How to make the best of beach days

In 2019, 45% of Americans chose beach vacations over other types.

Although we’re amidst a pandemic, you don’t have to forgo your time by the sea. There are many ways to be safe while enjoying a day at the beach.

If you’re looking for ways to have fun and be safe, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 12 ways to enjoy your beach day.

1. Get There Early

Not sure how to enjoy a beach vacation? Get to the beach early so you can grab a spot before it gets busier. Bring essentials like a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent where you can relax in the midday heat.

You must also bring sunscreen lotion for you and your little ones. If you have an infant under 6-months of age, keep them away from the sun. Always remember to re-apply sunscreen after 80-minutes of swimming or sweating.

And don’t forget hats, sunglasses, and swim shirts to keep you cool.

2. Build a Sandcastle

Ocean beach getaways aren’t complete without building a sandcastle. All you need is sand, water, and cups to carry water so you can shape your creation, then dig a moat around your castle so it’s safe from rising tides.

Get creative and write messages or poems in the sand. Before you leave, take photos and turn them into unique postcards to send to friends.

3. Bring a Picnic

After a morning packed with beach vacation activities, it’s time to refuel. Lay down a blanket and feast on sandwiches, fried chicken, salad, and fresh fruit. Once served, don’t leave food out for an extended length of time or it’ll spoil.

Bring a well-insulated cooler so your produce stays fresh and have plenty of water so everyone stays hydrated.

4. Collect Seashells

One of the best beach activities is collecting shells. It’s a fantastic way to save a memento especially as no two beaches are the same.

Remember to bring a container and only collect “dead” shells, ones where there’s no animal inside. And don’t forget to clean them once you get home.

If there are nearby rockpools, see how many critters you can find. Make a goal to snap photos of each one so you can archive your findings.

5. Read a Book

Because our lives are hectic, it’s difficult to carve time to catch up on our favorite books. So when you’re at the beach, dive into your favorite novel, or chill out with some music.

If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, listen to an audiobook, or read the book on your phone. Make sure you have a portable charger packed and fully charged so you can enjoy your favorite content at the beach.

6. Cast a Line

Before casting a line, make sure the beach allows fishing. If you’re a beginner, take a fishing tour and they’ll show you the popular fishing spots.

Or have a relaxing afternoon casting off the rocks and chatting with a friend.

7. Play Paddle Ball

Tennis enthusiasts can practice their game of paddle ball.

Grab a set from a beachfront shop and have an intense game with the little ones. Make rules to make the game more interesting like whoever hits the ball into the water has to do a dare.

Or create a game of sand darts. Draw a dartboard in the sand and use shells as dart pins. Whoever hits the bullseye first wins.

You can also play a round of beach ball towel toss. In this game, two players hold a beach towel at both ends and keep the beach ball in the middle.

Using the towel, players toss the ball into the air for the other player to catch. Be mindful of the breeze as it can intensify the game.

8. Swim

Take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Those with little ones should be mindful of the waves especially if they’re not confident swimmers.

Not a fan of swimming? Bring spray bottles of water or mini fans so you can cool off.

9. Walk Along the Surf

There’s nothing more relaxing than walking along the surf. Not only do you exercise your feet and legs but the sound of the waves hitting the sand clears your mind.

If it’s not too hot, go for a jog up and down the beach but bring plenty of water.

10. Wakeboard

If you’re a fan of active beach vacations, try wakeboarding. It’s described as a blend of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding, making it an exhilarating experience.

And add wiring wakeboard tower speakers so you and your friends have a blast gliding over the water.

11. Catch a Sunset

Don’t end your day at the beach without catching the sunset. It’s a fantastic way to wind down especially if you choose an excellent vantage point.

Luckily, it’s possible to socially distance so you and your loved ones are safe.

12. Go Hiking

Many beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike whether it’s to or away from the water. And when you reach the top, you catch stunning ocean views while immersing yourself in nature.

Plus, when you’re finished you can cool off in the water.

That’s How to Have a Great Day at the Beach

Those are our tips on how to have a perfect day at the beach. Remember to bring essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a pop-up tent to keep you cool. Pack a delicious picnic, your favorite book, and take a dip in the ocean when you want to cool off.

And don’t forget to try wakeboarding for an exciting afternoon. Have fun!

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There’s nothing quite like cozying up to a body of water with the family. Just make sure you’re prepared for the elements.


This story was produced in partnership with our friends at Babyganics, whose mission is to help families prepare for all of baby’s adventures.

Whether it’s on the sandy dunes of a lapping ocean, the pebbled shores of a giant lake, or a silty knoll beside a flowing river, cozying up to a body of water with your family makes for a good outing. Of course, it’s not all idyllic: bugs, scorching sun, or chilly breezes can throw your day in the sun into grumpy disarray. Some pre-planning is required. Whether you’re headed lakeside or oceanfront this summer, here’s everything you need to make your family outing a success.

Find shade. Step aside, beach umbrella. The best way to get shade when and where you want it is with a pop-up tent. Look for versions that have mesh window screens, to allow the breeze to ventilate the space and blow away any black flies. If you’re in a jam, you can use a tarp or heavyweight sheet, jerry-rigged with two ski poles: Bury two corners of the sheet in the sand (place a cooler or other heavy object on each corner for weight) and secure the other two corners to the handles of the poles with rope or a bungee cord, before staking the pointy ends into the sand. The lean-to style allows the breeze to flow through but keeps the direct light out.

Bring more towels. In a perfect world, you’ll have one towel to dry your child off and another for them to sit on when the ground gets soggy or the sand is too hot. Two per person might seem like a little much, but it’s the right ratio. Trust us.

Pro Tip #1: How to Properly Pack Your Cooler

As a rule of thumb, a party of three or more kids warrants a hard-shell carryall for lunch and other edibles. Here’s how to pack it:

First… freeze items like grapes, fruit cups, and drink boxes overnight. They will thaw in the sun, and you can use them in lieu of ice to keep the cooler cold without dealing with melting cubes.

Next… in the morning, pack heavier items (see above, in addition to hard fruits and veggies) on the bottom of the cooler.

Then… pack a layer of paper towels. They double as napkins or clean-up wipes and prevent any moisture from the frozen items from making sandwiches soggy.

Finally… top it off with sandwiches, chips, and other lightweight items.

Bonus… to keep the cooler from stinking like, well, tuna on rye, place a small refrigerator odor eliminator inside the cooler.

Get the right sunscreen lotion. Keeping your little one safe in the sun should be your top priority. Make sure your infant — those under 6 months of age — avoids sun entirely. For older babies and toddlers, skip the products made with phthalates and parabens, and choose an option like Babyganics SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion, which feature broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and are water-resistant (up to 80 minutes).

Buy a big mesh bag. Stashing plastic pails, shovels, action figures, and more in a traditional canvas tote prevents toys from drying, leading to mildew. Instead, get a laundry-style mesh bag that keeps the toys in and lets the water run out as you walk from the beach to the car.

How to make the best of beach days

Babyganics Skin Love Diapers

Your little adventurer wears diapers every day, which is why our diapers are made with baby’s skin in mind, are ultra-absorbent for leak protection, and have soft-stretch sides for a comfortable fit.

Pro Tip #2: How to Apply Sunscreen

There’s not much point in wearing it if you’re not wearing it right.

Step 1: Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Step 2: Use about an ounce (the amount that would fit in a shot glass). Apply liberally and evenly, moving your hands in a circular motion.

Step 3: Make sure to cover all areas, even random spots like fingers, feet, ears, and behind the neck. Consider using an SPF lip balm on lips.

Step 4: Re-apply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, and immediately after towel-drying. Even if the kids aren’t in the water, they need a fresh application at least every two hours.

Bring a bed sheet (or three). Use an old flat sheet from a queen- or king-size bed as your basecamp. It’s not sand-proof or waterproof, but if a thunderstorm should suddenly pop up on the horizon, all you have to do is grab each of the four corners together and you have a makeshift bag to haul towels and toys to the car in a hurry.

Switch to spray sunscreen. If your kid hates the feeling of lotion being rubbed in — or complains the process takes too long — try Babyganics SPF 50+ Sunscreen Spray instead. The tear-free formula is non-allergenic and made with your baby’s skin in mind.

Pro Tip #3: How to Snack Outside
Sweat causes the body to lose important electrolytes like sodium, which can lead to muscle cramps and headaches. Here’s what you need to keep kids feeling good:

  • V8 juice and pretzels provide salt, which helps the body hold onto fluid instead of sweating it all out.
  • Bananas are high in potassium, another key electrolyte that maintains a healthy heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Raisins are a great source of electrolytes calcium and magnesium, which stabilize muscle and nerve reactions.
  • Water is critical to make sure kids stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine suggests children ages 4 to 8 need two quarts a day (about 5 cups), but that could go up to 2.5 quarts in the heat. Make sure kids take water breaks every 20 minutes or so if they are running around in the heat.

Be prepared for battle with bugs. A breeze-free day at the beach means there will be bugs. Protect your family from mosquitoes with Babyganics Natural Insect Repellant. The DEET-free formula uses citronella, peppermint, and other essential oils to naturally discourage mosquitoes. Apply every 90 minutes for best results.

Wear layers. Early mornings by the water can be nippy at the beach, even in July in the South, while midday may feel downright tropical. And when the afternoon breeze kicks in, it can get surprisingly chilly in a hurry. Dress your kids (and yourself) in easy on-off layers, like a T-shirt, button- or zip-up hoodie, and an outer water-resistant shell.

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3 Ways to Change Up Your Beach Day

How to make the best of beach days

Do you ever want to make the most of your beach day? Change up the routine a little, and enjoy a different trip to the beach? Get ready to relax and unwind on your next trip to the beach with these ideas:

1— Pick the perfect spot to gaze at. Beaches, in general, are usually packed, so finding the perfect spot could be tedious and quite difficult. So why not get a little lost? Sometimes you find the perfect spot by just looking at places you would never expect. A perfect beach spot, for example, is one overlooking the sand and waters or a spot more secluded than most. The spot I picked is right off the parking lot with a trail towards the beach.

How to make the best of beach days

2— Have a picnic in your trunk. Usually, I would bring down my beach mat and head over to the sand, but other days call for having rare beach picnics in the trunk of your car! Especially if the beach you’re headed to may not have much shade. Make the most of your backseat picnic with some blankets and many many pillows (you could never have too much fluff). Having a set-up like so creates the atmosphere almost one of camping and would, sure enough, add a different perspective to your beach day!

How to make the best of beach days

3— Relax and unwind to “moonrise” gazing. When the sun sets, there are many more places to discover and relax to. While having a beach day with some girlies, we accidentally came across the moon rising! I have not witnessed watching the moon rise before, but while sharing stories with my friends, we were in awe with the breath-taking view in front of us. Going moonrise gazing you should research where the sun sets and where the moon rises to plan out your day-long event at the beach.

Living on an island, surrounded by water I am always looking for ways to make the most of my beach day and some creative things to do! As the summer comes to an end, I want to relish most of it by relaxing and reflecting on this amazing summer with friends and family. A beach-vibe like this is perfect for bonding and for a toned down day from the rest of our hectic schedules. Here’s a cheers to a great summer!

What is your definition of a perfect beach day? Share with us in the comments below! And, don’t forget to share your beach day on social with #stylegurulove and tag @CFashionista

Nothing says “summer” quite like going to the beach — whether you’re packing up the family for a week in a seaside town or taking a day trip to the beach as part of a staycation! Going to the beach is pretty great in itself, but I have a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy the beach (and make it a healthier day!). These seven suggestions will ensure your best beach day ever.

How to make the best of beach days

How to Enjoy the Beach

Beach bummin’ rules.

1. Hit the road early. I know what you’re thinking: Why would I set an alarm on a day when I’m supposed to be relaxing at the beach? Doing this might feel super weird, but the truth is that there’s no better time to greet the sand and surf than first thing in the morning. The earlier you arrive, the easier it will be to choose ideal real estate for your beach chairs. You’ll also be less likely to burn in the morning, since the sun is strongest in the middle of the day. If morning beach time is a no-go for you, you might consider going in the late afternoon instead, since you’ll reap some of the same benefits.

2. Stay sun-safe. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to protect yourself from those intense summer rays. Too much exposure can cause sunburn, blistering, peeling, and an increased risk of skin cancer. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to minimize exposure… without having to stay inside or avoid the beach! Come prepared for your next day at the beach with an umbrella, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen. I recently shared all of my thoughts about the safest sunscreen options out there, so pick some up next time you’re thinking about sunbathing.

3. Set sunscreen reminders. While we’re talking sunscreen, let me remind you that sunscreen is only effective when you reapply it at regular intervals! If you insist on bringing your phone to the beach (though I’d totally support you leaving it behind so you can disconnect), put it to good use by setting a sunscreen alarm roughly every hour or two. If you’re hanging at the beach with family and friends, make reapplication a group activity! Nothing ruins a perfectly good day in the sun like a nasty sunburn — but you have the power to prevent it.

How to make the best of beach days

4. Prepare to hydrate. It’s important to stay hydrated regardless of your environment, but you’ll want to be that much more intentional about it when you’re at the beach, where’s it’s a lot easier to dehydrate. In the heat of the summer sun, you’re bound to sweat a lot, plus we can find ourselves so busy relaxing that we forget to take in sufficient fluids! Get ahead of this problem by packing plenty of filled reusable water bottles. Add a little lemon to keep things interesting! I also recommend coconut water.

5. Pack plenty of healthy snacks. The beach can feel like paradise, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get hangry there. Trust me — I’ve experienced it! Here are a few of my favorite, beach-friendly recipes, easy to pack for a day of fun:

  • Egg Muffin Cups so you can get out the door early.
  • Shredded Chicken for lettuce wraps, salads, or sandwiches!
  • Sweet Potato Buns for “sandwich” bun alternatives.
  • Chicken Slaw for a great side.
  • Buffalo Chicken Burgers in lettuce wraps, or with buns – they travel well!
  • Mint Chip Energy Bites for snackin’.

Don’t feel like getting in the kitchen? I get it! There are plenty of clean store-bought snacks that are perfect for travel out there, too! You can also keep it simple with organic raw veggies, organic fruit skewers, or organic corn tortilla chips and salsa.

How to make the best of beach days

6. Stock up on reading materials. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better place to read than at the beach. Cozy up in your chair or on a towel (with plenty of sunscreen on, of course!) and get caught up on all of those reads that you’ve been hoping to get around to over the last few months. Check out some of my must-read books for summer here! If you don’t love squinting into the sun or carrying books in your beach bag, audiobooks are a great alternative. As an added bonus, you can listen to those on your way to the beach, too!

7. Be ready to get movin’! Full-body relaxation definitely tops the list of beach activities, but if you’re expecting to spend the whole day by the water, you should plan to get up and get active. You’re bound to get bored after too many hours of laying around, not to mention the fact that activity makes a beach day a whole lot healthier. Pack a frisbee or horseshoes set for your group to enjoy, or ask your friends if they’d be up for a beach walk after a few hours of lounging. Why not jump in the water for a swim? Even a few minutes of exercise is better than none at all!

Only have one day to spend at the beach? Don’t miss these great tips for your one day beach trip!

How to make the best of beach days

If you have big travel plans this Summer but only have time for a one day beach trip, you might be wondering how to make the best of your time while you’re there. There are tons of things to do on a beach trip but squeezing them all in can be a challenge on beach day! These tips will help you plan a great one day beach trip for you and the rest of your vacation group!

How to Make the Most of Your One Day Beach Trip

1. Make a general plan.

You don’t have to schedule things down to the minute, but having a general idea of all the things you want to do written down is a great idea. If you have a large group of people that all want to do different things, write down the most important thing for each person and go from there. It’s all about compromise in this case and finding the things that are most important to you for your one day beach trip!

2. Plan for food.

If you want to check out some of the local scene and find a restaurant nearby, do your research before you get there. Searching the internet is a great way to find reviews of restaurants to see which ones to avoid and which ones grab your interest! If you decide to make your own food, plan which grocery store you’ll stop at and decide on meals for the day that you can easily take on your one day beach trip. Don’t forget the crock-pot!

3. Set a budget.

If you plan to hit up some local shopping, set a budget for yourself! That way when you’re looking at all the local goodies, you know to save your money for the things you really want. You can find lots of cool stuff near beaches as far as shopping!

4. Don’t forget to pack a great beach bag!

There are lots of essentials for a great beach bag, but make sure not to forget the very basics: towels, sunscreen, flip flops (the sand can get really hot!), a change of clothes if you wish, and water to drink! It can be easy to forget any of these, especially drinking water, but staying hydrated in the heat is important!

5. Don’t sweat it!

As long as you’re getting to do some of the things you wanted, don’t sweat it if you can’t make time for some of the other stuff you were hoping to do. Relax and enjoy yourself and go with the flow if the plan doesn’t come together like you were hoping! At the end of the day, a one day beach trip is hard to plan and just try to squeeze in as much as you can!

Do you have any one day beach trips planned this year? Where are you visiting?

Rain, rain go away.

— — We’ve all been there: Opening our hotel room curtains expecting clear skies over blue water, only to be met with downpours.

Even if you plan your beach vacation around the wet and dry seasons, there’s always a chance of rain. If a sunny ocean getaway is your savior from a chilly winter or simply a time to get some R&R in a picturesque setting, getting rained out of your beachfront lounger can be quite a damper.

But before you throw in the wet towel and let inclement weather ruin your vacation, read on for our tips on how to make the most of a rainy beach trip.

1. Have a spa day

If you can’t get your relaxation time at the beach, there’s no better spot than a spa. After an hour (or several) of deep-tissue massages, aromatherapy treatments, coffee scrubs, and pedicures, you’ll forget about the rain and be back in bliss mode. If the rain isn’t too loud and the wind is minimal, use it to your advantage as pleasant background noise and book a treatment in a covered outdoor area with sea views.

2. Explore top attractions in the area
Even if a locale is known for its stretches of sand, it likely has a few top attractions that can be enjoyed indoors. Museums are the most obvious, but there are also aquariums and community playhouses that are ideal for rainy and cold-weather days. For instance, the several museums in San Diego’s Balboa Park, Waikiki Aquarium in Hawaii, and Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro are all popular spots to spend a day away from the beach.

3. Catch a movie
Although they may lack the historical, cultural, or artistic significance of above attractions, movie theaters are the tried-and-true way to beat a rainy day. Whether you’re catching the latest blockbuster, indie film, or documentary, you get around two hours of precipitation-free entertainment. Chances are there’s a movie out that you’re interested in seeing, and now you won’t feel bad about spending vacation time doing so. Bonus points if you can find an artsy cinema or old-fashioned theater that’s a bit more interesting than your neighborhood go-to. Additionally, several hotels have free movie screenings for days like these, so check with the front desk.

4. Take a self-guided food tour
Grilling hot dogs on the beach or eating on a seaside terrace will be out of the question, but foodies can curate a full day of wining and dining at the area’s most delicious eateries. If the city is known for certain specialties — like cuban sandwiches in Miami, lobster rolls in the Hamptons, and grilled octopus in Santorini — make it a priority to try local dishes. Yelp and TripAdvisor are good resources for finding fan favorites, or ask staff and other locals for in-the-know places. For those that would rather leave the work to the professionals, see if any companies in the area have food tours that can be booked on the fly.

5. Bust out the games
Whether you’re a party of one or 20, cards and board games are fun and cheap ways to keep occupied while the weather is unpleasant. A deck of cards won’t take up much room in your suitcase, and several games have phone apps instead of the traditional boxed variety. Others, like pictionary and charades, just require paper and pencil. Even better, many resorts have specific game rooms with pool tables, lounge areas with chess and checkers, and even arcade-style machines.

6. Keep cozy in bed
On your honeymoon or a romantic getaway when Mother Nature strikes? Take it as a sign that you two should stay in bed and keep each other company. Make use of the in-room intimacy kits and jetted bathtubs for adult fun, or order room service and watch a pay-per-view flick without fear of spilling crumbs on your own sheets. If there’s a good chance you’ll be encountering rain on your vacation, try and plan ahead with a good-sized room with all the fittings — or see if you can upgrade last-minute.

7. Embrace the rain
This doesn’t apply if there’s thunder, lightning, or flash flood-level water, but if rainfall is mild, embrace it. You won’t mind getting wet if you’re already playing in the pool or soaking in a hot tub. Or, as most travelers seek cover indoors, you can take a walk along the crowd-free beach. If there are hiking trails in the area that are doable in light rain, go there. Trees overhead will shield you from some of the drops, and streams or waterfalls along the way may be more mesmerizing thanks to added water. Remember that singing and dancing in the rain are surefire ways to keep smiling in less-than-perfect weather. Plus, you may be rewarded with an epic rainbow.

Ever wondered how your favorite pro bodybuilder transform their physique into insanely peeled in just days. Follow these 5 advanced key components.

Power Up with BodyFit

How to make the best of beach days

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How to make the best of beach days

Ever wondered how your favorite pro bodybuilder, action movie star or fitness model transform their physique from lean to insanely peeled in just a matter of days? It’s not camera trickery or crafty Photoshop techniques.

It’s a combination of hard work, strict dedication, dietary manipulations and advanced supplementation that will get you this ultra-dry, ridiculously peeled and vascular appearance. Even if you won’t be walking out onto an Olympia stage or starring in the next big blockbuster action movie, you can adopt a few of these tricks and tactics and deploy them when you want to showcase your most extreme muscularity.

Imagine captivating that group of girls by the pool, or capturing the attention of that super-hot fitness chick at your gym with your best-ever level of shocking muscle detail.

These advanced techniques won’t get you completely diced in five days if you’re carrying too much fat to begin with. You’ll need to strip enough of the off-season blubber to get your bodyfat into the single-digit range. Once you’re there, follow these simple shredding tactics and, in five days, you can reveal fully separated, dense muscularity riddled with rope-like veins and intricate muscle striations.

1. Understanding Subcutaneous Water

Before you can start your water-shedding process, it is important to know the location of the water you are trying to eliminate, and which water helps contribute to keeping your muscles looking their fullest. The skin is composed of two functional layers called the epidermis and dermis.

The epidermis is the top layer, which gives your skin a healthy color and acts as a barrier. Under the epidermis is the dermis layer, which contains fat cells, blood vessels, nerves, sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, lymphatic systems and connective tissue. It’s also in this layer that subcutaneous (“sub” meaning below and “cutaneous” meaning skin) water is stored.

When you need to achieve your most shredded conditioning, consider this water your primary target for elimination. By reducing the volume of subcutaneous water stored in the dermis layer, you can trigger the skin to wrap more tightly around underlying muscularity. This will help make intricate muscle details literally pop out from beneath the skin to produce a much more dramatic and visually pronounced appearance.

Two components of this five-day cycle – water manipulation and supplementation – are specifically designed to help you reduce subcutaneous water.

The other location of stored water for you to be concerned with is intracellular muscle water. Consider this volume of water to be your number one ally if your goal is to expose skin-stretching muscle fullness with granite density at the end of your five-day cycle. Lean muscle tissue is approximately 75 percent water. So the more water you can store in muscle cells, the fuller they will appear with a greatly volumized appearance.

In contrast to this, if you don’t manage your variables appropriately, you could end up with soft, deflated muscles when your five-day cycle is complete.

To help prevent this from happening, this program features two components – training and diet – which are both customized to maintain optimal muscle-hydration levels and intracellular volumization. The first way to encourage muscle cell volumization is through the process of glycogen depletion and glycogen supercompensation.

2. Glycogen Depletion Workouts

You’re not going to add any new muscle in five days, but you can dramatically alter the size and composition of your muscles to make them appear bigger. Muscle cells have a high storage capacity for glycogen (the stored form of carbohydrates).

In a normal adult, muscles can store about 250 grams of glycogen in the muscles and 100 grams in the liver in the fed state. When intramuscular glycogen levels are topped off, muscle density is at its peak and muscles are harder and fuller. This is in part due to an increased plasma component in the muscle cell that accompanies glycogen in a 3:1 ratio. When muscle glycogen levels are filled beyond a previously set threshold, glycogen “supercompensation” is achieved.

The primary goal of your training program during the first four days is to completely empty your muscles’ glycogen content, and then re-fill them with a strategic carbohydrate load before you need to hit your peak condition.

Many experts believe that glycogen depletion is best achieved using higher rep ranges such as 12-20 – typically more conducive to burning local stores of carbs in the muscle.

You’ll also want to avoid complete muscle failure during your sets and stay away from excessive negative contractions, which can both interfere with and delay glycogen replenishment. It might also stimulate your body to utilize precious amino acids as fuel, potentially cannibalizing your size by the second.

Remember, you’re not trying to tear down muscle tissue in these five days. You’re just emptying muscles of their glycogen content so you can prime them for a supercompensated state in the days to follow. To get you started, here is a sample four-day glycogen depletion program.

How to make the best of beach days

It may seem like this brutally cold February is an endless winter we will never escape from, but fear not — spring will be here, one day. In the meantime, there’s spring break, which is coming up faster than you think. In a few short weeks, you’ll be able to take a break from school and work, head somewhere tropical and warm, and wear a bikini instead of eight layers, three pairs of socks, and snow boots. Well, hopefully you’ll be able to do that.

For those of you who plan to spend spring break somewhere hot enough to hang on the beach all day, let me just first say how jealous as I am. Now let me say that you need to be prepared. It’s most likely been months since you hung out in the sun all day long, and while the sand and the ocean is definitely preferable over snow and slush, it’s still going to take a little bit of getting used to. That’s where these hacks come in.

Make sure you have the best spring break vacation ever by learning a few little tricks to make the beach even more of a paradise than it already is. And even if you’re not going somewhere warm this year and you’re silently cursing me, just save these for the summer, which I promise will be here sooner than you think. Maybe. Hopefully.

1. Put your iPhone in a plastic sandwich baggie when you go to the beach

The touchscreen still works through the plastic, so you can use your phone without ruining it in sand and water.

2. Keep a bottle of baby powder close by to get rid of sand

It takes moisture off your skin and hair, making it easier for sand to fall off.

3. Hide money in a Chapstick tube

It’s easy to carry around, and no one will look for it in there.

4. Hide alcohol in an empty sunscreen lotion container

This is perfect if you’re not supposed to bring booze on the beach. Obviously make sure you clean it really well first.

5. Forgot aloe vera? Use yogurt

Putting plain cold yogurt on a sunburn for about 10 minutes will relieve the pain if you’re in a pinch.

6. Is your bikini line irritated from shaving or waxing? Soothe it with chamomile tea

Chilled chamomile tea bags on the irritated area will get rid of redness.

7. Bring a pill container to hold any jewelry or small hair ties you aren’t using

This will keep them organized so little things don’t get lost in your beach bag.

8. Freeze your aloe vera in ice cube trays before you go out

When you get home, rub them on your skin to feel instantly refreshed.

9. Bring drinking straws in a travel toothbrush holder

Now you can drink in style!

10. Make your own ice pack by filling a freezer baggie with water, and then freeze it

Stick it in your cooler to keep drinks cold.

11. Sew pockets onto your beach towel

You can keep stuff in there AND weigh the towel down.

12. Hide a beer can or bottle in a big plastic cup

Drink out of it with a straw, and you’re good to go!

13. Make a coconut spray to keep your hair frizz-free and hydrated

Mix coconut oil with lavender oil and water, and put it in a spray bottle to bring to the beach. Spray it on your wet hair to keep it looking fabulous.

14. Get natural highlights while relaxing at the beach

Use this tutorial and mix coconut oil, lemon juice, water, and salt to lighten hair. Put it in a braid for the best highlight results.

15. Keep your feet looking great with Vaseline or lotion

The beach and sand makes feet dry and gross. At night, put on Vaseline or lotion, then wear socks and go to sleep. In the morning, your feet will be good as new.

How to make the best of beach days

One of the most popular ways to spend our downtime is at the beach. Whether you’re there for the day, or an entire summer holiday, there’s nothing better than popping on your favourite swimwear and relaxing by the shore.

If a trip to the beach is on your horizon, then why not make the most of it by looking stylish and fabulous while you enjoy the day in the sun? If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to look stylish on the sand, there are few easy ways to elevate your look and stand out from the crowd.

#1 – Choose the right accessories

Summer means scorching heat and bright sun. You need to protect your skin if you want to enjoy the best out of the summer, and you can do this by utilising stylish accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and beach cover-ups. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Sunglasses at the beach are a no-brainer, as they will help protect your eyes from the glare and give you a stylish look in an instant. Likewise, a great hat will not only protect your face, it will make your whole outfit. There are lots of different hat names out there, from dad caps to boaters, but whichever one you choose, you’ll want to make sure it gives you sufficient shade and isn’t going to blow away in the breeze!

Apart from keeping your skin and hair protected from the sun, the right accessories will complement whatever you are wearing and give you a trendy or sophisticated look.

#2 – Hairstyle

‘Beach hair’ may be a well-known style in it’s own right, but things can go a little bit too far and become unruly if you’re not careful. From sand-filled winds to an abundance of sea salt, the natural elements at the beach can make it hard to control your hair.

If you want to maintain your hair throughout the day and minimise damage after you leave, then consider using a treatment mask or a sun protection spray to keep it moisturised and tangle-free. You may also want to invest in a hair detangler brush to prevent knots and breakage.

How to make the best of beach days

#3 – Simple, comfortable outfits

When you’re dressing for a day at the beach comfort is key. Whether you choose a sheer beach cover-up, some cute shorts and a t-shirt, or a flowing kaftan, no matter what you wear, make it light and breezy.

Dark clothing absorbs sunlight, and will make you feel warmer than you need to be. Instead, opt for lightweight and lighter coloured clothes to keep you comfortable and cool. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and bamboo are the best choices for keeping cool in the sun.

#4 – Swimsuits

If you’re off to the beach this summer, obviously you will need a swimsuit or three. There is an endless array of swimsuit styles out there, and there’s something for every taste and body shape. When shopping for a new swimsuit, ideally, try before you buy. If ordering online, select several different styles in different sizes, and choose the one/s that make you look and feel your best. Keep an open mind, and you might be surprised at what you end up with!

#5 – Boho flair

Bohemian-style beachwear remains a popular beach style the world over. From Byron Bay to Bali and Brasil, teaming a bikini with a boho-style cover-up and oversized hat will give you a true boho style. Denim cut-off shorts with a pair of sandals is another great modern boho look.

#6 – Stylish Beach Party Outfits

If you’re going to a beach with a party aspect, then expect the adjacent bars to be full of people who want to enjoy a cool drink, relax, and party. In this case, make sure you take some pieces that can translate from the beach to the bar . Try wearing a maxi dress with heels, or some high waisted shorts over the top of a statement one piece. Again, hats, jewellery and sunglasses will help you complete the beach-to-bar transition with ease.