How to start delegating tasks effectively (step-by-step guide)

by Rawzaba Alhalabi Published on March 31, 2017

Many managers become discontented when they hear this word, as it seems to them that in delegation they will lose their authority, their power, and their leadership.

Lots of them feel the need to do everything themselves lacking trust in others. Or simply getting irritated by the tempo that others work with which make them end up feeling stressed and overloaded. So they become swamped and overwhelmed!

The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems of managers at all levels; nevertheless, delegation is one of the most powerful tools for a successful business leader.

The following 7 tips will help you to understand why should delegate:

Two is better than one

It seems that delegation can feel like more harass than it’s worth, however by delegating, you can hugely expand the amount of work that you can deliver.
By not delegating, you place a heavy burden on yourself. You can become so overwhelmed that your functioning and your health suffer. Delegating routine work will relieve some of your stress and give you more time to do your job. It is a way of creating time so you can continue what you alone can do best.

Develop your skills as a manager

By delegating, you give yourself more time to work on your skills and capacities. This will help you achieve your goals in less time and set up higher goals to reach. You will become more efficient as the stress will be less, which means that your vision will be wider.

Increasing communication

Hierarchy between you and your team will diminish by delegating. They will notice that you brought them to your level, which will make communication easier for you and them. In addition, explaining tasks and sharing ideas together will lessen the distance between the team’s workers. You will all be one unit doing its best for the benefit of all!

Collective success

In delegation, when reaching goals, the success will be the one of the whole team and not an individual. A collective success will make the person feel as an entity with the company, and it will empower the team to look forward to another success and another challenge to break!
“At the end, an empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success”.

Delegate to build An efficient team

By delegating, you give your team more confidence, making them feel important and letting them show what they are capable of. This will result in appreciation you and appreciate themselves, which will stimulate them, so they will work harder and become more dedicated to reaching their targets. Delegation helps staff members to be more engaged as they feel that their managers trusted them to succeed at the delegated tasks. They feel the urge to learn more and to work on their skills as they are exposed to more challenges.

Preserving good skilled people in your team

Effective delegation empowers subordinates to make decisions and to feel their importance. They will be motivated to aim for higher achievements within the same company. They will also feel satisfied and content, which will increase their loyalty and lower the risk that they will start looking for jobs outside the company.

Delegate to Save time

Actually, time is one of the most valuable resources a company has in today’s world. Effective delegation allows you the ability to maximize this that your company strives for – as they say, ‘Time is Money’! As it decreases delays in achieving tasks, and it also decreases delays on those who are waiting on you, as a manager, you are able to take more actions or make more decisions. Therefore, an investment in the effective delegation process needs to be seen as an investment not only in your people but also in the long term’s health and success of your association.

The fear of delegation is an illusion, just break it and you will have one of the greatest weapons to empower you and your team. Trust in yourself and in your team then they will amaze you with how far they can reach, making you reach even further.