How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to get sell your old gadgets. Everyone loves buying new tech gadgets. But as you salivate over your latest smartphone, TV or game console, you eventually realize you’ve got to do something with your old devices.

For me, that usually means stuffing them all into a closet until the clutter becomes a safety hazard, then waiting a few more months, because I’m lazy, before shipping them to a recycling center.

But your unused tech toys can do a lot more for you than just create a convenient trap for nosey houseguests. In fact, you can score a decent payday by trading in your old gadgets. And with spring officially underway, there’s no better time to get rid of your gizmos.

Here’s how to get some extra cash for your electronic junk.

Delete your data

Just because you don’t use your old gadgets anymore doesn’t mean they don’t still have sensitive personal information on them. So before you sell your devices, you’ll need to factory reset them to delete all of your data.

Before doing so, you’ll naturally want to backup anything you want to keep on a USB thumb drive or through a cloud service like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

Ebay (eBay) is the place to buy and sell new and used gadgets. If you’ve got a used Samsung Galaxy Note5 with a few nicks and scratches and are planning on buying a Galaxy S8, you can sell your Note for about $270. That’s a solid value for a handset that’s nearly two years old.

Upgrading to a new PlayStation 4 Pro from your old PlayStation 3? You can sell your 10-year-old console for about $50. That’s more than the $28 in cash you’d get from GameStop.

Amazon Trade-in

Amazon (AMZN) might be the website you go to when you need to buy, well, everything, but you might not know that the world’s largest online retailer lets you trade in your used gadgets, as well. Unlike eBay, which lets you sell your devices for cold, hard cash, Amazon’s Trade-in program only lets you trade in your tech for Amazon gift cards. But since you can buy everything from granola bars to a 10-foot tall inflatable elephant through the e-commerce site, it’s not a bad offer.

You can’t just sell anything you want through Amazon, though; the company has a continually updated list of devices it accepts. When you ship a gadget to Amazon for trade-in, the company evaluates your item and determines if it will accept it or not. You won’t be charged if the company decides not to take your trade-in.

Best Buy Trade-in

Best Buy (BBY) also lets you trade in your old gadgets for a gift card. But like Amazon, the products you can actually trade in are a bit limited. You can’t, for example, trade in a TV no matter how long you stand at the customer service desk demanding to speak to a supervisor.

You can, however, trade in items like an Apple iPad 2 ($58) or that Fitbit Alta ($10) you swore you’d wear every day when you bought it as part of your New Year’s resolution. The downside to trading your devices in at Best Buy is that you can only use your gift card to purchase electronics, whereas at Amazon, you can trade-in an Apple Watch and use your gift card to buy $49 loaves of Bimbo white bread.

Apple Renew program

Apple (AAPL) isn’t just in the business of selling you new iPhones. Well, it is, but it’ll also buy them back from you, too. And Macs, iPads … pretty much any Apple product, actually. A buy-back effort run in partnership with Brightstar Corp., Apple Renew can snag you some quality deals on your old gadgets.

An iPhone 6s Plus with 128GB of storage can get you up to $260 in the form of an Apple gift card, for example. If your handset is significantly damaged, though, Apple won’t give you anything. But it will offer to have your device recycled.


Craigslist, otherwise known as the internet’s equivalent of a strange- smelling flea market , is a great place to sell your old tech to someone with a lot of trust in strangers looking for a solid deal. Pricing, though, fluctuates a good deal. For instance, an iPhone 6s Plus with 64GB of storage can range in price from $325 to $260. Basically it all comes down to how much you want to list your gadget for.

If you’re going to use Craigslist, though, you’ll want to be careful when meeting up with your buyer by following commonsense safety practices.

Online buyback sites let you cash in on older, still useful gadgets

by Steven Prosinski, December 3, 2013

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

Get a financial boost by trading in your old gadgets for cash.

En español | So you’re craving that new iPad Air, although the tablet you have is perfectly usable. Fueled by a barrage of advertising, your urge to upgrade your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera or other high-tech gadget can become a never-ending drain on your pocketbook.

And if you succumb to the pitch, what do you do with your old stuff? An increasing number of buyback and trade-in programs give consumers a financial boost by taking in their old equipment for cash. Barbara Cox, a 49-year-old marketing manager who lives in San Francisco, wanted to sell her iPhone 4 and buy an iPhone 5 this year. She says a friend recommended

Her iPhone was in good shape, she says, although the home button wasn’t working. Gazelle offered her $100. She sent in the phone and received a PayPal payment of $150 when the device was determined to be in better-than-expected condition.

"It was a seamless and easy process," Cox says. "And for them to come back and pay more was a nice surprise."


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The buyback business is big business — and getting bigger. Anthony Scarsella, the chief gadget officer at, which was started in 2008, says a 2012 survey showed only 11 percent of Americans reported trading in a smartphone online. The most recent survey shows that 30 percent of Americans who bought a smartphone in the past 12 months plan to trade in their old one online, he says.

The re-commerce market in the U.S. is estimated to be $7 billion today, and according to Gartner, a Stamford, Conn., research firm, the market will increase to $14 billion by 2017, Scarsella says.

While some sites deal only in smartphones, others take tablets and more. A few will buy your phone and almost anything else — including games, PCs, videos and cameras.

Generally you’ll be asked to rate the condition of your device and you’ll get an immediate quote. If you like the offer, you mail in the unit; it will be inspected and a value confirmed. If you accept the final offer, payment will be on the way.

If you want to sell your used cellphone at, for example, you will be asked to describe its condition. The company will then share that information with its network of professional buyers, who will make you an offer. You choose the buyer and send in the phone. The buyer will inspect it, and if your description of model and condition matches, you have a deal and payment will be sent via check or PayPal. One example: A recent top offer for an iPhone 4S was $127. Similarly, at you share information about your device, get a quote and decide whether the deal works for you. A recent quote for that iPhone 4S topped out at $150. Nextworth partners with Target and will pay you with a Target gift card, a Discover prepaid card or a check, or through PayPal.

At you receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card or a check, or through PayPal. At you’ll get an Apple Store gift card for selling an older iPhone, iPad, desktop or notebook computer that can be reused.

In assessing the condition of your device, many buyback services will want to know if the gadget is in perfect condition or has scratches, dust under the glass, missing buttons or cracked hardware. The various sites will walk you through their condition reports, which can vary widely in the amount of detail required.

Large retailers such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, eBay and Amazon offer ways to help you finance your upgrades.

For example, Best Buy has an online trade-in center, At the center, you’ll receive an estimate of the value of the device you wish to sell. If you’re OK with the offer, you register with the center and ship the device to Best Buy. A gift card will be mailed to you within 10 days of the item’s arrival. You can also trade in your device at a Best Buy store.

Wal-Mart has a trade-in program that gives customers credit for their old iPads or smartphones — up to $300 toward the purchase of a new tablet or smartphone. Customers can go to participating stores to make the deal. Wal-Mart also has an online trade-in program, at, for a wide range of gadgets. has a trade-in program in which you can send your devices to a third-party merchant in exchange for an Amazon gift card.

And over at eBay, a feature dubbed My Gadgets at allows sellers and buyers to estimate the current value of devices based on the average price from recent eBay transactions.

When you’re ready to sell, visit several sites to compare prices and find the buyback process that works best for you. You generally can track shipments via FedEx or UPS. And if you have problems receiving payment, the sites provide email addresses or toll-free numbers to use to straighten out any problems.

Steve Prosinski is a freelance writer for AARP Media.

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Take a look in a closet or drawer and there’s a good chance you’ll find at least a few broken or old electronic items stashed inside. They once were things you probably couldn’t live without, but now you may be wondering why you’re hanging onto them. Many people don’t know how to safely get rid of old electronics, so they put them aside and plan to deal them later.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can trade in those gadgets for cash or upgrades to simultaneously get rid of clutter and pad your wallet.

Sell them on eBay

This popular site is a good choice if your gadget is in relatively good condition. The amount of money you can expect to sell it for depends on the item and how many other people are offering similar items. If desired, you can allow people to buy the item at a set price, rather than dealing with the often-unpredictable bidding process.

Trade in Your Mobile with

If you want to be guaranteed to get the best price when selling your old phone or tablet check out

They compare the prices and user ratings from all the main buyers in the US, saving the user time and hassle

SellCell offer the user a best price guarantee and will pay double the difference back if they find a price elsewhere that is higher on another site

Join a Facebook Group

If your gadget still works, or could at least be used for parts, consider joining a Facebook group for people who are buying or selling electronic items. Usually, it’s possible to find one in your community, which could help you save on shipping costs. However, some Facebook groups are only intended for people who want to give away items, rather than sell them, so you’ll need to read the rules carefully before posting.

Use the Amazon Trade-In Program

Amazon allows customers to take part in a trade-in program that accepts items including DVDs, electronics, and textbooks. A successful trade can earn you an Amazon gift card, and since the website is known as “The Everything Store,” you’ll probably be able to find almost anything you could ever need. Be sure to use the search feature beforehand to get a good idea of the amount you’d expect to get from the unwanted items.

Head to a Best Buy Store

Best Buy is another one of the many major retailers that offers a trade-in program, so people can exchange their old electronics for gift cards. This approach is a good route to take if you already have your sights set on a newer tablet or other gadget. There’s even an online calculator that allows you to estimate your average trade-in value, which could be helpful in determining whether this option is worthwhile.

Trade in Your iPhone at a Smartphone Shop

As technology advances, old standbys become replaced. Apple’s iPhone has experienced many changes that led to better battery life, improved screen brightness and faster processing speeds.

There are numerous places where you can trade in an old iPhone and upgrade to the latest model without shelling out too much cash. You may be able to receive a discount for several hundred dollars by trading in a like-new iPhone at one of the major smartphone retailers, such as T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless.

Responsible Solutions for TVs

Many people want to upgrade their TVs to new models because LED’s have a better picture quality, a larger screen size and the devices last longer since 70-80% of power is converted to waste heat. But what do you do with the old one?

If you don’t know of any relatives or college students looking to take your old TV off your hands you may be stuck with it. Why? In most states it’s actually illegal to toss older TV screens because they may contain toxic materials. Some stores, like Diamond Case Home Theatre, participate in recycling programs also offer store credit towards a new TV, which could save you a couple hundred dollars. Best Buy’s trade in program, as mentioned above, is another solution to consider. Then even offer home pick-up for larger items!

Get Acquainted With Gazelle

Gazelle is a well-known website where you can buy and sell used devices ranging from MacBook laptops to smartphones. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid out to the site’s users, and there is a 30-day risk-free guarantee for peace of mind if you’re in the mood to buy.

Give Your Worn Earbuds to Earphone Solutions

Earphone Solutions is a website that sells high quality, upscale listening accessories such as earbuds. If yours are worn out or broken, take advantage of the trade-in program that could give you as much as $100 off a new pair.

Don’t Overlook Recycling

Don’t forget that recycling is a smart alternative to selling or trading your used devices. This is especially true if your items have little or no value. Recycling electronic items responsibly is important. If they’re discarded, they may leak harmful substances that can hurt the environment.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition is one example of a campaign that’s making it easier for consumers to recycle their gadgets. It will help you find a verified recycling company in your area or locate a retailer that conducts a drop-off program.

Thanks to these resources, there’s no need to let your gadgets continue to gather dust. Start spring cleaning with enthusiasm to get rid of useless electronics, and you may end up with some extra cash too!

Find out how much your item is worth by clicking the product you want to sell!

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

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Why should you recycle electronics?

Why is recycling electronics important? First and foremost – it prevents tons of e-waste from entering our landfills, which is already toxic to our environment.

By recycling electronics, you promote a circular economy where tech traded in gets refurbished and sold on to the next person. Find out more about mobile phone recycling and why it’s so important.

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Making way for a new tech purchase? Here’s how to get the best deal when reselling your old gadgets.

Selling old electronics needn’t be a hassle if you want to make a little money. That sweet cash return can help subsidize your new device.

But if you want the absolute best price possible, shop around and compare deals. Here are a few ways to do that.

Before you start

  • Make it appealing: Find the original box, chargers and manuals if you still have them. Do a factory reset and wipe all your personal data so the gadget looks like it’s fresh out of the box. Clean devices like cameras and PCs so they look as good as new.
  • Trade-in: As long as your device is in good working order, trading rather than selling directly can lead to bigger discounts, especially if you end up with gift cards that can offset the cost of a new device
  • Time it right: When a new iPhone ($387 at Amazon) is launched, the market is flooded with older-generation models. Work out release cycles for the product you’re selling and try and time it so you are ahead of the curve. If in doubt, sell it sooner rather than later.
  • Research what it’s worth: Do a little online detective work before selling to determine how much you can get. On eBay, look for completed listings to get an idea of market price. Go to eBay Advanced Search and tick “Completed listings.”
  • Check the warranty: Potential buyers will want to know if the device is still covered under a warranty in case something goes wrong.
  • Beware of scams: If a deal seems too good to be true, it might be. Keep a record of your transaction and read up on seller protection if using a direct sale method.

Sell direct

alt=”ebay-android-phones.jpg” width=”370″ height=”217″ />CNET

The best return is generally when you sell direct to another person rather than a compay. There are many sites and services you can turn to, including eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp and Amazon Marketplace.

Include lots of details about the condition of the item. Spend time taking photos of the actual item with close-ups of areas that might have received wear and tear, like the home button on phones, the trackpad on laptops or the shutter button on cameras.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for any seller, transaction or shipping fees that might reduce the final amount in your pocket.

To bypass the big players altogether, selling through your social network on sites like Facebook Marketplace can net big returns without extra fees.

Comparison sites

Get an idea of how much your device may be worth by comparing prices based on device type and carrier (if applicable).

Screenshot by Lexy Savvides/CNET

In Australia, Mobile Monster and Boomerang Buyback offer a similar service for mobile devices and general electronics. In the UK, some high street retailers such as Carphone Warehouse will buy back gadgets, otherwise Cash In Your Gadgets provides quotes before you sell.

Consider selling for components

In the case of desktop computers, some of the components inside may be worth more separately than as part of the entire case. If you’re familiar with what’s inside your PC, consider selling off items like graphics cards or motherboards separately to maximize the total resale value.

What’s not worth your time

While the resale market for phones, PCs and tablets is strong, there are some items that might not be worth the hassle. Think inkjet printers, standalone GPS devices and old MP3 players. Consider donating these devices or recycling them if the effort to sell them is worth more than the return.

Update, Dec. 27, 2017: Originally published in December 2014, this article has been updated with additional comparison sites and information.

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

Analogue Mall is all set to start it’s exciting TradeIn Program. As this programs comes in action, customers will be able to trade their used electronic gadgets in return for cash or new product. Additionally, the cash exchange will be done in real time with lead time being only 48 hrs. This makes TradeIn even more noteworthy.

If you are unaware of Analogue Mall, the upcoming paragraph is for you.

What’s Analogue Mall?

Analogue Mall is a span-new e-commerce site launched on November 6, 2020. Moreover, it is a platform which sells authentic electronic goods with it’s trust badge and also accepts EMI payment. In addition, they even vow to provide 100% original, tested and qualified products. So, it’s a great relief for people to buy goods from the Mall.

What products does Analogue Mall sell?

Analogue Mall brings in various authorized gadgets together and trades them under a roof. There, one can shop for computers, laptops & accessories, mobile phones, iPhone, security & surveillance, networking devices and more. Further, it deals with brands such as Apple, OnePlus, Dell, Canon, Logitech, Philips, etc. This can be a great platform to buy new gadgets or devices for your home and work.

TradeIn program: Definition and Features

As mentioned above, TradeIn is an initiative to get rid of old electronic devices. There, people can conveniently exchange their old mobile phones, laptops or other gadgets for new product or even cash. Further, this program has two schemes for exchange:

TradeIn Product:

It is a cashless TradeIn and involves product to product exchange. Here, you get another product in exchange of your gadget from this platform.

TradeIn Cash:

It is product to cash exchange. Here, you get cash in exchange of your gadget in real-time.

Point to note while trading:

While trading in cash for the device, there will be 1.5% TDS deduction. Contrary to this, TDS will be adjusted in the discount amount if you trade in a new device for your one.

How to register for TradeIn?

  • Firstly, go to Analogue’s official website and search for the TradeIn form.
  • Then, fill up the details and attach documents if needed.
  • After this, send out your device for evaluation.
  • For that, you can either do an in-store drop or choose messenger pickup ( includes certain charge).
  • Finally, Analogue Mall will evaluate and reach you with a message.

When will TradeIn begin?

This exciting TradeIn program is dated for December 11, 2020. Analogue Mall will launch it along with EMI services. So, mark the date and stay tuned.

Verdict: A brilliant time to get rid of old gadgets

TradeIn is a brilliant time/deal to get rid of old and bothersome devices. Moreover its simplicity and ease of access are something that customers usually long for. Also, EMI services are available with it. What can be more exciting than this, right? So, won’t you TradeIn?

With a boundless motorcade of ongoing cell phones hitting the commercial center every yr, the impulse to improve is solid. While the charge of the telecellsmartphone choices has extended to 33 months, you can have a couple of gadgets prowling round to your storeroom or cabinet that others are leaned to pay for.

With an interminable motorcade of ongoing cell phones hitting the commercial center every yr, the compulsion to improve is solid. While the charge of the telecellsmartphone choices has extended to 33 months, you can have a couple of gadgets sneaking round to your storeroom or cabinet that others are leaned to pay for.

Around 1. five billion cell phones have been purchased each year as of late. That is currently, as of now, not comprehensive of the amount exchanged on third-birthday celebration birthday festivity markets. While cell phones can charge upwards of $1,000, more incredible buyers are looking toward used devices from affiliates on eBay, Amazon, and Swappa. In this aide, we’re going to assist you with working out what your antique telecellsmartphone is most likely worth, in which to advance it, and the way of assembling it for postage.

Choosing what to dispose of

A spot of spring cleaning might be therapeutic and productive. It feels fitting to clear out old-fashioned stuff, make space, and fill your wallet withinside the cycle. Your first issue is recognizing what to advance, so delve into your wardrobes and gather your antique cell phones for review.

There are various sound thought processes in setting straightforwardly to an antique telecellsmartphone, instead of leaving it behind: You is most likely making arrangements to skip it now to a youngster, maybe you need a reinforcement instrument if your front line telecellsmartphone breaks, or potentially you’ve repurposed it as a sharp homegrown contraption.

A spot of spring cleaning might be soothing and beneficial. It feels proper to wipe out old-fashioned stuff, make space, and fill your wallet withinside the interaction. Your first problem is recognizing what to advance, so dive into your storerooms and gather your antique cell phones for assessment.


The Manything application transforms your antique telecellsmartphone into a promptly homegrown security camera. Be aware that if you intend to advance your telecellsmartphone one day, postponing its miles best will diminish the worth. The more you handle straightforwardly an old-fashioned apparatus, the substantially less it’ll be worth.

Discover the case and frill.

When you have a’ not set in stone to offer, it’s an extraordinary idea to find the first holder and the additional items that acquired here with it. Chase around and spot on the off chance that you could uncover the holder, the credible link and charger, the headphones, and something different that turned in there while you initially opened it. This will have an effect, presently not most accessible to the charge you could order yet additionally how smooth it will be to wrap up and transport.

What amount is your old cell phone worth?

ells store telephone, boxed with all of them in no way like it increases, will be well worth notwithstanding a scraped telecellThe best condition advanced cell and not utilizing a field or charger

The best condition telecellsmartphone, boxed with all of the not at all like it augmentations, will be acceptable worth notwithstanding a scraped telecellsmartphone and not utilizing a field or charger. Be that as it may, to get the quality ready to continue to live put installment through on your a particular year PC helped phone, you Re one should act a minor activity of mentioning observable facts. By and large, you’ll find that the quality influence costs come from an individual trade of merchandise for cash to another individual.

Nonetheless, that is the most brimming with risk trade of products for cash cautious way. Exchange offers are spotless and direct. Nevertheless, they used to make you incredible give-out cash, and bills typically are withinside the type of credit discounted music or cash a brand name-new contraption. Exchanging immediately to organizations that give out utilized hardware is the errorless manner to remove a particular year PC helped phone. Nonetheless, it will cash be given for work the least.

Under, well low, modest store for eating food made in the structure further into those three strategies. If you choose to make a solicitation on eBay or craigslist, you’ll need to act a little legwork to find what kind of set installment up with prepare it. Search for as though you had been an individual coming to finish merchandise or work investigating the telecellsmartphone you Re one exchanging. Act hoping to make disclosures to the postings and see that all pages are available for the expenses. Search for postings that may be close to what you Re 1 giving in gatherings of expressions of condition and augmentations.

Opened telephones are worth more.

The assistance your tele cell advanced mobile phone is locked to influences the cost.

The assistance your telecellsmartphone is locked to influences the cost. Opened telephones, which might be enacted and utilized on any service, will typically order the absolute best charges, so it’s worth spreading your telephone sooner than advancing it.

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

As technology advances, more and more electric gadgets have been brought into the market. When you feel that your old laptop or cell phone is no longer up to date with what’s new, plus it’s just taking up space in your room, perhaps it’s time to think of a company where you can sell your gadget. One such company might include EcoATM. You might ask yourself what is ecoATM? In simple terms, EcoATM is an organization that establishes ATM-like machines where customers can sell their old electronic gadgets for cash.

In reality, you might want to buy an upgrade but have no more money for another gaming system or cellphone model. Sell your used devices today and turn them into cash so you can use some of them on something better. Here are four tips when looking for a company to sell your old gadgets.

1) Research the Company’s Reputation

Reputable companies don’t just care about turning a profit – they also want their customers to be satisfied with the product. Read the company’s terms and conditions before handing anything over, as well as any feedback from previous customers. If there is no information online, look at where the warehouse is located. In many cases, these companies outsource their goods to other countries.

If the product is faulty, you should be able to get a refund or replacement, but it’s always best to double-check before placing your trust with any company. Once you are satisfied with what they have said about returns and repairs, go ahead and sell them your gadgets.

2) Find Out How Much Each Gadget is Worth

And finally, before deciding on which company to sell your used electronics to, find out what they are worth today by looking them up online or in pricing guides. When pricing items, aim for a 30 to 40 percent difference between the price you want and what the company offers. Doing some simple math will save you from frustration later on when they offer less than your desired amount.

3) Beware of rejection

If you want to sell an iPhone, then you should be aware that most companies will decline to purchase broken iPhones (even with cracked screens) because repairing them would cost more than buying new ones due to high demand. It’s up to you to research which gadgets the company will buy back before accepting their offer. If there’s anything else they won’t take (such as printer cartridges), they’ll state this on their website. Most importantly, if you do receive any response from certified recyclers, don’t take it personally.

4) Only sell your gadgets if they still work

Don’t expect to get very much from a company if the gadget is broken or does not work. If you want some cash for old electronics, you should only try selling it if it is good and works properly. Even a cracked screen can drastically reduce how much you get for taking an old iPhone to a buy-back company instead of using a free recycling service. The only exception could include if the recycler specifically states that they will pay more for working items with cosmetic damage, such as broken iPhones.

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

At Gadget Salvation, our mission is to contribute to the electronics reselling market as much as possible so that we extend the life of our gadgets and diminish waste. Our process is simple and seamless.

Answer a few questions and get an estimate.

Ship your gadget for free.

Get paid within two business days of our receiving your gadgets.

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets)

Looking to turn your used laptop into cash? We would like to share a few useful tips and best marketplaces to sell your pre-owned device.

How to trade in your old gadgets for cash (so you can buy new gadgets) Image source:

So, you want to get rid of your unwanted laptop, but you don’t have any idea as to which companies will accept a used device and whether you can get any money for it. Sounds familiar? Well, we may have saved you the trouble of research. Below you’ll find a few very useful pointers to consider when choosing the right place to sell your laptop.

Before To Sell Your Laptop: The To-Do List

There are a few things you must do in order to get the best possible price for your used laptop. First of, you need to properly prep your device for a potential buyer. That means removing all stored data. In order to get your device ready for resale, you have to back up your files first. It can be done by using a Dropbox, Google Drive or an external hard drive. Once all your files are saved, wipe your storage drive and reset the system to factory settings. This action will ensure that all and any stored information is completely gone. We recommend checking How to sell your laptop for the most value article for more details.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Buy-Back Company

Once you reset your laptop, the next step is to find the right place to cash it in. You have several options here: online, in-store trade in, or private in-person sales. But the challenge is to select a reliable place to sell your pre-owned laptop in the most secure and convenient way. Below, we are listing several important factors to consider when selling your laptop for cash

Accreditation by Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Its a non-profit organization that evaluates companies and their services. They look at: customer service, business practices and market trust in accordance with the Better Business Bureau standards. BBB also factors in addressing customer concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner by the business. They assign standardized grading to private and public companies, regardless of the accreditation status. The A+ is the highest rating a company can get.

Social media presence

Verify their Facebook, Twitter and/or IG accounts and see if they are active on these social platforms. Check if and how they engage and interact with other users.

Average response time

Basically, the company or a service provider that cares about customers and values their time, should address written inquires in a timely manner. But please bare in mind that some businesses generally get more inquiries then the others; allowing at least 24 business hours for them to get back to you is a common courtesy.

Customer ratings

Customer experiences shared online is a valuable input for future clients. We recommend visiting online platforms like Reseller Ratings, Trust Pilot or check Google Reviews to read feedback from real customers.

Payment options

Pretty much all companies opt to pay via check. But, if you do not want to wait around for the check to arrive in the mail, opt for those that use PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. These are the most trusted and reliable instant electronic payment services. Which means as soon as the payment for your laptop is sent, it clears on your end immediately.

Number of years in business

General rule is the longer the company have been around, the better. But if you are choosing a new-ish buy-back company, be sure to check their credentials. See pointers above.

Verified Place to Get Cash For Laptops

Gadget Salvation is an online platform to help the public sell their pre-owned gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, game consoles and more. We offer a convenient contactless process, start to finish, which is especially crucial during the ongoing pandemic. Our online real-time estimator offers competitive prices, and even if we cannot make you an offer, we will recycle the device for you.

Gadget Salvation is legit established ecommerce platform, committed to bringing an excellent and hassle-free service to all their clients. This includes valuation, inspection and even shipping fees! All is covered: we offer free shipping and free returns.

All you need to do in order to sell your laptop for cash is:

  • Find your laptop model in our database:

If you cannot find your model, please contact us, we’d be happy to help!

  • Answer a few quick questions about your device and its condition, both cosmetic and functional.
  • And that’s it! We will share your estimate right the way, no waits or follow-up emails. Once you fill out and submit a checkout form, we will provide you with a UPS shipping label. At this point, all you need to do is to package the laptop and send it in. No fuss.
  • Once we receive your laptop, expect to get paid within one to two business day via the payment method of your choosing. Currently we offer: check, PayPal, Venmo (our customers favorite!) and Zelle.

Laptop Trade-in Cash Value

Selling your used laptop for cash is a great way to make a few bucks all while extending its lifespan. A lot of customers choose to sell their old laptops to offset the cost of the new upgrade. What’s even better, you can sell your preowned laptop or other devices from the comfort of your own home. And receive the payment within two business days from the moment your package was delivered. We encourage you to check out our website. It is one of the the easiest ways to get cash for laptops!

Bottom Line

If you take good care of your laptop, re-selling it for the most cash offer should not be a problem. And if you follow our tips above, selling your used laptop online can even turn out to be a profitable venture. But whether you choose to do business with us, or pick some place else, we hope our article can help you make the right decision and get the maximum cash offer for your preowned laptop computer.