How to make a fairy tiara

My friend Jen is involved in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Britches and Hose Theatre company in Virginia. My friendship with Jen goes way back to the earliest days of my prior career as a tiara designer and manufacturer, when I designed a custom headpiece just for her that ended up becoming one of our most popular designs. I transitioned away from tiaras to focus on Tikkido a couple years ago, but I still have all the equipment and supplies in my garage. You know, for tiara emergencies. We all have those, right?

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Anyway, when Jen asked if I might be willing to make a tiara for Titania, the Fairy Queen, in their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, of course I said yes! I would have said yes even if Jen hadn’t offered to make me a pair of her amazing handmade knitted socks, for the record. I love getting to play with jewels and crystals and metal again–especially when I get to be free and creative with the design!

The production is being styled with fairly modern costuming, so I wanted to create a tiara that would reflect that, as well as pick up on woodsy, whimsical, nighttime touches.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Materials for Making an Organic, Modern Wire-Wrapped Tiara:

  • crystalsand beads in various sizes, shapes, and colors
  • 24 or 22 gauge wire
  • plain metal headband
  • tiara base

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Cut a length of wire about a yard long to start. Wind one end around the plain metal headband. Thread a bead on the wire, then wrap the wire around the headband one or two times (I like to mix it up). Repeat, until you’ve used up all the wire.

Push the wrapped wire of beads right off the end of the headband, and you’ll be left with a crinkly, beaded wire.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now stretch out the crinkly, beaded wire, until it looks about like this. We want to keep the crinkles and waves, but we don’t want them to be quite as dense as when it first comes off the headband.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Wrap one end of the wrinkly, beaded wire around the end of a tiara base. I used to order these awesome tiara bases from a company in NYC called U.S. Comb, but I can’t find them anywhere on the web aby more. Maybe they’re still around, maybe they’re not. If you can’t find a tiara base like this, you could certainly use the plain metal headband we used earlier as a tiara base. When I have to use a headband as a tiara base, I always use a pair of large lineman’s pliers to cut off a couple inches from the ends and smooth the sharp edges with a carborundum stone. If you don’t trim the headband down, you’ll end up with the metal ends flaring out strangely from the side of your head. Headbands are just not quite the right shape to turn sideways and become tiara bases without a little modification.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Smush some of your beaded wire together, and wrap it around the base (wrap around TWO times to secure it). Smush a little bit more, this time making it just a wee bit taller, and wrap around the base two times again. Keep going, building up to the tallest point at the center of the tiara. I believe “smushing” is the technical term for this technique.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

If you’d like a large center crystal, wire that seperately. Just thread the wire through the large crystal, and twist the two ends of the wire tightly together. Wrap around the base of the tiara at the center point. Trim away excess wire.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Here are a couple examples of this technique on a couple of my bride customers from years past. I’ve always loved this modern tiara design technique.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

If you’re confused about this process and these still photos aren’t doing it for you, I’ve made a video showing how I made the tiara, too!

If you want to see my tiara in action, be sure to attend a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream this weekend, presented by the Britches and Hose Theatre Company in Vienna, Virginia

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

And if you go, you’ll also get to see the other headpiece I made for the show. It was originally just because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take for Titania’s crown, and I was on a roll, but the Director decided that the second one would be perfect for Hermia in the last scene. Tiaras for everyone! Well, maybe not for Nick Bottom. Those donkey ears would get in the way.

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This paper bag tiara is one of my favourite flower crafts ever. If you have a little girl who loves to craft and adores fairy crafts, she’ll love this simple paper bag craft.

I got the idea for a paper bag tiara after making our paper bag nests the other day. The hooligans were clowning around, wearing their nests as hats, and that got me thinking that a paper bag would actually make a very good hat or head-piece. I did some brainstorming, and came up with several paper bag headwear ideas, and the first one we tested out was this paper bag tiara.

The hooligans will be using their tiaras for dress-up and pretend play here in my daycare, but I think you could totally use a paper bag tiara as an inexpensive accessory for a fairy/princess halloween costume.

Making these tiaras was especially fun for the hooligans because they got to use our low heat glue guns. They love the glue guns, (more about that below) and they’re a must for this project because white glue wouldn’t be strong enough to really hold the flowers to the paper bag.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

This was one of those crafts that you have a vision for, but you’re not entirely sure what it will really look like until it’s done.

Actually, that’s the way it is with most of the stuff we make here. HA!

When the hooligans finished their tiaras today, we were so excited. They turned out gorgeous!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Let’s get started…

To make your Paper Bag Tiara, you’ll need:

How to Make a Fairy Tiara


  • paper grocery bag
  • artificial flowers (pick these up at a second hand shop – they’re dirt cheap there!)
  • low heat glue gun
  • Raffia

I always pick up artificial flowers when I’m second-hand shopping. The thrift stores that I visit always have loads of them whenever I’m there, and they’re always super-cheap!

How to make a paper bag tiara:

To start, cut off the bottom of the paper bag.

Next, roll the edges of the paper bag outward. By rolling it outward, any branding that’s on the outside of the bag will end up being concealed.

Gently continue rolling the paper bag, taking care not to rip it as you roll.

When you get to the end of the bag, you can use your glue gun to tack down any loose edges.

Lookin’ good already, isn’t it?

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
Now, hand everything over to your child.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Kids and Glue Guns:

Ok, let’s talk about those glue guns for a minute.

Low temperature glue guns are ideal when you’re crafting with preschoolers, and you need something stronger than white glue.

My 3 and 4 year-olds have been using our glue guns for a couple of years now, and they love them. Have a look at the cardboard structures they made the first time they tried them out.

Decorating your Tiara with Flowers

Have your child glue flowers all the way around the tiara.

Finish by winding some strands of green raffia around the flowers.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

More Paper Bag Crafts for Kids:

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How to Make a Fairy Tiara

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Tinkerbell Costume Ideas

Things You’ll Need

  • Antennae On A Headband
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Fairy Costume
  • Glitter Makeup
  • Tiaras
  • Tutus
  • Body Glitters
  • Construction Paper
  • Princess Costume

How to Create a Fairy or Princess Costume. Little girls love to dress as fairies and princesses – or even fairy princesses – for Halloween. Here’s how to make the perfect princess or fairy costume without spending the crown jewels.

Find a pretty dress or a bodysuit and ballet tutu, the frillier the better.

Make a crown or tiara out of shimmery pipe cleaners or a rhinestone necklace and some wire.

Opt for a medieval princess’s hat made from a cone of construction paper, with an elastic chin strap and a chiffon scarf flowing from the tip.

For a princess, make a cape or robe out of some pretty fabric. For a cape, just hem the edges and glue on a strip of fake fur, gold brocade or glitter for trim.

For fairy wings, lay a piece of sheer fabric or crepe paper flat on some cardboard or thick paper. Using craft glue, draw butterfly wing patterns or other designs on the fabric, then sprinkle craft glitter on top and set aside to dry.

Trim the wings into whatever shape you like – remember that the fabric will be attached at the back or nape and also at the wrists.

To attach wings, use a needle and thread or diaper pins (inside the costume so that they don’t show). Gather the fabric in the middle of the back or nape of the neck, and attach to the wrists with small safety pins or elastic cord.

Fairy wings attached to a green bodysuit and tights make a great elf or butterfly costume; just add a little green cap or some pipe cleaner antennae attached to a headband. Fairies and elves look great with a little nontoxic glitter on their faces and hands; you can find it in most cosmetic departments or toy stores. To really feel like a princess, order a ready-made costume online – it’s not much harder than snapping your fingers or ringing a little bell.


If you use wires or pipe cleaners, make sure there are no sharp points to poke your child. Never let a child use a hot glue gun without supervision. A princess or fairy should have pretty shoes, but they should also be comfortable for trick-or-treating. Consider adding glitter or sparkling stickers to some old but comfortable shoes, and save the pretty sandals for parties that don’t require lots of walking.

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Kids can make this adorable flowered tiara craft in minutes with a low-heat glue gun and a handful of artificial flowers. It’s a great craft for kids who love fairies and princesses and dress-up, and it would be an easy, inexpensive homemade headpiece for a costume as well!

I’m so excited to show you the fairy-princess tiaras we made yesterday! They’re so easy to make, and they look AMAZING!

You know how sometimes the best craft ideas just hit you right out of the blue?

That was the case with this flowered tiara.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

We were sorting through our bin of artificial flowers, thinking of what we could make when the idea hit me.

See, I’ve been thinking about teaching the kids how to make daisy chain head-pieces. I love old-fashioned, classic crafts and the hooligans love flowery, princess and fairy crafts, so daisy chains would be a win-win.

The trouble is, spring is “springing” super-late this year, and our garden is only just starting to come to life. It’s going to be a while before we see any daisies.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

So… when we were sifting through the fake flowers yesterday, and a couple of artificial daisies tumbled into my hand, I thought: A-ha! We can make a tiara with our artificial flowers!

A couple of years ago, we made these flowered tiaras with paper bags and artificial flowers, but the tiara I came up with yesterday is even quicker and easier to make. I’m pretty sure this new tiara will last indefinitely too, which I’m not sure could be said about the paper bag version.

Before I show you how we made them, I need to tell you how much of a hit our tiara was.

First of all, it was quick and easy to make. It seriously took us less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

We learned a new skill; it was the first time that this particular hooligan had used a low-heat glue gun. (You can read about my love of low-heat glue guns for preschoolers here.)

And the best part… She ADORED her tiara. With the exception of lunch and quiet time, she wore it all day long, and truly felt like a princess.

Ok. Are you ready to make one?

To make our flowered tiara craft, we used:

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

  • one length of white elastic (ours was 3/4 inches wide)
  • artificial flowers
  • scissors
  • low-heat glue gun

The elastic portion of the tiara:

To start, I got a piece of white elastic from my sewing basket. To get the size right, I measured it around my little friend’s head, and just held it in place with my fingers where the ends met. I walked it over to the sewing machine, and using a zig-zag stitch, I ran it back and forth under the needle enough times that the stitching would be secure. From start to finish, that whole process took about a minute.

Then, we plugged in the glue gun, and while it warmed up, we selected the flowers for the tiara.

Young children and glue guns:

We placed everything on the kitchen counter, and I delivered my “glue-gun pep talk”

Even though our daycare glue guns are the low-heat kind, I always make sure I tell the kids that the glue is hot (well, it’s actually just VERY warm), and I warn them not to touch the glue or the nozzle of the glue-gun where the glue comes out.

I also place a bowl of ice water beside our work station JUST in case anyone gets glue on their finger, and needs to cool it off. The bowl is more for peace of mind than anything. We’ve never had any mishaps. It IS a great trick to remember when you’re gluing with your HOT glue gun though. Man, I’ve had plenty of personal mishaps with mine, and that bowl of water is magic when your finger is on fire!

Ok, back to our tiaras…

Assembling our tiara:

With our glue gun warmed up, and supplies and materials spread out on a tray (it’s actually one of those foil-covered boards that a grocery store birthday cake comes on), we began gluing.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

We lined the flowers up on the tray, and worked with them one at a time. We squeezed glue onto the back of the flower, and then pressed the flower to the elastic, holding it in place for a few seconds. Each new flower got tucked up nice and close to the one before it so the elastic would be completely hidden by the flowers.

We could have held our flowers, to apply the glue to the backs of them, but young children will likely need two hands to manipulate the glue gun, so it was easier to have the flowers sitting upside down on the tray, and to squeeze the glue onto them that way.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

We continued gluing the flowers all the way around the elastic until it was completely covered.

And then…. so exciting…. She slipped her enchanting, flowered tiara on, and was instantly transformed into a fairy princess.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

She LOVED it, and she wore it all day long.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Don’t YOU just love it a kids craft as simple as this? So easy! So fast!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

And so beautiful!

If you enjoyed this tiara craft, you need to check out:

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Tiaras are traditionally a type of crown, worn by royalty and the pope. Long ago, the tiara was more like a cone.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara (picture source no longer available

But in more recent times, the tiara became semi-circular as the Cambridge Lover’s knot tiara above, once worn by Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Did you know some tiaras can be converted into necklaces? Those designs (see example below) were made so the main portion of the tiara could be detached from the headband, inverted and worn as a necklace.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

If you’d like to make a convertible tiara don’t start with with ready made headbands. Make the tiara base out of wire (twist together some wire lengths if the wire is not thick enough) with loops on either end. That way, you can attach chains with a clasp to wear the tiara as the focal part of a necklace.

So if you are game to make a tiara for a bride, ballerina or a little princess, check out these wire and bead tutorials.

One of the most prolific designers on Cut Out and Keep are those from Beads Unlimited. Their clematis tiara tutorial is simply delightful!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Another is their fun fireworks inspired creation which is a riot of blues and red.. They used a silver plated tiara base.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Beads Unlimited also have a lovely delicate bridal tiara tutorial. The tiara band is adorned with pearls and Swarovski crystals.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

The Princess tiara tutorial by Can’t Stop Making Things projects understated elegance and charm. You can still have a tiara without it being too over the top. This craft idea is inexpensive starting from a dollar store headband, Christmas beaded trim and pearls.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

A little more involved is the La Savia tiara tutorial. I do like how creamy buff colored pearls are used.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Threadbanger’s make a tiara video tutorial is as they said, for your inner princess. As the instructor says, you could do loads of variations. For more ideas, check out this page from the Little Beader.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Lizwb on eHow has a different approach. The wire structure is created first. Rhinestones or crystals are then glued onto the wire frame as seen below.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

October 30, 2013 By Angela England

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

We got a “water fairy” costume at Wal-Mart for our daughter but it only came with wings and the dress. I couldn’t find an inexpensive ocean-themed crown or anything else, so I made my own by adapting her Cinderella Crown. Here’s what I did to make it.

What I Need to Make the Ocean Fairy Crown:

  • Tiara (any princess crown would probably work)
  • LED Wire (I picked this up at Lowe’s for $7. WOW! It’s awesome.)
  • Ocean colored ribbon (we had baby blue sheer and aquatic blue glitter ribbon)
  • Large pendant charm in ocean theme

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Build a Water Fairy Tiara:

1. First I wrapped the wide, wired ribbon around the bottom edge of the tiara because it was the wrong color for the outfit she had. By using wired ribbon the wrapping action was enough to keep the ribbon secure without the need to glue it. (That way, I can return Cinderella to her crowned glory when Halloween is over.)

2. Next, I wrapped the LED wire from Lowe’s around so that the entire crown was covered with sprinkles of lights. I love how the silver wire was easily bent and wrapped around even the smallest beads to hide it. It also helped secure the ribbon around the bottom of the crown.

3. I finished the ocean tiara with loops of blue sheer ribbon. Very swirly and loose loops to mimic ocean waves.

The overall effect is perfect for the fantasy look of the fairy outfit. The gauzy ribbon matches the gown and the tiara pulls out the aqua accents in the gown.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

The light-up crown will be an added fantasy piece to the outfit AND serve as a safety feature. When paired with the ocean jewelry I made and the Halloween dress we picked up, this costume will be unique and eye-catching.

About Angela England

Angela England has written 560 posts in this blog.

Who says you need to be royalty to wear a crown? With the plethora of stunning, unique DIY crown tutorials on YouTube, anyone can rock statement headwear. Thanks to the direction of these talented vloggers and a few special tools, wearing a crown like a queen has never been easier.

Personally, I have always dreamed of being a princess. So much so that whenever I got asked what I wanted to do with my life in elementary school, my default answer was “become a princess.” As I grew up, I realized that was less than likely (unless Prince Harry and I were actually to tie the knot), yet I still wonder what it would be like to have a crown on my own head in the day to day. Even if it did incite some rude comments or negative behavior from passerby, I wouldn’t care. Frankly, I’m a queen and I deserve some bling — even if it is made with dollar store glue and acrylic paint instead of diamonds and rubies.

Whether you’re interested in being a princess for a day or two, a queen for your birthday, or a duchess for life (wassup Kate), here are seven DIY crown video tutorials that are beyond easy to follow and will lead to majorly pretty results. You’ll be decked out in your new favorite accessory, feeling mere (metaphorical) steps away from the royal palace. After all, everyone deserves to feel regal after a successful DIY project.

1. Lace Crown

If lace and sparkles sound like something you could get into, this tutorial is for you. Using just a few inches of lace with glue, loose glitter, and a few additional tools, Emilie Lefler shows you how to make a stunning, eye-catching crown perfect for special occasions (or, you know, your day-to-day life). With added info on how to make it your own — from expanding the size to choosing your own color of paint and glitter — Lefler gives you the basic rundown with step-by-step instructions on how to make this crown and also personalize it. Talk about the royal treatment.

2. Flower Crown

There’s no denying how pretty a flower crown really is, and I think Lana Del Rey would agree with me. There are so many different kinds of flower crown tutorials out there that there’s a style for everyone. Personally, this boho version by BirdsNestBridal really caught my eye because of how specific the placement of the artificial flowers is. This bridesmaid/bridal inspired flower crown is a perfect accessory for such events, or even just for a fun DIY activity with friends.

3. Ice Queen Crown

If the Ice Queen from Chronicles of Narnia scared you like she scared me, you might not be very inclined to try this tutorial out for yourself. That being said, Shaling Beauty’s version of the crown is beyond easy with gorgeous results, and isn’t scary at all. Using limited products and almost completely making the crown out of hot glue, the tips and tricks in this tutorial can be used for any kind of crown you’re wanting to make. Because of the hot glue’s flexible dried material, it’s beyond easy to shape and accessorize once the bones are finished.

4. Quartz Crystal Crown

Probably the closest thing you’ll get to real diamonds and rubies (unless you actually are royalty) are crystal quartz rocks. Using wire, crystal rocks, extra beads, and ribbon, Evelina creates a beautiful, unique crown from unexpected materials. With her extra attention to detail and clever tricks to hide any imperfections, this crown could seriously be a statement accessory for nights out or even for special occasions. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind wearing it to the grocery store.

5. Elsa Crown

There’s no shame in liking Frozen just as much as your seven-year-old niece does. In fact, you should embrace it and make this crown as a fun activity to do with them. Using your basic hot glue gun, sparkles, and some paint, you can create a crown that looks identical to the one Elsa wears in the film. You then stick it on a headband and voila! There’s no doubt that kids will stop you in public and ask you to sing “Let It Go” for them.

6. Seashell Tiara

If all these glues and rhinestones are scaring you, you might want to opt for this DIY tutorial from Debi’s Design Diary. Instead of making a crown from scratch, she embellishes one she bought from a shop with inexpensive decorations and trims from her local dollar store. By using the bones of one of those classic tiaras, she adds on extras with a hot glue gun and pipe cleaners, creating something completely unrecognizable from that starting crown.

7. Snow Fairy Crown

After watching this video, all I wanted was a peppermint latte from Starbucks and all the tools to make this gorgeous crown. With some store-bought accessories and homemade icicles, TiffyQuake shows her viewers how to make a snow fairy/ice queen crown in minutes, featuring beautiful detail and eye-catching sparkle. Can I be a snow fairy forever?

Get ready to make all your princess dreams finally come true, y’all.

We love pretend play in our house! So naturally we would need lots of simple accessories for every occasion. These adorable crowns and tiaras are perfect addition to a queen or princess Halloween costume, a birthday party or just because. So many creative options to create with from flowers and lace to recycled materials. I love them all!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

These simple DIY crowns are the perfect reason to get your friends together and throw a spectacular soiree (thats a fancy word for party). Fancy Nancy has always been a favorite book in our house. These adorable and whimsical crowns will help to channel your inner Fancy Nancy and turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary.

Click on the link to take you to the full tutorial.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How adorable is this simple Pie Plate Crown from Skunkboy. I have created numerous tin foil covered crowns, but this is so much easier! Love it, although I imagine the edges could be sharp so be careful. How cute would these be as a princess party craft.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I love this simple and creative Nature Crown from Small Hands in the Big World. What a fun and whimsical way to incorporate the beauty of nature and celebrate the colors of fall.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

This adorable and sparkly Pipe cleaner Princess Crown from WhiMSy Love makes me smile. It is the perfect addition to any princess tea or party you can dream up!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now this Glitter Lace Crown from girl. Inspired is adorable! Glitter and lace paired together create a magical crown that any princess would be proud to wear.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How fun is this Origami Modular Spiky Crown from Origami Instructions. My kids are all over origami and they would love this simple project.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I love this simple simple Cardboard Crown from Made by Joel. It is super easy to make and can be decorated to suit the needs of any king, queen, princess or prince.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Check out these recycled Toilet Paper Crowns from Creative Jewish Woman. These would make adorable party crowns and the kids could each decorate their own.

How to Make a Fairy TiaraMy girls would love these adorable Princess Crystal Crowns from Paper Plate and Plane. Another brilliant crown made from upcycled materials. How adorable and frugal!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How cute are these simple Felt Crowns from Hellobee. They require a minimal amount of hand sewing, but they are so simple to make! You can make them in any color as well, so easy to coordinate with your party colors, or make one to match your outfit.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I love this darling Fairy Flower Crown from Beautifully Rooted. It would be the perfect accompaniment to a Fairy or Renaissance costume.

I can’t wait to make a creative crown with my kids. What a simple addition to their Halloween costume this year.

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This DIY Pipe Cleaner Tiara is the perfect mommy and me craft! You’ll love how easy it is to make this DIY tiara that’s great for playing dress-up! Scroll down for the easy step by step instructions!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Halloween is now less than two weeks away and I still have yet to buy my kids their Halloween costumes. Joseph wants to be something different every day and I figured I’d wait until the last minute and swing by Party City and buy whatever costume he picks.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Tiara

As for Olivia and Lauren, I’m thinking of having them dress up as either a ballerina or a princess and using this fun DIY pipe cleaner tiara that Olivia already loves to play with!

I decided to make her this for her to play dress up but I think it will be perfect for this year’s costume! Sometimes I still can’t believe that I get to make a tiara for my TWO girls! It’s been a dream for so long that it still seems surreal.

What You’ll Need To Make A DIY Pipe Cleaner Tiara

One bag of pipe cleaners
Glue gun and glue sticks


Connect the ends of two pipe cleaners and create a circle that will fit child.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
Take long end and bend over and connect to the other side. **This is the top of the tiara.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Take another pipe cleaner and bend in half. Place under front center of tiara. **one piece in front and one in back.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now bend one side over and connect. **Repeat on other side.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
For your last piece take one pipe cleaner, criss cross and create a small loop.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
Place in front of the tiara and connect at the bottom of both ends.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Make a Fairy Tiara
Now glue on your gem!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

With just a few dollars, you too can make your own pretty tiara for your princess in just a few minutes! This DIY was probably one of the favorites and I may or may not be making a tiara for myself! This DIY pipe cleaner tiara makes a great photo prop, accessory for dress-up, a fun DIY for birthday parties and because you can make several of the tiaras from one bag of pipe cleaners, they’d even make a great party favor for Birthdays or even Baby Showers!

Having taken a wee break from blogging to spend time with my awesome girls I thought I’d get back into the flow of things by blogging how to make these fantastic Pipe Cleaner Tiara’s that we made to see the New Year.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

The best part is that not only are they amazing show stopper head pieces, they are super quick and easy to make.

All you need are seven tinsel pipe cleaners (some of you may know them as fuzzy or glitter pipe cleaners), a hot glue gun, a large acrylic gem (or something else shiny like a large sequin) and some needle nose pliers.

I made the petals shapes in the tiara using two different coloured pipe cleaners but you could keep it to just one colour.

1. Take two pipe cleaners and twist them together to make the base of the tiara.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

2. Separate the remaining pipe cleaners for the petal shapes into a group of two (petal 2 & 4) and three (petal 1, 3, 5) bearing in mind what colours you need to end up with something that looks like the image below.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Loop each pipe cleaner in half, stack the loops on top of each other and twist the ends together. Pull the individual petal out so that you end up with the following two sets (do this even if you’re using all the same colour).

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara

3. Squeeze the twisted ends flat with your pliers and lay them on top of each other positioning the petals so they alternate.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

4. Glue the two twisted sections together with your hot glue gun and snip the ends with your pliers.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

5. Next glue each petal shape to the next about three fifths of the way up and continue doing this all the way round. This is important as it will hold the shape in place and give it more strength.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

6. Glue the twisted base pipe cleaners you did at the beginning underneath the petal arc. Bend the ends back on themselves

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

8. Add your sparkly gem or sequin and use kirby grips to attach it to your hair.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

A post shared by Anthea (@bluebearwood) on Dec 31, 2014 at 6:36am PST

Hey friends! Well, I promised another wire project this week, and I am actually REALLY excited to share this one with you. Some of you got a sneak peek on Instagram last week, but in case you missed it, I MADE TIARAS. Yes! My daughter is in love with her new crown, and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little smitten with my own! This DIY princess tiara makes up in about 30 minutes if you have some introductory wire wrapping experience, and since it’s just a few feet of wire and a single bead, each tiara will cost you well under $5 to make.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I’ve been using the Beadalon Thing-A-Ma-Jig to help me form my loops, and it has really gotten me thinking outside the box! I’m sharing how to make this tiara today with the assumption that you have worked with wire before, even if it’s just at a beginner level. While this IS an easy project, you might not want to tackle it as your very FIRST wirework piece. But if you take a look at the photo below and know your way around the supplies, I’ll show you how the jig makes quick work of this DIY princess tiara.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2m (6 feet)12-gauge aluminum wire OR 14-gauge tinned copper wire
  • 1m (3 feet) 24-gauge silver plated copper wire
  • Beadalon Thing-A-Ma-Jig
  • 18mm Round Crystal Bead
  • Wire Cutters
  • Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Begin by laying out your crown design on the thing-a-ma-jig. You will create this pattern by wrapping loops of wire around various sized loops and mandrels provided in the jig kit. Take a few moments to practice your wrapped design with a piece of string if you are new to wire wrapping.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Cut a 2m (6 foot) piece of 12-gauge aluminum or 14-gauge tinned copper wire. At the center point of the wire, begin the topmost point of your crown’s design. Wrap the wire along the pins and mandrels, creating your crown’s pattern. Once wrapped, use the side of a pair of bent nose pliers to press all loops lose to the jig surface and flatten your design as much as possible.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Remove the center of the crown from the jig. Optionally, reset the pins to create a spiral or loop design along the sides of the crown. Repeat as necessary.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Measure the fully-wrapped design. Adult sized crowns should be approximately 24 inches round and child sizes between 20-22 inches, though this measurement can be custom fit to any size! Add a length of TWO INCHES to the final crown size, and cut away excess wire. Be sure the crown is centered along the wire.

Form the trimmed wire into a round shape, overlapping the two ending points by two inches. Cut 18 inches of 24 gauge silver plated copper wire, and wrap it over the overlapping wires, covering them. This will secure the backside of the design. (Alternately, crimp wire connectors can be used in this step, simply trim the wire from to the finished size, and crimp the ends together.)

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Cut 6-8 inch segments of 24 gauge wire, and on the front of the tiara, wrap intersecting wires with 5-6 loops to stabilize the design. Trim excess wire away.

To add a bead (or beads), wrap the top loop of the location with 5-6 wraps of wire. String the bead on, and fit it into place. Secure the bottom with 5-6 wraps of wire. Trim excess wire away.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Thanks for joining me for today’s fun project! This DIY princess tiara tutorial has also been shared at FaveCrafts as an entry to their Best Craft Blogger contest – and if you loved this idea, then I’d love a quick click as your vote! Thanks, friends!

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I hope you enjoy what you read here, and please be fair when you share!

Written by: Cyndee Kromminga

Written on: July 14, 2020

Little girls love make believe and dolls, and fairies are a wonderful part of their make believe play. This fairy made from pipe cleaners and flower petals will add sparkle to the eyes of any little girl. It is quick and easy to make and several would be adorable party favours for a tea party.

Little girls love make believe and dolls, and fairies are a wonderful part of their make believe play.

This fairy made from pipe cleaners and flower petals will add sparkle to the eyes of any little girl. It is quick and easy to make and several would be adorable party favours for a tea party.

Provide all the supplies and create these fairies as a make-it-take-it craft activity for a little girl’s birthday party. Provide an assortment of flower colours to allow each fairy to show off its own personality and that of its creator.

Fold one pipe cleaner in half for the fairy body. Insert the folded end of the pipe cleaner through the bead. Slide the 1/2-inch bead halfway down the length of the pipe cleaner. Apply a dab of craft glue to hold the bead in place.

  • Little girls love make believe and dolls, and fairies are a wonderful part of their make believe play.
  • Provide all the supplies and create these fairies as a make-it-take-it craft activity for a little girl’s birthday party.

Pop the head of the silk carnation off of the stem. Remove and save the plastic bottom of the carnation. Pull the flower petals apart. Thread the bended end of the pipe cleaner through the centre hole of each flower petal. Push the petals down to the bead to create the skirt of the dress.

Cut one pipe cleaner in half and discard one half. Wind the centre of one pipe cleaner half twice around the pipe cleaner body tightly, one inch above the flower petals. The two extending ends are your fairy’s arms.

  • Pop the head of the silk carnation off of the stem.

Slide the leaves off of the flower stem. Remove the plastic from the centre. (Note: Silk flower carnation leaves are paired. The bottom ends are connected with a hole at the connection.) Insert the folded end of the body pipe cleaner through the centre hole of the leaves.

Cross the ends of the leaves around the body, above the arms. Cross over the ends across the front of the body and under the arms. Cross over the ends behind the body, bring to the front again and tie the tips in a knot to hold. This creates the bodice of the fairy dress.

  • Slide the leaves off of the flower stem.
  • Insert the folded end of the body pipe cleaner through the centre hole of the leaves.

Measure and cut the top of the pipe cleaner to extend a 1/2 inch above the arms. Apply glue to the end of the cut pipe cleaner and insert into the 1-inch wood bead head. Apply glue to the inside plastic bottom that you saved when taking the carnation apart. Set the plastic bottom on the bead head and allow the glue to dry.

Cross over the ends of the remaining whole pipe cleaner one inch and twist to hold. The pipe cleaner should have an oval shape. Wrap the twisted ends of the pipe cleaner around the waist of the fairy and twist to hold. Push the top of the oval straight down to the twisted end on the body. This will create two fairy wings on the back of the fairy.

  • Measure and cut the top of the pipe cleaner to extend a 1/2 inch above the arms.
  • Apply glue to the end of the cut pipe cleaner and insert into the 1-inch wood bead head.

Curl the ends of the arms and legs around a wood skewer to create hands and feet. Apply blush to the cheeks of the fairy face using a cotton swab. Dip the blunt end of the wood skewer into black acrylic paint and dot two eyes on the centre of the face. Allow the paint to dry.

40 diy crowns and tiara you can wear to paper princess tiaras the craft train how to make a princess crown how to make a princess crown frozen princess crown kids crafts how to make a princess tiara easy.

Gum paste princess crown and cake video tutorial veena azmanov how to make a felt crown for the little princess diy crafts 25 princess crowns diys for you your little crafter how to make an adorable diy princess crown diy a crown hair clip for my princess simply tale 4 ways to make a princess crown wikihow cinderella crown tiara silver disney princess.

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How to Make a Fairy Tiara

If your child loves to dress up, and her inner royal is missing a crown, look no further. Just grab a few sparkly pipe cleaners and twist to create a crown that’s half jewelry, half sculpture, and 100% shine.

What You Need:

  • 5 sparkly pipe cleaners

What You Do:

  1. First, have your child lay two pipe cleaners side by side, with the ends overlapping slightly.
  2. Next, wrap and wind those ends until they are completely entwined to create one very long pipe cleaner.
  3. Have her continue to add the rest of the pipe cleaners, overlapping ends and wrapping them together, creating one long pipe cleaner chain.
  4. Working from left to right, begin to bend loops into the pipe cleaner chain, leaving the first five inches as a straight section, which will be interwoven with the tail end after all loops have been completed.
  5. Help your child gently bend a loop, then give it a twist before moving onto the next loop.
  6. Help her continue creating loops of equal size and spaced evenly apart until there are 8 or 9 loops.
  7. Place the tiara on her head and wrap the long end around to size the crown properly.
  8. Wind the two ends together to complete the crown.

Who ever knew pipe cleaners could look so glamorous? Becoming an instant diva or princess is simply a matter of a few quick twists of the wrist.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara


A crown that takes you back to the days of Fairies
Great for the day outside! Save for happy memories.

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You Will Need

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Measure your fairy’s head, you will need the right measurements! Now hot glue the peice of bark into a circle, (doesn’t have to be perfectly round!)

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now take another piece of bendy wood and fold a triangle. This will be the main part of your crown.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now add any decorations in the middle!

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now add flowers on the rim to give it a nice look. And You are done!

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crystal crowns

Okay, perhaps not exactly crystal. More like plastic soda pop bottles and glitter glue — that’s really all these glistening crowns are made of.

Make them in celebration of this month’s highly anticipated royal wedding or for your little princesses in waiting. Though I wish I could say this is a craft for your princessholic kindergarteners to make, I can’t. It is a project which requires the manual acuity of a seasoned glitter gluer — eight to eleven year olds would enjoy and be able to handle the accuracy of creating these crowns.

You can design your own crowns or use the templates I specifically designed for tracing — download the crystal crown templates here .

a. A 2-liter plastic soda pop bottle.

c. A sharp pair of scissors and a little bit of tape.

1. Cut a 3″ high cylindrical piece of the plastic soda pop bottle. Using two or three pieces of folded tape, affix your template behind the plastic, along the inside part of the bottle. Using a marker, trace the outer lines of the template only. Do not trace the details of the design.

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut just inside of the lines you traced, making sure the lines are not left behind, as well as making sure to cut all around the circumference of the bottle. You are left with the shape of a crown that is ready to be designed.

3. Again, using two or three pieces of folded tape, affix your template behind the plastic. Using glitter glue, trace the design details.

4. Remove the template. Let glitter glue dry for approximately two hours.

Place on the hair with bobby pins and feel like royalty!

Do more, alwaysunderpay!

How to Make a Fairy TiaraI always used to love these when I was little, and there was always a guy selling them at parades and carnivals and things like that. I would beg and beg, but my mom would say she wasn’t going to buy something that she could make so easily. Trouble is, she never made me one! Sad huh?

Well, don’t let that happen to your little girl lol. Or any other little girl you know! These princess halos are so cost effective and easy to make that you could make a ton.

Let’s get started.

You will need:

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I am a total patriot–so even just the supplies look fun to me! Lol

Foil Garland (whatever styles/colors you want)

Curling ribbon–the egg kind is good because it totally curls for you. But you can use scissors to curl the other kind if it isn’t curly enough. Again, whatever styles and colors you like.


Unravel the ends off of one of your garland rounds and measure a piece long enough to fit your subjects head. You’ll want to cut it about 2″-3″ longer than you need for wrapping purposes.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Use the piece you just cut to measure and cut your other garland pieces to about the same size.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now wrap your garland pieces around each other a little bit and form them into a round keeping the opening about the size you will need for your subject’s head. Wrap the ends together using that 2″-3″ extra length that you kept.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

That could be cute be cute all by itself, don’t you think?

But, we’re going to go ahead and add us some streamers.

So, cut some long strands off of each of your curling ribbon rolls. Mine ended up being about 2 yards I think, but I cut some off after I tied it.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now make a loop in the center of your curling ribbon strands and put it through the opening of your halo like this. Sorry for the cruddy picture. It is hard to make curly ribbon lie flat

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Now pull the long ends of your curling ribbon up through your loop and pull tight. The same way I did with the tulle in the tutu tutorial here.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Tie a pretty bow with your long curling ribbon ends.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Ta da! All done. Wasn’t that easy? And fun? Don’t you want to make a bajillion?

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

You can also embellish these by putting rhinestones, buttons, or flowers in the center of your bow. Or even adding some ribbon to your curly tail mix. Whatever puts a smile on your face! Fairy Halos are just such a hit. You could wear them to a parade, or make them for your daughters fairy or princess birthday party.

Now that you know how to make them, you could sell them at carnivals and festivals. They are also great for Booster Clubs and PTA for fundraisers as well. We have wholesale cheap supplies because we are the manufacturer and distributor. Please visit our online shop to purchase all of our items, always on sale.

We have lots of good ideas for fairy and princess parties. If you have any questions give us a call. 801-805-6667!

Thanks for joining me today, and stay tuned to learn some more fun stuff!

One of the things I enjoyed doing as a young girl was throwing tea parties with my favorite stuffed animals as my guests. In fact one of my prized possessions as a child was a porcelain tea set that I received for my seventh birthday. Now that I’m a mother myself, I have shared my love of tea parties with my own daughter. And on her fifth birthday, one of her presents was to go to high tea with Mommy at our local tea house. She dressed up as her favorite princess and we had a blast!

Below are some simple ideas on how to throw a wonderful and budget friendly children’s tea party. Shhhh… I may be doing this for my daughter’s sixth birthday party too.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Pick a date and send out your invitations

I love the idea of a princess tea party for little girls because at this age, they love princesses and fairies. Pick an invitation that fits within your theme and pick a time that works for the majority of your guests. In general a traditional tea party will start at 3 pm and a luncheon tea party will start around 11 am.

Step 2: Plan your menu and select your “tea”

A typical tea party menu will comprise of a small selection of dainty sandwiches, buttery scones with jam, and an array of pastries and dessert. For children you will want to go with something much simpler since their taste buds are less developed.

A sample tea party menu should include:

Assorted tea sandwiches; keep things simple. Serve finger sized portions of peanut butter and jelly and cream cheese with strawberries. Cut your sandwiches with cookie cutters to add a cute whimsical touch.

Shortbread cookies or small home made cookies.

Fruit tarts or mini cupcakes

Since your guests are not yet ready to drink tea, I would suggest serving them lemonade, apple juice or milk.

Step 3: Setting the Tea Table

To make your children’s tea party memorable, you should decorate in a whimsical fashion. You will want to cover your table with a pretty cloth tablecloth and use small clusters of flowers for centerpieces. Since this is a fancy event for your guests, use cloth tea napkins versus paper.

But the most important aspect that will make your table really stand out, is the tea cups that you use. I personally recommend serving your “tea” in beautiful floral tea cups. Now you might think that floral tea cups are expensive but they don’t have to be. You can find great deals on Ebay, Goodwill, flea markets, or at your local Chinatown. The beauty of tea parties is that all your tea cups do not have to match, so feel free to mix and match.

Step 4: Tea Party Games

One of the fun things about tea parties for little girls is that there are so many cute party games to play.

Since no princess is complete without a princess tiara, have your guests create their own by decorating a plain tiara found at your local party store. Stock your craft station with glue, glitter, ribbons, rhinestones, and stickers. If you decide on a fairy theme, instead of a tiara, have your guests decorate a wooden dowel to create their own fairy wand.

Another idea would be to have a tea bag hunt in your backyard. The idea is similar to an Easter egg hunt except that you hide tea bags instead.

Since little girls love dressing up, create a dress up station with a mirror and dress up clothes. Be sure to have lots of costume jewelry and fun hats for your little guests to try on. If you are very adventurous, include some make up that they can play with too.

Step 5: Tea Party Favors

No party is complete without party favors for your little guests. The obvious favor is the princess tiara or wand that they created earlier. Of if you can spare them, have your guests take home the tea cups that they drank out of as their party favor.

But of course my favorite idea is to give your guests a pretty handkerchief. There are so many pretty handkerchiefs out there and the little girls will love playing with them at their own tea party at home. My daughter actually uses them as napkins at her own parties.

Have fun creating those wonderful memories and have a lovely parTEA.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

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One thought on “ Five Easy Steps to Throwing a Children’s Tea Party ”

These ideas were so amazing! All the kids loved them and I will definitely do this again!

Written by: Ronnie Dauber

Written on: July 14, 2020

Make a beaded crown for a costume party, for children’s pretend play or for a dress-up accessory for a favourite stuffed animal. The crowns are easy to make and are a relatively inexpensive craft project.

Use a stiff jewellery wire to keep the crown’s shape for a night of dancing at an adult costume party or use chenille stems instead for a craft a child can make. A beaded crown craft can also be used for a party activity at a child’s little princess celebration.

Measure the circumference of the crown wearer’s head approximately 1 inch above the ears. Cut a piece of jewellery wire to this length plus ½ inch.

Thread seed beads onto the length of the wire, leaving ¼ inch of wire empty on each end. Use a single colour for the crown or make a pattern with glass seed beads. Wrap the beaded wire into a circle and use needle-nose pliers to wrap the two ends of the wire around each other to close the circle.

  • Make a beaded crown for a costume party, for children’s pretend play or for a dress-up accessory for a favourite stuffed animal.
  • Use a stiff jewellery wire to keep the crown’s shape for a night of dancing at an adult costume party or use chenille stems instead for a craft a child can make.

Cut seven lengths of jewellery wire, approximately 8 ½ inches in length each. Fold each length in half and thread a large bead onto the fold line on each piece of wire. Thread seed beads onto the sides of each length of wire, leaving ¼ inch length of wire empty on each side of each wire.

Lay the jewellery wire circle on a flat surface. Arrange the folded lengths of beaded wire around the circle and stretch out each piece until there are no spaces in between the lengths of wire around the circle.

Use the needle-nose pliers to wrap the ¼-inch ends of the lengths of wire around the beaded circle. Bend each of the folded lengths of wire to make the points for the crown. Crimp the wound ¼-inch ends tightly with the needle-nose pliers to keep the points standing upright.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

Fairies are magical creatures of European mythology, although their origin is not entirely clear.

Some folklore holds that fairies were evil spirits; others, that they were unworthy angels. Some stories paint fairies simply as a different race of creatures that inhabited woodland areas.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Modern popular culture includes a number of fairies, the most famous being Tinker Bell. She first appeared in Disney’s Peter Pan (1953), and has since starred in a number of films and television series.

Would you like to draw your very own fairy? Doing so is simple with this easy, step-by-step tutorial. All you will need is a piece of paper and a pencil, and perhaps an eraser and something with which to color.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Princess, Angel Wings, and Unicorn.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Fairy

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Begin by drawing a circle to outline the shape of the head.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a curved line through the circle to outline the shape of the chin and ear.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Erase the guide lines left by the original circle.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Extend a long and short line from the head to form the neck and arm. Draw a short line parallel to the long line to form the underside of the arm.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Extend two curved lines from the opposite side of the neck to form the other arm.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw two parallel curved lines in continuation of each arm. Note how the lines are curved inward at the elbow and the wrist.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a hand at the end of each arm. Use narrow, overlapping “U” shaped lines to form the fingers, and detail the palm with short lines.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a “U” shaped line around the neck to form the collar of the clothing. Extend a curved line downward from each shoulder to outline the torso.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw two parallel curved lines at the bottom of the torso, forming a belt. Extend a curved line outward from each side of the belt. Then, connect these lines using a long, wavy line, forming a skirt.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Detail the dress. Draw wavy, scalloped lines along the neck and sleeves of the dress. Draw a wavy line along the bottom of the dress, then short, curved lines extending upward from this line and downward from the belt. This adds texture to the folds of the fabric.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw the legs. Extend an “L” shaped line from the skirt, forming a leg bent at the knee. Draw a line parallel with each section of the “L” to outline the other side of the leg. Then, extend two parallel, slightly curved lines downward from the knee of the bent leg. This outlines the far leg.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Give the fairy some shoes. Enclose the bottom of each leg using a curved line. Draw a flower shape on the toe of each shoe by connecting small “U” shaped lines. Draw a curved line from the flower to the ankle to form the top of the shoe.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw ribbons on each wrist. Draw three curved lines across the arm, then extend two sets of curved lines from each. Connect each set of lines using two straight lines. Then, use straight, parallel lines, to draw a wand in one hand. Enclose the wand on the bottom by drawing a small circle.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw the hair. Use a long, curved line to outline the hair from the top of the head to the shoulder. Around the face and at the end of the hair, enclose the shape using several curved lines of various lengths. Allow the lines to meet in points. Draw curving lines down the length of the hair to add detail.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a star at the top of the wand, surrounded by dots of fairy dust.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Decorate the dress with small stars and circles.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a circle for each eye. Within the eye, draw a small oval and a curved line across the bottom; shade between the oval and the line. Draw curved lines above each eye, forming the eyelid and eyebrow.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw a wide “U” shaped line to form the smiling mouth. Draw curved lines beneath the mouth to dimple the chin, and use another curved line to form the nose. Draw a “U” shaped line within the ear to add detail, and draw a star-shaped flower behind the ear.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Draw the wings by extending long, curved lines from the head and lower back, allowing them to meet in a point. Draw a smaller, parallel shape within each wing. Draw rounded wings beneath these using curved lines.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara

Off the top of my head, when I think ‘fairy drawings’ – I think of Tinkerbell from the ever-popular Disney hit, Peter Pan. A girl (or person) with wings, and a magic wand!… that’s pretty much what a fairy is.

In this lesson, I decided to go with the ‘top to bottom’ sequence. Start at the head, and slowly work your way down – much the same as you would draw a cartoon person – in this case, a cartoon girl.

Have a look at the finished drawing to the right. How about those wings? Is that how you envisioned fairy wings? Or did the ones you were thinking of look a bit different? If you answered different – great! Make yours look however you want them to, and do this last – after the girl part is finished.

And the same goes for the other parts of this lesson. Use the examples to guide you along, but in the end… don’t hesitate to implement your own ideas wherever you feel the need.

First Step – A Framework to Make Fairy Drawings

As I mentioned above, creating fairy drawings involves first drawing a girl. The wings come at the very end. With this in mind, draw a simple stick person framework. Ensure that it has a cross over the face area – and that you include some sort of guideline from which to draw the wings when you’re all finished.

Here’s what mine looks like…

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I’ve positioned one arm differently, perfect for the ‘magical wand’ soon to be drawn in the fairy’s right hand. As for the wings, four diagonal lines work well to map out their position. And in case you haven’t noticed – I went for the ‘butterfly look‘. In your case… angel wings? Bug wings? Bat wings? Who knows! Draw either lines or shapes – curved or straight, depending on the ‘look’ your aiming for.

And with your framework now complete, let’s move on to the next step…

Second Step – Draw the Head of Your Fairy

Not much changes with respect to ‘how to draw a face’. Use the cross to help you along. Oh, but something I should mention – let’s say you wanted to draw a tiara (princess crown) on her head. Well, looking at the examples below – I recommend you do so BEFORE the second step. This way, you can draw the hair below and around it.

Here are some examples to help you draw the face…

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara

I wonder… is there anything else to mention here? Well, with respect to the face – there are certainly some details to add. But same as usual, I suggest you save them until the end – pupils, inner ears, tongue, eyelashes, etc. A necklace however may just be in order at this stage. By the way, I purposely went with ‘elf ears’. Human ears work just the same!

So then, finish up the head and neck, and let’s continue on down the drawing…

Third Step – Drawing the Upper Torso & Arms of Your Fairy

Well, it’s true we’re creating fairy drawings here, but really – it’s the same as drawing girl drawings – after all… a fairy is pretty much a girl (person) with wings. So now, let’s take a look at how to bring the torso and arms of this fairy/girl into view…

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy TiaraHow to Make a Fairy Tiara

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara

As you draw your fairy – referring to each of the six phases above, keep in mind that I chose this specific order to do so by thinking about how the fairy would look if I were to draw her in 3D. What things would appear closer to the eye? What things would appear farther away from the eye? If you think about these things before you draw — a little planning so to say, you’ll be much happier with the results! 🙂

Well, only a view things remain to do… let’s finish it off!

Final Step – Let’s Complete Our Fairy Drawings!

After you’ve finished drawing in the body of your fairy (girl), you can then go ahead and draw in the details – anything and everything that makes her all the more ‘fairyish’.

Below, you can see the difference – without details and wings — and with! Draw the details, along with the wand, first. Then, only when you’re all done everything else… draw in the wings.

How to Make a Fairy Tiara How to Make a Fairy Tiara

So… happy with the finished product? If so, congratulations! If not, congratulations just the same! Remember, practice is what counts when it comes to improving. So, by all means, practice creating fairy drawings some more. Experiment with different ideas. And of course… have fun! 🙂

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