How to cut down or quit marijuana

Tips for Cutting Down

Rielle Capler, MHA

Reprinted from “Marijuana” concern of Visions Journal, 2009, 5 (4 ), p. 25

6 actions to altering your existing cannabis-use patterns

Think of your existing patterns of usage: Think of just how much, how frequently and when you utilize marijuana in a month, week or day. This will assist you comprehend your marijuana usage and will assist you monitor your development as you lowered.

Think Of why you utilize marijuana: If you’re utilizing marijuana frequently, possibilities exist are reasons. Does it unwind you? Does it assist you sleep? Does it ease physical discomfort or assist you deal with challenging feelings?

Make a list of reasons you wish to lower: Think Of why you wish to alter your existing pattern of usage. Is it adversely impacting your health? Are you stressed over the expenses? Are you stressed over legal repercussions?

Know and prepare: It is very important to understand that, for some individuals, this modification might be challenging to sustain and produce. You can prepare by writing down the important things you believe might be challenging and keeping in mind resources for assistance, such as counselling or relaxation methods.

Make a detailed strategy to make modification occur: First, choose which day you’re going to start making the modification. Compose down what the modification will look like and the things you can do on the very first couple of days. Next, lay out how you’ll handle any withdrawal signs and yearnings you might get. Believe about what you can do to make a healthy shift. *

Stay favorable and remain active: Offer yourself credit for the favorable modifications you make and fill your time with significant activities and healthy relationships in which your wanted level of marijuana usage is appreciated.

Individuals establish patterns of marijuana usage that fit their requirements. As their requirements alter, individuals tend to alter their patterns of usage. For some this indicates stopping using marijuana totally. For others it indicates stopping briefly or cutting down.

Frequently, patterns of usage modification rather naturally. Lots of individuals who utilize marijuana in their youth stop utilizing it when they get older. Some utilize marijuana for medical functions that might be short-lived or modification gradually. Others utilize marijuana throughout their lives, with durations of non-use or less utilize.

There are various reasons individuals choose to alter their pattern of usage. Some individuals might stop utilizing marijuana briefly to decrease their tolerance level. This indicates that they can utilize less marijuana to get the impact they desire. By minimizing the quantity utilized, they can preserve the advantages, however decrease possible damages (e.g., breathing issues such as bronchitis which can accompany heavy, long-lasting usage). For other individuals, it might refer cutting down on expenses. Still others might be worried about the prospective legal repercussions. And for some, their marijuana usage might be an issue– due to abuse, preconception or legal status– for individuals they appreciate.

The majority of people who wish to minimize or stop marijuana have the ability to do so quickly; The method marijuana particles operate in the body usually results in managed usage of low dosages, instead of the compulsive usage often seen with drugs that are thought about addicting.

Marijuana has a low danger for physical reliance. When somebody utilizes marijuana a lot over a long duration of time, they might establish a psychological or mental reliance. This indicates they might have pertained to count on the impacts of marijuana and might have problem operating with less marijuana. Individuals who do establish moderate physical or mental reliance might experience small withdrawal signs. These can consist of irritation, stress and anxiety, anorexia nervosa and disrupted sleep. These signs are last and typically minor for about a week.

If you have actually chosen to minimize or stop utilizing marijuana, think about the following suggestions and standards.

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Tips to assist you minimize the quantity of marijuana you utilize:

Take a break: You might have discovered that you require to utilize an increasing quantity of marijuana to get the wanted impacts. This is called tolerance. If you wish to decrease tolerance, stop utilizing marijuana for a week or more, or take longer breaks than normal in between usage.

Utilize a range of pressures: You might develop tolerance to one pressure of marijuana, however not to another. Rather of utilizing the very same pressure continuously, alternate in between various pressures.

Practise self-management: Rather of smoking an entire joint or taking a puff each time a joint occurs, take a puff or more and after that wait a couple of minutes. You might discover that a smaller sized quantity suffices.

Usage greater effectiveness marijuana: Rather of smoking a great deal of a weak pressure of marijuana, smoke less of a more powerful one.

Utilize a vaporizer: Since of the method they are created, an excellent quality vaporizer will enable you to utilize less marijuana to get the impacts you desire.

Prevent including tobacco to your joint: Tobacco includes nicotine, which can rapidly produce nicotine dependence. Rolling tobacco and marijuana together in a joint might make it harder for you to minimize utilizing marijuana.

Purchase less, so you smoke less: Purchasing marijuana wholesale is less expensive, however you might wind up smoking cigarettes more than you wish to even if it’s offered.

By Teacher Adam R Winstock
Creator and CEO, Global Drug Study

Adjusted from the International Drug Study|More Secure Substance Abuse Limitation Standards:
The world’s very first much safer substance abuse limitation guide

GDS worries that due to the fact that of the big quantity of proof that the start of alcohol and drug usage prior to the age of 18 years of age can trigger long-term problems in your psychological and cognitive capability and capacity, our standards are strictly for individuals over 18 years of age.


For me the advancement of the Safer Utilizing Limitation standards is a natural follow up to the GDS Highway Code (HWC). Much safer Utilizing Limitation standards was established from information gathered from 40,000 individuals who utilized marijuana and who participated in GDS2015 They were created to raise individuals’s awareness of the level of danger that various patterns of substance abuse puts them at over the next number of years. We did this by asking participants to rate (on a scale of 1 to 10) how the danger of damage from different drugs (consisting of alcohol) is increased with increasing levels of usage.

Threat here describes the possibility, variety and seriousness of damage The greater ball game, the most likely it is for an individual to experience any damage and the greater ball game, the more issues that individual is most likely to deal with and the more extreme those issues are most likely to be.

We asked our participants to think of the possibility of an individual experiencing damage over the next 1-2 years. By damage we indicate anything that triggers an individual an issue, be it to do with their physical or psychological health, their behaviours and relationships, their financial resources or their capability to work, study or simply do the important things in life they wish to do.

Part of the Safer Usage Limits app is a physician’s guide to reducing.
Here are a few of the bottom lines.


Why lowered?

Information from over 250,000 marijuana users recommends that about 1 in 3 marijuana cigarette smokers want to utilize less in the coming year. Many are inspired to do so due to the fact that of health issues (state of mind, memory, inspiration, breathing health), while others report concerns such as work, the capability to study, effect upon relationships or cash concerns. Reducing is likewise a good idea if you are intending on stopping entirely, because any withdrawal will less extreme if you decrease your consumption slowly.

The advantages of reducing?

The prospective advantages of reducing differ in between individual to individual however for the majority of people the issues that inspired them to wish to utilize less in the very first location, begin to get better. They lose tolerance, get more stoned on less marijuana and get more things done. Many feel sharper, brighter, look much better and see enhancements in their memory and chest. The majority of people state their psychological health improves however this is not constantly the case and for individuals who might be suffering and self-medicating either psychological or physical health concerns, instead of improve, these often may worsen. I think everybody has to make their own mind up about the advantages or not of cutting down.

How to lower

Less marijuana per joint/pipe/bowl— make your weed go even more

Postpone the time of your very first smoke of the day

Boost time in between joints(or comparable). Preventing smoking cigarettes spiffs back to back and leaving spaces in between smokes, indicate you reduce your tolerance and likewise push down your intake.

If you blend with it) and think about changing to vaporising as an alternative approach of intake,

Cut down on tobacco(. Both are much better than blending your marijuana with tobacco

Decrease your caffeine consumption. Coffee and other caffeine-containing items can counter the sedating impacts of marijuana. As you cut down, you may require less and decreasing this will likewise decrease the prospective impact on sleep your marijuana decrease might cause.

Boost ‘not stoned’ activities, particularly workout. As you invest more time being less stoned, you might discover you have time to eliminate or a propensity to get tired. Investing your time doing exercise is an excellent method to assist you feel great, with the endorphins produced throughout workout supplying a natural high (no drugs needed).

Provision your everyday usage. Having a huge bag of weed in front of you can make it tough to understand just how much you are utilizing and challenging to exercise how efficiently you’re cutting down.

Look Out For a boost in alcohol usage. If you miss out on that stoned sensation be careful of topping up with alcohol, It can be a domino effect for some.

Rate of reducing: Slower is much better and related to less extreme withdrawal, that is disruption of sleep, hunger and state of mind. The majority of people need to be decrease their everyday marijuana consumption down by about 25% every week without observing much withdrawal.

As soon as you stop


Handling withdrawal.

After reducing ideally to less than 0.5 g a day, then you are most likely all set to attempt to stop(if you wish to!)

Withdrawal signs take place in about 75% of everyday marijuana users and are even worse in females, tobacco users, those who stop due to the fact that they needed to and those with mental disorder. When you stop the more extreme your withdrawal, the more you are smoking. This begins on day 1, peaks on days 2-4 and is over for the majority of people after 5-10 days, though sleep issues and bad moods can continue for numerous weeks.

The most frequently reported signs are trouble sleeping, strange dreams, irritation (and often increased aggressiveness), uneasyness, yearning for marijuana and low state of mind. These last 4-10 days for the majority of people.

If you are away from house,

It can be much easier to stop any drug. A modification of environment can make it more difficult to score, much easier to prevent running into locations and individuals you relate to marijuana and the interruption and novelty of being away can assist a lot.

Continue to decrease caffeine consumption, eliminated tobacco, boost workout and prevent increasing your alcohol consumption, see above.

Other issues. Some individuals get headaches, lose their hunger, feel ill, get extremely sweaty, get the chills or end up being extremely upset.

Anger. Some individuals (particularly guys with a history of being upset and or violent) can end up being extremely excited, even aggressive and stylish when they stop utilizing marijuana. Make certain those around you understand you’re attempting to stop which you might tend to be a bit irritable or stylish in the short-term. If this locations other individuals at danger (particularly kids) then make certain you gets some expert aid (and possibly some medication to soothe you down) or guarantee that that those individuals are not around.

What can my medical professional do to assist? Marijuana can be a reason for health issue. (Yes, we understand it can aid with some conditions too.) If you are having problems reducing or stopping or are stressed over how marijuana is influencing on your health or how it may be communicating with other medications, go chat to your medical professional. Your medical professional will most likely understand regional professionals who might have the ability to aid with issues that she/ he is not familiar with.

When should I look for aid? If you can’t cut or stop down on your own, or if your marijuana usage is effecting your relationships, your capability to work or study or your health in other methods such your lung health (coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath) or your state of mind then go have a check and a chat up.

My name is Ian, and this is my effort at not developing into an actual nug of kush

I smoke excessive weed. A minimum of, I believe I do. I smoke daily, definitely, starting around 6 p.m. on workdays and whenever I seem like it on weekends. I practically constantly continue till I undoubtedly fall asleep believing about how cool it would be to befriend a human-sized grape when I begin smoking cigarettes.

I have actually ended up being a routine at my regional dispensary, as I drop in a minimum of when a week (I even have a favored parking area). I generally entrust a 8th (3.5 grams) and some pre-rolls, which my sweetheart and I typically handle to burn through within the week, for this reason me returning a 2nd time for another batch.

I understand this may not look like a lot to some, and by all ways, call me a light-weight while you repack that bong. The issue I’m getting at is, smoking cigarettes tends to rather actually end my day, particularly on workdays. It motivates me to shirk far from my duties and, maybe more significantly, my pastimes. My stoned brain will generally select enjoying and consuming treats Netflix over practicing and cleaning up the garage guitar, and I do not enjoy that this is my life. In that sense, yes, I smoke too much weed.

I envision you might likewise be believing, Why do not you simply smoke less, weak pothead? This is a reasonable concern, and one that I often ask myself. I understand that weed dependency is much less extreme than that related to basically every other drug, and I truthfully have no issue going numerous weeks without smoking cigarettes on holiday. That stated, having a mental reliance on weed, which is what I’m self-diagnosing myself with, is extremely typical. Per the National Institute on Substance Abuse,” Current information recommend that 30 percent of those who utilize cannabis might have some degree of cannabis usage condition.”

In which case, the easy response to your concern is, I do not understand how to simply smoke less. I asked somebody who does, specifically, 26- year-old Evan Williams, who cut down his weed consumption from a quarter (7 grams) a week to a 8th. His method is easy: Smoke lower-potency, sativa-leaning pressures and participate in some type of competitive activity. The concept here is that weaker, more positive pressures will keep you from investing all your time in a daze on the sofa, therefore will that competitive activity.

As such, I headed out and purchased an eighth of Harle-Tsu, which is a high-CBD weed pressure that need to in theory be best for my functions, because more CBD indicates less THC, which indicates less time high as balls.

How to cut down or quit marijuana

My impression, after smoking cigarettes Harle-Tsu for a while, was that a lower-potency pressure like this is best for reducing. It still includes 0.5 percent THC, which suffices to make me enjoyably buzzed after numerous puffs, however inadequate to make me paralyzed for the entire night. I didn’t even require to alter up my smoking cigarettes schedule to see a big distinction in my everyday inspiration.

The one caution to this method is that you may wind up taking in the very same volume of weed, simply with less psychedelic THC. You’ll most likely likewise end up costs simply as much cash as you were in the past. In either case, it’s an enhancement.

This method may not work for everybody, naturally. On Reddit, some individuals who have actually been through the very same experiences declare that the only method to suppress your weed consumption is to straight-up stopped cold turkey. Around the web there are likewise some more apparent repairs, like just increasing the time in between smoke sessions and postponing the very first time you smoke every day.

On the other hand, another online pointer that I discovered especially practical, particularly on weekends, was decreasing my caffeine consumption. I ‘d generally grab coffee after smoking cigarettes throughout the day on the weekends, because the stimulating impacts of caffeine combat the sedating impacts of weed. By cutting down on caffeine, I was generally required to smoke less weed, lest I end up falling asleep at twelve noon.

For a more clinical method to reducing, however, I connected to Timothy Fong, director of the UCLA Dependency Medication Center. “Decreasing marijuana consumption resembles any other behavioral modification we wish to make in our lives– slimming down, working out more, consuming less, investing less cash, investing less time on social networks,” he describes. “It works much better and lasts longer if there’s a strategy in location and if there’s more than someone dealing with you on it.” Here’s how he suggests tackling that:

  1. Look For Expert Assistance. “Consult with a health care expert and/or therapist to produce a science-based strategy to lower,” Fong describes.
  2. Do Not Have Weed Relaxing your home. “If you wished to reduce weight, you do not leave your house filled with treats,” Fong states.
  3. Make It a Group Effort. “Employee a couple of other affordable individuals in your life, and have them sign in on your development, or have them lower with you,” Fong recommends, including that there’s “strength in numbers.”
  4. Do Something Else. “Rather of counting the days because your last marijuana usage, begin including a couple of brand-new activities weekly,” Fong suggests, harkening back to our earlier suggestion about competitive activity. “Include a workout class, use up a brand-new pastime, reconnect with buddies or go Marie Kondo your location.”
  5. Look After Yourself. “Concentrate on attaining 7 hours of sleep, 5 days of workout and 3 strong meals daily,” Fong highlights. “Excellent self-care will make it much easier to stop.”
  6. Invest Your Weed Cash on Something Else. “Similar to with smoking cigarettes, some individuals utilize the cash not invested in tobacco or marijuana, and turn it into other purchases of worth,” Fong states.
  7. If All Else Stops Working, Get Some Prescription Medications. “If you lowered and experience withdrawal signs– irritation, modifications in sleep, consuming less– go see a health-care expert to think about medications or other tools to handle withdrawal,” Fong states. “There are no FDA-approved medications to decrease or lower marijuana usage, however there are some medications we utilize in clients with full-on marijuana dependency to assist handle prompts, impulses and yearnings to utilize.”

So there you have it, fellow stoners who likewise wish to get shit done and be accountable. I hope this assisted, and I’ll see you around 6 p.m. for a fast Harle-Tsu smoke sesh followed by some cleansing and playing guitar.

Ian Lecklitner

Ian Lecklitner is a personnel author at MEL Publication. He primarily blogs about everybody’s preferred things: Sex, drugs and food.