How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

Zapped (2014)

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Cast 15

Tripp van Winkle

Brief Dork Dancer

Wedding event Visitor (uncredited)

Team 40

Electronic Camera

Director of Photography

Outfit & Cosmetics

Hair Department Head

Makeup Department Head

Post Production Manager

Unique Results Planner


Very First Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director



Executive Manufacturer, Production Supervisor


Production Noise Mixer

Noise Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Noise Editor

Noise Re-Recording Mixer

Monitoring Sound Editor


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Date of Birth Lives in Profession Hair Color

Light and dark brown with blonde suggestions

Mr. Stevens (biological daddy; deceased)
Jeannie Stevens (mom)
Ted Thompson (step-father)
Adam Thompson (older step-brother)
Zach Thompson (more youthful step-brother)
Ben Thompson (more youthful step-brother)
Humphrey (pet)


Zoelle “Zoey” Stevens is the primary lead character in Zapped Zoey resides in a brand-new house in addition to her brand-new household, pet and her mommy in the city of Westlake, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.. She is the brand-new woman to Westlake High School. Zoey is a competent dancer with an enthusiasm for her phone. She has an app for whatever generally, while she is attempting to get gotten used to her brand-new life, in addition to her step-father, her mommy, and her step-brothers and a pet dog. When Zoey has an incident with her phone, her just-bought “Comply With and listen” app indicated for canines winds up managing kids. She is friends with Rachel Todds. She is opponents with Taylor Dean and Tripp. She is dating Jackson Kale.

Zoey is depicted by Zendaya.

Character Edit

How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

Zoey as depicted by Zendaya

Zoey is the brand-new woman in school. She is a straight “A” trainee and experienced dancer. Zoey is the dance captain of the Junior University group. Zoey is a really sweet, carefree woman. She likes things in order and the method she desires it. She likewise is consumed with her phone, earring the label “Mobile phone”.

Relationships Edit

Jackson Kale Edit

Jackson and Zoey started as pals. They acted sardonically towards each other, however Jackson is slightly impressed by her analysis of To Eliminate A Mockingbird Ultimately, Jackson asked Zoey out. She established a crush on Jackson, and vice versa. Jackson and Zoey enter into a battle, worrying Zoey’s app. They forgive each other at the end. They ultimately began dating and went on a genuine date.

Rachel Todds Edit

Rachel was the very first woman Zoey spoke with at her brand-new school and she begins as simply a woman Who led her properly however later on in the fitness center quickly ended up being friends. They are both dancers and they defend each other.

Adam Thompson Edit

Adam is among Zoey’s step-brothers. He offered her suggestions about Jackson. Adam revealed care towards Zoey and assisted her handle Taylor at the end.

Taylor Dean Edit

Taylor remains in the starting extremely cold to Zoey since she’s the brand-new woman however later on establishes a terrific hatred for Zoey and is revealed to be extremely envious of Zoey. They are dance competitors.

How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

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Disney beloved Zendaya stars in the brand name brand-new summer season film ‘Zapped’! spoke to Zendaya everything about her character, charming kids and her very first on-screen kiss! Click to ENJOY her interview, and prepare yourself for the supreme woman talk!

Zendaya starts summer season with her brand name brand-new Disney Channel initial film Zapped where she plays Zoey Stevens, a regular high school woman whose world is turned upside down with household drama, however it’s all repaired when, by mishap, she gets incredibly cool app that can manage kids! Sounds fantastic? Not so quickly– the app backfires into total mayhem! Keep checking out to hear Zendaya inform all of us about the flick!

Zendaya Stars In Disney Channel’s ‘Zapped’

We miss out on Zendaya on Disney’s hit program Shake It Up so we are so ecstatic that she’s back with her brand name brand-new film, Zapped!

The super star SOLELY talked to everything about her starring function where she can manage kids with an app– how cool is that?!

Well, Zendaya states be careful! Young boys will be kids, and ends up, managing them does not assist a lot! (She even exposes that in the film, kids fart on her– gross!)

Zendaya’s First On-Screen Kiss With Spencer Boldman

Obviously, we needed to discuss her incredibly charming film costar, Spencer Boldman who you all like and understand from Disney XD’s Laboratory Rats Zendaya shared a significant trick: her and Spencer shared their first-ever on-screen kiss together … however then, it was eliminated! “There was, however it’s no longer there,” Zendaya states. Due to the fact that Spencer assures that there still is a little kiss on the cheek, do not be too upset though!

Zendaya spilled tricks about woman time with bestie Bella Thorne, the meanest thing a young boy has actually ever done to her and her most awkward minute (she fell on phase)! She likewise informed all of us about her music and preferred stars: Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Beyonce!

HollywoodLifers, ENJOY Zendaya’s interview (above), and let us understand if you’re going to tune into Zapped! Plus, is Zendaya your preferred Disney star? Noise off listed below in the remarks!

” Head out there and dance with your hearts, not your feet.”

How to cosplay zoey stevens from the movie zapped

Complete Name .

Zoey (by everybody)
Freaky brand-new woman (by Tripp)
Smart Device (by Jackson)

Depicted By