How to meditate on the third eye

Upgraded: April 27, 2020

This post was co-authored by Soken Graf. Soken Graf is a Meditation Coach, Buddhist Priest, Qualified Advanced Rolfer, and a Released Author who runs Bodhi Heart Rolfing and Meditation, a spiritual life training company based in New york city City, New York City. Soken has more than 25 years of Buddhist training experience and recommends business owners, company designers, owners, and specialists. He has actually dealt with companies such as the American Management Association as an expert for training courses on such subjects as Conscious Management, Cultivating Awareness, and Comprehending Knowledge: The Caring Concepts of Work-Life Balance. In addition to his work as a priest, Soken has accreditations in Advanced Rolfing from the Rolf Institute of Structural Combination, Visceral Control, Craniosacral Treatment, SourcePoint Treatment ®, and Cold-Laser Treatment.

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The pineal eye, or inner eye, is an energy center, situated in the center of the forehead, understood in biological terms as the pineal gland. Individuals think it has the capability to see and notice energies and things when it is triggered. Meditation on the pineal eye, called trataka, is among the very best methods to trigger the pineal eye chakra (ajna chakra), or energy point, and open yourself as much as the possibilities of higher sensation and understanding.

How to meditate on the third eye


Your pineal eye, or that 6th chakra that sits in between your eyebrows and assists you use your instinct in a brand-new method, has actually been around for as long as you have. That truth alone does not suggest you understand much about it, consisting of, on a fundamental level, what precisely it is. And while we’re on the matter, you may desire to understand how to open your 3rd eye? Fortunately specialists are here to clear things up– for all of your eyes to see.

” The pineal eye is an energetic center, or chakra,” states Erica Matluck, a naturopathic medical professional, nurse specialist, holistic coach, and creator of 7 Senses, which helps with health retreats. “Though it is not a real physical structure, it is related to the pineal and pituitary glands on the brain and situated on the forehead in between the eyebrows.”

Matluck describes that the chakra system resembles the organ system of the subtle (or energetic) body, and each chakra has a function or function. The function of the pineal eye? To gain access to clearness, insight and instinct. “It provides us the capability to see beyond what is physically present in the minute,” Matluck states. “Psychics and seers usually have actually extremely established pineal eye chakras.”

“[The third eye] provides us the capability to see beyond the what is physically present in the minute.” Erica Matluck, holistic coach and naturopathic medical professional

To that point, finding out how to open your pineal eye isn’t something you can always achieve in an afternoon– it takes a lot of time and work, consisting of putting a strong structure in location. “Prior to we open the pineal eye, it is essential to construct the energetic structure of the very first 5 chakras, beginning at the root (the very first chakra),” Matluck states. “Trying to open the pineal eye prior to dealing with the lower 5 chakras resembles finding out to leap prior to you can even base on 2 feet. Opening the 3rd eye too soon can result in a spiritual crisis– frequently viewed as psychosis.”

Simply put, if opening the pineal eye is your supreme objective, it’s time to get to deal with uncloging and stabilizing your other chakras (more guidance on that here!). You can begin taking actions towards opening that 6th chakra as soon as you have actually done that. Keep in mind, this takes time– so be client with yourself along the method.

Wish to know how to open your pineal eye? The following 11 pointers can assist.

1. Take notice of your dreams

Dreams can be complicated, disorienting, terrific, and frightening– however do not simply shrug them off each early morning when your alarm goes off. Want to them for aid in opening your pineal eye. “Take notice of your dreams. Compose them down, remember them, and listen to them,” recommends Matluck. Seems like it’s time to break open that dream journal, huh?