How to track flights and find hotels using the amazon echo

STAMFORD, Conn. , Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — KAYAK launches the ability to book hotels via Alexa on the Echo Show. Last month, KAYAK was among the first to enable voice booking for hotels with a KAYAK skill for Amazon Alexa. Now, users of the KAYAK skill for Amazon Alexa on Echo Show will not only hear available hotel options, they’ll see them on the part-touch screen part-voice assistant as well—a synergistic combination as voice-assisted e-commerce rises in popularity.

"Travel search and booking for hotels is typically a visual process, so the Echo Show integration is a natural evolution from the Alexa hotel booking option we launched last month," said KAYAK Chief Scientist Matthias Keller . "Adding Echo Show integration to the KAYAK voice booking skill for Alexa gives users additional confidence when booking a hotel that truly meets their preferences. This visual component will be helpful as consumers become more comfortable making larger, voice-driven purchases."

KAYAK also has assistants currently available on Slack, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home.

"We’ve been bullish in our approach to artificial intelligence and natural language processing at KAYAK because we believe that it will largely drive the future of travel planning," added Keller. "Our goal is to help take any friction out of travel search by using artificial intelligence to solve more complex requests on the platforms people are using."

The KAYAK skill for the Echo Show can fulfill the full range of capabilities available on other Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as flight tracking, explore and travel search for flights, hotels and car rentals. To use the KAYAK skill for Echo Show, users first sync or create a free KAYAK account, enable the KAYAK skill in the Alexa app, and link the account. Once the account is linked with Alexa, users can say something like, "Alexa, ask KAYAK to book me a hotel room in Boston from September 15 to 17 ."

The KAYAK skill for Echo Show provides up to 10 bookable hotel options with free cancellation that users can scroll through using their finger or by asking, "Alexa, select number 2" for more detailed hotel information like price per night. To book, users simply say, "Alexa, book this hotel" and use their KAYAK account to confirm the reservation.

Travelers can now ask Alexa to explore their itineraries and receive details on upcoming trips

BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 30, 2016

BELLEVUE, Wash. , Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ® today announced the launch of a new travel updates skill for the Amazon Alexa service, giving customers the ability to interact with Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to receive important travel updates and information in an easy, intuitive way. The Expedia skill for Alexa offers a voice-activated method to hear details on upcoming trips purchased on with other features embedded within the skill that allow travelers to ask for specifics regarding hotel bookings, flight status, loyalty points balance, rental car reservations, and more.

"Expedia remains committed to investing in voice recognition and natural language processing technologies to gain a deeper understanding of the unique nuances associated with the rapidly evolving field of voice-centered interactions," said Tony Donohoe , Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Technology, Brand Expedia. "Our skill for Amazon Alexa, alongside our recently launched Expedia bot for Facebook Messenger, are prime examples of how we are striving to generate effective user feedback with Expedia content on new emerging platforms and to give our customers even more ways to get real-time travel updates using whatever device they choose. Ultimately, we want to better serve travelers everywhere."

"We’re excited to work with Expedia to bring personalized travel-updates to our Alexa customers—and just in time for the busiest travel season of the year," said Rob Pulciani , Director, Amazon Alexa. "Now Alexa and Expedia customers have the ability to track their flights, book their car rental, and get real-time updates on delays or gate changes—all hands-free by just using your voice. We can’t wait for our customers to try this out."

How to track flights and find hotels using the amazon echo

Today we are excited to announce a brand new way for travelers to access their Expedia trip itineraries and receive real-time updates about upcoming travel plans—all through the power of voice.

Available now, the Expedia skill for Alexa syncs with your Expedia account to access your upcoming reservations so all you have to do is simply ask Alexa for quick answers and important information about your trip.

Customers with Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot, can use the Expedia skill to instantly hear details about their hotel and flight reservations, easily book a rental car, check Expedia+ rewards loyalty points balance, and more with just a few simple commands.


We also offer travelers the opportunity to get see hotel options and move forward with a booking with our recently launched Expedia bot for Facebook Messenger. Our work at Expedia to generate effective user feedback continues to inspire us to improve and evolve in this space. We’re excited to offer more functionality and features to new, emerging platforms to make travel simple and seamless.

The Expedia skill for Alexa works with any device in the U.S. that supports Amazon Alexa in English. To get the most of the Expedia skill, be sure to link your Expedia account via the Alexa app the first time to start asking away. Visit for more information.

Simplify the way you and your family plan and get ready for vacation. Book your next trip with Expedia today to let Alexa keep track of all the details and help lead the way to your next great adventure!

How to track flights and find hotels using the amazon echo

Hotel rooms will serve as the newest homes for Amazon’s Alexa starting this summer. Amazon announced a special version of its virtual assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, that will live across Echo devices placed in hotels, vacation rentals, and other similar locations.

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Guests staying in a room with an Echo device will likely find the experience either convenient or invasive. Guests can ask Alexa to do things like order room service, answer questions about hotel services, control some in-room connected devices like lights and blinds, and more. Alexa Skills will also be available, so guests can use a Skill such as Flight Tracker to check the status of their flight before checking out.

Those who already embrace Alexa will also enjoy a feature coming soon after Alexa for Hospitality’s launch: the ability to temporarily connect your Amazon account to an in-room Echo device. Doing so will allow guests to access their own content like music and audiobooks from the hotel’s Alexa-enabled device. Once guests check out, their account gets disconnected from that Echo device.

Those who aren’t as enamored with Alexa may not be happy to stay in a room with a constantly listening virtual assistant. According to a report by the Verge, Amazon programmed Alexa for Hospitality with a few special privacy measures: recordings of Alexa commands are deleted daily, and hotels can’t get access to guests’ voice recordings or Alexa’s responses to those voice recordings. However, hotels will be able to “measure engagement through analytics and adapt services based on guest feedback,” which likely means that they will have access to some information regarding guest interaction with in-room Alexa devices.

While those are good safeguards to have in place, there will still be guests who don’t want Alexa anywhere in their hotel experience. The introduction of Alexa for Hospitality comes shortly after Amazon confirmed that Alexa on an Echo device recorded a private conversation and sent it to a person in the user’s contact list as a message. Device logs confirmed that the Echo in this case accidentally heard “Alexa” and “send message” within the conversation.

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Alexa for Hospitality rolls out this summer starting at Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Aloft Hotels, and Autograph Collection Hotels.

Update, 10:31am ET: According to an Amazon representative, hotel guests can request for the Echo device to be removed from their room if they do not want to make use of Alexa during their stay.