How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

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How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashesAll of us have experienced it at least once. We’re happily browsing the internet or doing research or whatever, and suddenly your browser freezes up and stops your day dead in its tracks. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, here is how to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox browser if it crashes, hangs, or stops functioning.


Browsing the internet has become an integral part of our daily life, whether we are at home or at the office working or checking news and happenings on the go. We access the internet through browsers that lets us access, download and process information from the world wide web aka the internet. Some examples of browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Opera mini, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

To Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox and it crashes on you then here are some of the measures you can take to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox to get up and running again:

  • Activate Safe Mode
    • The safe mode loads this browser without the add-ons when you hold the shift key when starting Firefox. The other was is to click the browser menu, point to help, and choose restart Firefox with add-ons disabled. If you continue using the safe mode and the browser does not crash, this implies that there is an issue with one of your add-ons.
    • You may want to leave safe mode and restart the browser with the add-ons loaded. To troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox after it crashes again you can then disable add-ons one after the other to identify the problematic one.
  • Reset Firefox
    • There can be issues with your profile folder that Firefox used to store your personal data. All bookmarks, browser history, cookie and auto-fill information and saved passwords will be transferred to a new profile folder. Remember that you will lose themes and extensions (causes of most browser crashes) and any other site-specific information after a reset on the browser.
    • Open the Firefox menu, point to Help and select troubleshooting information and then click the reset Firefox button. If Firefox crashes after you install your extensions, then most probably one of your extensions is causing the issue. You need to reinstall these one by one to identify the one that is causing the need to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox crash.
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration
    • Web pages run faster and web pages load faster with the hardware acceleration feature of Firefox. Sometimes this feature can cause issues with some graphic cards and drivers. To troubleshoot a Mozilla Firefox crash, check if this feature is an issue for your browser by selecting options after clicking the Firefox button and then click Advanced options, then untick ‘use hardware acceleration when available.’
  • Check for Malware
    • Firefox can crash due to presence of malware on your system so you need to scan your system regularly with a good antivirus program. If you already use one and still have the issue, check with using an alternate antivirus program just to get a second opinion.
  • Update the Software
    • Check for updates frequently for all the software you use on your personal computer so that you have the latest updates, such as virus definitions for example that are not up to date can cause the browser to crash.


We have briefly learned how to troubleshoot a Mozilla Firefox crash so that we can find out where the issue that caused it to crash originated. Checking the add-ons, extensions, hardware acceleration feature, malware and outdated software can help in the process to troubleshoot a Mozilla Firefox crash.

A crash is what happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly. After a crash, you should see the Mozilla Crash Reporter appear. This article will help you fix crashes and show you how to get more help if you’re having difficulties.

If Firefox crashes at startup:

Otherwise, follow these steps in order.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Update your software
    • 1.1 Update Firefox
    • 1.2 Update and troubleshoot your Flash plugin
    • 1.3 Update Windows
    • 1.4 Update macOS
    • 1.5 Update Linux
    • 1.6 Update your drivers
    • 1.7 Update your Internet Security software
  • 2 Check for viruses or spyware
  • 3 Check to see if the crash happens in Safe Mode
    • 3.1 The crash still happens in Safe Mode
    • 3.2 The crash doesn’t happen in Safe Mode
  • 4 Check your hardware
    • 4.1 Check your RAM for errors
  • 5 Get help fixing this crash
    • 5.1 Ask for help in the Community Support forum

The crash you’re experiencing may have already been fixed in a new version!

Update Firefox

Every Firefox release includes a number of fixes for crashes that people have reported. Making sure you have the latest version may fix your crash. See Update Firefox to the latest release for details.

Update and troubleshoot your Flash plugin

Update Windows

Make sure you have all of the latest security and stability fixes.

Update macOS

Make sure your Mac has all of the latest security and stability fixes.

Update Linux

Make sure you have all of the latest security and stability fixes.

Update your drivers

Check if your graphics drivers are up-to-date. For more info, see Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL.

If your crash happens while printing, check that your printer driver is up-to-date by going to your printer manufacturer’s support website.

Update your Internet Security software

Make sure you have the latest version of your Internet security software (including firewalls, antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs, and more).

A number of different viruses and spyware are known to crash Firefox. For more information, see Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.

If updating software didn’t work or if Firefox crashes on startup, use the steps below to test whether the crash happens in Firefox Safe Mode or not and then follow the instructions in the recommended articles.

  1. Click the menu button , click Help and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled… . Firefox will start up with the Firefox Safe Mode dialog.

After Firefox starts in Safe Mode, test for your problem.

The crash still happens in Safe Mode

If your crash still happens in Safe Mode, it is not being caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Try to get help with your crash ID (see below).

The crash doesn’t happen in Safe Mode

If your crash doesn’t happen in Safe Mode, it is most likely because an extension, theme or hardware acceleration is causing the crash.

Check your RAM for errors

If Firefox crashes repeatedly, check your RAM for errors using for instance the following tool, Memtest86+ Rember .

Figuring out the cause of a crash can be difficult. If you’ve tried the steps above and can’t get Firefox to stop crashing, the instructions below will show you how to get the crash Report IDs for your most recent submitted crash reports, so our volunteers can help you.

If you can open Firefox, at least in Safe Mode:

  1. In the Firefox address bar, type about:crashes and hit Enter Return . A page listing submitted crash reports (and unsubmitted crash reports, if any) will appear.
    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashesHow to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes
    • If you have recent, unsubmitted crash reports: Click the Submit button for each recent unsubmitted report and then reload the about:crashes page. Right-click Hold down the control key while you click on the latest unsubmitted crash report under Report ID, choose Open Link in New Tab so that the report can be processed, then go back to the about:crashes page.
  2. You should copy the Report IDs for submitted crash reports (they start with bp-) to your support question in the Community Support forum.

/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/submitted .

  • In the resulting folder, there will be a text file for each crash report you have submitted. Using the View menu, arrange them by date to find out which is the newest file; and double-click on it to open it.
  • How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Having a reliable and safe web browser at hand is pretty much essential today.

    Therefore, more and more users opt for Mozilla Firefox wherewith you can surf the Internet and quickly download various files. If you don’t currently use it, it’s about time you visited, a download website whose trustworthiness rate speaks for itself. From there, a Firefox free download is available. Don’t lose the chance to try out the latest version of Firefox to get the most out of your browsing experience.

    Still, even distinguished software is not immune to crashes, lags, and other sorts of issues. Mozilla Firefox is no exception. Today’s article is concerned with Firefox crashes on Windows computers, the problem any user may experience while running the browser. So, if you need help in troubleshooting or fixing Firefox crashes, keep on reading.

    A Few Words about Mozilla Firefox Crashes

    The situation where a program or applications closes unexpectedly and fails to respond to your attempts to start it is called a crash. If your Firefox happen to crash, you should see the Crash Reporter dialog prompting you to report the experienced issue to the developers. You use this handy option and make your problem known to professionals that may prevent similar problems from happening in the future. And now let’s take a closer look at possible solutions to the problem in question.

    Solution 1

    If the Firefox browser crashes at startup, check whether the same happens in Safe Mode.

    If the issue still persists in Safe Mode, we suggest that you use the Refresh Firefox feature that comes in handy when it’s necessary to restore the program to its default state without losing your essential information.

    1. Go the Firefox menu and select the “Help” option from there.
    2. Choose “Restart with Add-ons Disabled…” Alternatively, you may take advantage of the handy shortcut to quickly launch Firefox in Safe Mode. All you need to do is to press and hold the Shift button while firing up Firefox.
    3. Once you see the Safe Mode dialog, select the “Start in Safe Mode” option.

    After that you may start troubleshooting the crash.

    If you notice that Firefox works normally in Safe Mode, the odds are good your extension or hardware acceleration is responsible for its crashing in Normal Mode. We recommend that you refer to the Firefox guide that will help you troubleshoot extensions, themes, and hardware acceleration issues and get your favourite browser up and running again.

    Solution 2

    Another solution you can try out if your Firefox crashes at startup is a clean reinstall.

    First, you need to perform a proper uninstallation of the current version of Firefox on your PC. To do it, it’s necessary to close the browser and select the “Control Panel” option from your Windows menu.

    Once the panel is open, click on the Uninstall a program link under “Programs.”

    Find Mozilla Firefox on the drop-down list of the programs currently installed on your computer. Select it and press the “Uninstall” button. In the Uninstall Wizard window click on “Next” and then select “Uninstall” option again. Finally, you’ll need to click “Finish” to complete the uninstallation process.

    Once you uninstall Firefox, remove its installation folder in:

    • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

    Get a new copy of Firefox from either the Mozilla Firefox official website or Double-click the new file and follow the onscreen instruction to get through the installation of the fresh copy.

    Solution 3

    A certain program may crash as a result of the installation of some incompatible software. The same goes for Firefox. So, you need to check your system for suspicious software that may be responsible for your browser crash. It’s also a good idea to run an antivirus program across your system to make sure your PC is free from viruses and any other malware.

    Solution 4

    The surest way to quickly and effectively troubleshoot a Firefox crack is to make certain you have the latest version of the program installed on your Windows PC. Though Firefox is designed to update automatically as soon as the new version is released, you can always resort to a manual update.

    1. Head to your browser menu. Click “Help” and then choose “About Firefox” option.
    2. As soon as the new window appears, the program will start looking available updates. If there is one, Firefox will download it onto your PC.
    3. Once the new download is saved to your Downloads folder, make sure to restart the system by hitting the “Restart to update Firefox” button.

    Now that you have a fresh install of a new Firefox version, the troubleshooting process will not take long.

    Solution 5

    If your browser continues crashing, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. To do it, you’ll need to visit your hardware manufacturer’s website.

    Internet usage has become mandatory in today’s times. It is used not only to connect with people but also for trading, business, to disseminate information as well as entertainment. There are numerous ways through which you can connect to the internet.

    Table of Contents

    How to Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Crashes?

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer etc. are the portals through which people can surf as well as interact with the internet. Apart from the names mentioned above, Firefox developed by Mozilla is quite a favorite among the masses with around 500 million people worldwide using this free open-source browser.

    Firefox, created in 2002, has gained consumer base steadily because of its speed, security and add-on features. The browser is currently available in more than 70 languages for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and mobiles (Android as well as iOS).

    In order to prevent you from wasting time, it has a faster loading speed which enhances your surfing experience. Privacy and security are other major concerns, considering the numerous security breach incidents. Firefox ensures that your personal information, as well as activities on the internet, are not exploited by people with vested interests.

    Thanks to its huge range of add-ons, you can customize the browser to look and function as per your requirements. These features have prompted people all over the world to switch from their existing internet browser to Firefox! Further reasons for the popularity of Firefox include its faster downloading speed, smaller size and cleaner interface.

    However, like all good things, there are bound to be some catches. The system tends to crash when overworked. This may be frustrating for users who are depending on the internet browser for their work.

    Prevent Your Firefox Browser from Crashing

    It can be extremely frustrating that while you are doing some important work on the internet and your browser closes suddenly. This unexpected occurrence is known as a system crash. It is different from the hanging of a system, where the program, in this case, Firefox browser stops responding to your commands.

    Crashing of Firefox browser can occur when there is a malware or software that causes the system to crash. This can be avoided by checking through your computer programs and simply uninstalling the software causing this trouble.

    If however, despite all your precautions, your Firefox browser still crashes, you can use the Mozilla Crash Reporter that appears after the crash. This helps you by informing how to fix the crash and assists you in case you are having other difficulties.

    Fix Errors for a Seamless Browsing Experience

    For a smooth and continuous internet browsing session, it is recommended that all the errors that cause the crash. The various steps involved in fixing a crash are as follows.

    Point # 1

    Update your software: A simple updating of software can fix the system crash.

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    • Update Firefox – The latest version often is capable of fixing crashes that people have previously reported. Check Update Firefox to the latest version for details.
    • Update your plugins –It is essential for you to check that you have the latest version of plugins available.
    • Update Windows –Regular updates are essential for smooth functioning of the system. This ensures that you have the latest security and stability. You can get this done by going to the Start menu, select All Programs and then Windows Update.
    • Update the drivers –All your graphic drivers must be up-to-date. Check Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL . In case the crash occurred while printing, you need to check your printer driver. In case it needs an update, log on to the printer manufacturer’s support website.
    • Update the Internet Security Software – Latest versions of Internet Security Software like firewalls, anti-spyware programs, antivirus programs etc. are recommended.

    Point # 2

    Check for spyware or virus: There is no dearth of spyware or viruses on the internet. In case you have accidently uploaded one on your system, it can cause your Firefox browser to crash.

    To be sure that your system is virus free, you need to install or update the virus database. Use the following programs for the same – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SuperAntispyware Portable Scanner. For further assistance, see, Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.

    Point # 3

    Check whether the crash occurs in Safe Mode: If the previous methods did not help, or if Firefox crashes on startup, you need to check if the crash occurs in Safe Mode or not. The Refresh Firefox feature is capable of fixing many issues as it restores Firefox to default factory settings.

    Since it saves all the essential information, you can try this technique instead of going through the troubleshooting process. Start Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the Shift Key while starting Firefox.

    • Crash still happens in safe mode – Theme, hardware acceleration or any extension is not causing the crash.
    • Crash doesn’t happen in safe mode – It can safely be assumed that an extension, hardware acceleration or theme is causing the crash. Use Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems to find out the reason for the crash.

    Point # 4

    Check the system hardware: Faults in your RAM may cause the browser to crash.

    • Check RAM for errors– if Firefox continues to crash repeatedly, check the RAM of your system for errors using the tool, Memtest86+.

    Get help fixing the crash: If the following tools haven’t been of any assistance, you might need professional help. For that, you will require essential information about the crash, the necessary points to note are.

    • Find the Report ID of latest crash.
    • Click this link for help with the crash.
    • Create an account and fill the required details.
    • Use the crash Report ID number for further troubleshooting information.

    Are you facing crashing problem while using Mozilla Firefox browser? If yes, then don’t worry we have a solution for you. In this article i will guide you on “How TO Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing Problem”. So read the article thoroughly and fix Firefox crash problem.

    Without any doubt Mozilla Firefox is one of the best internet browser in the cyber world, it has a lot of functions which makes it worth using for any user. It has almost all the features a user needs while surfing the internet, some useful features of Mozilla Firefox are as follows.

    1. Add on function (By which a user can add many features to Mozilla Firefox).
    2. IGnito Browsing (by which a user can surf internet without get tracked by browser history).

    Mozilla Firefox has a lot of features, which we are not going to discuss in this article, because we have made this article to troubleshoot and fix the crashing problem in Mozilla Firefox. So we will focus on fixing the crashing problem in Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser. When we start using Mozilla Firefox in our any operating system, usually it works perfect in beginning. But with time it start showing some error, crash problems etc. and these problems are not because of its functionality, but there may have some problems in your operating system which leads it to crashing problem. So in this article we will try to give you all the possible reasons of crashing Mozilla Firefox, and that is how you will cache and Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing.

    How TO Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing Problem

    Many peoples have asked us, why does Firefox keep crashing? so that is why we have made this article to help them fix their Firefox hanging or crashing problem. We have described all the possible reasons separately of Mozilla Firefox crashing, so a user can easily find out the possible reason and fix the same.

    Main Crashing problem of Firefox and Solutions

    Below we have described the possible solutions of Mozilla Firefox crashing problem. Try any solution according to your problem and fix crashing of Firefox in Windows.

    1. Firefox Crash at Start-up

    If you are facing this problem every time you open Mozilla Firefox, then you can try to open it in safe mode and make sure if it’s crashing there also. If it still crashing in safe mode also then you can try to uninstall it from your PC and restart your PC. Now install it again and check if the problem of crashing has gone or not. If both the methods are not working for you, then try the following ways to fix it.

    2. Update Mozilla Firefox

    If you are continuously facing crashing problem with your version of Mozilla Firefox, then you should check if update is available for your software or not.

    You can easily check for update by going to Options > Advance >Update.

    If your version is not updated then update it now, but if your version is updated and you still facing crashing Problem. Then check your ad-ons and make sure those all are up-to date or not. Try both the methods given above and fix crashing problem. If it is not fixed crashing problem then go further for the next step.

    3. Update your Antivirus and Scan your PC

    If you still facing and want to Fix Mozilla Firefox crashing problem, then you may also check if your antivirus is upto date. If it is not update then you can update it and do a full scan of your PC. It will resolve viruses from your system, it is needed because sometimes Firefox may be affected by malware and start crashing or freezing. We will recommend you to use Norton Antivirus, because it is one of the most powerful antivirus and internet security provider.

    4. Open Firefox in Safe Mode

    Press “Shift Button” while opening the Firefox, and it will open Firefox safe mode dialogue. Now click on the “start in safe mode” button in the dialogue box. Now your browser will start in safe mode, if your browser works perfectly in safe mode. Then is is most likely that your browser is crashing because of add-ons, theme, or hardware acceleration problem. To solve it you can troubleshoot your add-ons or themes and check whether it works or not.

    5. Check RAM

    You can also check your RAM for error by installing “MemTest86+” or any other software. After installing it run a test for your system memory and it will detect the errors. It is needed because sometimes Firefox may crash due to RAM problems.

    6. Update Windows Drivers

    It is the last option for you to fix Firefox, if all the above given methods doesn’t works for you then you can try it. You can use this method of Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing, if you want to stick on this awesome browser and don’t want to use any others browser. If crashing problem is still irritates you, then you can try to update your windows and drivers. But updating your windows drivers will take hours (depending on your internet connection). You can update your windows and drivers by going to control panel > Windows Update > Check for updates. In most of the cases it Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing, but you should try it, if all the others ways of fixing are not worked for you.

    Above we have told you all the possible ways to Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashing problem, these all methods are enough to fix any crashing or freezing problem in Mozilla Firefox. You can try all these methods one by one, we are guaranteeing that it will resolve Firefox’s crashing problem for sure. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it with others and tell all your friends about these all the methods of fixing Firefox crashing. So stay connected with us for more cool tips and tricks. Enjoy all the free updates by subscribing to our news letters, or like us on Facebook to get all updates in news feeds.

    It’s always frustrating when your browser crashes. You might be in the middle of something important and suddenly – boom. It’s gone. Your site overload and now you have to start your work all over again.

    Firefox is usually very reliable when it comes to handling traffic and keeping itself stable. However, it isn’t immune to the whole ‘crashing’ bit. A crash is when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly, and your Mozilla Crash Reporter appears.

    There are two scenarios in this case: one where you start Firefox normally, but it crashes later while you’re working – which is annoying. And the second is that Firefox won’t start at all and the crash reporter appears – which quite often than not sets you off into a panic.

    Fret not, though; we’ve found a few easy solutions that you can do to avoid crashes and keep Firefox running in tip top condition.

    1. Update your Software

    There are plenty of different elements that can cause your computer to crash. When different programs are running on your system, always make sure that they are updated to their latest version. Keeping software up to date will help you avoid crashes and help your computer secure and running smoothly.

    • Update Firefox

    Click on the menu. Then click Help and select About Firefox. Look for the Update Firefox to the latest version, and you’re set.

    • Update Plug-ins

    Go to the Plugin check page and follow links to update any plugins that are out of date.

    • Update your OS software

    Make sure you’re using latest security and stability functionality on your computer. Go to the system menu and down to administrator functions to upgrade your software.

    • Update drivers

    Check that all the device drivers attached to your computer are up to date and running smoothly.

    2. Check for Viruses and Spyware

    3. Troubleshoot your Crash

    If you find Firefox crashing abnormally and don’t mind investigating a bit about it, take a look at the troubleshooting and fixing crashes page Firefox crashes – Troubleshoot, prevent and get help fixing crashes.

    It has all the links that will give you detailed instructions on how to deal with different types of crashes.

    4. Try starting Firefox Safe Mode

    When you’re crashing does occur, try and first start Firefox in Firefox Safe Mode. This mode temporarily shuts down hardware acceleration among other things and disables installed extensions.

    If the crash still happens in Safe mode, then it is not being caused by extension themes or hardware accelerations. You must then get help with your crash ID

    If your browser works fine with Safe Mode, then it is most likely that a haywire extension or hardware acceleration was causing the crash.

    You can follow steps in the Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems to determine the cause.

    5. Try a Clean Install

    6. Uninstall Software that Causes Crashes

    7. Check your Hardware

    8. Using the Mozilla Crash Reporter

    Sometimes it’s better to let the developers of Firefox take over the job of analyzing the crash. You can check the box that says Mozilla will contact you about the crash so you can hear about the problem first hand.

    It’s good to list out the page you were on when the crash occurred so they can find out if that is what caused your browser to quit without warning.

    9. Reset Firefox

    It can be useful because it gets rid of anything harmful or unwanted – themes, extensions, site preferences, etc.

    Your information is all stored in profile folders and sometimes that can be the problem. By resetting Firefox, you are creating a new profile, and this might be without whatever was causing you grief earlier. But don’t worry, all your browser history, bookmarks and cookies are still safe.

    10. Disable Hardware Acceleration Feature

    This feature of Firefox uses the graphics card on your computer to render texts and objects on any website. It will help you in speeding up the process of your web page rendering and taking weight off the computer’s central processor.

    Sometimes, however, this feature might clash with other graphics cards and drivers.

    Disable your Hardware Acceleration feature only as a last resort if your browser is frequently crashing.

    Sometimes figuring out the exact problem might be challenging and may require expert help from the experts over at Mozilla. Hopefully, though, the above fixes will help you get some relief from the crashing browser.

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    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashesYou are browsing something serious and urgent and your Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing. Are you fed up and unsure about how to solve this problem? Then, following the tips and tricks discussed below will help you to troubleshoot the issues and fix them.

    When Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, it could be for multiple reasons. Most of the time, you can fix Firefox crashes by re-setting Firefox or by going to Safe Mode. But in some cases, these tricks won’t work. You have to keep in mind that a web browser is a complicated piece of application that depends on the number of software, plug-ins, drivers, and security programs installed on your computer. So, troubleshooting the correct reason for the crash is a complicated process.

    Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting When Mozilla Firefox Keeps Crashing

    1. Changing to Safe Mode: Mozilla Firefox has a safe mode option that can be enabled. In the safe mode, it loads the browser without loading the add-ons. To enable the safe mode, go to the Firefox menu, click Help, and select the “Restart with Add-ons disabled” option. If the safe mode is working without any issues, then it means one of the add-ons is having issues and that is causing Firefox to crash. You can identify those add-ons by enabling them one by one and checking if Firefox is crashes after you enable a particular add-on. Once you identify the add-on that causes the crash, remove it permanently and then continue to work with Firefox without any crashes.
    2. Resetting Firefox: Mozilla Firefox uses a profile folder to store personal data. So when your Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, rather than trying to fix the issues inside the profile folder, do a quick reset. When you reset Firefox, it will create a new profile folder and move all the history, bookmarks, passwords and cookies to that folder. The extensions and themes are not moved to this newly created profile folder. In most cases, crashes are caused by these extensions and themes. So, resetting Firefox is the best option for troubleshooting when Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing.
    3. Check for Malware: Malware can cause crashes and damage your web browser, as well as your system. Therefore, checking for malware using good anti-virus software is another option when Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing.
    4. Disabling hardware extensions: Mozilla Firefox hardware acceleration uses your computer’s graphic card to display objects and texts from web pages. But in some cases, the extensions can cause damage to your system’s graphic cards. Therefore, by disabling the hardware extensions, you can check if Firefox crashes afterward. To disable the extensions, go to Options > Advanced icon. Now uncheck the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” checkbox.
    • Update software for avoiding crashes: Updating software is a good option to avoid crashes. When your Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, one of the reasons could be outdated software. So, be sure to update the software for Firefox, Plug-ins, Extensions and Themes, Graphic Drivers, Anti-Virus Software and the Windows OS.


    Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers that is available now. When your Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, try one of the tips and tricks given above to fix the issue.

    Troubleshooting Firefox Crashes

    Posted January 9th, 2006, 7:00 am

    This is now being maintained in the Knowledge Base. The most recent info can be found there.

    Firefox is crashing, how can I fix it?

    There is no single correct answer to this question, however the following guide will take you through several processes that will hopefully solve your problem. It is important to follow every step carefully. If you are still experiencing crashing after working through this guide, please submit details to the Mozilla Firefox Support forum (registration is not required).

    1. Update Firefox

    It is always a good idea to use the latest public release version of Firefox, since it will contain the most recent fixes. You can download and install the latest version of Firefox from

    • If you are using Firefox 1.5 or greater (1.5.0.x) , the latest updates can be downloaded and installed from within Firefox. Simply open the “Help” menu and choose “Check f o r Updates”.
    • If you are using an older version of Firefox , it is a good idea to upgrade to Firefox 1.5. Note that doing so may disable Extensions or Themes if they are likely to cause problems. Please read Firefox 1.5: Installation Guidelines & Common Questions for a summary of the process.

    2. Check for problematic extensions

    We maintain a list of problematic extensions in the knowledge base:

    If an extension you use appears in the list and is known to cause crashing or freezing (hanging), please update it to the latest version (see below) or uninstall it from Firefox until a fix is available.

    3. Update Extensions

    Every time a new version of Firefox is released, extensions need to be updated so that they are compatible. However, irrespective of Firefox version, it is always best to use the most recent release of any extensions that you have installed.

    • If you are using Firefox 1.5 or greater (1.5.0.x) , open the “Tools” menu and choose “Extensions”. In the Extensions window, click the “Find updates” button. If only one update is found, an “Update now” button will appear next to the extension. If more than one updates are found, a dialog box will appear, allowing you to install all of the updates at once.
    • If you are using an older version of Firefox , open up the “Tools” menu and choose “Options”. In the Options window, switch to the “Advanced” panel and locate the “Check N ow” button underneath the heading “Software Update”. Make sure that the “My Extensions and Themes” checkbox is ticked.

    Note that not all extension updates will be available through the update system. You may have to find updates for these extensions manually (i.e. by visiting their homepage and installing the latest version over the top of the current version).

    You may also find extensions at the following sites:


    Note that installing extensions from sites other than Mozilla Update is done entirely at your own risk.

    4. Update Plugins

    Plugins are programs that work within Firefox and allow you to experience multimedia content such as video, animation or sound. As with Firefox and Firefox extensions, the latest versions are always the best. It is therefore extremely important that you have the latest version of each plugin that you use.

    Plugins that are known to cause crashing in Firefox if they are not updated include:

    • Macromedia Flash (
    • Real Player (
    • Real Alternative (
    • Java (

    There may, of course, be problematic plugins that are not included in this list. You can check which you have installed by typing “about:plugins” in the location bar and pressing Enter.

    Firefox may crash when:

    • You are using the VLC Media Player plugin and view VMW media – this can be caused by having the VLC Media Player installed, which includes its own browser plugin. This plugin conflicts with the WMP plugin, so you need to remove the VLC plugin for embedded WMV files to play properly.
    • Windows Firewall is disabled – If you are using Windows XP SP2, a known Windows fault may cause Firefox and other web browsers to crash after a few minutes if you have disabled the in-built Windows Firewall. Microsoft has a support page detailing this problem, which is expected to be resolved in Windows XP SP3. If enabling the Windows Firewall fixes your problem but you do not wish to use it, you can install the hotfix detailed in the article. Unfortunately, to obtain the hotfix you must contact Microsoft directly.
    • Downloading files – Close Firefox, then search for and delete “downloads.rdf” from your hard disk drive (you will need to search for hidden and system files). You may also be able to solve this problem by clearing the Download History from the Clear Private Data tool, located on the Tools menu.

    6. Still experiencing problems?

    If all of the above have been ruled out as causes of your crashing problems, there’s still a good chance that the problem can be solved or located:

    • Try the standard diagnostic.
    • Start a new topic in the Firefox Support forum and, assuming that you have the Quality Feedback Agent (crash data tool) installed, include your crash ID numbers (which can help support forum members and developers find and fix the cause of the crash). To find your crash ID numbers, search your computer for “talkback.exe” (it should be located within your Firefox install directory) and run it. Select your recent crashes and click Edit > “Copy Currently Selected Incident(s)”.

    7. Shouldn’t someone fix these crashes?

    If you can successfully help us to locate the cause of a crash, search Bugzilla to see if a bug has been filed, comment on that bug with your crash ID data if appropriate. If you are unsure or need help filing a new bug, ask support forum regulars or post in the “Firefox Bugs” forum for assistance.

    Be advised that bugs should only be filed if the problem exists with the most recent release of Firefox. If upgrading to the latest version of Firefox solves your problem, you do not need to file a bug.

    8. I have a solution or crash cause that should be added to this FAQ

    Please feel free to send me a private message with your additions to this thread. Please don’t contact me via private messaging with individual problems, you’re more likely to get a response if you post in the public forums.

    9. How can I help others?

    If you’re a support forum regular and you want to help people that are experiencing crashes, get hold of some Talkback ID numbers and plug them in to the Talkback FastFind tool. It will help you track down related bugs and locate where the crash occurred.

    To Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Crashes follow the steps :

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Step 1-Use Safe Mode -Firefox has a Safe Mode that loads Firefox without loading your add-ons. To activate Safe Mode-> click the Firefox menu->point to Help, and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled. You can also enter Safe Mode by holding the Shift key while starting Firefox.

    Try using Safe Mode for a while if Firefox is crashing. If Safe Mode works properly, the problem is with one of your add-ons. You may want to leave Safe Mode and disable add-ons one-by-one until you identify the add-on causing the problem.

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Step 2- Reset Firefox – Firefox stores your personal data in a profile folder. Problems can occur with your profile folder. Firefox’s Reset feature will create a new profile folder, migrating over your bookmarks, browser history, saved passwords, cookies, and auto-fill information.

    To reset Firefox to its default state, open the Firefox menu, point to Help, and select Troubleshooting Information.

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Step 3-Click the Reset Firefox button. Firefox will create a new profile for you and migrate most of your old information over. The new, clean profile should hopefully fix your crashes.

    How to troubleshoot mozilla firefox crashes

    Step 4-If Firefox starts crashing again after you reinstall your favorite extensions, one of your extensions is likely causing the crashes. Try reinstalling extensions one-by-one to identify if a particular extension is causing problems.

    Step 5-Update Software- Mozilla recommends updating the software on your system if Firefox is crashing.