How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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People who are constantly late to things could benefit from setting their Apple Watch to run a little fast. Here’s how to make watchOS time travel.

Modern life offers many ways for people to keep track of things they need to do. There are many notifications, alarms, and alerts a user can set up to remind them of events and other appointments they need to know about.

While useful, this isn’t that effective when used against a procrastinator. If they have an appointment at 7 p.m. and even set up an alert in advance to leave ahead of schedule, some people will still leave it until the last possible minute to leave.

One way people can trick themselves into being on time is simply to set their watch to be a few minutes fast. If they see the watch displaying it’s 7 p.m., it’s plausible that they may actually leave because they actually see the “time,” even if they know it is fast.

This is relatively trivial to set up on an analog watch or a non-smart digital version, but the same cannot be said for smartwatches like the Apple Watch. Thanks to its enhanced connectivity, the time is repeatedly checked and updated, with it automatically taking into account daylight savings and time zones when traveling.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

You can, however, still set the Apple Watch to run fast in this manner, though it does require accessing the settings.

How to set the Apple Watch to run fast

  • Open the Settings app on the Apple Watch.
  • Scroll down and tap Clock.
  • Under Set Watch Face Display Time Ahead, tap the box showing +0 min and the current time.
  • Turn the Digital Crown to set how many minutes you want the Apple Watch to run fast.
  • Tap Set.

This will allow you to set your Apple Watch to run a specific number of minutes fast, but only for the watch face.

As watchOS warns, the minute changes only apply to the displayed time, and not the features and functions that rely on the time. This means any notifications or alerts will still arrive at the correct time, regardless of what the watch face is set to display.

It also doesn’t affect any time functions on a paired iPhone either. If you have an alert in Calendar set to go off at a specific time, it will still do so at the correct time, not the visible “fast” version.

You can set it between 1 minute and 59 minutes fast, or to 0 to negate the effect. If you want to set it beyond an hour fast, you will also have to change the time zone.

There is no obvious way to set the Apple Watch to run slow instead of fast, but it can be accomplished using a different time zone and then setting the number of minutes in this way as appropriate.

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How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Chances are you lead a very busy life, and things are very time intensive. If you’re one of those people who likes to set your clocks forward so you can run ahead of schedule, then the Apple Watch will let you do that.

Setting the time forward is one of those old tricks a lot of people use to fool themselves into thinking they’re operating ahead of schedule. Normally, all you would do is wind the minute hand ahead — so instead of leaving for work at 8 AM you’re out the door at “8:10”.

The problem with a device like the Apple Watch is you can’t manually set the time because it automatically syncs with your iPhone.

The Watch OS offers a workaround to this problem, however, by allowing you to set the clock a few minutes ahead. This way, the false time is displayed on the watch face, but any reminders, appointments, and events are still shown at the actual time they occur.

To set the time ahead, first access the Watch settings, then tap “Time” (as shown above).

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

You can set the time anywhere from one to 59 minutes ahead. In our example, we’re setting it ahead at a reasonable 10 minutes fast. Use the digital crown to wind the time forward and then tap “Set” to make your changes.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastYou can set the time ahead from one to 59 minutes.

Now, when we return to our watch face, it shows the time as being 10 minutes ahead of the actual time.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastYou can tell the time has been set ahead because the time in Cupertino (CUP) is still displayed as 2:25.

Remember, any notifications, such as appointments and reminders, will still occur at the actual time. This ensures that you don’t forget and waltz into a meeting or show up for a doctor’s appointment 10 minutes late.

Be sure to note that this feature is far different from Time Travel, which lets you wind the clock ahead and backward to see what kind of upcoming or past events you have.

Ordinarily, setting the time on your Apple Watch is something you never need to worry about.

Your Watch automatically takes the time from your iPhone, and thus never needs to be adjusted — it’s based on your current time zone, never runs fast or slow, and automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.

Even so, it’s possible to set the time on your Apple Watch manually if you need to. There are two ways to do so.

First, if you want to change the time on both your iPhone and Watch at the same time, you can manually set the time zone settings on your iPhone. To do that, follow the instructions in the article, “How to manually change the time and date on your iPhone, or set it to update automatically based on your location.”

Second, if you only want to change the time on your Apple Watch, you can adjust it from the Settings app on your watch.

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How to set the time on an Apple Watch manually

1. Start the Settings app on your Apple Watch. To do that, press the Digital Crown and tap the app icon that’s shaped like a gear.

2. Scroll down and tap “Clock.”

3. On the Clock page, tap “+0 min.”

4. Spin the Digital Crown to choose how many minutes ahead you want the clock to display the time, and then tap “Set.” You can set the watch to display a time that’s up to 59 minutes ahead of your iPhone’s correct local time. You can’t change the hour like this, however.

5. Once you’ve set the time how you like, just exit the Settings app.

– Jan. 10th 2020 1:24 pm PT

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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Love your Apple Watch but want to manually adjust the time like on an analog watch? Read on for how to set your Apple Watch ahead by a custom amount of time.

If you’d like your Apple Watch to be an accurate timepiece, you don’t have to do anything. Its default behavior is to automatically set the time, and it will adjust on its own for daylight savings time and time zone changes.

However, if you’d like to manually adjust the time on your Apple Watch, you can set it ahead by anything from 1 minute up to 59.

How to adjust the time of your Apple Watch

If you decide to set your Apple Watch ahead, it’s only the watch face that will be affected. All notifications and alerts for the Calendar and Reminders apps, etc. will happen at the actual time.

  1. Open Settings on your Apple Watch
  2. Swipe or scroll down to Clock
  3. Tap on +0 min
  4. Use the digital crown to set your watch ahead
  5. Tap Set

Here’s how these steps look:

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Now you can set your Apple Watch ahead by up to 59 minutes.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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Learn how to use your iPhone to set up your new Apple Watch.

What you need

To set up and use a new Apple Watch, you need an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later. Learn how to identify your iPhone model and how to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

Before you begin

  • Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
  • Make sure that your iPhone has Bluetooth turned on, and that it’s connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

If you already set up your Apple Watch but want to use it with a different iPhone, you can transfer your Apple Watch and its content to your new iPhone.

Turn on your Apple Watch and put it on

To turn on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. This may take a few minutes.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Hold your Apple Watch close to your iPhone

Wait for the “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” message to appear on your iPhone, then tap Continue. If you don’t see this message, open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap All Watches, then tap Pair New Watch.

If this is your Apple Watch, tap Set Up for Myself. Or tap Set Up for a Family Member, then follow the steps to set up the watch for someone in your family.

Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together until you complete these steps.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Hold your iPhone over the animation

Center the watch face in the viewfinder on your iPhone. Wait for a message to say that your Apple Watch is paired.

If you can’t use the camera, or you don’t see the pairing animation or your iPhone can’t read it, tap Pair Apple Watch Manually, then follow the steps that appear.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Set up as new or restore from a backup

If this is your first Apple Watch, tap Set Up as New Apple Watch. Otherwise, tap Restore from Backup. If asked, update your Apple Watch to the latest version of watchOS.

Your Apple Watch might require a software update before you can set it up. If your iPhone says that a software update is available, tap Update Now and wait for the update process to finish.

Read the Terms and Conditions and tap Agree, then tap Agree again to continue.

Sign in with your Apple ID

If asked, enter your Apple ID password. If you aren’t asked, you can sign in later from the Apple Watch app: Tap General > Apple ID, then sign in. Certain features that require a cellular phone number won’t work on cellular models of Apple Watch unless you sign in to iCloud.

If Find My isn’t set up on your iPhone, you’ll be asked to turn on Activation Lock. If you see an Activation Lock screen, your Apple Watch is already linked to an Apple ID. You need to enter the email address and password for that Apple ID to continue set up. If your Apple Watch was previously owned, you might need to contact the previous owner to remove Activation Lock.

Choose your settings

Your Apple Watch shows you which settings it shares with your iPhone. If you turned on features such as Find My, Location Services, Wi-Fi Calling, and Diagnostics for your iPhone, these settings automatically turn on for your Apple Watch.

Next, you can choose to use other settings, like Route Tracking and Siri. If Siri isn’t already set up on your iPhone, it will turn on after you choose this option. You can also choose the text size for your watch.

Create a passcode

You can skip creating a passcode, but you need one for features like Apple Pay.

On your iPhone, tap Create a Passcode or Add a Long Passcode, then switch to your Apple Watch to enter your new code. To skip, tap Don’t Add Passcode.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Choose features and apps

Next, you’ll also be asked to set up Apple Pay by adding a card. Then we’ll walk you through setting up features like automatic watchOS updates, SOS, and Activity. On cellular models of Apple Watch, you can also set up cellular.

Finally, you can install your apps that are compatible with Apple Watch, or choose to install apps individually later.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Wait for your devices to sync

Depending on how much data you have, syncing might take some time. While you wait for your watch to sync, try Apple Watch Basics to learn a little about how to use your watch.

Keep your devices close together until you hear a chime and feel a tap from your Apple Watch, then press the Digital Crown.

Different people have different relationships with time. Some people are naturally punctual or early, while others struggle to make their appointments every day. But figuring out how to stick to a schedule is different for everyone, and you may have found that an effective method for you involves setting your clocks ahead by a few minutes.

Fortunately you have the ability to offset time on your Apple Watch, so you can set the device 5 minutes (almost any number of minutes) ahead if that is something that you like to do. Our tutorial below will show you where to find and how to use this feature.

How to Make Your Apple Watch 5 Minutes Fast

The steps in this guide were performed on an Apple Watch 2, using the 3.2 version of the WatchOS operating system. This is only going to change the displayed time on your watch to be five minutes ahead. Any alerts and notifications will still arrive at the correct time, and the time on your iPhone will still display correctly.

Step 1: Press the crown button on the side of the watch to get to the app screen, then tap the Settings app icon.

open apple watch settings

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Step 2: Select the Time option at the top of the menu.

open the apple watch time menu

” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=”” svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22’ data-src=”” alt=”open the apple watch time menu” width=”312″ height=”390″ data-srcset=” 312w,×300.jpg 240w” data-sizes=”(max-width: 312px) 100vw, 312px” />

Step 3: Tap the +0 min button at the center of the screen.

make clock fast on apple watch

” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=”” svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22’ data-src=”” alt=”make clock fast on apple watch” width=”312″ height=”390″ data-srcset=” 312w,×300.jpg 240w” data-sizes=”(max-width: 312px) 100vw, 312px” />

Step 4: Rotate the crown on the side of the watch until the correct amount of time is displayed at the center of the watch face. You can then press the green Set button at the bottom of the screen.

how to set watch time ahead on apple watch

” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=”” svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22’ data-src=”” alt=”how to set watch time ahead on apple watch” width=”312″ height=”390″ data-srcset=” 312w,×300.jpg 240w” data-sizes=”(max-width: 312px) 100vw, 312px” />

One of the bigger annoyances for Apple Watch owners can be the Breathe reminders. If you aren’t using them and find that you are dismissing the reminders as they arrive, then this article can show you how to turn them off.

Kermit Matthews is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with more than a decade of experience writing technology guides. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science and has spent much of his professional career in IT management.

He specializes in writing content about iPhones, Android devices, Microsoft Office and many other popular applications and devices.

This might sound weird, but I’m used to an analog watch where I always have the time set five minutes ahead. Why? So I’m not late to things. Can I do something like that on my new Apple Watch?

I have to admit, I’ve never quite understood the logic of people who set their watch to the wrong time deliberately, and then know that their watch is fast and isn’t the correct time. Don’t you just compensate in your head and therefore defeat any benefit you might realize by having it a few minutes fast?

Well, be that as it may, the surprising thing is that your Apple Watch can indeed be set to run a few minutes fast and still actually keep track of the correct time. Yes, clearly there are people at Apple HQ who have the same approach to time and time management, so you’re in luck!

Even better, it’s all something you can change and adjust on the Watch itself!

To start, tap on the Digital Crown once to get to app view:

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Now tap on Settings (the gear icon).

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Lots to check out here if you haven’t been to this area of your Apple Watch’s WatchOS 3.0 view before, but for our task, simply tap on Time to proceed.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

What it says below the adjustment is that “All alerts and notifications will still come in at the correct time. The only time affected by this is what is shown on your watch faces.”

In other words, if you have an alarm set for 8:00am and adjust your Apple Watch to be running ten minutes ahead, the alarm will be triggered when it’s 8:10am on your watch face (though actually still 8:00am). Got it?

Tap on the “+0 min” option and it’ll show you a pretty slick interface to adjusting how far ahead you want to travel in time, um, adjust your Watch:

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

You can swipe to choose +5 minutes, then tap on Set to change to that setting on your Watch face:

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Notice on the lower right that there’s an override on the Watch face that shows the correct and actual time (8:00am). Still, at a glance, it’s 8:05 and you’re late!

Good luck. This is definitely a set-and-forget sort of thing, so let us know how it works for you!

February 14, 2021

Apple Watch can not only help you reach your destination correctly but be there in time. You can even set it to run a few minutes fast. People who have the habit of being constantly late to things can greatly benefit from this minor tweak. So, let’s see how to set Apple Watch to run faster.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

How to set Apple Watch to run faster than normal?

If you are a slowpoke who keeps dilly-dallying for too long, one way to trick yourself into being on time is to simply keep your watch a few minutes fast. Read how to set Apple Watch to run faster!

  1. Enter the passcode to unlock your watch.
  2. Go to the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down to find Clock.
  4. Tap Clock to move to Set Watch Face Display Time Ahead,
  5. Gently tap the box showing +0 min and the current time.
  6. Turn the Digital Crown to configure the timing in minutes.
  7. Confirm the number of minutes you want the Apple Watch to run fast.
  8. Tap Set.

How to set Watch Face Display Time Ahead?

It’s important to note here, the change in timing will only apply to the displayed time. All the features and functions that rely on default time will not be affected by this change. So, the notifications or alerts you receive will show their correct time, regardless of what the watch face displays.

If you are wearing the watch, unlock it by entering the passcode, you’ve set.

Navigate to the Settings section.

Scroll down to find Clock option.

When seen, tap it to go to Set Watch Face Display Time Ahead heading.

There, tap the box showing +0 min and the current time.

Now, slowly turn the Digital Crown to set the time.

Check again the number of minutes you want the Apple Watch to run fast. If all looks good, tap the Set button to configure the changes.

What’s the permissible time limit for your Apple Watch to run faster?

You can set the time between 1 minute and 59 minutes fast, or to 0 to reverse the change. If you would like to change it beyond an hour fast, you’ll need to change the time zone.

You can set the clock ahead on your Apple Watch and move it back whenever you need to. We’ll walk you through the steps to adjust your watch’s time display.

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If you’re like me, you like to set your clocks ahead a few minutes to help prevent being late. No matter the reason you want to set your Apple Watch clock ahead, we’ll show you how to change the time on your Apple Watch.

Here’s how to set time on your Apple Watch to show a few minutes ahead:

    Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Scroll down and tap on Clock.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

Tap on the +0 min button.

How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

  • Turn the digital crown to adjust the number of minutes to set your watch ahead.
  • Tap Set.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Now your Apple Watch is set ahead by a specific number of minutes. You can go back and adjust this setting again at any time. Keep in mind that when you manually adjust your Apple Watch clock to show a few minutes ahead, your notifications and alarms will still be set to the correct time, so you won’t have to worry about missing important reminders or appointments. Next, learn how to make your Apple Watch speak time or tap it in morse code!


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    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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    You already knew it was great for notifications, and, of course, the time. You probably didn’t know it could do these 10 things as well.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Maybe you were one of the lucky recipients of a brand new Apple Watch this holiday season. That wouldn’t be that big of a stretch considering that they were on sale for ridiculous prices, and because Apple has sold an extraordinary number of its Series 5 and Series 3 smartwatches.

    While you’re getting familiar with your new time piece, here are ten things you probably didn’t know you could do with your Apple Watch:

    1. Reverse The Display and Crown

    You may already have known you could do this, but you might not have known how useful it really is. In fact, I shared five reasons you should wear your Apple watch upside down last summer, the biggest being that it puts the crown in a much more convenient location that won’t accidently turn up your volume or activate Siri.

    2. Control Your Apple TV

    We have four young children, which means that things end up missing. Especially the small remotes that Apple ships with the Apple TV. The good news is, if you ever find yourself in a pinch, your Apple Watch has an app for that. Just open the Remote app on your Apple Watch and you can swipe your way to your favorite Netflix or Disney+ film.

    3. Set Your Watch Ahead

    When I wore an analog watch, I always had it set a few minutes fast. It just made more sense to my brain, and it helped me get places on time. Now, you can do the same on your Apple Watch. Just go to the settings app on the watch, select “Clock” and scroll the digital crown to adjust the time shown up to 59 minutes.

    4. Share Your Location via iMessage

    The Apple Watch isn’t the best for sending messages, but if you’ve ever tried to let a friend or your spouse know where to meet you, the good news is that your watch makes it easy. From the iMessage conversation, simply force touch the display and then select the pin option to send your location. They’ll receive a message with your location on a map. It’ll even given them directions to your location.

    5. Set a Reminder for When You Get Home

    I’ve made no secret of my belief that Siri and the Reminders app are the best productivity combination on the iPhone, and the same is true with your watch. Simply raise the watch up, and say something like “Hey Siri, remind me to feed the dog when I get home.” She will.

    6. Find Your iPhone

    Let’s face it, the only reason some of us don’t lose our watch is because it’s on our wrist Everything else is fair game–especially our iPhones. Fortunately, if you have an Apple Watch, you can ‘ping’ your iPhone and it will make a tone, helping you figure out which couch you dropped it in. Just swipe up from the bottom of the watch face and tap the iPhone icon.

    7. Identify Background Music

    Sure, Shazam is great, but honestly, who needs it? Siri can do the same on your Apple Watch, just by raising your watch and asking her “Hey Siri, what song is this?” Actually, Apple bought Shazam and baked it into iOS, meaning you can get the same result without a separate app. By the way, it’ll also automatically add them to your Shazam library so you can go back later and remember your favorites.

    8. Unlock Your Mac

    It’s pretty slick to wake up my MacBook Pro and have it unlock automatically with my Apple Watch. No password or TouchID necessary. Well, technically, you have to make sure you’ve unlocked your Watch, and your MacBook has to have been unlocked once with your password since it started up. After that, it’s just sit down and get to work.

    9. Take a Photo on Your iPhone

    Selfies are great, but sometimes you need a little more room to fit everyone in. In that case, you probably set your iPhone somewhere with the timer set. That’s great, but there’s an even better option with your Apple Watch. Just open the Camera app on your Watch, which opens the same on your iPhone.

    It’ll give you a live preview, and allow you to either hit the shutter, or set a three-second timer, which is the perfect amount of time to let your arm fall back to your side and take the perfect photo. You can even review it right on your watch.

    10. Setup the Dock with Your Favorites

    You can access the dock on your Watch by pressing the side button (not to be confused with the digital crown). When you do, it’ll either pull up your recently used apps, or you can choose to have it pull up a list of favorites. To make the change, open the Watch app on your iPhone, select “Dock” and choose “Favorites.” You can then edit the list of apps that appear, which is a really useful way to have quick access to the ones you use most.

    A number of Apple Watch Series 7 owners have been experiencing issues with charging after updating to the latest watchOS 8.3 software, according to reports on the MacRumors forums, Reddit, and the Apple Support Communities.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast
    Many of the complaints are related to third-party Apple Watch chargers, with users finding that these devices no longer work to charge their Apple Watches. From Reddit:

    Updated my watch last night to 8.3, set it on my 3rd party charger this morning, came back after an hour and it had gained maybe 2%?

    Tried the same thing with my spouse’s watch and her 3rd party charger with the same result.

    Put them on the official charger, zoom, done charging in no time. Argh!

    There are reports about multiple third-party chargers, and it seems to be a widespread problem affecting several different models rather than an issue with a few select chargers. Many of the complaints are about the affordable third-party chargers that come from Amazon, and there are fewer reports about brands like Belkin being non-functional.

    In many cases, the Apple Watch will charge for a few minutes, and then charging will suddenly stop. Restarting the Apple Watch can help jump start charging, but it does not appear to be a permanent solution for most people, with the charging issues recurring.

    A smaller number of users are also having issues charging with Apple-supplied Apple Watch charging pucks, and still others are seeing very slow charging speeds or the Apple Watch battery draining while on the charger. From the MacRumors forums:

    Charging problems are more often with watchOS 8.3. It has become ridiculous, it charges around 2% in 10 minutes. What is this? The new ultra slow charging exclusively for Watch Series 7 or what.

    This is everything but not the advertised fast charging.

    There have been complaints about ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ charging issues since early November, and Apple initially addressed a problem that was causing slow charging speeds in the watchOS 8.1.1 update.

    Some users continued to see issues even after that November watchOS 8.1.1 update, and the watchOS 8.3 update appears to have introduced issues for even more Apple Watch owners. It is not clear if Apple has a fix in the works for the issues that users are experiencing after the watchOS 8.3 update, but it is likely that the problem will be addressed in a future update.

    Most of the affected models are ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ devices, but there have also been a handful of charging complaints from Apple Watch Series 6 owners.

    September 21 st , 2015

    Today I released a new app Sleep++ (View on App Store) that uses the motion tracking capabilities of your Apple Watch to monitor how well you are sleeping at night. This is one of the capabilities made possible by the new improvements of watchOS 2.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    To use the app you need to wear your Apple Watch while you sleep each night. This presents an obvious problem, when do I charge it?.

    I have been tracking my sleep every night for a couple of months now so I’ve learned a few strategies to make this work pretty well.

    The TL/DR is to charge your Apple Watch in the morning while you get ready for your day (take a shower, get dressed, etc) and then again in the evening while you get ready for bed (brush teeth, put on pajamas, etc). Then put your Apple Watch in Airplane Mode while you sleep.

    Your Apple Watch probably needs less charging time each day than you think. You can take advantage of the way its batteries charge to get a lot of power in a short amount of time. Like most Lithium Ion batteries the Apple Watch’s charging rate is dependent on how much charge it is holding, i.e. it charges faster when empty than it does when full.

    I did several trials to confirm this with my testing watches and was able to determine the typical charging profile 1 .

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    As you can see, below around 80% full the Apple Watch charges at around 1%/minute, after 80% it slows to around 0.5%/minute. If you are trying to wear your Apple Watch all day you’ll probably never hit 80% full so you can always be charging in the ‘fast’ mode.

    To work out how much time you need to have it on the charger each day just note how full your battery typically is each night currently. For me, this was around 50% full. So I then needed to find roughly 50 minutes of time during my day to charge my watch (since it is all at the faster 1%/min rate).

    I found that this worked out well for my daily routine. I put my watch on charge in the morning while I get ready for around 30 minutes. Then again in the evening for around 20 minutes. Between those two charging sessions I’ve never run out of battery.

    Side benefit: Silent Alarms

    Another side benefit of wearing your Apple Watch all night is that you can easily set completely silent alarms to wake you up. I really like being able to be awoken by a gentle tapping on my wrist and get out of bed without disturbing my wife. Just make sure you mute the chimes before you head to bed.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    You can also slightly increase your charging rate (by around 10-20%) by using one of the higher output iPad chargers, but since this isn’t specifically recommended by Apple do so at your own risk.В ↩

    For help with the Time Timer® Apple Watch App.

    Once you have purchased and installed the iPhone app, you should see Time Timer listed under “INSTALLED ON APPLE WATCH” on your iPhone WATCH APP. The Time Timer app should now show on your watch and be ready to use.

    How do I open the Time Timer app on my watch?

    Simply tap the Time Timer icon to open the app.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    How do I set a timer on my Apple Watch?

    Open the app and turn your watch’s digital crown to set a timer anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes in length. The size of the red timer disk will visually indicate how many minutes you’re placing on your timer.

    Time duration also is displayed in the orange box below the timer face.

    Tap the orange triangle to play the timer.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Is it possible to repeat a timer?

    Yes. Force Touch (an extra hard press) your watch face to open up the app’s settings. Within settings, you can select the number of times to play a timer.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    How do I delete a timer?

    Force Touch (an extra hard press) your watch face to access settings. Then select delete.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Also, after a timer has completed running, a trash can icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen for a quick delete option if the timer is no longer needed.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    How do I set a custom scale timer?

    The red disk defaults to represent 60 minutes. If you’d like to customize the time scale, tap on the overlapping circle icons in the lower left-hand side of the watch face. This allows you to toggle between a custom scale disk and 60-minute scale disk.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Once you select custom, you can select the hours, minutes and seconds you want the entire disk to represent. Tap on each time area (hours, minutes, seconds) to adjust duration using the digital crown.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    What is the difference between a 60-minute timer and custom scale timer?

    A 60-minute timer is fixed and numbered where the disk is always a fraction on 60 minutes. It looks and works exactly like our standalone timers.

    A custom scale timer is a timer that is scaled to any time duration. The full disk can represent anything from 1 second up to 59 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Custom mode is ideal for activities where you need much more or much less than 60 minutes.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Can I make the disk different colors?

    Yes – just pause your timer (custom or 60-minute) and Force Touch (an extra hard press) the screen.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Tap on the setting icon that looks like a gear, then tap on disk color to select your favorite color.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    What happens when a timer is over?

    At the end of the timer, there’s a single ding sound, as well as a short vibration.

    How do I check the volume setting on the watch?

    You can set the volume standards both on the watch or the paired phone.

    To set it on the Watch:

    • Open the Settings app
    • Swipe with your finger, or turn the Digital Crown (the round button on the edge of the watch) to scroll down to “Sounds & Haptics”
    • Ensure the Alert Volume is, say, 50%. Tapping on the speaker icons will lower or raise the volume of the alert. Alternatively, you can turn the Digital Crown to change the volume.
    • Ensure Silent Mode is off.
    • Scroll down to “Haptic Strength”. It has three settings: off, medium (1 bar), and strong (2 bars). Make sure it’s not off.

    On the paired iPhone:

    • Open the Watch app
    • Tap “Notifications”. Scroll down the list of apps until you find Time Timer. Ensure its notifications are enabled (switch is green).
    • Tap on General. Check that “Do Not Disturb” mode is off, or if you’re Mirroring iPhone, the scheduled time is out with the hours you’re testing the app.
    • Tap the back button twice until the title bar reads “My Watch”
    • Tap on “Sounds & Haptics”. Changing the Alert Volume here will produce a test click sound on the Watch. Note that setting the volume here doesn’t change the slider on the Watch, so it’s possible to have the Watch Alert Volume at 100% and the same setting on the iPhone at 0%, and you won’t hear anything. Setting Alert Volume to 50% should be sufficient.
    • Check the “Haptic Strength” setting below “Silent Mode”. This setting mirrors the same on the Watch – changing it on the phone will immediately change it on the Watch and vice versa.
    • Ensure Silent Mode is off. Like the “Haptic Strength” setting, this is mirrored between Watch and iPhone.

    For more information visit Apple’s help page here:

    Is it possible to save a timer on my Apple Watch?

    Yes – you can create and save multiple timers. Just tap the name of your timer in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, and then tap Add Timer. To add additional timers, just repeat this process.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Every timer is automatically saved in the list view.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need my phone for the Apple Watch app to work?

    No, the app works on your watch even if you’re not near your iPhone, but you do need to install the full app on your phone. You can create, use and delete timers all on your watch.

    I purchased a new device or accidentally deleted the App. Do I have to buy the app again?

    If you have already purchased the App once, then the App Store should give you the option to re-download it if you are logged into the Apple ID you used to purchase the app. There is no need to purchase the app again.

    How do I keep my Apple Watch from falling asleep when I am using the timer?

    All Apple Watches fall asleep after 15 seconds. Luckily, your timer will continue to run in the background even if your watch is asleep. When your timer is up, the watch will vibrate, ding and bring a visual alert up on the watch face.

    It’s very common for people to set different times on the clocks that they use everyday. Whether that means setting the clock in your car ahead a few minutes, or setting your alarm clock ahead to help you wake up on time, there are certainly benefits to punctuality that exist because a clock time is set ahead. If you partake in this practice, then you might be looking for a way to set your Apple Watch time ahead by a few minutes.

    Our guide below will show you how to accomplish this by changing a setting on the Apple Watch itself. You will be able to specify a number of minutes by which you want to set your watch time ahead. I will be using 5 minutes in this example, but you can choose any number of minutes between 1 and 59.

    How to Set the Time Forward on an Apple Watch

    The steps below were performed on an Apple Watch 2, in Watch OS 3.1.3. These steps will show you how to adjust the time displayed on the Apple Watch, relative to the current time. You can choose any number of minutes, between 1 and 59, by which you would like to set the watch time ahead.

    Step 1: Open the Settings app on the watch.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Step 2: Select the Time option at the top of the menu.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Step 3: Tap the gray button that says +o min.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Step 4: Twist the crown on the side of the watch to select the number of minutes that you want to set the watch ahead. Tap the Set button when you are done.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Would you like to change the time on your iPhone as well? Learn how to adjust the time settings on the iPhone either by using an automatic time option, or by manually configuring it yourself.

    Matthew Burleigh has been writing tech tutorials since 2008. His writing has appeared on dozens of different websites and been read over 50 million times.

    After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science he spent several years working in IT management for small businesses. However, he now works full time writing content online and creating websites.

    His main writing topics include iPhones, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Android, and Photoshop, but he has also written about many other tech topics as well.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Скорее всего, вы ведете очень загруженный образ жизни, и это требует очень много времени. Если вы один из тех, кто любит переводить часы вперед, чтобы опережать график, Apple Watch позволят вам сделать это.

    Установка времени вперед – один из тех старых приемов, которые используют многие люди, чтобы обмануть себя, заставив думать, что они действуют с опережением графика. Обычно все, что вы делаете, это заводите минутную стрелку вперед, поэтому вместо того, чтобы уходить на работу в 8 утра, вы выходите за дверь в «8:10».

    Проблема с таким устройством, как Apple Watch, заключается в том, что вы не можете вручную установить время, потому что оно автоматически синхронизируется с вашим iPhone.

    Однако ОС Watch предлагает обходной путь к этой проблеме, позволяя вам установить часы на несколько минут вперед. Таким образом, на циферблате отображается ложное время, но все напоминания, встречи и события по-прежнему отображаются в то время, когда они произошли.

    Чтобы установить время вперед, сначала войдите в настройки часов, затем нажмите «Время» (как показано выше).

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Вы можете установить время от одной до 59 минут вперед. В нашем примере мы устанавливаем его на разумные 10 минут. Используйте цифровую корону, чтобы перемотать время вперед, а затем нажмите «Установить», чтобы внести изменения.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastВы можете установить время вперед от одной до 59 минут.

    Теперь, когда мы вернемся к нашему циферблату, он показывает время, опережающее фактическое время на 10 минут.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastВы можете сказать, что время установлено заранее, потому что время в Купертино (CUP) по-прежнему отображается как 2:25.

    Помните, что любые уведомления, такие как встречи и напоминания, по-прежнему будут появляться в конкретное время. Это гарантирует, что вы не забудете и не войдете на встречу или не придете на прием к врачу на 10 минут позже.

    Обязательно учтите, что эта функция далеко отличается от путешествия во времени l, который позволяет вам заводить часы вперед и назад, чтобы увидеть, какие у вас предстоящие или прошлые события.

    How To Change Time On Apple Watch – Set Time

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    The great news is that there is a way for you to still wear your Watch for most of the day while enjoying the added benefit of using your Watch to track sleep at night without having your battery die. The key is to adopt the correct daily charging habit.

    Let’s get started with some basic fundamentals. According to Apple [1], one can expect it to take 90 minutes to charge an Apple Watch battery from 0% to 80%. Furthermore, according to Apple [1], one can expect about 18 hours of Apple Watch battery life with typical use. Additionally, based on our own experience and from user feedback, SleepWatch, our app that automatically tracks your sleep patterns in the background, does not add additional significant drain on battery life.

    This means that under typical use, as long as you charge your Watch for about 60 to 90 minutes every day, you should be able to keep your Apple Watch battery topped off for around-the-clock wearability while using it during the day and at night to track your sleep.

    Based on our own experience and feedback from SleepWatch users, we recommend devoting 60 to 90 minutes every evening before bed to charge your Watch. For example, if you typically go to bed at 10:00pm; then we recommend adopting a habit of starting to charge your Watch at 8:30pm or 9:00pm before putting your Watch back on your wrist for sleep. Alternatively, some users prefer to charge the Watch for about 30-45 minutes in the morning when getting ready or showering and for another 30-45 minutes in the evening prior to bedtime.

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    Here are all the coolest Apple Watch tips and tricks to get the most out of your wearable device.

    The Apple Watch introduced a fundamentally new way of interacting with a smartwatch. This means there are a whole lot of new tricks to learn about, of course.

    While you may have discovered some of these Apple Watch tips on your own, others might be totally new to you. So take a look through these cool Apple Watch features and you’ll hopefully spot something you want to try out.

    1. Set a Photo as a Watch Face

    For a great way to personalize your Apple Watch face, why not use a photo from your library? It takes only a minute to pop a picture of your pet, child, or favorite vacation spot on your Watch.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
    2. Open the particular picture you want to set.
    3. Tap the Share icon and select Create Watch Face.
    4. Select the Photos Watch Face. If you’re feeling fancy, try the Kaleidoscope Watch Face instead.
    5. Tap Add.

    Image Gallery (3 Images)

    Your Watch should now rock the custom picture on its face.

    If you don’t see the change reflected, you need to manually update the Watch face. Swipe all the way to the right until you find your custom photo face.

    2. Save Music Locally to the Apple Watch

    Listening to music while you’re hitting the gym or heading out for a run can be exhilarating. But having to carry around your iPhone during such intense activities isn’t convenient.

    Fortunately, you can sync music from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. The music is stored locally on your Watch, so you can leave your iPhone behind.

    Here’s how to sync music:

    1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
    2. Select Music.
    3. Tap Add Music and select the playlists you would like to sync.

    Image Gallery (2 Images)

    Note that the sync begins only when you place the Watch on its charger. The wireless transfer takes some time, so be patient while the sync completes.

    Once it’s done, you can play music locally on your Apple Watch by opening the Music app. Just pop in your AirPods or any other good AirPods alternative.

    3. Use Apple Watch to Locate Your Misplaced iPhone

    This is one of the most useful Apple Watch tricks, especially if you regularly misplace your iPhone in the house. Your Apple Watch can help you locate your paired iPhone.

    Simply swipe up on your Apple Watch to open the Control Center, then tap the ping icon. Your iPhone should make a loud sound to help you locate it. You can also long-press the ping icon and your iPhone’s LED will flash briefly to help you locate it in the dark.

    Note that you need to long-press the ping icon, not Force Touch it. This trick also works when your iPhone is on silent mode.

    4. Eject Water From Apple Watch After a Swim

    The Apple Watch Series 2 and later has a water resistance rating of 50 meters, which means you can wear it while swimming. However, water can get inside the speaker or the microphone port, leading to temporary muffling or less accurate barometer altitude measurements.

    Thankfully, the newer watch versions come with a Water Lock feature that locks your screen automatically when you start a swimming workout. When you’re done, unlock the screen by spinning the Digital Crown. The screen will unlock and your watch will force water out of the speaker.

    You can also eject water manually. To do so, swipe up to access the Control Center on your Apple Watch. Tap the water droplet icon to initiate the process.

    Speaking of water, if you’re wondering how to clean your wearable without damaging it, check out these tips for cleaning your Apple Watch safely.

    5. Take Photos With Your Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a dedicated camera, but it can act as a remote for your iPhone’s camera. This remote capture feature is particularly useful if your iPhone is mounted on a tripod afar. It can be also helpful if you want to take large group selfies and make sure everyone fits within the frame.

    Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch and the Camera should automatically open on your iPhone. If it doesn’t, just open it up manually.

    Position the iPhone and frame it to get the perfect shot. From there, tap the shutter button on your Watch to take a picture remotely. To give yourself time to prepare for the shot, you can tap to set the timer which will count down from three seconds.

    You can view the pictures in the Photos app on your iPhone.

    By Charlie Sorrel • 11:00 am, January 28, 2020

    • How-To
    • Top stories

    Find out how to never ever know the actual time with this great tip.
    Photo: Jon Tyson/Unsplash

    Did you know you can force the Apple Watch to display the wrong time? You can. In fact, you can make it add up to 59 minutes to the actual time, and show that bogus data on the main display.

    It’s either the most useless setting on the Apple Watch or the most useful, depending on your point of view. Here’s how to make your Apple Watch tell the wrong time.

    How to set your Apple Watch time ahead

    To show the incorrect time on your Apple Watch, all you have to do is open up the Settings app on the watch, then tap on the Clock button. The top entry in the Clock setting section is Set Watch Face Display Time Ahead, and that’s exactly what it does. Tap it to see a clock face, and use the Digital Crown to crank the minutes forward. You cannot set the time offset backward — you can only add minutes. But you can go pretty far into the future, adding from one to 59 minutes to the actual time. You can decrease the accuracy of your Apple Watch by up to 59 minutes.
    Photo: Cult of Mac

    The best part of all this is that it’s all a scam, perpetrated for your benefit. The Apple Watch itself is never fooled by these shenanigans. Even if you set your watch almost an hour ahead, all alarms, and all other time-based features (activity tracking, etc.) will run on time. Set your Apple Watch 15 minutes ahead, and your 6 a.m. alarm will wake you up at 6 a.m., even while the watch shows 6:15.

    Why would you want to set the wrong time?

    Why on earth would you take a super-accurate timepiece and deliberately set it to show the wrong time? The most common reason I have gotten, after asking around, is that it stops you from being late. Setting the watch a few minutes fast tricks you into leaving early for appointments or to get to work. But why not just learn to leave on time?

    For example, say you’re always 10 minutes late getting to the office, and say that you usually leave at 7:20 a.m. The answer isn’t to set your watch forward 10 minutes, and then keep leaving at “7:20 a.m.” The answer is to leave at 7:10 a.m.

    The watch will ignore the fact that you set the time fast, so your alarms still ring on time. But if you set your Apple Watch time forward, what does “on time” even mean anymore? You have already uncoupled yourself from the consensus timeline, so your alarms are meaningless. If your morning wakeup alarm sounds at 6:30 a.m., and you glance at the watch and see 6:10, what does that mean? What about a calendar alert to go to a meeting? The alert sounds at 3 p.m., for example, and yet your watch shows 3:10 p.m., or even 3:59 p.m. if you set your watch ahead to the maximum-allowed offset.

    How can this nonsense help anyone? You’re spending the whole day, every day, having to work out what the real time is, and never really knowing when you are. What a terrible habit to cultivate, when the fix is so simple — just learn not to leave too late.

    Wear two watches?

    Still, even this terrible habit is better than an even worse timekeeping sin — wearing two watches. When I was in school, we had what we then called a “dinner lady.” (She would now be called a “supervisory lunch operative.”) She wore two or three watches (it was too long ago for me to remember the exact number), all on the same wrist. She said the setup meant she could work out the “real” time. Three watches, 3x the accuracy, right?

    But the actual result was that she never knew the real time. Or rather, she could never settle on one useable time. It added unnecessary confusion. Now, in her defense, this was a long time ago, and her mechanical watches may not have been very accurate. But why would you buy a tool to make a job easier — telling the time — and then deliberately sabotage it so that you have to think about it every time?

    It’s like buying a tape measure that has been zoomed in or out 10%, so each inch or centimeter is now 1.1 inches or centimeters. It will ensure that you never under-measure anything, but you’ll have to think about it every single time. Or maybe it’ll prevent over-measuring? You see the problem?

    Anyhow, if you want to make life harder for yourself, every minute of every day, instead of just learning that if you’re always late, then you should leave a little earlier — now you know how.

    One of the most retweeted posts from Monday’s Apple event was a joke about the time shown on their new watch.

    As Apple fans obsessed over every detail, Twitter user Pratiik Rege joked that the watch was set at 10:09 in all images because 10:10 was “just too mainstream.”

    He actually may have been right.

    You may not have noticed but the default setting in adverts for many new watches is 10 minutes past 10 o’clock.

    Many well-known brands, including Rolex, Swatch and Tag Heuer, set their watches to this time for their adverts.

    Could Apple have set their watch at 10:09 to suggest they are ahead of the curve?

    Perhaps, but a quick look at other watch adverts suggest Apple are not the first to deviate from the 10 past 10 time.

    That’s because many companies show their watches at this time purely for aesthetic reasons.

    It makes sense therefore to adjust it by just a few minutes around this standard time according to what particular brands think suit their timepiece best.

    However it is thought that around 10 past 10 shows the watch at the best angle.

    If the logo is directly underneath the 12, this time also has the advantage of ‘framing’ the brand name between the two hands.

    It’s a symmetrical time too making it pleasing to the eye.

    Often manufacturers photograph the watch with the second hand in a position which emphasises this proportionality: pointing either at the 12, the 6, the 8 or the 4.

    Another favourite time with clock vendors has been 20 past 8, because of its symmetry.

    However 10 past 10 is thought to be a more “positive” time by brand experts, as it looks as if the face of the watch is smiling.

    Digital clocks are often sold at 12:08 for similar aesthetic reasons.

    It is thought to be pleasing on the eye, with the increase in pixels “satisfying” the potential buyer.

    This decidedly analogue answer hasn’t always satisfied though, with some people believing there are more sinister forces at work.

    A favourite conspiracy theory is that clocks show 10 past 10 because that is the exact time of Abraham Lincoln’s death.

    However, although he was shot at 10 past 10 in the evening, he died at around 7am the following morning.

    Another theory is that the clock is set at this time because that was the time that President John F Kennedy was assassinated. However John F. Kennedy, was shot in the head in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 pm.

    Another theory states that the Hiroshima atomic bomb exploded at 10:10 and clocks have been stopped at this time to remember this.

    It seems unlikely that watch manufacturers would want to associate their product with this event though. As well as the fact it happened at 8:16 am Japanese time.

    There are other conspiracy theories too.

    Fans of the Da Vinci code may want to interpret the 10:10 sign as being a chalice V symbol, the symbol for the sacred.

    Some say it was the time Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament at this time (it wasn’t: he was caught at around midnight on November 5).

    This isn’t the first time Apple fans have noticed a time-based quirk on their favourite products.

    The time shown on iPhones is 9.42am.

    Former Apple executive Bob Borcher said it shows this time because 9:42 AM was the exact hour, at which the iPhone was unveiled back in 2007.

    Scott Forstall, who led the original development team for the iPhone and iPad explained further: it was so that when the product could be displayed on the big screen about 40 minutes into the presentation, the time on the device would match the time it was unveiled.

    Apple’s moved on from that. Half an hour on.

    It’s likely that Apple decided to set its time at 10:09 to establish itself within watch-making tradition.

    Tim Cook told Bloomberg that during the design of the watch, Jon Ive, who led the project, “immersed himself in horological history.”

    It may just be a second in time, but 10:09 is further evidence that Apple is taking its new watch very seriously. This is not being referred to as a ‘smartwatch’, this is a watch that both wearable tech and the watch industry should take seriously.

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    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    If you’re the new owner of an Apple Watch, it’s time to learn how to set it up your way.

    Whether you have the new Series 7, the mid-range Apple Watch SE, or the Series 3 – it works the same way.

    However, getting paired is just the start, and you’ll quickly want to know how to get the most out of your new Apple Watch by downloading apps, getting started with Activity and more.

    This is the guide for your first few hours with the smartwatch – here’s six things to get started with.

    1. Set up and pair the Apple Watch

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Getting started with your new Apple Watch is simple. First things first, you need an iPhone 6s or higher, and it needs to be fully updated to the latest version of iOS. It’s mostly covered by on-screen instructions, but here’s the gist:

    1. On your iPhone, check that Bluetooth is on and that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then, open the Apple Watch app.

    2. Turn your Apple Watch on, then:

    • If your phone detects the watch is near, you should see the message, “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch”. Hit the ‘Continue’ button.
    • If you don’t see this, open up the Apple Watch app and tap ‘Start Pairing’. You’ll be prompted to hold your iPhone over the Apple Watch so it is visible in the camera’s viewfinder.

    3. Follow the prompts to complete your setup, such as choosing a language and watch orientation, and defining a passcode.

    4. If this is your first Apple Watch, you’ll then need to hit Set Up Apple Watch. If you’ve had a Watch before, you can choose to restore from an old backup.

    5. Should you later wish to unpair the Apple Watch, do so by going to the iPhone’s Apple Watch app and selecting My Watch > Apple Watch> Unpair Apple Watch.

    2. Install apps on the Apple Watch

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Standalone apps are one of the handiest features of the Apple Watch, but the majority are still extensions of apps on your handset.

    During setup, you’ll get the chance to install all available Apple Watch versions of your existing iPhone app – if you want.

    You can also do this later in the companion app, as well as choose whether to have new ones added automatically. We don’t like having scores of apps on the Watch we don’t use – so we do recommend being selective.

    You can also now browse and download apps through the App Store directly on your wrist.

    You might still find the iOS app useful due to screen room and reading, but you’re no longer dependent on your phone for apps. Just open up the App Store on your Apple Watch to get started.

    We’ve already reviewed and ranked the best Apple Watch apps to help you out.

    3. Set up Activity on the Apple Watch

    Even before owning an Apple Watch, you may have been familiar with the three rings. These form the basis of your daily activity tracking on the smartwatch.

    The Activity app relies on your personal information to make accurate assumptions about your steps, calorie burn and distance walked – so it’s essential you take the time to input your data.

    You can do this once your Apple Watch is set up – but, don’t forget, as you won’t have any tracked exercise or data until you enter your data.

    If you need help understanding the full ins and outs of the Apple Watch Activity and Workout apps once you’re all set up, make sure to check out our guide.

    4. Set an Apple Watch passcode (and Apple Pay)

    It’s not essential to have a passcode for the Apple Watch, but it’s necessary if you want to use Apple Pay.

    Unlike your iPhone, however, you don’t need to enter the code every single time you want to use the Watch. The heart rate monitor means that the Apple Watch can detect when it’s on your wrist, so you’ll only have to unlock it the once.

    You’ll be prompted to create a passcode or a long passcode on your iPhone during the setup process, which you then enter on the Watch. You can also opt to unlock your iPhone when you unlock the Watch, if you wish.

    At this point, you can also set up payment, too, but check out our dedicated guide to Apple Pay for more information.

    And check out our guide if you’ve forgotten your Apple Watch passcode or you want to learn how to to set one up.

    5. Manage your Apple Watch notifications

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Notifications are a big part of smartwatches, but no-one wants their wrist constantly buzzing. However, you can add a big element of control to what you see on the wrist.

    In the iPhone Apple Watch app, go to My Watch > Notifications. Within, you fine-tune notification settings.

    When active, the Notifications Indicator shows a red dot at the top of the watch face when you’ve got unread notifications. A privacy option exists for only showing notification details when you tap on an alert.

    Beneath these switches is a list of built-in apps, followed by third-party apps. Third-party apps each have a switch for mirroring alerts to your Apple Watch (said alerts are managed in the iPhone’s own Settings app).

    Most Apple apps are set to ‘Mirror my iPhone’ (as in, mirror alert settings from your iPhone) but can have custom options defined, such as turning on haptic alerts but disabling sound for Messages.

    Maps and Activity are exceptions, the former’s sole switch being for toggling alerts for upcoming turns, and the latter having granular options for stand reminders, progress updates, goal completions, achievements, and your weekly summary.

    6. Back up the Apple Watch

    When an iPhone is backed up to iCloud or iTunes, Apple Watch settings and data are included. Health and fitness data only comes along for the ride when using iCloud or an encrypted iTunes back-up.

    A restore from backup can be done using the iPhone Apple Watch app during a re-pairing process.

    Learn how to back up or restore the Apple Watch with our complete step-by-step guide.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Apple Watch stops charging issue

    Apple Watch Stops Charging Pattern

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast
    The AW charging problem occurs close after you connect your device to the MagSafe puck. The smartwatch unexpectedly stops charging. You’ll only notice it when you get back a while later to pick it up from the charger only to notice that the remaining battery percentage grew by only a small amount. You might think that the Apple Watch is charging slowly, when in fact it’s charging for just a few minutes before it stops and doesn’t charge at all anymore.

    Is Optimized Battery Charging To Blame?

    Some might think that the Apple Watch stops charging because the Optimized Charging feature kicks-in, which by the way is a new addition in watchOS 7. However, this can only be the case if the Watch stops at charging when the 80% battery charge is reached.
    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast
    Tip: To filter out this feature that aims to prevent battery ageing, you can manually disable it from your wrist. Click the Digital Crown and browse for Settings -> General -> Battery -> Battery Health -> Optimized Battery Charging (Turn Off). More details are available here.

    How To Fix Apple Watch Not Charging

    At the time of writing we couldn’t fully fix this problem, but here are a few troubleshooting tips that will have you to temporarily solve it:

    1. Disconnect and Reconnect Charger

    A quick fix for this issue is to disconnect your Apple Watch from the MagSafe puck, wait a couple of seconds and reconnect it. This usually, resumes the charging and the process should continue successfully until the battery is fully charged.
    However, in some cases they Watch might stop charging again. You’ll have to babysit it and proceed to the next step when finished.

    2. Force Restart Apple Watch

    The second option is to reboot the wrist-worn device and check if the slow charging issues reoccur during the next charging cycle. The easiest way to do it is by simultaneously pressing and holding the Digital Crown and the Side Button until the Apple Logo is displayed on the screen. The Watch will restart and hopefully charging will occur without any other problems.

    3. Try A Different Charger

    Another good tip is to try to charge your Apple Watch with a different MagSafe puck and notice if stops again. If it does, the problem is clearly watchOS 7 related.

    4. Install Software Update

    At the time of writing, the most recent software version is watchOS 7.1. Apple should fix the not charging bug in an upcoming release. We will update this article as soon as a new version is available. You can check it yourself from your wrist by browsing for Settings -> General -> Software Update.

    5. Restore Apple Watch

    There’s nothing much else that you can do, instead of erasing your Apple Watch and restoring it from a backup. This way you will force a fresh install and hopefully clear the bug out.
    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    • Grab the companion iPhone and open the Watch app.
    • In the My Watch tab, tap on All Watches.
    • Tap the orange ‘i’ icon next to your watch’s name.
    • Use the Unpair Apple Watch option to erase your watch.
      Fact: A full copy of the data on your device will be saved on your iPhone.
    • Next up, use the Watch app to re-pair your Watch to your iPhone.
    • Select the Restore from Backup option and select the most recent backup available. Be patient until the process is completed and configure your watch when ready.

    Are you also experiencing the Apple Watch not charging, slow charging, stops charging or however you might want to call it issue? Did any of the tips provided above help out? Do you know a better fix? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments section available below.

    Related: The Watch isn’t the only Apple device having problems with MagSafe. The new iPhone 12 lineup is also experiencing shortcomings with inductive charging. iPhone 12 models are either not charging at all or are stuck on the MagSafe charging animation.


    Something New

    Apple Watch can be locked or unlocked fairly easily, but if the smartwatch is locking by itself then there could be a problem with the settings.

    An Apple Watch can be locked or unlocked fairly easily, but there may be times when it performs these actions without the user wanting or expecting them to happen. A very common example is when an Apple Watch keeps locking by itself, making it more difficult and slower to check notifications than intended. In these situations, there are some quick things to check to see if it solves the Apple Watch keeps locking problem.

    Apple’s smartwatch can do a lot, including monitoring health and fitness-related data. However, one of its more primary functions is as an extension of the phone. Whether that’s receiving iPhone notifications, making calls, or checking messages, the Apple Watch can be a good solution. Not to mention, the fact it is generally attached to the user at all times, makes is a more convenient option overall.

    However, there might be times when the Apple Watch keeps locking by itself. To be clear, if an Apple Watch does lock itself, then it is doing this as a security measure to ensure the user’s apps and related data remains inaccessible to others. For example, taking off an Apple Watch for any length of time should automatically result in it being locked, according to Apple. Of course, if wearing the watch, and set to automatically unlock, then there may be a problem with the settings.

    Checking Apple Watch Unlocking Settings

    If an Apple Watch is locking unexpectedly, then the most likely issue is the current settings. Specifically, Wrist Detection might not be turned on or working as it should. To make sure Wrist Detection is enabled, open the Watch app on the connected iPhone, navigate to the My Watch tab and then tap on General followed by Wrist Detection and enable the feature, if it is not turned on already. Once enabled, Wrist Detection will ensure the Apple Watch remains unlocked while it is worn, although it may require the passcode to be entered after turning on for the first time.

    If Wrist Detection is already enabled, or turning it on doesn’t solve the locking issue, then the problem might be related to how the watch is being worn. Wrist Detection is not as simple as whether the watch is on the wrist or not, as wearing one too loosely can lead to the system assuming the watch is not being worn. Therefore, it may be worth checking the fit and making sure it is not too loose. It may also be worth quickly cleaning the back of the Apple Watch as well, to ensure the sensors are working as they should and without any unintended interference.

    If the problem still persists, then there are some more basic fixes that might work. The most obvious one is to unpair the Apple Watch and iPhone and then pair them again. Doing so may help to make sure the connection between the two is working as it should be, including the Watch knowing when to stay unlocked. Alternatively, checking both the Apple Watch and iPhone for any pending software updates may also fix any lingering issues and problems, such as an Apple Watch continually locking itself.

    Check out these troubleshooting tips before contacting Apple

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

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    If your Apple Watch doesn’t turn on, a few issues could be causing the problem. A dark screen doesn’t mean disaster. Most problems can be solved quickly, even if you already tried charging your Apple Watch overnight.

    Turn On the Apple Watch With a Force Restart

    The most common reason for the Apple Watch display to go dark and the watch to become unresponsive is a battery issue. Unless you’ve been wearing the Apple Watch all day and depleted the battery, the first troubleshooting step you should perform is a forced restart. You don’t want to wait a half-hour or more for the watch to charge if that isn’t the problem.

    The Apple Watch may have experienced a software issue, or you may have accidentally triggered a mode that caused the watch to go dark. A forced restart forces the device to turn off. When you turn on the Apple Watch, almost any problem except a dead battery will be resolved.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    ” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

    Hold down the Apple Watch crown, which is the dial that spins on the side, and the small button just below the crown simultaneously.

    Continue to hold down both buttons until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen. This signifies the Apple Watch is restarting.

    The watch should restart within 10 seconds, but keep both buttons down for at least 30 seconds before giving up on the force restart. In some rare cases, the process can take up to 30 seconds.

    If your Apple Watch turns on, you should be set. However, if your Apple Watch is frozen and only the time displays when you click the crown, skip down to the directions on how to fix a Power Reserve problem.

    Charge the Apple Watch

    This might sound like a no-brainer, but just because you think you are charging your watch doesn’t mean the watch is charging. If your Apple Watch turns off at the end of the day, it is likely a battery depletion issue. However, if you have problems in the morning or afternoon, your Apple Watch may not be getting enough battery power when it is charging.

    • Check the bottom of the Apple Watch to ensure there is no plastic wrap stuck to the watch. The Apple Watch uses induction to power up while sitting on the charging pad. Anything attached to the bottom of the watch can cause a problem.
    • Verify that the charging station is plugged into a wall outlet. Someone might unplug the charging station to use the wall outlet, and it’s easy to forget to plug it back into the wall.
    • Inspect the cable to ensure there are no cuts, worn-out spots, or other damage. If someone else in the household has an Apple Watch, use their watch to check that the charging station is supplying power. The watch’s display should show the power icon (a lightning bolt) when it is charging.

    Check the Apple Watch Settings

    The Apple Watch display can also be turned off via an accessibility feature called Screen Curtain. This feature is part of the VoiceOver assistance for the visually impaired. When VoiceOver is turned on, the watch is operated by sound rather than sight.

    If you performed a force restart, charged your phone, and inspected the charging station to no avail, check the Apple Watch settings to ensure VoiceOver is turned off. You don’t need your watch for this.

    Launch the Watch app from the iPhone you paired with the Apple Watch.

    Tap My Watch at the bottom if you aren’t on the My Watch screen.

    Scroll down and choose Accessibility.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Tap VoiceOver if it says “On” next to it.

    Tap the slider next to VoiceOver to turn off the feature.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Rule Out Power Reserve Mode

    Apple Watch has a Power Reserve mode similar to the low power mode for the iPhone, except that it is more extreme than the iPhone version. The Apple Watch shuts down almost all functionality when in Power Reserve mode, and the screen goes dark. When you press the crown button, the watch briefly displays the time before going dark again.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    To exit from Power Reserve mode, restart the watch. To do this, hold down the side button (not the crown) until the Apple logo appears. If this doesn’t work, hold down both the crown and the side button to perform a force restart.

    How is PowerReserve mode activated? The Apple Watch prompts you when it gets down to 10 percent of battery power. The screen makes it easy to turn on the power-saving mode accidentally. You can also turn it on if you tap the battery icon in the Apple Watch Control Center and tap Power Reserve at the bottom of the next screen.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Open the Control Center by swiping up on the watch face of the Apple Watch.

    Manipulating Objects

    Easily Change Colors

    Quickly Change Fonts

    Add Custom Fonts

    General Questions

    Minimum operating systems are iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and WatchOS 6 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple Watch respectively.

    Usage Questions

    The remote controls your clocks when you play them in full screen mode on your iPhone. Once you select multiple clocks on your iPhone and open them in full screen, you can use the Apple Watch app to flip between them by tapping on the left or right arrow buttons.

    Have more questions? Get support from the Facebook Clockology Fans group

    1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
    2. Go to General > Return to Clock
    3. Under the RETURN TO CLOCK section, tap After 1 hour

    Note: You must wake your watch to view Clockology at least once per hour in order for the app to remain on your watch screen for longer than 1 hour.

    Yes, you can add the Clockology complication to any of Apple’s stock watch faces. This will allow you to quickly launch the app.

    No, running Clockology in the forefront of your watch will not drain your battery. Clockology uses a relatively small footprint, and the likely cause for your battery drain is “Always-On” and your brightness settings.

    Some watch notifications could be the main cause. In order to resolve this, get into the habit of dismissing or answering your watch notifications. If a notification hangs out for too long on your watch, eventually it may self-dismiss and revert to your stock Apple Watch face.

    Navigation, auto-launch audio apps, and covering the display with your hand are also main reasons why Clockology will get sent to the background. Removing your watch from your wrist will also cause Clockology to run in the background.

    Clockology, like all third party apps, does not support always on. Currently, only Apple’s own watch faces and the workout app support always-on.

    Yes, it works great. You can freely edit your clocks while saving them to your iCloud Drive. Once you exit the editor, your clocks will automatically sync to to your other devices if you’ve saved your clock to your iCloud Drive.

    Clockology needs permissions to access your location for weather and your activity for health data. Please double check Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Clockology and Settings > Health > Clockology and verify Clockology is allowed to read this data. If these settings are not showing under Privacy please delete and reinstall Clockology and you should be prompted to give access again.

    Move your clock files to iCloud for automatic backup or copy/move the clocks to another location. (ie: Dropbox)

    Creator Questions

    • Depending on your iCloud Photo Library settings, you may discover that your transparent images have a white background instead. If the “Optimize Storage” setting is enabled on your device, transparent image files will automatically convert into lossy JPEG images with solid white backgrounds. There are 2 solutions:
    1. Choose your image files using the “Browse Files” button. This will allow you to select and import your original files directly from cloud storage services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
    2. Disable “Optimize Storage” on your device by navigating to and selecting:

    Settings > Photos > Download and Keep Originals*

    *You may need to wait a little while for this setting to take effect before importing transparent images. When enabling “Download and Keep Originals”, your device may not have enough storage space to compensate for your original images and videos.

    In your image editing software like Photoshop, create an document that is 200px high X 1600px wide. Separate that strip into 8 equal squares that are 200px X 200px each. Center each moon image within each square and import your strip into the moon phase image layer in Clockology.

    Here is an example that you are free to use:

    Create a long, horizontal image with 31 even squares like the example below:


    This could be due to different circumstances. If a clock has too many layers or the images used are too high in resolution, your app could crash.

    Try troubleshooting (reinstall the clock, the Clockology app, reset to defaults)

    Check the settings of the clock to see if something has changed.


    Because your merch is customized per order, typical shipping times are 1-2 weeks depending on your location in the world.

    We proudly offer free shipping for our merchandise.

    Forgot to start a workout? Here’s how to log those minutes after the fact.

    Anyone with an Apple Watch is fairly familiar with the wearable’s Fitness rings, the way to track the minutes, calories and stand hours collected throughout the day. But if someone doesn’t start an official workout, there is a chance the Apple Watch won’t collect your exercise minutes correctly.

    Luckily, there is a way to add these minutes back into the Fitness app — and also additional Stand hours as well. This isn’t the same as fixing any missing Fitness Trends, but a way to amend data captured by the Apple Watch.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastAdding workout details manually starts in the Health app GearBrain

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    How to add workouts manually

    We’ll start with adding minutes, or a missed workout, after the fact. While the Apple Watch acts as a fitness tracker, adding the minutes is actually done on the iPhone through the Health app — not the Watch app.

    • Open the Health App.
    • At the bottom, click on the four small boxes above the word “Browse.”
    • In the Search box, type in the word “Workouts”
    • Click on the red word “Workouts”
    • At the top right is the phrase, “Add Data.” Click on this.
    • Now you’ll see an option to add in time, through a start and end option, as well as select the kind of activity. You can also add in distance if you prefer and calories as well in this same field.
    • Now click “Add”

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fast

    Once you add these details be aware that they will show up in your Workout section of the Fitness app.

    If you make a mistake, adding in the wrong start and end time, for example, you can go in and delete them. But note that if you over calculate exercise minutes, for example, and as such set a new record for yourself and win an award — you will not be able to delete that award.

    The caveat? If you’re adding in these details after the fact, be careful, do them slowly and take your time. Still, here is how you can delete minutes after the fact.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastYou can also delete workout data GearBrain

    How to delete workouts

    Deleting data is a little different than adding in that you need to go into the actual data and delete the information. That means going into a different section of the Health app.

    • Open the Health App.
    • Scroll down to the phrase, “Show All Health Data,” and click on this.
    • Scroll down to “Walking + Running Distance” and click on this
    • Scroll almost to the bottom to the phrase, “Show all Data” and click on this
    • Locate the data that you want to erase from the date.
    • Now click on the upper right phrase, “Edit”
    • A red line will show up next to the entries. To delete click on the red line and the data will disappear.

    How to set your apple watch a few minutes fastAdding a stand hour is a simple entry GearBrain

    You can do this for stand minutes as well by:

    • Open the Health App.
    • Scroll down to the phrase, “Show All Health Data,” and click on this.
    • Scroll down to “Stand Minutes” and click on this
    • And then follow the same steps as above

    Want to add an extra Stand Minute? Here’s how:

    • Open the Health App.
    • At the bottom, click on the four small boxes above the word “Browse.”
    • In the Search box, type in the word “Workouts”
    • Click on the red word “Workouts”
    • At the top right is the phrase, “Add Data.” Click on this.
    • To add a Stand Minute, you’ll want to select “Other” as the Activity in the upper section scroll bar.
    • Now in the minutes below, make the time different between start and finish just one minute — be clear you haven’t changed the date.
    • Once done, click “Add”
    • That minute of exercise will now count as a Stand Minute in the Fitness ring.

    New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band