How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Own an iPhone? You can do a lot more than what you possibly know. For one, did you know that you could take time lapse videos with your iPhone?

What is a time-lapse video?

A time lapse video helps click the video at set intervals. It’s great if you are taking videos of some place or nature and can give you a much wider view of things. You can take time lapse videos at regular intervals, from a few seconds to a few hours with your iPhone.

Why would you want to take a time lapse video?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how things change? Or maybe you’re a nature lover. Or perhaps you are on an assignment. It doesn’t matter – if you’ve time lapse with you, you can see how things change with time. It’s great if you are taking videos of some place or nature and can give you a much wider view of things.

It’s great if you are taking videos of some place or nature and can give you a much wider view of things. Know how the city wakes up and sleeps. Or know how the nature changes. You dream of it, and you can see it.

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User Guide: How to Take Time-lapse Videos with iPhone?

Here are three different ways you can do it:

1. Take Time Lapse Video with iPhone Camera

Just go to your Camera. Keep your iPhone completely still and choose the Time Lapse option you see on screen. Once you press the red shutter button it will take pictures at set intervals. The time lapse frequencies can vary. For instance, for videos of around an hour, it can be one frame for every eight seconds.

So, the longer you film something, the longer would be the duration that you would see between the pictures. It can help you see and explore the world in a whole new way.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad


– Default app.
– Can take pictures and videos.
– Easy UI.


– Unable to choose frequency.
– Battery draining app.

2. Take Time Lapse Video with Lapse It

This is another popular option if you are looking to create time lapse videos. Available on the iOS store, it helps you to trim and edit videos extensively. It also has preset filters that you can use to create some stunning effect and you can even schedule captures if needed. You can even take photo snaps as needed during a time lapse video. If you want to get the complete experience, you need to update to the professional version.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad


– Easy, fast and intuitive.
– Can import pre-recorded videos.
– Speed up time lapse including zooming support.
– Optimized for new iPhones 6s and 7.


– Lengthy import times.
– Can seem a bit complex at first.

3. Take Time Lapse Video with TimeLapse App

This one’s another good app on the iOS store. You can take pictures and videos with it in time lapse and choose the recording time. However, unlike Lapse It, it misses out on several other important features like scheduling videos or importing other videos into it.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad


– Can shoot time lapse videos and pictures.
– You can select fps and adjust frame shot settings.
– You can choose the final video length as needed.


– Videos can sometimes come out with pink lines.
– No advanced features like Lapse It.

Time lapse videos can help you explore and feel the world differently. Bring out the explorer in you. Go out with your iPhone and see how the world changes, each and every minute. Well, just find more and more lapse videos are saved on your device, leading to storage scarcity? This is what this Coolmuster iPhone Video Manager (Windows/Mac) software can do for you! With it, you can easily transfer all videos taken within your iPhone camera to the computer and save them as a backup in case of sudden data losses due to various reasons! uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These first-party and third-party cookies enable important functionality to operate, help us improve how the website works and for operating purposes. By clicking ‘Accept All’ you accept all cookies from this website.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

How to Take Timelapse Video by iPhone or iPad

united states of america 16 April, 2021 16:42HRS

The Time-lapse feature was introduced on iPhones since the iOS 8 launch included in iPhone 6. The Apple’s iOS 8 Operating system was launched on the date of 17th September 2014.


After some time since the release of the time-lapse feature in the iOS devices we have uncovered some key information about this feature in the iPhones and iPads.

Like the developers at Apple Inc claimed that the time-lapse videos captured have dynamically selected intervals that make the size of these videos less than a usual time-lapse video.


For the first 10 Minutes, the time-lapse recording is normal and captures 2 frames/second (2 FPS)

For the next 10 minutes, 1 frame/second (1 FPS) and continues to delete previous frame rate captures.


The time-lapse feature of the iPhone, increases the video speed of time-lapse by 2X (Doubles) Times and reduces the frame rate of video by ½ (Half) every time in 10 minutes intervals.

The limit of speed multiplication is 240X and from there it becomes constant until the storage is full.


You can generally record time-lapse videos from your iPhones or iPads for more than 24 hours before having the storage full.


STEP 1: Open Camera app on your iPhone or iPad

STEP 2: Slide Camera options and on left side you will see TIME-LAPSE

STEP 3: Adjust the Exposure and Focus accordingly

STEP 4: Touch Record button (Red Circle)

STEP 5: The device will Start recording the TIME-LAPSE Video

When you have finished the desired duration of recording and want to stop filming, touch the record button (Red Circle button) again and the device will stop filming the Time-lapse video and will save it in the gallery or Photos App.


STEP 1: Open Camera app on your iPhone or iPad

STEP 2: Slide Camera options and on left side you will see TIME-LAPSE

STEP 3: Adjust the Exposure and Focus accordingly

STEP 4: touch Record button (Red Circle)

STEP 5: The device will Start recording the TIME-LAPSE Video


❖ A good time lapse video is generally filmed for more than 20 minutes and if it is recorded for less than 20 minutes or so, you will not have enough content to edit or trim.

❖ It is advisable to use a tripod or gorilla pod to mount your iPhone so that you can prevent shaky video or unstable filming.

❖ Locking the camera focus and exposure to the main subject is important. As it will adjust it accordingly automatically throughout the span of recording time perfectly. It will also ease your device and will not force it to auto-focus and set the exposure for every frame it records.

❖ You can record longer and richer time-lapse videos by placing your iPhone or iPad inside a window or on Car dashboard as well.

Time Lapse is a special video editing technique that lowers the speed or frequency of video or picture, making them appear in a series of quick succession over a long period of time to denote something that happens over a long period of time.

This technique is used widely to capture the sunrise, the flower opening, cloud flowing and more. If you are also interested in time lapse, you can consider iMovie time lapse, which is very easy to use yet effective. The following article gives you a full guide on how to make a time lapse video in iMovie.

Part 1. How to Make an iMovie Time lapse on Mac?

Once you have shot the video and want to create a time-lapse out of it, you can follow the tutorials below to make an iMovie time lapse on Mac (Take iMovie 10 as an example).

Step 1 Open iMovie on your Mac, and import the video clip you intend to make time-lapse from in the Library. Drag the video in the timeline. (You can click the “setting bar” below the preview window to see more frames in the timeline.)

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 2 Select the clip whose speed you want to change. Tap the clock icon on top of the preview window. Then select “Speed” > “Fast”, here you can choose frame rate like “8x”, “20x”. Preview the time lapse video until you are satisfied.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 3 >Click the “Share” button right above, then you can choose to save the iMovie time-lapse or share it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo directly.

Note : It is a little bit complicated to make iMovie time lapse video if you are using iMovie 9. You have to double click on the video clip in timeline, then adjust “Speed” option in the Inspector windows.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

You can check the video tutorial down below:

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Part 2. How to Make an iMovie Time Lapse on iPad/iPhone?

Step 1 Open iMovie on your iPad/iPhone. Click the “Projects” tab on top, and then “Create Project” to load the video clip you want to make iMovie time lapse.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 2 Tap the video in the timeline, and click the clock icon on the bottom-left corner. Then you can see the speed adjustment bar.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 3 Change the speed, preview the video until you get a perfect iMovie time lapse. Click the “Done” button to save and share the iMovie time lapse to others!

Part 3. Best Alternative Video Editor to Make iMovie Time Lapse

In order to have better experience when you make time lapse video, we would also like to recommend you another iMovie time lapse alternative.

  • Create slideshow with ready-made themes automatically as iMovie.
  • Customize the video making with filter, texts, transitions and elements.
  • Edit videos and photos, like rotate, watermark, crop, trim, mosaic, exposure, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and export HD even 4K movies.

Step 1 Add photos/videos

Click the download button below to free download Slideshow Creator on your Windows computer.

Click “Add photo(s) and video(s) here” to import videos and photos. You can also drag the files into this software directly.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 2 Edit photos and videos

Select the video or photo, and click “Edit” to edit the file like iMovie. The basic editing functions let you adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, speed and volume, while the advanced editing tools allow you to choose 3D LUT or change temperature, tint, exposure, mosaic by moving the slider. What’s more, you can also crop and clip the video files for Instagram.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 3 Apply slideshow effects

After adding the files into the program, click “Themes” where you can see the ready-made templates for Wedding, Fashion, Sports, Business, Romantic, Happy, Simple, etc. Select one of them to create the slideshow automatically.

Alternatively, you are able to customize the slideshow effects by changing Text, Transition, Filters and Elements.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Step 4 Export slideshow

After applying all these effects and changes, you can click “Export” to select the output format and resolution, and export the slideshow movie to your computer.

Unlike iMovie, this slideshow maker supports a wide range of video formats, so that you can share or play the created movie on almost all devices.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Part 4. FAQs of iMovie Time lapse

Sometimes your video is recorded with the wrong orientation. It’s wise to reverse it in iMovie. Just open iMovie for Mac and load the video you want to reverse. Select it and click the Clock tab in the viewer, then tick the Reverse option to reverse it in iMovie.

How do you speed up videos in iMovie?

Select the video clip in the timeline of iMovie. Click the Speed button and choose Fast from the Speed pop-up menu. Select a speed to set the speed.

How long is 30 seconds in time lapse?

The timelapse will be about 2 seconds long. Generally a 30-second video will be sped up about 15x.

In this article, we have mainly showed you how to make time lapse on iMovie 10/09, if you have more questions about iMovie time lapse, feel free to leave your comments down below.

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How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

September 17, 2020 13:00 / Updated by Jenny Ryan to Video Editing, iMovie

With the best Video Enhancer, you can easily increase video quality and make video clearer than before. Only 3 steps, the video can be enhanced and converted.

Get the best 10 iMovie for Windows software and learn how to use in on your Windows 10/8/7 to edit videos.

Learn how to download iMovie for Mac and its best 5 iMovie alternatives on Mac

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

To fit a multi-hour recording into a few seconds, you will need a timelapse software. Time-lapse is used for accelerated or slow-motion videos with changes in the frame rate and video playback speed. I reviewed the best free timelapse software available this year that will handle the task without sacrificing the quality, format and size of the output file.

Top 11 Best Free Timelapse Software

    – Professional software – Mac software for time-lapse videos – User-friendly – Sophisticated tool for more experienced users – To add motion to slow-motion/accelerated videos – For motion detection, capture and tracking – Open-source freeware for auto-capture – Windows software for time-lapse videos – For assembling a series of images into an AVI video – For creating time-lapse photos shot with GoPro – The best time-lapse app for Android

Time-lapse is a method in which a series of shots or keyframes are played back at a higher or lower frequency than was used to capture them. A person growing up from a baby or creating a realistic portrait from a sketch in a few minutes; a momentary change in the weather in the desert; a detailed millisecond explosion of a balloon with water – such visual videos are always popular.

Another way is to record video at normal speed and then change it. If the video is too long, it will create some inconvenience. In this post, I will review the best free software for combining footage recorded from any device including a webcam or mobile phone in a time-lapse video.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

  • A professional-level toolset
  • High compatibility with formats and cameras
  • Integrates well with other Adobe products
  • Cloud storage, tutorials available
  • 7-day free trial
  • Excessive system requirements and cost

Verdict: This timelapse photography software grants the ability to compile and cut raw material in any convenient way. An extensive toolset of Adobe Premiere Pro and the variety of supported formats let users work with almost any filetype from any type of camera and then export the result to any type of media or directly to YouTube.

The way you prepare for each step of the time-lapse creation process matters. You must arrange all digital shots sequentially. When importing them to the software, select the Image Sequence checkbox.

Adobe Premiere Pro automatically generates a video and adds the video file to the graph instead of still images. This top-grade software provides a vast array of editing tools for simulating camera movement, color correction and controlling video playback speed.

Use Camera to record videos on your iPhone and change modes to take slow-motion and time-lapse videos.

Note: For your privacy, a green dot appears in the top-right corner of the screen when Camera is in use. See Control access to hardware features on iPhone.

Record a video

Choose Video mode.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to start recording. While recording, you can do the following:

Press the white Shutter button to snap a still photo.

Pinch the screen to zoom in and out.

For a more precise zoom on models with Dual and Triple camera systems, touch and hold 1x, then drag the slider to the left.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to stop recording.

By default, video records at 30 frames per second (fps). Depending on your model, you can choose other frame rates and video resolution settings in Settings > Camera > Record Video. Faster frame rates and higher resolutions result in larger video files.

Record a Cinematic mode video

Cinematic mode applies a depth-of-field effect that keeps the subject of your video sharp while creating a beautifully blurred foreground and background. iPhone automatically identifies the subject of the video and keeps it in focus throughout the recording; if a new subject is identified, iPhone automatically transitions the point of focus. You can also manually adjust the point of focus while you record, or change it later in the Photos app. Cinematic mode is available on iPhone 13 models.

Choose Cinematic mode.

On iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can tap 1x before recording to zoom in.

To adjust the depth-of-field effect, tap , then drag the slider left or right before recording.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to start recording.

A yellow frame on the screen indicates the person in focus; a gray frame indicates a person is detected, but not in focus. Tap the gray box to change the focus; tap again to lock the focus on that person.

If there isn’t a person in the video, tap anywhere on the screen to set the focus point.

Touch and hold the screen to lock the focus at a single distance.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to stop recording.

After you record a video in Cinematic mode, you can remove or change the effect. See Edit Cinematic mode videos on your iPhone.

Record a QuickTake video

On iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later, you can record a QuickTake video. A QuickTake video is a video you record in Photo mode. While you record a QuickTake video, you can move the Record button into the lock position and keep taking still photos.

In Photo mode, touch and hold the Shutter button to start recording a QuickTake video.

Slide the Shutter button to the right and let go over the lock for hands-free recording.

Both the Record and Shutter buttons appear below the frame—tap the Shutter button to take a still photo while recording.

Swipe up to zoom in on your subject, or if you’re recording hands-free, you can pinch out on the screen to zoom in.

Tap the Record button to stop recording.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Tip: Press and hold the volume up or volume down button to start recording a QuickTake video in Photo mode.

Tap the thumbnail to view the QuickTake video in the Photos app.

Record a slow-motion video

When you record a video in Slo-mo mode, your video records as normal and you see the slow-motion effect when you play it back. You can also edit your video so that the slow-motion action starts and stops at a specific time.

Choose Slo-mo mode.

On iPhone 11 models, iPhone 12 models, and iPhone 13 models, you can tap to record in Slo-mo mode with the front camera.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to start recording.

You can tap the Shutter button to take a still photo while recording.

Tap the Record button or press either volume button to stop recording.

To set a portion of the video to play in slow motion and the rest at regular speed, tap the video thumbnail, then tap Edit. Slide the vertical bars below the frame viewer to define the section you want to play back in slow motion.

Depending on your model, you can change the slow motion frame rate and resolution. To change slow-motion recording settings, go to Settings > Camera > Record Slo-mo.

Tip: Use quick toggles to adjust the video resolution and frame rate while you record. See Use quick toggles to change video resolution and frame rate.

Capture a time-lapse video

Capture footage at selected intervals to create a time‑lapse video of an experience over a period of time—such as a setting sun or traffic flowing.

Choose Time-lapse mode.

Set up your iPhone where you want to capture a scene in motion.

Tap the Record button to start recording; tap it again to stop recording.

Tip: On iPhone 12 models and later, use a tripod to capture time-lapse videos with more detail and brightness when recording in low-light situations.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Methods used to capture time-lapse videos of drawing and painting on an iPad, to show an artwork’s progression.

Most of my iPad time-lapse videos were made using Reflector 2 to record the screen. With editing done later to adjust timing, include music, and add overlays in Adobe AfterEffects.

Apple has built screen recording directly into iPadOS and iOS, allowing you to capture the screen directly on device without needing any other software or hardware.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

You can also capture the iPad’s screen on a Mac using the QuickTime Player app by selecting the New Movie Recording option from the File menu.

Then changing from the built-in FaceTime camera to an iPad or iPhone connected to your Mac via Lightning cable.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

My earlier attempts were more slideshow 3 than time-lapse. I’d manually take a screenshot 1 of the screen every few seconds, bring import into the Photos app (previouly iPhoto), then create selected a Create Slideshow from the File menu to convert hundreds of images into a QuickTime movie.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

These movies weren’t the greatest since you couldn’t see any of the physical marks happening. But still neat to see a drawings progression in a low tech kind of way.

Apps like Procreate have taken this a step further by integrating time-lapse recording into their software. Each stroke, transform, and edit are recorded and able to view and export at any time.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

My preferred method of creating iPad time-lapses would be to record off device at select intervals. Meaning, having a setup where I’m able to capture myself, the work area, and the iPad all in view at once. There’s so much more value there since you can see fingers or styli interacting with the iPad.

I’ve experimented with traditional time-lapse photography using the following tools to record a drawing session:

I’ve had mixed results with the final videos as removing glare from the iPad’s screen is a real challenge. If my work environment was more controlled and I had a studio lighting setup, the results would be more impressive I’m sure.

To take a screenshot, press iPad’s power and volume up buttons at the same time. For older models with a home button, press the iPad’s power and home buttons at the same time. If done correctly a thumbnail image will appear on screen after a sound of the camera’s shutter closing plays. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees when linking to and affiliated sites. For full details read the complete disclosure policy.

About the author

Hi I’m Michael Rose. Just another boring, bearded, tattooed, time traveling designer from Buffalo New York. I maintain several open source projects and occassionally blog.

Learn how to use Portrait, pano, slo-mo, and other camera modes on your device.

Find the perfect mode for your moment

The camera modes built into your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch help you take the ideal photo or video. Swipe left or right on the camera screen to switch to a different mode. You can choose from photo, video, time-lapse, slo-mo, square, Portrait, and pano modes.

Before you start, make sure that you have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad


Photo is the standard mode that you’ll see when you open the Camera app. You use this to take still photos and Live Photos, which come alive when you touch them.

Your camera automatically focuses the image and adjusts the exposure based on what you’re pointing it towards. That way, you always start with a brightly lit photo.

You can change the camera focus and exposure to a specific area. Before you take the photo, tap the place on the screen that you want to adjust. If you want to keep the focus and exposure in the same spot, press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF Lock.

With iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later, you can use QuickTake to record videos easily in photo mode. With other iPhone models, you can press and hold the shutter button to take a quick burst of photos. Just let go of the shutter button to stop.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad


Portrait mode creates a depth-of-field effect. This effect lets you compose a photo that keeps your subject sharp while blurring the background. You can use Portrait mode with an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus. If you have an iPhone X or later, you can also take a selfie in Portrait mode. Learn how to identify your iPhone.

To use Portrait mode, open the Camera app and swipe to Portrait mode. Move farther away from your subject if the app suggests it. When the Depth Effect box turns yellow, take the picture.

With iPhone X and later, and iPhone 8 Plus, you can make your Portrait mode images even more captivating with studio-quality lighting effects. After you take your photo, tap Edit and choose from Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, or Stage Light Mono. And with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max and later, you can create a beautiful, classic look with High-Key Light Mono.

On iPhone XR, the Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and High-Key Light Mono effects aren’t available with the rear-facing camera.


Square mode limits the frame of your camera screen to a square — the optimal photo size for many social media apps. So when you take a photo, you can quickly share it on your favorite social platforms.

On an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro, tap the arrow to see more options, including square mode.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Want to capture a breathtaking landscape, but the entire view won’t fit on your camera screen? Use pano mode to get a stunning wide-angle photo.

Pano mode gives you a guide bar in the middle of the screen to help you take your photo. If you want to start the photo from the left, make sure the arrow is pointing to the right. If you want to start from the right, tap the arrow and change its direction.

Tap the shutter button and slowly move your camera in a straight line from one side of your shot to the next. Try to keep the arrow on the yellow guide bar.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Time-lapse videos can be fun, whether of moving clouds, a sunset, a busy street corner, a tennis player — basically any situation where there’s movement or change. Time-lapse videos simply take still photos at specific intervals, such that a slow-moving snail can appear to be speeding along. One of the neat features of iOS 8 is the new Time-lapse mode in the Camera app. As usual, Apple has made it simple.

To take a time-lapse video, open the Camera app and swipe until time-lapse is highlighted. (Swipe up or down on an iPad or side to side on an iPhone.)

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

To take a time-lapse video, simply tap to record, and tap to stop, as you would with a regular video. You’ll notice a rotating indicator around the button that shows you’re currently recording.

When you’re done shooting, an icon for the video appears in the corner. Tap on that to view it immediately, or go to your Time-lapse album in Photos to view it.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Apparently there’s no way to set the time-lapse interval. Apple does that for you, with most videos ending up 20 to 40 seconds long regardless of how long you shoot. Apple says that the intervals are selected dynamically. According to an article on Studio Neat, which researched the intervals, the app simply adjusts the interval according to how long you shoot. If you shoot for less than 10 minutes, the app captures images at 2 frames per second. From 10–20 minutes, it’s one 1 frame per second. From 20-40 minutes, it’s 1 frame for every 2 seconds. From 40-80 minutes, it’s 1 frame for every 4 seconds. And from 80-160 minutes, it’s 1 frame for every 8 seconds.

How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Time-lapse is a popular technique used to make something appear to have taken place much more quickly than it actually did. By shooting a series of photographs in quick succession depicting a scene that normally changes slowly over time and then speeding up the playback, you can make the action appear to occur unnaturally quickly. Think of a flower blooming within seconds vs hours or the night sky shown as a swirling whirl of stars. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed watching speeded-up video instruction for new recipes? These were likely recorded using time-lapse photography. With just a few tips here, you’ll be able to shoot and edit your own time-lapse videos on your iPhone.

How time-lapse works on iPhone

Unlike shooting a time-lapse with a standard camera, shooting with an iPhone is incredibly simple as you can take advantage of the default settings.

The Time-Lapse setting on your smartphone will automatically shoot your subject at 1–2 frames per second, dependent on the total time you shoot for. And when it’s time to play back the video, it will do so at the speed of 20-40 frames per second, regardless of how long you shot. The longer you record, the fewer frames will be captured from each second of shooting, resulting in a more dramatic final effect.

Getting Started with Time-Lapse Video on your iPhone

Open your camera app.

Scroll through the options above the red shutter button, and tap “Time-Lapse” (shown here circled in blue). How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

When you’re ready to record, tap the red shutter button.

Tap the shutter button again when you want to stop recording.

Your time-lapse video will be saved to your photo library under both “Recents” and “Time-lapse”.

How to shoot a better-quality time-lapse video

Time-lapse videos work best when you are shooting a slow-moving scene, like the hands of a clock, the sunrise, a crowd gathering or dispersing or your dog enjoying a lazy afternoon in their favorite sunny spot. Regardless of the scene you choose to capture, there are a few tricks to ensuring a great quality finish:

  • Use a tripod. The key to a high finish time-lapse is capturing movement in several frames from the same spot, and the easiest way to do this is with a tripod. In the event you haven’t yet decided to invest in a tripod for your iPhone, you can approximate the benefit by using your creativity to cobble together a substitute. For example, I’ve used a sturdy beach chair stacked with just the right configuration of towels to capture a sunset at the beach. Stacks of books can help out in the kitchen if you’re capturing the making of a recipe, but you’ll need to get the camera angle just right before shooting to show adding of ingredients and mixing.
  • Focus. In order to achieve the same focus and exposure for every frame in your time-lapse, hold your finger down on the screen and “lock” the exposure and focus before shooting.
  • Check you have sufficient battery. Shooting any video tends to use quite a bit of battery juice, and shooting a longer recording like a time-lapse will require a lot of available battery. Ensure you have plenty of battery available and preferably a full battery unless you want your video to end with half a sunset.

How to trim a time-lapse video

You can trim your time-lapse video on iPhone using your Photos app in the same way that you would trim any video. When doing so using the Photos app, you can only make the video shorter by trimming the ends. Here are the simple steps how to trim your video:

  1. Open your time-lapse in Photos and tap Edit.
  2. Slide your finger along the timeline at the bottom of the screen until a yellow box appears.
  3. Use your fingertip to slide the arrows on either side of the timeline to trim any bits you don’t want from the beginning or end of your video.
  4. To exit you must tap “Done” and then choose either “Save Video” (replaces what you shot originally) or “Save Video as New Clip” (adds as an additional version).

How to crop and otherwise edit your time-lapse video

You may prefer to focus your video on only a section of the frame you shot, cropping out anything on the edges that might distract from the “main action”.

  1. As before, open your time-lapse video in Photos and tap “Edit”.
  2. Select the crop icon How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipadat the bottom of the screen.
  3. A white outline will appear around your time-lapse photo. You can drag the edges of the outline to adjust the orientation and size of your video.
  4. Feel free to experiment with the other Edit features, such as adjusting the contrast, infusing the video with warmth or coolness or indeed converting it to monochrome (black & white). All possible in a few swipes and taps!
  • How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad
  • How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad
  • How to take time-lapse videos on iphone or ipad

Now you’ve covered the basics for taking and editing time-lapse videos, why not have a try yourself? No need to wait for a spectacular sunset, try capturing your pet as we’ve done here or another moving creature (perhaps a spouse or child in your family)?

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