How to use watch later on youtube

Usually not an issue but this playlist has 62 videos.

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As of the time of posting this answer, it’s possible to add the entire contents of a playlist to the Watch Later playlist in the same way that you would any other playlist, although it’s only possible on the desktop web interface, not mobile web or the standard YouTube app. I’m unsure if a YouTube Red subscription adds this functionality or not.

For mobile devices

Open YouTube in your device’s browser.

Click the menu icon in the header bar, then click Desktop to navigate to the desktop version of the site.

From here, continue with the process outlined below for desktop devices.

For desktop devices

Navigate to the playlist’s page.

Click the menu icon in the top right corner of the playlist panel.

Select the Add all to. option in the dropdown menu, then select the Watch Later playlist in the second dropdown.

You’ve now moved the entire contents of your playlist to the Watch Later playlist.

  1. If you no longer require the playlist, select the menu icon again, select Delete playlist , then confirm the deletion in the window that appears.