What is backboarding

What is backboarding

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As the basket’s generosity placed, Rocket Watts fired from outside the arc to the right of the top, as well as it caromed around the edge as well as backboard some up until it, also, went down.

When Adebayo dished the round to Warmth sharpshooter Tyler Herro, Hachimura changed onto Herro as well as obtained a hand in his face without fouling prior to Herro sent out a despair shot clanking versus the backboard.

For Harrington, it was the end result of a lengthy initiative that consisted of an autumn on El Cap in 2019, which sent her to the healthcare facility strapped to a backboard.

When they obtained him on a backboard as well as right into the rescue,

Ramos was still revealing no indicators of life.

Among the guys leapt down, as well as stumbled at the iron pins which maintained the backboard of the cart in its area.

Help with 2 well-directed faucets he knocked the pins out of their outlets, as well as pull down the backboard of the cart.

Simply off an old drainpipe I located a reversed wagon with a technicality puncture the backboard.

And also the guys pull down the backboard, as well as they place in all their points: all their posts as well as benches as well as the shovel.

Oftener a slab of timber was reduced right into the wanted form as a structure or mould, as well as secured to a hefty backboard.


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Below are all the feasible significances as well as translations of words BACKBOARD

Princeton’s WordNet (0.00/ 0 ballots) Price this meaning:

backboard, basketball backboard noun

an increased upright board with basket connected; made use of to play basketball

” he banked the discharged the backboard”

a board made use of to sustain the rear of a person or something

Wiktionary (0.00/ 0 ballots) Price this meaning:

The level upright surface area to which the basket is connected.

A level upright wall surface with the photo of a tennis internet attracted or repainted on it. Created to exercise striking versus such that the round gets better.

Webster Thesaurus (0.00/ 0 ballots) Price this meaning:

a board which sustains the back wen one is resting;-LRB- ****).

a board acting as the back component of anything, since a wagon

a slim things made use of for the rear of mounted photos, mirrors, and so on

a board connected to the edge of a water wheel to stop the water from running the paddies or drifts right into the inside of the wheel

a board used throughout the back to provide erectness to the number

Freebase (0.00/ 0 ballots) Price this meaning:

A tennis backboard is a basic wall surface typically made from some type of fiber board as well as situated at a tennis court connected to a fencing. It needs to have a tennis internet either attracted or repainted at the correct elevation. It is developed to enable a bachelor to exercise by striking a tennis round versus the wall surface so the round is returned, just like a 2nd gamer would certainly return it.


  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Enunciation
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      • 1.2.1 Noun
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      • 1.3.1 Noun

English [ edit ]

Enunciation [ edit ]

  • Hyphenation: back board

Etymology 1 [ edit ]

Noun [ edit ]

  1. ( basketball) The level upright surface area to which the basket is connected.
  2. ( tennis) A level upright wall surface with the photo of a tennis internet attracted or repainted on it. Created to exercise striking versus such that the round gets better.
  3. ( medication) A back board.
  4. A board put at the rear of a cart, watercraft, and so on
Translations [ edit ]

Verb [ edit ]

backboard( third-person single basic existing backboards, existing participlebackboarding, basic past as well as previous participle backboarded)

Etymology 2 [ edit ]

Likely a loaning from Dutch bakboord(” portside”) or from Center Reduced German backbort, bakbōrt(” portside” ). Old English bæcbord(” larboard, portside”) did not make it through (because kind) right into Center English; Scottish messages of the 1500 s have types like bawbord, baburd as well as babord, potentially obtained from French bâbord; later on messages with Scots backburd, backber might have obtained it from Old Norse bakborði(” portside” ). Cognate with West Frisian bakboard(” portside” ), German Backbord(” portside” ).