How to freeze bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

Rather than watching bananas over-ripen in the kitchen and having to toss them out when they become mushy, freeze them at the point of ripeness for future use in ice cream, smoothies, muffins, pancakes, and desserts. The preparation is simple and the entire process takes little time. Frozen bananas can be used in many baked recipes. They give smoothies a rich, milkshake-like texture, and bring a hefty dose of potassium and other nutrients to the party.

It is true that banana pieces can clump together in the freezer and whole frozen bananas are hard for most blenders to handle, but when you use a single layer freeze method, the banana pieces don’t stick together. They remain loose so you can take out just the amount you need. The pieces are the right size to blend to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Choose fully ripe bananas. The peels should be yellow without any green showing—freezing does not improve the taste of under-ripe fruit. A few brown spots on the peels are fine, even desirable.

Prepare the Fruit

  1. Peel the bananas.
  2. Slice them crosswise into rounds between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch thick.

Single Layer Freeze

This single layer freeze ensures that the slices of banana remain separate and easy to handle.

  1. Spread the banana pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet or on plates. Space the banana pieces so they do not touch. Freeze the fruit, uncovered, for 1 hour.
  2. After an hour, the bananas won’t yet be totally frozen but they will be starting to stick to the sheet or plate. Dislodge each piece by moving it slightly to the side. This step is optional, but it makes it easier to move the fruit pieces later.
  3. Freeze the banana pieces for 1 more hour for a total freezing time of 2 hours.

Transfer to Freezer Containers

Transfer the frozen bananas to freezer bags, plastic containers or non-plastic freezer containers. Label and date the bags or containers. You can store bananas in the freezer for up to 8 months. They are still safe to eat after that, but their quality starts to decline.

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How to Freeze Bananas

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Bananas may not cost much, but it’s a shame to let them go to waste when they’re so easy to freeze. Here’s how to freeze them so that you can enjoy them later in bread, smoothies, or in other recipes.

Whole Banana

Bananas are best frozen when they’re ripe, and the peel is just beginning to get brown spots. That’s when bananas are at their sweetest. If you plan to use your bananas in smoothies or bread, freezing them whole is a good way to go.

  1. Peel each banana.
  2. Place them into a freezer-safe bag or container.
  3. Label the container with the date and contents.
  4. If you’re using your bananas in smoothies, add them to the blender frozen. If you’re using them to make bread, muffins, or other baked goods, allow them to thaw completely before you add them to the other ingredients in your recipe.

How to Freeze Bananas

Is It Important to Peel Bananas?

You can freeze bananas in the peel, but you’ll save yourself some time and frustration if you remove the peels before you freeze your bananas.

When frozen, banana peels turn dark and get soft. While the bananas are still safe to eat when they’re like this, it makes the peels very difficult to remove.

Leaving the peels intact will also diminish the quality of your bananas. They won’t be as ‘fresh’ as they would be without the peel, and some people say it takes a month off the storage time.

So, go ahead and remove the peels before freezing.

Banana Slices

If you aren’t sure how you’ll use your bananas yet, consider slicing them before you freeze them. It will make them easier to measure out by the cup (or whatever quantity your recipe calls for).

  1. Peel each banana.
  2. Cut the bananas crosswise, creating 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick slices.
  3. Lay the banana slices out in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.
  4. Flash freeze for about two hours, or until the slices are solid.
  5. Then, transfer the frozen slices to a freezer-safe bag or container, and return to the freezer.
  6. Label the container with the date and contents.

Why Should You Flash-Freeze Bananas?

If you just throw your unfrozen banana slices in a freezer container and pop them in the freezer, they’ll freeze together in one big clump, which will be difficult to break apart later. Flash freezing saves you this hassle because it allows the bananas to freeze as individual slices. So, when you need bananas for a recipe, you can just reach into the bag and pull out as much as you need—no chiseling required.

If you want to save even more time and hassle, consider flash freezing your whole bananas, too.

Save Money by Freezing Bananas

Keep an eye out for reduced-price bananas at the grocery store, especially if you make a lot of smoothies. As easy as they are to freeze, it’s smart to stock up when you find a good deal.

Can Bananas Keep in the Freezer?

Bananas will keep in the freezer indefinitely but are best used within six to eight months. Over time, they’ll develop freezer burn.

Make Popsicles

For a special sweet treat, insert popsicle sticks into the end of a whole (or half), peeled bananas. Then, dip them in melted chocolate (roll them in any toppings you’d like—nuts, sprinkles, kosher salt, etc.—and flash freeze them on a baking sheet. Once they’re fully frozen, enjoy them just like you would any other popsicle. These are a great alternative to store-bought popsicles because they’re made with real fruit and are a good source of potassium. Kids won’t even realize they’re eating something that’s good for them if you don’t tell them.

Here’s how to extend a banana’s shelf life by an extra month or two.

How to Freeze Bananas

We all know bananas are packed with potassium — but did you know they’re also full of brain-boosting vitamin B6 and 12% of your daily fiber needs? These creamy, tropical fruits are seriously good for you, but as you may have noticed, they go bad pretty fast. Whether you’re prepping to make a refreshing fruit smoothie, or you’re just tired of your bananas going bad before you get to them, freezing your bananas will help keep them from browning.

You can actually freeze a banana a couple of different ways, depending on what you want to use it for. No matter what way you choose to freeze it, frozen bananas can stay fresh for 2–3 months, according to the FDA.

How to freeze a whole banana

This freezing method is best if you want a whole banana to snack on later. For freezing a whole banana, make sure you remove the peel first. It won’t necessarily change the way it freezes, but it removing the peel of frozen banana can be tough, so why not remove that step for yourself? Carefully place the whole banana in a freezer-safe plastic bag, squeeze the air out, and it’s good to go in the freezer.

How to freeze banana slices

Smoothie makers, listen up: this method is just for you. Peel your bananas, then cut into 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick slices. Place bananas in a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet, then flash-freeze for two hours. Afterwards, put them in freezer-safe container and put them back in the freezer.

How to freeze banana mash

If there are already brown spots on your banana, this is method is the way to go — especially if plan on making a recipe that calls for banana mash (we know one). After you peel and mash the banana, put it in a freeze-safe bag. Squeeze the air out of the bag and freeze it flat. Writing the cup measurement of bananas inside on the bag will make your life easier in the future!

Without all the nonsense.

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet when it comes to freezing bananas. You’d think something so simple couldn’t be overcomplicated, but lo and behold, you find instructions to slice each banana crosswise and freeze the individual pieces on a sheet pan (sometimes turning the pieces after an hour of freezing to freeze for another two hours) and then removing the pieces from the pan to a storage container. Here’s the good news: it can (and should) be much simpler than that.

WATCH: Delicious Banana Cream Pie

Aside from being the notorious fruit that freckles after only hours on your counter, bananas are an excellent source of nutrients and flavor. As one of the few fruits with no juice, it’s an ideal ingredient to add to baked goods because it’s less likely to add too much moisture to a batter. A banana’s thick but smooth texture also makes it a great fruit to add body and substance to a smoothie. All this to say that a banana that ripens before you have the opportunity to use it should not be tossed out. Freezing your bananas when they’re at their ripest makes for an excellent supply of a versatile ingredient that’s ready to use whenever it’s convenient for you.

How to Freeze Bananas

To freeze your bananas, simply peel the banana and remove any overly brown or mushy parts with a spoon. Wrap the whole banana in plastic wrap, and place the wrapped bananas in a freezable ziplock bag, pressing the air out of the bag before sealing it. Be sure to put the date on the outside of the bag, because bananas older than 6 months should be tossed out. For smoothies and other blended beverages, these bananas can be unwrapped and thrown right into the blender. For baking, be sure to thaw the bananas before trying to mash them and add them to a batter. For a particularly decadent treat, place 5 frozen bananas in a food processor with a can of sweetened condensed milk, and blend until completely smooth. The result is a 5-minute banana ice cream that will forever make you grateful for your supply of frozen bananas.

If you have ripe bananas on hand, you can learn how to freeze bananas for smoothies, ice cream, and oatmeal. Just follow this easy step-by-step guide.

How to Freeze Bananas

Pro Tips

Bananas are ripe when they are soft to the touch, have brown spots on them, have a mild or strong odor of bananas, or have turned brown around the edges. Some types of bananas may not have obvious signs of ripening, so you do need to keep an eye on them.

You’ll know when a banana is not ripe when it is hard, green, or has no odor. Sometimes it can take up to several days for a banana to ripen on the countertop. If you want to help a banana ripe faster, you can always place them in a paper bag for a few days.

The problem is that when a banana ripens, it can go bad pretty quickly. A banana is over-ripe when the skin turns black or it becomes mushy.

But, don’t worry! You can use frozen ripe bananas in so many ways, including in smoothies, ice creams, dairy-free soft serves, oatmeal, and in baked goods.

Recipe Steps

How to Freeze Bananas

Step One

The first step for freezing bananas is to remove the skin. Some people just pop a ripe banana on the freezer with the skin on, but I don’t recommend this method. If you freeze a banana with the skin on, it will make it very difficult to remove the skin.

Step Two

The second step to freezing bananas is to either break them in half or cut them into slices. Depending on what you plan to do with your frozen banana will dictate if you slice them or just break them in half.

For example, if you have a high speed blender like a a Blendtec or a Vitamix , then you can just freeze your bananas in large halves, or even whole. A high speed blender will have to problem blending large chunks of frozen banana.

If you just have a regular blender or you are planning to make soft-serve with your frozen bananas in a food processor, then you should slice your bananas before you freeze them (see the photo below).

How to Freeze Bananas

Step Three

After you cut or slice your bananas, you can lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. This will prevent the banana from freezing into a large clump.

Freeze the baking sheet for at least 2 hours before transferring the frozen bananas into a zip-top bag from long-term storage (up to 2 months).

How to Freeze Bananas

There are a few ways to tell when a banana is rotten. If your banana smells bad or is very mushy, then you will need to throw it away.
However, if your ripe banana isn’t too mushy, then you can probably cut away the bad parts and still freeze the good parts.

You can serve frozen bananas almost the same way you would use a fresh banana. Once you have frozen bananas, it’s best to use them frozen as opposed to defrosting them.

Ideally, you would use bananas frozen. But, if you are making muffins or another recipe that calls for ripe banana, you can defrost the frozen banana ahead of time in the refrigerator.

Recipes Using Frozen Bananas

  • Chocolate Banana Soft Serve
  • Vegan Coconut Banana Nice Cream
  • Acai Smoothie
  • Banana Peach Smoothie with Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

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  • How to Freeze Avocados
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Here is the how to guide:

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

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If you have ripe bananas on hand, you can learn how to freeze bananas for smoothies, ice cream, and oatmeal. Just follow this easy step-by-step guide.

  • Author:Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1 x
  • Category: Side dish
  • Method: Freezer
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegan


  • 4 ripe bananas


  1. The first step for freezing bananas is to remove the skin.
  2. Next, break them in half or cut them into slices.
  3. After you cut or slice your bananas, you can lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. This will prevent the banana from freezing into a large clump.
  4. Freeze the baking sheet for at least 2 hours before transferring the frozen bananas into a zip-top bag from long-term storage.


Bananas are ripe when they are soft to the touch, have brown spots on them, have a mild or strong odor of bananas, or have turned brown around the edges. Some types of bananas may not have obvious signs of ripening, so you do need to keep an eye on them.

Frozen bananas will last in the freezer for up to 2 months.

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How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

Are bananas a staple for you when it comes to smoothies and baking? Me too! Check out this post on how to freeze bananas for an easy step by step tutorial on how to slice bananas and save them in the freezer for later.

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas- It’s SO Easy!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to freeze bananas, I know. I’m sure you have thrown a bunch of brown bananas into the freezer thinking – “I’ll make banana bread with these later or throw them in a smoothie”. I have done the same thing more times than I can count.

Most times, if I throw bananas into the freezer that are not peeled and easy to grab and throw into a blender, I don’t use them! More often than not, my bananas get freezer burned and when I clean out my freezer (maaaaaybe once a year) they get tossed into the garbage. But, guess what?

This year is the year of NO BANANA LEFT BEHIND.

We have developed a SUPER easy system for leftover bananas in the Fit Foodie kitchen and we wanted to share it with all of you! It is a very simple system that seems like overkill, but when you have a perfect bag of frozen bananas in the freezer that aren’t freezer burn, aren’t mushy, and don’t stick together, you are going to thank us.

Step One- Prepare a Baking Sheet

You don’t want to just slice your bananas and throw them into a freezer bag fresh. Why? Because they will all freeze together in a big mushy clump and when you’re ready to make a smoothie in the morning, you will have to thaw them out or ice pick your way through a clump of frozen nanner. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper so that you can lay your banana slices down flat and freeze them before you prepare them for storage.

How to Freeze Bananas

Step Two- Peel and Slice Those NANNERS

Grab your bananas and peel them. Now, we don’t discriminate against any nanner- yellow or brown, you decide. All you have to do is slice your bananas into 1/4-1/2 inch rounds and place them on the parchment paper. Bananas are about $0.15, so we suggest bulk slicing and freezer. So? Use as many bananas as your heart desires! Place sliced bananas into the freezer for at least 30 minutes or until your bananas are completely frozen.

How to Freeze Bananas

Step Three- Store Banana Slices for Later

Lastly, remove baking sheet from the freezer and use a spatula to remove bananas from the baking sheet. Immediately place frozen sliced bananas into a freezer safe bag, remove air from the bag, seal, and place in the freezer for easy access to perfectly frozen bananas!

How to Freeze Bananas

What can I use frozen bananas for?

Any recipe that calls for banana puree or any smoothie recipe that calls for frozen bananas! You have endless options! Check out some of our favorite banana recipes below.

Frozen Banana Video

How to Freeze Bananas

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How to Freeze Bananas (for smoothies and baking!)

Are bananas a staple for you when it comes to smoothies and baking? Me too! Check out this post on how to freeze bananas for an easy step by step tutorial on how to slice bananas and save them in the freezer for later.

I was freezing some of our brown bananas the other day and decided to take a few snapshots of the process and do a quick little “How to Freeze Bananas” tutorial. Why? Because while a lot of people know you can make banana bread with brown bananas instead of letting them go to waste, you don’t always have time to make banana bread right when the bananas are ready, and sometimes you don’t have enough bananas all at one time. Freezing your overripe bananas will help you reduce your food waste even further, and makes sure you have ripe bananas on hand all the time for things like banana bread, smoothies, and more.

How to Freeze Bananas

Can I Freeze the Bananas Whole?

You may be asking yourself, “Can I just toss the banana in the freezer, peel and all?” and the answer is yes, but that’s not the best way to do it, IMHO. While you can freeze a whole banana with the peel, the banana becomes very soft after thawing, making it very difficult to peel without making a mess. Just go ahead and peel it first and thank yourself later.

I also prefer to slice my bananas before freezing, instead of freezing the whole peeled banana, because it makes them easier to measure (thaw only what you need), faster to thaw, and easier to blend into a smoothie.

How Long do Frozen Bananas Last?

Frozen bananas will continue to brown in the freezer, just at a much slower rate than on the counter top. I find that they’re best when used within 3 months of freezing, but your milage may vary. To make sure you’ve got plenty of ways to use those frozen bananas before they get too brown and shriveled, I’ve got several recipe ideas for you listed below.

What Kind of Container Should I Use?

I like to use zip top freezer bags because they can hold a varying amount, I can remove as much air as possible, and it’s easy to write the contents and date on the front. If you prefer to not use plastic, you can freeze your bananas in glass meal prep containers or glass jars and simply add some freezer tape or a freezer label for writing the contents and date. Always write the contents and date on your frozen goods! 🙂

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Keep Frozen Bananas from Turning Brown

Bananas continue to turn brown in the freezer, just like they do at room temperature, but at a much slower rate. To slow the browning almost to a halt, you can dip the frozen banana slices into lemon juice before freezing, but that’s just waaaaay too much work, IMHO. Instead, I freeze the banana slices as-is, and just make sure to use them within a few months. Nothing lasts forever and you’re already extending their life a lot by freezing them.

How to Thaw Frozen Bananas

You can use the frozen bananas in recipes while still frozen (see list below) or thaw and mash them before adding to a recipe. To thaw the frozen bananas, simply leave them out at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Or, if you froze them in a freezer bag, you can drop the freezer bag (still tightly closed) in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.

Thawed frozen bananas will let off some liquid. You’ll want to stir this liquid into the bananas as you mash them. Mashed bananas are often used in recipes to add moisture, so you don’t want to lose that liquid that seeps from the bananas as they thaw.

What Can You Make with Frozen Bananas?

You can make so many yummy things with your frozen bananas! Here are some ideas:

Uses for frozen bananas (not thawed):

Uses for frozen bananas (thawed and mashed)

Freezing is a great way to preserve bananas that are ripening faster than you can use them up. In fact, whenever I buy bananas, I make a point to buy more than we’ll actually eat. I let them sit on the counter for a few days to ripen, then I prep them and stash them in the freezer for later when I’ll blitz them into smoothies, bake them into breads, muffins, and cookies, or stir them into a pot of oatmeal.

Here’s how to freeze bananas and turn them into something delicious later!

The Best Way to Freeze Bananas

Freezing bananas is an easy process and works the same whether you’re freezing one banana or a whole bunch. It’s easiest broken down into four steps: peel the bananas, cut into small chunks, freeze in a single layer, and store in an airtight container.

  1. Peel the bananas: You’ll start by peeling the bananas. Not only is trying to peel a frozen banana a total pain, but when frozen with the skin on, bananas get very mushy when thawed.
  2. Slice the bananas: Slice the bananas into roughly 1-inch chunks. Since there are a lot of different ways you might use frozen bananas later, cutting them into smaller pieces gives you the most flexibility.
  3. Freeze the bananas in a single layer: Place the bananas in a single layer on a large parchment or wax paper-lined baking sheet or plate, and place in the freezer until frozen solid. This step will prevent the banana chunks from freezing together into a big lump.
  4. Store in an airtight container. Transfer the frozen banana chunks to an airtight container or ziptop bag and keep stored in the freezer.

Like most other types of fruit, bananas will keep in the freezer for a really long time. As a rule of thumb, to get the best taste and texture, it’s best to use frozen bananas within three months, before they start to develop ice crystals and freezer burn.

All The Ways to Use Frozen Bananas

There are so many ways to put frozen bananas to work. I like to use them straight from the freezer for smoothies. They adds an extra-thick and creamy texture and a slightly sweeter taste than fresh bananas. You can also use them to make banana ice cream, stir them into a batch of baked oatmeal cups, or toss a couple pieces straight from the freezer into a pot (or slow cooker or Instant Pot) of oatmeal. To use frozen bananas in baked goods, like quick bread, muffins, cake, and cookies, be sure to first thaw the bananas completely.

Keep that fruit appealing for smoothies, baking and more.

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How to Freeze Bananas

sliced bananas

Photo by: mikroman6 / Getty Images

mikroman6 / Getty Images

How to Freeze Bananas

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By Katherine Lok for Food Network Kitchen

Frozen bananas aren’t just for baking banana bread and whipping up fruit smoothies. They can be turned into ice creams, banana pops and so much more! You’ll want to be sure not to end up with a mushy brown mess, though. Here are the best methods for freezing bananas, plus favorite ways to make the most of this versatile fruit.

You may be tempted to just toss whole bananas in the freezer, skins and all. This won’t harm the bananas, per se, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble by peeling them first. Freezing bananas in their peels can be a real pain when it comes time to use them — the skins will become brittle and hard to peel unless they’re fully thawed, and you’ll still end up with a mushy mess all over your hands once they’re peeled.

Before you toss them into the freezer, wait until your bananas are at peak ripeness — they might have a few dark spots, but this just means they’re at their sweetest. Peel the bananas and, depending on how you plan to use them, keep them whole, in large pieces or slice them crosswise into slices that are 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. It’s best to stick to using whole frozen bananas for baked goods and smaller slices for blended drinks, as adding them whole might put too much strain on your blender. Once frozen, bananas will lose the firm texture that fresh ones have and become mushy when thawed.

For bananas that are whole or in large pieces, arrange them in a single layer in a freezer bag labeled with the date and keep frozen up to 8 months. For banana slices, arrange them in a single layer on a sheet pan lined with parchment, making sure they’re not touching. A half sheet pan will fit about 3 sliced bananas, but you can stack slices between layers of parchment paper if you plan to freeze more. Cover the sheet pan in plastic wrap and freeze for at least 2 hours. Then, transfer the banana slices to freezer bags or air-tight containers with the date marked. These are also best used within 6 to 8 months. If you plan to use the bananas quickly, give yourself about two hours for them to freeze through.

Since bananas turn very quickly from ripe to overripe, sometimes almost overnight, it becomes good practice to learn about freezing bananas. Keeping bananas in the freezer will ensure that the ripening process stops and bananas remain exactly the same as the day they were frozen.

Right now you might be wondering why you would even want to know how to freeze bananas. What would you do with a frozen banana anyways?

Well, outside of making banana bread, we think it’s a great way to salvage overripe bananas and save them from an unnecessary trip to the compost or landfill.

How to Freeze Bananas

Freezing Bananas is Simple

How to Freeze Bananas

Instructions to Freeze Bananas

It turns out that bananas are one of the easiest things to freeze and also to use while still frozen. They will no longer ripen once frozen, so you’ll always have bananas on hand. Besides being useful to make a quick and creamy smoothie, they can be transformed into a healthy dessert (recipe to follow soon).

  1. Peel the bananas.
    The first step to freeze bananas is to peel the bananas. If you don’t, which you don’t have to – you can stick them straight into the freezer and they will freeze… but it’s extremely difficult to remove the skin once they’re frozen and you try to actually use them.
  2. Place them into freezer safe bags.
    Next, stick them into freezer safe bags (or use a vacuum sealer if you’ve got one). Hold and squeeze the air from the bag as you seal it up. If you prefer to have bite sized frozen bananas, then slice them before sticking them into the bag. Some pieces may stick together when freezing, but it’s far easier to cut a fresh banana than a hard frozen one.
  3. Label and separate the bananas.
    Label the bag with the date so you can use the first in, first out inventory process when using the bananas. Lay the bag flat into the freezer, this makes it easy to just reach in and grab one banana at a time whenever you like. If you don’t have freezer bags, you can just wrap them in plastic wrap. A nice “skin” of ice will form around each banana, making it easy to remove just the number that you need.

How to Freeze Bananas

Additional Info

These frozen bananas pop quickly into smoothie recipes enhancing the texture and flavor, but we think that their true calling is a quick transformation into one bite banana splits once frozen.

For more on the shelf life of bananas, see our banana page.

Many people also question ones ability to freeze potatoes, so we have a post dealing with freezing potatoes.

To find out how long other foods are good for, please visit the Dairy, Drinks, Fruits, Grains, Proteins, Vegetables and Other sections of Eat By Date or use the search function below.

How to Freeze Bananas

In most parts of the world bananas are the most popular fruit found in stores. Although they aren’t expensive most of the year, the fruits ripen quickly. This means that in some households the brown ones are regularly tossed out. There is only so much banana bread you can make with ripe bananas, so if you have too many in the kitchen then your best option is to freeze them. We’re about to show you the simple steps involved in freezing bananas so that they aren’t mushy, covered in freezer burn, or stuck together in a frustrating clump when it comes time to use them.

Table of Contents

How to freeze sliced bananas

Before starting, get some essential equipment ready on the kitchen bench. You’ll need a knife, durable freezer bags, a pen for labeling, and one or two cookie sheets. The fruit will take 1-2 hours to freeze depending on the quantity and whether you slice them up or freeze them whole.

1. Prep the fruit

Start by choosing only the bananas that look suitable for freezing. If any have passed the overripe stage, then discard them. Peel the fruit and slice off those hard, pesky end pieces because no one enjoys eating those. Chop the fruit crosswise into half-inch pieces and set aside.

If you have bananas at different stages of ripeness you may want to separate them into piles of ripe yellow bananas and browning overripe bananas. When it comes time to bag up the fruit you can label them based on ripeness.

2. Freeze individual slices

It may be tempting to toss the bananas into bags or airtight containers at this stage. But doing this will cause all the banana pieces to stick together in one clump. When it comes time to make a smoothie, you’ll have to wait for the fruit to thaw before you can pull them apart or pick away at them until you get enough pieces.

How to Freeze BananasYou can make your life much easier by freezing them individually first. To do this, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and then add the banana slices in one layer. Freeze the banana for an hour or until they have hardened.

3. Bag the fruit

Remove the tray from the freezer and place the banana into suitably sized airtight containers or durable freezer bags. When using bags, remove as much air as possible before sealing them shut. Label with the current date and if you separated the bananas by sweetness then this is your chance to write this down now. Next time you go to make a banana cake you can go straight for the bag labeled “overripe bananas”.

How to Freeze BananasHow to freeze whole bananas

Freezing whole bananas is a quicker process than with individual pieces because you don’t have to pre-freeze them. Peel the bananas and then decide whether you want them frozen whole or in halves. Slice the fruit (if necessary) and then add it to freezer-safe bags or containers that have been labeled with the date. It will take roughly two hours for the bananas to freeze.

Note: Bananas can be frozen with their skin on, but we do not recommend it. They will use up more space in your freezer and when it comes time to use them, extra thawing time will be needed before the skin can be removed.

How to thaw frozen bananas

Remove a bag of frozen banana from the freezer and take out how much you require for the recipe. Return any leftover banana to the freezer, ensuring the bag is sealed. Place the banana you intend using in a bowl and allow it to sit at room temperature for two hours until softened. You can also place frozen bananas in the fridge overnight and they will be ready to go the next day.

Defrosted bananas release a liquid that doesn’t look very appealing, but you shouldn’t tip it out. For best results, use a fork to mix everything up before using it in food or beverages.

How long do bananas last in the freezer?

When stored correctly, bananas can be kept in the freezer for up to six months before they start to lose their quality. For best results, position your fruit at the back of the freezer to reduce fluctuations in temperature.

Can I freeze mashed banana?

Mashing banana before freezing is a great option for creating portion-control cubes that can be added to smoothies or banana bread. Mash the banana until smooth and then spoon it into an ice cube tray before freezing for 2 hours. Once the banana is frozen, pop the blocks into a zip-lock freezer bag, ensuring all the air has been removed before returning them to freezer.

How to Freeze Bananas5 uses for frozen bananas

  1. Add them frozen to a blender to make a healthy version of ice cream.
  2. Use frozen whole or sliced bananas, blended with milk, yogurt, and other fruit to make a delicious smoothie.
  3. Allow the banana to soften a little before slicing and adding to muffins, pancakes or cakes.
  4. Add frozen pieces of banana to oatmeal as it cooks on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Should I freeze overripe bananas?

Overripe bananas are an excellent option for freezing; a much better alternative than tossing them out. Bananas that have gone soft and brown are excellent for use in banana bread, so we recommend mashing them before freezing. When baking day comes around you’ve already completed one of the steps to make the bread.

Tips for freezing bananas

  • Before freezing the banana add a splash of lemon juice to keep the fruit looking fresher.
  • Never store bananas is the freezer door as the fruit gets exposed to too much temperature variation.
  • Mash 3 bananas with ¾ cup of brown sugar and freeze so that making banana cake and bread is made easier.
  • Mash banana with other excess fruit like blueberries or mangoes and freeze to make the morning task of smoothie making quicker.

Final words

Bananas are affordable, versatile fruits that are packed with potassium, vitamins, and are low in sodium. The biggest challenge with this variety of fruit is that they go off quickly, especially in the warmer months. Once you’ve run out of ideas for using up leftover bananas, your best option is to freeze them. When stored correctly in an airtight bag free from moisture and air, bananas will last six months before starting to lose quality. In some cases, bananas have been known to last a year before they start to degrade.

Remember that an important part of freezing bananas is to label the bag or container with the current date. It is an easy step to skip when you’re in a hurry but it can cause a lot of confusion several months later. Keeping track of life can be hard, so how can you be expected to remember whether it was 6 or 12 months ago that you froze the bananas? Get organized in the kitchen and you will find your cooking runs smoothly.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable for freezing? Please let us know in the comments below.

How do you freeze bananas ?

We all love bananas – but sometimes they ripen too fast for us to enjoy them! The good news is saving them has never been easier with the help of your freezer . There are different ways to go about it, and the best part is that it takes very little effort to get delicious results!

Can you freeze bananas?

Freezing is the best way to store and preserve your bananas. Don’t toss them out the moment you see way too many dark spots! There are ways you can turn things around with a few creative hacks. Freezing bananas is simple, but there are tricks to getting it right .

How to freeze bananas

If you freeze bananas the wrong way, they get messy and stick together, or worse turn brown because of oxidation. You can test out each method to see what works for your lifestyle and preference.


This technique requires minimum effort, just peel ’n’ snap.

  • Take your bananas and remove the peels.
  • Cut or snap them in halves.
  • Place them in a freezable Ziploc bag and squeeze out the extra air.


Turn your bananas into freezable slices so you can throw them into the blender for refreshing smoothies or shakes!

  • Cut your bananas into equal-sized pieces.
  • Place them on a tray with wax paper in between each layer.
  • Cover the bananas and make sure there are no air visible air pockets.
  • Once frozen, you can move them into any container you want.

How to Freeze Bananas


Mashed bananas are perfect if you’ll be using them for baking or cooking!

  • Place your bananas in a bowl and mash them with a fork.
  • Scoop the mashed bananas into an air-tight sealed bag and place in the freezer.


Frozen banana puree can be used for smoothies, baby food, and baking batter.

  • Place your mashed bananas in a blender or food processor.
  • Pulse for a few seconds and scoop everything out.
  • Place the puree in an air-tight container in the freezer.


If you’re in a time crunch, you can put your unpeeled bananas in the freezer. But the cost of being in a rush means you’ll spend more time peeling frozen bananas afterwards.

  • Place your bundle of bananas straight into the freezer overnight.
  • Your frozen bananas turn brown but the inside will still be fresh.

How to peel a frozen banana

Peeling a frozen banana is no easy task. First, you need to let them thaw. Otherwise, the skin will come off in brittle bits and pieces. Be warned; things will get slimy when using any of these methods:

  • Leave it out on a countertop at room temperature.
  • Stick it in the microwave on the defrost setting for under a minute.
  • Wrap it in a Ziploc bag and soak in warm water for 15 minutes.
  • When thawed, cut into the banana peel and remove it with your hands

How long can you freeze bananas for?

Frozen bananas can keep in the fridge for three to six months. If stored right, they should last even longer! Just make sure you label everything with the date you started freezing them so you don’t forget.

Can you freeze overripe bananas?

They might look like goners, but those dark brown bananas still have a second chance at life! As long as they aren’t rotten, you can still make the most out of their situation. Peel and stash them in your freezer as a mash or puree. You can also add in a squeeze of lemon to keep them from getting any darker.

What to do with frozen bananas

Banana smoothies

These fruity drinks are refreshing no matter what the season. Make a creamy smoothie or a milkshake!

  • Find your sliced bananas and throw them into your blender with cream or milk.
  • You can mix in your favourite fruits, peanut butter or cinnamon for added flavour.

One of the easiest fruits to freeze, all you basically need to do for storing bananas is to peel them and toss them in the freezer. The methods might vary a little depending on how you are freezing them, though they remain good for using later for baking, in smoothies, ice creams, and any other preparation.

1. How Can You Freeze Bananas Whole To Use Later

It is the simplest and fastest way to freeze them. Just peel the fruit carefully, without poking them, place them in airtight freezer bags, and freeze for about 2-3 hours. You can cut them in halves if that is more convenient.

How to Freeze Bananas

Place no more than 3 bananas in each standard-sized bag. You can also flash freeze whole bananas for a couple of hours before storing them in freezer bags to keep them from clumping together.

Note: Some people prefer wrapping each fruit individually in aluminum foil or wax paper before putting them in the freezer bag so they are frozen individually. But freezing them without the wax paper has no effect on their quality.

Simple ideas for use: You can make simple banana popsicles by inserting a poposicle stick into the end of banana halves, dipping them into nutella, peanut butter, or melted chocolate, then rolling them in you preferred sprinkler (chopped straberries, nuts, chocolate chips etc.) and freezing.

How to Freeze Bananas

Freezing bananas in their peel – Why is it better not to do

A lot of people believe that freezing whole unpeeled bananas reduce their shelf life as leaving the skin on diminishes the quality of the frozen banana. Additionally, the peel becomes soft and brown when frozen, making it difficult to remove when you want to use the flesh.

How to Freeze Bananas

So, it is strongly recommended to remove the peel completely before freezing, to make it easier for yourself in the future.

2. Freezing Ripe Banana Slices Without Turning Black

Slicing or chopping them before freezing makes it easier to handle the frozen bananas, and you can still use them for anything you want.

  • Peel, and cut them into roughly ½ inch thick slices.
  • Line a baking sheet with wax paper, and place the slices in a single layer in a way that they are touching each other as little as possible.

How to Freeze Bananas

  • Place the tray in the freezer to flash freeze for around 2 hours, until the slices become solid, to keep them from sticking together too much later.
  • Take them out and transfer the slices into a large freezer bag or glass container, label with the date, and place them back in the freezer.

How to Freeze Bananas

Note: You may skip the flash freezing steps if you don’t mind the slices congealing together, especially since they may still stick together a little even after following that additional step.

Simple ideas for use: Just serve the slices as a snack whenever you want, or add them as they are to a fruit salad.

3. How Can You Freeze Mashed Bananas

If you already know that you are going to use your bananas mashed, like for banana bread or cookies, then you can prepare them and then freeze to be able to use them quickly. This is also a good way of storing brown, overripe bananas before they go bad.

  • Peel and slice the fruit and use a food processor to mash it smoothly. You can also use a potato masher if you want it to be slightly chunky.
  • Put the pureed bananas into zip-lock bags or an airtight glass jar. Make sure to get rid of any excess air from the bags, and flatten them a little and store in the freezer.

How to Freeze Bananas

Flattening the freezer bags makes it easier to take out the frozen mashed content, as freezing it in a lump may make it difficult to cut through.

You can store banana puree in this manner for baby food, but do not keep it for more than 2-3 days for this purpose.

How to Thaw the Frozen Bananas

For a smoothie or milkshake, you can add the frozen bananas into the blender directly from the freezer bag. If making bread or muffins, take as much as you want to use out of the freezer bag, place them in a bowl, and keep in the refrigerator for a few hours till they thaw to their original consistency.

How Long Can You Keep the Frozen Bananas

Frozen bananas can last for up to 6 months when stored properly, but it is better to use them within 3-4 months. Unpeeled frozen bananas stay good for just about 2 months.

Does Freezing Bananas Make it Lose Its Nutrients

The most notable nutrient in this fruit is potassium, with a large banana containing around 450mg of the essential mineral. Freezing the fresh fruit at home does not have any effect on its potassium content, keeping them equally safe and healthy after thawing.

It might be a little different with commercially frozen bananas as they are blanched (putting them in boiling water and then plunging in cold water) for about 30-40 seconds before freezing and packaging to increase their shelf life. Still, it only makes the fruits lose a little bit of its potassium content, keeping them almost as nutritious as fresh bananas.

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Learn how to freeze bananas easily for later use in smoothies, snacks, baking and other recipes! Follow these step-by-step instructions and tips for freezing bananas to ensure they don’t turn brown.

How to Freeze Bananas

There are many reasons to freeze bananas. You might have more than you can eat, or they might be on sale. Or you may have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have time to grocery shop each week.

In reality, there are many great uses for frozen bananas including smoothies, milkshakes, banana bread, pancakes, baking and snacking. Once you get used to always having them on hand, you’ll never look back!

How to Freeze Bananas

Can You Freeze Bananas?

Yes! Freezing bananas works well when done properly. There are three ways you can do it:

  • Whole bananas: Always peel them first, as removing frozen peels is a painstaking job!
  • Sliced bananas: Flash freeze the slices first to avoid getting clumps once frozen.
  • Mashed bananas: Mash them and store in a sealed ziptop bag.

While ripe bananas are the sweetest tasting, you can also freeze unripe bananas. However, do not use overripe bananas that are mushy or have mold on the stems.

How Long Can You Freeze Bananas?

Properly stored, bananas can last for 2-3 months in the freezer without discoloring.

In fact, they’ll actually last up to 6 months if you can tolerate some browning, which is safe but unappetizing for some as you can see below:

How to Freeze Bananas

Bananas that have turned brown may be less suitable for snacking, but will still work for smoothies and baking.

Tips for Freezing Bananas

  • Set your freezer to the coldest setting if possible, as bananas that are slower to freeze will discolor more easily.
  • Work quickly after peeling so the bananas don’t have time to turn brown before freezing.
  • Freeze in a single layer and place in a flat section of your freezer. Stuffing the banana pieces into bags and piling them on top will cause large clumps to form.
  • Squeeze out air from the resealable plastic bags. Submerging the area below the seal in water to help push out the air.
  • Label your bags with the date using a permanent marker, so you can always use them in time.

Also, remember to freeze in quantity where possible, as you’ll find that frozen bananas get used up surprisingly quickly!

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Thaw Frozen Bananas

First things first. If you’re making smoothies, there’s no need to thaw. Just use the bananas frozen.

For baking or pancakes (or waffles), you’ll need to thaw them, which takes 30-60 minutes at room temperature. During this time they often start to brown. To avoid this, try microwaving them on a plate for 30 seconds. They’ll soften slightly and be ready for use in minutes with minimal discoloration.

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

Who doesn’t love bananas? I can’t get enough of them. I use them for everything from smoothies, milkshakes, and ice cream to pancakes, muffins, and bread. And of course, they also great all by themselves!

The only problem I have with bananas is how quickly they go bad. Ripe bananas last for only a few days at room temperature and around 5 to 7 days in the fridge.

That’s not a lot of time, especially if there are only a few people in your household.

But did you know there’s another way to preserve bananas apart from refrigerating them?

Freeze bananas the right way and you’ll never have to compete with time ever again. Bananas will keep well in the freezer for up to 6 months.

And while frozen and thawed bananas are not as appealing as fresh bananas, they still have a ton of other uses.

So the next time you go to the supermarket, don’t be afraid to go bananas! As long as you have space in the freezer, you’re all set.

How to Freeze Bananas

There are several methods to freeze your bananas. In fact, you can freeze them whole, sliced, or mashed.

Method 1: Freezing Them Whole

  1. Peel the bananas.
  2. Place them in an air-tight container or freezer bag. If you’re using the latter, squeeze out as much excess air as you can before you seal the bag.
  3. Label the container or bag with the current date so you know how much time the bananas have left.
  4. Freeze for up to 6 months.

Method 2: Freezing Sliced Bananas

This method is good for your smoothies or shakes.

  1. Peel the bananas.
  2. Slice them into ¼- to ½-inch rounds.
  3. Place the banana slices onto a lined baking sheet in a single layer.
  4. Freeze the bananas for 2 hours.
  5. Take the frozen bananas out of the freezer and transfer them into an air-tight container or freezer bag. If you’re using the latter, squeeze out as much excess air as you can before you seal the bag.
  6. Label the container or bag with the current date so you know how much time the bananas have left.
  7. Freeze for up to 6 months.

Why Is Flash-Freezing So Important?

Picture this scenario: you’re in the mood to make a banana smoothie and you remember that you’ve got a bunch of bananas chilling in the freezer.

Great! You open the freezer and take out the bag you’ve stored the bananas in, only to realize there’s no way you can pull out a few pieces because they’ve already clumped together into one giant frozen banana blob.

That’s the importance of flash-freezing. This method freezes bananas in individual slices, so you can easily pull out exactly how much you need when you’re ready to use them.

Method 3: Freezing Mashed Bananas

This method is great for banana bread and other baking.

  1. Peel and mash the bananas.
  2. Place them in an air-tight container or freezer bag. If you’re using the latter, squeeze out as much excess air as you can before you seal the bag.
  3. Label the container or bag with the current date so you know how much time the bananas have left.
  4. Freeze for up to 6 months.

To Peel Or Not To Peel

You might be wondering – can you freeze bananas with the peel on? Won’t that preserve them better and longer?

It’s quite the contrary, actually. You can still freeze them with the peel on if you want, and they’d still be safe to eat, but they won’t be as fresh. Also, taking off the frozen peel can be quite a challenge!

How to Thaw Frozen Bananas

If you’re using frozen bananas to make baked goods, transfer them into the fridge and defrost for 6 hours. You can also leave the bananas to thaw at room temperature. They’ll take about two hours to defrost.

Take note: The bigger the pieces are, the longer it takes to defrost them.

If you’re using frozen bananas to make smoothies, no need to defrost! You can use them as-is.

How to Use Frozen Bananas

As I’ve mentioned, frozen bananas have many uses. In fact, you can use them for any recipe that requires banana puree.

I love using frozen bananas to make smoothies because they get insanely creamy when blended. You don’t even need to add too much milk to make a nice, thick beverage.

Apart from drinks, I also use frozen bananas to make banana bread, pancakes, and even ice cream. Yum!

Learn how to freeze bananas for perfect smoothies, banana bread, and other baked goods!

How to freeze bananas

Wondering what to do with your overripe bananas? You can salvage some by whipping up a batch of banana bread, but you may not have time or you may have more overripe bananas than your recipe for banana bread can handle.

Do they head to the compost? Or can you freeze bananas? Thankfully, the answer to the former is yes! Frozen bananas can come in handy in a number of ways.

According to EatingWell’s Test Kitchen Manager, Breana Killeen, “Frozen bananas are the best for making smoothies because you don’t need to add any ice, and they give your smoothie the creamiest texture. I also use them for banana bread, muffins and pancakes. You could also dip them into chocolate for a healthy treat.”

How to Freeze Bananas

So, now that you know this unique fruit has some serious potential when it’s frozen, there are a few tips and tricks on how to freeze bananas.

Freezing bananas involves three simple steps:

1. Waiting until they’re really ripe

2. Cutting them up

3. Freezing them

According to Killeen, the best way to freeze bananas boils down to what you’ll be using them for.

How to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies

If you’re planning to use them in a smoothie, Killeen suggests cutting them into 1-inch pieces and then freezing them on a baking sheet for about two hours before transferring them to a freezer bag.

How to Freeze Bananas for Baking

If you’re planning to use the bananas for banana bread or other baked goods, Killeen suggests peeling and halving them before you freeze them. And don’t forget to label and date those freezer bags! Frozen bananas can last a while (up to six months) but beyond that, they may get freezer burn, leaving you with an off taste.

How to Use Frozen Bananas

Pictured Image: Pumpkin Banana Bread

Once the bananas are frozen, using them in a recipe is as easy as reaching into your freezer. As we said above, using frozen bananas in a smoothie yields a super-creamy texture. But if you’re planning on using them in baked goods, you need to defrost them first. Killeen defrosts her frozen bananas in the fridge overnight or heats them up in the microwave for about a minute (until they’re soft) for those last-minute baking endeavors.

The bottom line? Freezing bananas is the perfect way to cut back on food waste and have a key ingredient at the ready for some seriously delicious recipes. With a healthy stash of perfectly ripe frozen bananas on hand, you’ll finally be able to make banana bread according to plan rather than at the mercy of your bananas.

Have a bunch of ripe bananas laying around? Try freezing them! Learn how to freeze bananas with these simple tips and tricks. Perfect for smoothies, baking and more.

We’ve all been there. You bought a bunch of bananas at the store and before you know it, they’re overripe. But instead of tossing them out, freeze them instead! Frozen bananas are great for baking and making all types of smoothies, like my peanut butter banana smoothie or pineapple smoothie. They help make the texture so creamy and delicious!

How to Freeze Bananas

Whenever I go to the store, I always make sure to grab an extra bunch of bananas to freeze. My family loves them and I always want to make sure we have some on hand. I love keeping them in my freezer for strawberry banana smoothies, green smoothies and banana bread. Adding frozen bananas to smoothies is my favorite way to use them because they create a thick and creamy smoothie. They always make a great addition to overnight oats as well.

How to Freeze Bananas

Best way to freeze bananas

  1. Peel and slice the banana into 1/2″ pieces.
  2. Place the slices onto a baking sheet (small enough to fit into your freezer).
  3. Flash freeze for 2 hours and then move to a freezer container or zip top bag.

TIP: If using a freezer bag, make sure to seal it well to prevent freezer burn and browning. I like to suck out the air in the bag with a straw to help seal them tightly.

Can you freeze bananas in the peel?

Yes, you can freeze a banana in the peel. I prefer to peel them and then place into a bag because it is harder to get the peel off after freezing, but it is doable. If you freeze them in the peel, you’ll need to let them thaw before using so that you’re able to easily remove it.

How to Freeze Bananas

How to freeze banana mush

One of my favorite ways to freeze bananas for our favorite chocolate chip banana bread is to mash 1 cup of bananas and then place it into a zip top bag. Label the bag “1 cup mashed bananas” and then zip removing all the air. When ready to use, simply allow to thaw or run under warm water.

How to Freeze Bananas

How long do bananas last in the freezer

The great thing about freezing bananas is that they’ll keep in the freezer for up to 6 months. I always have a stash in the freezer for smoothies or baking. Just make sure to label your container or bag, so that you know when to use them up by. I like to write on the bag with a sharpie or use one of these free freezer labels and they work perfect!

How to thaw

If you’re using frozen bananas to bake, then you’ll need to let them thaw first. Below are a few different ways to do that:

  • Place frozen bananas in a bowl and let thaw in fridge overnight or let them sit on the counter for a couple hours.
  • Submerge the bag in a bowl of cold water and allow to sit for about 30 minutes.

If you need to freeze bananas, there are only a few things you need to know and you’re good to go. This article will provide you with all the information about freezing bananas you need.

Table of Contents

Why freeze bananas

Probably the only situation when you might need to freeze this fruit is when you’ve bought too many bananas and you’re afraid some of them will go bad. That might easily happen if you bought a lot of them on this sale the other day. Or you simply overestimated your needs and therefore bough too many. Of course you might need frozen bananas for smoothies too! Nevertheless, you can freeze bananas quite easily.
How to Freeze Bananas

Image used under Creative Commons from Wilson Hui

How to freeze bananas?

Before freezing

One thing to remember before freezing is that bananas freeze best when they are ripe. If the fruit is still green, leave it in the pantry until it’s ripe. Another thing is that freezing bananas extends their shelf life for a couple of months (most sources recommend two to three months). You can keep them in the freezer for longer, but their quality will slowly deteriorate and you might not be happy with the outcome.

Ways to freeze a banana

Freeze mashed bananas
This way is pretty straightforward. You start off by removing the peel and mashing the banana flesh. Now it’s time to pack it. Probably the best two choices are: airtight containers and freezer bags. If you’ll choose a container, make sure mashed bananas take most of the room in the container, so there’s not much space for air (to avoid freezer burn). Choosing freezer bags is at least as good, and probably even better, because it’s quite easy to push out most of the air from the bag before sealing it and, as we all know, bags don’t take as much space as containers. Consider making few serving-sized portions from mashed bananas you have prepared and freeze each serving in separate freezer bag.

Freeze sliced bananas
This method is a little more time-consuming than freezing mashed bananas. We start similarly, by peeling the fruit. Now we slice it. Once done, it’s time to pre-freeze the slices. Take a cookie sheet, line it with parchment paper if you wish, and put prepared slices on it in a way that they don’t touch one another. Then put it into the freezer for a few hours, until they are frozen. After that, take the cookie sheet from the freezer and transfer those frozen slices into freezer bags or airtight containers(try to leave as little head-space as possible). Pre-freezing is done to make sure the slices don’t stick to each other. This way you can easily get as many banana slices as you need at a time, without having to thaw all of them.

Freeze whole peeled bananas
This one is as easy as it gets. You just peel the banana, put it into a freezer bag and then into the freezer. Done. Remember to leave as little air in the bag as possible, you can even use a straw to suck the air just before locking the bag.

Freeze whole unpeeled banana
Yup, you can even freeze a banana with its peeling on. There are, however, a few things you need to remember. First off, you need to know that the peel will turn brown or even black in the freezer, so don’t be surprised when you take the banana from the freezer. This change in color doesn’t affect the banana flesh though. Another thing – you still need to use a container. A freezer bag will probably be the best (remember to squeeze out the air). Most people recommend thawing whole bananas in room temperature – it takes about two hours. Then cut open the peel and remove the flesh. It will be noticeably softer than it normally is. That’s why it’s recommended to use bananas frozen this way only in recipes. When it comes to eating it by itself, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you’ll decide to eat it by itself, try sprinkling it with a little cinnamon and thank me later.


When it comes to thawing, thaw the banana in the refrigerator. Thawing time depends on the way you’ve frozen the fruit. Sliced bananas will thaw much quicker than whole bananas for example.

As you can see there are a few ways you can freeze a banana. I encourage you to experiment with each one to find the one that works best for you.

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Learn how to freeze bananas with this easy and useful guide. Freeze your ripe bananas to prevent food waste, or to have frozen bananas at hand ready to use in your favorite recipes!

How to Freeze Bananas

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It almost feels a bit silly to write a guide on how you should freeze bananas (it sounds so easy!), but I’m doing it for a good reason! My first attempt was a total disaster. I put a whole banana in the freezer, peel and all. When it was time to use the banana, I had to roll my eyes at myself when I realized that peeling a frozen banana is practically impossible. So I had to wait for it to thaw – and turn into a mush like texture – before I could remove the peels and use the fruit in my recipe.

Luckily, freezing bananas is actually quite easy as long as you know what to do – and what not to do.

💡 Why you should freeze bananas

Freezing bananas is a great way to preserve them and make them last longer, especially if they are starting to turn brown and go off.

It’s primarily a great way to prevent food waste, but certain recipes also call specifically for the use of frozen bananas. You will often see this with chilled recipes such as smoothies or certain banana desserts such as chocolate covered banana bites.

📋 Which bananas can you freeze

The key takeaway is this: you should only freeze ripe bananas.

Technically you can of course put an unripe banana in the freezer, however this will stop the ripening process of the fruit. Unripe bananas are more starchy and less sweet. Using them in frozen banana recipes, such as baked goods, smoothies or other sweets, will often not give the same results. Also, they just don’t taste as nice as when they are ripe.

Bananas are perfect for freezing when they are yellow, not green, and ideally have at least some black or brown spots all over. You can also successfully freeze bananas that are on the brink of overripe, with many black spots on the skin.

How to Freeze BananasThese bananas are perfect for freezing!

🔪 How to freeze bananas

Okay, let’s get straight into the actual process:

1. Peel the bananas. Freeze them with the peels off, as peeling a frozen banana is exactly as hard as it sounds.

2. Slice the bananas. As using a whole frozen banana can be tricky (imagine how much your blender would struggle!), I like to slice them in smaller chunks. I always cut my bananas in exactly 4 pieces. This way I know for sure that if I grab any 4 pieces of banana from my freezer, it amounts to 1 whole banana. Super easy to follow recipes!

3. Freeze the bananas. Add the banana pieces to a freezer safe zip loc bag or storage container and place them in the freezer. I find that by slicing each banana in 4 pieces, each chunk is large enough to freeze separately, and you won’t struggle to break them apart from each other when you need to grab some to use.

I keep a container of frozen bananas in the fridge, which I simply add to every time I have bananas to use up.

How to Freeze Bananas

🍌 What to make with frozen bananas

Frozen bananas are versatile and have many uses. Here are some of my most popular recipes that can all be made with frozen bananas!

How to Freeze Bananas

Freezing bananas are super easy! It’s best to freeze ripe bananas and doing so, will preserve any that you won’t be using up soon.

There are different methods to freezing bananas but for one of the easiest ways to do so, just stick to this method. Don’t worry there’s no flash freezing involved. It’s really simple!

Refrigerating bananas can help preserve ripened bananas a few days longer, but chances might be you can forget about them so it’s best to freeze any ripe bananas instead. Be careful not keep green bananas in the fridge as that can ruin the ripening process.

How to Freeze Bananas

Some common methods to freezing bananas include:

  • Freezing Bananas in their peels- Can be a slimy mess and a chance to deal with a stringy peel.
  • Slicing or cutting banana into chunks then flash freezing– Requires lots of cutting and freezer space then transferring many to a zip-loc bag.
  • Wrapping each banana in plastic wrap then freezing in a zip-loc bag-Functional and perhaps can help with a freezer burn.
  • Simply freezing by 3 banana portions directly in a zip-loc bag- Easiest way in my opinion. Straight to the point and works great for when you want to use bananas in recipes as their portioned off and frozen whole.

Freezing whole bananas in portions of 3, directly into a zip-loc bag is the easiest way! Unless you have super mushy bananas then you really shouldn’t deal with a clump. Freezing individual bananas not only portions off a common amount for most baked banana goods but you can reach out for however much you need since their frozen whole. Most recipes call for the number of bananas, I don’t think it would be fun figuring out how many chunks make 1 banana….

Frozen bananas can be used for so many different recipes here are some ideas-

  1. Peel ripened bananas.
  2. Place 3 ripe bananas into a quart or sandwich sized zip-loc bag. Get as much air out as possible and seal the bag.
  3. Keep in the freezer for up to 4 months.

If using bananas in smoothies there is no need to thaw them, blending them frozen works best. However if you plan to use them in baked goods microwaving frozen bananas for a few minutes is one of the quickest ways.

Learn how to freeze bananas and how to use them in your favorite recipes. You can use frozen bananas for bread, smoothies, even ice cream!

How to Freeze Bananas

Why Freeze Bananas?

If you have never frozen bananas before, you are in for a treat (literally). Freezing bananas:

  • Saves your bananas before they go bad, reducing waste
  • Allows you to buy bananas in bulk or on sale without feeling the need to use them all up quickly
  • Reduces trips to the grocery store, you can have bananas on hand all the time
  • Frees up counter space
  • Allows you to have perfectly ripe bananas as an ingredient ANY time

How to Freeze Bananas

There are several different ways you can freeze bananas and depending on what you will use the bananas for will help you determine which method of freezing will be best for you. I will quickly go over each method below and what they are best used for.


For all of the methods, you will want to use fully ripe (or close to fully ripe bananas). Don’t be freezing those bananas when they are still green or they will be too starchy to use as an ingredient (and not as sweet). If you are planning on using the bananas for baking, you want to freeze the bananas right at the point you would normally use them in banana bread (almost over ripe), with plenty of brown on the peel.

How to Freeze Bananas

The Sliced Method

Sliced bananas are great to use when using in smoothies or for banana ice cream. Because they are in smaller pieces, they are easier to blend or process. Slicing bananas and freezing them can be time consuming but worth it if you are just wanting to use a little at a time. The problem with this method is that you can’t freeze large amounts at one time because the little slices take up a lot of space. How to Freeze Bananas


  1. Place a baking sheet in the freezer to get nice and cold (at least 30 minutes)
  2. Peel and slice bananas in 1/2″-1″ slices (they don’t need to be perfect)
  3. Line the cold baking sheet with parchment paper (or Silpat mat) and place bananas in a single layer on the baking sheet
  4. Freeze for 1-2 hours
  5. Remove bananas from baking sheet and place in a plastic freezer bag (aka Ziplock), squeeze all the air out and seal. Freeze for up to 3 months.

Whole or Pieced Bananas

I like to freeze whole bananas when I know will be using them for baking. I like to freeze them when they are perfectly ripe so when I thaw them, they mash easily. Plus, it’s freezing whole bananas is a little easier than sliced bananas because, well, you don’t have to slice them. You can also freeze more at a time because you aren’t slicing and laying out each individual slice in a single layer. You can also break the banana into halves or thirds and then freeze if you want to have more control of the portions.
How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Whole or Pieced Bananas:

  1. Place a baking sheet in the freezer to get nice and cold (at least 30 minutes)
  2. Peel bananas
  3. Line the cold baking sheet with parchment paper (or Silpat mat) and place peeled bananas (whole or broken into pieces) on the baking sheet
  4. Freeze for 2-3 hours
  5. Remove bananas from baking sheet and place in a plastic freezer bag (aka Ziplock), squeeze all the air out and seal. Freeze for up to 3 months.
    How to Freeze Bananas

Can you freeze bananas in the peel?

In short, yes, you can freeze bananas in their peel by placing them in a Ziplock bag and freezing them. However, I don’t love this method because they are more difficult to peel after they have been frozen. Peeling them while they are still frozen is a bit of a daunting task and peeling them after they have thawed turns out to be a sticky mess. I prefer peeling them before freezing because it will just make your life easier in the future.

Pureed or Mashed Bananas

Mashed bananas can be great for baking too, but mashing the perfect amount to freeze for future recipes can be difficult. Some like to mash up a bunch at once and freeze it all together but I find this difficult when I just need a cup of two of banana. That is why when it comes to baking, I prefer using whole or pieced. I found that I used mashed/pureed banana the most when I used it for baby food.

Freezing Mashed Banana for Baby Food

When my kiddos were babies, they loved mashed bananas. It’s so easy to mash up a fresh banana and give it to them right then and there but sometimes the bananas would ripen faster than my kids would eat them. That is when I would resort to freezing them. When the bananas started getting a little too ripe, I mashed them up and put them ice cube trays or baby food freezing trays before going bad. They are so easy to pop out and thaw in the fridge one at a time and it saved me from having to go to the store every few days for fresh bananas (and saved me tons by not buying the jarred baby food).

How to Freeze Mashed Bananas for Baby Food:

  1. When bananas are fully ripe (or even over ripe), mash or puree to desired consistency
  2. Stir in 1/2 tsp of lemon juice per banana to keep from browning (optional)
  3. Pour into sterilized ice cube trays or baby food freezing trays
  4. Cover with lid (if available) or place tray in a Ziplock freezer bag (to avoid freezer burn)
  5. Freeze up to 3 months
  6. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight before serving

How to Thaw and Use Frozen Bananas

When using frozen bananas for smoothies or ice cream there is no need to thaw before using. If using bananas for baking, you will want the banana to be fully thawed so you can mash and measure the exact amount you will need for your recipe. To thaw, place the amount you need in a sealing plastic bag and place in the refrigerator overnight. By morning it should be ready to mash and use in a recipe.

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How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

Learn how to freeze bananas for smoothies, nice cream or baking and never let another banana go to waste again! Freezing bananas gives ripe bananas a new and longer life and can be used in so many different ways. You’ll love how well frozen banana slices keep in the freezer for months. Follow this how-to guide for the best way to freeze bananas and stop them from browning and sticking together!

How to Freeze Bananas

Found yourself with a bunch of bananas that have ripened quickly and not sure what to do with them? Don’t just leave them on the counter until they’re as black as coal and you’re forced to throw them in the bin. Freeze them instead!

Frozen banana slices can be used for smoothies (my favourite) or nice cream and are perfect to keep on hand in the summer.

The best way to freeze bananas is to peel, slice and flash freeze before storing for good. This keeps the frozen banana slices from sticking together and helps keep them from browning.

Freezing bananas saves money, reduces food waste and ensures you always have an endless supply of bananas on hand when you need them. So what are we waiting for?

Freezing your ripe bananas is a great option BUT make sure you also check out these 12 Ripe Banana Recipes to Use Up Your Bunch.

How to Freeze Bananas

How do you freeze bananas without turning brown?

Flash freezing banana slices for 2 hours before putting them in a ziplock bag or airtight container will keep your bananas from turning brown!

What’s the best way to freeze bananas?

Step 1 – Slice: Slice the bananas into rounds. There isn’t a science here to how big you want the chunks, but try and make them uniform sizes.

How to Freeze Bananas

Step 2 – Flash Freeze: Line a baking tray with parchment paper and place the banana slices on top in a single layer to keep them from sticking together. Pop the tray into the freezer for 2 hours or until the slices are solid.

How to Freeze Bananas

Step 3 – Bag: Transfer the frozen banana slices into a ziplock bag (remove as much air as you can) or airtight container and store in the freezer.

How to Freeze Bananas

How long can you freeze bananas?

Sliced banana can be stored in the freezer in a ziplock bag or airtight container for up to 3 months.

Can you freeze bananas in their peel?

Sure, you can totally throw a banana in it’s peel in the freezer but it really isn’t the best way to preserve your bananas. It’s difficult to remove the peel from frozen so you’ll need to thaw the bananas a bit.

They also keep for less time using this method. As such I don’t recommend it. Better to take the extra 5 minutes it takes to slice the bananas then bag them after they are flash frozen!

How to Freeze Bananas

How to use frozen bananas?

You can also check out this post on How to Make a Perfect Smoothie which has more than 30 delicious smoothie recipes to choose from.

And if you haven’t already I highly recommend you try this Snickers Nice Cream recipe for a deliciously healthy dessert!

Another way to use frozen bananas is to allow them to thaw and use them in banana baked goods.

How to thaw frozen bananas for baking

If you’re wanting to use your frozen banana slices for baking simply remove the amount of slices you’ll need and place them in a bowl to thaw. Once thawed, simply mash and use as needed in your recipe.

How to Freeze Bananas

Tips for Freezing Bananas

  • Ripe or slightly overripe bananas (spotty) are best for freezing. Once they get very dark and soft they’re best used for baking, not freezing.
  • Bananas are best frozen with their peel removed.
  • Slice bananas into uniform rounds. Slicing bananas before freezing makes them easier to blend when you’re ready to use.
  • Store frozen banana slices in a ziplock bag (ensuring you’ve forced as much air out as possible before zipping) OR in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 3 months.
  • If you’re wanting to use your frozen banana slices for baking simply remove the amount of slices you’ll need and place them in a bowl to thaw. Once thawed, simply mash and use as needed in your recipe.

More Banana Recipes

I absolutely love freezing bananas BUT if you’re looking for some others way to use your ripe bananas here’s some inspiration:

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How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze Bananas

Learn how to freeze bananas for smoothies or nice cream and never let another banana go to waste again! Freezing bananas gives ripe bananas a new and longer life and can be used in so many different ways. You’ll love how well frozen banana slices keep in the freezer for months. Follow this how-to guide for the best way to freeze bananas and stop them from browning and sticking together!