How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

It’s always good to keep your system away from viruses. But, when you find the system infected with a virus, sometimes you choose to reboot into a rescue CD followed by running a full virus scan. Bitdefender Rescue CD is a tool that scans your system for free and with automatic updates, new viruses and threats are also detected by the scanning engines. By following this method, your system will be safe from future malware attacks. If you don’t know how to Clean your system using Bitdefender Rescue CD , we have given an in-depth tutorial below.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Clean Your System Using Bitdefender Rescue CD

Even with the presence of a number of antivirus programs in the market they might fail to detect and remove viruses and malware. So, trying out Bitdefender rescue CD is highly recommendable to solve any problems related to viruses. Here’s how you can do it:

Download and Burn the Image

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is, visit the Bitdefender rescue CD website and download the latest version of Bitdefender rescue CD by using an application to burn that ISO image file to an optical disc. ImgBurn is most recommended but there are plenty of ways available to burn an ISO to a disc.

Download and Create a Rescue CD

You can create a rescue CD or USB drive to boot from, or you can download UNetbootin and apply it to generate the bootable flash drive by just clicking Diskimage followed by browsing to the location of the downloaded ISO file. Select the drive that you wish to write the image to and follow the instructions:

  • Once you are done by dropping the disc in the drive and have rebooted, you will see a window displaying the menu which will allow you to choose the language that you would like to start with or else you can boot from the hard drive normally. We will surely choose Bitdefender rescue CD and start with it. (The menu will look as per the windows version you are using, so without any doubt click on enter with your preferred language).
  • If the disk boots straight into graphical interface then it’s well and good or else you need to log in with the username “livecd” followed by typing startx at the prompt to begin the GUI. Even after doing this, it doesn’t work then you need to try out with the other version from their official site.
  • Once you have successfully launched the graphical interface, you will notice a window on your screen which is Bitdefender downloading the latest version.
  • If you feel that the resolution is small, navigate to menu of Bitdefender, select settings > display, to adjust the resolution.
  • Once the application is completely downloaded and license agreement is accepted by you, the scanning will begin immediately. After the scanning is done you can utilize the tool in order to clean any virus and malwares.


So you have it: a tool that can detect any kind of virus or malware in your system and disinfect it. Just make sure to download the proper protection once you have cleaned up everything. Whenever, you face any kind of virus or malware attack, just c lean your system using Bitdefender Rescue CD .

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When you’ve got a PC completely infected with viruses, sometimes it’s best to reboot into a rescue disc and run a full virus scan from there. Here’s how to use the Avira Rescue CD to clean an infected PC.

We’ve previously covered how to clean an infected PC using the BitDefender or Kaspersky rescue disks, and loads of readers have written in saying thanks, and reporting that they were able to clean their PC easily. Be sure and check out our previous articles on the subject:

Otherwise, keep reading for how it all works with Avira, a well-respected anti-virus solution.

Download and Burn the Image to a Disc

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to the Avira site and download the latest version of their rescue CD—there are .exe and .ISO versions of the rescue CD available.

If you download the .exe version of the Rescue CD, you can actually use it to directly burn the image to a disk without any other software required. Just download, open it up, and then stick a disc into the drive.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

If you have any problems with the integrated burning application, you can download the ISO instead and then use an application to burn that ISO image file to an optical disc—we prefer using ImgBurn, but there’s plenty of ways to burn an ISO to a disc.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Using the Avira Rescue CD to Clean an Infected PC

Once you’ve rebooted and put the CD in the drive, you’ll see a menu that lets you boot from the rescue system, or boot from the drive. If you don’t select anything, it’ll automatically boot into the rescue CD.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

The first thing you’ll want to do is switch to the Update tab, and then choose Yes to apply the latest updates.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Now switch back over to the Virus scanner tab and click the Start Scanner button—it’ll take a long time, but it should clean up your PC.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

It’s as simple as that. Enjoy your virus-free PC.

Log in to your Bitdefender account and manage security for what matters.

Bitdefender Support Center

Rescue Environment: How to disinfect your PC from outside Windows

Rescue Environment is a Bitdefender feature that allows you to scan and remove stubborn threats that cannot be eliminated while the operating system is running. Advanced malware can camouflage itself among other legitimate processes running onto the system, which dramatically increases discovery and disinfection times. Rootkits – for example – are designed to conceal their presence and need to be removed before Windows starts.

NOTE: Rescue Environment is only available in Windows 10.

How do I enter Bitdefender Rescue Environment?

When Bitdefender detects a threat that cannot be removed, it will prompt you to reboot the computer in Rescue Environment for clean-up and restoration. Simply click REBOOT IN RESCUE ENVIRONMENT at the end of the scan . The computer will automatically restart in Rescue Environment. And will begin scanning your computer for viruses and all other types of malware. Once the scan is completed, Bitdefender will remove the infection.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

You can also enter Rescue Environment manually from the Bitdefender interface:

1. Bring up Bitdefender and choose Protection on the left-hand side menu.

2. In the ANTIVIRUS pane, click Open.

3. Click ‘Open’ next to ‘Rescue Environment’.

4. Choose ‘Restart’ in the confirmation window that appears.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

5. The computer will restart directly in Bitdefender Rescue Environment.

6. The scanning process begins instantly. Wait for the scan to complete. If any threat is detected, follow the instructions to remove it.

7. To exit Rescue Environment, click the CLOSE button from the scan window with the scan results. The computer will restart and boot up Windows.

Another way to exit is to stop the scan at any point. Once the scan is canceled, the computer will restart and boot up Windows.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

We’ve already shown you how to use the BitDefender Rescue CD to clean your infected PC, but what if you wanted to achieve the same thing only without a CD over the network? In this guide, we’ll show you how.


  • It is assumed that you have already setup the FOG server as explained in our “What Is Network Booting (PXE) and How Can You Use It?” guide.
  • You will see the “VIM” program used as the editor, this is mainly because it is widely available on Linux platforms. You may use any other editor that you’d like.


In the The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC, one of the things we’ve shown, was that it is possible to install an antivirus and scan your computer from an Ubuntu LiveCD. With that said, what if you wanted to make absolutely sure that your computer is not infected by scanning it with another antivirus?

To that end, you could use another antivirus rescue CD, and there are some out there that we have reviewed in the past like Kaspersky and Avira. The clever thing is, what if you wanted to add this additional tool to your PXE server, so you’d never again have to look for the CD of the utility?

We’ve done the legwork and found that, even though it requires some TLA post boot, the BitDefender Rescue CD is by far the easiest to get PXEable from the above options.

In the “How to Setup Network Bootable Utility Discs Using PXE” guide, we’ve promised that we will give another example for the “Kernel + Initrd + NFS method” and we shall deliver. The principle here is just the same as for the How To Network Boot (PXE) The Ubuntu LiveCD.

We will take the files off of the CD, make them available through an NFS share, and point the PXE client to this NFS share as its “root filesystem”.

Server side setup

What you would do is repeat the steps taken in the How To Network Boot (PXE) The Ubuntu LiveCD guide, which were:

  • Download the latest ISO from bitdefender’s site and put it in the “/tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/”.
  • Create the mount point:

sudo mkdir -p /tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/bitdefender

/tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso /tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/bitdefender udf,iso9660 user,loop 0 0

Note: Despite representation, this is one unbroken line.
Test that the mount point works by issuing:

ls -lash /tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/bitdefender/

sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart

sudo vim /tftpboot/howtogeek/menus/utils.cfg

label BitDefender Rescue Live
kernel howtogeek/utils/bitdefender/casper/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=howtogeek/utils/bitdefender/casper/initrd.gz splash vga=791 lang=us root=/dev/nfs netboot=nfs nfsroot= :/tftpboot/howtogeek/utils/bitdefender

That is it on the server’s side, your client should be ready to boot into the rescue CD via PXE.

Client side usage

As we said in the overview, this antivirus requires some intervention, when you actually boot into it using PXE vs the client booted from CD mode.

The problem is in the way the network is setup/detected when the Linux’s rescue CD is booted, but the fix is rather simple.

When you boot into the rescue environment, you will be greeted by an update error like:
How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Click OK and close this message.

Next, click on the “Dog” icon to bring up programs menu.
How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc
Once in the terminal bring up the Midnight commander with root privileges, by issuing:

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Once in the midnight commander, go into “/etc/network” and edit (use F4) the “interfaces” file.

Find the line which reads “iface eth0 inet manual”, and replace manual with “dhcp”.

So that your end configuration should look something like:

Quit “edit mode” while saving your changes by hitting “F10” and selecting “Yes” when prompted.

Restart the clients networking, by issuing:

If all went well you should see that you obtained an IP address and now you can use the update function of the BitDefender application.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc
From here on out, the instructions are the same as with the How to Use the BitDefender Rescue CD to Clean Your Infected PC guide.

Its easy once you get the hang of it… and as always, Enjoy your virus-free PC

The main image is by baronsquirrel, the rest were captured by Aviad Raviv.

I have an iMac that is infected and currently disconnected from the internet, but I need to download a version of bitdefender to my windows laptop so I can put it on a usb drive and run it on my iMac while it is offline.


In short, you will have to use the internet to install bitdefender on your macOS since there is no standalone installer available for macOS. Also the bitdefender windows files will not get copied onto the usb even if you try to do it in safe mode. Though some files will be copied but some system based bitdefender files will not get copied which will lead to non functional programming of the product.

Earlier bitdefender used to have bitdefender rescue disk which used to create a bootable rescue usb or cd so that user could boot directly from the usb or cd and disinfecte their PC. But now bitdefender has stopped developing it. Instead they have integrated it into windows product of bitdefender and when you click on the rescue environment and reboot your PC, the rescue environment opens automatically and helps clear out malicious items, but in the windows OS only.

Now, if you are curious to try and use bitdefender to scan your mac through usb, there is only one available option. Kindly download emsisoft emergency kit from emsisoft website and extract the setup file on your usb. Emsisoft uses malware signatures of bitdefender with their own inhouse engine. Since emsisoft emergency kit is a portable windows utility, it can easily be transferred to usb drive. Rest you will have to figure as how to run windows executable on macOS.

You may find out there is an infection on your device in one of these ways:

• You scanned your device and Bitdefender found infected items on it.

• A threat alert informs you that Bitdefender blocked one or multiple threats on your device.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Bitdefender found an infection on my computer. What to do?

When Bitdefender finds an infection on your computer, it usually takes automatic action against it and gets rid of the malware without requiring any input on your side.

To be sure the infection is gone bring up your Bitdefender security program and open Notifications from the left-side column of the dashboard. Bitdefender keeps here a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer. Access the Critical tab, then click the entry concerning the threat detection. It will show a short description, the action Bitdefender took on the malware, and the date and time when it occurred.

If the Notification indicates that Bitdefender successfully blocked the threat, you are safe. Bitdefender already took care of the infection.

On the other hand, if the Notification states that the threat could not be deleted, follow the steps below to learn how to deal with the malware.

METHOD 1 – Update & System Scan

The best approach is to update Bitdefender to be sure it has the latest virus signatures and then scan the entire system for malware.

First, update Bitdefender:

• Right-click the Bitdefender icon in the System Tray.

• Click on Update Now. Bitdefender will check for updates.

• If an update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer. Wait until the update completes.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Next, once the update is complete, run a System Scan to thoroughly check the PC for malware:

• Click Protection on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface.

• In the Antivirus module, click Open.

• Click the Run Scan button next to System Scan and wait until it completes.

• As soon as the system scan is over, Bitdefender will take automatic action for the detected malware. If automatic action cannot be taken you will be prompted to select a desired action for the infected file: Disinfect, Delete, Move to quarantine.

If the selected action can’t be taken either you’ll have to remove the infection manually. Check out METHOD 2 below for detailed instructions.

METHOD 2 – Remove the infection manually

A log will be generated at the end of the scan. All detected and unresolved items will be stored in it. Click View Log to see the scan results.

If infected files are still found on the system and haven’t been dealt with by the system scan, follow the steps from this article to manually remove the infection. Use the scan log to find out the path to the infected file.

WARNING! If you suspect the file is part of the Windows operating system or that it is not an infected file (a false alarm) do not delete the file yet and contact Bitdefender support instead.

As a last resort, you may have to use Bitdefender Rescue Environment to eliminate stubborn malware outside the operating system. This feature is available only on Windows 10. Check out this article for more information about disinfecting a computer from outside Windows.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Když máte počítač zcela napadený viry, někdy je nejlepší restartovat na záchranný disk a spustit úplný virus skenujte odtud. Zde je návod, jak používat program BitDefender Rescue CD k vyčištění infikovaného počítače.

SOUVISEJÍCÍ: Jaký je nejlepší antivirový program a jak si vybrat jeden?

Dobré je, že jeho antivirus je pravidelně hodnocen špička, pokud jde o detekci a odstranění virů, takže musíte předpokládat, že jejich záchranné CD bude fungovat celkem dobře.

A protože zavádíte do čistého prostředí založeného na Linuxu, můžete skenovat pro viry bez obav o věci, které nefungují, protože počítač je infikován. Je to téměř jako nouzový režim na steroidy. Je to téměř stejné, jako kdybyste vytáhli pevný disk a připojili jej k čistému počítači, aby ho prohledali na viry, kromě toho, že by nebylo riziko infikování čistého počítače, protože je to spouštěcí disk.

Download and Burn Image na disk

První věc, kterou musíte udělat, je přejít na místo záchranného CD BitDefender a stáhnete nejnovější verzi svého záchranného disku CD a poté pomocí aplikace spálit tento soubor ISO obrazu na optický disk, upřednostňujeme použití programu ImgBurn, ale existuje spousta způsobů, jak vypálit ISO na disk.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Stáhnout a vytvořit záchranný USB

Pokud byste raději vytvořili USB disk, který byste mohli zavést, můžete si stáhnout Rufus a používat vytvořte zaváděcí flash disk – v horním rozevíracím seznamu vyberte zařízení USB, v nabídce “Vytvořit zaváděcí disk pomocí” zvolte “ISO Image”, klepněte na malou ikonu CD a vyhledejte umístění souboru ISO

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Pokud jste připraveni, klikněte na tlačítko “Start”. Podívejte se na náš průvodce použitím úplných instrukcí, pokud se uvíznete (jde o Linux, ale platí i pro BitDefender Rescue CD)

Použití BitDefender Rescue CD k vyčištění infikovaného počítače

SOUVISEJÍCÍ: Jak spustit počítač z disku nebo jednotky USB

Jakmile spustíte disk v jednotce a restartujete z jednotky USB. Zobrazí se výzva, která vám umožní vybrat jazyk, který chcete začít, nebo můžete běžně zavádět z pevného disku. Samozřejmě se rozhodneme spustit záchranné CD. Všimněte si, že menu může vypadat jinak v závislosti na verzi, kterou používáte, ale můžete docela stisknout klávesu Enter.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Pokud se disk nezapne přímo do grafického rozhraní, přihlašte se pomocí uživatelského jména “livecd” a potom zadejte startx na výzvu pro spuštění GUI. Pokud to stále nefunguje, možná budete muset vyzkoušet jinou verzi z webu. (V testu VM nejnovější verze nefungovala, ale v2 to udělal.)

Jakmile úspěšně spustíte grafické rozhraní, uvidíte obrazovku, která vypadá takto, což je právě Bitdefender stahování nejnovější verze

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Je-li rozlišení příliš malé, můžete použít nabídku v dolní části obrazovky pro nastavení na obrazovce Settings -> Display pro nastavení.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Zde můžete změnit rozlišení na něco větší – můžete použít 1024 × 768 aby se ujistil, že máte dostatek místa na obrazovce, abyste viděli všechno.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Jakmile aplikace stáhne a souhlasíte s licenční smlouvou, skenování se spustí okamžitě.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Jakmile je skenování dokončeno, můžete použít nástroje k vyčištění jakékoli virové infekce. Je to opravdu docela jednoduché.

Ostatní věci

Pokud potřebujete nějakou práci v systému souborů, můžete snadno použít správce souborů a dostat se do vašich souborů – hezká věc je, že se otevře přímo do vašeho systému Windows

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Můžete také otevřít Správce balíčků Synaptic a nainstalovat jakýkoli nástroj pro odstraňování problémů založený na Linuxu, jako je testdisk, který může být použit pro obnovu dat.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Je to tak jednoduché. Užijte si počítač bez viru.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Kamery Smartphone nikdy nebyly lepší. Technologie prošla dlouhou cestou. Používají je profesionální fotografové, kteří střílí časopisy. Společnost Apple postavila billboardovou reklamní kampaň kolem fotografií pořízených s iPhone. Je zřejmé, že smartphony mohou být použity k fotografování za správných okolností, ale jak dobrý je skutečný fotoaparát?

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

Pokud jste silným uživatelem aplikace Apple Notes na vašem iPhone, pravděpodobně jste si všimli mírně podivného chování: na rozdíl od téměř všech ostatních aplikací, pokud si vezmete fotografii v poznámkách, není uložena do aplikace Fotografie. Předpokládám, že je to tak, že fotky věcí, jako jsou seznamy nákupů, nezavinou vaši roli fotoaparátu.

Everyone hates virus infections. They cause loss of data, time and effort. But, most of the viruses are curable if you have a good anti-malware software installed. At the least, you can use some manual methods to get rid of the viruses from your PC in the end. Nevertheless, there are some particular malware that affects the booting process of your computer. Shortly, you won’t be able to access your computer properly and that’s the nastiest thing a virus can do.

How to use the bitdefender rescue cd to clean your infected pc

But, don’t worry, there is an effective solution to get you out — Bootable Antivirus Programs. As the name says, bootable antivirus can be booted up and used even before the OS is loaded. That is, if there are some virus that impacts your booting process, you can clear those malwares from your PC.

Using these rescue discs are pretty easy. These files are available in .ISO format and you can easily write them into a CD / DVD. Alternatively, if you prefer that, you can create a bootable USB Drive and load it while booting. Either way, you will be able to remove the causing malware from your infected PC.

In this article, we have a list of the best bootable antivirus programs you can use to rescue your infected computer. Shall we get into the list?

Bitdefender Rescue CD is undoubtedly one of the best bootable antivirus programs. It’s a completely free rescue CD you’d find in web and there aren’t much limitations either. The most important aspect of the Bitdefender Rescue CD is the size of package. You need to download around 700MB to get the ISO file to get the job done. That having said, Bitdefender is bringing the best anti-malware and malware-removal algorithms to the rescue disk. It’s powered by a Graphical Interface and you can remove malware easily. Also, when compared to the other bootable antivirus tools out there, Bitdefender is offering better customizability as well. For instance, you can use the Advanced Scan options to control what the bootable utility is scanning.

AVG, as you know one of the major developers of popular antivirus solution, is offering a minimal yet impressive solution to have access and repair your infected computer. One thing to be noted here is that AVG Rescue CD does not come with a Graphical User Interface. On the other hand, it’s more of a traditional dialogue box that does things. However, with file size of just 170MB, anyone can get this bootable drive ready in a few minutes. That having said, AVG Rescue CD has a cool set of features as well. First of all, you can update the virus definition either using Internet or via offline files. Similarly, it has customized scanning options. If you want to exclude or include certain areas, you can set that up in AVG Rescue CD. Still, the lack of GUI can be an issue for most.

In our previous articles, we had talked about ransomware and how they destroy your data and make your PC inaccessible. So, there are times when you are not able to boot up your PC due to the ransomware attacks. At such times, you can use the HitmanPro Kickstart for fixing the errors and re-accessing the device. In fact, it isn’t fully-fledged bootable antimalware program to use. However, if you are not able to boot up your Windows PC due to ransomware attack, you can load the HitmanPro Kickstart from a USB drive and deal with it. You can download this easy-to-use utility from the official website and the file size is just 10MB. We repeat, HitmanPro Kickstart isn’t for virus removal, but for ransomware removal.

You may be familiar with the Comodo Antivirus solutions, and they are offering a Rescue Disk as well. Using this disk, you can repair and clean malware-infected PC. It is meant to clean viruses, problem-causing registry keys and rootkits etc even before the actual boot-up of the device. Despite having to create a bootable device and boot the software, looks and feel of Comodo Rescue Disk is similar to the actual software. So, you won’t have any problem when it comes to protecting the infected PCs from further damages. Indeed, it comes with a bunch of features, such as different scanning types, automated updates, support for online and offline updates, smaller download size etc. nevertheless, some people find it to use the tool for scanning particular folders or files.

Yet another virus scanner, this bootable utility comes with a bunch of cool tools for better protection of your infected PC. the best part of Dr. Web LiveDisk is the advanced level of customizability it offers. When it comes to finding & removing the infected stuff, there are a lot of options you can select. For instance, if you want to detect some adware stuff only, it can be set as the preference via Dr. Web LiveDisk interface. Thanks to the simplified User Interface, you won’t have any issue in setting up the bootable setup ad moving on. In addition to these features, Dr. Web LiveDisk comes with a bunch of additional utilities too. Though you have to download around 600MB to create a bootable Dr. Web LiveDisk, it’s worth the effort.

Last but not in the list, we have Trend Micro Rescue Disk, which is another user-friendly bootable antivirus program you can count on. It is meant to thoroughly examine your computer even before the boot-up of Windows OS. So, if there are some viruses, Trojans, ransomware etc that impact your computer booting, Trend Micro Rescue Disk will help you detect them in no time. When compared to the other bootable antivirus programs, the size and setup of Trend Micro Rescue Disk is pretty low. You can use almost all drives to get the most out of the utility. Also, it needs to be noted that the UI is equally awesome for common users.


So, these are six best bootable antivirus programs you can use to regain your infected computers. Some of these will help you in dealing with a variety of malware, such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits etc. On the other hand, if you go with something like HitmanPro Kickstart, it’s a dedicated solution to protect your device from the impacts of ransomware. Although there is no absolute surety, these tools may help you in the time of crisis. In case if you didn’t notice, all these are free to use.

For Windows users, we are here with a method to remove all viruses from the computer using Rescue USB Disk. Today there are heaps of viruses, malware, key-loggers & Trojans etc, enters into Windows PC either from the internet or from data sharing with infected computers. So, at that time you use Antivirus to remove all the virus, but what if your Windows is not accessible due to infected viruses. At that time, you can use the rescue disk to clean up your computer from viruses. So have a look at the complete method discussed below.

How To Remove All Viruses From Computer Using Rescue USB Disk

Steps To Create A Rescue USB To Free Up System From Viruses

Step 1. First of all, connect a removable USB device to your computer.

Step 3. Now launch the utility software in your Windows.

Step 4. Now give the path of the ISO File of Kaspersky Rescue Disk there and select the drive where you want to make it bootable, and hit install.

Step 5. After the work of the utility for recording is completed, the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Manager window will open. Just click on Start button there and a process will start and your Rescue disk is ready.

Step 6. Now Restart computer with USB inserted and press F11 when the computer started to boot your USB.

Step 7. Now Kaspersky interface will appear, proceed till you find the option to select from Graphic mode or Text mode, select the graphic mode.

Step 8. Once Graphical User Interface fully loads onto the screen, you can perform a scan and remove all detected threats.

Using Bitdefender Rescue CD

  • Stickifier executable (no installation required)
  • Stickifier source files

You can download the ISO image from here.

Step 3. Now if you have an ISO image then simply select the option and then click “Next”. Now on the next window, you need to provide the target removable drive for the Bitdefender Rescue CD files.

Step 2. Install the Rescue CD. Once done, open it and you need to burn the image to a disk. Simply, insert a disk into the drive and click on ‘Burn CD’

Step 3. Once done, restart your computer and then you will see an interface like below. Here you need to select the option ‘Boot Antivir Rescue System’. If you don’t take any action, it will automatically boot the Avira Rescue CD

Step 4. Now head to the Update tab and then click on ‘Yes’ when it asks to update the Rescue system via the internet.

Step 5. Now, go the Virus Scanner tab and then click on the ‘Start Scanner’ button. Now, wait until the Avira Antivirus Rescue System scans and removes the infection from the computer.