How to get verified on facebook

Learn how to get verified on Facebook to build credibility and improve your page’s discoverability.

Getting verified on Facebook is a great way to establish brand credibility online. Both large brands and local businesses can be verified on the platform. The gray or blue verified badge lets your audience know you’re authentic and helps your page show up higher in search results so potential customers can easily find your business.

In this article, you’ll learn :

  • Which Facebook verification badge is right for your business
  • Best practices that will ensure your business gets verified
  • How to apply for a verified badge

Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to turn Facebook traffic into sales in four simple steps using Hootsuite.

Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to turn Facebook traffic into sales in four simple steps using Hootsuite.

Which Facebook verification badge is right for you?

There are two types of Facebook verification badges, so you want to make sure you apply for the right one.

Blue verification badge

If you are a public figure, media company, or large brand, you can apply for the blue verification badge.

How to get verified on facebookHow to get verified on facebook

Gray verification badge

If you are a smaller or local business or organization, you can apply for the gray verification badge. For businesses with multiple brick and mortar shops and a Facebook Page for each, you can add the gray verification badge to Pages for specific locations.

How to get verified on facebookHow to get verified on facebook

4 tips to help you get verified on Facebook

The Facebook verification process has some requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can receive that coveted blue or gray checkmark.

1. Keep it professional

To make sure Facebook immediately recognizes your Page as associated with your business, your account should be an official representation of your brand. Ensure you are only sharing on-brand content to your Page, and remove anything that negatively affects your credibility such as:

  • Off-brand logos, personal posts, or low quality images
  • Posts containing incorrect grammar, spelling, capitalizations, or other unprofessional looking copy
  • Anything that doesn’t fit your brand voice

Take a look at your business’ page through the eyes of a potential customer and edit or remove anything that looks less-than-professional.

2. Make sure your company information is up to date

If your information isn’t kept up to date, it won’t matter how professional your Facebook Page looks. Facebook will review and validate your information before they grant you the verification badge so you need to ensure it’s accurate.

You will need to ensure the following is up to date:

  • Your website
  • Email address
  • Description
  • Bio

3. Link to official properties

The right links are important if you want to get verified on Facebook. In order for Facebook to approve your verification request, you must have an up to date link to your business’ official website. You must also link back to your Facebook Page from your website

4. Provide details

The more details you can provide about your business, the better. Make sure you’ve filled out all applicable details in your business Page’s About section. These details include:

  • Address or addresses (if you have multiple locations)
  • Phone numbers
  • Your mission statement
  • Your other social channel handles
  • A company overview

How to get verified on facebook

How to apply for Facebook verification

Once you’ve filled out as much information about your business as possible (and check that it’s up to date), you’re ready to apply for verification.

It’s a simple six step process.:

  1. Click on Settings at the top of your Facebook Page
  2. From the General menu, click the Page Verification selection

3. Click on Verify this Page , then Get Started

4. You will have the option for an instant or more detailed verification process . The instant verification choice gives you the option to have Facebook call the phone number you have listed on your business Page. You’ll be given a verification code, which you’ll enter into the box Facebook provides you with. Then Facebook will award you with the appropriate verified checkmark.

How to get verified on facebook

5. If you choose the more detailed option, click on Verify this Page with documents instead . When prompted, upload a picture of the official document that clearly shows your business’s name and address. For example, an internet bill will work here.

How to get verified on facebook

6. Once Facebook receives your validation (verification code or business document) they will review and either confirm or deny your request. This process usually takes anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

Anything that gives your brand added credibility is worth pursuing. Follow the steps above to get verified on Facebook—and see your business grow.

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How to get verified on facebook

Verification—that hallowed blue tick—is a pretty big deal on Twitter, but it’s also a thing on Facebook. Let’s have a look at how you can (try to) get verified on Facebook.

The Different Kind of Facebook Verifications

There are three different kinds of verification on Facebook: Profiles with a blue tick, Pages with a blue tick, and Pages with a gray tick.

Profiles with a blue tick are ones where Facebook has verified that the profile is the actual profile of the public figure it’s claiming to represent. For example, my friend Bryan Clark is the US editor at The Next Web. You can see he has a verified Facebook profile so you know that if you follow him, you’re actually following him.

How to get verified on facebook

Pages with a blue tick are similar. Facebook has confirmed they’re the official page of the public figure, media company, or brand that they claim to be. How-To Geek’s Facebook page is verified, for example.

How to get verified on facebook

Pages with a gray tick represent businesses and organizations that Facebook has verified are real and who they claim to be. For example, Trocaire, an Irish charity, has a gray verification tick.

How to get verified on facebook

How to Get a Blue Verification Badge

The process to apply for a blue badge is simple but, unless you are a public figure, media organization, or brand, you almost certainly won’t be approved. Like with Twitter, you need to convince Facebook you are worth verifying.

To request a blue verification badge for your profile or page, it needs to have:

  • A profile picture
  • A cover photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • Content posted to the account
  • “Follow” enabled if you’re trying to verify a profile

After making sure that everything meets the guidelines, head to this link and fill in the form.

How to get verified on facebook

If you’re attempting to verify yourself as a person, you will need to provide a government issued photo ID. If you’re attempting to verify a brand or media page you’ll need to provide a utility bill, a certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, tax documents, or something else equally as official. You’ll also need to add some information that shows why Facebook should verify you.

How to get verified on facebook

Facebook’s guidelines are a little at odds with themselves. They say on the form they won’t verify profiles, but provide an option to request just that. They also say they won’t verify brands, but also claim they are one of the few groups that can get blue verification badges. Like a lot of Facebook policies, their verification one is opaque, so you’ll just have to apply and see what happens.

Sadly, I got rejected.

How to get verified on facebook

Can You Get a Gray Verification Badge?

In theory, gray verification badges are for local businesses and organizations. However, I had to search very hard to find an outfit that was actually using one. Most local businesses just don’t seem to bother.

Similarly, when I followed Facebook’s instructions and tried to verify a local business in France, a local business in California, and various other pages I admin, the option to apply for verification just wasn’t there.

A lot is changing at Facebook at the moment so the feature could have been removed without a major announcement. If you’re interested in seeing whether you’re able to apply for a gray verification badge, open your page and head to Settings.

How to get verified on facebook

On the General page, Facebook claims there should be a “Page Verification” option. As you can see, though, that option is not there for me.

How to get verified on facebook

If it’s there for you, click it and then either enter a public phone number for the business or click the “Verify This Page With Documents” option. If you use your phone number, Facebook will call you with a 4-digit verification code. If you verify your page with documents, you will need to upload a document that shows your business name and address.

Whichever option you choose, Facebook will take a few days to compare the details on your page with publicly available information. If your info checks out—and gray checkmarks are still a thing—your page will get verified.

Social media verification has become a weird status symbol, but—as Twitter has found out time and time again—it’s difficult to do well. Facebook’s system is just as opaque and broken, but there’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Almost all social media sites have started paying great attention to account verification. If you have it, you are cool, at least from the perspective of the masses. It’s all about being authentic and keeping it true to the platform’s users. Do you know how to get Facebook verified? If you do not know, you will learn from now on, and you will understand how easy it is.

One of the biggest reasons for this is recent frequent account theft. It is possible to verify your account for your accounts and Facebook pages.

You don’t have to pay for other services, and you can easily do it yourself in a few steps.

How to Verify a Facebook Page?

Facebook page verification may not be available in some countries. Restrictions on this issue are entirely on Facebook’s initiative.

If you are unable to do so, please contact Facebook customer service. Profile and page verification is performed on the same page.

You can start the process from this.

  1. Specify which you want to verify (Profile – Page)
  2. Type your profile link
  3. Upload your I.D. or passport (Your information must be clear and readable)
  4. If you are a commercial personality, additional documents are requested (Corporate documents)
  5. Type why your account needs to be verified and done!

You will receive a positive or negative reply within one month of your application. If your application is approved, you will receive a blue tick, and your profile will be verified.

How to get verified on facebook

Why Facebook Verification Might Not Be Working?

You have completed all the steps to get Facebook verified, but it is not working? There may be the main reasons for this:

  • Documents you upload are not what Facebook wants. Your name or image may not appear clearly. Try to upload it again.
  • The information on your I.D. does not match the information on your Facebook profile.
  • This option is not active yet in your country.
  • Facebook has detected suspicious transactions in your account and thought you did not meet the criteria for verification.

If you think that none of this is happening, report your problem to Facebook customer service and ask for help.

Facebook Verification: Paid Services

The Facebook rules page is particularly alert for this issue. It is clearly stated that this service is not sold for money.

However, you may find many websites or individuals who claim to have made this service available for a fee.

You don’t have to do that. If you do the steps as we have mentioned above, you can do it without having to pay someone else.

For the service you will buy with money, you will have to give your credentials to people you don’t know. That would be dangerous.

If you already complete the transactions and this service is active in your country, you do not need anyone else.

What Is a Gray Verification Badge?

This feature is usually for Facebook commercial pages and organization pages. Not active in every country. Only available in a few countries.

If this feature is active in your country, you can apply it in the same way and verify your Facebook page.

The gray verification badge is a bit more sophisticated and difficult than other verification methods.

How to get verified on facebook

Facebook Verification FAQs

People usually get verification badges for their accounts or pages in order to better protect their identity, make themselves more publicly known (by the badge), and as a security procedure to help recover it easily if their accounts or pages get stolen.

If Facebook suspects your account to be fraudulent, they can lock your account and require you to submit your I.D. to unlock and restore your account.

There’s no follower limit for a personal account, but for pages, a minimum of 20.000 followers is required.

Your Business verification procedure can take up to anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

When the Facebook algorithm flags your account for suspicious activity, or several people report your account, Facebook locks your account to review it and may ask you for further information to restore it (e.g., your I.D).

To Conclude Facebook Verification

After completing the necessary procedures to get a verification symbol and have an approved account, you can now become a social media account approved user. Hope this article was helpful to you with your verification process.

That tiny little Blue Verification badges are given to authentic accounts and pages on Facebook. If you search for an actor on Facebook, you will find tons of pages for that particular person. Now, how will you find the real account and the fake accounts? This is where Verification badges come in handy. By seeing the blue tick mark on the name, you will be able to the right page or account of the original person.

In this Article, you will find how you can verify your Facebook Page or Account. If you are the owner of a particular business or online service then you can ask Facebook to get verified and get the blue tick mark next to the name. And again, if you are a celebrity or a highly popular individual then you can also ask Facebook to verify your Account or Page.

How to get verified on facebook

Almost all major Social Networking sites have a Verification process. By this everyone can find Real Page or Account of a particular Brand or Person. Every Facebook Users can Create Pages or Profile on Facebook. Anyone can create Pages or Profile with any Name on Facebook, This means you can create a Page or Account of any Name. This is the situation where Facebook verification badge helps us. By this Verification Badge, we can know which one is real and which one is Fake. Also, check How to Unblock Facebook Accounts

There are two types of verification Process on Facebook, one is automatic and the other one is through Manual Request. If you are a Famous Celebrity, Public Figure or Famous Brand, Company etc. Facebook will automatically detect those accounts and verify it. But in other cases, we should submit a request for Verification.

Why Verify Your Page or Profile?

You might have observed a small Blue Tick next to the name of a famous brand, person etc while surfing in through Facebook. Those Badges indicates that this page is the Official Page or Account of the Particular Person you Are searching for.

For example, if you search Facebook for “Google” you will see a lot of pages with the name Google, But next to the name of the Official account, there will be a blue tick mark.

How to get verified on facebook

Similarly, When you open a Page or Profile of Famous Brand, Person, etc you will find the same Verification Badge next to the Name of the Page or Profile.

How to get verified on facebook


  • A cover photo
  • A profile photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • Content posted to the account
  • “Follow” enabled (profiles only)

How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Before going in make sure that your account or page meets minimum requirements..

  • Your Page or Account should be the Official Page of the Company or Person.
  • You should update your “About” details and Add brief Description about your Page. Contact details and email should be accurate. If you fulfill those requirements, it will be easy for Facebook Staff to review your Page or Account.
  • Link to your Official Website or Mobile App.
  • Link to your Facebook Page or Account from the Official Website or Mobile App.
  • Be sure to Add accurate information in About Tab.

These are some simple tips to get started with the Verification process. Implementing this idea will increase the chance of Approval and Facebook can determine whether it is the official one or not.
All Requests are not Approved by Facebook, They only Approve Pages and Account which are eligible and have much Popularity and Accuracy. It can take up to 60 Days after adding that information to your Page to get verified.

Contact Facebook to solve any of your issues.

Submit Request

You can send a Request to Facebook to conduct a Review of your Page or Account. All you want to do is fill the Request Form with accurate details and send it to them. The rest will be handled by them.

Step 1: Go to the Link mentioned below:

Step 2: Be sure to open this link from the Account of authorized personnel only.

Step 3: Select Page or Account and Upload ID Proof and verification letter signed by Celebrity or Brand.

How to get verified on facebook

Step 4: Fill in the basic details like Profile or Page, Photo of your ID, etc and click on Send button.

Step 5: Once you have sent the Mail, you will receive a Mail from Facebook telling whether your Request was Approved or Rejected.

Difference Between Grey Tick and Blue Tick Verification

When you go through Facebook, you might notice two types of tick marks. One is in Grey color and the other one is in Blue color. Blue Coloured badges represent official account or pages of celebrity, brands, etc. Grey Badges represents verified locations of specific business and organization.

Facebook Page Verification – FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions on getting Facebook Page/account verified.

  • Can I verify my Facebook Profile?

Yes, Facebook lets you verify your Facebook account as well. If you are the real person behind your account then you can easily get your account verified. Make sure that you have a good number of followers and decent brand presence to get verified without any hassle.

  • How long will the verification process take?

It depends on the workload. You can expect a reply from them after 1 Week and in less than a month

  • What to do if my request is denied in the first attempt?

If your application for verification is rejected, then don’t rush in. Wait for another 30 days before you send another request. If your verification is denied in the first attempt that doesn’t mean that you can’t reapply again.


This is how we sent a request to Facebook asking to verify our Facebook Account or Page. If you are a brand or celebrity having thousands of followers, then the chances for getting your account verified is high compared to other people. It is possible to verify both Facebook Account as well as pages. If you wanted to verify a Facebook account then make sure that Followers settings are turned on, only then you will able to submit your account for verification.

Справка для ПК

Справка для моб. устройств triangle-down

Значок подтверждения показывается рядом с названием Страницы Facebook или аккаунта в поиске и профиле. Этим значком Facebook подтверждает подлинность аккаунтов публичных личностей, знаменитостей или международных брендов.

Чтобы определить, соответствует ли аккаунт Facebook нашим критериям для подтверждения и достаточно ли он популярен, мы учитываем ряд факторов.

Ваш аккаунт должен соответствовать Пользовательскому соглашению Facebook, а также быть:

  • Подлинным, то есть представлять реального человека, зарегистрированную компанию или организацию.
  • Уникальным, то есть быть единственным аккаунтом, который представляет человека или компанию. Мы подтверждаем только один аккаунт человека или компании (за исключением аккаунтов на разных языках). Мы не подтверждаем аккаунты общей тематики (например, “Мемы про щенков”).
  • Заполненным, то есть быть активным и иметь раздел “Информация”, фото профиля и хотя бы одну публикацию.
  • Заметным, то есть представлять широко известного человека, бренд или организацию, которых часто ищут люди. Мы проверяем аккаунты, которые упоминаются в нескольких источниках новостей, за исключением оплаченного и рекламного контента.

Если во время процесса подтверждения вы предоставите ложную или вводящую в заблуждение информацию, мы удалим ваш значок подтверждения или аккаунт.

Если ваш аккаунт не отвечает требованиям для получения значка подтверждения, существуют другие способы подтвердить его подлинность. Например, вы можете разместить ссылку на аккаунт на своем официальном сайте, в профиле Instagram или аккаунте Twitter.

Отправить запрос можно, заполнив эту форму.

Если ваш аккаунт представляет человека, для подтверждения запроса нам понадобится копия вашего удостоверения личности государственного образца с фото (например, паспорта, водительского удостоверения, национального удостоверения личности). Если ваш аккаунт представляет организацию, нам понадобится копия счета за телефон или коммунальные услуги, свидетельства о регистрации, устава компании или документов об освобождении от уплаты налогов. Кратко объясните, почему аккаунт должен получить значок подтверждения, и добавьте URL сайтов, свидетельствующих об интересе общественности к аккаунту.

Когда мы рассмотрим ваш запрос, вы получите уведомление. Не отправляйте несколько запросов для одного аккаунта. Если ваш запрос будет отклонен, вы сможете подать его заново через 30 дней.

Не отвечайте на предложения купить значок подтверждения. Мы не продаем значки подтверждения и удаляем значки аккаунтов, которые предлагают их купить.

Мы также оставляем за собой право удалять значки подтверждения аккаунтов на свое усмотрение.

Чтобы получить значок подтверждения, Страницы, представляющие правоохранительные и муниципальные органы, политиков и избранных должностных лиц, должны соответствовать дополнительным требованиям.

Правоохранительные органы:

  • Каждый человек, управляющий Страницей, должен включить в своем профиле двухфакторную аутентификацию.

Муниципальные органы:

  • Название Страницы должно включать фразу “Муниципальный орган”, чтобы не возникало путаницы с местом.


  • Название Страницы может включать должность политика или ее аббревиатуру, например сенатор, представитель, мэр и т. д.
  • Название Страницы не должно включать слов “в парламенте”, “в [стране]” и т. д.
  • Страница должна иметь категорию “Политик”.

Избранное должностное лицо:

  • Название Страницы должно включать должность политика или ее аббревиатуру, например сенатор, представитель, мэр и т. д.
  • Страница должна иметь категорию “Государственный служащий”.
  • В разделе “Информация” должно быть четко указано, что это Страница представителя государственной власти.

In this article, we will go through the official ways in which you can get verified on Facebook and Instagram.

Verification badges on Facebook and Instagram exist for one reason – to show that the platforms have confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the creator, public figure, celebrity, or global brand. They appear next to a Page or account’s name, but also in search and help users find the accounts they want to follow – without dealing with fake accounts.

However, they have also become a bit of a commodity, coveted by many as status symbols among users. You may have heard of a black market for Facebook and Instagram verifications, but you should stay clear of anyone who offers you to verify you for money.

According to Facebook, its “verification team vets all requests thoroughly and base their review on a number of inputs to determine whether an account is eligible to be verified.” If your account is eligible, it is likely to get verified.

Verification Review Criteria

For a Facebook page to be verified, it must follow Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community Standards. Similarly, for an Instagram account to be verified, it must follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

But that’s not all. In addition to the obvious (above), accounts must also be:

  1. Authentic: An account must represent a real person, or a registered business or entity.
  2. Complete: An account must be public and must have a bio, profile picture, and at least one post. Also, the profile cannot contain “add me” links to other social media platforms or services.
  3. Unique: An account must be the only presence of an entity. Usually, only one account per entity can be verified, but there may be the exception of language-specific accounts. General interest accounts will not be verified.
  4. Notable: An account must represent a well-known, highly searched for individual, brand, or entity. The verification team will review accounts featured in news sources, but will not consider any paid or promotional content as sources for review.

Verification is a strict process, so if your account doesn’t fulfill all the above criteria, it doesn’t have a chance to be verified. If it does fulfill the above criteria, you can move onto the next platform-specific steps.

Verification on Facebook

Fill out this form to apply for verification on Facebook.

How to get verified on facebook

    1. Attach a photo of a government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth (i.e., driver’s license or passport).
    2. If the account you’re trying to get verified represents something other than a person, you will need to provide a document with an official seal/watermark of your organization, like a phone or utility bill, a certificate of formation, a copy of your organization’s articles of incorporation, or tax documents belonging to your organization.
    3. Provide additional information. You will need to give an explanation as to why your account should be verified.

To get a blue verification badge, your Page or profile must follow Facebook’s Terms of Service (criteria mentioned above), but must also have the following:

  1. A cover photo
  2. A profile photo
  3. A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines – Read Facebook’s guidelines on Page names here.

Verification on Instagram

In order to request verification on Instagram, you will need to access your profile with the app.

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Tap the gear icon to go to your Profile Settings.
  3. Tap on “Account” and then “Request Verification.”
  4. Enter your username and your full name, make sure you upload a photo of a government-issued ID (like your driver’s license or passport) and submit the request.

How to get verified on facebook

There you have it! A simple and straightforward process. But remember that as simple as it might be, submitting a request will not guarantee verification.

Almost every social media platform has now introduced its verification process. Which means, verified page or account is of a famous personality, celebrity or brand.

As a regular Facebook user, we all instead create account or page with our name. It is also possible to create multiple accounts on the same name.

So Facebook takes severe steps to make clear which one is official. This verification represents that the page or account is official.

Facebook verifies pages according to the owner’s online and offline presence. If someone is a well known famous personality, then it will be straightforward for him to check the Facebook page.

Facebook confirms pages for celebrities, public figures, brands, media websites based pages. In the manual process, Page admin or authorized representative has to submit a request to verify the Facebook page.

But on the other hand, in an automatic process, the automated system detects page to get verified on Facebook. If you are looking for any information regarding Facebook page verification, then you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss how to verify Facebook pages with the manual process.

What does Verified Facebook Page Or Account Mean?

Facebook has divided accounts and pages into two categories Personal or Business. Official Representatives can claim their page or profile to get verified on Facebook.

You may observe on many accounts, and pages have a Blue Tick Badge. Those pages or accounts officially verified by Facebook.

Facebook only four types of pages or profiles which are

  • Celebrities.
  • Journalists.
  • Government Officials.
  • Popular Brand or Businesses.

These are four categories whose pages and accounts are getting verified on bases of popularity.

If you are a celebrity or have a big brand, then Facebook may select your page to get a check on Facebook. Then there is no need to submit any manual verification request to Facebook.

How To Get Verify Facebook Page Or Account. ?

The Facebook verification process has a few requirements which have to fulfill. As Facebook officially lists them on their help center.

Don’t worry about finding and wasting your time because here we have listed them all. So to get verified Facebook page, you have to make some changes on Page or Account.

  • Your page should be an official representative of the Facebook page.
  • For automatic detection or manual process, you need to update your first page or profile information. Add official website, email, bio, and other work information. So Facebook will review your provided information. It will get easy for them to know who you are. If they find you eligible for verification, they hope your profile get verify within a few days.
  • Link Profile or Page from the official website and also link back website from page or profile.
  • Provide accurate information in details about your business in About Section of Page or Profile.

For more details, visit the help center here for Profile or Page About info.

These are a few tips that help you to get the Facebook page verified. Facebook doesn’t guarantee all pages to get tested because it depends on Popularity and accuracy.

So add all information and wait until page or account is processed. According to us, it takes almost 40-50 days after adding info to get verify the Facebook page.

Submit Request For Verification Manually.

Recently Facebook updated request form for a verification badge as fake agents and agencies cheat many users.

So finally, Facebook decided to introduce a request form for users to request verification. To submit a request, manually visit the below-given way.

  • Open this form from that account in which is admin of that page.
  • Select the page and upload ID proof and verification letter signed by Celebrity or brand.
  • You will receive an email from the Facebook team regarding verification. It takes around 24-48 hours.

For more details, check out below given article. It will help you to understand more about verification.

In, conclusion, I hope you learn about how to verify the Facebook page in this article. It will hopefully help to check the page on Facebook if you have any questions, feel free to share it in the comments below.

How to get verified on facebook

Facebook offers two ways to verify personal profiles and Facebook pages. The exact criteria for your business or personal profile should be met in order to get a grey or blue verification tag will be outlined in the following steps.

The verification tag increases the credibility of your business. When users see a verification tag on a page or profile, it guarantees that they are interacting with a real organization or person. Verified pages and profiles also do better in searches.

You can see blue or grey verification tags on Facebook. Blue can be given to Facebook profiles and pages, but grey is only for Facebook pages.

1. How to get a blue verification tag

If you want to get a blue verification tag , you need to realize that not everyone can attain it. The blue tag indicates that the nature of the page or profile is of public interest.

Facebook lists the categories that are eligible for the tag. These are select brands, media organizations, and well-known personalities.

  • Journalists
  • Favourite brand or business
  • Government officials
  • Celebrity
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Sports companies

If you have a Facebook page that falls into one of these categories, you are more likely to get the verification. If your page is not in the selected categories and it would make sense to change it, you can edit the category, but only if it is consistent with your activity.

If you are a public figure and using a personal profile on Facebook, it is worthwhile to consider migrating to a Facebook page. This gives you access to many analytics and advertising tools.

Verification process depends on many factors, such as account integrity, adherence to policies, and public interest.

  1. Your content should be professional. Not only in terms of the quality of the photos but also of high engagement.
  2. You should have a link to your Facebook page linking to your website.
  3. The Facebook page and profile must have a cover and profile photo, and a name that meets Facebook’s rules.
  4. For Facebook pages, it is important to have all the information on the About page filled in, such as address, website, email, phone, page category, bio, story, products, and services.
  5. Similarly, you should have detailed profile information on your Facebook profile and the option below set up. Before asking for verification, you must have several hundreds of followers.
  6. In terms of security, Facebook also assesses whether you are using two-factor authentication.

Verification requests can be sent with this form. Authentication must be accompanied by an identity document. You should also write a few sentences about why your account should be granted verification. If there are pages that show public interest in your person or organization, you need to provide all URL addresses.

Facebook will review your request and mark it with a positive or negative verdict. If your page or profile verification is not approved, you can re-apply for it after 30 days. But beware, Facebook can remove your blue tag at any time. It is therefore important, after obtaining it, to follow all the required policies.

2. How to get a grey verification tag

The grey tag is a symbol used to show a company’s or organization’s authenticity. If your Facebook page is in the category local business, company or organization, it may be eligible for the verification mark.

You can check your Facebook settings to see if you are eligible.

How to get verified on facebook

  1. Just click on Settings.
  2. Next, select General and Page Verification.
  3. Then click Verify this Page.
  4. Enter country, language, and phone number.
  5. You choose to call me back and Facebook will tell you the 4-digit code that you need to enter. Then, click Continue.
  6. You can also verify the page using the official document that contains the name and address of the company.

How to get verified on facebook

Facebook will then verify the request with the available public records and will inform you about the result within a few days. Page verification is not required.

If you do not have the verification option in your settings, it means that you still do not meet the verification requirements for Facebook.

In this case, we recommend that you regularly create quality content, build your brand, your community. The above may help Facebook change its decision and give you the option to verify your page.

  • Getting verified on Facebook isn’tas easy as making a few clicks.
  • Becoming verified and receiving a blue verification check on your Facebook account requires you to be a public figure, or of public interest.
  • You can become verified on Facebook either through a page or personal profile.
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Social media is full of fake accounts. So it makes sense that companies like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook allow certain accounts to become “verified,” as a way to signal that they’re the real deal.

Facebook uses a blue check to show that the company has verified a page or person of public interest (think celebrities or big brand names). There’s also a gray check that’s used to signify other authentic pages, for those who don’t meet the “public interest” qualification.

Either way, verification is free. For those seeking the blue or gray check mark, here’s what you’ll need to qualify:

  • A cover photo
  • A profile photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • Content posted to the account
  • Visitors are allowed to follow you (profiles only)
  • Be able to provide a government-issued I.D. like a driver’s license, national identification card or passport (profiles only)
  • Be able to provide a document (like your organization’s phone or utility bill, a certificate or formation, articles or incorporation, or tax documents) with a watermark, for pages not representing a person

Here’s how to get your Facebook account verified, whether it’s a business page, or a profile:

How to get verified with a blue checkmark on Facebook

To get verified, you’ll need to use the desktop version of Facebook. And for pages, you’ll need to have it set to “public figure.”

Once that’s in place, here’s how to get your page verified on Facebook:

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Go to this link and fill it out, including adding in a reason why your account should be verified.

3. Hit “Send.”

You’ll get a notification after Facebook has started reviewing your request, and in the event that it’s denied, you’d be able to re-apply 30 days after rejection.

How to get verified with a gray checkmark on Facebook

If, instead, you want the gray checkmark, go to your page’s settings, and under the “General” tab select “Page Verification.”

Then click “Verify this page” and enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language. Click “Call me now” — this lets Facebook call you with a verification code.

After that, simply enter that four-digit verification code click “Continue.” You’ll get a notification about your status once the company’s reviewed your credentials.