How to watch tv online for free

How to watch tv online for free

With the impending merger between Comcast and Time Warner on the horizon, it could get even more expensive to own a cable TV subscription in the near future. The cost of cable has increased sharply in the last 20 years, and the potential loss of competition that’s looming may likely serve to just feed the beast some more.

However, there’s hope. If you have a decent Internet connection, there are some free sites out there that you can use to watch your favorite TV shows, which we list here. Check them out below.

Alternatively, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to connect your computer to your TV. If you don’t have a computer, check out our guide on how to watch TV on your iPad.

Yes, Hulu has commercials, but if you’re looking for free shows, you usually have to sit through advertising of some form anyway. Hulu features shows from a wide variety of networks that get published on the site as soon as one day after an episode’s air date.

How to watch tv online for free

Hulu arranges all your favorite shows into one place, and alerts you when a new episode airs. However, note that some episodes will expire after a couple weeks.

Network websites

All of the major over-the-air networks, like NBC, ABC and CBS, will post episodes of recently aired TV shows to their respective websites. Generally, these sites host the five most recent episodes or so, and don’t include episodes from previous seasons. NBC posts videos the day after episodes on their network air, while CBS will post episodes immediately after they are broadcast on the East coast.

How to watch tv online for free

Other networks, like ABC and Fox, put up shows a week after they are shown on TV. With that in mind, be sure to avoid spoilers between the time those episodes are broadcast, and whenever you plan to watch them online. These sites will force you to watch commercials, but we recommend that you use those moments to grab a snack or take a bathroom break, if you really can’t stand ads.


Crackle doesn’t offer a huge variety of stuff to watch, and there are ads to deal with here as well. However, Crackle features some full TV series, and also has some movies that you might want to check out.

How to watch tv online for free

You don’t have to register for an account to watch stuff, but if you do, Crackle will generate suggestions and organize what you’ve already seen for you. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, so there’s no need to worry that this is some illegal operation that could land you in the slammer just by using it.


LiveStation compiles news networks from around the world in one place. Some of the news streams that LiveStation offers include Al Jazeera, Sky News, Reuters, BBC, and more–all for free. Image and audio quality are generally good, but in our experience, it took a few moments to load streams.

How to watch tv online for free

The free version includes ads, but there is a premium paid option (which costs $5.99 per month) that includes more HD channels, and omits commercials.

At first glance, looks like a blog for TV show reviews and news. However, if you hit the “Videos” tab, you’ll find full episodes of recently aired network shows. It’s a lot like Hulu, but with less variety and fewer commercials. There’s no need to fret about any legal issues either: the site is run by CBS Interactive.

How to watch tv online for free

It generally only features the five most recent episodes of whatever show you want to watch, but for zilch out of your pocket, that’s not bad.

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C ord cutting, which is the term given to the pattern of cable TV subscribers ditching their subscriptions for an online alternative, is on the rise these days. All across the world, users are adopting new ways to watch TV online for free. These methods include free websites to watch full series, using your TV network’s website, etc.

Before I dive into these methods, I think I’d be a good idea to give you an idea of how many people are choosing online streaming services. As per a report from analysts at MoffettNathanson Research, the total number of paid TV viewers dropped 4.1% in 2018 as compared to the previous year. With the increasing popularity of services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Crackle, etc., these results aren’t surprising.

Now moving on to the free ways to watch TV that are completely legal, I’ll be describing them below one by one. Choose them as per your convenience and availability. Let’s start —

8 Methods to Watch Free TV Channels Online

1. Free TV streaming websites

How to watch tv online for free

The first and foremost means to get free entertainment is by making use of your home or office internet connection. There are tons of sites to watch free TV shows. Some of the notable examples include Crackle, Popcornflix, Yidio, Pluto TV, Snagfilms, etc. Out of these websites, my favorites are Crackle and Pluto TV. While Crackle has some of the best free content around, Pluto TV is known for its TV-like interface that provides a more immersive experience. What you might not like about most of these websites is that they are geographically restricted and you need to use a proxy or VPN to uncover the full potential of these free TV streaming websites.

2. Free TV streaming apps

How to watch tv online for free

Apart from free websites, there are many free and legal apps as well that perform a similar job. Using a dedicated application on your iPhone or Android makes sense if you’re fond of watching TV online for free on the go. While most premium apps have a well-designed application, many free streaming services also have their apps. For example, Sony Crackle has a dedicated mobile application that works smoothly; other services like Hotstar and Viewster also have their apps.

3. Free trials for premium services

How to watch tv online for free

Several premium TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc., provide a free trial to let you get used to the service and see if your favorite TV series is available or not. Along the similar lines, we’ve already prepared an article on how to watch TV shows like Game of Thrones for free. That method also described how to get free trial of HBO Go, HBO Now, Hotstar, Prime Video, etc. You can also follow the tutorial to watch HBO’s new breakout show Chernobyl.

4. Can I share your premium account?

How to watch tv online for free

Unlike traditional cable TV, sharing account access to internet-based video streaming services is pretty easy. Just borrow the email id and password from your friend or family member to watch TV online for free anywhere. While the policies of services like Netflix prohibit the sharing of your password with friends and family, they haven’t taken any strict measures against those who do so. Instead, many TV streaming services often encourage such sharing as they consider it a means to get more exposure. Unlike piracy, which is completely illegal, password-sharing is a socially acceptable practice that’s very much popular among consumers of different kinds of multimedia.

5. Watch movies and shows on YouTube and Facebook

How to watch tv online for free

Yes, YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming service and it’s completely free and legal. You just need an active internet connection and you can watch movies and TV shows that are freely available on the website. When it comes to movies, there’s a dedicated section on the website that contains free movies like Rocky, Igor, Sleepover, Zookeeper, etc. Moreover, different cable networks have their own YouTube channels that publish episodes, behind the scenes videos, interviews, trailers, etc. Finding complete episodes and channels could be a task but in the end, you get to watch TV online for free. Similarly, Facebook Watch also provides lots of free TV shows, sports, and news.

6. Visit your library

How to watch tv online for free

If you think the local library is only meant for reading books, you’re wrong. Kanopy is the most popular video streaming service that also uses the login credentials of your university. It was initially founded in 2008 as an educational tool for universities which allowed students to stream free movies, Disney videos, and documentaries via an online interface and further allowed them to borrow physical media as well. Over the years, Kanopy and other services like Hoopla and OverDrive have expanded their coverage.

7. Use your cable/internet login

How to watch tv online for free

Another means to watch cable TV shows for free is to use the login credentials provided by your cable TV or internet provider. Very often services like Cox, Xfinity, Spectrum, Mediacom, Directv, etc., let you use their credentials to be used on TV network websites like Fox, CBS, AMC, CW, BBC, or PBS. This way, you can watch TV programs using the internet anywhere. If you don’t have a cable TV connection at home, you can also borrow it from your friends and enjoy it for free.

8. Get an HDTV antenna for free TV

How to watch tv online for free

Well, this method won’t let you watch free TV online but I thought it would be great to tell you a useful alternative to paid cable TV. Getting an over-the-air antenna for free HDTV makes perfect sense if you’ve switched to online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. By choosing an HDTV antenna, you can get access to local news, prime time shows, sports, etc. There are chances that if you live near a metro area in the US, you’d be able to enjoy content from NBC, ABC, Fox, etc. There are different online tools as well that help you find the availability of channels in your area.

These were some of the best and legal methods to watch TV online for free and I hope that you found them useful as per your geographical location and convenience. Do leave your feedback in the comments section and keep reading Fossbytes.

Stay informed with the latest on coronavirus and other stories free on your desktop, phone, tablet or TV.

During the coronavirus pandemic news breaks at a dizzying pace, and it’s more important than ever to stay informed. There is some good news for everyone that’s stuck at home however: As long as you have decent Internet , you don’t have to pay a dime to watch the latest TV news coverage. A wide array of free services stream live news every day, from the latest on the pandemic to what’s happening in the world of business and entertainment .

The services below, presented in alphabetical order, consist of standard broadcast-style and cable news as well as international and business-centric options too. All of these services offer content on their own websites, but many are also available on streaming TV devices (Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV), smart TVs and via mobile apps for phones and tablets.

The list below list includes only video streaming services, but of course there are other options available, including news podcasts from the likes of Stitcher , institutions like NPR or a wealth of radio stations. And if you want more local live TV options you could also hang an indoor antenna , a simple process that lets you watch news and other programming free from broadcasters in your area.

(Disclaimer: CBS News, Entertainment Tonight and Pluto TV are subsidiaries of CNET’s parent company ViacomCBS.)

Read more: Best TV for 2020

ABC News Live

In addition to the constant coronavirus updates, the website offers a number of other topical feeds, including a running tally of the Dow Jones and a live feed of (a deserted) Times Square.

Platforms: iPhone and iPad (iOS), Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Windows, Xbox One, Apple Watch, Kindle Fire.

Free TV services: Sling’s Free service (and the new Sling TV prime time freebie ) as well as the Roku Channel.

Al Jazeera

Despite closing its US office in 2016, it’s still possible to watch Al Jazeera English online. The service offers world news with a Middle Eastern focus, and has been covering the effects of the coronavirus in the US and Europe.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One


The financial news service, started by former NYC mayor and ex-Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg, offers free live streaming each day via its website and a couple of free TV services.

Free TV services: Sling TV, Pluto TV

CBSN is the free, 24-hour arm of CBS News and is available on a variety of different platforms. The service is also streamed in localized versions for seven markets: Bay Area, Boston, Denver, LA, Minnesota, New York and Philadelphia.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Free TV services: Pluto TV


The coronavirus is having a tumultuous effect on the stock market, and if you want to keep up to date, business site Cheddar offers free streams on a multitude of platforms. The service offers three hours of free content a day.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku

Free TV services: Sling TV, Pluto TV, Roku Channel

Are you searching for some websites that offer Live TV channels to watch with Internet connection online on your laptop or smartphone for free? Then I’ve compiled 8 websites to watch live TV channels online for free.

So, if you’re out of home or you don’t have television at your residence, then no need to worry about live TV channels streaming. Because this article will provide you a list of 8 best websites to watch live TV channels online for free.

Websites To Watch Live TV Channels Online

Now, have a look on the list of top 8 websites for Live TV channels streaming online absolutely free.

1. Freee TV

1808 channels can be viewed on this website. You just need ti visit the website and click on any channel and it will start live streaming. If you see the homepage of this website, there are many categories are given. From the entertainment to zoo cam, you can browse your favorite channel across the world.

For example if you select Entertainment, then the list of all the entertainment channels will be shown and if you select your country like India, then all the prime channels of India will be listed in front of you.

If you want to watch live news channel or live cricket, then this free website can be a great medium for that.

Recommended Reading:

2. Free TV Hub

Some people like only news channels to watch. So, this website is made for that type of people specially. Here you’ll find a wide range of news channels for live streaming online.

You’ll see a list of multiple TV channels on its homepage and as soon as you click on any channel, it will start the live streaming. So, if you want to watch a special news TV program on your device such as laptop/mobile, then Free TV Hub may be proven helpful to you.

3. Free TV Online

You will find approx 3000 free TV channels at this website. You will also find many categories on this website such as popular TV shows, popular TV movie etc. At this website mainly TV and Movie categories are available.

Inside the TV category you’ll find many TV shows and inside the Movie category users find many options related to movies. Especially, if you’re a fan of foreign TV shows, then this website will fully entertain you.

4. Crafty TV

This website has more than 1000 TV shows and it can be proven very interesting for people who love to watch different types of TV shows. Here’s a different category for game lovers in which game-related channels are listed.

The homepage of this website is very simple and with the help of search bars and categories users can find their favorite channels and TV shows very simply.

5. Free TV All

This website mainly contains sports-related stuff to be viewed live online. On this website, you’ll find almost each and every news and sports channel for live streaming.

In addition, you’ll also find TV channels in different Indian languages. This live TV streaming website facilitates live cricket match watching online.

6. BBC iPlayer

As we all know the BBC news network is widely popular but do you know that BBC also provides the digital service. So, BBC also provides its digital service BBC iPlayer in which you’ll mostly find TV shows and movies.

Very few things on this website that you can watch live. So, you can watch recently uploaded and old TV shows and movies online at BBC iPlayer.

7. Bee Line TV

This 382 channels provider website shows the TV shows and channels according to the different countries. You can see Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Korean TV channels on this website.

On this website, from the entertainment to sports every channel can be viewed online. However, now many countries are not listed at this website, that’s why it may happen that users won’t find the stuff they are actually searching.

8. JumpTV

If you’re interested in watching Asian TV channels, then this website can be proven useful for you. Along with the different Indian languages, many other countries’ TV shows can be viewed on this website.

For live TV show streaming, this website is good but you have to update your flash player available in the system because it doesn’t support old version.

Further Streaming:

That’s it, these are websites to watch live TV channels online for free. So, if you’re out of home, then you can watch Live TV shows, cricket, news and any of your favorite channel on the go.

You can stream TV for free by leveraging free trials, taking advantage of cell phone carrier offers and purchasing a digital antenna.

How to watch tv online for free

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Scrapping cable is a popular way to save money , but cutting the cord doesn’t mean giving up TV cold turkey — as long as you have internet access.

You can still watch TV shows online for free with a little ingenuity (and maybe a generous neighbor). Here are seven ways to catch the big game, or the hottest new series, without shelling out for cable.

1. Leverage free trials

Most major streaming services offer free trials to first-time users. For example, Netflix and Hulu are free for one month, and HBO Now, Sling TV and DirecTV Now are free for seven days. Sure, a trial period is a temporary fix, but it’s a smart way to find out which services you like in case you decide to replace your cable package with an alternative subscription. Remember to cancel your account at the end of the trial period to avoid any charges.

Track your bills and spending

Join NerdWallet to see it all in one place and find ways to save.

Sep 11, 2018, 8:00 am EST | 3 min read

How to watch tv online for free

Are you looking for something to watch without paying for a subscription? Here are six sites most people don’t know about that offer free TV shows and movies.

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu get all the attention, but there are a bunch of websites offering free and legal TV shows and movies with no subscription. You’ll have to put up with ads, of course, but free is free, and you can watch in your browser or on your TV.

Most of these services are only available to US viewers, though we’ll note the ones that are available outside that area. Of course, there are ways to access region-restricted websites from anywhere, if you want to go that route.

The Roku Channel: Free TV and Movies, No Roku Required

How to watch tv online for free

Roku is famous for its lines of streaming sticks, boxes, and smart TVs. They also offer The Roku Channel, and you don’t even need a Roku device to watch it. A free account gives you ad-supported access to movies like Braveheart and Pleasantville, alongside TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares and 3rd Rock From The Sun.

The Roku Channel is offered on Roku devices, of course, but it’s also available on both your desktop and mobile browser. There’s even support for non-Roku streaming boxes, including Amazon’s FireTV and Apple TV with AirPlay. Samsung Smart TVs are also supported. Read more about compatibility here.

Crackle: Sony’s Forgotten Streaming Service

How to watch tv online for free

Crackle has been around forever, but it’s still relatively obscure. That’s odd because it offers solid TV shows like Seinfeld and Community alongside movies like Gattaca and Stranger Than Fiction.

You can watch using your browser, mobile apps, and on most smart TVs, streaming devices, and even game consoles. Check the full list here.

PopcornFlix: Tons of Free Movies

How to watch tv online for free

You probably haven’t heard of PopcornFlix. Barely anyone has. But this ad-supported service has movies like True Grit (the 2010 remake), Zodiac, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There’s also a bunch of TV shows, including 90s kids stuff like Inspector Gadget, The Legend of Zelda, and The Weird Al Show.

You can watch PopcornFlix in your browser, right now. You can also watch on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, XBox, iPhone/iPad, and Android; find links here.

Pluto.TV: Channel Surf the Internet

How to watch tv online for free

Pluto.TV is a little different than the other options we’ve discussed. Rather than provide a list of on-demand titles, Pluto.TV offers “channels” that are streaming certain things right now. It’s more like channel flipping with conventional TV providers.

There are usually several movies on, and there’s one channel that’s constantly broadcasting Mystery Science Theater episodes. Other channels offer old TV shows, nature documentaries, classic cartoons, and a lot more. Dive in and see what you can find.

You can watch using your browser, using dedicated mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPad, and on streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, and Chromecast. See the full list of supported devices here.

Xumo.TV: News, Sports Highlights, and Entertainment (US and Canada)

How to watch tv online for free

Xumo.TV is similar to Pluto.TV, but there seems to be more of a focus on the news here. You’ll see re-broadcasts of news from major sources like CBS and MSNBC. There’s also live access to Bloomberg and a bunch of channels that collect stuff from around the web. Like Pluto.TV the idea is to bring channel surfing to the browser.

This service works in the US and Canada, though where you are will determine which channels you can get. You can watch in your browser, or on Android and iPhone/iPad using dedicated apps. There’s also support for smart TVs and Roku. Check this list to learn more.

Tubi: More Movies and TV Shows

How to watch tv online for free

Tubi is another on-demand service that most people haven’t heard of, but there’s some worthwhile stuff here. You’ll find some Saw movies and the Bill & Ted movies. You can also watch Peep Show, a UK classic and Everbody Hates Chris.

You can watch Tubi in your browser, or by using apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, Roku, and Amazon FireTV.

Here’s the information you’ll need to watch a free live stream of “Yellowstone” online without cable.

“Yellowstone” premieres its third season on Sunday, June 21 at 9 p.m. on Paramount. It will air after a 6 p.m. showing of the 2012 film “Jack Reacher,” and will be followed by a rerun of the season premiere.

If you’re a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you can live stream “Yellowstone” on Peacock, Fubo TV, Sling TV or Philo. All of the streaming services offer free trials.

If you missed an episode of “Yellowstone” or want to binge watch the series online when it becomes available, look for it on Peacock, Fubo TV, Sling TV or Philo. All of the streaming services offer free trials.

According to the official Paramount website: The walls are closing in on all sides as John Dutton and his family continue to fight for their survival, and unlikely partnerships, new enemies and disloyalty threatens to pull the family apart.

Here’s a look at “Yellowstone,” courtesy of Paramount Network’s official YouTube channel:

Here are some additional stories and articles about “Yellowstone,” including a look at the show’s move from Wednesday to Sunday nights:

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How to watch tv online for free

Here’s the list of the best TV streaming websites to watch TV shows online at no cost. Read the entire details below!

With the advent of the internet and ongoing technological advancement, having a television set with a cable connection is no more a necessity.

A massive collection of websites lets you watch free TV online. However, with so many players in the market, finding the perfect option can be a nightmare.

Be vigilant before you visit any TV streaming website.

Out of the many available options, only a few are legitimate, and if you are not careful, you might download software or visit a site that can infect your PC. Moreover, many places will try to scam you into signing in. But, below mentioned are the safest and legal sources that keep you safe side in all possible ways.

Moreover, never ever hinders your privacy with third-parties. Below listed down websites not only lets you stream TV shows and movies but also allows you to watch documentaries and web-series. Isn’t is so sassy? Undoubtedly, yes! Therefore, be intelligent enough and don’t stuck into the scam of fraudulent activities. Before, moving ahead, let’s know about the VPN by which you can access any website even when it is not available in your region.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection helps you stay secure and provides you web access that is legitimate enough for use. It blocks all unwanted ads and encrypts your connection, which means complete security from phishing attacks, scammers, online hackers, and all sought of PC threats.

To help you find the best websites that can let you stream TV online for free, here we have consolidated a list of options for you.

Let’s now check the list of the most reliable and authentic websites where you can easily watch TV shows online for free.

Note: However, the list provided by us is completely legal and safe. Still, if some websites are not available in your territories then you can use NordVPN, ExpressVPN and many more VPN services to unlock the shows. You can read our reviews on the best VPN services and get the best one.

Here’s the information you’ll need to watch a free live stream of “Transplant” online without cable.

“Transplant” airs its first season premiere on Tuesday, Sep. 1 at 10 p.m. on NBC. It will air after a new live episode of “America’s Got Talent” at 8 p.m.

If you’re a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you can live stream “Transplant” on Fubo TV (free trial).

If you missed the premiere episode of “Transplant” or want to binge watch the series online as it becomes available, check out Fubo TV (free trial).

According to the official NBC website: When Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq, “Quantico”), a charismatic Syrian doctor with battle-tested skills in emergency medicine, flees his war-torn homeland, he and his younger sister Amira (Sirena Gulamgaus) become refugees struggling to forge a new life in Canada. But if Bash ever wants to be a doctor again, he must redo his medical training from the ground up and obtaining a coveted residency position is nearly impossible. But when a horrific truck crash nearly kills a senior doctor right in front of him, Bash saves the doctor’s life and earns a residency in the biggest Emergency Department of the best hospital in Toronto. Yet for all Bash’s experience, it’s a tough road. Bash’s training is different, his life experiences are unique to him and he’s not an exact match for his new colleagues, who include Dr. Magalie “Mags” LeBlanc (Laurence Leboeuf, “The Disappearance”), a ferociously analytical second-year resident who pushes herself relentlessly; Dr. June Curtis (Ayisha Issa, “Polar”), a reserved, ambitious surgical resident whose loyalty doesn’t come easily; and Dr. Theo Hunter (Jim Watson, “Mary Kills People”), a pediatric Emergency Fellow whose small-town upbringing is cracking wide open as life at the hospital changes his worldview. The team works tirelessly to save lives and win the approval of the legendary head of the Emergency Department, Dr. Jed Bishop (John Hannah, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), all the while managed by sharp-eyed, acerbic Dr. Wendy Atwater (Linda E. Smith, “19-2”) and supported by longtime head nurse — the deadpan, confident Claire Malone (Torri Higginson, “This Life”). Through it all, Bash tries to meet the demand of his new country and new job while trying to pay the bills, raise his little sister and carve out a new life for them both in this unfamiliar land. It’s a journey that’s universal to people everywhere. Bash aims high and is determined to succeed, and those around him are quick to see that his passion and hopefulness are contagious. But will his newfound life reject him, or will this “transplant” take?

Here’s a look at a recent performance from “Transplant,” courtesy of the show’s official YouTube channel: