How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Joshalynne Finch
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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a free update that allows players to swim and dive for sea creatures for the first time ever. As part of the first summer update, you’ll also get the chance to meet a new island character and unlock mermaid-themed DIY recipes.

Update Your Game

Before you launch Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch, be sure you are connected to the internet to download the latest software update, Version 1.3.0. Without updating, you will not be able to access the new summer update content.

So as long as you’re connected to the internet before launching the game for the first time, the application launcher will automatically notify you that a new software update is available.

If you missed the automatic update notification, navigate to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon on your Nintendo Switch home screen and then open the “Options” menu by pressing the “+” button on your right Joy-Con controller.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

You’ll see “Ver. 1.3.0” or higher in the top-left corner under the game name if you’re updated to the latest version. If not, select the “Software Update” tab and then choose the “Via The Internet” option to download the latest update to your Nintendo Switch.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Press the physical “A” button on your controller to submit any changes.

Where to Unlock Swimming and Diving

After you’ve updated the game, launch Animal Crossing: New Horizons and leave your house. Check your mailbox to receive a special letter from Nintendo that contains a Snorkel. The Nook Shop has also sent you a letter to notify you of new “Novelty” stock items—like the Wetsuit! A Striped Wetsuit can also be purchased from Timmy and Tommy for 3,000 Bells.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

In order to begin your deep-diving adventure, you must first purchase a Wetsuit from Nook’s Cranny or the Nook Shopping kiosk. You can also purchase items on the Nook Shopping app.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

If you prefer to purchase a different option, the Nook Inc. Snorkel can be redeemed for 500 Nook Miles Tickets, and the Nook Inc. Wetsuit can be redeemed for 800 Nook Miles Tickets. If you place an order for the Nook Inc. Novelty items, they will be mailed to you the very next day you sign-in to the game.

Timmy will give you a small tutorial on how to use your new Wetsuit—to swim around, rapidly press “A” on your joy-con controller, and if you see a shadow or bubbles in the water, press “Y” to dive and bring the item back up to the surface.

Swimming in Animal Crossing

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

After equipping the Snorkel and the Wetsuit, head to the beach and approach the water. Press “A” on your joy-con controller and your character will begin wading their way into the water.

To swim more rapidly, hold down your D-Pad controller (the left joy-con) and rapidly press “A” on the right joy-con. Simply holding down the “A” button won’t move your character.

Diving in Animal Crossing

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

While swimming, you can dive underwater and catch new sea creatures like sea stars, which can be donated to the museum. To dive, press “Y” on your joy-con controller to submerge your character under the water. You can dive anywhere in the water, but to find an item, look for a shadow and bubbles above the water, and then dive to collect it.

A second summer updating is coming in August of 2020, but Nintendo hasn’t revealed what the update will contain.

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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’ Joshalynne Finch
Joshalynne is a freelance writer and lifelong learner who always loves studying new things. She enjoys checking out the latest grammar books and writing about video games more than anything else.
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This page is part of IGN's Animal Crossing: New Horizons and will teach you how to swim and dive, a feature added with the 1.3.0 ACNH update.

How to Swim and Dive

In order to go swimming, you first need to get the Wet Suit. You can purchase one from Nook's Cranny, so you need to have it unlocked before you can go.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Once have the wet suit, go ahead and equip it, just like any clothing item!

With the Wet Suit equipped, walk up to the ocean or pier and press A. With that, you'll be swimming.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

You can tread water, but it's extremely slow. Press A to swim faster.

As you swim around, you'll notice little bubbles floating to the top. These are critters you can get!

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Press Y when near the bubble to dive underwater and grab your new friend. You can only stay underwater for a limited time, so make sure you dive under close to the bubbles to make sure you have enough time to grab it.

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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

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Check out this Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) guide on swimming and diving. Learn about how to dive, how to swim faster, how to unlock, items to get, when can you swim, & more!!

Table of Contents

Summer Update Articles
How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Diving How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Sea Creatures How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Pascal
How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Wetsuit How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Mermaid Set How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Snorkel Mask
How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Pirate Gulliver Pearl How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’Scallops

※ If you were looking for the Diving beetle (insect), click here!!

Diving & Swimming Guide

A Way To Explore The Seas

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Swimming and diving are two features new to New Horizons, but which existed in previous AC games. They will allow you to enter the water around your island and dive to the bottom of it. There, you can pick up various items, such as Sea Creatures.

Swim Any Time Of The Year

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Regardless of what hemisphere you’re playing on, you’ll be able to swim in the water around your island all year. Although it might be chilly, you can even go swimming and diving during the winter!

Dive On Mystery Islands Too

It’s also possible to swim and dive in the water around Mystery Islands too! However, note that Pascal won’t show up there. It’s possible that some islands will have a higher chance of containing rare Sea Creatures, however.

The Wetsuit Is Required

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

The Wetsuit will be necessary in order to go swimming and diving. Just like the Shovel and Net, it will be sold at Nook’s Cranny , going for 3000 bells.

Swim With The Snorkel Mask

All players will receive a snorkel mask when the update hits – this mask can be worn while swimming and diving. This is a returning item, but it’s purely just for cosmetic purposes in New Horizons.

Use Your Phone In The Water

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

It’s possible to use your Nook Phone while in the water! This includes the Camera and Rescue functions. However, you cannot use the phone while actually diving! Items can’t be used during either swimming or diving.

Dive & Swim – How To Guide

Press A While Wearing The Wetsuit

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Swimming and diving require you to have a Wetsuit. ↓ Check out the section below on where to get this item.

Press A To Swim Faster!

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

By pressing the A button while swimming, you can move faster. Note that, press A just once or holding it will be effective, but the way to move fastest is to spam the A button repeatedly!

Dive Off Rocks & Piers

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

By pressing A, you can dive off of a rock or pier and into the water! This doesn’t have much use, aside from maybe taking cool pictures?

Press Y While Swimming To Dive

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Press Y while swimming in order to dive deep into the water. While underwater, you’ll still be able to move around with the control stick, but you will be forced to resurface for air after some time.

What To Do If You Get Stuck

Items And Rocks Block Your Way Back

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

If you’ve been doing Spawn Manipulation, your beach tiles might be covered in items. This will prevent you from climbing back onto them. Also, note that you can’t climb up rocks or piers to get back on land either.

Use The Rescue Service

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

If you’re stranded out at sea, your only real option will be to call in the rescue service! They’ll transport you to wherever you need to go.

Diving / Swimming – Uses

Collecting Sea Creatures

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

By diving in a spot on the sea where you see a fish shadow, you can obtain Sea Creatures. Just like regular fish, these creatures would change depending on the time of year. They included animals like octopi, scallops, and even giant crustaceans.

Meet Pascal the Sea Otter

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

When you get a Scallop, Pascol would appear in front of you and trade it for furniture recipes, mermaid clothing, or even Pearls!

Where to get the wetsuit, how to get in the water, tips on how to swim faster, and how to dive for sea creatures in New Horizons.

By Lonnie Rad on July 16, 2020 at 10:35AM PDT

As part of the first wave of the big summer update, you can now swim and dive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to know how to swim, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. Here, we’ll walk you through where to get a wetsuit, how to swim and dive into the ocean, tips on swimming faster, and what to do with sea creatures. Swimming is also the only way to get more pearls in Animal Crossing right now, so it’s best to learn soon if you want to craft seasonal recipes.

How To Get A Wetsuit For Swimming

  • Requires: 3,000 bells

If you want to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the first thing you need to do is buy a wetsuit. To buy a wetsuit, head over to Nook’s Cranny. The wetsuit will be available to purchase in the cabinet where you usually buy tools, seeds, and wallpaper/flooring.

The wetsuit costs 3,000 bells. You can also purchase a wetsuit from your Nook Stop terminal for 3,000 bells. They come in new designs daily, so you can keep checking back if you don’t like what you end up with. Your Nook Stop also offers a Nook Inc. wetsuit for 800 miles.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Purchasing a wetsuit from Nook’s Cranny.

To equip the wetsuit, just select it in your inventory, press A, and select “Wear.” The wetsuit will be equipped directly over your clothes, so you don’t need to manually remove shirts or bottoms in order to wear it. Your shoes and any socks or tights may still be equipped though–you can still swim with them on, but if you want to take them off or swap them for something more beach-appropriate, you’ll have to do that manually.

Once your wetsuit is on, you’re ready to start swimming!

How To Swim

  • Requires: Wetsuit

Once you purchase a wetsuit, Timmy and Tommy will give you a quick how-to on swimming, but if you skipped it on accident or don’t remember, we’ve run through the basics below.

How To Get In The Water

To swim, you need to head to one of your ocean’s beaches and get in the water first. There are two primary ways you can enter the ocean: wading in from the sandy beach, or diving in from either your beach rocks, that narrow strip of land that juts into the ocean, or your pier.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

The first day of the summer update, and it’s raining on my island.

Either way, you’ll have to run up against the water and press A to enter the water. (You must have all tools unequipped.)

Swimming Controls

To keep swimming, press A. Each time you press A, you’ll do a stroke, but if you just hold A down, you’ll keep paddling. You can use the left stick to move around. If you don’t press anything, your character will just tread water. While treading, you can still use the analog stick to paddle lightly around, but you will move very slowly. Your character will never get tired of treading water, so don’t worry about floating around if you get tired of pressing A.

To swim fast, just keep tapping A while moving around in the water.

To exit the water, you have to swim back to a sandy beach. Just swim right up to the beach until your character reaches land and can walk out of the water.

How To Dive

  • Requires: Wetsuit

There’s no point in swimming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons if you don’t know how to dive.

To dive, just press Y while you’re in the water. Your character will dive under the waves, and from there, you can just use the usual swimming controls to move around–A to swim, joystick to move around. If you want to come back up to the surface, just hit Y again, but don’t worry–your character won’t run out of oxygen and will just come up for air when they need it, so you don’t have to time your dives.

How To Catch Sea Creatures

  • Requires: Wetsuit

The new swimming and diving features are all about exploring the ocean around your island, which means there are new sea creatures to catch and rare treasure to find. All you need for this is your wetsuit–no net or any other tools required!

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

A column of bubbles in the water signals a potential discovery.

When you’re swimming around, you might notice columns of bubbles floating up from beneath the waves. If you swim directly over the bubbles and press Y, your character will dive under and, if you positioned yourself right, come back up with a sea creature, like a sea star or a sea anemone. You can also find new types of vegetation, like seaweed.

Another way to catch sea creatures is to dive underwater and look for little shadows. When you dive, the camera will tilt and give you a better view of what’s below you. Those bubble columns and shadows line up, so an easier way to find creatures is to dive under and swim towards the shadows. Your character will automatically collect whatever’s down there once you reach the shadow.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Diving under reveals a shadow, which makes it easier to locate and collect sea creatures.

In addition to the new sea creatures you can gather up for your Critterpedia and the museum, you will also find scallops and pearls. You can use pearls to craft certain DIY recipes, including the new mermaid-themed set. Scallops can be traded in to Pascal, a red otter who you will run into on one of your swims, for DIY recipes.

What To Do With New Sea Creatures

If you check your Critterpedia, you’ll find there’s a brand new tab for “sea creatures.” Anything you find on one of your underwater excursions will end up in this section, even if–as Blathers later explains–it isn’t exactly a “creature.” Seaweed, sea grapes, and other ocean plant life will get categorized here too. Check out our full list of all 40 sea creatures added in the new summer update.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

The new sea creatures tab in your Critterpedia. We’re still filling ours out!

Not only does the new swimming update mean new wildlife to log in your Critterpedia, but new things to donate to your museum as well. Blathers will gladly take any new sea creature or vegetation you find while diving as a donation to the museum.

You can also, as with any other wildlife find, place it as decoration. While most of what we’ve found so far will appear in a standard display tank, a few items like the seaweed have a unique placement style that you can use to decorate your island, so don’t forget to experiment!

If you’re headed out for a swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these tips will make sure you get the most out of your deep-diving adventure.

With the introduction of swimming and diving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have so much more to do. There’s a whole new tab in the critterpedia which allows players to collect all the new and cool deep-sea creatures. Moreover, there’s also a selection of wet suits that players can buy from the store, including Nook Stop. It was also a comeback for island visitor Pascal.

However, diving isn’t as simple as it appears to be. In order to complete the full collection of deep-sea creatures, it’s good to know a few tricks and go in prepared. With rarer sea creatures the dives become more difficult, so mastering the art of swimming and finding those fast-swimming critters becomes even more important. Here’s how to become a pro at catching sea creatures and swimming.

10 Keep An Empty Inventory

Once in the water, players won’t be able to interact with the majority of their inventory. This makes sense, since they’ll be swimming, and it won’t be possible to drop items or hold items while out in the ocean.

Due to this, players should make sure their inventory is as empty as possible before going in. Not only is this convenient when catching a bunch of sea creatures, but it also ensures the player won’t need to return to shore to clear their inventory while out in the open.

9 Shop For Wet Suits

While the wet suit is mostly just a utility item and not an actual piece of clothing, that doesn’t mean the player can’t choose a cool looking design. There are a few different places in the game where wet suits can be bought.

Check Nook’s Cranny for one type of suit, and Nook Shopping for the leaf-pattern suits. The Nook Miles shop also carries a Nook Inc. themed wet suit.

8 Use The Edges Of The Ocean

The ocean isn’t completely endless in Animal Crossing. Sadly, and most likely to prevent the player from getting lost, swept away, or eaten by aggressive sea monsters, there’s netting around the perimeter of the island waters.

This netting can actually be used as an advantage when trying to catch particularly fast-moving sea creatures. The critter can be chased towards the netting to make sure it has fewer escape routes.

7 Know When To Dive

Although there’s no death involved in Animal Crossing, that still doesn’t mean the player can just stay underwater for as long as they want. In fact, players will automatically come up after diving for a few seconds.

This means the dive needs to be timed properly. Within the few seconds the player is underwater, they need to be in range to grab the sea creature before coming back up.

6 Keep The Wet Suit On

The wet suit is pretty much a necessity when it comes to diving. This means that it’s ideal to have it in the inventory as often as possible. Alternatively, the wet suit can just be kept on indefinitely, as it doesn’t stop the player from doing other activities.

The only thing the player won’t be able to do is enter the changing room at Able Sister’s with a wet suit on. Otherwise, it can be easily put on over regular clothing.

5 Swim Once A Day For Scallops

Pascal was a returning special NPC that came with the July update, and his purpose is basically to offer some wisdom to the player, as well as mermaid DIY recipes or mermaid items. Those wanting to collect the full set will need to spawn him every day.

Pascal can appear once a day, when the player finds a scallop. Make sure to dive every day to find one, as he’ll trade it for something mermaid themed.

4 Go On Mystery Island Dives

The home island isn’t the only place where the player can go diving. Players visiting mystery islands will also notice the familiar bubbles appearing in the nearby oceans, so make sure to bring the wet suit along whenever doing these mystery island tours.

Mystery islands tend to have rare sea creatures in the surrounding oceans, making it absolutely worthwhile to spend a few Nook Miles on tickets to fly to a tropical destination.

3 Swim At Night, Too

Much like any other critter found in the critterpedia, sea creatures all have their own times when they’re likely to appear. As such, it’s important to know what time of the day a sea creature is most active in the waters before going out to hunt it down.

Some critters will only appear after 9 PM and are available in the waters until 4 AM. Don’t forget about late-night diving when trying to catch those elusive final additions for the critterpedia.

2 Pay Attention To Shadows

There isn’t much to go off of when catching a sea creature. The bubbles will usually show their initial location, but if they’re fast-moving this can change in a blink of an eye. Another indicator of what the creature might be is its shadow size.

There are roughly three different shadow sizes: small, medium, and large. It can give a rough idea of what the creature might be, and help the player prioritize the right target.

1 Swimming Speed

Another excellent indicator of what a sea creature might be before catching it is its movement. The grand majority of creatures move slowly and shouldn’t present a huge challenge to the player, making them easy catches.

However, the rarer, more expensive and cooler sea creatures swim extremely fast. Luckily, the player can adjust their swimming speed too. With fast creatures, approaching them by swimming slowly and not pressing A is a great way to avoid startling them and to slowly inch closer before going in for the dive.

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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Tea lover and video game obsessed writing enthusiast with her very own Overwatch team, Anastasia writes about games that leave an impression on her and make her come back time and time again.

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

After many fans assumed the feature was removed in the transition from New Leaf to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, swimming and diving are back. Added via the first summer update, the feature not only increases the amount and types of creatures you can donate to the museum, but also offers a bunch of fun activities and visitors. But to take part in all of this, you need to know how to do it. Here’s how to swim and dive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Swim

There’s two important things you need to have in order to dive. The first is the actual Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update, which arrives on Friday, July 3rd. While the southern hemisphere is currently in winter, the update is still the same, as is the process you’ve likely went through a few times before. For those that haven’t, just starting the game should trigger it, but to force an update you can hit Plus on the game’s icon to find the update option.

Once downloaded a key piece of eqipment will be added to both Nook’s Cranny and the Nook Stop in Resident Services. The wet suit is a requirement to swim and dive in the game, but you can buy them right from Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 or from the Nook Stop for 800 Nook Miles. Once you have it you just need to put it on then head to the beach to hop in the ocean for a swim.

From the trailer it seems like you can just run right in, but you’ll actually need to press the A button to jump. You can then press A again to swim faster around the water. Once in the water you can swim around just like you were walking, but you’ll want to get under the water to grab those important creatures.

How to Dive

Whenever you’re swimming around the ocean in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can dive under the water to see if there are any valuable or rare creatures/items to grab. Press Y to dive under and start swimming around under the sea. You’ll go back to the surface if you run out of air or can go back manually by pressing Y again. If you see bubbles or a shadow, similar to the fish shadows near the shore, you can swim up to it and grab it to bring it back to the surface and put it in your pocket.

After that you can head back to land to donate them to the museum or sell them for Bells. But don’t rush back as there are visitors like Pascal to interact with, so be sure to explore. Otherwise this is what we know right now about how to swim and dive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check back once the update is out for more details.

Home / GAME GUIDES / Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Swim and Dive

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update allows players to swim and dive in the ocean. Here’s what to know.

Nintendo released its first major summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Friday, with a boatload of new features to explore. In addition to new NPC encounters, more DIY recipes and mermaid-themed clothing, players can also swim and dive in the ocean now — as long as they wear the proper gear, of course.

Swimming and diving opens up a whole new world of possibilities for New Horizons players. The basic mechanics are explained in-game, but there’s lots to know about how this feature works and what players can expect.

Here’s a complete guide to swimming and diving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Gear Up

Before players can swim or dive, they have to put on the proper gear. Although Nintendo sends every Animal Crossing: New Horizons player a snorkeling mask for downloading and installing the update, these are not actually required; they just add to the look.

What is required is a wetsuit, which can be purchased via the Nook Shopping App or at Nook’s Cranny. Wetsuits go over players’ clothes, similar to how magic wands “transform” what players are wearing rather than actually completing a wardrobe change. Anything aside from tops, bottoms, or full outfits stay on when players get in the water. This includes wigs, hats, glasses, shoes and socks.

Although it’s impossible to damage clothes in New Horizons (though it is possible to find holy socks and moldy dresses), players who want to immerse themselves in swimming and diving should consider grabbing their snorkeling mask and a pair of wet shoes before jumping in the ocean.

If players don’t put on a wetsuit and then try to get in the water, their avatar will just run in place where the water meets the shore.

How to Swim & Dive

The first time players purchase a wetsuit at Nook’s Cranny, Timmy or Tommy will explain the mechanics. To get in the water, players need to suit up, then walk to the edge of the shore and push A. Their character will ease into the water and then paddle in place. To move around, players need to keep pressing A (or hold it down) and use the joystick to maneuver.

If players want a more dramatic entrance, they can jump off the airport dock, the pier or any of the rocks on their island. To get out of water, however, they must approach a sandy part of the shore; players can’t climb onto a high surface, like the pier, when they’re in the water.

Occasionally, air bubbles will rise through the water, which indicates there’s a sea creature or some other goody players can dive to retrieve. After swimming into the vicinity of the air bubbles, players need to push Y to dive. Some creatures can move, so players will have to use their joycon to turn or follow the creature. Once players are positioned over their catch, they’ll grab it themselves and rise to the surface.

Sea Creatures

The first time players open their Critterpedia App following the summer update, they’ll discover a new section dedicated to sea creatures. There are 40 to collect, ranging from octopi to seaweed. These can be donated to Blathers at the museum.

It’s possible to swim at any time of day in New Horizons, so players should turn to the Critterpedia to determine when it’s best to hunt for creatures they haven’t caught yet.


As revealed in the July 3 update trailer, the sea otter Pascal has returned and he’s eager to trade players for scallops. The first time a player digs up a scallop during a dive, Pascal will appear and ask if he can have it. He’ll give players DIY recipes for mermaid-themed furniture in return, as well as rare pearls that are needed to craft the items and — according to posts on social media — mermaid-themed clothing.

Pocket Space & Tools

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should have empty hands and empty pockets when they plan to swim and dive. If they have a tool in hand when they attempt to swim, the game will assume players are trying to use the tool, which means smacking the water with a net, casting a line with the fishing rod or trying and failing to vault over the ocean. Thus, players need to put these away before approaching the edge of the shore.

Furthermore, while it’s possible to access the Nook Phone — which is apparently waterproof — and use its apps while swimming, it’s not possible to interact with anything in a player’s pockets when they’re in the water. Tapping X will show how full their inventory is, but everything will be greyed out so that it can’t be clicked on.

This means players can’t release creatures they’ve already caught while they’re in the water, nor can they drop or abandon items to make more pocket space like they can when they’re on land. To avoid multiple trips back to shore, it’s best to jump in with empty pockets and time to explore.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can do pretty much anything you want, from going around catching bugs, fishing, planting trees, but did you know that you can even go swimming? This guide will teach you how to swim in Animal Crossing.

In This Article:

Tips on How to Swim in Animal Crossing

Get Yourself Proper Gear

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Before going any further, you need to have proper swimming gear, which is a wetsuit. To get one, you need to head over to Nook’s Cranny, or you get yourself more colorful, unique ones right here at Nook’s Treasures.

Not only that, to complete the set, you can get a snorkel mask, and that’s about it. Though it doesn’t make you swim any faster, it sure can make you swim with style. Now you’re ready to jump right in.

Jump in the Water

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Swimming is a necessary dynamic for making the island feel less isolated, but you can’t swim to other players’ islands. In fact, you’ll notice a rope net encircling the entire island, mostly submerged only a few miles offshore, restricting how far out you can swim. But you can actually swim around the entire island.

After you’ve put on your wetsuit, go to the nearest beach and stand at the water’s edge. Here’s how to swim in Animal Crossing:

  • Step 1: Press A to enter the water.
  • Step 2: Tap or hold down A to swim. If you don’t press the button, you can still float and dog-paddle slowly by moving the left thumbstick
  • Step 3: When you are done playing around in the water, simply go back to shore, and you will automatically get out when getting close enough.

Dive into the Deep

How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

Enough with the basics; now let’s get deep. When swimming, you can dive under the water with the new diving mechanic added to the game.

  • Step 1: Press Y to dive underwater (while swimming).
  • Step 2: While diving, press A and steer with the left thumbstick to move around.
  • Step 3: Press Y again to rise to the surface.

Under the Sea

Furthermore, while under the deep, deep blue sea, there are more things you can do than just aimlessly swimming around. One of the best parts of learning how to swim in Animal Crossing is that you will be able to find sea creatures under the ocean.

As you swim, you’ll see a lot of marine animals coming without knowing which ones they are. When you notice an accumulation of bubbles dotting the water’s surface, you’ll know they’re close. At that point, you may descend and join the underwater world.

The camera will move to a more vertical position, allowing you to view a shadow beneath the water. Place your character on top of this dark patch, and you’ll find the mystery thing. To capture fish, you must move fast, diving into the deep blue seas for these elusive Sea Butterflies while they are still within reach.

Now that you know how to swim in Animal Crossing, go and have fun in the blue world, and don’t forget to catch some fish while you’re at it.

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How to swim and dive in ‘animal crossing new horizons’

The big July update is here, which means that Animal Crossing: New Horizons swimming is now a thing in the game. It’s making a return from the experiences some of us had with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which will no doubt be fond – or less than fond – memories for some players.

But regardless of how you feel about going underwater again, you’ll at least want to know how to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as oddly, it’s more complicated than you’d expect.

Below, is a guide on how to get in the sea – literally – and start collecting the brand new Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creatures too!

1. Make sure to update your game

If you’re anything like me, you basically never actually shut down Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it’s just waiting there in sleep mode to be returned to at a moment’s notice. Well, I’d advise, today in particular to make sure you completely shut down your game in order to get this beast of an update installed – otherwise, no swimming for you.

2. Get yourself a wetsuit

The moment you boot up the game with the patch safely applied, you’ll notice that Nintendo has sent you a gift to mark the occasion. It’s your very first snorkel! But, this is more of a cute addition to your wardrobe than anything, as it’s a wetsuit that you’ll need for diving.

You can obtain an Animal Crossing: New Horizons wetsuit from a number of places, but the easiest – and fastest – way of getting one is through the cabinet in your Nook’s Cranny shop. The Nook nephews will have one variation available per day to purchase, so make sure to find one that suits your look best.

There are also wetsuit options available via the Nook Shopping app too, but obviously it won’t arrive until the next calendar day. Plus, there’s also a special Nook-themed full-body wetsuit, and matching snorkel, now listed as part of the Nook Miles Rewards package. Stylish!

3. Put on your wetsuit

Once you’ve nabbed yourself a wetsuit it’s simply a case of putting it on as you would any other piece of clothing. However, it’s not quite like putting on a new tee, as it actually sits over the top of your regular clothing, meaning that it’ll appear complete with shoes, accessories and backpack over the top. Not exactly your ideal beach look.

However, it’s the only way you’ll be able to get into the water, so sort your fashion out and head over to the water.

4. Get in the sea

Now you’ve got your wetsuit on, to actually get into the sea it’s simply a case of walking over to the ocean and pressing A. You can either slip in gently from the beach, or do that awesome flip from the rocks.

When you’re in, press A to swim faster, and Y to dive. To get out, just head back to the beach.

It’s worth noting that you can’t use any menu systems while you’re swimming, so stop moving while in the sea to check your phone or your pockets.

5. Start diving

In order to start collecting Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creatures – check out the new critterpedia app, folks! – you’ll need to start diving. Look out for bubbles rising to the surface from the depths, and then hit Y when you’re basically on top of them.

Move towards the shadow below you using A to swim, and you will automatically dive to collect whatever’s down there.

And that’s all there is to it! Just look out for Pascal, the otter, while you’re out there as he’ll trade you new mermaid furniture recipes for any scallops you find. In order to craft them, you’ll need to find Animal Crossing: New Horizons pearls, which are also randomly found while diving.