Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

AdvPhishing is a phishing tool which allows the user to access accounts on social media even if two-factor authentication is activated. AdvPhishing allows the user to gain the target’s username, password and latest one-time password (OTP) in real-time as the target is logging in. In addition to this the user can use AdvPhishing to obtain the target’s IP address. AdvPhishing is available on both Android and Linux.

Before using AdvPhishing, the user is required to allow the target to access the local server using ‘ngrok’. ngrok will generate a token which the user must import into his local machine. Further details are available at the ngrok website.

After starting AdvPhishing, the user must select the target website from 15 different options. These options include popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and many more. After selecting the website, the tool will automatically download the prerequisite requirements for the website and wait for the ’ngrok’ tunnel to be activated. After the tunnel has been activated, a link will be generated which must be sent to the target. Once the link has been accessed, the target will see a clone version of the website where the target will naturally enter their confidential information and OTP.


In this tutorial we’re going to use a tool AdvPhishing there are so many tools we can use but this one is straight forward and it’s very easy to use, so download the tool from github from this LINK:

chmod 777

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

When first run the app it’s going to check for requires and then you will see this screen:

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Let’s see we are going to hack the victim with Twitter link, chose number 21 and press Enter:

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Now the app is using Ngrok and gave us a link to send it to the victim, we can take this link and shorting it with

Now the link looks like something legit right, now all you have to do is send it and wait for that person to porn the link:

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

The victim enter their credentials and when they click on login we get their credentials back on our terminal:

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

As we can see the email address and the password that person has entered are showing up very clear.

Of course we could write them an email and send it to them saying that there have been some weird activity on their account and they need to login immediately and change their password, and give them out custom link to press and direct them to that fake page we made with the tool.

The lesson here is never trust a random email or message from unknown source and try not to open any link or attachment from untrusted source, and we trying to login to your social media account use the apps installed on your phone or from the official links if using a laptop.

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

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Social media can be a major time consumer.

If you’re a solopreneur, running a small business, or have a side hustle, you need all the time you can get. You also need to have a strong social media presence.

So how do you do both at once? Use these social media hacks to save yourself hours.

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Cate Scolnik

Social media manager and content marketing specialist

Trending in Entrepreneur

More by this author

Cate Scolnik

Social media manager and content marketing specialist

Trending in Entrepreneur

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

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Seeking for the right job but not sure how to do it in a more effective way?

To make the job hunting process easier, I’m recommending 10 best job apps that can help you look for the right match anywhere at any time. The best of all? They’re all free!

1. jobandtalent

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Great for browsing new jobs as you commute home via subway, bus or carpool, the jobandtalent app is like a Pinterest for job seekers.

Easily browse, save and revisit job postings from your smartphone and receive notifications about jobs that match your professional qualifications.

Download it for iOS and Android.

2. Jobr

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

This job hunting app is unique in that it lets you anonymously browse job listings based on your professional resume. If a company that you like also shows an interest in you, the app let’s you chat directly with a company rep. Great for getting your foot in the door and making a memorable impression.

Download it for iOS.

3. Monster Job Search

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

I’m a big fan of Monster. It’s one of the first job sites employers think of when they want to list a new position online. The Monster Job Search app functions pretty similarly to the normal website, so it’s very easy to use for not-so-tech-savvy job hunters.

Download it for iOS and Android.

4. Jobs and Career Search

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

This is a good, simple app for browsing global locations for your next job. With a job index of more than 50,000 jobs listed globally, this app is a good choice if you are moving to a new area and want to line a new job up quickly.

Download it for iOS.

5. Hyper Networking Groups

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

This job hunting app isn’t so much a job hunting app as it is a connections hunting app. It’s great for learning who’s who in your desired field and forming connections. It also shows you how you and your industry connections are connected via your social networks, so you can follow up with them on your other social sites.

Download it for iOS.

6. CardDrop

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

CardDrop is an awesome job hunting app that let’s you digitally drop and pick up virtual business cards. This app is great for helping you make new connections at seminars, interviews, meetings and conferences. You can also attach social media profiles to the cards you pick up or send to enable easier connecting on social networks.

Download it for Android and iOS.

7. Job Interview Questions

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Okay, so this app looks kind of outdated, but it’s super useful for getting you into the swing of answering any kind of interview question that is thrown your way. The big benefit of using this app is that it explains to you what your interviewers motivations might be for asking you a specific kind of question. Learn what your interviewer is looking for in your answers and be more prepared for the real interview when the time comes.

Download it for Android.

8. 101 Interview Questions and Answers

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

This app is great because it provides guidance about the kinds of answers you should give for each kind of question. Think of it as an essay rubric but for job interview questions.

Download it for Android.

9. Job Interview Question-Answer

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Feeling confident with your text-answered interview questions but concerned about doing the face-to-face interview? This app prepares you for interacting with your interviewer by simulating an employer asking you questions.

You can record your response and see what you look like to the interviewer to understand what movements, vocal pauses, etc. you need to work on.

Download this app for iOS and Android.

10. HireVue

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

HireVue is a great job hunting app for those times when your interviewer wants to get some preliminary questions out of the way.

When an interested employer wants to interview you, they send you a request via HireVue and you can answer it in your free time, when you’re ready. Your interview might consist of a some FaceTime, some multiple choice questions or open-ended text answers and can be completed and sent to the interviewer when you’re finish.

Just when you think you know everything about your favorite social media site, there are always new and exciting changes. And then there are some secret social media hacks you’ll wish you knew before reading this.

There are so many of them in fact, that I’m going to highlight a couple here for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Share Instagram Photos Elsewhere After Uploading

Share the picture to Twitter or Facebook after uploading to Instagram? Yep.

We all know you can share the photo at the same time you upload it to Instagram, but you can also go back to any of your pictures and share an Instagram pic.

Decide which Instagram photo in your gallery you want to share. Down in the right corner, click on the ellipsis button and you can select “Share”.

The photo and caption will appear where you can edit what you originally posted on Instagram, so you can make any change to what’s written before you share it. Choose what social media site you want it to post on, and then hit share.

Take Better Photos Without Posting Them

With your phone set on “Airplane Mode” any Instagram photos you snap, will be saved to your phone but not posted to Instagram! You can learn exactly the method here.

This is a sweet hack for those power Instagrammers to ensure being able to pick the best image to post on Instagram.

Best Time To Post on Instagram

Ever wonder when the best time to be sharing that tricked out Instragram pics? Well wonder no more.

Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) analyzes your post history and interaction on Instagram and shows you when the times of day are best to post.

In addition to that, you can see who are your most-engaged followers, most liked and commented on posts, your new followers, who un-followed you and so much more.


Customize What You Share With Whom

Don’t want Grandma to see that picture? Or that post that your boss could see? It’s easy with this simple hack:

After clicking on the tab to the left of “Post” you’ll pick the “More Options” and Facebook will pop up another page for you …

… Where you can enter in the name(s) or even entire lists of people you don’t want to share that post with.

Download Your Facebook Pictures

With the Pick&Zip app not only can you download all of your photos but you can also grab pictures that people have tagged you in. Not only for Facebook, but you can download pictures from Instagram and your Vine video clips! Here’s an added bonus … it’s free!

Hide from Your Annoying Friends?

Ever have that friend who the millisecond sees you pop online is blowing up your Facebook chat? Yeah, we all have a couple of those. But there is a hack for that!

It’s as simple as creating a specific list of people on Facebook that you can “Go Offline” to those people.

Thanks to Mashable for sharing the handy gallery of advanced Facebook settings to control your online status.


How to Pin Something from Facebook

Ah yes, a major source of frustration for many people. You can work around the problem with this hack.

Here you go:

  • Click on the Facebook picture you want to pin.
  • Right-click the image (or control + click on a Mac) and choose “Open Image in new tab” in the drop down menu that appears as shown below:

You will then be able to pin that picture from that page. Promise.

Highlight Text Before Clicking “Pin It”

For those of you who are power pinners, this hack can be a godsend. When you highlight text on a page that you want to pin and click “Pin It”, that text you just highlighted is auto-magically added to the description box.

What a time saver!


Download Your Tweet History

Didn’t you know you could? Want to see the very first tweet you ever sent?

Twitter gives you the ability to request your archive. If you head to the Twitter Account Settings for your profile, you’ll see this nifty little option at the bottom of your page that you can click on and be emailed your tweet history.

Are They Following You Back?

Always a question for people wondering if the person they followed a few weeks ago un-followed them, but who really wants to try to scroll through Twitter to figure that out? Friend or Follow can help you with that.

It can also tell you about your followers on Instagram and Tumblr. You can try them free for 7 days and then it’s $9.99 a month which will give you more account to link to and gain advanced features.


Surf LinkedIn Anonymously

Is that possible? Oh yes, indeed it is.

When you feel the need to view other people’s profiles without being seen in their list of who visited your profile, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to “Privacy & Settings” for your profile when you hover over your LinkedIn profile image in the upper right of the page.
  • Under the profile tab for “Privacy Controls”, you can click on the option for “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile” as the option and you will be given the following option in this screenshot:

As noted in the image above, when you choose the totally anonymous option, you lose a bit of history, but, it’s up to you and why you’d want to surf LinkedIn anonymously.

Create A Printable Resume

I can’t believe this hasn’t had more publicity with how big LinkedIn is. With LinkedIn’s Resume Builder, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a professional resume in mere moments.

Pick a template, customize what you want to show. Save it as a Word or PDF doc and there you go. You now have a well-crafted resume from all the hard work you’ve put into your LinkedIn profile.

Seriously, there are myriad of social media hacks and tricks for all of these sites. But I want to hear from you. Do you have any social media hacks you’ve discovered for any of these sites?

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Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

(with videos below) People always wonder: “How do scammers hack into my account?” Whether is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, today we’re going to expose some of the methods so you can protect yourself from now on. Feel free to contribute in the Comments section of this article if you know other ways.

How Scammers Get Into Your Facebook Account:

Watch the video below to see the Facebook Account Hack exposed:

The most common way for a scammer to get into your account is by sending you an email claiming to be from Facebook. The message resembles the social media giant’s branding and informs you that you have many unread notifications. It could be that you have a new message from a friend, someone has added you to their list, or that people liked a particular picture on your feed.

The email invites you to check the notifications by opening your account clicking on a link provided. Once you access the link you are taken to a page that looks exactly like the Facebook login page.

Unfortunately, the page is an exact replica of the original one, so when you put in your credentials (email and password) you are just passing along your key to the gate.

Another way to hack into someone’s social media account is through third-party applications. But let’s use Twitter for that example, with a concrete case of how that works.

How Scammers Hack Into Your Twitter Account:

Watch the video below to see the Twitter Account Hack exposed:

A lot of mobile applications in the app stores are legitimate, but there are many that are less reliable. How many times did you see your cell phone screen showing a notification such as: “[App name] would like to access your Twitter/Facebook account. Click OK to allow”.

Well, by letting questionable applications accessing your accounts you are just opening another door for hacking. We are not saying to reject every single app that needs access to your major ones, but maybe take a second to review online the legitimacy of the app you are just about to let ‘in’.

Scammers initially hack into these less-trustful apps and then log into your Twitter or any other app that has access to.

How Scammers Hack Into Your Pinterest Or Instagram Account:

This way of hacking works for all social media networks as well, but for the sake of the example let’s use Pinterest.

The scammers get access to your account via email. Branded just like it would come from the Pinterest offices, the email says that someone is trying to access your account in Argentina (or any other country, for that matter). Indeed, the message asks if that was you – just like any other platform does.

As many people who are concerned about their accounts being hacked into, you may be clicking the button “That was not me”. If you then immediately take to a page that looks exactly like the Pinterest login page – similar to the Facebook Notification scam described above.

Needless to say, once you put in your credentials, you are offering scammers access to your account.

How To Avoid The Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ Instagram Hacking:

Although you probably hear this many times, change your password to your accounts every 6-8 weeks. There are too many social media accounts to keep track of their passwords, but here is a good tip:

Set your password having a couple of capital letters in the beginning and a number at the end, followed by a special character (punctuation mark). For example SAnAntonio36-. You should always remember that.

When the time comes to change the password, change just the number, from 36 to 37. And so on. This way you will only have to remember one character, while the old password is just not the same.

How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

Protect Your Website and Users at

  1. Website Security
  2. Hack social media password

Social Media Hacking

Hacking social networks has now become a regular occurrence over the Internet all over the world. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Email, Facebook and several other online accounts are being hacked almost every day. Your accounts are not safe from Social Media hackers even if you have strong passwords and extra security measures. This article will take you through a few common tactics used to hack social media passwords

Common Tactics Used to Hack Social Media Passwords

This hacking attack automatically tries every word in a defined “dictionary” against the password. This dictionary is a small file containing the most commonly used password combinations. For instance, qwerty, password, princess, 123456, and baseball to mention a few.

Rainbow Table
This is usually an offline password attack. For instance, an attacker has attained a list of usernames and passwords, but they are encrypted. The encrypted password is then hashed. This means it looks totally different from the original password.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

This surveillance software can be installed on a system and it has the potential to record every single keystroke made on that system.

Brute Force
In a brute force attack, an attacker tries every possible character combination. Attempted passwords will match the specifications for the complexity rules, for example, including one lower-case, one upper-case, your pizza order, decimals of Pi, and so on. A brute force attack also tries the most commonly used alphanumeric character combinations first such as 1q2w3e4r5t, qwertyuiop, and zxcvbnm.

This is not exactly a hack, however, falling prey to a phishing attempt generally ends badly. Generally, a phishing email works in the following manner:

Target user receives a spoofed email claiming to be from a well-known organization or business concern

  • Spoofed email will need instant attention, featuring a link to a website
  • Link to the website actually links to a false login portal, mocked up to appear just the same as the legitimate site
  • Innocent target user enters their login credentials, and is either told to try again or gets redirected
  • User credentials are sold, stolen, or used for illegal purposes.

Falling prey to malware is yet another sure way to lose your login credentials. Malware is out there just to do massive damage. If the malware variant features a keylogger, all of your accounts could get compromised. Alternatively, the malware could precisely target private data, or introduce a remote access Trojan to steal your credentials.

Having discussed some of the commonly used hacking techniques, it has thus become a necessity for you to install a security software capable of protecting your website and providing you with a wide range of security-related features. This software should not only avoid damages, but it should also lessen the stress of a website security. To secure all your online activities and your PCs, you can use Comodo cWatch.

Social Media Hacking Prevention Tool

cWatch is a Managed Security Service developed by Comodo. This web security solution is perfect for websites and applications and is available with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provisioned over a Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is a fully managed solution from a 24/7 staffed Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) of certified security analysts and is powered by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) center capable of leveraging data from more than 85 million endpoints in order to detect and mitigate threats even before they occur. Malware Removal and PCI Scanning are the other key features offered by Comodo cWatch.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Is article mai hum apko Social Media Accounts ke hacking ke bare mai bata rahe hai. Jaise How to hack Social Media Accounts , Hackers kaise inhe hack karte hai.

Hum apko yaha aaj kisi bhi tarah ka practical karke nahi bata rahe hai. Yaha hum apko explain kar rahe hai kis tarah se apke social media accounts ko hack kiya jata hai.

Yeh sabhi methods ko hacker kisi bhi tarah ke social media accounts ko hack karne ke liye use kar sakte hai. Jaise facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.

Yeh sabhi Social engineering ke examples hai. Yaha hum apko kuch hi examples bata rahe hai. Social media accounts ko hack karne ke liye hackers bahut tarah ke methods ka use karte hai.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

How hackers hack your Social Media Accounts ?

Chaliye ab hum apko btate hai. Hackers kaise apke social media accounts ko hack kar lete hai. Apne kabhi na kabhi groups mai facebook par yeh jarur dekha hoga.

Jaise log kehte hai ki mera Instagram account hack ho gya, Mera Facebook account hack ho gaya. Ya kisi bhi tarah ka Social media accounts hack hua ho.

Aap kabhi bhi unse yeh puchna ki apne aisa kya kiya jo apka account hack hua koi apko kahega ki ek app install kiya koi apko kahega Instagram followers bdhane ke liye log in kiya.

Yahi sab isi tarah ke answers apko milte hai. Aise mai yeh question ata hai koi bhi user bina kisi reason ke kisi tarah ke app ko ya kahi bhi login kyu karta hai.

Iska answer yahi hota hai. Kyoki unhi users ko kisi tarah ki need hoti hai. Jaise kisi ko Facebook pages ke likes chahiye to veh google par visit karta hai vaha kisi phishing website par login karta hai.

Is tarah se hackers Social Media accounts ko hack kar lete hai. Jaise kisi ko need hai ki veh whatsapp hacking ke bare mai sikhna chahta hai.

Aise mai hackers Social Media accounts ko hack karne ke liye puri website hi ready kar lete hai. Yeh kaam koi bhi kar sakta hai aap image mai dekh sakte hai. Kuch is tarah.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Aap dekh sakte hai. Yeh ek chota sa article apko samjhane ke liye bnaya gaya hai. Hackers is tarah se website ko hack karke ya apni website create karke Social Media accounts ko hack karte hai.

Aap yeh soch rahe honge isme aisa kya hai. Hum apko yeh btana chahge. hackers is tarah se articles ready karte hai or kisi tarah ke payload ya Trojan horse ko download karva leta hai.

Use of Phishing ?

Aap yahi soch rahe honge Phishing attack ke bare mai apko pahle bhi btaya gaya hai. Vaha humne apko practically btaya hai kis tarah se Phishing Websites ko Social Media accounts hack ke liye bnaya jata hai.

Yaha hum apko bata rahe hai Phishing attack karne ke bhi bahut methods hote hai, Jaise apko ye pic mai dikhaya gaya hai. Hackers kuch is tarah se Emails ko send karke bhi Social Media accounts ko hack karte hai.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Aap image mai dekh sakte hai is tarah se Facebook ke through Email spoofing karke fake mail ko send karke bhi phishing attack kiya jata hai.

Aise hi hackers kisi bhi Social media accounts ke phishing websites ko create kar sakte hai. Jaise yeh Instagram ko phishing website bnayi gyi hai.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Ab dikhne mai to yeh same Instagram ki tarah hai. Yeh humne live kisi hosting par upload nahi kiya hai. Yeh apko samjhane ke liye dikhaya ja raha hai kis tarah se hackers accounts ko hack karte hai.

Is tarah se hackers kisi bhi Social networking website ko clone kar lete hai. Apne new suna hoga kis tarah se hackers Coronavirus ke naam par logo se fund ko iktha kar rahe hai.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Yeh bhi kuch isi tarah se fake website ko create karke hi kiya ja raha hai. Hackers aise hi emails ke through hi fraud kar rahe hai.

Aap youtube channels hack hone ke bare mai to sunte hi hai. Vaha bhi jin youtubers ke channel hack hote hai unhe bhi promotion ka lalch dekar kisi tarah ka app install karvaya jata hai.

How we Safe our Social Media accounts from Hackers ?

Chaliye ab hum yeh jante hai. Hum kaise inse safe reh sakte hai. Vaise to agar hum apne experience se kahe to aap apne Social Media accounts ko tab tak safe nahi rakh sakte jab tak aapko Knowledge nahi hogi.

Aapko agar kabhi bhi lagta hai ki Phishing website ho sakti hai aisa doubt hota hai tab aap use Phishtank website se check kar sakte hai.

Agar apko doubt hota hai ki apse kisi tarah ka virus download karvaya ja raha hai tab aap use download kabhi mat karen. Aap kisi unsecure website se aise kabhi kuch bhi download mat karen.

Agar aap Download karna bhi chahte hai to aap kisi aise device mai download karen. Jis device mai apki kisi bhi tarah ki personal information nahi hogi. Ya aap bluestacks mai download kar sakte hai.

Lekin hum apko yahi advice denge ki aap aise kisi bhi unsecure website se kuch bhi download kabhi mat karen. Aapko agar in sabki knowledge hoti hai tab apke Social Media accounts bhi safe rehte hai.

The Conclusion

Main umeed karta hu ki apko yeh pata chal gaya hoga hackers kis tarah se Social media accounts ko hack kar leta hai.

Aise mai hume koi idea bhi nahi hota hai ki humare accounts hack ho gaye hai. Is tarah ke hacking se bachne ke liye aap kisi bhi tarah ke lalch mai kabhi mat pade.

Hackers apki need ka hi miss use karte hai. Aap jitne bhi bade attacks dekhte hai veh sabhi kahi na kahi victim ki need par hi depend hote hai.

Jaise kisi youtuber ko promotion ki need hoti hai. Kisi Instagram user ko Instagram Followers ki need hoti hai. Kisi Facebook user ko facebook likes ki need hoti hai.

Aise hi sabhi ki kisi na kisi ki need hoti hai tabhi users ke accounts hack ho jate hai. Apko aisi bahut sari websites mil jati hai jaha Instagram Follower badate hai. Jaha Facebook page ke likes bdaye jate hai.

Lekin veh websites apke Social Media accounts ke access token ko use karti hai. Aise mai apke account ka access token agar kisi website ko milta hai tab veh jab chahe apke accounts ko use kar sakte hai.

Agar apka kisi bhi tarah ka koi question hai aap humse comment mai puch sakte hai. Apko yeh article agar acha lage to ise share jarur karen.

H e, Guys hope you are in the well condition. It’s my first post about hacking. So I want to tell you about simple but powerful tool NexPhisher which can be used for Facebook hacking to WordPress hacking. For simple phishing, I find it better than set toolkit but set toolkit has it’s own charm. Before going into hacking first of all I want to tell you about NexPhisher.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

NexPhisher is a simple phishing tool that uses Ngrok (generally) to make a fake phishing page similar to different famous websites login page. It is an automated phishing tool made for Linux (preferably Kali Linux) and termux but you can also use in Ubuntu or parrot os. It is similar to zphisher that performs same function. The tool contains almost 37 phishing templates of 30 websites for hacking purpose. There are also 5 port forwarding options (depends on version also) but we will recommend Ngrok although it can down sometimes but chances are very low as Ngrok down in HiddenEye or Blackfish. The simplest solution is to run tool again.

Disclaimer! I am not responsible for any illegal activity. This post is for educational purposes only.


1. Kali Linux (preferably) or any other Linux distribution or termux

2. Stable Internet with Mobile Hotspot

3. Ngrok (will be installed automatically)


Let’s begin to install NexPhisher in Kali Linux by firing up kali. The latest kali 2020.4 is recommended but other versions will also do good job. Your system should be updated for this.

Note! If you are not a root user, use sudo command with all these commands step by step.


First of all we have to update our system using command below:

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

With all the many to-dos that come with social media management, it’s key to identify productivity hacks so that you can get maximum results with your limited time.

From setting up Facebook Messenger chatbots to avoiding multitasking, here are 9 productivity tips that will help you work more efficiently.

1. Batch Similar Tasks

As the name suggests, batching is all about doing similar tasks in a single batch.

Batching, rather than switching from one task to another, will helps you maintain focus.

Case in point: Let’s say you’re scheduling the social media posts for the week or creating images to accompany those posts.

By doing those all at once, at least you have them out of the way and you can proceed with other tasks afterwards with equal focus.

You can also combine this with other productivity hacks, like the Pomodoro technique (where you alternate between 25 minutes of work and 5-minute breaks) or working during your own peak hours.

2. Install a Chatbot

Having to respond to every single message on the business’ social media pages can be incredibly time-consuming.

Solution: automate your messages with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be created in minutes (without using any code) and can deftly handle many inquiries.

Plus, if the query is advanced, an actual person can take over the chat at any time.

Using automated chatbot technology will save you tons of time.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are so helpful and such a great productivity hack that last year I launched MobileMonkey, a popular Facebook Messenger chatbot building platform, so that everyone can create and use them easily.

3. Use Post Scheduling Tools

Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Edgar are great for scheduling multiple posts on multiple social platforms.

They’re intuitive, with easy-to-use interfaces that let you plan out your posts efficiently from a single dashboard.

4. Recycle Social Posts Strategically

Most of your social media content will focus on new content, but it’s good to resurface evergreen content and give it a boost on social, as well!

As you schedule out posts, make sure re-promote content that is still relevant and/or performs well historically.

Pro tip: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you’re resurfacing old content, you can also resurface old social media posts.

Rather than whipping up new posts from scratch, you can tweak ones you shared in the past.

5. Use Smart Automation

Automating repetitive tasks is always a good idea, especially for social media managers with a lot on their plate. Smart automation tools like IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier can help you with a variety of busy work.

IFTTT can do things like automatically reshare posts from one social network to another, or send you custom emails when you’re asked questions on Twitter. There are hundreds of tasks you can assign to IFTTT.

Zapier can automate tasks between different platforms.

For example, you can use Zapier to send out a tweet from your Twitter account whenever you publish a new blog post or YouTube video.

6. Don’t Multitask

You might feel like you’re getting more done when you’re writing an article, texting a colleague and waiting on hold with your doctor’s office all at once, but the truth your concentration and effectiveness are diminished in this state.

There’s a cognitive cost for multitasking: studies have shown that your IQ drops and your stress hormones increase when multitasking.

Doing one task at a time, wholeheartedly, allows you to think critically and work faster than attempting to do multiple things at once.

7. Pay Attention to Social Metrics

Every month, review your social media performance to assess what’s working and what’s not.

There’s no point in doing the same old thing if it’s not yielding results — that’s why it’s important to review analytics to study performance and trends, and then adjust accordingly.

8. Track Your Time

Performance isn’t the only thing you should track.

You should also track how you spend your time.

You can better determine the ROI of a social media project if you know how much time it took to create and run.

Tracking your time will also help you anticipate how much time future projects and tasks will take and allow you to budget your time accordingly.

It’s easy to track your time with free apps like Toggl.

9. Learn to Say No

Of course you always want to say yes.

But sometimes the best thing to say is no.

It’s all about prioritizing and then acting accordingly.

Maintain your focus on social media marketing priorities, and if a request comes along that’s outside those priorities, sometimes it’s best to say no.

With these productivity hacks, you’ll find yourself getting more done in less time! Work smarter, not harder.

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Truth be told, technological innovations have made our lives easier and better. And with each passing day, it keeps getting better. The last two decades has witnessed an explosion in mobile technological innovations. We now have smartphones, tablets, ipads and all kinds of mobile devices. Another addition to our everyday life is social media and with it came services like facebook, instagram, twitter, tinder, snapchat, pinterest, tumblr and many others too numerous to mention. Indeed, we are not only in the age of the internet but also in the age of social media and instant messaging. One can’t help but marvel at how much things have changed. Most of the things we now take for granted were inconceivable few decades.

These technological innovations have shattered the barriers and borders that once kept us apart as you can now sit in the comfort of your homes and chat with someone in another corner of the world. Applications like whatsapp, viber, telegram and a host of others have also made communication a lot easier with their instant messaging applications. Not only can you exchange text and media files such as pictures and videos, documents can also be shared using these services. Some of them even have a voice and video call feature. So you see what we mean when we say technological innovations have made our lives a whole lot easier and better.

While we all agree that these innovations have made our lives better, you would have to agree that it has also made most relationships more complicated. Every day, people meet and interact using these platforms but what partners do with their phones and on social media platforms is a major concern in most relationships and marriages. Most partners want to know the conversations their significant other is having as well as who they are chatting with. If you notice that your partner is always texting and chatting on social media platforms, you might need to probe further as that might be sign he or she is actually seeing someone although that is not sufficient to establish for a fact that your husband or wife is cheating as they could be chatting with friends or family members.

So once you notice your husband is fond of chatting or is overly protective of his mobile devices, you might need to probe further to find more clues. The key to finding more clues is reading his body language. You should also look out for behavioral changes that he didn’t exhibit before. When people start cheating on their significant other, you might be unable to account for their whereabouts. They will often return very late from work with made up excuses. You might also find them making secret calls or speaking in a low voice. Additionally, when you try to reach them, they might not return your calls for several hours. All these and many more are the signs to look out for.

Despite all the signs you have seen, there is still not enough proof he is cheating. Without concrete proof, all what you have seen are mere suspicions. Even if you mention all these things to them, most will out rightly deny the allegations and they will end up becoming smarter at covering their tracks. That leaves you with many questions with no answers in sight. Lack of trust eats gradually into a relationship and marriage and if trust is not restored, the whole thing might come crashing down in no time. Additionally, it is hard to love someone you don’t trust. And what’s a marriage with no love and trust. The next heading talks about the consequences of lack of trust in marriages.

Consequences of Lack of Trust in Marriages

If you don’t trust your husband and you feel they might be cheating on you, you and your relationship might start manifesting these signs.

Low Self Worth

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It is not uncommon for wives who feel their husband might be cheating to start having a sense of low self worth. You start feeling you are not good enough since someone else now catches your husband’s fancy. Most people start feeling insecure about their looks and body. They start feeling they are not beautiful or sexy and that could lead to depression.

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Lack of trust could also breed animosity and hate in marriages. You become bitter towards him and it might be difficult for you both to get along. All of a sudden, two love birds become strange bed fellows.

Quarrels and Heated Arguments

Social media hacks how to cheat at social mediaOne should also expect incessant quarrels and disagreements over petty issues. Every now and then, inconsequential issues will lead to heated exchanges and things could even get physical.

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

Having a low feeling of self worth would often result in depression. And things could go terribly wrong from there. Some wives might start abusing drugs or develop psychological problems.

Marriage Dissolution

Social media hacks how to cheat at social media

One major reason people cite for filing a divorce is what is termed irreconcilable differences. This is another way of saying there is a lot of distrust in the marriage and we can no longer be together.
So you want to spy on your husband’s social media accounts. The subsequent discussion talks about how to go about it.

How can I Access My Husband’s Social Media Accounts

There are a number of ways you can hack your husband’s social media accounts. Kindly go through the various ways mentioned below.

Guessing or Social Engineering

This involves simply trying to figure out your husband’s password on your own. It is assumed you will naturally know a lot about your spouse so figuring it out shouldn’t be too difficult. Most people usually use the name of their spouse, name of their kids, date of birth, pet names, e.t.c. as passwords. You can also try other characters they could possibly use. Once you are able to figure it out, you should be able to access their social media accounts since it is most likely they might be using the same user details across different platforms.

Spying Apps

A number of spying apps can also help you access your husband’s social media accounts. However, most of them need you to have access to his device to enable you install the app on it. In case he uses iOS powered devices, knowing his Apple ID and password will do the trick. For those who do not have physical access or know his Apple ID and password, devising crafty schemes to trick him into installing the app will be highly needed.

This involves sending a link to your husband which he is required to click. Once he clicks it, you will be able to see his log in credentials for the various social media services and apps. To do this, you need to download a phishing software that can hack social media accounts. Then create a fake website and use the website to send a phishing link to your husband.