How to word thank you notes

How to Word Thank You NotesYou’ve spent the same amount of time thinking about sending out your wedding thank you notes as you have not sending them. And the result? The guilt of having late wedding thank you notes just sitting on your to do list is staring at you. It’s ok, don’t be so hard on yourself! Life gets in the way — we totally get it. Mailing those bad boys out in a timely manner — while important — is tough. The thing is, the folks who spent time, effort and money on gifting you and your new spouse that special wedding gift still deserve a thank you note.

Given the extra time spent indoors these days and the urgent need for us all to save the USPS, there really couldn’t be a better time to finally get this one task off your to do list once and for all! And you know, let your loved ones know you appreciate them.

How long do you have to send thank you cards after a wedding… Is it ever too late?

Many months may have passed since you tied the knot, but the chance to mail out your wedding thank you notes has not.

Better late than never.

Whether it’s been 8 months or a full year, don’t let the build-up of having put off this special task be used as an excuse to never mail out your thank yous.

The key is to just realize what’s done is done and get those bad boys written! Don’t worry if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by reading this because we’ve got a step-by-step process you can easily follow to get this done in no time.

How to Word Thank You Notes

Step-by-step guide to writing your late wedding thank you notes.

Not sure how to get started? We got you.

  1. Make the commitment to just do it!
  2. Choose a card or a set of stationery.
  3. Set aside time in your calendar.
  4. Get to writing!

First step may seem obvious, but just as with any ominous task you need to make the decision to just get this done. Without this crucial step the likelihood that this task will get pushed further and further down your to do list is pretty much guaranteed.

You’ll need a card to write in so be sure to order your stationery asap or use Postable to write all of your thank you notes and we’ll mail them all out for you (yes, using the USPS)!
Pro tip: Postable’s wedding thank you collection is pretty spectacular.

Use our ‘real’ handwritten fonts to write all your wedding thank you notes in minutes AND Postable will mail them for you! Beautiful designs from all the top designers.

Setting aside time to actually complete this task is just as important as steps 1 & 2. If you don’t make time for this in your schedule, excuses will inevitably continue to come up.

Get to writing! Ok, this step is rather self explanatory… Not sure what to say? Keep reading — we’ve got wording examples you can use.

What to Say in Late Wedding Thank Notes?

The messaging in regular wedding thank you notes still applies here, you’ll just have to add one extra item: a short apology.

Now, don’t take this opportunity to write a novel about how busy life has gotten being married and all or how sorry you are that the notes are late. Mention it once and move on. Nobody wants to read a long winded apology in their thank you note. Keep your apology short and sweet — just like the rest of the message.

Here’s all the things to include:

  • Salutation
  • The actual ‘thank you’
  • The short ‘sorry’
  • One specific detail about the gift
  • Look ahead
  • Another ‘thank you’
  • Sign off

Here are some sample with all of these items put together into a succinct and lovely messages:

Thank you so much for the blender. We’re sorry it’s taken this long to get this note to you. We’ve been smoothie-making machines for months; feeling great! Would love to have you over for brunch soon. We’re so grateful for your generosity.

A huge –and well overdue– thank you for the couples spa package. Your attention to detail and generosity never fails to amaze. Thank you for remembering our favorite date night activity, we’ve been so looking forward to using the package for our 1st anniversary. We’re so grateful for your friendship and can’t wait to see you both soon!

A belated, but heartfelt thank you for the donation you made in our name to the Save the Children foundation. We were so pleased to receive the notice and could not think of a more perfect way to honor our love. We are constantly amazed at all the amazing work that you do and look forward to working with you both very soon.

Thank you!
Joanna & Billie

Remember — always keep your messages short and sweet, write with sincerity and spell check names.

Want more wording examples? Read through all these wedding thank you note wording examples and just remember to acknowledge (briefly) the lateness.

Postable makes sending wedding thank you notes extra easy!

Postable — hey, that’s us! — can help make this whole process a lot easier. You can write and mail all of your late (or not-so-late) wedding thank you notes without leaving your couch or computer. We’ll print, address and mail your personalized notes for you. AND you can complete the whole task in the fraction of the time.

Your guests will receive beautiful custom wedding thank you notes with a lovely handwritten font (that you chose) and you wouldn’t need to spend a whole weekend writing, addressing and stamping them.

However you decide to take care of these very important thank yous, you’ll probably want to address the fact that they’re late. But how?

Money is a quite common gift received on special occasions. However, one might receive money as a donation as well. No matter what the occasion is, it is important to write a Thank You Note for Money. This note would show appreciation and gratitude to the giver, which is extremely important. Writing a thank you note would be wise, as it would show that the receiver cares.

Using sample thank you note for money as a guide can make things clearer, easier, and simple to understand.

Table of Contents

Thank you note format for money

Dear ABC,I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for this generous gift. I am going to use it for paying the rent for this month. It means a lot to me as I am actively searching for a new job these days.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness,

Thank You Note for Money Graduation

Thank You Note for Money from Coworkers

A thank you note for money gift from coworkers would express gratitude and expression to the coworkers. It would show how much a person cares and appreciates their gift. Through this note, a person can highlight what he or she is going to do with the money. For example, buying a laptop or paying a certain installment.

Thank You Note for Money for Baby

Thank You Note for Money Baby Shower

A baby shower thank you note for money would highlight appreciation and gratitude from the receiver. It would show how generous the person has been as money is an ideal gift through which receiver can buy whatever their heart desires.

Thank You for the Money Gift

Thank You Note for Money Donation

A thank you note for money donation would appreciate the person who is donating money. The note can highlight the name of an organization if the donation is for a specific cause by that organization.

Thank You Note for Money Birthday Gift

Wedding Money Thank You Note

A wedding money thank you note would appreciate the person who is giving this gift. One can mention what they would be using the money for, like going on a honey trip or collecting a certain amount for a dream house. It would show the appreciation and care from the receiver.

Without sponsors, many programs, events and spaces would not be viable.

The list of organizations that are in need of sponsors is endless. From charity organizations, to school activities, sponsorship may determine whether the program continues to run. Other times, a sponsor may be required to help a company achieve their goal of raising funds to sponsor a program or a pageant.

Whatever the case may be, once you have received your sponsorship, you must say thank you to our sponsors.

Here are some sample thank you to our sponsors notes:

Thank You Notes for Company Events

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Thank You to Our Sponsors Notes for School Activities

Whatever the school activity may be, you must show appreciation. Here are 8 sample thank you to our sponsors notes:

I like to express my sincerest thanks to you for sponsoring my education for the 2019-2020 school year.

Without your most generous contribution, I don’t know how I would have managed to balance my studies. This means the world to me. Thanks again.

Learning that I am the recipient of such a prestigious sponsorship has really eased my financial concerns regarding obtaining my education. Your aid and has motivated me to keep working hard to see this dream come true.

Thank you for your generosity.

Words fall short when I try to express my sincerest gratitude for your sponsorship. When I was informed that I was being given this opportunity, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I appreciate everything that you have done for me and I will continue to work hard.

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This past year has been extremely challenging for me because of my illness. I became so hopeless, I seriously considered giving up on my degree.

This sponsorship has given me newfound hope and the motivation I needed to complete my degree. Thanks a lot.

You are known for your philanthropy, especially in regard to education. I am honored to be among the recipients. I am extremely grateful for your generosity, and I hope your blessings will remain abundant.

I cannot thank you enough for this sponsorship. It means the world to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the school supplies you donated to my department this year.

With these resources, I can be more effective in my teaching and I know the students will love everything.

When someone says, ‘thank you,’ the most obvious way to respond is by saying, ‘you’re welcome.’ But, returning the sentiment in the same way over and over again can often feel disingenuous.

So if you find yourself searching for a better way to answer, maybe even Googling ‘how to respond to thank you’ we’ve got a whole list for you. Some, you might not even have thought of before!

Here are 25 different options for how to respond to ‘thank you’.

Ways to respond to ‘thank you,’ verbally

When someone says ‘thank you’ in person, there are many ways you can respond without falling back on the standard ‘you’re welcome.’ Here are 15 ideas for how to respond to ‘thank you,’ verbally:

01 “Anytime”

This is a good response for someone with whom you are close, or have helped out in the past.

It demonstrates that you were happy to assist with whatever was asked of you and that you would gladly come to the aid of your friend again, should the need arise.

02 “I’m always happy to help”

A response like this can be great in both formal and casual settings. In a professional context, such as the workplace, it suggests that you are open and available for completing tasks.

When used in a casual setting, it shows that you have done whatever deed for which you’re being recognized, from the kindness of your heart.

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How to Respond to a Compliment Politely and Respectfully

03 “It’s nothing”

This comment is a perfect response to use when someone is overly thankful or appreciative.

The dismissive nature of the phrase lets them know that more thanks aren’t necessary, and you were not at all disadvantaged by doing them a favor.

04 “Not a problem”

An answer with a casual tone like this lets the person you’re thanking know that the help you offered was not a bother to you. It also communicates that he/she is invited to ask for another favor in the future.

05 “No worries”

Use this option for how to respond to thank you if you feel like what you did was truly not a big deal. It conveys that you are humble and don’t feel that your efforts require further compensation.

06 “Sure”

‘Sure’ is a good response to use when you just want to get the moment over with. When there’s no need for a big show of gratitude, and it’s time to move on, this is the ideal phrasing.

07 “Think nothing of it”

If you do something for a close friend, no matter how big or small, this is a great way to return their thanks.

The simple but heartfelt statement implies that you acted for your friend without a second thought, and are not expecting anything in return.

08 “That’s okay”

Use this phrase when someone is offering to repay you for your kindness. ‘That’s okay’ suggests that a verbal thank you is sufficient, and no further appreciation is required.

09 “Happy to oblige”

When you do something because it makes you feel good, sometimes there’s no need for a thank you. This is a good choice of response because it suggests that you were just glad to be of assistance.

10 “The pleasure was all mine”

This is a very polite way of saying you’re welcome.

It’s an especially good option for how to respond to thank you, because it shifts the pressure of showing appreciation off the person you did a favor for, making the engagement less awkward for him/her.

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11 “You’d do the same”

If someone is a good friend to you, sometimes there’s no real need to say ‘you’re welcome’ because you know they would do the same for you in a heartbeat.

You’d do the same’ is a perfect response to for a good friend, because it lets he/she know that that your confident in the foundation of your relationship.

12 “No, thank you”

If someone has invited you to an event and is thanking you for coming, this is a great response to let your host(s) know that you enjoyed yourself and appreciated the invite.

This comment can also work well when communicating with members of the service industry. When an employee thanks you for coming to a restaurant or hotel, this statement shows appreciation and a humble disposition.

13 “Absolutely!”

This is a good response to let someone know that you were more than willing to do them a favor in the first place and that you would gladly do so again.

14 “It’s my duty”

In an office setting where you have been presented with a task, this is a formal response to someone who thinks you have done them a favor.

This is a good response to thank you because it tells them that you don’t consider the action a favor and were acting within the scope of your professional duties.

15 “De nada”

This is Spanish for ‘you’re welcome.’ It is a not-too-serious response and can be seen as playful. ‘De nada’ shows that you don’t think too much of what you did. It wasn’t a big deal.

Ways to respond to ‘thank you’ in a text

When someone says ‘thank you’ through a text, your response can come in a variety of forms. Here are 10 different text-message-friendly ideas for how to respond to ‘thank you.’

16 “Emoji”

When someone says ‘thank you’ in text, your response can be in the form of an emoji. A simple smiley face lets the person know that things between you two are good and that you appreciate their gratitude.

17 “It was no big deal, really”

When someone sends you paragraphs upon paragraphs of thanks, this is a good way to let him/her know that the extra effort wasn’t really necessary.

18 “Oh, that’s alright!”

When someone offers to do something for you or give you a token of appreciation via text, this response is a great way to let him/her know that the action isn’t necessary, and you already know that he/she is grateful.

19 “It’s all gravy”

When talking to friends, you probably don’t want to be too formal about accepting a thank you. This is a great option for how to respond to ‘thank you’ because it demonstrates that you are comfortable with the exchange, and don’t wish to make a fuss over it.

20 “Of course”

Offering this response shows that you had no problem doing the person a favor, and the effort expended was nothing to you.


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How to Word Thank You Notes

Knowing how to word funeral thank you notes can be challenging. In your time of grief, the wording for your thank you notes may not come easily. Fortunately, most people will appreciate your sincere gratitude no matter what you write. Before you even start writing your funeral thank you notes, it’s important to realize not everyone who attended the funeral services needs to be sent a thank you card. Those who should be thanked include pallbearers, clergy, and anyone who dropped off food, sent flowers or made a donation in your loved one’s honor.

Explore this article

  • Use the following example to help craft thank you notes for pallbearers Dear
  • Express

1 Use the following example to help craft thank you notes for pallbearers Dear

Use the following example to help craft thank you notes for pallbearers: “Dear , Thank you for your show of support in our family’s time of mourning. We appreciate you serving as a pallbearer. You have always been a true and good friend to _. I/we know he would have appreciated the great deal of comfort and support you provided during this difficult time.”

2 Express

Express your gratitude to clergy with the following words: “Dear __, Our family can not thank you enough for the spiritual guidance you provided in our time of mourning. While our hearts are saddened by_ ‘s loss, we thank you for making this difficult time a little easier. Your spiritual council helps us remember that God is ever present in our lives, even in death.”

Use the following example when writing thank you verses to donors and those who sent flowers and other gifts: “Dear ___, Thank you for your sincere thoughtfulness in sending the beautiful flowers/food OR making a donation in ‘s name. I/We truly appreciate your kindness in our family’s time of mourning. We can’t thank you enough for honoring __ in this thoughtful way.”

Send a thank you note to those who provided services such as babysitting, using the following as an example: “Dear _, Thank you for babysitting during this very hectic and sad time in our lives. Your help and generosity eased our minds, knowing we had such a trustworthy friend supporting us in our time of need.”

Recognize the person who provided the eulogy with a note based on the following example: “Dear , Thank you much for remembering in such a beautiful way. We all have such wonderful memories of ____. You are a true friend to all of us, and we are honored you were able to share just how touched your life. We know _ was always proud to call you a friend.”

About the Author

This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below.

Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting-card messages and helping others find the words they need for life’s special moments.

How to Word Thank You Notes

Want to show your donor how grateful you are but can’t quite find the right words? Read on for just the right messages to include in your thank-you letter or note.

How Best to Thank Your Donors

You can express gratitude to donors via emails, phone calls, and newsletters, but if you really want to show them how grateful you are and how much their financial support has given hope and a fulfilling future to those who need humanitarian assistance, why not consider a personalized handwritten thank-you letter to express your sincerest gratitude for their generosity?

Reasons for Sending a Thank-You Letter

Sending donors a thoughtful thank-you letter can strengthen the relationship you have with them, and it can secure your chances of receiving more charitable donations the next time you solicit their support.

Whenever you receive a donation for your fundraising campaigns, remember to send a thank-you letter to the donor as soon as possible. Their generous act makes it easier for you and your organization to provide social services to those who are living in the most vulnerable communities and who need humanitarian assistance.

Just as you would welcome a donation from someone, donors would also feel appreciated to receive a sincere thank-you letter acknowledging their financial contributions.

Here’s a guide on how to write a letter to help you express gratitude to a generous person who has donated money, food, and any other relief materials to support the humanitarian services of people like you.

Writing a Thank-You Note for a Donor

1. Decide how you want to send the thank-you letter: Will you print it on a letterhead paper and then send it through regular mail? Do you want to send your message via electronic mail (email)?

2. Brainstorm and decide what you want to say before writing the letter.

3. The sentences should be clear and concise: Make the content of the letter clear and understandable enough to the receiver. Use short and simple sentences to express your points.

Here are the basic things you should have in mind if you are in the process of writing an appreciation letter to donors:

  • Make a list of names and addresses of donors: Ensure that you have their correct name and title, including the amount of money that was donated and the date it was received.
  • Gather all necessary information: Make some notes for each of the people you are writing the letter to.
  • Decide what you want to say: Brainstorm and decide what you want to include in the letter. Give some examples of the positive difference they made in your community. What did they do that calls for a letter to be written? Was it donating money to support your foundation? Was it putting smiles on the faces of the most vulnerable people? Was it giving the children of the poor a fulfilling future? Was it donating to hospital or school facilities? Was it giving food to an orphanage?
  • Make a draft: What to include in the letter, the style of writing, and the tone will depend on how well you know the recipient. Letter to donors should have a formal tone.
  • Go over the draft: Look for messages that are irrelevant and that can be deleted.
  • Write the final letter.

Thank You for Your Financial Support

How to Word Thank You Notes

Showing donors how grateful you are can inspire them to do more.

How to Write a Thank-You Letter for a Donor

Schools, churches, charities, and non-profit organizations can follow the seven steps below to help guide their thoughts about what to write in an appreciation letter:

How to Word Thank You Notes

How To Word Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

Your big day is over, so now it’s time to relax, right? Well, sort of. Thank you cards are the beauty and the beast of weddings – without them, you wouldn’t have anything to be thankful for, but it may also take hours on hours to finish writing them!

We’ve put together a tried and true method for how to word thank you notes for all types of wedding guests and gifts. Just use these as a “template” and personalize the wording for each guest! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Invest in a pen you like!
  • Don’t try to knock out all of the thank you’s in one day. Devote 30 minutes to it each night
  • Divide up the writing with your spouse (some split it down the middle, others split it by the side of the family) and you’ll be done with thank you notes in no time
  • If you receive a gift before the wedding, common courtesy is to return the thank you no more than 2 weeks later. For gifts you receive at the wedding, you have 3 months to send the thank you!

Tips for thanking for….

1. Attendance Only

This one is the easiest! Simply thank them for their attendance and explain how much it meant to you that they were included in your special day. Close it off with a compliment of their awesome dance moves or cute shoes they wore that day!

2. Physical Gifts

The main objective of this thank you note is to not only specify which gift you received from them, but to explain to them how you and your spouse will use it in your new lives together. New crock pot? Whip up granny’s lasagna recipe! Guests will appreciate being able to contribute to your home and lifestyle.

3. Cash Gifts

First off, don’t mention the exact monetary amount! Instead, thank them for coming and for their generous gift. You can also add what you might use the money towards (car? home? honeymoon?) and thank them for joining you in the celebration of your marriage.

4. Sent A Gift But Didn’t Attend Wedding

Start this thank you by saying you were so sorry they weren’t able to the wedding, but still thought it was so kind of them to send along their gift. Close it off by saying they were definitely missed at the celebrations!

Close off your thank yous with “with gratitude,” “best,” or “sincerely” and sign both you and your spouse’s name.

Still haven’t sent out the wedding invites? Check out our collection of online and customizable online wedding invites here!

  1. How to Write a Thank You to Co-Workers for a Wedding Gift
  2. Thank You Wording for a Gift of Appreciation
  3. Etiquette for a Thank You Note for One Gift From Two People
  4. How to Write a Thank You Note to Someone Who Did Not Attend the Wedding
  5. Wording for Family Reunion Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are one of the nicest expressions of gratitude a person can extend to another. Following a wedding, a bride and groom may receive gifts from family, friends and coworkers. The timing to thank these individuals is important; it should be done within three months of gift receipt. Each thank you note should be personalized to the recipient and can vary in structure depending on the relationship between the couple and the gift giver. For gifts given to the couple from their places of business, there is certain etiquette to follow when giving thanks.

How to Word Thank You Notes for Work Gifts

Discuss who will write which thank you notes. For example, if the groom’s place of business gave the gift, decide whether or not he should write the thank you note.

Begin the thank you note by addressing the sender. For one giver, refer to him or her directly. For a group gift, however, refer to the team. For example, “Dear [Company Name] [Department Name] Team,” is the ideal way to word the opening of the thank you note.

Thank the gift giver for his or her specific present, not just for a gift in general. For example, “Thank you so much for the KitchenAid blender.”

Indicate in the thank you note your appreciation and plans for the gift. For example, “The gift was so thoughtful, and [spouse’s name] and I will think of you every time we make a milkshake or smoothie,” is an appropriate way to personalize the note.

Close the thank you note with a final sentence such as, “We were delighted you could join us for our wedding celebration and look forward to getting together soon.” Sign the note from both bride and groom.

A good landlord can be hard to find, but when you are fortunate enough to find one, you definitely know how lucky you are. A good landlord is understanding, assists you when you require it, and charges fair rent with no surprises. These men and women have a tough profession, so when you take the time to send them a nicely written, polite and thoughtful thank you letter, where you mention any incidents in which they’ve been helpful to you, you’ve not only made their day, but let them know that you are a person of good character, which is a rare find for many landlords.

Table of Contents

Sample Note

Dear Ms. Lambert,

We’d like to extend our gratitude to you for yours for the pleasant stay we had at your vacation cottage. We enjoyed the woodlands and surrounding lake tremendously, and found the locals to be friendly, and the accommodations very good. We’re actually in the process of leaving your establishment a positive review in both Trip Advisor and Yelp, because we think you deserve it.

While the surroundings were indeed enjoyable, we found that if it were not for your cottage, and the utilities provided, it would not have been such a pleasant experience. Know that we were a bit concerned, being so far away from home and city life, that for the first few days we were a little careful. But all of that soon washed away and blended into the country life. Everything was top-notch and as you promised: The lake was clean and clear, the utilities never faltered, and the pantry was much more than we could have hoped for.

We hope that you’ll take some time to relax yourself before skiing season begins, as well also plan to mention how perfect this place must be for winter sports when the time comes. We’ve already cleaned up any mess that we’ve made, and any mark of our presence, and gave it a good cleaning so it’s ready for your next renter.

Again, much thanks for the grand and glorious time had by all. Even our dog, Rusty found time to enjoy swimming in the lake, though I must say, he didn’t quite like his doggy water wings very much! We hope to come back again soon, perhaps next year if time allows.

Stressed Christine asks the Thank You Diva about how to word belated thank you notes following the death of her mother-in-law.


Dear Thank You Diva,

I’m tormented that I have not completed and mailed thank you notes after my mother-in-law died about three weeks ago. I wrote 20 notes the week after her death and never mailed them! (So now those will have to be re-written too.)

Question: How would it sound to begin with.
“No matter the reason for delay, the Williams family sincerely appreciated your heartfelt kindness following the death of our beloved Louise.”

WOULD YOU PLEASE be so kind as to suggest a better wording? I am so embarrassed and need to get this done.

Thanks so very much!

The Thank You Diva responds:

First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Obviously this is a very emotional and painful time for you and your family, so you really do need to be gentle on yourself and certainly not beat yourself up too much about thank you notes!

Let’s keep things in perspective: three weeks is not long ago, and with your grief still so immediate, no one is going to expect – or indeed has the right to expect – timely thank you notes.

You mention that you wrote 20 notes in the week after your mother-in-law’s death. I urge you to take a moment to think about whether they truly need to be re-written?

Perhaps you will decide that they do. But you may also conclude that you don’t need this extra task and the stress it will entail, in which case send the original notes as they are. If you decide to do this, then simply add a brief line to the note – or even on the envelope – apologizing for the delay: ‘Our sincere apologies for the delay in mailing this note’ is quite sufficient.

Regarding the notes that remain to be written, there is no need to linger on an apology. As requested, here are some suggestions for wordings:




I hope you will soon feel able to write these notes and put this painful task behind you. Whereas writing thank you notes is the proper and graceful thing to do, at times such as these we need to let go of our perfectionism and realize that none of the people to whom you ‘owe’ a note would ever wish for you to go through torment to do so.

It is also worth remembering that your gratitude and appreciation will come across clearly despite your note being late, or imperfectly worded.

I wish you strength in completing your thank you notes, and also the healing sense of peace that will surely come when they are finished and placed in the mail.

With my best wishes,
The Thank You Diva

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A good business practice is say thank you to your new and returning customers. A good thank you quote or message will help build that strong customer loyalty that keeps your business afloat.

How to Word Thank You Notes

Most forms of customer thank you messages come in the form of email with the abundance of online ordering. You can still include a thank you message note if you send out your product to your customer.

Business Thank You Emails

  • Keep your message brief but still memorable.
  • Send your email immediately after purchase.
  • If it is an email, say something positive in the subject line.
  • Your thank you email should be just that, a thank you. Do not attempt to sell more in a thank you email.
  • Some businesses offer a future discount or promo in their thank you email.
  • You may want to follow up later with a customer feedback email.

Business Thank You Notes

  • Personalize it, if possible.
  • If you’re including your thank you note in the package, make it a different size and noticeable so your customer will be able to find it easily.
  • Include your branding in your thank you note.
  • Handwrite your name or business, if possible.

How to Word Thank You Notes
1) Thank you for your purchase from [company name]. Please let us know if we can do anything else to help!

2) Just wanted to say thank you for your purchase. We’re so lucky to have customers like you!

3)Thank you for being an [company name] customer. We sincerely appreciate your business and hope you come back soon!

4) [company name] has the best customers! Thank you sooo much for your support!

5) Thank you for being our valued customer. We are so grateful for the pleasure of serving you and hope we met your expectations.

6) Thank you so your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.

7) We at [company name] truly appreciate your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with your purchase.

8) Thanks for shopping at [company name]. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you in the future.

9) We at [company name]know you had many options to choose from, we thank you for choosing us.

10) Thank you for your business and your trust. It is our pleasure to work with you.

How to Word Thank You Notes

11) Thank you so much for your business. We are honored to have clients like you.

12) You are the reason [company name] does what we do. Thank you for being a loyal customer.

13) Thank you. We hope your experience was awesome and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

14) Thank you for the privilege of your business. Please let us know if we can help in the future.

15) Because of loyal customers like you, we’re exciting that [company name] is growing so fast. Thank you!

16) Hope you are happy with your purchase! Thank you for being a valued [company name] customer!

17) Thank you for making your first purchase with [company name]! We’re so glad that you found what you were looking for.

18) Thank you for hiring [company name] We appreciate your business, and we’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve.

19) [company name] would like to thank awesome customers like you for your amazing support! You rock!

20) Your support means the world to us! Thank for your business. Hope to work with you again in the future.


How to Word Thank You Notes

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thank you notes you write, the more you may find yourself searching for thank you words that are creative and inspirational.

There are lots of ways to express your appreciation without using the typical “worn out” thank you words.

Try some of these phrases and have fun spreading joy!

    I feel so privileged…

Your kindness sets you apart

You are so wonderful to think of me.

The gift you sent was extraordinary!

You made my day!

I was thrilled to receive…

It was gallant of you to….

How gracious of you…

Check out our thank you phrases page for more examples like this.

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  1. How Do You Address Wedding Invitations to the Officiating Pastor Conducting the Service?
  2. How to Word Thank You Cards After a Baptism
  3. What to Write in Sympathy Cards for Loss of Parents
  4. Examples of Thank-You Notes for Wakes and Funerals
  5. How to Talk to a Girl Whose Grandfather Just Passed Away

After the loss of a loved one, it is still considered good manners for the family to send brief thank-you notes to people who were particularly helpful during the passing, funeral and immediately after. This may include people who sent flowers, helped with an after-funeral gathering, pallbearers and, of course, the minister who officiated at the funeral. Most sympathy thank-you notes can be very short, but you may want to say a few extra things to the clergyperson who helped you and your family through a difficult time.

Make sure you have the correct salutation. Different denominations refer to their clergy in different ways. “Dear Pastor Smith” is not necessarily the same as “Dear Father Smith” or “Dear Reverend Smith.” Check with the church secretary if you are uncertain what salutation to use.

Specifically thank your clergyperson for his or her help. If the minister only officiated at the funeral, thank her for that. If the priest came to the hospital to administer last rites, thank him for that. If the pastor called you every few days in the last weeks of your loved one’s illness, express your thanks in the note.

Share how much the help meant to you. Include a sentence or two about how much the minister’s assistance meant to you and your family. Comments such as “Knowing we could call you anytime, day or night, meant so much” or “I will always remember the beautiful eulogy you gave for Bob” are always appreciated.

Keep the closing short. A quick, “Again, thank you so much. Sincerely, _” is sufficient.

How to Word Thank You Notes

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

It’s no easy feat for workers in the service industry to juggle several people’s issues at once. So when you have a positive experience, make sure you leave some kind comments to say thank you for the quality service.

How Good Service Makes a Difference

Maybe you had a business lunch at one of your favorite restaurants, and the employees went out of their way to take care of you and your clients. The hostess seated you right away and took time to answer questions about the daily specials. The server approached your table with a smile and made sure your order was perfect. In turn, this made you look good to your clients.

Or perhaps you spent the afternoon relaxing at a spa. The aesthetician made your face look better, and the massage therapist found every single knot in your muscles. After the visit, you felt as though you could take on the world.

These acts of good service positively affect our lives and should be acknowledged. Besides thanking the employee in question, it’s also nice to let their supervisor know how much you appreciate what they did for you. It could make a big difference during the person’s next job evaluation.

Acknowledging good service also tells businesses what their customers want. Some managers use customer comments to help train new employees, so taking the time to craft a thoughtful thank you note can actually improve the businesses you patronize.

Sending a Thank You Note for Service

In many cases, it’s appropriate to address your thank you note to the employee’s manager; don’t forget to sign your name. It is also a good idea to provide your contact information in case the recipient wants to ask more questions.

If possible, mention specific details about your experience. Some compliments you might want to relay in your note include:

  • You want to personally credit specific employees for their good service.
  • You will patronize the business again.
  • You’ve left a positive review online.
  • You will refer the business to others.
  • The business can use your endorsement publicly.

Thank You Note Samples

Here are some examples of thank you letters for service.

Sample 1

Dear Mr. Cooper,
Thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by your delightful employees, my daughter’s wedding went off without a hitch. All the guests enjoyed the lavish buffet, and they particularly liked the canapés. John, Michael, Teresa, and Mary provided service with a smile. I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs a catering service in the future. Please feel free to add my endorsement to any promotional materials you have in the future.
Sue Hartley

Sample 2

Dear Taylor,
I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided on Monday when I took one of my best clients to lunch. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected. I won’t hesitate to bring future clients to your establishment, and you can be assured that I will ask to be seated in your area. If I can put in a good word for you with the restaurant manager, don’t hesitate to ask.
Your happy customer,
Donald Packer
Sales Manager, XYZ Corporation

Sample 3

Dear Anna,
I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the wonderful, relaxing service you provided during my trip to the day spa. Not only did Olivia give me a much-needed, relaxing massage, but Josette also gave me the best manicure I’ve ever had. Next time I go back to your spa, I hope to have a couple of my closest friends with me. You can be assured that I will ask for the same service people by name.
Relaxed and happy,
Elizabeth Turner

Sample 4

Dear Michael,
I brought my car to your dealership this past Tuesday, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your mechanic’s attention to detail. The car is running better than it has in a while, and I give credit to the work your people did. I will recommend your dealership to others in the future, and of course, I will return when my car needs maintenance.
Satisfied customer,
Ed Howell

Don’t Forget to Tip

Always bring enough cash to tip well. Many service employees rely on tips to make a living. And when they provide good service beyond what is necessary, they should receive a little extra for their effort. If you forget to get cash in advance, let the person taking payment know you want to add the gratuity to your credit or debit card.

How to Write Thank You Notes to Customers

In today’s economy keeping customers satisfied is more important than ever. A thank you note to a repeat customer increases customer satisfaction and lets you rise above the competition. According to Brad Farris of the Anchor Advisory Consulting Group, “the inability to satisfy customers quickly results in the loss of a customer base for a business and soon after that, the loss of the business. The words, thank you go a long way”(Farris, n.d.).

Steps To Completing Your Thank You Note

Write the note in the appropriate tone for each customer. Whether your business has a formal or casual corporate culture reflect that but if you do not know your customers personally it is best to use a formal salutation: “Dear Mr. Baskins.” If you are writing to customers you have personal interaction with and you usually call them by their first name your salutation should reflect that: “Dear Brad.”

Personalize each thank you in some way. If you are handwriting a few notes this is relatively easy but if you are completing a large batch it might be best to divide them by product purchased and the date of the transaction. This way you could change a few sentences on the computer and then print out so each note is still personalized. For example, “Dear Mr. Baskin, I sincerely hope you are enjoying the __ (product or service A) you purchased from us on September 19th. I see this is the second time you ordered_ __ (product or service A) and I’m delighted it is working well for you. Please accept our thanks for your continued patronage.”

Include something of interest to your customer such as another product they may be able to utilize or a special promotion they may take advantage of. For example, after starting the main part of the note, add: “Since you do enjoy __ (product or service) may I also suggest_ __ (product or service B), as it works well with what you have purchased. I am enclosing a coupon for 15 percent off to thank you for your repeat business.”

Enclose a business card with the note so your customer will have a point of reference to keep.

Drop your customers a thank you note a few times a year to keep them thinking about your business.

Set a goal of writing a certain number of thank you notes to customers in a week or month.

If possible use stamps and not a postage machine as it will appear more personal.


Thank you notes should be handwritten on business stationary but if the quantity is too great you may use a typed letter. The signature should be handwritten and not stamped.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

How to Word Thank You Notes

Twenty years ago, I wrote a thank-you to a man named Brian from the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority. I was on a recycling field trip with a group of people from my office and he was our tour guide. After the tour, Brian and I exchanged business cards and made small talk. I got the feeling that we both were interested in learning more about each other, on a personal level.

After the tour I sent him the note. A week later, he called and asked me out on a date. We went on many more dates after that and eventually got married. I joke that the thank-you note was the catalyst for our long-lasting love affair. Besides, I never imagined meeting the man of my dreams at the county dump!

In my case, a thank-you note changed my life. It’s a small touch that has the potential to leave a lasting impression. We communicate more quickly than ever before. Instead of a handwritten note, most people opt to send a quick text message or email.

For the most part, technology is incredibly beneficial. You can do a lot more in less time. It allows you to be more efficient and effective. But there are drawbacks. Faster communication has reduced the level of personal connection in daily interactions — especially when you express gratitude.

In business, most of the gifts you receive aren’t tangible. Whenever someone gives you their time, advice, or a helping hand, it’s more than enough reason to genuinely thank them.

For example, let’s say you’ve been courting a company for a few months and you feel an introduction to the CEO would help you clinch the deal. After some research, you reach out to an alumnus from your university who knows the CEO. You ask this person for an introduction and he happily obliges, which ultimately helps you make the sale.

Everyone’s time is valuable. Whenever a friend, colleague, or client choses to set aside his other responsibilities and help you, the best way to show your appreciation is to personally thank him through a handwritten note.

A phone call or casual email may feel like enough, but it doesn’t have the same gravity as a mailed letter. Think about it. You receive countless emails per day, but how many handwritten notes do you receive? One of my clients recently told me that he has received only two thank-you notes in 10 years.

Thank-you notes may seem like a habit of an older generation, but at my company, The Protocol School of Palm Beach, I encourage more and more professionals to make it a part of their weekly routine. The benefits are well worth the investment of time and energy. Thank-you notes can help you make new connections, grow relationships, and show your thoughtfulness.

Handwritten notes may be sent for any occasion — after a meeting with an important customer or client, when you receive a gift, or when you’re invited to an event. To ensure a positive response, keep your thank-you notes short, simple, and meaningful. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind.

Invest in branded stationery. Rather than pick up a generic pack of thank-you cards from the store, order stationery custom-made especially for you. The design and style of the card should reflect your personal brand.

Always write by hand. The personal touch conveys that you cared enough to take the time to write it. The time investment is thoughtful and will make the other person feel special and important. Invest in a nice black or blue fountain pen. Thank-you notes are more fun when you use an elegant writing instrument. People will remember a thank-you note long after they have forgotten what they did for you.

Keep it short. Rather than send a long and laborious letter, carefully craft your message in a few sentences. Mention what the person did to help you, how they positively impacted you or your business, and reiterate your appreciation. Be sure to mail the thank-you note right away. Send it within one or two days after someone does something special for you. Your promptness will showcase your sincerity.


29 SEP 2017


How to Word Thank You Notes

In the days after a funeral, write notes of thanks on notepaper or blank cards to those who served as pallbearers. Although you might be busy with post-funeral affairs, your notes of thanks to the pallbearers shouldn’t take long to write. An effective note of thanks, especially after a funeral, can be just a few short sentences acknowledging your appreciation for the person’s support.

Explore this article

  • Briefly Express Thanks
  • Note-Writing Protocol

1 Briefly Express Thanks

Write “Dear” and the pallbearer’s name, and then express your thanks or thanks on behalf of your family, depending on the situation. Your expression of gratitude doesn’t need to be more than a sentence. Add a sentence that builds on your thanks, close the note with a sentiment such as “Sincerely,” and sign your name. A sample note of thanks to a pallbearer can be as simple as the following:

Please accept warmest thanks from the entire Smith family for the support you provided as a pallbearer at David’s funeral. Having you there for us is something we won’t every forget.

Sincerely, Robert and family*

2 Note-Writing Protocol

After a funeral, it’s proper etiquette to respond in writing to not only the pallbearers, but also to those who send sympathy notes and flowers and those who deliver eulogies. If your grief is such that you aren’t able to get through writing a number of notes, it’s acceptable to have a family member or even a close friend look after this task on your behalf. The content of the notes of thanks should follow the same format, but explain that the person is writing on behalf of the family in mourning.

No need to drown in thank-you notes. Use these tips to make the task more manageable (and maybe even fun).

Weddings are all about the events-bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding day. And those might just be the beginning depending on your family’s traditions. With all the fun and friends often come gifts. While you’re beyond grateful for the generosity of those around you, each of those special events and the gifts you receive require a thank-you note. Use these six tips to make thank-you note writing a little easier.

Keep it in perspective.

If you feel like all you’re doing is writing thank-you notes in your spare time, put it in perspective. “Writing thank-you notes is an opportunity to be grateful, and being grateful is an extension of happiness,” says Kara Delay, CEO of Love This Day Events. “The art of practicing happiness and being grateful is the perfect mindset to begin married life.” So when that pile of notes is staring you down, put a smile on your face, some great music on the radio, and think about how lucky you are to have so many people caring for you.

Give yourself a deadline.

Letting thank-you notes pile up can put major stress on your day-to-day life. Just seeing the list grow can send you into panic mode. Kristin Newman, owner of Kristin Newman Designs, recommends giving yourself 1-2 weeks after a shower or party to write all of your notes. For the wedding, you can take 3-4 months. The key to success is breaking it down. If you have 70 thank-you notes to write for the shower, do ten a day and you’ll be done by the end of the week.

Reprioritize your time.

Do you have plenty of time to browse social media, read emails, and send texts? Then you have time to write thank-you notes. It’s just a matter of prioritizing. “Sitting down and putting pen to paper can be pretty foreign to most of us,” says Delay. “Write your daily thank-you notes before you check social media.” With this simple habit, you’ll have your notes done in no time.

Play with design.

The monotony of writing thank-you notes, especially if you have uber-generous friends and family, can make it feel like a chore. Have a little fun! After months of working with a designer on invitations, Delay suggests creating custom thank-you notes using a theme or design you love. You’ll be more excited to write them if you have something beautiful to put your note on.

Write as you go.

There’s a good chance that you’ll get some gifts in the mail. Handle those notes right away. “If a wedding gift arrives in the mail, open it, and go ahead and knock that note out,” says Newman. “The key to keeping note writing from being overwhelming is to stay on top of it on a daily basis.”

Get a head start.

You don’t have to wait for the gifts from a certain event to arrive in order to get started. Newman recommends grabbing the list of RSVPs and pre-addressing the thank-you notes. You can do this for your shower, bachelorette, and wedding lists. You can even stamp them ahead of time. The only thing left to do will be writing the note.

How to Word Thank You Notes

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably know how much we recommend networking. In fact, we’ve created a whole page with 25+ networking email templates you can use!

Today, we wanted to share one of the most requested email templates: a thank you note!

Why are thank you notes important?

When you get the opportunity to meet someone you’ve reached out to, it’s important that you send them a quick thank you to let them know that the session was not only valuable, but that you are actually taking action on their advice.

Thank you notes are not only a great way to build on your relationship, but also ensures the interviewer or hiring manager remembers you.

Here’s a sample thank you template you can use

It was such a pleasure to meet with you today! Thank you for taking the time to answer my (many) questions and talk about what it’s like to work in Product Management and at Resume Worded – it seems like an amazing place to work.

I promise that I am going to take your advice and I will follow up with you to let you know how the rest of my search goes! I look forward to staying in touch.

It’s good to send a note like this within 24 hours of the meeting.

Need more email templates? Check out our networking email templates!


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How to Word Thank You Notes

The 20 Best Resume Tips, Tricks and Hacks [Updated for 2020] [List with examples]

Over the past week, we reached out to a number of hiring managers, recruiters and career coaches to find out exactly what they’re looking for when they skim through your resume. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what your future employers are looking for when they read your resume.

How to Word Thank You Notes

What sections should you include on your resume?

A resume is a concise overview of your achievements. And the sections you decide to include on your resume should help you structure those achievements.

How to Make Dividers for Photo Boxes

Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Matte photo paper
  • Envelopes (4 inches by 6 inches)
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Scissors

After receiving gifts at a wedding, a shower or for a birthday, you will want to send thank-you notes. Thank-you notes can be quite pricey and impersonal, so you may want to make your own. With a computer, Microsoft Word 2007 and a color printer, you can print your own thank-you notes quickly and at half the cost of store-bought notes.

Set up the page size in Microsoft Word for 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. Insert a cell into the page with two columns and two rows. This will establish four thank-you cards per page.

Hold the cursor area down on the bottom right corner of the cells, and gradually stretch the entire cell unit across the page to the bottom right corner. This will create four cell spaces that measure 3 1/4-inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall inside a page with 1-inch borders.

Insert “Thank You” in 36-point font centered across the top of each cell space. Double space down, and write a brief thank-you note inside each cell space. Personalize these cards each person, or write a similar message for everyone.

Change the color of the font, or add a small image to each thank-you note.

Click on the “Print” option from the top left-hand drop-down menu. A box will pop up, prompting you to select a printer.

Click on the “Properties” button to the right of the selected printer name. Click the tab in the pop-up box that reads “Paper/Quality,” and set the Print Quality to Maximum dpi. This will provide the best print quality for the notes, which is especially important if they contain images.

Insert matte photo paper into the printer. This is a great option for printed notes because it is a much thicker paper than standard printing paper, and it is not too glossy.

Click “OK” in the pop-up box and “OK” in the “Print” box. The note cards will start to print, four per page. The print process may be slow due to the maximum dpi setting.

Cut out each note along the black cell lines. This is an important step, so take your time, and never double up papers as this can result in cutting off the lines. Mail the notes in 4-inch-by-6-inch envelopes.

No need to drown in thank-you notes. Use these tips to make the task more manageable (and maybe even fun).

Weddings are all about the events-bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding day. And those might just be the beginning depending on your family’s traditions. With all the fun and friends often come gifts. While you’re beyond grateful for the generosity of those around you, each of those special events and the gifts you receive require a thank-you note. Use these six tips to make thank-you note writing a little easier.

Keep it in perspective.

If you feel like all you’re doing is writing thank-you notes in your spare time, put it in perspective. “Writing thank-you notes is an opportunity to be grateful, and being grateful is an extension of happiness,” says Kara Delay, CEO of Love This Day Events. “The art of practicing happiness and being grateful is the perfect mindset to begin married life.” So when that pile of notes is staring you down, put a smile on your face, some great music on the radio, and think about how lucky you are to have so many people caring for you.

Give yourself a deadline.

Letting thank-you notes pile up can put major stress on your day-to-day life. Just seeing the list grow can send you into panic mode. Kristin Newman, owner of Kristin Newman Designs, recommends giving yourself 1-2 weeks after a shower or party to write all of your notes. For the wedding, you can take 3-4 months. The key to success is breaking it down. If you have 70 thank-you notes to write for the shower, do ten a day and you’ll be done by the end of the week.

Reprioritize your time.

Do you have plenty of time to browse social media, read emails, and send texts? Then you have time to write thank-you notes. It’s just a matter of prioritizing. “Sitting down and putting pen to paper can be pretty foreign to most of us,” says Delay. “Write your daily thank-you notes before you check social media.” With this simple habit, you’ll have your notes done in no time.

Play with design.

The monotony of writing thank-you notes, especially if you have uber-generous friends and family, can make it feel like a chore. Have a little fun! After months of working with a designer on invitations, Delay suggests creating custom thank-you notes using a theme or design you love. You’ll be more excited to write them if you have something beautiful to put your note on.

Write as you go.

There’s a good chance that you’ll get some gifts in the mail. Handle those notes right away. “If a wedding gift arrives in the mail, open it, and go ahead and knock that note out,” says Newman. “The key to keeping note writing from being overwhelming is to stay on top of it on a daily basis.”

Get a head start.

You don’t have to wait for the gifts from a certain event to arrive in order to get started. Newman recommends grabbing the list of RSVPs and pre-addressing the thank-you notes. You can do this for your shower, bachelorette, and wedding lists. You can even stamp them ahead of time. The only thing left to do will be writing the note.

Thinking of condolence thank you notes, the wording and writing them at a time of loss is a difficult task.

You are here, on this page, because you have recently lost a loved one. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Grief affects us all in different ways. Writing notes may be a way of releasing your grief and bring comfort to you. I certainly hope so.

To make it easier for you I have written thank you for condolences notes which you can use and change accordingly.

Your friends, family or colleagues won’t expect a lengthy thank you letter from you. In just a few lines, you can say thank you for cards, flowers, kind gestures, sympathy and support.

And quite honestly if you don’t feel up to it, don’t do it. Everyone will understand.

Condolence thank you notes wording which may be of interest to you:

Sample Condolence Letters and Condolence phrases on the death of a friend or loved one.

Condolence Thank You Notes

Thank you for your condolences and kind words of sympathy. Losing mum so suddenly was such a shock and living without her is beyond our comprehension at the moment.

Your visit to the hospital meant so much to her, and us, and we appreciate that it was not easy for you to see her like it. Sharing memories is what is getting us through each day, at the moment, and we are grateful for the photographs you enclosed with your card.

Thank you for your sympathy during our time of loss. Your kind words are of great comfort to us as we try to come to terms with our daughter’s death.

Dear Jill and Ted,

Thank you for your sympathy card and flowers. We are deeply touched by your words of condolence and are thankful that you are there for us at this difficult time.

Thank you for your kind letter of condolence and for sharing in your memories of mum. Mum lived a long, happy life and I shall miss her dearly; your wonderful memories of her and kind words helped lift my spirits.

Thank you once again.

Thank you for your kind letter and words about Jonathan. We are in total shock as I am sure you can imagine. I just wanted to send a brief thank you as I am not up to much more at this moment in time.

The two condolence thank you notes below are more personal ones that could be written and sent out a few months after the death.

I have been thinking about the last few months and how much my life has changed. I know for certain, I couldn’t have got through it alone.

Mum being ill and watching her condition take a turn for the worse was the most difficult time for us all. I was grateful that I could talk to you about it and that you took the time to listen. Your visits meant the world to me and my family and we were overwhelmed by your concern for us.

Please know that if you should ever need help in any way we are there for you. You are a generous and compassionate friend, and we are very grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A new year in which to reflect on those wonderful people who helped me get through the last few months. They have been challenging months as I learn to live, again, without Stephen.

Your hospitality and cards have meant so much and it is in times of sadness and grief that such personal words, and friends, are so valuable.

I hope that this year will be a happy one for you and your family and I will try and visit you shortly.

Thank you for caring,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you sent. They touched me deeply, as did your words of sympathy. I am so grateful to have you and your family close by as I grieve John’s untimely death.

It was so thoughtful of you to think of me during my time of sadness. Your sympathy card and kind words of condolence are of great comfort to me as I grieve my Father’s death.

Thank you so much for your kind letter of condolence. Dad’s death has really shocked us as it was so unexpected. Your thoughtful words have helped me put my mind at rest and come to terms with me not being with him at his time of passing.

It is a times like this that friendships such as ours is invaluable.

I hope that my sample condolence thank you notes will help you with the task of writing notes when a loved one has passed away.

If you don’t feel up to the task please consider buying a pre-printed thank you card that only requires you to write one line and sign it. Then make a mental note of thanking people when you next see them in person.

This is a thank you note I received from Leilani/USA. It fills my heart with gratitude to receive such kind words of thanks and to know that my thank you wording can be of help. I hope Leilani won’t mind me sharing it with you.

“In August, my husband fell ill unexpectedly and had to be hospitalized. Six days later he passed away from a common virus that did a rare attack on his vital organs.

His passing took place three days before our first anniversary and a month before our child’s first birthday. To say I was in shock is an understatement. Two months have passed and I am just starting to come out of the fog.

Your website not only helped me regain my voice, you were the only one that gave their condolences. Thank you for creating a wonderful site for people that need help turning their feelings into words.”

Below is a sympathy card I designed, which is available to purchase from Zazzle. I hope you like it.

January 14, 2019 | By Mollie Moric | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW

Send a thank you letter after your interview to express your gratitude to the hiring manager and reiterate your enthusiasm for a position. Given that less than half of applicants send thank you notes, it’s an easy way to make a good impression.

If you’re here, you’re likely interested in knowing how to write an interview thank you letter.

In this guide, we explain exactly how to craft your own for any situation, offer a variety of free thank you letter templates, and even provide alternatives (if you’re feeling less traditional).

Table of Contents

1. Following Up: How to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview

The purpose of your letter is to thank your interviewer for their time, recap your strengths as an applicant, and express your anticipation for a follow-up. Although there are many ways to contact your interviewer, emailing is the simplest and most common follow-up method.

General Guidelines

Use these guidelines to ensure that your thank you note is on the right track:

  • Make it prompt. Your thank you note should be sent within 24-hours after your interview.
  • Make it professional. If you made a personal connection with the hiring manager during your interview, you can make a reference to it–but don’t overdo it.
  • Make it concise. Your follow-up, whether it be handwritten or typed, should not exceed one page in length. When detailing the reasons you’d be a strong candidate, keep in mind that you’ll just want to include the major highlights. Your letter should be used as a gentle reminder.
  • Make it interesting. Don’t write a generic thank you letter simply thanking the hiring manager for the interview, and giving him/her vague statements about your abilities and skills. Be specific and reference the conversation you had during the interview.
  • Make it well written. Make sure you’ve edited out all spelling and grammar errors. You don’t want to leave a poor final impression due to careless mistakes.
  • Use a professional letter format. Use a normal font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana in no larger than a 12 point size and no smaller than 10 point size. Use one-inch margins and no more than double-spaced lines. Avoid anything besides black text – emojis, fluorescent colors, highlighting, all caps, etc., are usually considered tacky. Handwritten letters should be legible, in black ink.

When writing your subject line in your email, make sure you use concrete numbers and words (no “soon, or quick, etc.). Also, be direct and clear – state the purpose of the email. Lastly, make sure to include your name!

Interview Thank You Letter Format

Use our interview thank you letter format, separated into individual paragraphs, to help you structure the perfect letter today!

1st Paragraph — Open your letter by thanking your interviewer(s) for taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss the available position at their company. Reference a personal connection you made with the interviewer and how it has increased your interest in the company and/or role.

2nd Paragraph — Use this section to expand upon the factors discussed in the interview which make you a strong candidate for the position. Explain how your educational background, the experience you gained in your previous role, and your noteworthy accomplishments will allow you to help the company reach its goals.

3rd Paragraph — [Optional Section] If you weren’t able to discuss certifications, skills, or experience which makes you an ideal candidate during the interview, use this section to offer information about these qualifications. You can also use this section to clear up any misconceptions or discuss any point in the interview that you feel you didn’t cover strongly enough.

4th Paragraph — Close the letter by restating your gratitude for the interviewer’s time, your anticipation of their response, and an invitation to contact you if any additional information regarding your application is required.

The breakdown of an email looks something like below:

How to Word Thank You Notes

2. Interview Thank You Letter Templates

A strong thank you note ensures you will leave a good impression in the mind of the person who interviewed you. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to make a lasting impression with these free downloadable MS Word thank you notes. All you have to do is select the letter that matches the tone and style of your interview, customize it with your personal information, send it via email or post to the hiring manager, and wait for your job offer to arrive!

Professional Thank You Letter After Interview

If you attended a professional interview, your thank you letter should follow suit with a formal structure and tone. Begin by thanking your interviewer for their time and for the information they provided about the available position at their company. Use the rest of your letter to reiterate how your credentials, professional experience, education, and skills make you an ideal candidate for the position.

It’s appropriate to send a professional thank you letter after your interview in situations where:

  • The hiring manager has used formal communication in their written correspondence and in-person interactions.
  • The work environment of the company you’ve interviewed with places emphasis on professionalism.
  • You didn’t form a personal connection with the hiring manager during your interview.

How to Word Thank You Notes

Professional Thank You Letter After Interview (Text Format)

Professional Thank You Letter After Interview

Select Thank Note front card from Image Choices

Select Thank Note front card from the Studio Collection

Memorial Thank You Note
wording for the inside of card

Please feel free to choose a message from the choices below, write your own or revise any of the choices below to make it personal and unique. Please copy and paste your selection to the order form. You may also have a prayer or additional message printed on the inner left panel at no additional cost.


Your kind expression of sympathy
during our time of sorrow
is greatly appreciated.



Our family acknowledges
with great appreciation your kind
expression of sympathy.



Your kind expression of sympathy
Is gratefully acknowledged
And deeply appreciated
The Family of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)



The Family of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)
Acknowledges with deep appreciation
Your kind expression of sympathy



Thank you sincerely
for your kind and thoughtful
expression of sympathy



Just a note to thank you
for your kindness
during our time of need.



Your kind and thoughtful expression
of sympathy is deeply appreciated
and gratefully acknowledged.



Thank you sincerely
for sharing your sorrow.
Your thoughtfulness is appreciated
and will always be remembered.



Your thoughtfulness has meant
so much and everything you
have done is truly appreciated
Thank you.



During this time of sorrow
we learn how much our
family and friends really mean to us.
Thank you so much for your kindness
and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.



A friendly smile, a casual touch.
These are the things that mean so much.
To know you are with us in
our time of sorrow.
Sharing our prayers,
today and tomorrow.



Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
Or sat quietly in a chair.
Perhaps you sent a floral piece,
If so we saw it there.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words,
As any friend could say;
Perhaps you were not there at all,
Just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts,
We thank you so much
whatever the part.



Words cannot express the
feeling in our hearts.
Thank you for being with
us during this difficult time.
Your thoughts, prayers and
words of sympathy will
always be remembered.



Thank you sincerely for
sharing our sorrow.
Your kindness is deeply
appreciated and will
always be remembered.
The family of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)



Your kind expression of sympathy
is deeply appreciated
and gratefully acknowledged
by the family of _
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)



Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Your generosity and support during
this difficult time is greatly appreciated.

This is a very difficult time for all of us.
We are saddened by the passing of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)



(Your Loved One’s Full Name).
Your presence helped to
lighten our burden.
I was grateful to enjoy your company
and hear your lovely memories.

Memorial Thank You Note wording
for the front of cards

Please feel free to choose a message from the choices below, write your own or to revise any of the choices below to make it personal and unique. Please copy and paste your selection to the order form and add the name as you wish it to appear on the cards.


The Family of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)
wishes to say

Thank You

The Family of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)
wish to say

Thank You

In Loving Memory of
(Your Loved One’s Full Name)

Thank You for Your Sympathy

(Your Loved One’s Full Name)
date of birth

date of death

Thank You

Keep in mind that you are honoring a special loved one that meant so much to you. Keep your message simple, there is no need to write an essay. Most people understand what it is you are going through. Write from your heart. A simple thank you for their support, thoughts and prayers will do. Perhaps you recall a brief memory of how that person touched the life of the deceased in a way that you are aware, tell that person to make your thank you a little more personal.

Please bear in mind not every person who deserves a thank you note was present at the funeral, therefore you need to make sure you thank each person who made the effort to show their sympathy and support in other ways, for example:

They sent flowers.

They made a donation to a charity in the name of the deceased.

They brought food to your house to share with visiting family and friends.

They sent a spiritual bouquet to you.

They attended the visitation.

They signed the visitor’s/guest’s register book at the funeral home at time other than at the visitation or funeral because they could not attend either event.

They babysat for your family members so they could attend the services.

The clergy who performed the memorial service, ceremony or mass.

The pallbearers and/or those who spoke or read at the services.