How to set up your own discord chat server

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How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord is an excellent, free chat application that was built for gamers, but is useful for anyone. It comes with Slack-style text chat, group voice chat channels, and plenty of tools to manage your users. It’s a great tool for getting a community together or talking with friends while you play games. Here’s how to set up your own server.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a lot like Slack with some extra features that are designed to help gamers…but honestly, it’s a great chat program all around. Regular text chat channels work a lot like classic IRC-style chat rooms. Anyone (with permission) can enter a room and talk or use slash commands. Discord also offers voice channels that members of the server can drop into to talk with other members using a headset. So, for example, you could set up a server for your gaming buddies, then create a voice chat channel for Overwatch, Destiny, and Minecraft. Hop in the appropriate channel, and you can talk with anyone playing that game without disturbing your friends who are in a different game. No worrying about invites or creating a new group chat every single time you play.

Currently, it’s free to set up a Discord server and there are no limits to the number of users, channels, or even servers you can create. (Discord has information on how it makes money here.) There are already thousands of existing Discord servers for all kinds of communities and groups that you can browse here (note: some may be NSFW). Whether you want a place for your friends to chat while playing Overwatch, or if you want to build a community of thousands of people around your hobby of extreme ironing, you can create a server for your needs.

How to Create a Discord Server

We’ll be demonstrating on the desktop version of the Discord app, but the steps should be largely the same on mobile as well. To create your own server, open the Discord app (if you don’t have it, download it here) and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then, click the plus icon in a circle in the server selection column on the left side of the screen.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Click “Create a Server” on the left.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Give your server a name under Server Name.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Optionally, click the circle on the right to upload a thumbnail picture to represent your server. If you join several servers, this will be the primary way you distinguish between them, so pick something unique that identifies your server at a glance.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Once you’ve made all your decisions, click Create at the bottom of the window.

How to set up your own discord chat server

That’s all it takes! Just a few short clicks and you have your very own Discord server.

Now that you’ve created your server, you’ll want to make it feel like home. Start by inviting friends to join you. Hover over any text or voice channel and click the Create Instant Invite icon.

How to set up your own discord chat server

In the window that pops up, you’ll get a temporary invitation link. Copy this and share it to anyone you want to add to your server. If they don’t already have a Discord account, they’ll be prompted to create one when they sign up. By default, these invitations will expire after one day. If you click the gear icon, you can change how long until they expire, and even limit how many users can use a link.

How to set up your own discord chat server

You can also add all the text and voice chat channels you need by clicking the plus sign next to each section in the channels column on the left hand side of the app.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord has a lot more to offer than we can cover in a single article, but with your own server you’re ready to start chatting with your team wherever and however works best for you.

  • You can make a Discord server by selecting the plus sign in the sidebar on the app’s dashboard.
  • Once you make your Discord server, you can invite any number of people, create new channels, designate roles, and more.
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Discord is a popular group-chatting app that, while originally made for gaming, has blown up since its 2015 launch.

Now all kinds of people have flocked to the platform to build group chats centered on politics, movies, writing, and every other community under the sun.

If you want to build your own community, or just make a chatroom for your friends, setting up your own Discord server is easy. No matter how you use the app — on desktop, in a browser, or on a smartphone — it’ll only take a minute.

And once you’ve made your own server, you can invite your friends, create different channels for different topics, and designate roles — for example, you can make some people chat moderators.

There are dozens of more granular changes you can make to the server, but we’ll stick to the basics here.

How to make a Discord server

Discord servers are just big chatrooms and once you’ve downloaded the app onto your iOS or Android phone or your desktop, they’re completely free to make.

And unlike other apps that let you host servers, once you’ve made the server, you don’t need to worry about keeping your internet active — Discord the company will take over on that end.

1. Open Discord and look to the sidebar on the left side of the app — if you’re on mobile, you might need to swipe your finger to the right to find it.

2. Click or tap the green plus sign at the very bottom of the sidebar, below your other servers.

3. Here, you’ll have a number of options. You can tap “Create My Own” to make a new server with no premade channels or roles, or select one of the offered templates. Each template is pretty similar, and they all come with at least one channel already set up.

For this tutorial, we’ll start with a blank “Create My Own” server.

4. If you’re on mobile, decide whether it’s for if it’s for a club or community, or just for your friends. You can also skip this question if you’re not sure or don’t care.

5. Give your server a name and picture. They don’t have to be unique, so don’t worry about your great server idea being taken.

Once you’ve made your server, don’t worry about being attached to it forever — you can delete a server at any time, although you might need to check in with the other members first.

How to invite friends to your Discord server

A chat room isn’t much fun without someone to talk to. Luckily, once the server is made, you can start adding people to it.

1. Click “Invite your friends.” If you’re on mobile, tap “Set up your server” first, and then “Invite your friends.”

2. A new window will open. At the bottom (desktop) or top (mobile) of this window will be a link you can send people, which they can click to enter your server. You’ll also be shown a list of everyone on your Friends List — click “Invite” next to someone’s name to send them the link immediately.

3. By default, this invite link will only last for a day — after that point, you’ll need to generate a new link. If you want to set the link to never expire, or put a limit on how many people can use it to join the server, click “Edit Invite Link” (desktop) or tap the gear icon next to it (mobile).

How to create channels in a Discord server

Discord servers are built to hold “Channels,” which is where the conversations happen. Channels are usually separated by topic to avoid clogging up the chatroom. And there are two types of channels: text channels and voice channels.

By default, your server will have at least one channel, probably called “General.” To make new ones:

1. Click or tap the small plus button in the left-hand toolbar, next to “Text channel” or “Voice channel” to create a channel. Text channels let you type and send files (images, videos, etc.), while voice channels let you talk or stream video.

2. Give your channel a name. If you’re on mobile, you can also choose here to make it private — this means that only you and the specific people you select can see it.

3. To further customize your channel, click the gear icon next to the channel’s name. If you’re on mobile, you’ll have to open the channel, swipe to the left to open the right-hand sidebar, and then tap the gear icon in the top-right.

4. In these menus, you can edit the channel’s name, “topic,” permissions, and more. You can also click or tap the red “Delete” channel option to get rid of the channel and erase all of the messages inside.

5. If you want to edit your server’s channel categories — these are the headings that appear above your channels — right-click or tap and hold on the category heading, and then select “Edit Category.”

6. In the menu that opens, you can change the category’s name and edit its permissions, which is great if you have several channels that should be restricted.

7. To create a new category, click or tap the icon next to your server’s name in the left sidebar, and then select “Create Category.”

How to designate roles in your channel

If you’re trying to manage a large server, then you should have a few people who can enforce the rules. This can be done through “Roles,” which can be given to users to decide what permissions and powers they have in the server.

1. Click or tap the server’s name at the top of the left sidebar, and then tap “Server Settings” or “Settings” — it’ll have a gear icon next to it.

2. Click or tap “Roles.”

3. If you’re on desktop, click the plus button next to “Roles” in the top-left. On mobile, tap the big blue “Create a Role” button,” or tap the plus sign in the top-right.

4. Give this new role a name, and select a color for it. We’ll call this role “Admin.” You can also choose whether users with this role are displayed more prominently in the member list.

5. From here, you can choose what abilities the roles have. Head to permissions and toggle these abilities on or off.

6. When you’re done, save your changes and exit this menu.

7. To assign a member of your server this role, right-click or tap and hold on their username in your server and select a role from the menu.

This user will now have all the permissions that come with the role you created.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord is one of the most popular messaging platforms for gamers and chats lovers. Discord servers allow users to freely chat with anyone online; musicians, gamers and other individuals create their own Discord servers to bring several people together in a virtual space where they can connect and communicate seamlessly with one another.

If you are also interested in creating your own Discord servers, then you have landed just at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how you can set up your Discord chat server with relative ease. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that is more like Slack with various additional features that are particularly loved by gamers. However, it also makes a good chat and communication software for anyone. You can use Discord to communicate with other people through text messages, voice calls, and video calls.

Alongside, you can create a free server on Discord without any limitations to create or add users or channels. It is a multipurpose platform that can be used to create a server on Operating systems like Windows, MAC, Android, iOS and even Linux. You can use it directly as well from a web browser without downloading it.

Discord is user-friendly, and it can be used privately and publicly as you want it. Using Discord, you can choose:

  • Who do you add as friends, and who can add you.
  • Who can send you direct messages?
  • Who do you want to block?
  • The type of servers you want to join.
  • Select the person you want to join the servers.

How to Start with Discord and Add a Friend on an Existing Server?

  • Open the Discord application and create an account if you don’t have an account or log in with your existing application. Then click on the plus icon in a circle in the server selection column on the left side of the screen. While setting the discord account, it is advisable to use a strong password containing letters, numbers, and symbols, and also set up Two-Factor Authentication for maximum account security. Although, for the proper instructions you must check the discord guide for Authentication.
  • After login, discord will enable access to the numerous options to choose from the menu. It includes the Cog icon on the bottom left side screen, and you can change them according to your needs and includes things like privacy setting, authorized application and many more.
  • If you want to stay safe online, activate the privacy settings not to receive any inappropriate messages. You can enable the settings to block unwanted SMS.
  • Then you add the friend by using the add friend option on the home screen, but this is not useful if you don’t have many friends in the group. After login and going to the homepage, the option of friends and Add Friend will be available in the green button. Find the discord tag of your friends and add them to any existing server. Another way to add a friend on Discord is to use the add a friend option existing on the server, and it will only apply if the privacy setting of the friend is accepted.
  • You can also add friends by connecting your other accounts. For example, facebook friends list can adobe link in setting Menu options, from here you can easily sync the friends that are on Discord Server.
  • Once you’ve added friends and got all the settings tweaked nicely, it’s straightforward to start chatting. Select your friend from the chat menu and start the chat and video calling also.

Discord gives you plenty of ways to chat and communicate with your friends too. You can use simple text, emoticons and even add gifts. Discord also lets you share images, so you can send your friends screenshots of your winning games for them to admire. The best way to enjoy Discord, though, is with servers.

How to Create a Discord Server?

Discord servers are free to create, and you have the option to create your server that can be used to invite friends. To follow the discord server, you can use these steps, which is as follows.

  • Login to Discord
  • There is the green plus symbol on the left-hand side of the application and click on Create a server.
  • After creating the server, enter the Symbol (+) near the text channels and click on the track.
  • It also contains a drop-down list at the top under the server name in the settings.
  • Server settings let you do all sorts of things. From here, you can create roles for members, including setting up admin powers for trusted friends. You can also set moderation levels to stop new users from spamming text chat or sending inappropriate messages. You can even add custom emojis and create a widget for your server and can share elsewhere too.
  • Once the discord server is created, right-click in either the text channel or voice channel, click on the invite, send the request to the friend, and enjoy your chats with them.
  • You can set the expiry time, the maximum number of users, and you can select the membership options for a temporary membership or permanent membership.

Discord’s text channels are helpful for all sorts of things. You can set them up for general banter, to discuss specific games, organize gaming sessions with your friends or to share something you’ve found online.


In nutshell, Discord server is very useful and easy to create, however, it is recommended to create rules for users to restrict their behaviour. You can create a rules channel that ensures the new member’s to first read the rules before performing any action.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord – отличное бесплатное приложение для чата, созданное для геймеров, но полезное для всех. Он поставляется с текстовым чатом в стиле Slack, каналами группового голосового чата и множеством инструментов для управления вашими пользователями. Это отличный инструмент для объединения сообщества или общения с друзьями, пока вы играете в игры. Вот как настроить собственный сервер.

Что такое раздор?

Discord – это очень похоже на Slack с некоторыми дополнительными функциями, которые призваны помочь геймерам . но, честно говоря, это отличная программа для чата. Обычные каналы текстового чата очень похожи на классические чаты в стиле IRC. Любой (с разрешения) может войти в комнату и говорить или использовать команды с косой чертой. Discord также предлагает голосовые каналы, по которым участники сервера могут общаться с другими участниками с помощью гарнитуры. Так, например, вы можете настроить сервер для своих игровых друзей, а затем создать канал голосового чата для Overwatch , Судьба , а также Шахтерское ремесло . Перейдите на соответствующий канал, и вы сможете поговорить с любым, кто играет в эту игру, не мешая своим друзьям, которые находятся в другой игре. Не беспокойтесь о приглашениях или создании нового группового чата каждый раз, когда вы играете.

В настоящее время сервер Discord можно настроить бесплатно, и нет ограничений на количество пользователей, каналов или даже серверов, которые вы можете создать. (Discord содержит информацию о как здесь зарабатывают деньги .) Уже существуют тысячи серверов Discord для всех видов сообществ и групп, которые вы можете просмотреть здесь (примечание: некоторые могут быть NSFW). Хотите ли вы, чтобы ваши друзья могли поболтать во время игры Overwatch или если вы хотите создать сообщество из тысяч людей вокруг вашего увлечения экстремальным глажением, вы можете создать сервер для своих нужд.

Как создать сервер Discord

Мы будем демонстрировать это на настольной версии приложения Discord, но действия должны быть в основном такими же и на мобильных устройствах. Чтобы создать собственный сервер, откройте приложение Discord (если у вас его нет, скачать здесь ) и создайте учетную запись, если у вас ее еще нет. Затем щелкните значок плюса в кружке в столбце выбора сервера в левой части экрана.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Нажмите «Создать сервер» слева.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Дайте вашему серверу имя в поле Имя сервера.

How to set up your own discord chat server

При желании щелкните кружок справа, чтобы загрузить уменьшенное изображение, представляющее ваш сервер. Если вы присоединитесь к нескольким серверам, это будет основным способом их различения, поэтому выберите что-то уникальное, что позволяет с первого взгляда идентифицировать ваш сервер.

How to set up your own discord chat server

После того, как вы приняли все свои решения, нажмите «Создать» внизу окна.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Это все, что нужно! Всего несколько щелчков мышью – и у вас будет собственный сервер Discord.

Теперь, когда вы создали свой сервер, вам нужно, чтобы он чувствовал себя как дома. Начните с приглашения друзей присоединиться к вам. Наведите указатель мыши на любой текстовый или голосовой канал и щелкните значок «Создать мгновенное приглашение».

How to set up your own discord chat server

Во всплывающем окне вы увидите временную ссылку-приглашение. Скопируйте это и поделитесь им со всеми, кого хотите добавить на свой сервер. Если у них еще нет учетной записи Discord, им будет предложено создать ее при регистрации. По умолчанию срок действия этих приглашений истекает через день. Если вы щелкните значок шестеренки, вы можете изменить время до истечения срока их действия и даже ограничить количество пользователей, которые могут использовать ссылку.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Вы также можете добавить все необходимые каналы текстового и голосового чата, щелкнув значок плюса рядом с каждым разделом в столбце каналов в левой части приложения.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord может предложить гораздо больше, чем мы можем охватить в одной статье, но с вашим собственным сервером вы готовы начать общение со своей командой где угодно, и это лучше всего подходит для вас.

How To Set Up Your Own Discord Chat Server

How to set up your own discord chat server

Setting up a Discord server and then inviting your friends and family to join could be the perfect way to stay connected during the coming holiday season. In this tutorial, we create an account, deploy a server and client, set up various channels, and then invite people into the server to chat and share files. We also take a quick dive into the permissions system.

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Create a Discord account

We begin by visiting to create an account. Select the Login button on the top right of the site, and just below the login section, you’ll find a “Register” link. Click this, then add in your email address, a username and password. You’ll also need to add your date of birth.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Once the account is live, you’ll be prompted to make a new server.

Make a server

A “server” is simply an online space that will be connected to specific individuals, and in the case of this one, you will be the owner. A typical discord user might belong to tens or even hundreds of servers, allowing them to take part in multiple communities from one single app.

How to set up your own discord chat server

The server setup screen offers a selection of templates for common uses.

Click the “+” icon on the far left to launch the setup. There is a selection of templates, but we’re going straight for “Create My Own.” Give your server an appropriate name (remember your users may belong to lots of servers, so it’s good to be distinctive) and upload an image or icon. If you don’t do the latter, you’ll end up with a boring circle with some initials in it.

Now you’re a server administrator. Exciting-ish.

Create your community

The setup will finish with the option of inviting some users. You can invite users individually, but the quicker option is to choose the “Invite via link” option. This will give you a URL you can share with participants. If they already have Discord accounts, they’ll be added to your server, and if they don’t, they’ll first be prompted to create an account of their own. Once your users have joined, they can take part in the default channels for text and voice and also send you direct messages. The latter are accessible by looking under the Discord icon at the top of the narrow pane on the left.

Select a user from the list to see your chat history. At the top of the chat history pane, you’ll see icons to begin a voice or video call, view pinned (saved) messages or add extra participants to a group chat. Group chats retain their own history.

Download a desktop or mobile client

Discord is great in a browser, but really comes to its own when it’s running as an app. There are apps available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. Find the software in your app store or from the Discord website.

How to set up your own discord chat server

There are apps available for all the major platforms, including Linux.

We installed through Ubuntu’s Software manager, and on first run the software did a couple of updates, then requested our credentials. Once you’ve installed this software, you can accept its offer to provide desktop notifications. When you get new messages, they will appear in your notifications drawer.

Create channels

The utility of something like Discord comes from being able to move conversations into specific channels, which can be open to all or only to particular users. To set up a channel, click the “+” icon in the TEXT CHANNELS section in the pane on the left. Provide a name and then set permissions, and your channel will be available to everyone on this server.

How to set up your own discord chat server

By filtering conversations into channels, you can keep conversations going without getting lost.

You can restrict things to specific users. To do this, you first need to set up a “role,” add users to that role, then apply that role to a channel.

Managing roles and permissions

Roles are managed in the Settings. (Select the server and use the arrow next to its title to open the menu, then choose Server Settings.)

How to set up your own discord chat server

Roles allow you to keep some group conversations private.

Click Roles on the left to see your current roles – there should only be one: @everyone. Click the small “+” icon next to the Roles title and type in a new name on the right. You can then choose a highlight color for the role and set the permissions.

There are a lot of permissions, and the defaults are usually okay. However, we would recommend selecting “Manage Messages” so that other users can pin messages to channels, and “Manage Emojis” so that they can add their own custom emojis.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Each role can have a complete set of permissions that override the default.

Hit the Save button to create the role.

Next, head into the “Server Settings -> Members page,” where you’ll see a list of users. Click the “+” icon next to a name to see a list of available groups. Choose the group to assign the user. You can access all groups as an administrator.

How to set up your own discord chat server

There are a lot of options available when you’re managing a server.

Finally, go back into your new channel’s settings, click on Permissions, select the “+” icon next to ROLES/MEMBERS, and select your newly created role. To make the channel private, click on the @everyone role and turn off the “Read Messages” and “Send Messages” options. To make it invisible to non-members, scroll down the permissions for @everyone and ensure that “Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels” is in the off position.

Join more servers

When someone shares a server link with you, you can simply click it and join the server. It will appear in the list on the left.

One tip: we would definitely recommend muting general notifications using the bell icon at the top right of the interface if you join any especially large or active servers. Selecting this will mean only messages that “@” you will be sent to your notifications.

How to set up your own discord chat server

When you’re connected to a ton of communities, the mute notifications option can be a sanity-saver.

Now that you have finished setting up a Discord server, check out these bots to improve your Discord server. If you have trouble migrating your family over, Zoom and Skype are good alternatives for doing video calls, but don’t have the same channelized features, and Slack is good if you don’t want the broader community features.

Discord is an excellent, free chat application that was built for gamers, but is useful for anyone. It comes with Slack-style text chat, group voice chat channels, and plenty of tools to manage your users. It’s a great tool for getting a community together or talking with friends while you play games. Here’s how to set up your own server.


Pasi de urmat

We’ll be demonstrating on the desktop version of the Discord app, but the steps should be largely the same on mobile as well. To create your own server, open the Discord app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then, click the plus icon in a circle in the server selection column on the left side of the screen.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Click “Create a Server” on the left.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Give your server a name under Server Name.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Optionally, click the circle on the right to upload a thumbnail picture to represent your server. If you join several servers, this will be the primary way you distinguish between them, so pick something unique that identifies your server at a glance.

How to set up your own discord chat server

That’s all it takes! Just a few short clicks and you have your very own Discord server.

Now that you’ve created your server, you’ll want to make it feel like home. Start by inviting friends to join you. Hover over any text or voice channel and click the Create Instant Invite icon.

How to set up your own discord chat server

In the window that pops up, you’ll get a temporary invitation link. Copy this and share it to anyone you want to add to your server. If they don’t already have a Discord account, they’ll be prompted to create one when they sign up. By default, these invitations will expire after one day. If you click the gear icon, you can change how long until they expire, and even limit how many users can use a link.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord is an instant messaging platform for creating communities. Each community is called a Server. Servers are filled with text channels in which a user can talk to other members. A User can also communicate via video calls, text messaging, voice calls, files and media in private chat boxes or communities. Discord was initially released on May 13, 2015, as a popular group-chatting app for gamers to build communities and talk. Since its launch, it has been gaining attention from the internet. Discord has now gained 140 million users and has become more popular during the Coronavirus pandemic as people have been working, playing games online. As of now, creating a Discord server is free of cost and there is no limit on the number of users, channels or communities you can create. In this article, we demonstrate below how you can create a Discord chat server in simple steps. Why Should You Use Discord Bots List?

1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the Discord app.

Discord (Photo Credits: Discord)

2. Next step is to create an account on the Discord app.

Discord (File Photo)

3. After the successful creation of your account, click on the plus icon located towards the bottom left side of the screen.

Discord (File Photo)

4. Then tap on ‘Create My Own’. You can also create a server by choosing from provided templates that you like.

Discord (File Photo)

5. Then you will come across two options – ‘For a club or community’ and ‘For me and my friends’. Select whichever you like.

Discord (File Photo)

6. Next step is to give a name to your server, upload a profile picture, tap on ‘Create Server’ and you are good to go.

Discord (File Photo)

7. Discord will ask you to invite your friends to join and you can do the same by sending them your server’s discord link.

Discord (File Photo)

8. You can also create various text channels and voice channels by clicking on the ‘+’ icon to keep your friends entertained.

How to set up your own discord chat server

If you’re a gamer, you probably know what Discord is.

The group chat service, however, has now blown up well beyond its original purpose in the gaming world. Perhaps you’ve heard of Discord, though, and are still not quite sure what it is or what it’s for.

Look no further, Mashable will break down Discord for you right here.

What is Discord?

At its core, Discord is a web-based communication app. If you’re familiar with chat services like Slack, which many users are familiar with due to its widespread use in the business world, Discord is in the same category.

However, when Discord was first released by Jason Citron and ​​Stanislav Vishnevskiy in 2015, the app quickly became popular with gamers. Both co-founders worked within the video game industry and were looking to build a better communication tool. So, Discord finding a home amongst the type of users they had in mind made sense.

How to set up your own discord chat server

On Discord, users can participate in voice and video chats, send private text-based messages, and take part in communities, which are called “servers” on the platform.

Over the years, Discord has grown in popularity and has evolved from being a tool for gamers into a full-fledged service for anyone looking to chat or join online communities. Users can even start their own communities, aka servers, and invite users to join. Inside each server, users can set up channels dedicated to specific topics so that users on each server can congregate with others about the issues they’d like to discuss.

How much does Discord cost?

Discord is completely free to join. Yes, other chat services like Slack have free tiers with messaging limits.

Discord does not have any such limits. It’s completely free to use with complete access to your messages, history, communities, etc. And, furthermore, it’s free to start your own server too.

However, there are paid subscriptions for bonuses and perks.

For $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, users can sign up for Discord Nitro. This subscription gives users access to free games in Discord’s store and provides platform extras such as animated avatars, custom sitewide emojis, larger file upload sizes and more.

How to set up your own discord chat server

For $4.99 users can subscribe to a cheaper version of the paid service, Discord Nitro Classic, which provides all the platform bonuses except the free games.

Perks, such as extra custom emojis or higher quality audio chats, can also be purchased for a specific server via a server boost. Each server boost costs $4.99. Two server boosts are included with a Discord Nitro subscription.

The two server boost included with the Discord Nitro sub are enough to grant your server access to the first tier. There are three total tiers with each bringing additional paid perks like more slots for custom emojis or even brand new bonuses like a vanity URL for your server.

Why has Discord become so popular?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, quite a few social networking platforms and chatting apps experienced exponential growth as people looked to connect online.

Discord has more than 140 million monthly active users as of the end of 2020, according to the company.

How to set up your own discord chat server

However, Discord likely benefited from an added bonus: The rise in content creators.

Discord has become an extremely popular tool for YouTubers, podcasters, livestreamers, and other online influencers who use the platform to build their internet communities.

For example, Patreon, a monetization tool creators use so their fans can purchase paid subscriptions to each creators’ content, has even integrated Discord into their service. Users who subscribe to a creator’s Patreon can automatically be invited into a private Discord server set up by the individual creator and socialize amongst other fans in what is essentially a VIP room for paying subscribers.

Discord also provides other benefits that have assisted in its rise.

Livestreamers can easily take audio and video calls from guests or other viewers via Discord. There are multiplayer games that can be enjoyed via Discord’s screensharing feature. There are integrations with other services so that you can do things like listen to Spotify with friends in real time. And there are bots you can set up to automate different tasks or provide additional features like polls or news alerts.

Is Discord secure?

If this rundown has sold you on Discord, that’s great. It’s a versatile platform with many different uses.

However, Discord is not meant for secure communications. It is by no means a substitute for an app like Signal. It’s not end-to-end encrypted and all the data you post goes through Discord’s servers. Your data is vulnerable to a breach.

In fact, over the years, there have been quite a few stories about unauthorized users gaining access to private Discord servers and wiping communities of content.

Hacktivists have also taken advantage of these vulnerabilities though. There’s been numerous instances of nefarious groups, such as white supremacist and far right extremist organizations, being doxxed due to unauthorized access to their private Discover servers. However, over the past year, Discord has clamped down on such users.

Where can I access Discord?

Users can access Discord at and chat on their servers right within their web browser upon signing into their account.

There are also desktop applications for Windows and Mac computers, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Come on in, the server’s fine.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Most online games allow players to use voice chat when they’re in the same squad. Despite being able to hear each other in their favorite game, players still opt in to use third-party voice communication solutions like Discord.

The main reason behind that is the overall quality and how easy it is to start using Discord. If you’re just playing as two people in a team game, using Discord will prevent you from distracting other players. You’ll be able to use the team chat for in-game calls while keeping the banter on Discord.

Discord’s more than a voice chat app, though. It’s also a place where people can form communities or join others to spend time with like-minded individuals. If you’ve been considering starting your own community or just a small server where you can get together with your friends, you’ll need to know how you can set up a Discord server.

  • Download Discord on your preferred device or log in to your account through Discord’s website
  • After logging into your account on Discord, click on the green plus button, which will be on the left side of your screen

How to set up your own discord chat serverGIF via Discord

  • Discord will ask you the main focus of your server and present you with a couple of templates to hasten the process
  • Name your server and voila, your server should appear on the left side of your screen
    • Server owners will always be able to change the name of their server in the future through the settings panel

Once your server’s ready to go, you’ll need to invite your friends. Choose your server from the left panel and click on your server’s name. Select “Invite People” and a panel that allows you to invite individuals or create an invite link will appear.

If you have more than a few friends to invite, sending them an invite link may work better since you can just send it to a group chat you may have in another app. You’ll need to search for their names otherwise, and that can take a while if you’re gaming with more than 10 people.

The server owners will also have the option to create more channels. Text channels will only allow users to send in text messages and it won’t be possible to join them for a voice call. If you want to have a room where everyone can talk to each other, go with a voice channel.

Discord is a terrific chat application that gets you to meet all kinds of people. It skyrockets its popularity in the gamers community and the gamers tag is attributed to it. Anyone can use it and make friends on it.

On Discord, you can find many servers already created with the topic that interests you. If you find a great character in a TV series or a movie and want to discuss it with the world, you can create a server and invite people or join a server that is already created for that.

Creating a server is free on Discord. You can create any number of servers and add any number of friends. There is no limit to it and no price too, except your time. Let’s see how you can set up a server on Discord and invite your friends to it.

Set up Chat Server on Discord

To set up a chat server, there are two basic requirements. First, you need to install the Discord application on your PC. You can download the application from And then, you need to create an account and log in to it.

To create a server on Discord,

  1. Click on the + icon in the sidebar
  2. Select a template or Create My Own
  3. Select the community you wish to join your server
  4. Enter the name of your server and add its icon and click Create

Getting into the detailed process of creating a Discord server, click on the + icon on the home screen of the Discord application.

It will open Create a server dialog box. You can select a template for your server or create your own. Just click on the option to select.

Now, you have to select if you want to make your server available for a larger community or just a closed circle. Just, click on the option to select.

You might surely have thought of a name for your server. Enter the name in the Server Name text box and add an icon by clicking on the Discord icon. Once, you are done with the name and icon of your server, click Create.

You have just created a server of your own in Discord.

Now let’s see how we can invite friends to the server.

Read: How to Screen Share and Voice Chat on Discord at the same time.

Invite Friends on Discord

After creating the server, your server will be the homepage of the discord app on your PC. Click on Invite your friends on the homepage.

You will see a dialog box with a link to share. Copy that link and share it with your friends. The link will expire in a week on default. If you want to set custom time click on the Gear ⚙ icon at the bottom of the dialog box or check the box beside Set this link to never expire if you don’t want that invite link to expire.

See, you have just created your own chat server on Discord. Invite your friends and spend time with them on your server.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment them below in the comments box.

TIP: This post will show you how to enable and use the Text-to-Speech feature in Discord.

Discord is a popular app that lets users form group chats where they can collaborate, share, learn, and just straight up talk, all in one place, through invite-only. Initially taken over by gamers, Discord has grown into a space for anyone and everyone. With the lack of live fan interaction since the beginning of the pandemic, artists all over the world have turned to Discord as a great way to deeply connect with their fans and collaborate with their peers with ease. Here’s how you can get in on the action.

How To Set Up Your Discord Chat Server as a Musician

Before we dive in…

Discord is for more than just fan interaction. With it, artists can collaborate with underground producers, get advice on how to market their next release with a wide variety of peers in the industry, and so much more. It serves as the ultimate hub for interaction online.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create your server. Once you’ve done that, you can start making it homey by inviting people in and adding various channels for different topics. — Here’s how to get started below:

  1. Create an account.
  2. In the server selection column on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a plus icon in a circle. Click that.
  3. Next, choose “Create a Server”.
  4. Now, go ahead and choose a name for your server and add in a profile pic. (Keep in mind that the image you choose will be key in differentiating you between other servers. Make sure it’s unique and stands out!)
  5. Once you’ve filled everything out and you’re happy with your choices, click “Create” at the bottom of the window.

Congrats! You now have your own personal Discord server. 🎉

Now that you’ve completed the basics, it’s time to add the meat.

How to invite friends:

  1. Click “Invite your friends.” If you’re on mobile, tap “Set up your server” first, and then “Invite your friends.”
  2. A new window will open. At the bottom (desktop) or top (mobile) of this window will be a link you can send people, which they can click to enter your server. You’ll also be shown a list of everyone on your Friends List — click “Invite” next to someone’s name to send them the link immediately.

This link is only temporary, and it will expire after 1 day. However, you can change this by clicking “Edit Invite Link”. There, you can set it to never expire or put a limit to how many people can use it. Totally up to you.

Now, where the conversation actually happens is in sections called “Channels”. These are separated by topic to avoid clogging up the chatroom. You can choose from two types: text channels and voice channels. With text channels, you can type and send files (images, videos, etc.). With voice channels, you can talk and/or stream video.

How to create text and voice chat channels:

  1. Click or tap the small plus button in the left-hand toolbar, next to “Text channel” or “Voice channel” to create a channel.
  2. Next, you can customize your channels by clicking the gear icon next to the channel’s name. When you do this, you can edit the name, change the topic, give certain people different permissions within the channel, and more.

(If you want to delete a channel, you can do that in this menu as well.)

Expand your mind…

In Conclusion…

There is much more you can do to edit your Discord server. You can edit the channels, designate roles within these channels, create new categories, and more. Once you start playing around with it, you’ll see that the platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. As an artist, you can use Discord to connect with your fans, learn new skills, and chat with people from all over the industry. You never know who you might connect with!

Ready to get started? — Click here to download now.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Randi Zimmerman

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How to set up your own discord chat server

Story by

Rachel Kaser

Story by

Rachel Kaser

Rachel is a writer and former game critic from Central Texas. She enjoys gaming, writing mystery stories, streaming on Twitch, and horseback (show all) Rachel is a writer and former game critic from Central Texas. She enjoys gaming, writing mystery stories, streaming on Twitch, and horseback riding. Check her Twitter for curmudgeonly criticisms.

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.

Discord has become the go-to service for gamers and non-gamers alike for text and voice chat servers. It’s a versatile way to keep in touch with large groups of people, considering each server supports multiple different “rooms.” It’s not just for gaming groups or large political debates, either. You can start a server just for your friends, to keep in touch in the time of social distancing.

Here’s how to start up and manage your own Discord server.

Mark your calendar for June 16 & 17!

Tickets to TNW 2022 are available now!

First step: Go to your Discord and scroll to the bottom of your list of servers. You’ll see a plus symbol, and clicking on this will give you the option to start your own server. From this screen, you can name the server and upload a picture.

How to set up your own discord chat server

How to set up your own discord chat server

  • How to set up your own discord chat server
  • How to set up your own discord chat server

Once you’ve got the server setup, you’ll have a single text and voice channel each. You can start new channels by clicking the plus sign next to each category. It’ll look pretty basic on start-up, but you can spruce it up to your liking. Starting different channels will help the place look more populated. You can also create categories, into which you can sort your text and voice channels. This is helpful if, for example, you have text channels set up for movies and books, and others for general chatter.

How to set up your own discord chat server

How to set up your own discord chat server

How to set up your own discord chat server

  • How to set up your own discord chat server
  • How to set up your own discord chat server
  • How to set up your own discord chat server

Within the server‘s menu, you can do things like manage how many notifications your server sends out, upload custom emoji, manage each member, and even create a custom widget. Each option is worth exploring individually, as you can customize your server to your liking. I do recommend setting notifications not send for all messages by default — depending on how many people you invite to the server, notifications for every single message can be beyond annoying.

How to set up your own discord chat server

How to set up your own discord chat server

  • How to set up your own discord chat server
  • How to set up your own discord chat server

Also, each text channel has a menu within which you can customize its name, topic, and who has permission to do what. It’s really up to you how precise you want to be, but this will probably be a boon to those with a penchant for micromanagement (i.e. not me).

How to set up your own discord chat server

I usually wait until after all this is done to start inviting people, which you can do from the server‘s drop down menu. Selecting “invite people” will give you the option to invite your Discord friends or to copy a server invite link to send out to a group of people — this is how I recommend inviting friends and family who might not already have Discord accounts to join the server. The links usually expire within the day, but you can also customize it to last forever. Once people join your server, you can assign them roles within server, which will change what they can do. You can edit what each role can do within the server‘s settings menu.

How to set up your own discord chat serverCredit: Discord Server Invite

And there you go: the basics to setting up a Discord server for you and your friends. Good luck!

About Tamar Hellinga

Initially meant as a platform for online gaming, text and voice chat app Discord has become much more than that. It allows for communities to sprout and conversations to spark. But where do we draw the line on the self-sovereignty that comes with it?

Discord’s promotional video lays down the basic principles of their platform. It is a space for users to create “your server, with your rules, with the people you want”. As an antidote to social media, Discord proposes a new way to converse online. Albeit primarily focused around the gaming community, Discord has become much more than that.

About Discord
The platform originates from the need for a voice-chat for online gaming. During multi-player games, teams or individual players can benefit from communication during gameplay. Players can discuss strategies, ask for directions within the game, or simply chat with likeminded gamers. While an application like Skype offers the basics for this, Discord decided to step it up a notch. Their application offers specifications that allow gameplay and conversation-making all at once.

Besides voice chat, Discord offers much more. It is both a text and voice application. Similarly to the workplace application Slack, conversations are divided into threads. Upon joining a server, users are presented with as many channels as the moderator has put up on the server, divided into text and voice channels. Users can be assigned roles, which allow or deny access to certain threads and performing different actions. Then, there are a multitude of bots that can be used for channels. For example, Rhythm, a bot that can be used for playing music.

Online community building
“People use Discord to build communities not just for games”, as Discord states in their promotional video. Although the platform was initially built around gaming, it seems the user community has branched out to different subjects. Described as a ‘real-time Reddit’ 1 , Discord offers a space for all people. Every user has the ability to start their own server, with a self-chosen subject and guidelines for it. Users can decide to make the server open to anybody or invite-only. In short, communities can be build easily.

Thanks to this openness and ease of community-building, Discord comes to be associated with all sorts of things, whether intended by the platform or not. It has particularly been associated with the rise of alt-right movements online 23 . While Discord on its own might not be the cause of extremist behavior or thoughts, it could provide a bridge in a network of reinforcing existing radical beliefs (Munn).

Servers can be put up by anyone, with any intention and about any subject. Much like 4chan and Reddit, Discord allows discussions to take place. Unfortunately, all of these platforms have faced criticism over their moderation, or more accurate, lack thereof. While these platforms made changes to be able to have more control over what content is posted (Munn), it can be argued that there is more to be done.

Discord has little to no rules about how users should behave within the communities that are build. The makers behind the application continuously stress the fact that the platform is open to anyone. It relies on users to report faulty behavior and to moderate content on servers (Reyman & Sparby).

With great freedom comes great responsibility
(Self-)praised for openness and accessibility, Discord is open about updates and changes made to the platform 4 . They create a lot of freedom for users and developers to build upon the platform and create their own communities. This type of freedom on social media might lead to ‘a dark social web’ (Munn). For example, bullies or trolls gain access to a server and are able to disrupt conversation and infiltrate a community. There have been some solutions to this unwanted behavior, such as in the form of containment rooms (Reyman & Sparby). This type of solution comes from users themselves.

Discord steps in in some ways, like setting verification levels, eliminating servers and issuing warnings to users (Reyman & Sparby). The issue does raise the question of who is responsible for ensuring the platform is a safe space and does what it intends to do. The platform can be seen as a mere enabler of communication. It can also be argued that, although they may seem neutral, they are always ideological in the way communities are organized (Bratton).

Users who engage in behavior that distorts communities seem to have full responsibility on Discord. This can lead to a problem when these users are not aware of the impact their negative behavior has until after they have negatively influenced others (Sparby). Should Discord behave similarly to a kindergarten teacher, who teaches children about respect and tries to break up fights between them? Or can the platform’s users be granted full responsibility of their actions?

In essence, there is nothing wrong with providing spaces for anyone to join and discuss issues. People have always had the ability to share controversial thought, long before the rise of social media. Platforms such as Discord simply make it easier for people from all over the world to come together. Does this then mean they are responsible for content that is posted by users? Moderation is possible on Discord by users themselves, which allows communities to filter out unwanted users and content.

It would be easy to blame Discord for negative behavior on their platform and demand them to make changes. But this most likely would not put an end to negative online behavior altogether. Movements can always organize themselves elsewhere, as has been shown previously 5 .

Discord’s philosophy is built upon freedom and accessibility. It would seem paradoxical to strictly moderate content and users. Giving users all responsibility seems risky and possibly puts the platform’s future at stake. The middle road of taking action when needed, but mostly trusting communities to build and re-build possibly provides the safest option for Discord.


Bratton, Benjamin H. The stack: On software and sovereignty. MIT press, 2016.
Munn, Luke. “Algorithmic Hate: Brenton Tarrant and the Dark Social Web.” Institute of Network Cultures 19.3 (2019).
Munn, Luke. “Alt-right pipeline: Individual journeys to extremism online.” First Monday 24.6 (2019).
Reyman, Jessica, and Erika M. Sparby, eds. Digital Ethics: Rhetoric and Responsibility in Online Aggression. Routledge, 2019.
Sparby, Erika M. “Digital social media and aggression: Memetic rhetoric in 4chan’s collective identity.” Computers and Composition 45 (2017): 85-97.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Discord started as a chat app for gamers, and while gaming is still a strong part of the app’s DNA, it’s grown beyond that. Discord servers are popular with people organizing volunteer efforts, talking about hobbies, and collaborating for work.

Discord servers are invite-only spaces—similar to workspaces in other team chat apps. However, Discord sets itself apart with features such as voice chat, permission-based roles, and endless customization options that make it well-suited for building and managing an online community.

Discord moderators and admins often rely on third-party bots to automate tasks and run commands for you. Bots can handle things like answering frequently asked questions, adding moderation actions such as temporary bans, creating a ticketing system, and more. While these bots are incredibly useful, there’s a learning curve to setting them up.

If you want to find ways to keep your Discord server running smoothly and integrate it with other apps—sending information to and from Discord—without spending time learning how to manage bots, Zapier can help. We’re a no-code automation tool that helps you send information from one app to another.

Whether you use Discord to engage with your followers, moderate a community, or work with teammates at your actual job, we’ve collected a few Zaps—what we call the automated workflows you create with Zapier—to help you manage and grow your server.

You’ll need to have a Zapier account and manager or owner permissions in Discord in order to use these workflows. It’s free to start.

Automatically assign roles

One way Discord differs from other team chat apps is how it uses roles. Rather than a traditional community role structure—admins manage the server, moderators manage the conversations, and members can only post—Discord’s roles are infinitely customizable. And many admins and moderators use bots to allow members to self-select these roles.

You can create standardized roles in Discord, such as administrators, moderators, or verified users. You can also create roles that serve cosmetic or informational purposes, like in this screenshot below, where I’ve set up roles that would let someone choose if they want to be identified as a Zaperoni, Zorp, or Zapien (it’s a hotly-contested topic at Zapier—I’m team Zaperoni).

How to set up your own discord chat server

For example, I co-moderate a crafting Discord community. (Welcome to my secret life.) Other than our two standard roles distinguishing mods and verified users, we also allow members to self-assign other roles. Some roles allow members to display which crafts they like to do—so instead of my Zapier-specific example above, you might have seen a role like “knitter,” “sewist,” or “macrame.” If you’re using Discord for work, you might set roles for different teams, and see things like “marketing,” “sales,” “human resources,” and “product.”

Other roles in my crafting server allow people to opt in to receiving automatic invites to join events like a group voice chat hangout or a craftalong. Going back to the work example, this could be used to get automatic alerts to all-company meetings or for important deadlines.

While most folks will use a bot to handle role-setting, you can also use Zapier to automatically assign member roles.

If your server has a separate verification process for new members, you can also use Zapier to connect a form or spreadsheet app to Discord.

Keep members informed about new content

Discord is popular with Twitch streamers and other content creators who want to build a deeper relationship with their followers. If you want to keep your community updated on what you’re producing, you can use these Zaps to notify a Discord channel.

Not publishing content? You can also use Zapier to send information into Discord about transactions, new bugs, or even updates to your Spotify playlists.

Automatically greet new server members

By default, you can set your server to automatically announce when a new member joins your Discord server. But if you run a pretty large community, you’ll likely want to direct new members to important places such as announcement channels or places where they can review community rules.

First, make sure you have a welcome channel set up specifically for new members. Then, use a Zap to automatically greet new members with a custom message.

Auto-respond to frequently asked questions

Tired of answering the same question in chat constantly? You can create your own auto-responder bot in Discord using Zapier.

You can use a filter—available on our paid plans—to trigger an automated response when someone uses a specific phrase.

Filters help you tailor your Zaps so they only run when you need them to. You can learn about setting up filters in our help doc. Want even more inspiration? Check out this blog post about making your Zaps as efficient as possible.

Automate Discord messages on a schedule

Perhaps you run a weekly thread on a specific topic in your Discord, or you’re the responsible moderator who reminds the team to prune the members list once a month. Instead of sending those messages manually, you can use a Zap to automatically send those messages on a specific schedule.

Don’t want to send the same message each time? You can use a search step on a spreadsheet or Formatter’s Pick from list function so you can randomize the language.

You can also set up reminder messages with a Zap that connects to your calendar app. With this, you can push out reminders for upcoming events.

Set up an automatic suggestion box

The best online communities are the ones where members are invested and take an active role in making it great. While moderators help keep things running smoothly, they can’t be everywhere.

In the crafting Discord I run, the members have a lot of great suggestions for the server. But since we have members from all over the world (and we like to sleep), it was hard to keep track.

Eventually, I set up a Typeform for members to make suggestions. At the end of each month, the mods receive a digest of the submissions for us to review. This helped streamline the process and made it more manageable for our team to make decisions.

You can recreate this yourself with one of the Zaps below:

If you’d like to receive a digest of form submissions, you can add a digest step—available on our paid plans—and choose when and how you’d like your digest delivered.

Manage your Discord community with automation

Moderating your Discord server doesn’t have to be a full-time job. With automation, you can streamline moderation tasks so you can spend more time participating in the fun.

These workflows are just the start of all that you can do with Discord and Zapier. Zapier supports thousands of apps, so you automate almost any task. Start building your Zap now and see what you can create.

New to Zapier? It’s a tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

How to set up your own discord chat serverSource: Windows Central

Discord is a very popular, cross-platform communication tool, in part because it’s free to use, and just about anyone can create a server. A lot of it is text-based chat, but it’s also got a pretty solid voice chat feature as well.

With more people working from home than ever, remote communication has never been more critical, and Discord is a brilliant tool to do that with. It’s incredibly user friendly and a service many of your friends, family, and colleagues may already be familiar with using. If you’re looking for a way to do group voice calls, here’s how to get set up.

Sign up and get a server going

The first thing you need is an account and a Discord server for everyone to meet up in. Think of it as a giant group chat, only with different channels, both text and voice, all available to help organize your communications.

Fortunately, we’ve got a full guide for you to follow that will walk you through getting your server up and running first.

How to set up a voice channel

Source: Windows Central

By default, any new Discord server will have one voice channel already created. Joining it to chat is as simple as just clicking on it, and you’ll be automatically connected. When you’re in a voice chat, you’ll be presented with related controls, including a mute button and a button to end the call.

If you want to create a new channel simply:

  1. Next to voice channels in the sidebar, click the + button.
  2. Select voice channel.
  3. Name the channel.
  4. Click create.

Just like that, you’ll have a new voice channel created for anyone to join. If you have categories set up within your server for better organization, you can simply drag and drop the voice channel into any of them. Alternatively, follow the step above, but instead of clicking next to voice channels click the add button next to the category name.

Basic audio settings

Source: Windows Central

Out of the gate, your audio settings in Discord should be set to whatever your Windows default input and output devices are. It’s still worth hitting the settings cog though and heading into the audio and video section to check.

It’s also a good idea to check your levels. Discord allows you to adjust input and output levels and has a handy meter to enable you to check your microphone settings won’t deafen anyone you jump into a call with.

There are also some more advanced features which you may want to play about with, including echo cancellation and noise reduction, which can be turned on or off as required, as well as Discord being able to tell your router that its data packets are high priority.

Sound quality is generally pretty good, too, and Discord also has some pretty granular permissions settings. If you leave a voice channel open, anyone in your server can join it at any time. So if you don’t want certain people using specific channels, tweaking permissions is a good idea, and this guide is an excellent place to start.

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These are the best ultrawide PC displays available today

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The Discord Notifications service sends event notifications from GitLab to the channel for which the webhook was created.

To send GitLab event notifications to a Discord channel, create a webhook in Discord and configure it in GitLab.

Create webhook

  1. Open the Discord channel you want to receive GitLab event notifications.
  2. From the channel menu, select Edit channel.
  3. Select Integrations.
  4. If there are no existing webhooks, select Create Webhook. Otherwise, select View Webhooks then New Webhook.
  5. Enter the name of the bot to post the message.
  6. Optional. Edit the avatar.
  7. Copy the URL from the WEBHOOK URL field.
  8. Select Save.

Configure created webhook in GitLab

With the webhook URL created in the Discord channel, you can set up the Discord Notifications service in GitLab.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in your project’s settings. That is, Project > Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select the Discord Notifications integration to configure it.
  3. Ensure that the Active toggle is enabled.
  4. Check the checkboxes corresponding to the GitLab events for which you want to send notifications to Discord.
  5. Paste the webhook URL that you copied from the create Discord webhook step.
  6. Configure the remaining options and click the Save changes button.

The Discord channel you created the webhook for now receives notification of the GitLab events that were configured.

How to set up your own discord chat server

Many brands are using the messaging app Discord to forge a sense of community among their fans. If the fast-food chain Wendy’s can have a Discord with over 60,000 members, why not a viral platform like TikTok?

TikTok teased on Twitter that it was making a Discord server, but then confirmed the news on its own app today. Now, on TikTok’s brand new Discord, you can chat with strangers about… whatever you’d want to talk to a bunch of TikTokers about. Maybe the best way to make Emily Mariko’s viral salmon recipe?

@discord will you be my home away from home 🙏

“This server’s just like your for you feed: it’s made for you, some of its comments are spicy, and your parents have no idea what it is,” TikTok wrote in the Discord’s welcome channel. Some of the rules on the Discord include no NSFW content and no buying crypto. Before chatting, you have to indicate by selecting a check-mark reaction that you read the rules — this is common in popular Discords to discourage spam. There’s even an option to indicate your gender pronouns on your server profile.

As of publication, there are only 400 people in the Discord, which TikTok told TechCrunch is a “soft launch.” There are five moderators from TikTok, which could pose a problem if the server continues to grow. As one user said, “let’s take the advantage [to talk to each other] when there are not 300,000 people trying to chat at the same time.”

To prevent spam (which is also against the rules), TikTok is using “slowmode,” a Discord feature that only lets people send a message every 30 seconds. But users quickly got around the slowmode by making threads, where the time limit between messages doesn’t apply. Soon after, moderators removed the ability to make threads.

Right now, the conversation channels on the TikTok Discord are relatively ordinary, expect for some light trolling. There are chats for introducing yourself, sharing your TikToks, TikTok support, server feedback, TikTok sounds and more. There’s even a “game room,” indicating TikTok’s growing interest in gaming — right now, the platform is testing a desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio.

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Hey Manchester! So I have been writing Game On articles for a few months now and I just realized in the past few days that I have left out one key ingredient that could be linking us ALL TOGETHER: A public DISCORD server for Ink Link Gaming! It could be another layer to the cool things I get to do at Ink Link and be expressive with the knowledge I have in the digital world! Ok so for those who are wondering……what the heck IS Discord?

BUT before we answer that, I want you to take a walk with me. Think about how much people love to stay in touch. It could be chatting with friends and family on video calls, messaging on IG/WhatsApp or working remotely touching base while using Microsoft Team
People love to stay in touch. Whether that’s chatting to friends and family on video calls, messaging on WhatsApp or touching base while working remotely with Microsoft Teams or Slack. Gamers are no different.

In the old days, gamers would make use of text chat services like X-Fire or VOIP servers like Mumble, Teamspeak or Ventrilo. (VOIP = VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) Things have come a long way since then though and both technology and demands have changed.

Now the modern gamer needs something that can do it all and Discord is the free software that does just that.


“Ever since childhood, founders Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy both shared a love of video games, cherishing the friendships and connections that formed while playing them. At the time, all the tools built for this job were slow, unreliable, and complex. Jason and Stan knew they could make a better service that encouraged talking, helped form memories, and recreated the feeling of togetherness all found through gaming.”

As someone who has used DISCORD for the past five years I have never even considered the idea of a rival platform or even going anywhere else to round up my gaming buddies from different communities. This platform is WAY ahead of its time but I am so glad that it exists in my lifetime. Discord is the #1 VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) in the world and it isn’t even close. Anyone, anywhere can make a discord account in a matter of two minutes, start or join an existing server and be in communication with anyone in the world. It’s truly magical!


An adventure awaits. Hang out with your friends on our desktop app and keep the conversation going on mobile.

How to set up your own discord chat server


So once you have Discord downloaded you are ready to build your server! You can create your own OR use a template! Assuming this is your first server… let’s take a template! For this article ill select the Gaming template.

How to set up your own discord chat server


You can pick the server to be for a club/community or you can make a server for you and your friends! I choose community since the template will have what I am looking for. ( always remember to stay up to date with Discord Guidelines)

How to set up your own discord chat server


Now that you have set up your Discord server you can create text or voice channels! You are allowed to create an UNLIMITED amount of channels for FREE! This is my favorite part of Discord that you can have so many different channels for anything you want and any number of people in the server!

Inside the dropdown menu, you are going to find the settings that will help you make your changes to the server. You can select server settings and more here. Inside server settings you can find, ‘community’ and ‘user management‘ categories with channels underneath them that are self-explanatory!
How to set up your own discord chat server

Congrats! You have set up your very first Discord server, time to invite your friends to your new free online hangout!


Discord was made specifically for gamers, but nowadays there are many Discord servers whose topics range from anime and manga, comics, movies, art, self-help, and simply socializing. It’s just a matter of what you’re into.

Discord gives you the power to create your own place to belong. Your Discord server is your home, shared with only the special people you invite. An invite-only place with plenty of room to talk.

3 Minutes, 14 Seconds to Read

While Discord already has a large number of popular communities for a wide variety of interests, you may decide that you want to create your own server. Fortunately, Discord allows users to create their own servers at no cost, making it easier than ever for you to establish your own online community. Even though the server creation process is relatively simple, we will outline the process below to make sure you get your community started on the right track.

In this article we will cover:

Make the most of your Dedicated Hosting experience by creating a Discord community for your users!

Creating a Discord Server

  1. Log into your Discord account.
  2. Once logged into your Discord account, on the homepage, click the + icon.

How to set up your own discord chat server
A popup will appear asking if you want to create or join a server. Click Create a server.

How to set up your own discord chat server

  • Another popup will appear, asking for you to input your server name. Make this name something descriptive and easy to remember. By default, the server icon will be the initials of the Server Name. You can click on this icon to change it before creating the server.
  • Once you’ve chosen your server name and icon, click Create.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

  • You will then be taken to the homepage of your new server. A popup will appear with an invite link that you can use to invite other users to your server. For now, click the X to skip this.
  • Once you’re back on the server homepage, you can get to work customizing it to suit your needs.

    Creating a Discord Channel

    Now that you have a server set up, you will likely want to create different channels to facilitate conversations between your various users. This will help to keep the server organized and make it easier for visitors to use your server.

      To create a channel, click on the server name.

    How to set up your own discord chat server
    From the drop-down menu, select Create Channel.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

  • Then a popup will appear, giving you the option to create a text channel or a voice channel as well as set a name for the channel. Select which type of channel you want to create and enter the channel name.
  • Next, click Create Channel to finish creating the channel. The channel will then appear on the left side of your homepage.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Accessing Server Overview

    At some point, you may want to modify the server. While the customization options are extensive, the Server Overview page is vital to the maintenance of your new Discord server.

      To access the Server Overview page, click on the server name.

    How to set up your own discord chat server
    On the dropdown menu, click Server Settings.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

  • On the next page, select Server Overview from the left column.
  • From this page you can modify the following options:

    How to set up your own discord chat serverHow to set up your own discord chat server

    Server Name: This field allows you to modify the name of your server.

    Server Region: This option allows you to designate your server region. For best performance, this will be set to a region closest to the majority of your users.

    Upload Image: This allows you to upload an image that will be used as the server icon.

    AFK Channel: This allows you to designate a channel as an “Away From Keyboard (AFK) Channel” where users will be placed after a certain amount of time of inactivity. This helps to ensure that your active channels are not clogged with inactive users.

    AFK Timeout: This allows you to modify how much time must elapse before an inactive user is moved to the AFK Channel.

    System Messages Channel: This dropdown menu allows you to select which channel will display system messages.

    Default Notification Settings: This option allows you to set the default notification settings for new users.

    While there are many more ways to customize your Discord server, following these instructions will allow you to get started with Discord and start building your community quickly.

    Alyssa started working for InMotion Hosting in 2015 as a member of the Technical Support team. Before being promoted to Technical Writer, Alyssa developed expertise in the fields of server hardware, Linux operating systems, cPanel, and WordPress. She now works to produce quality technical content featuring cutting-edge topics such as machine learning, data center infrastructure, and graphics card technology.


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    Check out how to make a Discord private channel in a few easy steps. Also find out how to add members to private channels.

    Discord has taken over as the ace gaming chat application in the past few years. And rightly so, the app allows users a lot of customization options. At all levels, individual, channel and server, Discord provides for a unique experience.

    The overall experience of any user largely depends on how they communicate with other users. For this, server moderation plays an important role. A well moderated channel/ server can improve the user engagement on the server. People who are responsible for server moderation need to find the best ways for dealing with server issues. Discord roles are assigned for this purpose, to have a good, hierarchical way of managing a server.

    It’s not always possible to discuss certain things with every member of the server. You’d need to have a private channel to discuss stuff with just the people affected by it. For example, all the admins can have a separate channel. Discord private channels allow you to do this with ease. To assist you, in the below section, we’ve explained how to make a private channel on Discord and add members to it.


    What is a private channel?

    Discord private channels are restricted channels that can be accessed only by certain members or roles. These channels are hidden from other members on a server. While all other channels can be seen on the sidebar of a Discord server, these channels can not. I.e., they are hidden from other members/ roles.

    Private Discord channels are ideal for having conversations among certain members or roles. This is useful for better moderation of the server. Also, if for any reason there is a need for on-server private conversations among members, these channels can be used.

    How to make a private channel on Discord?

    Note that you need to have the ‘Manage Channels’ permission to add a new channel in a server. This permission usually only lies with the Manager/ Admin/ Owner of the server.

    On a computer,

    To make a new private Discord channel using the desktop/ web app,

    1. Click on the ‘+’ icon beside ‘Voice channels’ or ‘Text channels’. This would depend on whether you need a private voice channel or a text channel. You can even select it after pressing the ‘+’ as shown in the screenshot.
    2. Give a name to this private channel in the ‘Channel name’ textbox.
    3. Toggle on the ‘Private Channel’ option and click on ‘Next’. Add members if you want to at this stage or Skip this step.

  • To make an existing channel private, click on the ‘Edit Channel’ button beside the channel name. Go to ‘Permissions’, toggle on ‘Private channel’ and click on ‘Save Changes’.
  • You can also toggle other permissions that you want members of this channel to have.
  • On a mobile device,

    To make a private Discord channel using a mobile,

    1. Go to your server, tap on the ‘+’ button beside the Text/ Voice Channels heading.
    2. Give a name to the channel, select the type of channel and toggle on ‘Private Channel’.
    3. Tap on the checkmark at the top right of the screen.
    4. As of July 2021, you cannot make a Discord channel private using your mobile device after it’s already been created.

    How to add members to a private channel?

    You can look at adding members to a private channel in 2 ways.

    1. Add all members with a certain role to the channel
    2. Manually add selected members to the channel

    Either way, the steps are the same.

    On a computer

    To add members to a private channel on a computer,

    1. If you’ve just made the channel, click on the ‘Add members or roles’ button as shown.
    2. Select the roles or members you want to add to this channel and press ‘Done’.
    3. If you can’t see this option directly because the channel isn’t new, click on the cog wheel beside the channel name. Go to Permissions, click on ‘Add members or roles’ and select accordingly.

    On a mobile device

    To add members to a private channel on your mobile,

    1. Long press on the channel name, select ‘Edit Channel’.
    2. Go to ‘Permissions’ and select ‘Add a Role’ or ‘Add a Member’ depending on your need.
    3. Select the member/ role, choose the permissions you want to give them and save.

    How to create a specific role to add to the private channel?

    1. Right click on the server name, go to ‘Server Settings’ → ‘Roles’ → ‘Create Role’.
    2. Press the ‘Edit’ button beside the role name in the list to modify permissions for the role.
    3. Then go to the ‘Members’ tab under ‘Server Settings’ and press the ‘+’ sign beside the usernames of the members you want to assign the roles to. Select the role here.

    How to identify and access a private channel?

    You will be able to see a private channel only if you are a member. The hashtag beside the channel name will have a lock icon as shown in the screenshot below. You can then access it as you’d with any other channel, by simply clicking on it.

    Set up your own Discord Server!

    As of now, there are hundreds of gaming-centric voice and text chat services available on the web. However, out of all those, Discord seems to be the best one.

    Discord is right now the most popular cross-platform voice and text change service available for gamers. It’s very popular amongst gamers due to its simplicity.

    If you have ever used Discord, you might know about its servers. Discord servers were basically communities that users can join. After creating a server, you can add different channels, some for text and some for voice chats.

    Steps to Create your own Discord Server On Android

    So, if you are interested in creating your own Discord server, you are reading the right article. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to create your Discord Server on Android. Let’s check out.

    Step 1. First of all, launch the Discord app on your Android smartphone.

    Step 2. Next, tap on the (+) button, as shown in the screenshot below.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Step 3. On the Create your server page, select a Discord Server template based on your purpose.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Step 4. On the next page, you will be asked to select who will use this server. Select between “For me and my friends” or “For a club or community”.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Step 5. On the next page, set the profile picture for the server, and assign a name. Once done, tap on the ‘Create Server’ button.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Step 6. You will get the invitation link. You can send your friends the invitation link and ask them to join.

    Step 7. To add text and voice channels to the server, tap on the three horizontal lines and select the (+) button behind the text/voice channels.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    That’s it! You are done. This is how you can create your own Discord Server on Android.

    So, this article is all about how to create your own Discord Server on Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.

    Discord is one of the most used software for gamers and non-gamers for chatting and voice chat. Keeping in touch with large groups of people is hard, especially when it comes to organizing them.

    But for Discord, you can easily identify those by just creating multiple channels for specific people. Since staying at home is the proper way to protect yourself and family, you can still keep in touch with your friends while using social distancing.

    GUIDE: How to manage and start up your own Discord server

    Step 1: Go to Discord and scroll to the bottom of your server list. There’s a plus symbol, click it and it will give an option to start your server.

    Step 2: Afterwards, you can name your server and upload a photo.

    Step 3: After creating your server setup, you’ll have an option either to create a voice channel or text channel by just clicking the plus symbol.

    Step 4: Now you can create different channels that will help you to organize topics and other categories. For example, you have a channel for gaming-related things and another channel for movies.

    Voila! Your Discord server is now online.

    Adjust some of the settings in Discord

    In server settings, you can manage how many notifications your server sends, manage each member, create a widget and even upload custom emoji.

    Familiarizing and exploring individually is worth it, as you can customize your server to your own taste. I recommend setting notifications to not send all messages by default. It depends based on how many people you invite to your server, because a notification to every message can be distracting at times.

    There’s also text channels settings where you can customize names and put specific topics to discuss in each channel. A permission to restrict member access to channels are also available.

    You have freedom in creating a server in Discord and it will depend on how you want it to be and how you manage your own channels for your server.

    After all the set-up as well as organizing and sorting are done, you can start inviting people. By going to the server drop down menu, select “invite people” and this will give you the option to invite your Discord friends directly to your channel.

    As an alternative, you can simply copy the server invite link and send it to a group of people. Links usually has a 1-day period only, but you can customize it to no expiry if you want to. Once your friends join or other people join you have the rights to assign roles to every member by going to the Server Settings.

    There you have it! You have successfully set up your very own server in Discord.

    How to set up your own discord chat server(Photo : GettlyImages/ SOPA Images ) Discord server

    The discord community server is a real-time chat platform that can be used by non-gamers too. You can create a free community server to connect with people from around the world who shares the same interests as you.

    Discord Server Setup

    To set up a Community server, download the Discord app and open it. You will see a registration section that will ask you for personal details so you can sign in.

    To create a server from scratch, click on the large plus icon located on the left column, it will create a new server, according to Business Insider.

    A window will pop up, and you need to select “Create My Own.” It is better to have templates for a faster process, so you can scroll down and choose “Local Community.” Select “For a Club or Community.”

    You can create a name for the Community server, and it gives you an option to upload a display picture.
    If you are not ready, you have the option to do it later, according to CNBC.

    Once you are done, click on “Create.” It will create a new Community server with all of the channels that you’ll need.

    Discord also has options like “Explicit Media Removal” and “Verified Email Only” so you can moderate the Community better, according to How to Geek.

    How to Change a Discord Server to Community Server

    If you already have an existing Discord server with members in it, you can switch it to a Community one and make it public. First, select your server name located in the top-left corner and select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu.

    In the settings, select “Enable Community” under the “Community” section and choose “Get Started” see on the right side of the screen.

    That will reveal a window in which you can choose the settings for the Community server. If you only want people with a verified email to join your server, you can select “Verified email required.”

    Once you are done, check the box for “Scan media content from all members” to let the app scan and delete media that contains explicit contents. Click “Next” to proceed.

    If you want to create a new “Rules and Community Updates” section, click “Next.” You can also use the dropdown menu to select the channel for “Rules and Community Updates.” Click “Next” when you’re done.

    If you want to be able to watch movies with your friends through the Discord sever, you need to uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

    If you want the server to send notifications for mentions, select “Default notifications to Mentions Only.” To remove moderator-level permissions for all members, click on “Remove moderation permission for @everyone.”

    Once you have everything ready, you can select “I agree and understand” to agree to Discord’s rules for Community servers. After selecting all of the boxes, click “Finish Setup.” You will see a banner notifying you that the server is now a Community server.

    Under the “Server Description” section, you can add a description of your server. The description will appear when you create invite links to people and embed them on messengers, social media sites, and more.
    Once you are done, select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

    This article is owned by Tech Times

    Written by Sophie Webster

    Welcome to official website of the Mumble project!

    Latest News

    New versioning scheme

    Mumble traditionally used a versioning scheme of the form major.minor.patch where the patch version number was incremented for every bug-fix release of a stable release series (e.g. 1.3.0 -> 1.3.1). Most notably though, the patch version was always starting at zero for a new stable release series (e.g. 1.2.0, 1.3.0, etc.). This will no longer be the case.

    Latest Release

    Mumble 1.4.230

    We are proud to present you with the first stable release of the Mumble 1.4.x release series, which brings many new features, bug fixes and general improvements.

    You can download the new version from our Downloads page or the GitHub release page or from within your Windows client or software package management system.

    About Mumble

    Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application.

    Mumble was the first VoIP application to establish true low latency voice communication over a decade ago. But low latency and gaming are not the only use cases it shines in.

    We heard from users who record podcasts with our multi-channel audio recorder, players seeking realism with our positional audio in games, Eve Online players with huge communities of over 100 simultaneous voice participants (I bet they make good use of our extensive permission system 😄), the competitive Team Fortress 2 community making us their required voice communication platform, hobby radio transmission users, and a variety of workplaces adapting Mumble to fit their needs – be it on-head mobile devices or communicating across countries or into airplanes.

    Administrators appreciate Mumble for being able to self host and have control over data security and privacy. Some make use of the extensive permission system for complex scenarios (for example separating two groups but leaders being able to talk to both). Some love to provide their users with additional functionality with scripts making use of server APIs, or host music bots and the like that connect to the server. Those that have an existing user database often make use of authenticators to allow authenticating with existing account login data.


    Different user groups are interested in different capabilities and so we describe some of the features specific to each kind of user.

    For End-Users

    • Low-latency – great for talking and gaming
    • Stay private and secure
      • always encrypted communication
      • Public/private-key authentication by default
    • Recognize friends across servers
    • For gamers:
      • In-game Overlay – see who is talking, FPS and the current time
      • Positional audio – hear the players from where they are located in-game
    • Wizards to guide you through setup, like configuring your microphone

    To get started simply download, install and start Mumble and connect to a public server, or a specific one you know of.

    For Administrators

    • Libre software – no licensing hassle, caveats and limitations
    • Open Source – open in security and technology, and open to extendibility
    • Extensive user permission system (ACL)
    • Extendible through Ice protocols
      • Web interfaces – free choice of several community free software projects
      • Channel viewers – even without direct Ice access, if the hoster provides the CVP, easily set up your channel viewer of choice
      • Authenticators – to allow users to authenticate against an existing user database
      • Custom chat commands and context (right click) menu entries

    To get started you can check out our Server guide.

    For configuration options see Murmur.ini and our documentation on third party administration software, scripts, and bots.

    For Hosters

    • Free software – no licensing hassle or cost
    • Automatable administration through Ice middleware
    • Low resource cost for hosting
    • Very stable server software
    • Free choice between official and third party server software
    • Custom web-interfaces for users through Ice
      • Or host one of the available free software web interfaces
    • Provide users with channel viewer data (CVP) without giving control away
      • Or empower the users by providing the Ice interface

    To get started you can check out our Server guide.

    In order to work with the library and the Discord API in general, we must first create a Discord Bot account.

    Creating a Bot account is a pretty straightforward process.

    Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.

    Click on the “New Application” button.

    Give the application a name and click “Create”.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Create a Bot User by navigating to the “Bot” tab and clicking “Add Bot”.

    Click “Yes, do it!” to continue.

    Make sure that Public Bot is ticked if you want others to invite your bot.

    You should also make sure that Require OAuth2 Code Grant is unchecked unless you are developing a service that needs it. If you’re unsure, then leave it unchecked.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Copy the token using the “Copy” button.

    This is not the Client Secret at the General Information page.

    It should be worth noting that this token is essentially your bot’s password. You should never share this to someone else. In doing so, someone can log in to your bot and do malicious things, such as leaving servers, ban all members inside a server, or pinging everyone maliciously.

    The possibilities are endless, so do not share this token.

    If you accidentally leaked your token, click the “Regenerate” button as soon as possible. This revokes your old token and re-generates a new one. Now you need to use the new token to login.

    And that’s it. You now have a bot account and you can login with that token.

    Inviting Your Bot¶

    So you’ve made a Bot User but it’s not actually in any server.

    If you want to invite your bot you must create an invite URL for it.

    Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.

    Click on your bot’s page.

    Go to the “OAuth2” tab.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Tick the “bot” checkbox under “scopes”.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Tick the permissions required for your bot to function under “Bot Permissions”.

    Please be aware of the consequences of requiring your bot to have the “Administrator” permission.

    Bot owners must have 2FA enabled for certain actions and permissions when added in servers that have Server-Wide 2FA enabled. Check the 2FA support page for more information.

    How to set up your own discord chat server

    Now the resulting URL can be used to add your bot to a server. Copy and paste the URL into your browser, choose a server to invite the bot to, and click “Authorize”.

    The person adding the bot needs “Manage Server” permissions to do so.

    If you want to generate this URL dynamically at run-time inside your bot and using the discord.Permissions interface, you can use discord.utils.oauth_url() .