How to rename your amazon echo devices

Changing the device name

In the side menu, select Settings.

Click on one of the devices under Alexa Devices to open the settings specific to that device.

Beside Device name click Edit.

Type in a new name and click Save Changes.

Can I rename Alexa to something else?

Although you can’t change her name to whatever you want (there’s a menu with a few choices), there’s a way to change it right on the Alexa app. And changing her name couldn’t be easier.

Can I rename Alexa to Jarvis?

One thing you cannot do with Alexa is to get her to answer to the name Jarvis. You can change the wake word to “Echo”, “Amazon”, or now even “computer”, but not to just any name you want.

How do I rename my echo?

How to Rename Your Amazon Echo Devices

  • If you only have one or two Echos, it may not matter if they’re called boring and repetitive names like “John’s Echo” and “John’s Second Echo” in the Alexa app.
  • Select your first Echo device to access the device settings.
  • Scroll down to the “General” section and click on “Edit” next to the “Device name” entry.

How do I rename a list on Alexa?

To use the Alexa app:

  1. Go to the menu, and then select Lists.
  2. Select Create List, type a name for the new list, and then select Add (+).
  3. You can then rename, archive or delete a list any time.

When you have multiple Amazon devices at home, it’s a good idea to keep them organized. Switching between several Fire TV or Fire TV Sticks can be frustrating if they all have similar names assigned by default.

How to rename your amazon echo devices

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can easily change the name of any Amazon device by accessing your online Amazon account, making your smart home environment simple and easy to navigate.

This article will explain how to change your Fire TV and Firestick name in a few simple steps.

Change Your Fire TV Stick Name Via the Official Website

You can change the Fire TV Stick name by accessing the settings on Amazon’s official website. Before you do this, you should first check the name of the device that you want to change. Also, make sure that you know your Amazon credentials before you proceed.

Step 1: Check the Name of Your Device

Amazon assigns random names to each Fire TV Stick Device. Therefore, it can get a little confusing the more devices you own. Therefore, you need to know the exact name of your device before you decide to change it. Especially if you have a bunch of different devices, and you want to rename them all.

For example, if you want to change the name of your bedroom’s Fire TV Stick to ‘Bedroom’, you have to know the current name of the device located in the bedroom.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Fire TV Stick app.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings.’
  3. Navigate to ‘My Fire TV’ on the right.
  4. Go to ‘Fire TV Stick 4K’
    How to rename your amazon echo devices
  5. Note the assigned name under the ‘Device Name’ section.

You should do this to each different Amazon Fire TV Stick that you have in the house. Once you’ve written down the default names of the devices, it’s time to visit Amazon’s website.

Step 2: Access Your Amazon Account

The only viable way to change your Fire TV Stick name is through Amazon’s website. But first, you need to sign in to your Amazon account.

  1. Go to Amazon’s official website.
  2. Click the ‘Hello, Sign In’ menu on the top-right of the page.
  3. Type your email in the dialog box.
  4. Hit ‘Continue.’
  5. When prompted, type in your password.
  6. Click ‘Sign In.’

If you have multiple Amazon accounts, make sure that you log into the one that’s connected with your home devices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the desired Fire TV Stick on the list.

Now that you’re signed-in to the account it’s time to change the names.

Step 3: Changing the Device’s Names

To change the names, you should return back to Amazon’s home page first. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ under the ‘Let Us Help You’ section.
    How to rename your amazon echo devices
  3. Click on the ‘Your Devices’ tab to open the list of all available Amazon devices.
  4. Find the device that you want to rename and click on it. A new menu will appear below the selected device.
  5. Click the small ‘Edit’ button next to the device name.
  6. Choose a new name for the device.
    How to rename your amazon echo devices
  7. Click ‘Save.’

This will change the name of your device. Therefore, the next time you use your Fire TV Stick remote, you’ll know exactly which device you need to choose.

You can follow the same method above to change the name of any Amazon device. It doesn’t have to be a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you can also change the name of your Kindle, for example.

Change the Fire TV Stick Name on Your Phone

If you have a smartphone with an Amazon app, you can use it to change the name of your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Do the following:

  1. Open the ‘Amazon’ app on your smartphone.
  2. Click the ‘hamburger button’ on the top-left of the screen (three horizontal lines).
  3. Select ‘Your Account’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap ‘Content and Devices.’
  5. Tap on ‘Devices.’
  6. Select the Fire TV / or Fire Stick device that you want to rename.
  7. Tap the ‘Edit’ option, and the new screen will pop up.
  8. Choose the new name.
  9. Tap ‘Save’ and you’ll see a message saying that your device’s name is successfully changed.

Choosing the Right Name

If you decide to change the name of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, make sure that you rename it to something you can associate to that specific device. If you have multiple devices in your home, it’s best to name them according to the rooms they’re in, instead of some random names.

However, the final say is always up to you. If you’re not satisfied with some of the names you’ve been assigned, you can always follow the aforementioned steps and rename the devices again.

Do you have any name recommendations for Amazon devices? How would you name the ones in your home? Share your ideas with the community in the comments section below.

Amazon’s Alexa is the leading voice assistant with over 70% market share. It continues to gain even more popularity along with having more features. There is one downside of this increasing popularity and demand: The daily effect of Amazon’s name choice on the people whose names are Alexa.

The story of a 6-year-old child who is bullied by her classmates shows how Alexa might affect people’s lives in unexpected ways.

Can You Change Alexa’s Name?

Amazon won’t change the name Alexa anytime soon. Even if they do, the new name would create similar difficulties for other people. However, you can rename your own Alexa device. In other words, you can change the “wake word”.

The “wake word” is how Alexa knows that you are trying to communicate with her. She always listens the sounds around and prepare for an action when she hears the wake word. The action could be telling the weather forecast or starting the microwave. You name it.

Alexa sometimes may surprise you with unexpected responds such as “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now”. It’s annoying to hear this respond but it is not always difficult to fix it. Here are the steps to take if you come across to this issue: Solved: Alexa says “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now. Please try a little later”

How to Rename Alexa (Change the Wake Word)?

Changing Alexa’s name is as easy as following the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Settings
  3. Go to the Echo device you want to change the name of
  4. Click “Wake Word
  5. Select the new word. As of today, there are only 4 options: Alexa, Echo, Computer, Amazon
  6. Click “Save

How to rename your amazon echo devicesChange Alexa’s Name

The change is immediate. You can start using the wake word right away. If you have multiple Echo devices, make sure to change their names as well (you don’t have to but this will prevent confusion of knowing which Alexa to call what).

If your Echo device is showing a sliding yellow light, she might be trying to tell you two things. Check this post out for the meaning of the yellow light and what to do if you see it: Amazon Alexa yellow light (side-to-side)

Ask Alexa to Change Her Name

Yes, she can do that too !

If you don’t want to go to the dashboard and change settings as I explained in the previous section, you can ask her to make this change for you.

She will respond by saying:

Okay, you can choose from Amazon, Computer or Echo. Which of these do you like?

Tell her your preference. For example:

She will be a good girl:

Okay, you can call me Echo on this device in a few seconds

That’s it! Check out the short video below to hear this conversation:

Here is the related official documentation from Amazon.

When you say the wake word, Alexa may respond you back by saying “I am having trouble connecting to the internet”. Do not panic! It is probably an issue that is easy to fix. Check this post for possible solutions: Solved: Alexa says “I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the help section in your Alexa app”

How to Change Alexa’s Voice?

If you are tired of Alexa telling you the weather (or whatever you asked her to tell) with the same voice everyday, you can spice up things a little bit.

For instance, she can talk to you with a British accent! She can also speak in another language such as Spanish in case you are finally ready to improve your Spanish.

Follow the steps below for to change Alexa’s language or accent:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Settings
  3. Go to the Echo device
  4. Click “Language
  5. Select the new language. As of today, the options are:
    • English (United States)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • Deutsch
    • Chinese
    • English (India)
    • English (Canada)
    • English (Australia/New Zealand)
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Italian
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Spanish (Mexico)
  6. Click “Save Changes”

Have you tried turning on/off your lights and TV with Alexa? Check this post out: How to turn on/off lights and TV, change color and brightness of lights with Amazon Alexa

A quick guide to keeping your Alexa smart home organised and well managed

How to rename your amazon echo devices

The smart home tech linked to your Amazon Alexa app can all get a bit messy and, as a result, you might find that your Echo-powered smart home starts to fall apart a bit.

With Alexa pulling in multiple devices and scenes from a multitude of apps and skills – often using room and device names that are exactly that same – it’s very easy to confuse your digital assistant and create problems for your smart home voice commands.

If you’re sick and tired of hearing Alexa say, “A few things share that name, which one did you want?” or “Please try again using ‘percent’ for brightness or ‘degrees’ for temperature” after you give a basic smart home voice command, then this is the guide for you – it’s super simple to delete devices from Alexa.

Read on to find out how to overcome duplicate name and device issues and how to disable, delete or remove smart home devices from your Alexa smart home.

How to delete devices from the Alexa app

The first thing you should do, if you’re having problems with Alexa, is to have a bit of an audit of the devices (and scenes) that Amazon’s digital assistant has built up for your smart home.

You might find old devices lingering in the list from an old skill you used in the past and, often, just clearing up this list will get rid of some command confusion.

Through the Alexa smart home app, it’s actually a bit of a time-consuming chore to remove devices; albeit an easy task.

How to rename your amazon echo devices

1. Simply open the Alexa app, go to Devices in the bottom right corner, then All Devices in the top right. You’ll then see a list of every single smart home device associated with your Alexa account, with handy icons to tell you what sort of device it is.

2. To delete a device – if you’re certain you don’t want it any longer – simply select it and then tap the Settings icon, top right.

3. You’ll then see the details of the device, including the skill or app it was connected through.

4. Tap the trash can icon in the top right hand corner. You’ll see a pop-up and you just have to confirm you really want to delete it. That’s it, all done.

However, there is a quicker way, if you want to delete a lot of devices in one go by using the Alexa web interface on your PC or Mac, at Here’s how.

How to rename your amazon echo devices

1. Sign in using the Amazon account you use for Alexa.

2. Click Smart Home in the side menu and then click on Devices.

3. You’ll then see a list of all the devices associated with your account. Simply click Forget and click the blue Forget button that is in the pop-up, to confirm.

The web interface method is much, much quicker than deleting devices using the Alexa app.

How to disable smart home devices for Alexa

There are occasions where you might not necessarily want to remove devices from your Alexa setup, rather stop your digital assistant trying to control them.

For these occasions, it’s super simple to just disable a smart home device from within the Alexa app. Just use the exact same method described above, but on step 4 just toggle the Enable setting to off, rather than clicking that trash can icon.

When you do this, the device remains in your list of connected tech – down the bottom and greyed out. You can re-enable them at any time.

How to rename your amazon echo devices

How to organise smart home devices to avoid voice command issues

Many duplication issues arise from Alexa not knowing exactly what device you want to control when you ask a specific voice command.

For example, you might ask for the lights to be turned on in the kitchen, but have Alexa reply, “A few things share that name, which one did you want?“, because you don’t only have kitchen lights, but also smart heating, smart speakers or more.

There’s a few things you can do here to make your smart life easier. Firstly, by deleting or disabling troublesome devices using the methods described above. The latter is especially useful for things like Philips Hue, where not only individual smart bulbs are imported when you link your account through the Hue skill, but room settings as well.

Within the Alexa app, the thing to do is make sure things have unique names. Make sure things are labelled ‘light’, ‘heating’ and so on.

Sure, words like ‘light’ are natively used by Alexa, whether you label your smart bulbs with the word or not, but it does help if you are having issues with conflicting similarly named devices.

1. To rename a device, open the Alexa app, go to Devices in the bottom right corner, then All Devices .

2. Find the device you want to give a new name to and tap on it, then tap the Settings cog.

3. Click Edit Name and type in the name you want to use.

4. Tap the back arrow and you’re all done.

Have a play around with words and labels that feel natural and test out a few voice commands to make sure everything is now running as it should do.

You can indeed change the name that the Amazon Alexa enabled speakers respond to when you say it. Current choices are, “Alexa…,” “Amazon…,” “Computer…,” and “Echo…”

The word is the name you call out when you want the popular voice assistant to wake up and start listening for a follow-up command / question. It’s how you “get her attention,” so to speak. This setting is not customizable beyond these choices; at least, not yet.

You might wish to change this name for a particular Echo speaker device, so that they don’t all respond at once when you call her. This name is speaker-specific. So if you have multiple echo speakers around the house, you could assign each one a different trigger word

Following are instructions on how to set this watch word for a specific Echo device connected to your Amazon account.

How to Change Alexa Name or Rename Her, Step by Step

1. Find the Alexa App on your Mobile Device

Our copy of the app is located on the third page of the home screen on our iOS based iPad tablet, as shown next.

How to rename your amazon echo devices iOS Home screen with Alexa App highlighted.

2. Then, Run the Alexa App to Change Alexa Name

You should then get the Alexa app Home screen, similar to the picture displayed next.

How to rename your amazon echo devices Amazon Alexa app on iOS, displaying the Home screen, with the Settings option highlighted.

3. Tap the Settings Option to Continue with How to Change Alexa Name

Find the Settings item highlighted by the pink arrow in the last picture.

Touching this item brings up the Settings screen, as shown next.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Settings- screen, with the -Living Room- speaker highlighted.

4. Tap the Echo Speaker Whose Name you Wish to Change

We’re going to change the Living Room speaker’s trigger word here. So, when we tapped that device on the screen above, we got the next screen back.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Device Settings- screen for our -Living Room- speaker, with the -Set Wake Word- option highlighted.

5. Tap the Wake Word Item

Find this pointed at by the pink arrow in the last picture.

You should then see the Change your Wake Word screen, similar to the following.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Change Your Wake Word- screen, with the Choices pull down menu highlighted.

6. Tap the Wake Word Choices Pull Down Menu Item to Continue with How to Change Alexa Name

Find this pointed at by the pink arrow in the last picture.

That menu then expands, and appears as follows.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Change Your Wake Word- screen, with the Choices menu expanded.

7. Tap the Wake Word Name Choice you Wish

In our case, we’re changing our living room speaker to Computer . So, we tap the Computer item on that menu.

The app then returns us to the Change Your Wake Word screen as follows. But now, the value in the Wake Word Choices pull down combo box is Computer , as shown.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Change Your Wake Word- screen, with the -Computer- option selected, and the -Save- button highlighted.

8. Tap the Save Button to Change Alexa Name

See the Save button highlighted in the last screenshot.

Then, the Changing Wake Word window pops up briefly, as shown following.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Changing Wake Word In Progress- window in the Alexa app.

Next, the Wake Word Changed window appears as follows.

How to rename your amazon echo devices The -Wake Word Changed- screen, with the -Close- button highlighted.

9. Press the Close Button

Your Alexa Echo speaker should now respond to her new name. Test it out.

Some Bluetooth devices can be renamed, such as AirPods. However, Renaming is not an option for the Amazon Echo Dot. I have five of them, and all of them have weird names, such as AQ-W23Z,. I want to rename them in my Bluetooth list of devices, but it is not an option. Some devices can be renamed, while others cannot. Can this feature be added to the next iOS update. A lot of people online have been asking for this.

Posted on Jan 26, 2019 5:46 PM

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Can you rename them from the Amazon Alexa app?

Jan 26, 2019 5:59 PM

I know you tried to help, and thank you, but you didn’t follow my question correctly, therefore your answer wasn’t correct. You can rename the echo dots within the Alexa app (I did that already), however, apple doesn’t let you rename the echo dots within the Bluetooth list on the iPhone. There are instructions online how to rename devices in the Bluetooth list as listed on your apple device, but in tiny print, there is a disclaimer that this works on SOME devices. For fun, I tried to rename my AirPods in the Bluetooth list of devices on my iPhone X, and it WOULD allow me to rename it—no problem there! When I followed the exact same steps to rename my echo dots in the Bluetooth list on my iPhone X, apple would NOT allow me to do that. Apparently, Android devices can rename all Bluetooth devices and there are no restrictions for them. On the other hand, apple must decide which devices can and cannot be renamed in the Bluetooth list on your apple device.

If Alexa can’t find your ecobee, it’s possible that either Alexa is having trouble identifying your thermostat by name, or Alexa has not yet discovered and recognized your thermostat as a Smart Home device.

Please ensure that the name of your ecobee device is easy for Alexa to understand. For best results, try and follow these naming conventions:

  • Avoid using any special characters in your thermostat’s name (hyphens, ! or ?, @,$)
  • Avoid using numbers in place of letters, or vice versa (i.e: “ec0b33” in place of “ecobee”)
  • Try to keep the thermostat’s name to a reasonable length
  • Choose a name that is descriptive of your ecobee
  • Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce
  • Choose a name that is distinct and different from any other Alexa controlled devices. For example, if your ecobee thermostat is named “Living Room”, ensure you have no other Smart Home devices named “Living Room” discovered by Alexa
  • Ensure the name of your device matches the name listed under Alexa’s Smart Home Devices list in your Alexa account

Renaming an ecobee thermostat:

To rename your ecobee thermostat, go to MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > PREFERENCES > THERMOSTAT NAME on the thermostat, or login to and then click SETTINGS, then PREFERENCES.

Renaming an ecobee room sensor:

To rename an ecobee room sensor, go to MAIN MENU > SENSORS, tap the sensor, then tap RENAME. This can be done on the thermostat, the app, or the web portal.

Renaming an ecobee Switch+:

To rename an ecobee Switch+, open up the ecobee app, tap “Switches” in the bottom right corner of “My Devices,” then tap the Switch+ you wish to rename, tap the MAIN MENU icon in the bottom left, then tap “Device Info” and finally “Device Name.”

NOTE: If you rename an ecobee device, you may also need to have Alexa rediscover it in order to recognize the new name.

1) Open the Alexa app

2) Tap the Home icon in the bottom left

3) Tap the Main Menu icon in the top left

4) Tap “Smart Home”

5) Tap “Add Device.” Once discovery is completed, Alexa should see the newly-assigned name of your device

If you have recently added a new ecobee thermostat or Switch+ to your ecobee account, or have recently paired a room sensor, you may have to allow Alexa to discover it before Alexa will recognize it.

On the Alexa app:

1) Tap the Main Menu icon in the top left

2) Tap “Smart Home.” This will display a list of all connected smart home devices, including ecobee thermostats, room sensors, and light switches, along with their names

3) Tap “Add Device”

Alexa will then discover any newly-connected devices. This process usually takes 20 seconds.

On the Alexa website:

2) Click “Smart Home” on the left-hand side of the screen

3) Click “Devices.” This will display a list of all connected smart home devices, including ecobee thermostats, room sensors, and light switches, along with their names

4) Click the “Discover” button

Alexa will then discover any newly-connected devices. This process usually takes 20 seconds.

Alexa, play that funky party mix

How to rename your amazon echo devices

If you want to create your very own playlist using Alexa, and fill it up with bangers as you hear them, you’re in luck. Making and editing playlists is simple, and you can do it all with your voice.

There is a caveat, however. You can only do this using Amazon Music, as Spotify doesn’t afford you that control using voice – although there are IFTTT applets out there that can can add songs played by Alexa to a Spotify playlist.

If you have Spotify set as your default music service on your Echo speaker, you’ll need to switch it back to Amazon’s in-house streaming service to really get to grips with creating playlists with your voice.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to create and edit your playlists with Alexa.

How to create a playlist with Alexa

First things first, you’re going to need to make sure that you have Amazon Music. Unfortunately, creating a playlist with Alexa is only available with Amazon’s own service. – Spotify, Apple Music and other music service subscribers are out of luck here.

Once you make sure you have that, the rest is pretty easy. Make sure the Amazon Music skill is connected and then just say the following.

1. Say “Alexa, create a new playlist.”
2. Alexa will ask you to name the playlist.
3. Name the playlist.

See? Easy. Once you do that, your playlist is all named and ready to go. Congratulations.

Of course, you can also get more specific with it if you like. You can name your playlist whatever you like. Here are some examples:

“Alexa, create a ‘road trip’ playlist.”

“Alexa, create a ‘morning smoothies’ playlist.”

“Alexa, create a ‘super sleep’ playlist.”

“Alexa, create a ‘party time’ playlist.”

“Alexa, create a 70s playlist.”

How to rename your amazon echo devices

How to edit a playlist with Alexa

Editing a playlist is another matter, and it’s not as fully featured as you’d hope. It can only be done when listening to a song with either Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited. When you’re listening to a tune and you’re really digging it, just do the following:

1. Say “Alexa, add this song to my playlist.”
2. Alexa will ask which playlist to add the song to.
3. Choose the playlist.

Voila! You’ve added a song to your playlist. Now, deleting a song from a playlist is currently impossible. In fact, if you ask Alexa to delete a song it’ll get confused. So if you want to delete songs from your playlist, you’ll have to do it manually via the Amazon Music app or via the web.

Regardless, a hearty congratulations is in order. You now know how to create and edit music playlists with Alexa.

‘Alexa, switch on the kitchen’

As we at GearBrain have previously explained, there are numerous benefits to having more than one Amazon Echo device in your home. After adding the second Echo to your network, you’ll want to get yourself familiar with the Smart Home page of the Alexa app.

This is where the real magic begins — and where Alexa shifts gears from a music-playing, all-knowing fact machine, to the hub for controlling every aspect of your home smart.

Read more:

After completing this guide, you will have a system where lights and other smart home devices can all be controlled with a single voice command — even if they are in different rooms, or on different floors of your home.

Introducing Echo Flex – Plug-in mini smart speaker with Alexa

How to rename your amazon echo devices

What is the difference between a Smart Home Group and an Amazon Multi-Room Music Group?

The differences here are subtle, but it is worth us explaining them now so that the rest of this guide makes sense. A Smart Home Group allows you to control several devices at once by speaking to Alexa. Initially, this makes most sense when talking about smart lights, like those from Philips Hue and Lifx.

The Alexa app lets you create a Smart Home Group for each room of your house. These can be named ‘Kitchen’, ‘Lounge’, ‘Dining Room’, ‘Bedroom’ etc. You can then assign devices located in each room to the Smart Home Group of the same name — for example, you can assign all smart lights in your bedroom to the group called Bedroom.

As well as lights, you can add devices like air conditioning units, heaters, smart plugs, coffee machines, motorized window blinds and more. Once set up, a phrase like “Alexa, turn on the Lounge” will activate every smart home device in that room. Alternatively, you can tap On and Off buttons on the group icon in the Alexa app. Each group icon has an on/off switch for each type of devices in that room – in my case this means a switch for all of the lights in the room, and another for the one smart plug I have in there.

On the other hand, an Amazon Multi-Room Music Group is basically a network of speakers. This could be a set of Amazon Echos, or a couple of Echo Dots which you have connected to speakers you already own. Once set up, you can ask Alexa to play a track, album, artist, genre or radio station on a specific device, in a single room, across a floor, or across your entire home.

For more on setting on Multi-Room Music, read our guide here.

Name your devices

Before creating a group, you should name your devices. By default, Echo speakers are given names like ‘David’s Echo Dot’ and ‘David’s 2nd Echo Dot’. This is fine if you only have one, but can become confusing if you move the devices around or move house, and forget which Echo is which.

It might seem fun to give each device an amusing name, but this will quickly lose its appeal when you forget which name goes with the Echo in a certain location. I have two Echo Dots and an Alexa-equipped Sonos One in my home, with the Dots each connected to speakers with 3.5mm audio cables.

The Dot in the office is called Office Echo Dot and the one in the lounge is called Lounge Echo Dot.

Sonos One SL – Microphone-Free Smart Speaker – Black

How to rename your amazon echo devices

To rename your Echo devices:

  1. Open the Alexa app or head to
  2. Tap the Devices button in the the lower-right corner
  3. Tap on the Echo & Alexa button in the top-left
  4. Tap the device you want to rename
  5. Tap on Edit Name
  6. Enter the new name and tap Done

How to create and name a Smart Home Group

  • Return to the Alexa app home screen, if you aren’t there already
  • Tap on Devices in the lower-right corner
  • Tap the + icon in the top-right corner
  • Tap on Add Group
  • Name the group by typing or tapping on a room name, then tap Next
  • Tap on all of the devices you want in this group, then tap Save

As an example, below, I created a new group called Bedroom and added all of the smart lights in that room to the group, plus a smart plug attached to a heater.

I can now say: “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights” to have all four lights switch on at once.

How to rename your amazon echo devicesAdding a smart home group in the Alexa app GearBrain

If you have a house full of smart lights and other web-connected devices, you can say ‘Alexa, turn the kitchen on’ to switch on the lights in that room, and even power up your coffee machine. It doesn’t matter which Echo device you issue the instruction to, so you could ask the kitchen to be switched on while still in bed, then walk downstairs just as your coffee is being poured.

Similarly, ‘Alexa, switch off the lounge’ could turn all the lights and television off, turn the heating down and close the window blinds. As well as controlling individual rooms, you can assign devices to broader groups called ‘Upstairs’, ‘Downstairs’, ‘Cellar’ and ‘Garden’.

If you are already in the room, you can just say: “Alexa, turn on the room” or “Alexa, turn on the lights” to the Echo speaker in that room.

To add a new device to any group:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Tap on Devices in the lower-right corner
  3. Tap on the group you want to change
  4. Tap Edit in the top-right corner
  5. Tap on the devices you want to add to the group.

Now all that remains is to buy those smart lights you always promised yourself.

Don’t forget to visit GearBrain’s What Works with Amazon Alexa to see the connected devices that work with Amazon Echo and Alexa enabled devices.

Introducing Echo Buds – Wireless earbuds with immersive sound, active noise reduction, and Alexa