How to take more impressive instagram photos

How to take more impressive instagram photos

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Instagram may be easier to use than Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean you can just open the app and suddenly make an average photo extraordinary. If you want to make the most of Instagram, you need to learn how to properly use the tool -just like any other software.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

That’s where Jenn’s Trends comes in. Jenn has created a handy guide to how to make an average photo, like the one above, come alive, like the one below.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

The two most important Instagram tools she suggests mastering are contrast and blur/depth of field, which allow you to make the colors in your images really pop and allow you to selectively focus on one area in your image. She then goes on to suggest some of the best filters for enhanced colors, illuminated centers with dark edges, vintage image styles, improved skin tone and adding new tones to the image.

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Jill Harness

Trending in Technology

More by this author

Jill Harness

Trending in Technology

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How to take more impressive instagram photos

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How to take more impressive instagram photos

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How to take more impressive instagram photos

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How to take more impressive instagram photos

Anxiety Isn’t About Worrying Too Much, But Caring Too Much

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Chief of Product Management at Lifehack Read full profile

How to take more impressive instagram photos

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Technology has taken a vantage leap in providing solutions for man. Before now, technology used to appear complex and would require a great deal of expertise to handle solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human activities as smart products with intelligent algorithms powering them as they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions.

Does technology have all the answers?

This article from Credit Suisse, tells us that technology does not have all the answers because it has been found to exhibit “similar biases,” as humans. No one can discredit the impact of technology, but it is not totally free of human input and this is the reason we experience these biases in many areas we have technology holding foot.

Creating technological solutions transparently

This article suggests that the process of creating technological solutions be made transparent and subject to contribution from many people who would end up as users of the product – male, female, young, old, learned, unlearned and all other preferences as we have them. It also underscores the importance of having women on product development teams. This approach is not sure to eliminate all forms of bias, but it is a good way to start in order to appraise the full benefits of technology.

Technology as the connecting tool

Technology so far has been a major connecting tool amongst us humans. It is used and appreciated by all regardless of race, language and sex. In order to keep it less subjective to these arguments about human biases. I believe we should gather opinions on products and solutions before making them available to the public. This could be done by gathering input from intended target users and receiving feedback across the stages of production.

“Recognizing the problem is a start…success will depend on inclusive technologies that meet this vast untapped market.” This cannot be more apt especially at a time when we look up to technology for solutions. We should not muzzle our progress with technology by battling algorithm bias. The first way to avoid this battle is by reading this article here.



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Is your Twitter profile follow-worthy – or are you unknowingly turning people away, leaving them confused or unimpressed?

Your Twitter profile very is different from many other social profiles. On Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, you have lots of space for your bio, links, and other elements.

Not so with Twitter:

  • Limited space – Twitter allows for one link, a small profile picture, and a very short bio. In this sense, your Twitter profile is like a business card – you have limited space to make a solid first impression.
  • Limited time – You also have just a few seconds to convince people to follow you (or not). Influencers with a large Twitter following are too busy to spend time deciding whether they should follow you or not.

With all this working against you, here are five simple ways you can spruce up your Twitter profile to make a better first impression:

1. Update your Twitter profile picture

It’s best to use a picture of something people can connect with – for example a person, animal, or a place.

An immediately recognizable logo is also good, for example Creative Commons:

Also, because profile pictures are so small, design one that uses contrast (colors and shapes) to stand out in Twitter feeds.

2. Update your Twitter profile bio

Most Twitter users regularly search Twitter using specific keywords. Search results include the top profiles that match that search, followed by top tweets.

Make sure your bio includes the most relevant keywords. For example, FightCRC ranks number one when users search for “colorectal cancer cure”:

3. Update your Twitter profile link

Make sure the link drives traffic to a web page on your site, and not just the homepage. For example, an upcoming event, or a welcome page that includes your top tweets.

My Twitter profile link sends visitors to an email subscription page.

4. Update your Twitter profile header

Use your Twitter header to tell a story about your cause, or highlight your current campaign. For example, HRC highlights the current TransBan

You can create a beautiful Twitter header with

5. Pin your best Tweet to your Twitter profile

Make your profile even more attractive by pinning your best Tweets to the top to your profile. For example, this tweet from Vermont Public Radio with a large number comments:

Make sure that you always review your pinned tweet, replacing it with one that’s more engaging, current, and relevant.

BONUS: Verify your Twitter profile

The blue checkmark (see below) on Twitter lets people know that your account is the real deal. It’s a stamp of instant credibility.

To verify your account, start here.

These are just some of the ways you can help boost your Twitter presence – hopefully they help get you thinking.

A version of this post first appeared on John Haydon’s blog.

Чему вы научитесь



This online photography course will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional digital photographer with nothing more than an iPhone or similar smartphone. It is designed to keep you engaged and hone your skills for taking your pictures to the next level.

My #1 rule in photography is 10% gear / 90% knowledge. So if you know HOW to be a great photographer and know what to look for, you will be able to take amazing pictures with almost anything.

This course is designed for:

-Beginners that have little to no experience and want to become a skilled photographer without spending thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment.

-Anyone that wants to develop a more impressive portfolio or social media account (i.e. Instagram).

-Anyone that wants to make professional digital photography into an exciting career.

You’ll learn all the basics of professional iPhone photography in this course as well as plenty of tips and tricks that you can use during every day shooting to make your photos stand out from the rest. This course gets straight to the point with the most useful and practical information so that you can get out shooting as quickly as possible.

Here’s some of what you will learn:

-How to take stunning photos by utilizing shot composition.

-How to optimize your iPhone camera settings for taking the best photos.

-How to create depth in your photography

-How/Why the best photographers tell stories in their photos.

-How to utilize surrounding light to properly light your subjects

-How to professionally edit photos in Lightroom (free) on your iPhone.

-Tips, tricks, and much more!

About the instructor:

I’ve been in the field of photography and videography for 7+ years and have my Bachelors of Science degree in Film from Full Sail University. I’m an award winning Youtuber for my channel: The Health Nerd, and co-created the travel film company found on Facebook as WANDR. I make a living with photography/videography using my iPhone and looking forward to sharing my knowledge to help you capture the most stunning photos possible.

Taking photos Selfie taking selfies is no longer a strange concept in today’s digital age, especially for young people. By just owning a phone with the function of taking photos, you can have a photo of Selfie for yourself. However, to take photos in a more artistic way, impressing more viewers, not everyone can do it. Please refer to 6 tips that share below.

  • 5 apps to take ‘must-have’ selfie photos on Android phones
  • 12 tips to raise ‘virtual living’ to a new level

Taking photos Selfie taking selfies is no longer a strange concept in today’s digital age, especially for young people. By just owning a phone with the function of taking photos, you can have a photo of Selfie for yourself. However, to take photos in a more “artistic” way, impressing more viewers is not everyone can do. Please refer to 6 tips that share below.

1. Only Zoom at a certain angle on the face

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Instead of Selfie all over the face, you should only select Zoom the “beautiful corners” on your face to cover up “blemishes” (if any). You just need to bring up the camera and use the zoom function to “drag the picture” or use the crop function to crop the image properly.

2. Keep it straight when shooting

How to take more impressive instagram photos

With photos taken from the upper corner down, you should raise your hand when shooting and smiling in front of the photo frame will make the picture “shimmering” more.

3. Take your own style

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Usually, we often take many selfie photos in a row with the aim of filtering out the best photo and deleting “not beautiful” ones. However, why not try to do the opposite, that is, to keep those “bad” ones, how to impress them.

4. Use proper lighting

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Please choose the right light when shooting because if it is too bright, the image will be burnt, losing detail. If it is too dark, the image will sink and blur. In addition, it is also advisable to avoid shooting backlit or direct sunlight to the face.

5. Take a close look at the face

How to take more impressive instagram photos

With this method, you can “remove” the surrounding scenery is not very beautiful or the hand holding the device accidentally accidentally leaked the frame. Of course, it will also make you “reveal” your facial defect but fix it under item # 1 above.

6. Reasonable composition

How to take more impressive instagram photos

In addition, you should also use the function of turning on the grid (grid) on smartphones to help us keep the layout more standard, theimage is less distorted.From there, help the subject fall into the strong point of the picture and you will have a more beautiful picture.

  1. Stunning photo editing on smartphones with Snapseed
  2. 4 tips to help identify photos that have been edited
  3. How to create an account and upload photos to Photobucket?

Hope the article is useful to you!

With the addition of ProRaw in iOS 14.3, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max truly earn their “pro” designation.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

The release of iOS 14.3 brings with it ProRaw photo support on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Once you enable ProRaw, you’ll see a new “RAW” button on the top right side of the native camera app.

With the release of iOS 14.3 , the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max get Apple’s new raw photo format called ProRaw . The new file lets you have the customization of a raw file built atop the iPhone’s computational photo smarts. For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out the new feature and I’m impressed at how ProRaw transformed my phone photography. ProRaw is as significant a camera addition as the faster aperture lens Apple added to the main cameras on the iPhone 12 family and the new sensor-based stabilization found on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

ProRaw works on all four iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cameras. It uses the widely supported Adobe Digital Negative, or DNG, file format and contains information for 12-bit color and support for 14 stops of dynamic range. The approach Apple took with ProRaw is similar to how Google saves raw files built from HDR Plus on Pixel phones . ProRaw files are created from multiple image frames and contain the data from the best parts of those photos. Deep Fusion analyzes those images pixel by pixel to create a deep photo file. The A14 Bionic does all of this analysis in real time without causing shutter lag.

There are several notable differences between taking a raw photo on an iPhone and a ProRaw photo. The first is that you can only take raw photos using a third-party app like Halide or Moment. ProRaw photos can be taken using the default Camera app. Next, ProRaw files are large. For example, I took a photo of the same subject using each file format on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The HEIC file was 5.2 megabytes, the JPEG was 6.8MB, the raw photo (taken with the Moment app) was 16.5MB and the ProRaw photo was a whopping 34.7MB.

CNET Apple Report

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, reviews and advice on iPhones, iPads, Macs, services and software.

ProRaw’s larger file size contains much more image data compared to a standard raw file. A ProRaw file is built on a foundation of computational photography from Smart HDR, Deep Fusion and Night Mode, which can result in a picture with significantly less image noise, better dynamic range and sharper detail and textures.

Below are two JPEG files I made, one from a ProRaw photo and another from a raw file taken with the Moment app. On both, I adjusted only the white balance, highlights and shadows. If you look at the photo made from the raw version, you can see lots of color image noise on the bricks of the building and most conspicuously in the dark night sky. The photo made from the ProRaw version hardly has any image noise because of the Night Mode processing the iPhone 12 Pro Max did when I took the photo.

Below is another comparison of JPEG files. Again, one is from a ProRaw file and the other from a raw file taken with the Moment app. I adjusted the exposure, white balance, highlights and shadows on both. The biggest difference between the two is the dynamic range and image noise. Take a look at the sky in the ProRaw version. There was enough info in the file to bring the highlights back from white into a blue sky. There is much less image noise in the shadows compared to the raw version and there’s increased sharpness in details like the bricks in the top left and rocks on the bottom left.

Not every ProRaw photo I took was vastly different than the regular raw version. But overall, having access to all that computational data was nice. And this is just the beginning of ProRaw. In future updates to ProRaw, third-party apps will be able to use even more of the data from Smart HDR. Adobe Lightroom, for example, will be able to access the layer map data from Smart HDR so you can isolate different aspects of your photo (like faces, people or skies) when you edit.

I also like how Apple implemented ProRaw into the native Camera app. By default, ProRaw is turned off. And that’s smart because not everyone who owns a 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max is going to want to use it. But if you want to enable it, go into Settings > Camera > Formats and under a new Photo Capture section there’s a toggle to turn Apple ProRaw on and off. Then, open the default Camera app and in the top right corner, you’ll see a new Raw button for quickly switching between ProRaw photos and JPEG (or HEIC) photos.

The majority of photos I take on the iPhone 12 Pro Max are still JPEGs. But for those photos that are more deliberate or where I need every drop of image info to edit it, ProRaw is just a simple tap of the Raw button away.

During my testing I used the native Photos app to edit ProRaw photos as well as third-party apps like Halide, Moment, VSCO and Lightroom for iOS. Basically any app that can edit a DNG raw file can edit a ProRaw DNG file. I’m excited to see third-party apps support ProRaw more fully in the future.

“We are partnering closely with Apple and are excited about the opportunities that ProRaw can afford our mutual customers,” a representative for Adobe said. “We don’t have any specifics that we can share at this time.”

ProRaw isn’t going to be for everyone, hence why it’s not on the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. But it does mark the first time Apple has distinguished its camera software on its Pro iPhone models with a feature that is truly targeted at professionals. And I’d argue that even if you aren’t a pro, but someone who enjoys editing your photos before you post them to Instagram or Snapchat, that ProRaw is definitely worth a try.

Below are more photos I edited from ProRaw files taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This was taken with the main camera as a ProRaw photo. Notice the lights on the tree, compared to the green hue of the street lighting and blue and pink tones in the sky.

This was taken with the main camera. Notice the color and detail in the leaves and how it contrasts with the blue of the sky.

I took this photo using the 2.5x optical zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max telephoto camera. Notice how the highlights in the lamp and in the sky in the background are mostly intact.

Here is a ProRaw selfie. I was able to balance the highlights in my skin and the highlights of the Christmas tree lights.

Here is a ProRaw photo taken of a church steeple with a 4x digital zoom. Notice the details of the brick and tiles.

Here is a ProRaw photo taken with the ultrawide-angle camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We show you how to take brilliant action and sports photos with your new phone.

Snagging great action photos doesn’t require a pro-level dSLR. Your iPhone camera is capable of capturing some brilliant moments, as long as you put in a bit of effort too.

I spent time with two pro skateboarders here in London and put together a set of tips to keep in mind — and some things to avoid — to help you get the best shots out of your new iPhone X .

While my tips are built around skateboarding, they can apply to most action sports, including BMX, inline skating or mountain biking. And while I used an iPhone X, most of these tips apply to any phone.

  • This article is part of my series on how to take better photos with your phone. Make sure to check out my best tips on taking great shots of cars .

Better light means better photos

I like the angle on this shot, but the dimly lit skate park we were in didn’t produce good results.

Light is crucial for photography, of course, but the small sensor on a phone’s camera makes finding good lighting even more important. When an iPhone detects a darker scene, for example, it will compensate by slowing the shutter speed to let in more light. That’s bad news for sports photography as any action in the scene may end up looking blurred.

My first photoshoot was with British skateboarder Helena Long at a skate park underneath a bridge in west London. Typically overcast, dreary weather made the skate spot dark and shadowy, so even though Helena was able to pull off some amazing tricks, my shots of her were consistently dark and blurred.

The one shot I was even remotely happy required a lot of brightening in the editing app Snapseed (see below), which reduces the quality of the picture by adding image noise. As such, the details are extremely mushy when viewed at full screen (click here for the full-size image).

To ensure better light for my second shoot, I met DC Shoes pro skateboarder Dave Snaddon on a sunny day in Stratford in east London. Under bright skies that filled the scene with light, my iPhone X was able to use fast shutter speeds, freezing Dave in action and delivering crisp shots.

Burst mode is your best friend

In skateboarding — as with most sports — the action happens fast. Taking just one photo when your subject tries a trick might not capture the best moment. Perhaps the feet aren’t in quite the right position, or the skateboard has rotated a bit too far. Or maybe you missed the moment altogether.

Using burst mode — by just holding your finger down on the shutter button — lets you continuously take shots throughout the duration of the action. Once it’s all over, you can flick back through every frame, selecting only the best ones and easily discarding the rest.

Emphasise the height by shooting down low

By shooting at floor level, the height is emphasised on this neat kickflip.

Getting the right angle for a shot can make all the difference in creating maximum excitement in a photo. By getting down low (I laid down on the ground for many of my shots) you emphasise the distance between the ground and the skater. The result is that even a low jump off a small ledge can look much higher and more impressive.

If you’re particularly brave you can even shoot from directly below as they soar over you — just make sure they’re good enough to not land on you!

More photography tips

  • Shoot like a pro with the iPhone
  • How to go on an epic photography adventure
  • Darkness, rain and dirt: My wildlife photography adventure
  • CNET’s top tips on getting stunning travel photos

Get up close.

By getting closer to the action you’ll be able to see much more of the stunt they’re performing. By removing the distracting background, your eyes are drawn to the position of the feet, the motion of the board or the look of concentration on the face of the skater. All of these help to heighten the drama — and the danger — that action sports involve.

Again, make sure to stay safe when you do get in close. Confirm with the skater beforehand exactly where they’re going to land so that your face isn’t accidentally in the way. Always keep one eye on the skateboard itself. It’s all too easy for it to come flying towards your head if they land incorrectly.

By moving back I was able to show more of this street scene, including the concrete ledge, the steps and the interesting metalwork on the building.

. then move further away

While it’s great to get right into the action, it’s also important to move back and capture the whole scene to put your subject in context of the location you’re shooting. For instance, don’t cut the interesting architecture in the background by zooming in too close.

That said, if your location isn’t particularly attractive, there may be certain elements (like a distracting sign, or a garbage bin) that you don’t want to include in your shot. In that case, try shooting from a different angle to remove them from the picture.

Tweak your photos in Snapseed

Even the most exciting shots of action sports can still benefit from being punched up a little in the edit. My editing app of choice is Snapseed — it’s quick, easy and has a wide range of tools to play around with. (Download here for iPhone or here for Android, both free.)

I went for a moody black and white edit for this shot, which I think nicely reflects the gritty urban environment we were in.

There’s no right or wrong way to edit. For my shots with Snaddon, for example, I wanted to draw more attention to his tricks, so I used vignettes to darken the frame around him, helping him pop out of the scene a little more. I also used the brush tool to lighten him up a bit as the phone had underexposed him against the bright sky.

Protect your phone

This could not be more critical. Taking photos of sports often means you’ll be kneeling, crouching or suddenly diving out of the way to safety. In those situations, it’s all too easy for your phone to take a fall. You might not want a chunky case on your luscious iPhone X on a night out, but it’s certainly worth having on a photoshoot.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Synesthesia is a phenomenon I’ve always found fascinating. And have you ever thought about what it would look like to turn it into photos? Finland-based photographer Dasha Pears has synesthesia and sees every letter in a specific color. She decided to turn these letters into conceptual photos – and Synesthetic Letters were born. This project is not only unusual but also colorful and super-creative. Dasha kindly shared her photos with DIYP, so let’s see what color is the first letter of your name!

For this project, Dasha teamed up with her friend, stylist Jane Kristoferson. Interestingly enough, Jane has the same type of synesthesia as Dasha, and it’s commonly referred to as grapheme-color synesthesia. It’s one of the most common types of this phenomenon, and it allows a person to associate numerals and letters with specific colors.

“Since I was a kid, I found it very easy to remember people’s names and was very surprised when others had problems with it,” Dasha writes. “Just because each name has always had a specific color, usually the color of its initial.” She thought as a kid that everyone saw the world just the same, and only two years ago she realized that she was a synesthete.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Dasha and Jane shot Synesthetic Letters across two countries, Finland and Russia. What’s even more impressive, they did it with basically no budget. As you’ll probably notice, there are some letters missing from the alphabet, but they will be added to this ongoing project. The two ladies were affected by the pandemic just like the rest of us, so they’ll add the three missing letters when the borders between Finland and Russia reopen.

Take a look at more of these stunning photos below, and make sure to find more of Dasha’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram, and follow Jane on her Instagram.

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5 tips to improve your Instagram photos

Hi there! Looking for some tips to improve your Instagram photos? Here are 5 things to keep in mind while taking Instagram pictures, or just pictures in general.

How to take more impressive instagram photos

1. Good light is everything

When you’re making Instagram photos, keep in mind that your picture stands or falls with lighting. You probably have seen it before: a picture that’s way too overexposed or just way too dark. One of the worst nightmares of a photographer is when you see someone posting a picture with bad lighting. But what does a picture with good lighting have, I hear you thinking. Well, it’s actually quite simple.

A picture with good lighting has:

  • No white spots due to overexposure
  • A clear vision of what’s in the picture
  • Just the right amount of shadows and highlights

So, take in mind to take your photos during the day and not at night. Natural light is the best free light everyone can use. If you want to take pictures at nighttime, make sure you have a good flashlight, ring light or something else that recreates natural light.

2. Quality is key

Did you know that quality and lighting go hand in hand? Good light makes sure your picture will have better quality. Nothing is worse than an unsharp picture on your Instagram feed. Prevent that your picture has visible pixels and try to have as little moving elements as possible, these can influence the quality of your end result.

Some people think that you need to have an expensive camera with an even more expensive camera lens to create the best quality Instagram pictures. But that’s where they are wrong. Most of the influencers you come across Instagram, take their pictures just with their iPhone or smartphone. There are many smartphones on the market that have a great built in camera, so why spend all your money on a separate camera when you can have everything in 1 phone?

3. Mix up your angles

Make sure that your Instagram feed has a cohesive look in general. It’s important that not only every different picture is beautiful on its own, but also that every picture tells a little part of the big story you want to tell. To make your Instagram feed interesting, it’s important to mix up your angles. Imagine: a feed where every picture has the same angle, for example: every picture is taken on eye-height. Don’t get me wrong, a concept like this can have its own charms, but if you ask me: it’s kind of boring. If you want to surprise your audience and keep them interested in your pictures, make sure to switch your angle now and then.

4. Rule of Thirds or Centered Composition?

If you are known in the photography world, you probably have heard from ‘the rule of thirds.’ If not, don’t worry, because I’m going to talk a little bit more about this right now. The rule of thirds is a composition guide. Actually, this rule divided your screen so to say in 3 evenly spaced horizontal and 3 evenly spaced vertical lines. We call it also a “nine-part grid” (see picture 1 below.) When the subject of your photo falls on or around one of the 4 intersections of these lines, your photo often becomes stronger and more dynamic. In this case, your subject will be either on the left or right side of your frame, but not in the middle. Picture 2 shows a photo taken with the rule of thirds.

Now you know what the rule of thirds means, can you guess what “centered composition” stands for? You guessed it right, it simply means that you put the subject of your picture right in the center. Picture 3 shows a photo taken with a centered composition.

Which one do you like the most?

5. Be creative!

Last but not least, be creative. People like to see unordinary pictures passing by when they are scrolling on Instagram. There is nothing wrong with an average good picture, but these are most likely to be forgotten first. If you post a creative or special picture that has a lot of interesting elements in it, people are going to stop scrolling and take a moment to analyze the picture, read the copy and maybe they will even click on your account to find out if there are more of these interesting pictures. That’s exactly what you want, you want people to see and explore your account so that they will be intrigued enough to follow you afterwards.

No inspiration for your next post? Don’t stress out, just look on Instagram accounts that inspire you, on Pinterest or anywhere to activate the creative part of your brain again! I’m sure that there will pop up a great idea somewhere in your brain, at a moment you don’t expect it. (Ps: these are mostly the best ideas!)

Are you going to try these tips? Let us know!

Not that we are rooting against anyone, but it is clear that LA’s evaluations of their own players were on point

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Share All sharing options for: Les Snead’s offseason looking even more impressive as former Rams struggle

How to take more impressive instagram photos

Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The LA Rams had several difficult decisions to make in the offseason, in addition to a few that either weren’t difficult or that were basically made for them. Perhaps the hardest to accept was letting go of Todd Gurley, even if it sadly made the most sense. Through 10 games with the Atlanta Falcons, Gurley has only made the move that much more justifiable.

Since rushing for 121 yards against the Carolina Panthers in Week 5, Gurley has struggled to make plays as either a runner or a receiver. In his last five games, he’s had 88 rushing attempts for 235 yards (2.6 yards per carry) and caught eight of 11 targets for 44 yards and no touchdowns. He’s rushed for four touchdowns but also had a fumble during that stretch, his second on the season.

Gurley’s overall YPC average of 3.7 is even lower than the 3.8 he posted in his final season with the Rams.

At this point it would seem that Sean McVay and Les Snead were correct in their evaluation of Gurley that presumed he would not regain the form he had as a first team all-pro in 2017 and 2018. Gurley was a premier weapon in the passing game in 2017, averaging 9.1 yards per target that year. But in 2020, that number is 3.4 yards per target and he hasn’t caught a touchdown yet.

Gurley has nine rushing touchdowns thanks to a nose for the goal line that has not disappeared since his time as one of the NFL’s most dangerous players with the ball in his hands, but if you had concerns that LA cut ties with him too soon, it would be fair to say at this point that those worries were overblown.

I believe the same would go for Brandin Cooks, even if he does finish with more volume stats this season than he had in 2019.

The Texans traded a second round pick for Cooks and he’s caught 47 of 73 targets for 634 yards and three touchdowns. That gives him more receptions, yards and touchdowns than he had last season but his overall stat line with Houston is almost the same as what he did with Los Angeles in 2019:

He caught 42 of 72 targets for 583 yards and two touchdowns in 14 games.

Cooks’ 13.5 yards per catch is close to the 13.9 he had with the Rams last season. His 8.7 yards per target is not significantly higher than his 8.1 last season. If anything, I think Cooks is showing why LA traded him despite taking a financial loss in 2020 on the deal and that he would not have been able to help them significantly on offense anymore. At least Van Jefferson is a cheaper player to place your bets on from 2021-2023.

Another key player that the Rams had to watch leave this year was inside linebacker Cory Littelton. He signed a lucrative free agent contract with the Las Vegas Raiders but he only has 48 tackles, no sacks, no interceptions, no passes defensed, no forced fumbles, no QB hits and three tackles for a loss in eight games. He has missed the last two games while sitting on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Coincidentally, Dante Fowler has also missed the last two games while on the COVID-19 list for the Falcons. Fowler had 11.5 sacks and 16 tackles for a loss with the Rams last year. He has two sacks and three tackles for a loss in eight games with Atlanta this season. Fowler is also on pace for fewer tackles and he has no batted passes after getting six last season.

Given some of Snead’s other offseason moves, like grabbing Leonard Floyd for one year and deciding to rebuild the offensive line with internal options, plus hiring Brandon Staley as the defensive coordinator to replace Wade Phillips, it’s worth taking into him into consideration as Executive of the Year. Not only for what the Rams did, but what they didn’t do.