function, but they are usually subtle. The following steps detail how to send a GIF through text message on Android:

Step 1 : Open your messages to draft a new text

Step 2 : Hit the smiley face, and look past the various emojis to the “GIF” option on the bottom right of the screen

Step 3 : Touch the “GIF” button and browse the various GIFs. You can use the search box to optimize your options

Step 4 : Select a GIF by touching it and then tap send to complete the process

How to send a GIF in a text: iPhone

To send a GIF using iMessage, the steps are relatively similar to that of Android. The app used on iPhone for GIFs is called #images, which is a little hot pink circle with a magnifying glass inside. The following steps detail how to send a GIF through text using iMessage:

Step 1 : Open your messages to draft a new text

Step 2 : Tap on the hot pink magnifying glass, usually right next to the iTunes logo

Step 3 : Scroll through the available options, or search for your own using the search bar at the top of the first row of GIFs

Step 4 : Select a GIF by touching it and preview before sending. If you don’t like the selected GIF, you can press the small “X” in the top right corner and select a different one

How to send a GIF in a mass text message

If you’re sending mass text messages for your business you might want to send a GIF to help convey your personality and get a stronger message across to your customers. It’s really easy to text a GIF in an MMS message. Here’s how:

Step 1 : Create a new campaign from your SlickText platform and select the camera icon underneath the message box when you’re composing your text.

Step 2 : From your files, select a GIF.

Step 3 : Send or schedule your message. You can even set up your GIF to send automatically based on different actions your customers take.

As you can see, it’s very simple to send a GIF to groups of any size. Keep in mind the maximum file size for a GIF sent through the SlickText platform is 490 KB.

How to make your own GIF

Do you want to make your own GIF? There are many different websites that you can use to make your own GIFs, but some will add their logo to the bottom or cost money. If you’re looking to create your own GIF for free, some good options include GIFMaker , MakeaGIF or IMGUR . You can also make a GIF in Photoshop if you’re already used to that software. All of these online services give users the option to grab snippets of preexisting YouTube videos or to upload original visuals for a personalized result.

Here is a helpful YouTube video for the best way to make your own GIF.

What is the difference between an animated GIF and a single image GIF?

This article focuses on animated GIFs, which are usually a series of images or short video clips. Animated GIFs aren’t to be confused with a single file GIF, which is similar to a JPEG or a PNG. An animated GIF has been put together to feature numerous frames rather than just one, which is why it has movement opposed to being a still image.

Are there advantages to texting a GIF vs video?

GIFs are useful when it comes to sending a text because they aren’t limited to what is already in your camera roll. GIFs also typically take up less phone storage than regular videos. If you’re in a business like ecommerce marketing, texting GIFs can also help you establish a more personal connection with your customers. There is a time and place to use both GIFs and regular videos. You might want to use a video from your regular camera roll to share video content that you took yourself, and it can be nice to use a GIF for a niche pop culture reference.

A GIF says 1,000 words

We all know that images have the ability to enhance communication. GIFs are a fun way to spice up your texts, whether you’re using one to make someone laugh, convey a strong emotion or simply include a cute clip of a dog in a conversation. Now that you know how to send a GIF through text, you can take your mass text messages to the next level.

Happy iOS update announcement day! Apple revealed on Sept. 7 that the highly-anticipated iOS 10 will launch on Sept. 13, and you’re probably wondering where to start exploring. Might I suggest iMessage’s new GIF feature? If you’re wondering how to send GIFs on iOS 10, then look no further, because I’ve got your back. While there are tons of updates and added features that will seriously enhance your iPhone experience, this one in particular is one you’ll want to master right from the get-go.

In the dark ages of yesterday’s past, if you wanted to send a GIF in a text message, you had to either get it from your saved camera roll, or you had to exit the text message, open up Safari, search for a GIF, save it, and THEN go all the way back to your text message to include it. But the folks over at Apple know how much we like our GIFs and how impatient we are, so they decided to make things easier for us, like the kind, majestic people that they are.

Now when you want to send a GIF to start a conversation, to drop the mic in a group chat, or to say “u up?” without actually saying it, you can do so from the luxury of your iMessage tab. Here’s what you do:

Squeal With Excitement

GIFs are finally being treated like the Millennial conversation staples that they are. Now you can use them with great ease!

Open A Text Message

Yes, just head to your “Compose A Text” as you typically would. The whole awesome point is that this GIF system is built-in to the system we already know and love.

Click the “A” On The Top Of The Keyboard

The icon closest to the text box is where you’re going to find media beyond your camera roll.

Scroll Past The Music

Music is another option — you can now send songs directly through text messages (woot!). But that’s not what we’re here for. Swipe once to the left, and you’ll be in the GIF library instead.

Welcome To GIFs

You’re now here, in the land of GIFs — get excited.

Search For A GIF

Here you can type in phrases, adjectives, emotions, what have you. Search through this bottomless GIF library until you find what you’re looking for, just like you would on a Google search.

Pick The Winner

There will be tons of options for each search. Scroll through until you find the one that best illustrates your feelings.

And Hit Send

Yes, it’s seriously this easy. It sends instantly from the library.

Now Tell Yourself You’re A Comedic Genius

Yes, take all the credit. This was your creative curation and you deserve all the praise to yourself, from yourself.

And that’s how you send a GIF! If you’re not seeing the GIF option right away, make sure you’ve downloaded the new operating system. You should be prompted right as it becomes available, but just in case you’ve missed it, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Software Update,” where the option should be available to you. Once it’s updated, you can GIF away!

Images: Kaitlyn Wylde/Bustle; Elena Litsova Photography/Moment/Getty Images