How to recall an email in gmail

Jun 21, 2020, 10:24 am EST | 2 min read

How to recall an email in gmail

We’ve all had moments where we’ve immediately regretted sending an email. If you’re in that position and you’re using Gmail, you have a small window in which to undo your mistake, but you only have a few seconds to do it. Here’s how.

While these instructions are for Gmail users, you can also undo sent emails on Outlook, too. Outlook gives you a 30-second window to recall a sent email, so you’ll have to be quick.

Setting the Email Cancellation Period in Gmail

By default, Gmail only gives you a 5-second window in which to recall an email after you hit the send button. If this is too short, you’ll need to extend the length of time Gmail will keep emails pending before it sends them. (After which, emails cannot be retrieved.)

Unfortunately, you can’t change the length of this cancellation period in the Gmail app. You’ll need to do this in the Settings menu of Gmail on the web using your Windows 10 PC or Mac.

You can do this by opening Gmail in your web browser of choice and clicking the “Settings Gear” icon in the top-right corner above your email list.

From here, click the “Settings” option.

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In the “General” tab of your Gmail settings, you’ll see an option for “Undo Send” with a default 5-second cancellation period. You can change this to periods of 10, 20, and 30 seconds from the drop-down menu.

How to recall an email in gmail

Once you’ve changed the cancellation period, press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the menu.

The cancellation period you’ve selected will be applied to your Google account as a whole, so it will apply to emails you send in Gmail on the web as well as for emails sent in the Gmail app on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

How to Recall an Email in Gmail on the Web

If you want to recall an email send in Gmail, you’ll need to do so within the cancellation period that applies to your account. This period begins from the moment you press the “Send” button.

To recall an email, press the “Undo” button that appears in the “Message Sent” pop-up, visible in the bottom-left corner of the Gmail window on the web.

This is your only chance to recall the email—if you miss it, or you click the “X” button to close the pop-up, you won’t be able to recall it.

Once the cancellation period has passed, the “Undo” button will disappear and the email will be sent to the recipient’s mail server, where it can no longer be recalled.

How to Recall an Email in Gmail on Mobile Devices

The process for recalling an email is similar when using the Gmail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Once you send an email in Google’s email client, a black pop-up box will appear at the bottom of your screen, telling you that the email has been sent.

The “Undo” button will appear on the right-hand side of this pop-up. If you want to stop the email from sending, tap this button within the cancellation period.

Pressing “Undo” will recall the email, returning you to the “Compose” draft screen in the app. You can then make changes to your email, save it as a draft, or delete it entirely.

Gmail has a neat feature where users can recall emails sent before they have reached the recipient. This feature is vital because, at any time, you could send an email to the wrong person or even an email to the right person but with the wrong text.

How to Undo a Sent email in Gmail

No one wants to make this mistake, especially if it has anything to do with business. So, what can we do to rectify this problem and ensure your recipients never get an email that could cause embarrassment on your end? Well, the folks at Google made sure to add a feature designed to solve this issue once and for all. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Click See All Settings
  3. Open the General tab
  4. Scroll down to Undo Send
  5. Change the cycle from 5 to 30 seconds
  6. Now send an email
  7. You will see a Message Sent notification
  8. You can click on the Undo link to unsend it.

Let us look at this in more detail.

1] Adjust the email cancellation cycle in Gmail

How to recall an email in gmail

OK, so by default, the Undo Send feature is activated, and from what we can tell, there is no way to deactivate it. We would love for Google to one day release an update that allows users to deactivate it, but we will not stress too much on that today.

Now, the default settings has Undo Sent at 5 seconds interval, but we would recommend changing this to a larger number. –>

In order to get this done, please click on the gear icon, then select See All Settings to move forward.

How to recall an email in gmail

Right away, you should see several tabs at the top, but you only need to click on General, then scroll down to Undo Send.

From here, change the cycle from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, which is the maximum allowed for now. –>

2] Cancel an email from sending

How to recall an email in gmail

After setting the Undo Send to 30 seconds, it is now time to give it a test run. Keep in mind that it is impossible to undo old emails sent for more than 30 seconds.

Alright then, go on ahead and send an email to someone in your address book. After hitting the Send button, look for the words Undo via the Message Sent notification. Click on the Undo button before the 30-seconds timer has run out, and right away, you’ll realize that your email was not sent to whomever.

It’s a pretty straightforward feature that everyone should take advantage of when sending essential email messages to family, friends, colleagues, business partners, and more. –>

Most of us want to recall an email in Gmail because sometimes, we send mail to a wrong person or sometimes you send a wrong mail to your clients or other people. We do this mistake many times but recalling email give you an option to get back your mail to drafts section and you can make edit work easily on it then you again send it to a right person.

This feature is very useful in office work.

How to Recall an email in Gmail on mobile

On Android and IOS devices, you will get the option of recall in Gmail app. you will get the option automatically in Gmail app.

  1. Open the app: Open your Gmail app and sign in.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  2. Tap on compose: Tap on the compose icon option at the top right corner to send a mail.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  3. Type the mail: Type the mail ID of the person whom you want to send a mail.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  4. Write the mail: Now write your subject and mail, you want to share and tap on the send option at the right corner at the top.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  5. Tap ‘undo’: Now app will show the ‘undo’ option at the bottom. Now you can undo it easily by tapping this.
    How to recall an email in gmail

You can do it quickly after sending it. File will be stored in drafts where you can make changes to your mail.

Steps to recall an email in Gmail

This service is applicable in Mobile and desktop both. You can easily recall your send mail in Gmail by following these steps:

  1. Open the browser: Open your preferred browser on desktop.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  2. Sign in with Gmail: Open Gmail and sign in to your Gmail account.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  3. Click on the settings icon tab: You see settings icon at the top right corner. Click on it.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  4. Click on the ‘settings’: Tap the option of ‘settings’ in given all options.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  5. Go to ‘general’: Settings will open from the ‘general’. If you don’t see this option, then click on ‘general’ option which is the first option in horizontal line at the top.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  6. Go to ‘undo send’ option: You will find various option in this tab. In ‘undo send’ option, you can easily choose the time for how much seconds, you want endo send option in your mail that you can recall it quickly.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  7. Choose the send cancellation period: Select the time on your preference. You will see number 5 to 60 which is time in seconds. 60 seconds is the best choice. You will get one minute for recalling your mail.
    How to recall an email in gmail
  8. Click on ‘save changes’: Click on ‘save changes’ option at the bottom to save your settings for recalling the mail.
    How to recall an email in gmail

Now you can recall your mails easily by using undo button. It will appear whenever you send a mail to someone. It will give you the time which you have chosen in settings to recall it.

30 or 60 seconds is enough to find out mistakes in the end that you can undo it quickly. If you undo the mail, it will be send to the drafts where you can make changes in the mail and send it again.

Gmail is our favorite tool for communications. It is safe, easy to use, and offers powerful features to make your personal as well as business emails meaningful and productive.

An email once sent is sent. Is it possible to recall a Gmail message?

Yes. Gmail allows you to undo a message, edit if needed, and send it again.

How to recall a message in Gmail

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and tap the Gear icon from the right side of the screen. Choose See all settings from the top.

2. Under the General tab of the settings, locate the Undo Send option.

Enable the feature and set the cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds. Within this time, you can recall a message without the recipient knowing. Scroll down to the bottom and save changes.

3. Compose your email as usual. After hitting the Send button, you will get the following message on the top.

It will be shown for the period you specified in step 2. Click on Undo to recall your email. Gmail will recall the sent email and redirect you to the previous screen to edit the message.

People make a lot of mistakes including sending emails to the wrong person or rather sending emails they were not intending to.

For instance, if you applying for a job and end up sending an incomplete or wrong message, that means you may not even get the job.

Wrongly written emails send the wrong impression to the receiver. But that’s not the image you want to create about yourself if you send an email you wish you would not have sent this is no need to worry.

Table of Contents

This Article Explains How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Gmail has a fast and reliable way to recall or undo an email. It’s a way of retrieving the sent email. That way, it won`t show in the receiver`s inbox.

This is how you can utilize the recall email Gmail feature on the web or mobile;

Step 1-Update Your Gmail Undo Settings

Initially, one could only recall sent emails in Gmail only if they have enabled the undo option. However, things are different these days. Google has improved the undo Gmail feature. Hence, it’s always active. But that doesn’t mean that you should not visit the Gmail undo settings to confirm if they active and well customized.

Once you sign in Gmail with your account, choose the gear button located in the right corner at the top adjacent to the email list. From that menu, click on Settings.

Step 2- Adjust the Settings Where Necessary

The special Gmail features are contained in the settings menu. So, you just have to adjust or activate them in Gmail. If you scroll through the General icon, you will spot the Undo Send. Here you are provided with the option to adjust/change the send cancellation duration. You can adjust the period to ten, twenty, or thirty seconds after you have sent your email.

In case you send the wrong email in Gmail, you may not realize it until after 5 seconds. So, to be on the safer side, the best you can do is to adjust the period beyond 5 seconds. 10 or 30 seconds can do. Once you are done, scroll down the settings section until you are at the bottom. You will see the save changes button. Click on it and rest assured that your changes have been saved.

The fact that you have the undo option does not mean that the sent email won`t appear in the receiver`s inbox. But once you recall the email, it will disappear from their inbox. However, chances are that the recipient may have seen it or even read. Therefore, the quicker you undo the email the better.

Step 3- Sending a Test Email

You already know how you are supposed to recall an email from Gmail. So, it’s no harm trying if the method really works. Just log in to your Gmail account and compose an email. You can address yourself in the email or rather a friend.

Once you are done writing the email hit the send button that’s normally blue. You will look at the lower corner of the Gmail window on the left side, a message will pop out indicating Message sent. If you look at the center of the notification, there will be an undo option.

In cause do nothing, the undo option will disappear and that’s a sign that your cancellation duration is over. Hence, there is no way you can recall the email sent since it’s already too late.

If you are confused about the span of your cancellation period, you can send try emails and recall them as many times as possible until you come up with a cancellation period that works best for you. That should be between 5-30 seconds.

Whenever you click on the Undo option, the email will reappear in a similar state just like when it was sent. That way, you can edit the content or change the recipient if at all you had sent it to the wrong recipient.

Alternatively, you can delete it, if it was not intended to be sent to anyone. Note, there is no set time for editing the content. So, take your time to avoid sending another wrong email.

Basically, the process of recalling an email from Gmail on Android or iOS is simple. The undo option pops out by itself once you have clicked on the send button. However, the undo option only appears for a short while. Once it vanishes that email can no longer be recalled. This is the reason why you are advised to act fast

When Should You Recall an Email in Gmail

Email Sent to the Wrong Person

You can recall an email if you sent it to the wrong person. Many times we are in a hurry to send emails and end get confused along the way. In such a scenario you can hit the undo option to get the email back and make sure it does not appear in the recipient’s inbox

Wrong Content

Wrong email content may not deliver the message you intended to pass. Furthermore, it creates a wrong impression on the receiver. You can end up losing an excellent opportunity in cases where you were looking for a job or applying to get a tender.

In most cases, the receiver won`t pay attention to emails that are not clear or full of errors. Such an email portrays you as a very incompetent person and no one wants to work with such a person. Hence, be sure to act quickly to save yourself the repercussions.

What happens Once You Recall a Message?

Once you undo an email in Gmail, the recipient can`t access the email. This is because the email will completely disappear from their inbox. However, even after recalling the message, the recipient will still see the subject line. But they will notice that you already recalled the email.


Finally, recalling emails from Gmail is easy and worth the effort. However, the time for message recalling is short hence requiring quick action. Follow the procedure described step by step and you will be able to get your message back before the recipient views it.

One can send or unsend messages from both a browser or the Gmail app. Check out how you can recall an email in the easiest way.

  • StaffStaff –>
  • Updated: October 9, 2020 3:38 PM IST

There are times when you send an email with either wrong information or with a big mistake. This is when you feel the need for an unsend button. While there is no separate button or feature to unsend an email on Gmail, you do get a short time to recall it after sending the mail. You might already be aware of this. When you send an email, an Undo button appears on the screen, which will be visible for 30 seconds max if you have set the timer in the settings. Also Read – Top Tech News today: WhatsApp asked to withdraw Privacy Policy in India, Mi Notebook 14 IC launched, and more

Once you press on the Undo button, the email will get canceled. Do keep in mind that if you press any other option on Gmail, the Undo button will immediately disappear as the page will be refreshed. One can send or unsend messages from both a browser or the Gmail app. Google even offers you a confidential mode in Gmail, which is a great option. So, if you enable this mode, recipients won’t have the option to forward, copy, print, or download the email. Now, read on to know more about how you can recall an email and choose time to undo it. Also Read – Google deleted these 163 malicious apps from Play Store, you should too

How to recall or unsend an email on Gmail?

Step 1: If you decide you don’t want to send an email, you have a short time after to cancel it. Right after you send a message, you can retract it: Also Read – Soon, users could buy products shown in videos from YouTube

Step 2: In the bottom left, you’ll see “Message sent” and the option to “Undo” or “View message”.

Step 3: Click Undo.

How to choose an amount of time to recall a message

Step 1: On your computer, go to Gmail.

Step 2: In the top right, click Settings Settings and then See all settings.

Step 3: Next to “Undo Send,” select a Send cancellation period of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

How to recall an email in gmail

We’ve all been there. That feeling of terror when you realize you hit send on an email at work that you shouldn’t have. Thankfully there are a few ways to recall that email so don’t panic.

Can you unsend an email in Gmail or Outlook?

It seems like such an obvious innovation, right? While recalling an email can be a bit complicated, it is possible in Gmail and Outlook to undo that send. Well, sort of. Let’s take a deeper look.

Unsending in Gmail

Gmail users everywhere, rejoice! You can unsend an email in Gmail after accidentally sending it. Simply follow the brief instructions below to recall your email in Gmail.

  1. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you should see a “Message sent” tab. You should see two options within that pop-up: “Undo” and “View message”.
  2. Simply click on “Undo” — the email will be recalled and you’ll have a second chance to get it right! Edit the email in Gmail as normal, and then re-click “Send” once you’ve finished correcting the email.

It’s important to emphasize that Gmail has imposed a few important limits for recalling emails. Unfortunately you are unable to unsend an email if you have clicked away from your email after hitting send. You’re also unable to unsend an email if you’ve waited longer than 30 seconds. Unless you’re immediately aware of your mistake, you can’t use the “unsend email” feature in Gmail.

So, can you unsend an email in Gmail? Yes. But the usability is limited, and there’s a giant asterisk next to the “yes”. And unfortunately, if you’re looking to unsend an email in Gmail after an hour or after a day, the best Gmail can do is encourage you to proofread and double-check attachments in the future.

(Thankfully, we can do a little better—check out our email sending best practices below!)

Unsending in Outlook

Outlook users are in a similar position to Gmail users; you can unsend email in Outlook, but there’s a catch. In Microsoft Outlook, you can either recall a given email or replace it with a replacement message.

Here’s the catch, though: this offering is only available if both you and your recipient have an Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account in the same organization. In other words, you can unsend email in Outlook if that email is internal and if it hasn’t been viewed yet. Otherwise you’re sadly out of luck. (Note: You’ll have to check the unread/read status of the email in question in order to determine whether it can be successfully recalled.)

If, however, these limitations fit the bill for your particular situation, it’s pretty simple and easy to unsend that work email. Simply double click to open the message you wish to recall and, under the Messages tab, select Actions > Recall This Message.

How to recall an email in gmail

You’ll then see a pop-up menu. You can select the option that best meets your preferences, either unsend the email or unsend the email and replace it.

Email best practices

Since neither of these overwhelmingly popular platforms has a truly ideal solution for recalling emails, the best remedy is to avoid the need to unsend email. Professionals around the world use DocSend to securely send important documents of all major file types with the knowledge that documents can always be updated after you send them—without changing the link you just sent out to your friends, family, or business partners.

How does this translate into your life? Let’s say you sent an important PDF using DocSend. After you hit send you realize there’s a typo on the third page. No big deal. Simply upload the new version, and you’re good! No race with the clock to recall an email before someone’s opened it. And no need to predict whether you’ve made an error before viewing what you’ve sent (looking at you, Gmail!).

How to recall an email in gmail

In fact, you can even share secure, easy to use folders of documents that can be updated in real-time without links changing.

Does all this sound exciting? If so, you can get started with DocSend for free and start sending documents the way they should be sent! If you have any questions, our support team would be more than happy to hear from you.

Whether you typed something you immediately regret or accidentally sent an email to the wrong person, we explain how to recall a Gmail message.

Hit send too early or changed your mind? Here’s how to stop and recall an email from Gmail

By Marie Black, Editor In Chief | 15 Jul 2020

The option to change your mind after you’ve sent an email from Gmail is one the most useful features for getting you out of a spot of bother, and it works both in the mobile apps and on desktop web browser.

Even if you’ve not yet sent a message you regret, you should check your Gmail settings now. That’s because Undo Send works for only 5 seconds by default and you can increase this to 30 seconds.

Also note that Undo will only appear if you’re sending from a Gmail account: the mobile app allows you to see other email accounts from other providers, but you can only recall an email when you sent it from a Gmail account.

Increase Undo Send Gmail to 30 seconds

How to recall an email in gmail

You will need to be using a PC or laptop browser to complete this step, because even when you opt to view the Desktop version of Gmail in a mobile browser you will be shown the old version that does not contain the Undo Send feature.

So on a PC or laptop, launch your web browser and open Gmail. Tap the cog icon at the top right and choose Settings. On the General tab look for Undo Send. To the right of this you’ll see ‘Send cancellation period’, by default set to 5 seconds, but you can tap on the drop-down menu to change this to 30 seconds. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

Do remember that if you increase this feature to the maximum length of time, no emails will leave your Outbox until 30 seconds have passed. So if people are complaining that the email you just sent them has not yet arrived, this is why.

How to Unsend Gmail on Android

How to recall an email in gmail

When you compose an email message in the Gmail app on Android and then tap the Send button it will automatically return you to the conversation view.

Watch carefully the bottom of the screen: you’ll see a black bar appear that says ‘Sent’ on the left, with ‘Undo’ on the right. (Again, remember that this will NOT appear if you sent the email from a non-Gmail account.)

Quickly tap Undo and you’ll be returned to the message composition screen, where you can delete or edit the email as required.

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Unsend Gmail on a PC or laptop

How to recall an email in gmail

Recalling a Gmail message on a PC or laptop browser works much the same as it does on Android.

After you have hit Send, look to the bottom left of the screen for an option that says ‘Message sent’, with further options to Undo or View message.

Click Unsend and the message will pop up onscreen again, so you can edit or delete as required.

You might like to know how to disable Gmail Nudges as well.

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Author: Marie Black, Editor In Chief

How to recall an email in gmail

Marie has been writing about tech for 15 years. Our resident Xiaomi expert and a follower of all upcoming phones, she is also the go-to for charging tech.

Billions of people use Gmail for email communication. Gmail is the best tool for many users who rely on it. It’s very important to make sure that you’re sending the email to the correct person.

By mistake, if you sent an email to the wrong person, you may lose your privacy and other sensitive data. Sending the email to the wrong person may lead to severe consequences.

Even if you send the email to the correct recipient, you may wish to recall an email for editing. In Gmail, you can recall a message using the undo feature.

Gmail supports the undo feature on both the web version and mobile app. Though it supports both platforms, the web version has more advantages. We’ll also see the difference in this guide.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to unsend an email in Gmail on the web and mobile.


  • Active Gmail account.
  • Web browser (To unsend email in Gmail on the web version).
  • Android or iPhone device (To unsend email in Gmail on the mobile app).

How To Recall an Email in Gmail on Web – Guide

  • Login to your Gmail account in any web browser. (I used chrome browser for this tutorial).
  • Compose a new email.
  • Add any recipient address and cc, bcc if necessary.
  • Add the subject and body of the message for testing.
  • Hit the send button.
  • Next to the “Message sent” info, click on the Undo link.
  • The message will be moved to an email compose screen for editing.

Note: By default, the time set to undo a sent message is 5 seconds. i.e., you can undo a message within 5 seconds. This grace time may not enough to Undo the sent email. After 5 seconds, the undo option will vanish. Before realizing that you’ve sent to the incorrect address, the recipient will receive the email.

Change the Send Cancellation Period for Undo Send in Gmail

  • Click on the Gear icon on the top right side.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for the Undo Send option.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow as shown above.
  • Set your preferred delay time.
  • Once, you’re done, scroll down and click on Save Changes.

Now, test it out again. Compose and send an email. If you’ve already set the delay timing to 30 seconds, you’ll have 30 seconds on your hand to undo the sent email. This is how you can recall an email in Gmail already sent.

How To Recall an Email in Gmail App – Guide

If you’re a mobile user, you can retract an email in the Gmail app. Gmail app in the iPhone also supports undo features. Thus, you can recall an email on iPhone and iPad devices.

To unsend an email,

  • Launch the Gmail app on your mobile.
  • Compose an email.
  • Give the recipient name, subject, and body of the message in respective fields.
  • Tap on the Send button.
  • Tap on the UNDO link as shown in the above snapshot. Then you could see the compose screen for editing the email.

Note: In Gmail app, there is no feature to change send cancellation period. Unlike web version, you have to act immediately to retract an email in Gmail app.