How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Skype is one of the best free internet calling apps there is. If you are an avid Skype user, then you can attest to its greatness. But there are many more additional features to take advantage of other than video chatting.

One of the most useful features of Skype is the ability to share your screen on the app. All it takes is a click of a button, and you can invite multiple family members and friends to the conversation.

How to share your screen on Skype (PC)

You’re most likely using the Classic Desktop software if you’re running an OS that’s anything other than Windows 10 . Fortunately, Microsoft gives us a unified experience, even between both versions. They look and act the same, so deciding on one version over the other really just comes down to our personal preferences.

With that in mind, this guide applies to both Skype versions that Windows offers, even though the screenshots included represent classic desktop software.

Step 1: Start your call by selecting a contact on the Recent Chats list and clicking the phone icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2: The next step depends on your video call. With the Recent Chats panel hidden, you’ll see a double-square Share Screen icon on the hideaway toolbar. Click that icon to proceed.

If the Recent Chats panel remains open during your call, click the three-dot More Options icon on the hideaway toolbar. Select the Share Screen option on the pop-up menu.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Step 3: The Share Screen interface temporarily replaces your call screen. If you have just one screen, then you’ll likely only see one window. For PCs with two or more screens, click on the screen you want to share and then click the Start Sharing button. You’ll also see a toggle to stream the PC’s sound.

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Step 4: You are now sharing your screen! A small red line appears around the bounds of your selected screen, indicating it’s currently streaming to your contact.

For PCs with multiple screens, you can switch between screens. Click the Screen Sharing Options or More Options button — depending on your current view — and then select the Switch Screen or Window entry on the pop-up menu (see the screenshot in Step 5).

Step 5: To stop sharing, click the double-screen icon, and select the Stop Sharing option on the pop-up menu. Use this method during calls with the Recent Chats panel closed.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

If the Recent Chats panel remains open during your call, click the three-dot More Options icon and select the Stop Sharing option on the pop-up menu.

How to share your phone screen on Skype

Screen sharing is available on most modern devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android hardware, but this guide focuses on the screen sharing process using an iPhone X.

Step 1: Call contact by clicking their name on your contact list. Press the phone icon located at the top right corner of the window.

Step 2: While the call is streaming, tap the screen, and an icon will appear in the screen’s bottom right corner. Tap it, and a menu will open.

Step 3: Select the Share Screen icon from the menu, and a screen will pop up.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Step 4: Tap on the Skype listing, then the Start Broadcast button.

Step 5: Your contact can now see your screen. You can broadcast what you wanted to share by switching to the appropriate app. Open Skype again and tap on Stop Broadcast, and the broadcast will cease.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Once you get a little more comfortable sharing your screen on Skype, you might be interested in learning how to record your favorite calls.

Sharing screen with someone else was real trouble for many people because it was used to only happen with screen recording applications. Now Skype can also use the remote control or screen sharing in the Android and iOS devices. It’s a great feature because while video calling or in any meeting conversation, this type of feature is way too helpful to represent the documents. If you are working from home and having group discussions or meetings, so this screen sharing feature will make a lot of things easy for others to understand.

How to Share your Android Screen from Skype

Launch the application, but remember that you need to use the latest version of Skype because, in the latest version, you will have this feature. Before using this screen sharing feature, you need to give permission to the app for video and audio recording compatibilities.

Go on the conversation, and for sharing the screen, you need to tap on the video call button.

After your call accepted, tap on the three dots located on the below right side corner. Look on the “Screen Sharing” option and click on that. In your Android, it will ask for your permission in the Skype application. Press on the “Start Now” button. If you don’t want to ask the same question, then you can press on the box of “Don’t show again.” Your device’s screen sharing will start. After that, you can minimize the application or switch the application to show the active display of your device. To stop the process after using the screen sharing, you need to go back to the Skype app, and there you will see “Stop screen sharing” to stop the sharing screen.

How to Share Screen in Your iPhone Device Using Skype

In the iPhone, the procedure will be quite different from the android devices. This feature is available in iOS after version 11. iPhone and iPad both devices are compatible, and in the conversation section of Skype, you need to tap on the “Video Calling” option.

Tap on the “three dots” on the “Below Right Corner” side. Select the “Screen Sharing” option. After doing it, you will see the overlay of the tap of screen recording that will ask for the broadcast for which application. You need to choose Skype to use the screen-sharing and tap on the “Start Broadcasting.” In the above side of the display, you will see a red color of the bar, which represents that your device’s display is getting broadcasted. You can open any application during this. After completing it, you need to again open the Skype application and press on the “Stop Sharing” display to stop sharing. By following these tips, you will be able to begin and close the process of screen sharing. Well, it does not take much time to understand the whole procedure, although it’s all available in the Skype app. If you are using the latest version of the app, then it will be available on your device.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Skype users have long been able to share their Mac or PC screen. But now the feature has come to iOS and Android. Here’s how to use it with your phone or tablet.

We’ve shown you how to use Skype to share your computer screen but the feature was limited to Macs and PCs. Now, with a recent update, Microsoft has brought the screen share feature to the mobile version of Skype. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, here’s how you can use the Screen Share feature. This will allow you to show your device’s screen with the other person.

Use Skype Screen Share on Android or iOS

To start, open the Skype app on your Android or iOS device and start a video call with one of your contacts. After the call has started, tap the options button (three dots) at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

From there tap the “Start Broadcast” button. That’s all there is to it. Now your contact will be able to see your phone or tablet’s screen and you can show them what you need to.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

The screen sharing ability can come in handy in several situations. Maybe you’re on the go and need to help your friend or family member with the feature on their phone. You can walk them through the steps by showing it to them. Or, maybe you need to show off a document or presentation to your boss. Or, as Microsoft suggests: “Maybe you want to shop online with your best friends, or you need to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of your couch.”

Whatever the case, this is a long overdue feature that Skype users have been able to use on their computers. Our phones and tablets continue to be more powerful, now you can do work or play from virtually anywhere.

This new option is available on iOS and Android. However, it’s worth noting that it needs to be Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you need to be running iOS 12 or later.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Screen sharing on Skype is now available to the masses, as the feature is officially out of beta and rolling out to iOS and Android devices right now.

Although Skype is no longer the most popular video messaging platform on mobile, the Microsoft-owned video chat application has some nifty features and boasts over 1 billion users worldwide. The addition of this screen sharing feature to the mobile Skype application might even open up a new audience for the platform.

Officially announced on the Skype blog, the app is still great for cross-platform video calling where you might need (but not want) to offer family tech support or show someone how to do something on their mobile device for instance.

“Skype has always been the easiest way to share your screen with others, and now we’re taking one of our most popular features on the go,” wrote the Skype team in a blog post. “Whether you have a last-minute meeting on the go, or your dad doesn’t know how to use his phone — screen sharing on Android and iOS lets you get it done from anywhere.”

You will need to be running at least iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad and Android Marshmallow on your Android smartphone or tablet to utilize the new screen-sharing feature. Once you’ve updated you can start streaming your screen with little-to-no fuss whatsoever.

How to use ‘Screen Sharing’ on Skype for iOS and Android

  • On Android – Tap the more button then the screen sharingbutton.
  • On iPhone and iPad – Tap the more button then the screen sharingbutton. In the confirmation window, select Skype then Start Broadcasting.

More on Skype:

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How to share your iphone or android screen using skype


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How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

This guide is about the How to Share Screen with Skype on iPhone & iPad. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide How to Share Screen with Skype on iPhone & iPad.

Skype is one of the most popular video calling services, allowing you to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers no matter where you are or they are, using only your iPhone or iPad (or other devices).

In addition to just video chat and group video calling, Skype lets you share your device’s screen. This is what we’re going to focus on here, so read on to learn how to share your iPhone or iPad screen via Skype call.

If you use Skype to video conference with your colleagues, screen sharing can be especially helpful. This feature allows you to share the content on your device with all participants in a video call, making it easier to perform presentations and other work-related tasks.

Sharing your screen with Skype on iPhone and iPad

To take advantage of this screen sharing feature, your iPhone or iPad must have iOS 11 or later to have the native screen storage feature. You also need a Skype and Microsoft account to get started on your Skype device. Let us now, without further ado, take the necessary steps.

    Open the Skype app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

That’s it. You’ve now learned to show sharing when you’re on a Skype call on your iPhone and iPad.

Skype is not the only video calling service that allows you to share your screen. Therefore, if you’re not interested in Skype features, you can try sharing your screen with Zoom, or use Google Hangouts to share your screen in much the same way through the iOS Control Center. With both of these services, you can also share the screen with up to 100 participants, which is twice as much as what Microsoft offers. So if you’re attending a huge online meeting, Skype may not be making the cut. In addition to screen sharing, there are many other video conferencing options available, such as Zoom meetings on iPhone and iPad, group FaceTime video calls with iPhone and iPad, and Group FaceTime on Mac and others.

While Skype has always been a popular choice for video calling among the masses, it is perhaps even more relevant and useful than ever now in the quarantine period, when many people are just at home or working and training from home.

We hope you enjoyed Skype’s screen sharing feature, which is available on the iPhone and iPad. If not, what other options have you tried to share the screen on iOS and iPadOS, and how does it compare to Skype? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Since we all are working from home nowadays and it does not matter if we are working from the office as well, we all are using Skype for client calls, office meetings, and presentations. If you’re a beginner to Skype, knowing Skype features is vital. Through Skype, we can share our screens of windows, android, and iOS.

If you know how to share your screen on Skype it is really useful in multiple situations. Whether you need to show presentations in meetings or want help with your computer. We can use Skype screen sharing to broadcast our devices. Through this blog, I am going to show you how to share your screen on Android, Windows, and iOS using Skype.

Let’s get started.

How To Share Screen On Skype From Different Devices:

How To Share Screen on Skype From Windows 10:

To share the screen on Skype from Windows 10, you need to install “the classic desktop app Skype” and the UWP app that comes with Windows 10 already installed. While you use the UWP app for sharing the screen, it does not set any limits for sharing or broadcasting the entire display.

Below-mentioned is the steps to share the screen on Skype from Windows 10:

1. Download or install Skype.

2. Start a video call with the people or group you wish to share the screen with.

3. The call will show connected when they will answer the call.

4. Skype displays video through the webcam.

5. On the downright side, you will see an icon of the sharing screen (like the below-mentioned screenshot).

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

6. Tap on the share screen icon.

7. If you are not able to see the share screen icon, expand your screen. Or else you can click on more options.

Small Tip- If you are using dual monitors, you can get a preview of both screens, and you can click on the one you wish to share.

8. A drop-down menu will appear on the share screen wherein the Share screen option is enabled as default. You can select your options.

9. Once you are done, tap on start sharing.

10. In case you are sharing an application window, Skype highlights the window with a red border to show you what you are sharing on the screen.

11. Once you are done sharing, you can tap or click on the stop sharing option.

12. After tapping or clicking, you can resume with your video chat.

How To Share Screen on Skype From An Android Phone:

Below mentioned are the steps to share the screen on Skype from an Android Phone:

1. Start Skype video or audio call from your Android phone.

2. After connecting the call, tap on the screen to show option then tap on “More Options” available in the right down corner of the screen.

3. After More Options, tap on the Share Screen button available on the lower-right corner.

4. You will get a pop message to confirm “start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen” tap on “don’t show again” to avoid Skype asking the same message every time you wish to share your screen on Skype and then tap on “Start”.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

5. You will see a real-time banner that your phone is sharing the screen and under the message, there is a stop sharing option available as well.

6. Once you have completed sharing your screen on Skype, you can tap on the “stop sharing option” and continue with your call. Additionally, if you will directly hang up the Skype call, the phone will stop sharing the screen automatically.

How To Share Screen On Skype from an iPad or iPhone:

Below-mentioned steps are to share your screen with Skype from an iPad or iPhone:

1. Make a video or audio Skype call from your iPhone or iPad.

2. After connecting, tap on “More Options” available on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. iOS Skype displays a few buttons, tap on Share Screen.

4. Additionally, iOS devices advise enabling “Do not disturb” to protect the screen from unexpected notifications you might not want others to see. Furthermore, iOS devices show a list of apps that received the “Screen recording feed.” You can scroll if you require, and select Skype. After this, press Start Broadcast.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

5. After a short countdown, your iOS device will start sharing screen and you will be able to see a red banner.

6. Once you have stopped sharing the screen, you can tap on the red banner and then tap on Stop.

I think that the share screen is the best feature of Skype. Therefore, do try sharing a screen on Skype and do let us know if you face any difficulty while sharing the screen.

If you’re a beta tester of Microsoft’s Skype on Android or iOS, you have a new feature to play with after the company made a build available that allows those devices to share their screens.

The feature, which will presumably be rolled out to the wider user base once testing is complete and bugs are ironed out, would allow users to show their screens with friends and colleagues.

Microsoft suggests that a perfect use for thus might be to allow the sharing of PowerPoint presentations, although we can’t think of anything worse. Online shopping and, odds, dating apps are also examples the company offered up.

The ability of Skype to share screens means that it now has similar features to other, more enterprise-oriented apps like GoTo Meeting, Zoom, and Cisco’s WebEx. All of those apps have already brought screen sharing to mobile devices, and now Skype Insiders are also able to share their screen once they install the iOS or Android beta versions of the app.

Microsoft hasn’t yet made it clear to anyone when we can expect screen sharing to be made available to everyone, but previous features have been known to be part of beta tests for just weeks, so it’s possible we will see screen sharing everywhere soon. That’s assuming testing goes well and no huge issues are identified, of course.

If you want to take the latest version of Skype for a spin you can sign up for beta access, although as always it’s worth noting that beta apps can and do go wrong, so bear that in mind.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Sometimes it becomes necessary to show the interlocutor what is happening on your monitor. In such cases, the question arises of how to enable a screen demonstration in Skype. Here we will talk about how to share screen on skype.

This is easy enough to do:

  • select from the list of contacts;
  • right-click and click on “Show screen” or “Demo”.

The second way to make a screen shot on Skype is even simpler:

  • during a call or conversation, click on the plus button;
  • and select the option you want.

Screen sharing test

Table of Contents

Since the screen sharing capabilities in Skype are limited, sometimes there are some difficulties associated with the incorrect operation of the application. There are problems with image quality, sound or video. It is worth recalling that the interlocutor cannot track your actions on it (the cursor is not visible).

Video Quality Check

In order to show your screen on Skype, you need the Internet, which will work without interruption. If this condition is met, then problems should not arise. But if you still encounter difficulties, you should restart the application or contact support, following their further recommendations.

Sound check

Skype has an audio calibration feature. If you are sure that all the elements are working, you should use this option.

  • Open the application and by clicking on the “Tools” icon, select “Sound Settings”.
  • Check if the headset is inserted into the system unit, select your device in the “Microphone” section.
  • Use the slider to mark the sound limit.
  • Uncheck the “Auto setup” function.

If the interlocutor still does not hear you – restart the application or contact support.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype

There are two ways to display the screen in Skype: directly during a conversation and before it starts, by selecting the desired contact. The interface may vary slightly depending on the version of the application.

On computer and laptop

Now we will talk about how to enable screen translation in Skype on a computer and laptop. Actions are performed identically on these two types of devices.

The first way:

  • open the application;
  • select the desired contact from the list;
  • left-click on it;
  • In the text menu, select “Show Screen” or “Screen Show”.

There is another option:

  • select the desired contact;
  • Call him;
  • wait for the conversation to start;
  • click the “+” icon on the bottom panel;
  • select “Screen Demo”.

Screen demonstration in the new version of Skype by this method is possible, but with the latest update the interface has become different. Instead of the “+” sign is now an icon with two squares, click on it. A demo window opens in front of you, select the desired image. Turn on the sound if necessary.

How to enable screen sharing on Android and iOS via Skype?

Unfortunately, the application updates available for today cannot show the screen on Skype on a phone with an Android and iOS operating system, but if you get a call from a computer, you can easily see the interlocutor’s monitor.

How to share your screen with Skype, from your Android smartphone or tablet

Launch the Skype application on your Android telephone and make a sound or video call. During a call, tap … (Propelled alternatives).

  • Skype for Android should show a few of catches at the bottom of the screen. one among them is named Share screen. Snap thereon.
  • Skype inquires on whether you consent to “[…] begin catching everything on your screen.” If you would like to share your screen, consent to the present and tap Start now. On the off chance that you simply don’t need Skype to ask you something very similar whenever you share it together with your screen, select the “Don’t show once more” check box.
  • People you visit with on Skype can likewise observe the screen of your Android telephone continuously. While you’re doing this, your screen features a slender red fringe round the edges so you realize that others can perceive what you’re doing on your telephone.
  • If you not got to share your screen in Skype, open the Skype application and snap on the “Quit sharing” button, which is found both within the lower and upper pieces of the talk window.

This is it! Appreciate profitable Skype calls utilizing your Android telephone.

How to share your screen with Skype, iPhone or iPad

Make a sound or video call utilizing the Skype application from your iPhone or iPad. At that time during the discussion, click the … (Propelled Settings) button within the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Skype for iOS shows a few of catches at the bottom of the screen. Tap the screen called Share.
  • Skype reveals to you that “everything on your screen, including warnings, are going to be recorded […]”. Beneath this message may be a rundown of utilizations which will get screen recording tapes. Parchment if fundamental and press to settle on Skype. At that time click Start Broadcast.
  • After three seconds, your iPhone or iPad will start broadcasting all that you simply do on the screen. The individuals you talk with on Skype would now be ready to see your screen continuously.
  • When you share your screen, a red edge is shown at the very best point of the screen, which allows you to ascertain that others can see your screen.
  • If you not got to share your screen on Skype, click the red bar at the very best point of the screen, and afterward click Stop.

This is the way you share your screen with Skype utilizing your iPhone or iPad.

Possible problems

Even in such a simple process, like showing your screen on Skype, a number of difficulties can arise that will interfere with a normal conversation.

Why does my interlocutor slow down and interrupt the image?

In order for the screen demonstration in Skype to take place without brakes and interruption, it is worth checking the stability of the network connection to you and the interlocutor. Poor speed is the main cause of the malfunction.

If the problems do not stop, you should reinstall the application or contact support.

Unable to capture window

If the interlocutor does not see the broadcast completely, then let him click “Full Screen Mode” on the taskbar in the right edge of the window. In the settings, change the screen resolution, this will affect the image coverage.

How to share your iphone or android screen using skype

Skype’s screen sharing feature allows you to broadcast whatever is on your computer monitor to anyone you’re on a video call with. This can include videos, PowerPoint slideshows, or even just an internet browser.

However, it should be noted that sharing your screen takes a bit more internet bandwidth than regular Skype video chatting. You can see if you have the bandwidth to support screen sharing at this Skype support page.

If you meet the requirements, here’s how you activate screen sharing with Skype.

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How to share your screen on Skype for PC and Mac

1. Open Skype and start a call with the person you want to share screens with.

2. Press the Share Screen button at the bottom right — it looks like two overlapping rectangles.

3. Skype will ask you if you want to share your computer’s audio or not. This will share the sound that your computer is making, which is great if you’re playing a video, but may make it harder to talk over the call.

If you’re on a Mac, Skype will require you to grant it permission to record your screen. You should be prompted by a message to do this.

If it says that your Mac doesn’t have permission to use screen sharing, go to your Mac’s System Preferences menu, open the “Security & Privacy” menu, select “Screen Recording” in the left sidebar menu, and give permission to Skype.

4. Once your screen is being shared, a yellow border will appear around the edges of your screen to tell you that screen sharing has been successfully turned on. The person you’re talking to should now get a live stream of your feed. What people on the call see may lag a few seconds behind what you’re actually doing.

How to share your screen on Skype using Google Chrome

There’s a version of Skype that you can use in your browser. However, only the Google Chrome version of “Skype for Web” supports screen sharing.

1. Log into Skype online on Chrome and make a call.

2. Press the Share Screen button at the lower-right corner of the call.

3. Skype will ask you if you want to share a specific Chrome tab, a specific application, or if you’d like to record your entire screen. Select the option that’s best for you.

If you’re on a Mac and it tells you that Google Chrome doesn’t have permission to record the screen, go to the System Preferences app, open the “Security & Privacy” menu, select “Screen Recording” in the left sidebar menu, and give permission to Google Chrome.

How to share your screen on Skype on your mobile device


On Skype for Android, the screenshare button will be hidden.

1. Make a call in the Skype app for Android.

2. Tap the “. ” button at the bottom-right of your call to find more options.

3. Tap the screenshare button will be the right-most option in this menu.

This feature is only available on Android 6.0 and above. If you’re using an older version, you won’t be able to use this feature.

iPhone and iPad

1. Make a call in the Skype app for iPhone or iPad.

2. Press the “. ” button in the corner, and then “Screen Sharing.”

3. In the new window that appears, select “Skype,” and then select “Start Broadcasting.”

This feature is only available on phones running iOS 12 and above — this includes nearly all iPhones, unless you’ve been putting off updating since 2018. Skype suggests using an iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2019, iPod Touch 7th generation, or a newer device.