How to score a cheap amazon prime subscription for prime day

How do I get free, or cheap, Amazon prime membership?

I did the 30 days free trial towards end of last year, then it converted to $4.99 month.
I now see it’s either $6.99 month, from the 23rd, or $59 annual.

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How to score a cheap amazon prime subscription for prime day


You don’t. That’s the price.

what if create new account can you get another 30 days free trial now? (with diff email, same name, address and credit card).

i have never applied and just waiting for a very good deal to apply for free trial

Haven’t tried that yet. I was hoping to keep the same account.

I have 4 accounts with same details except phone/email
From the beginning $20 off $79 code.
I use one main account, have used the maccas coupon promo on each account and free trial on another prime day when the item was limited to one per account.

Have not encountered any issues.

If you don’t mind sharing, do you think you received value for your subscription costs?

I don’t use the prime TV.
I’ve bought a few items leading up to Xmas from Amazon. (Au)
But that likely to ease off a bit now.

I’m not sure $59 a year is worth it.

Had a skim through Prime TV, pretty lackluster tbh.
But seriously considering the yearly fee for free expedited shipping and early access to deals (but will have to see now that Boxing Day and Christmas sales are over).
FWIW my $99 3DS XL was ordered on 26th Dec, shipped on 27th and delivered on 28th. That’s some serious speed considering puplic holiday and whatnot.

If i pay for amazon for the next 13 years im still ahead 😂

could you share the membership with someone else?

There was this Amex deal a little while back. Cannot say if and when they will offer this again though.

If your not using amazon much and want to keep the same account.
Is it feasible to selectively pay the $7 for a month when your going to place an order that would incur a postage fee?

Some sellers offer free postage and amazon filled orders over $49 are free.
Some sellers have postage regardless off prime membership.

Only “hack” type I’ve noticed was after my free 30 days and rolled onto monthly billing I elected to pay annual membership about 12 days into the month, they refunded that single month payment, lol 12/365 days free not sure how far into the month they refund but that was a 3% savings 😉