How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

You can use Apple Pencil to write, mark up, and draw.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that your Apple Pencil is compatible with your iPad.
  • If needed, charge your Apple Pencil.
  • Pair your Apple Pencil before you try to use it.

Draw with Apple Pencil

Open an app, like the Notes app. With iPadOS, move the tool palette around the screen or minimize it so you have more space to draw and sketch. The tool palette has different tools, depending on the app you’re using. Use the ruler tool to create straight lines, then rotate them with your fingers. Made a mistake? You can erase by object or even by pixel.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

To draw in the Notes app:

  1. Open Notes.
  2. Tap to start a new note.
  3. Start drawing with your Apple Pencil.

You can also start by tapping to open the tool palette. Choose from several drawing tools and colors, and switch to the eraser if you make a mistake. Double-tap the eraser to view erasing options on your iPad. When you draw, you can tilt your Apple Pencil to shade a line and press more firmly to darken the line. You can drag the tool palette to a different edge of the screen. Tap to auto-minimize the tool palette and see more options.

Drawing near the edge of the screen with your Apple Pencil won’t activate Control Center, Notification Center, or Multitasking. You can draw anywhere on the screen without getting interrupted.

Write with Apple Pencil

You can write a note with your Apple Pencil in Notes and other apps. With iOS 14, you can write with your Apple Pencil in any text field.* You can convert your handwriting to text. And you can use a handwritten phone number, date, or address as if you had typed it.

Write in any text field with Scribble

You can use your iPad and Apple Pencil to write by hand in any text field, like the search field in Safari or a text field in Mail.* All handwriting and conversion to text happens on your iPad, keeping your writing private and secure.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

You can learn how to delete, select, insert, and join words using Scribble by going to Settings > Apple Pencil and tapping Try Scribble.

Convert your handwritten notes to text

You can convert your handwriting* in two ways:

  • You can write with the pen farthest from the ruler, which has an “A” on it. Your handwriting will convert automatically to text as you write.
  • If you already have some handwritten notes, you can select the notes and convert them to text:
    1. Double-tap or touch and hold a word you want to select. Select more words by sweeping your finger over them. You can triple-tap to select an entire line of words.
    2. Tap the selected words.
    3. In the menu that appears, tap Copy as Text.
      How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad
    4. Paste the text elsewhere in the same document or in another app.

Use handwritten phone numbers, dates, addresses, and more

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

  1. Tap a number, date, address, or other recognized data that you’ve written. It will have an underline.*
  2. Choose what you want to do, like call the number or create an event.

Draw perfect shapes

You can perfect a lopsided circle or leaning square. Here’s how:

  1. Draw a shape by hand, like a circle, square, or star, using a single stroke.
  2. When you finish the shape, pause with the tip of your Apple Pencil on the screen. The shape you drew will be replaced by a perfect one.

Double-tap Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

On an Apple Pencil (2nd generation), you can double-tap near the tip of your Apple Pencil to quickly switch back to the tool you used last. To change your settings for double-tap, go to Settings > Apple Pencil, then choose:

  • Switch between current tool and eraser
  • Switch between current tool and last used
  • Show color palette
  • Off

Double-tap works only in supported apps, like Notes.

Upgrade your notes, edit slides, and draw perfect circles (really).

Design Slideshow Presentations

Looking to annotate your slides in Microsoft PowerPoint? Your Apple Pencil is the easiest way.

It’ll smooth the process whether you need to scribble on class notes, update a sales pitch, or fix your boss’s spelling.

To try it out, connect your Apple Pencil to your compatible iPad or iPad Pro and tap on PowerPoint’s Draw tab. That’s where you’ll find tools to write, draw, edit, highlight, and doodle. Of course, you can also use your Apple Pencil to select objects and text boxes.

Read on to learn three cool ways to use your Apple Pencil with PowerPoint. And if you don’t have an Apple Pencil, just pretend this entire article is talking about your finger.

Master the basics
‣ The Draw tab is home to a number of features that’ll probably look familiar, including a variety of markers, pencils, and highlighters.

Tap one to select it, then tap again to reveal a menu that lets you adjust color and thickness.

To undo a note or a sketch you made, just tap the eraser, which makes your last change go away.

Dramatically improve your handwriting
‣ If you were born in the post-cursive age, there’s a good chance your handwriting is a hot mess. But that’s OK! PowerPoint has your back.

Write directly on a slide using your Apple Pencil, then tap the Ink to Text button in the top right corner. Select your scribble using the Lasso Select tool and the app will automatically convert your writing to readable type (or suggest a few options for doing so).

Get in perfect shape
‣ If you believe in yourself, nothing in life is impossible. Except drawing a geometrically perfect circle freehand.

PowerPoint and Apple Pencil can help here too.

Draw something approximating a circle (or square, triangle, or rhombus, theoretically, although we can’t imagine why you’d need a rhombus) and tap Ink to Shape in the top right corner.

Now select on your amorphous shape using the lasso tool and PowerPoint will convert it into a perfectly proportioned form that would make your geometry teacher weep with joy.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

You might use an Apple Pencil on iPad for jotting down notes, sketching your own drawings, or coloring in one of many relaxing adult coloring books. Yes, as an Apple Pencil user, you know you can do much more than just take notes on your iPad.

With iPadOS 14 and Scribble, you have even more features to help you do things with Apple Pencil. Here we’ll show you how to use handwriting in text boxes. This lets you continue using your Apple Pencil even if you want to veer away from your current activity for a quick Safari lookup or Maps search.

Where can you use Scribble in text boxes?

You’re probably wondering which apps and spots on iPad you can use Scribble with Apple Pencil in text boxes. The answer is, most anywhere! Obviously, it works in Apple apps with text fields like Maps, Mail, the App Store, and Files.

And apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Slack, and even Shazam all have search fields and jotting text into those apps works great! There are some limitations, however. For example, handwriting a tweet on Twitter works fine, but handwriting a post on Facebook doesn’t.

When in doubt, give it a try! More likely than not, the app you have with a text box will allow some scribbling. So give it a try in searches, posts, forms, and similar spots.

How do you use Scribble in text boxes?

There really is no “how to” when it comes to this feature. You simply use your Apple Pencil to handwrite inside a text box, like a search field, and your writing will be converted to typed text.

And with an app or website like Google, you’ll see suggestions for your text just like if you type it in.

Another golden nugget of this feature is that you can keep writing into the same box and your text will be recognized as you go. For instance, you may be entering a phrase or simply more than a single word.

As you can see in the screenshots below, I did a Google Search for Johnny Depp. I wrote “Johnny,” which was recognized and then continued writing “Depp,” which was also recognized.

Note that the accuracy of the typed text result does depend on your iPad being able to recognize it. So if you have horrible handwriting, this is something to keep in mind.

Wrapping it up

The ability to handwrite in text boxes is just another great feature for iPad and Apple Pencil using Scribble. There are certainly more, so be on the lookout for our other tutorials with these tools!

When you give this a try, but sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts on the feature. And if you run into a text box somewhere and the handwriting doesn’t work, let us know that too!

On supported iPad models, you can use Apple Pencil (sold separately) and Scribble to enter text. Without opening or using the onscreen keyboard, you can quickly reply to a message, jot down a reminder, and more. Scribble converts your handwriting to text directly on your iPad, so your writing stays private.

Note: Scribble is available in several languages. See the iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability website.

Use Apple Pencil to enter text in any text field

Write with Apple Pencil in any text field, and Scribble automatically converts your handwriting into typed text.

Scribble even works when your handwriting extends beyond the edges of the text field.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

To use an action shortcut, tap the Scribble toolbar.

Available actions depend on the app you’re using, and may include the Undo button , the Show Keyboard button , and more.

To automatically minimize the toolbar when you’re entering text, tap , then turn on Auto-minimize. To show the full toolbar, tap the minimized version.

Use Apple Pencil to enter text in Notes

In Notes, tap to show the Markup toolbar.

In the Markup toolbar, tap the Handwriting tool (to the left of the pen).

Write with Apple Pencil, and Scribble automatically converts your handwriting into typed text.

Select and revise text with Apple Pencil

As you enter text using Apple Pencil and Scribble, you can do the following:

Delete a word: Scratch it out.

Insert text: Touch and hold in a text area, then write in the space that opens.

Join or separate characters: Draw a vertical line between them.

Select text: Draw a circle around the text or underline it to select it and see editing options. To change the selection, drag from the beginning or end of the selected text.

Select a word: Double-tap the word.

Select a paragraph: Triple-tap a word within the paragraph, or drag Apple Pencil over the paragraph.

Stop converting your handwriting to text

Go to Settings > Apple Pencil, then turn off Scribble.

В документе Pages на iPad писать рисовать, добавлять аннотации, выбирать элементы и прокручивать документ с помощью Apple Pencil так же, как Вы делаете это пальцем. По умолчанию при использовании Apple Pencil в Pages включается режим письма, рисования или аннотирования. Если вместо этого Вы хотите использовать Apple Pencil для прокрутки и выбора объектов, можно изменить настройки по умолчанию.

Примечание. Для преобразования рукописного текста в печатный с помощью функции «От руки» требуется совместимая модель iPad под управлением iPadOS 14. Функция «От руки» доступна не на всех языках. Подробнее см. в статье службы поддержки Apple.

Изменение режима использования Apple Pencil в Pages по умолчанию

Если Вы хотите использовать Apple Pencil для прокрутки и выбора элементов вместо рисования, письма или аннотирования, измените настройки по умолчанию. Настройка Apple Pencil, заданная в Pages, действует только в Pages. Если Вы изменили эту настройку в одном документе, она применяется ко всем документам Pages, но не влияет на другие приложения, например Keynote и Numbers.

Откройте документ Pages, затем коснитесь .

Коснитесь пункта «Apple Pencil» (возможно, потребуется прокрутить вниз для его отображения), затем включите параметр «Выбор и прокрутка».

Если Ваш Apple Pencil это поддерживает, можно включить параметр «Переключение двойным касанием», а затем включать и отключать режим «Выбор и прокрутка» двойным касанием нижней части Apple Pencil.

Когда по умолчанию включен режим «Выбор и прокрутка», можно по-прежнему использовать Apple Pencil для рисования и аннотирования в Pages. Для рисования коснитесь , коснитесь , затем — «Рисунок». Для добавления аннотации коснитесь , затем коснитесь «Смарт-аннотация».

Преобразование рукописного текста в печатный

Функция «От руки» на iPad преобразует рукописный текст в печатный. Когда создана пара между Apple Pencil и поддерживаемым iPad под управлением iPadOS 14, функция «От руки» включена по умолчанию. Чтобы проверить настройку функции «От руки», включить или выключить ее, откройте «Настройки» > «Apple Pencil».

В Pages коснитесь значка Apple Pencil в основном тексте документа, в текстовом блоке, фигуре или ячейке таблицы, где Вы хотите ввести рукописный текст.

Примечание. В таблице коснитесь ячейки, если Вы хотите заменить все ее содержимое. Для редактирования ячейки коснитесь ее еще раз, чтобы поместить точку вставки там, где Вы хотите начать писать.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

Коснитесь инструмента «От руки» и начните писать.

Функция «От руки» работает даже в тех случаях, когда написанный от руки текст выходит за края текстовой области.

Примечание. Если Вы отключили функцию «От руки» в Настройках или ни один из языков в Вашем списке языков не поддерживает эту функцию, инструмент «От руки» не отображается в панели инструментов.

При вводе текста с помощью Apple Pencil можно выполнять следующие действия.

Удаление слова. Сотрите его.

Вставка текста. Коснитесь и удерживайте внутри текстовой области, затем при появлении пустого пространства начните писать.

Объединение или разделение символов. Нарисуйте между ними вертикальную линию.

Выбор текста. Обведите текст или проведите через него линию. Чтобы изменить выбранную область, перетяните манипуляторы выбора пальцами.

Создание нового абзаца. Коснитесь в панели инструментов внизу экрана.

Отображение клавиатуры. Коснитесь в панели инструментов, затем касайтесь клавиш на клавиатуре, чтобы изменить текст, удалить символы, добавить пробелы и выполнить другие действия.

Переключение на другой поддерживаемый язык. В панели инструментов коснитесь и удерживайте ее, затем коснитесь языка, который хотите использовать (клавиатура уже должна быть добавлена в разделе «Настройки» > «Основные» > «Клавиатура» > «Клавиатуры»). На кнопке кратко отображается код выбранного языка (например, EN для английского языка).

Отмена последнего действия. Нажмите в панели инструментов. Коснитесь несколько раз, чтобы отменить все недавно выполненные действия.

Добавление нового текстового блока. В документе с макетом страницы начните писать на удалении от других текстовых областей (таких как другие текстовые блоки, выбранные таблицы или ячейки). Будет создан новый текстовый блок для Вашего текста.

Если выбран инструмент «От руки», другие кнопки в этой панели инструментов позволяют добавить отступ к тексту, изменить шрифт, применить жирный шрифт, курсив или подчеркивание, изменить размер шрифта, выровнять текст, вставить разрывы страниц, сноски и другие элементы форматирования.

Чтобы освободить больше пространства для письма, перетяните манипулятор панели инструментов вниз и сверните ее. Чтобы вернуть ее исходный размер, коснитесь ее свернутой версии. Чтобы настроить автоматическое сворачивание панели инструментов при вводе текста, коснитесь , затем включите параметр «Автоматически убирать в Dock».

Scribble will recognize your handwriting in text fields.

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

A demonstration of Scribble for iPad.

A new feature for iPadOS 14 will let those using an Apple Pencil hand write into text fields on iPads, Apple executives said Monday at WWDC.

Scribble essentially converts handwriting, making it possible to, for example, write something into a search box or create a reminder, instead of typing it out.

Everything Apple

In a digital WWDC session on Tuesday, Apple engineers Daniel Gobera and Evan Long gave more details about how the new feature would work for users and developers with iPad OS 14, coming this fall.

To use Scribble, you don’t need to tap the pencil in the text field — instead, you just start writing. The engineers demonstrated how Scribble works by writing “coffee” in the Apple Maps search bar, which converted to typed text.

“The position of the pencil tells the system where text should get inserted,” Gobera explained during the session.

Scribble translates words written with the Apple Pencil into text.

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Scribble is smart enough to recognize the user pausing before generating a result in a search, Gobera said — it won’t start searching until you’re finished writing the word or phrase. The feature will support English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Cantonese.

Developers wanting to integrate Scribble into their apps will need to adopt the new UIScribbleInteraction and UIIndirectScribbleInteraction APIs, Long said.

During Monday’s WWDC keynote, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, talked about making handwriting as powerful as typed text.

“Our customers tell us that once they have an Apple Pencil in their hand, they don’t want to put it away,” Federighi said.

If you use the Books app on your iPad for reading manuals, textbooks, or PDFs, then you’ll be glad to know you can use your Apple Pencil with it. You can add highlights, include notes, search, and use lookup for books, and of course, annotate PDFs.

Here, we’ll show you the ways you can use Apple Pencil in the Books app on iPad.

Apple Pencil in Books

Most handy for books like manuals or textbooks, you can easily add highlights, jot down notes that turn to typed text, and use the shortcut menu to search or look up words and terms.

Add highlights

To highlight a single word, just tap the word with the with the tip of your Apple Pencil. For a phrase, sentence, or paragraph, drag through the text with your Pencil. You can also hold your Pencil on a word and use the handles to drag through the remaining text. The highlight is automatically added.

To change the highlight color or underline the text instead, tap the text you highlight and then tap the colored circles.

Include notes

Notes in Books come with highlights. So to include a note, you must first highlight some text using the instructions above.

Then, tap the highlight and select the Note icon. Jot your note directly in the small sticky that appears on the screen. The text you write will convert to typed text automatically.

Remove highlights or notes

To delete a highlight or note you add, tap it, and select the trash can icon in the toolbar.

If you have a note attached to the highlight, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to remove both.

Use Look Up, Search, or Share

You can also add a highlight or note, as well as use Look Up, Search, or Share by tapping a word to display the toolbar. Tap the arrow on the far right of the toolbar to view your options and make a selection.

Annotate a PDF

You can annotate PDFs in books the same with your Apple Pencil as with your finger, if you’ve done so in the past.

Open the PDF, tap the screen to display the toolbar at the top, and tap the Markup icon. You can then use your Apple Pencil to draw, highlight, erase, or add shapes like a circle or arrow using the toolbar at the bottom.

Wrapping it up

Along with using your Apple Pencil to navigate the books app and select items from the menus or toolbar, you can use it for highlights, notes, and other actions. Hopefully Apple will add the ability to annotate books like PDFs down the road.

What do you use your Apple Pencil for most on your iPad? Do you use it in the Notes app for converting handwriting to typed text? Or maybe you like to use it for filling out forms or search fields instead of typing? Let us know!

How to write in text boxes using your apple pencil on ipad

iPadOS 14 brought Scribble to the iPad and Apple Pencil, allowing you to write in any text field where it will automatically be converted to typed text.

Apple says that all handwriting and conversion to text happens on device, keeping it private and secure. When taking notes, Smart Selection uses on-device machine learning to distinguish handwriting from drawings, so handwritten text can be selected, cut, and pasted into another document as typed text. Shape recognition allows users to draw geometric shapes that, for example, snap right into place when adding useful diagrams and illustrations in Notes.

Data detectors now work with handwritten text to recognize phone numbers, dates, and addresses. They offer users the ability to take actions like tapping a written number to make a call, adding an event directly to Calendar, or showing a location in Maps.

Scribble initially offers support for English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and mixed Chinese and English, so users can write English and Chinese words together without needing to switch languages.

To enable Scribbe in iPadOS 14:

° Open the Settings app.

° Scroll down and select Apple Pencil.

° Select the toggle next to Scribble.

Now you can use the Apple Pencil to touch within a section of a supported app where you would normally type text. Just start writing (don’t tap first). After writing, wait a few seconds for it to be converted to text and put into the text field.

Apple apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Safari, Reminder, Notes, etc.

To try out Scribble, head to any text box — such as the Safari’s search bar — and tap it to bring the keyboard up. While the keyboard is active, use your Pencil to write in the text box where text would appear when your type. It will be quickly translated into text.

You can also use Scribble to select and delete text. To select text, draw a circle around it. The circle will disappear and a selection box will spring up. If you want delete the text in question, just scratch it out. You’ll also have options to cut, copy, select all, and paste.

What’s more, with Scribble you can tap and hold an Apple Pencil in any editable field to make room for writing additional text. Plus, you can join characters or separate words by drawing a vertical line before or after any character.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote work a bit differently than other apps. In a document, tap Apple Pencil in the body of a word-processing document where you want to write. Or tap in a text box, shape, or in a table cell in a word-processing or page layout document.

Then tap the Scribble tool in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then start writing. If you don’t tap the tool, the software will “think” you want to draw instead.

Comments: 11 Responses to “Write Text With Your Apple Pencil Using Scribble On iPadOS 14”

I have a first generation iPad Pro and a first generation Apple pencil. Do they work together?
How do I get the keyboard?

Alex: It should, yes. Try it. The current keyboards are meant for newer iPads. But you can get any Bluetooth keyboard and it should work. Some third-parties made them for the iPad Pro 1st gen sizes.

thanks gary for another great and very useful tutorial!

I have iPadOS 14 and an Apple Pencil. When I go into mail, new message I don’t see the bar at the bottom of the page. I am not getting into the scribble mode.

Donald: Did you try writing with the Pencil?

yes. I tried writing with the pencil. I could get the call up the drawing pallet, but not the scribble pallet you showed.

Sorry. Actually, I had not updated to iOS 14.0.1. I thought I had the latest, but didn’t.

Hello I am trying to use scribble to fill in a pdf with markup on iPad pro. Doesn’t work. Any tips please. Thx

James: Hard to say what you could be doing wrong. Do you see the markup tools? Try selecting other tools, drawing with your finger, etc. Experiment and play around. If you still can’t figure it out, maybe plan to visit an Apple Store and get some firsthand help.

Hi Garry
Really helpful video thank you. I have a problem using Scribble when editing a screen shot on my iPad Air. I swipe up from one of the bottom corners and the screen is captured successfully. However, when I try to edit using my Apple Pencil the palette does not show the tool with the “A” that is used for converting Scribble to text. Is this correct? It seems the only way to apply text is to use the “+” button and then use the traditional clunky text box Thanks Mick

Mick: Yes, using + is the way to add a text box. Then you should be able to use Scribble with that text box. I just tried it and it worked.