How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phoneSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

We all have plenty to complain about when it comes to software updates landing on our Samsung phones. Right now Samsung’s completing its rollout of Android 10 with One UI 2. Sometimes it isn’t Samsung’s fault that you don’t yet have the latest update — issues with carriers and even the current software on your phone can prevent your phone from downloading an update even when it’s actually “available” to your phone model. That’s where Samsung’s desktop software, Smart Switch, comes in. Here’s how it works.

Phones that can update with Smart Switch

  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy S20 ($1,000)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ($930)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($750)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($1000)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy S9 ($480)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ($430)
  • Amazon: Samsung Galaxy S8 ($360)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II – Galaxy S7

How to manually update your Samsung phone using Smart Switch

    Go to Samsung’s Smart Switch website and download for Windows or macOS.

Install and open Smart Switch on your computer and connect your phone via its USB cable.

How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phoneSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

  • If you haven’t plugged in to your computer before, tap Allow on the pop-up on your phone to give it access.
    • If Smart Switch doesn’t recognize the phone, click the menu in Smart Switch and click Reinstall device driver then restart.
  • After a few moments, your phone will be recognized by Smart Switch and you’ll see several options on the main screen for backing up and restoring. You do not need to back up or restore your phone to initiate an update.
  • A software check is performed when you plug in, and Smart Switch will list your current software details. If there is a software update available for your phone, you’ll be notified on the main screen.
  • If available, Click Update to install the latest software. It will download first to your computer, then sideload to your phone.
    • The phone will reboot, and the process will take roughly 10 minutes.
  • If this will be your preferred update method going forward, click the menu (Preferences on Mac) in Smart Switch, click Software Updates and check the box for Update Pre-Download.
    • When a new software version is available for your phone, Smart Switch will download it and then apply the next time you plug your device in.
  • To be clear, this isn’t going to force an update onto your phone that Samsung has yet to release. Unless Samsung and your carrier (where applicable) have signed off on and released an update for your exact phone, there’s no way to get it.

    Hooking up to Smart Switch can get you an update quicker, though, in cases where your carrier is slowly rolling out an update over the air (OTA) or the update checker on your phone for whatever reason won’t download an update. If you’re impatient, it’s absolutely worth having this tool at the ready.

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Samsung’s Smart Switch is a unique tool for transferring data from an old device to your new Galaxy phone, but it also offers a way to update your phone quickly and easily. Here’s how.

    What is Smart Switch?

    Smart Switch is Samsung’s tool for quickly and easily transitioning from an old phone—be it Android, Windows Phone (haha), or even an iPhone. It helps users bring all their important data from an old phone to their new Galaxy handset. It’s available as an Android app for direct Android-to-Android transfers, but the PC or Mac app is more fully featured.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    For example, you can use it as a backup tool for a Galaxy handset, offering the option to back up all important data from the phone to a PC. It also has an option to encrypt said data, keeping it safe and secure.

    But Smart Switch for PC or Mac also offers a quick and easy way to update your Galaxy handset. While it doesn’t necessarily bypass carrier approval or some such to get you updated quicker, it does offer a way to skip the line when you know your carrier is pushing an update to your handset and you don’t have it yet.

    How to Use Smart Switch to Update Your Phone

    First things first—you’re going to need a copy of Smart Switch installed on your computer. Go ahead and grab the download from here and get it installed.

    Next, connect your Galaxy phone and let’s do this thing.

    With your phone connected over USB, fire up Smart Switch. It should take a few moments to look for your phone, and then automatically connect. If you’re using a secured lock screen, you’ll need to unlock the device before Smart Switch can connect.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    After the connection is established and your phone is unlocked, Smart Switch lets you know if there’s an update available. If there’s something to install, click the “Update” button.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    A dialog box pops up, letting you know that it’s going to update your phone to the latest version. Click “Continue” to get started.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Another window pops up with some general warning and notes. Click “All Confirmed” to continue.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    The download should start immediately. Depending on the size of the update file and your internet connection, this could take a bit.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    When it’s finished downloading, the software update begins. If you’re using a Windows PC, you may have to grant UAC access here before it will install.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    The installation takes a bit of time—just let it do its thing while you go get a coffee.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    While it’s finished, the phone automatically reboots into Download mode—don’t panic, this is totally normal! The progress bar on both the phone and Smart Switch window will let you know how things are coming along. Again, just chill and let it do its thing.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    When it’s totally finished, a pop up lets you know that the update is complete, and that you need to disconnect and reconnect the cable.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    If you want to continue using Smart Switch for any reason, disconnect and reconnect. If you only needed to update, you’re finished here and can just disconnect your phone.

    Samsung is offering a Smart Switch app that is available on multiple platforms. It is said that this app can ease the process involved in moving between phones. Read this article to know more about the app.

    Smart Switch is Samsung’s proprietary app that can back up data from one device to another. It offers seamless transfer of photo & essential data from old devices to a Galaxy S and the Note series. We all have used Google’s cloud backup service that comes handy whenever we get a new phone. Using Google’s backup app, we can backup important data like contacts, media files etc.

    We can then restore these data in any other phone by importing it from the cloud.

    But doing the same on a Galaxy device had never been worry free and so easy using the Smart Switch app. Even in case the old phone containing the data is not a Galaxy phone, we can still transfer it via USB, Wi-Fi or a computer. We can transfer the data all in a flash without having to worry about any transfer issues. Smart Switch by Samsung is available on some selected smartphones as listed below:

    1. Galaxy S9
    2. Galaxy S9+
    3. Note8
    4. Galaxy S8
    5. Galaxy S8+
    6. Galaxy S7
    7. Galaxy S7 edge

    In other words, devices newer than the Galaxy S2 in the Galaxy, Note or Tab series are compatible. For Android, one can use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app while the same is also available in Windows & Mac. Thus, it can support only a few flagship phones as of now and other phones still needs to use Google’s service. Other options such as Dropbox are also there and used by many.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Smart Switch on Windows is a great way to transfer contacts, photos etc. as we move between phones. It is available for download online and one can install it on their Windows or Mac without much of a hassle. Once installed, we need to configure it before its first use. We have to connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable and run the application which will auto detect it. For it to work, we have to keep the Transfer option active on USB mode selection.

    Once connected, the UI is simple and straight forward to follow. We can perform the backup and restore function of the app by choosing relevant options. It takes only a few minutes to backup and restore files and hence a good option for Galaxy phone owners.

    On Windows, the app will work on Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8 with least 1GB RAM. On Mac, it will work with Mac OS X 10.5 or later with the same memory requirement as that with Windows. The computer version also offers the feature to update the phone’s software. It is better than the OTA updates we generally receive on our phone and update will complete faster.

    Further, data synchronization is quite useful. It ensures that contacts & calendar schedule will be in sync and manageable no matter where we are.

    Besides the desktop app, there is also one for Android that we can use to transfer files between two phones. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, the one meant for Android, is downloadable from Google Play Store. It supports wireless transfers of data between devices via Wifi on Android 4.0 or higher. Data transfer between Galaxy devices is seamless with 1-click easy connection.

    Our concluding thoughts

    We have used Google’s cloud service for ages and it was seamless too except for a few trouble now and then. But it never offered similar flexibility to backup & restore data between devices. So, the Smart Switch app is definitely a recommended one from our side and we would love using it again and again.

    So, if you own a Galaxy or Note series phone then you must try it once. We would love to read your experience with this app in the comment section below.

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    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

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    You will find the update settings in one of the below places (these differ by model and operating system):

    • Settings > About device > Software update > Update now
    • Settings > About device > Software update > Download and install
    • Settings > Software update > Download updates manually

    Operating system updates are released periodically for your device. If you are having difficulty with your device, you should always check for updates, as a fix for the problem may have been released.

    Software upgrades may be available for your device and will enhance functionality and security. However, updates are device dependant and not every Samsung device will run the latest Android version.

    Software updates fall into two general types: operating system updates and security updates. Please note that the type and version of update available will depend on your model.

    Android code names are named after sweets and treats, with major new versions generally released annually. You’ll often see operating system updates referred to by their name rather than the version number.

    Andoid R: Versions 11.0 +

    Android Q: Versions 10.0 –

    Pie: Versions 9.0 –

    Oreo: Versions 8.0-

    Nougat: Versions 7.0-

    Marshmallow: Versions 6.0 –

    Lollipop: Versions 5.0 –

    Kit Kat: Versions 4.4-4.4.4; 4.4W-4.4W.2

    Jelly Bean: Versions 4.1-4.3.1

    Ice Cream Sandwich: Versions 4.0-4.04

    You can find your current version by going to Settings, then About device or About phone

    There are various ways to update the Software of your Mobile device, such as Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), Kies or Samsung Smart Switch.

    Please Note: It is highly recommended to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Downloading via mobile networks may result in additional charges. Please ensure that your Mobile device has enough storage space before performing a Software Update.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Samsung Smart Switch is a very useful program provided by Samsung, This program is available for PC and Mac computers. You can use it to transfers contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more between Samsung devices and other Smartphones brands. To Update Samsung Software via Samsung Smart Switch you need to install this program on your computer.

    Update Samsung Software Via Samsung Smart Switch (Step by Step):

    1- Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch software (How To Install Samsung Smart Switch).

    2- Double click on the Samsung Smart Switch shortcut to run the software.

    3- Connect the Samsung Device to your computer using its USB cable.

    4- If a pop-up appears on your Samsung device, Then tap Allow.

    5- Now, Samsung Smart Switch will recognize your connected device And check if there is a Software update available for it.

    6- To install the available update click on Update.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    7- You will get some details about the new software update before installing it on your device, Click on Continue.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    8- In the new window, You will see some general warnings and notes, Click on All confirmed.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    9- Samsung Smart Switch will start downloading the new update on your computer, So be patient.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    10- The Software Update will start after finishing the download process.

    11- Click on Yes to let Smart Switch install the software update on your Samsung Device.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    12- Your Samsung device will reboot into Download Mode, And the install process starts.

    13- When the installing is finished, Your Samsung device will restart, And you can disconnect it from your computer.

    14- Done, Wait until your Samsung device is fully on, Then you can start using and customizing it the way you like.

    Many people worry that their phone won’t get OTA update after rooting. It is true, but we can still update rooted Android phone to latest OS in other ways. For Samsung devices, there are at least two tools we can use: Smart Switch (for PC) and Odin, while Smart Switch is easier and more convenient. Here we are going to see how to use Smart Switch to update Samsung after root.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    What Is Smart Switch and How Can It Update Rooted Samsung

    Smart Switch is an official management tool from Samsung. Users of latest Samsung devices may find their handsets preloaded with Smart Switch Mobile, which is used to transfer data between mobile devices. This Samsung Smart Switch that we are talking about is a tool for Samsung data backup, restoration, synchronization, and software update on computer. It works for rooted phones, so we can get update for Samsung while rooted with it.

    How to Update Rooted Samsung to Latest Android System with Smart Switch

    Warning: Updating rooted Samsung in this way will lose root.
    There is nearly no extra preparation work that needs to be done outside Smart Switch. You only need to connect your Samsung phone to a computer where Smart Switch has been installed and the program will do most of the rest work. No need for turning on USB debugging or unlocking the screen (tested on Android 4.4.2), which is very convenient for some features, like data backup and recovery when screen is broken. Now let’s see rooted Samsung update.

    Step1. Connect a Samsung phone to computer. And run Smart Switch.
    Step2. Once the program recognizes the phone, you’ll see an interface like below.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Step3. If there is an available update for your Samsung, the update window will pop up. Have a look at the Update Information and Notice, but don’t click Update button.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Step4. Click Later and choose Backup on main interface. It will do the rest.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone
    Step5. Check the backed up items. Click OK if you think all data are saved.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Step6. Back to main interface and click Update.
    Step7. You’ll see the same window as in Step3, then click Update.
    Step8. Now is another window asking you to confirm rooted Samsung update. Click OK.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Step9. The update will begin. It may take quite a while to complete, then you can enjoy the new Android system.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Samsung Smart Switch warns that rooted device may cause updates to fail. Though this kind of problem is actually rare to see, you can choose to make a Nandroid backup, which will help you return your Samsung device to normal in case of bricking or boot loop.

    Learn about the Samsung Smart Switch app for Android 4.3 and later. For Android 4.2 and earlier, use Samsung Kies for Android devices.

    App features

    • Samsung Smart Switch makes it easy to transfer your content to your new Galaxy device. Transfer content from Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices.
      • Samsung Smart Switch app isn’t compatible with iOS 9.0. The Smart Switch for PC app moves content from an iOS 9.0 device to a new Samsung Android device.
    • Transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars, and more.
    • Available as both an Android app, and as a Windows-based computer app.

    Note: This app is preloaded on the Settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

    App requirements

    Samsung Galaxy device with Android 4.3 or later

    How to guides

    The following steps are for the Smart Switch Windows-based computer app. To learn more about the Samsung Smart Switch app for Android, see Samsung Support.

    Watch: How to use Samsung Smart Switch

    Download Smart Switch

    1. Review Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer Contacts, Music and More for instruction to use Samsung Smart Switch.
    2. Download the most recent version of Smart Switch from Samsung Smart Switch. (Select the Smart Switch version compatible with your computer operating system and device.)
    3. Double-click the installer to begin the installation process.
    4. Accept the license agreement by selecting the I accept. check boxes and then click Next.
    5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

    Create a backup

    1. Connect your Samsung device to your computer using the cable that came with the device.
    2. On the Smart Switch screen, click MORE.
    3. Click Preferences and then select the Backup items tab.
    4. Select the content types you would like to back up and then click OK.
    5. Click Backup on the main Smart Switch screen.
    6. Click Confirm when the backup is complete.

    Transfer files between your computer and an SD card

    1. Download and install the version Samsung Smart Switch that is compatible with your computer from Samsung.
    2. Using the USB cable that came with your device, connect the device to the computer.
    3. Allow your computer to install any required drivers for your device.
    4. Open Smart Switch on your computer, and allow it to make the connection.
    5. On your computer, choose Open folder to view files >OK.
    6. In the Removable Disk window, choose Open folder to view files >OK. Locate the folder containing the files that you want to move.
    7. Locate the files that you want to move.
    8. Cut or copy the files, and then paste them in the new location on your computer or SD card.

    Update device software version

    Follow the device requirements on the software update document, along with the following:

    • Use a Samsung USB cable.
    • Back up your data before completing the update.

    To update

    1. Connect the mobile device to the computer with the USB cable.
    2. Open Smart Switch on your computer. If a software update is available for your device, Smart Switch automatically prompts you to update.
    3. Click Update to begin downloading the necessary files.
    4. Click OK to proceed. Your device may turn off and on a few times during the update process. When the update is complete, the device returns to the Home screen.

    During the update

    • Don’t use the device or press any keys.
    • Don’t remove the battery.
    • Don’t turn off the device.
    • Don’t disconnect the USB cable until the update is complete.
    • You can’t place a call during the update; not even an emergency call.


    For help troubleshooting problems with the Samsung Smart Switch app, contact Samsung.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    When you bag yourself a shiny new smartphone or tablet, all you want to do is get it up and running. But you often end up spending the next few hours transferring data from your current device to the new one. From downloading and installing all your fave apps, to moving old pictures, music, and […]

    When you bag yourself a shiny new smartphone or tablet, all you want to do is get it up and running. But you often end up spending the next few hours transferring data from your current device to the new one.

    From downloading and installing all your fave apps, to moving old pictures, music, and videos, it can be a real kerfuffle. If you’re on SIM Only, you can pop your SIM into your new device to move your contacts across. So, if you’ve saved phone numbers to your SIM, you should be okay. But what about your settings, your apps, your pictures, and videos?

    Don’t worry, Samsung has you covered. Now you can transfer your stuff from your old phone, straight onto your new one with the Samsung Smart Switch mobile app. This simple tool will get all your contacts, settings, photos, and more onto your new Samsung Galaxy phone in one go.

    Does Smart Switch work on all Samsung devices?

    How does Samsung Smart Switch work?

    The Samsung Smart Switch app seamlessly transfers all your stuff virtually to any Samsung Galaxy device. All you need to do is connect your new phone in one of 3 ways: via USB, via Wi-Fi, or with an external storage option to transfer from PC/Mac to your new phone.

    How to use Samsung Smart Switch?

    There are 4 simple steps to follow which we’ve outlined below. If you’re still unsure, watch our Samsung Smart Switch ‘how to’ video to find out all you need to know.

    Step 1:
    Install the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app onto the device that you want to transfer files from. If you don’t have it preloaded and you’re switching from an Android device, you can download Samsung Smart Switch from Google Play. If you’re switching from iPhone, you’ll find Smart Switch in the App Store. Just install it on your old device, and then:
    Step 2:
    Open the Smart Switch app, select the ‘Sending device’ option on your old device and the ‘Receiving device’ option on your new device.
    Step 3:
    Connect the two devices by tapping ‘Connect’ on both devices.
    Step 4:
    You’ll now get a list of items that you can transfer. It includes everything from media files, apps, and wallpapers; to settings and alarms. After selecting what you want to send over, just click on ‘Transfer’.

    It’s simple and straightforward, but if you come across any problems connecting your two devices, go back to Step 2 and choose the ‘SD Card’ option. Then remember to insert an SD card with enough free storage space in your old device to accommodate all your data. You’ll need to set a backup password and confirm this before the transfer starts. After the data is transferred to the card, you need to:

    1. Take out the microSD card from your old device and insert it into your new Galaxy device.
    2. Open the Smart Switch app in your new Galaxy device.
    3. Tap the menu button and select ‘Transfer via SD card’ option.
    4. Tap the ‘Restore’ button and enter your backup password.
    5. Select the content that you want to keep and transfer, and then select the ‘Restore’ button at the bottom.

    Transferring data from your iPhone using Smart Switch

    If you’re moving from iPhone to Samsung, you have a couple of options. You can use your Apple iCloud account or connect your Galaxy and iOS devices using a USB OTG cable. Then follow these steps:

    Back up your iPhone data to iCloud
    Make sure all your images, videos, notes, etc. are backed up to your iCloud account.

    Open or install the Samsung Smart Switch mobile app on your new Galaxy device.
    Select ‘iOS device’ and insert your iCloud account email ID and password in the app.

    Select the content you want to transfer.
    Choose which files you want to keep and then hit the import button on your new Galaxy device.

    After the data’s been transferred, you’ll be recommended Android apps that are similar to your iOS ones. This can be a useful feature if you don’t want to spend time hunting around Google Play.

    Whichever option you go for, Samsung Smart Switch takes the hassle out of switching to a new device. So, you can get on with enjoying all the new features of your shiny new smartphone.

    If you’re tempted by a new Samsung phone or tablet and like the ease of Smart Switch, check out our Samsung devices and plans.

    If you just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20, you might be wondering how do you transfer your data from your old phone to your shiny new phone. Instead of just starting over. Well, there are a couple of ways, but the best way is going to be using Samsung’s Smart Switch app. This app is pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones.

    Now, just because this is a Samsung app, doesn’t mean that you can only use it on Samsung phones. If you are switching from a Pixel 4 to a Galaxy S20 Ultra, you can still use it. This even works with the iPhone. So no matter what, you’re all set.

    Here’s how you can use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data over to the Galaxy S20.

    How to use Smart Switch

    First things first, you’re going to need to make sure both your new and old phone have Smart Switch installed. If they are both Samsung phones, they should have it already. If not, you can install it from Google Play here.

    Now, you need to open up Smart Switch on the new phone.

    Next, you’ll be prompted to give it permissions for different things. Now, what’s nice here is that Samsung lays out all the permissions it needs and explains why it needs them. Like why it needs access to your phone. That’s because it needs to confirm your phone number, etc.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Now, you are going to need to tell the app which phone is going to be receiving data and which will be sending it.

    After you’ve chosen receiving data on the new phone, open the Smart Switch app on the old phone.

    You’ll go through all of the steps listed already, but tap on sending data instead of receiving.

    Now the phones will attempt to find each other, and let you know when they are connected. Make sure you use Wireless instead of a cable for transferring, it’s much faster.

    After it is connected, it will ask you on the new phone, what content you want to copy over. This includes calls and contacts, messages, apps, settings, home screen, images, video, audio and more. In our example here, it transferred just under 9GB of data, in about five minutes. So it is pretty fast.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    Now it will copy your content over. You can tap on the “Keep Screen On” button on both phones to keep the screen on and keep track of what’s going on.

    How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    After that, you’re all done. Once it is completely done copying your content over, you’ll get a notification, which will also show you what was copied over. How to use samsung smart switch to update your galaxy phone

    It’s just that easy to switch from your old smartphone to a brand new Galaxy S20.