How to be confident without being cocky

How to be confident without being cocky

Jayda Patterson

How to be confident without being cocky

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Confidence can often be mistaken for cockiness, and vice versa. People are often afraid of being confident in themselves in order to not come off as conceited, but, there is a difference. Knowing how to be confident without being arrogant is an important trait and can boost your self-esteem. You will be a more dignified person and other people will begin to see that.

Here are a few tips on how to be build confidence without being cocky:

Don’t be boastful.

Yes, it’s great to be proud of your accomplishments as you should be, but don’t be too excessive when expressing so. Know how to tell people what you have succeeded at doing without seeming like your trying to rub it in their faces.

Don’t talk over people.

Some people may think that in order to get their opinions across and prove they know what they’re talking about, they must interrupt others when they are speaking or be louder than them. Nope. This is being arrogant and not allowing other people to speak their minds. Speak up, but not over others.

Pay attention to your body language.

Physical presentation is vital. Your posture can either come off as, “Hi, I know what I’m doing and ready to prove it,” or “I’m better than you and don’t care what you’re saying.” Which one do you want to be? Don’t cross your arms and make sure to make eye contact when talking to someone. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

Stop comparing yourself to other people.

“Suzy got Employee of the Month so I guess I have to be like her.” “The new intern Matt just got scolded by my boss so I’m clearly doing better than him.” Stop the comparisons. Not only are you judging how other people are performing, but you are aspiring to be like other people, which you shouldn’t. Be the best YOU, not a Suzy clone. Of course you can recognize what other people are doing that is getting them recognized, but everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Find yours and work on them.

Help others.

Instead of laughing at the fact that Matt got scolded for formatting a paper wrong, show him how to correct his mistake and ask if there’s anything else he may need assistance with. It’s okay to aid others when they have an occasional slip up.

Believe in yourself.

This is a key to confidence. A cocky person sees everyone else as inferior, but you simply have faith in yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

How to be confident without being cocky

Phil Rosen

Jul 29, 2020 · 3 min read

One thing to make a world of difference

How to be confident without being cocky

At first, being confident without being cocky may seem like a fine line to walk. We may first think of the rich and famous, or maybe professional athletes.

Don’t they need to be both to achieve the successes they have?

Being confident can happen without being cocky. And being cocky can happen without being confident.

Oftentimes, cockiness is only a mask to hide insecurity or inadequacy or a lack of skill within a certain domain.

In reality, there could not be two more divergent and different attributes.

The primary difference between cocky and confident people is the things they talk about.

Cocky people talk about themselves, first and foremost.

They talk of their accomplishments, credentials, degrees, their hot ex’s, their affluence and intellect.

Rarely will they ask a genuine question unless they are only asking it in order to later answer the same question and prove how supremely accomplished they are.

There’s a joke about Harvard (of course not all Harvard grads are like this, it’s a joke that makes a point though):

How can you tell if someone went to Harvard? Don’t worry, they will tell you themselves.

This does not come off well, it simply comes off way too strong and usually way too soon.

But this makes “cocky” easy to spot.

They ask genuine questions, and they listen with genuine curiosity.

True confidence means you are comfortable in your own skin, and you do not feel the urge to constantly prove yourself to others.

Bragging is not something confident people do. They will answer honestly if you ask about their success, but rarely do they feel the need to bring it up first.

They are good listeners because confidence goes hand in hand with being humble — you are comfortable in your own skin so you see others as people who you can learn something from — Cocky people, in contrast, think they know everything, so they instead treat people as less intelligent or accomplished as them.

Here’s an example that illustrates my point:

If you are telling everyone how tough you are, you are probably not that tough. You are likely more cocky than confident.

This is not the type of person to worry about in a fight.

The person you should worry about in a fight is the silent one, the one who is watching without saying anything.

They do not need to tell anyone how tough they are, because they are confident enough in their abilities that they can simply show their strength if necessary.

Confident and cocky are really not that comparable. There are subtle, yet critical differences that separate the two.

Phil Rosen is a travel writer and journalist. His new book is available on Amazon . If you want to see more of his ideas, check out his travel and lifestyle blog and Instagram .

A similar post first appeared in one of my Quora answers in July 2020.

How to be confident without being cocky

How to be confident without being cocky

It’s one thing to be funny with a genuine grace and charm – it’s another to come off as an arrogant asshole.

Being confident comes from a state of internal and external self-assurance.

It’s a good feeling, natural look and smile that allows you to flirt in the right way.

Being arrogant sends out condescending signals and can lower your effectiveness when it comes to attraction (for both men and women).

A number of how-to’s guides and dating experts emphasize the importance of being confident with a sense of humor but many men are getting lost in translation.

You may be interested in what best selling author Jillian Lauren and the entertaining Melinda Hill, of Eat My Podcast, have to say about it.

The Game is Lame – Be Confident Without Being Cocky

As we discussed on Eat My Podcast (ep 8 interview w/ Maria Bamford ) we think “The Game” is super lame.

The only girl who would fall for a guy “negging” or ignoring her is a damaged girl and/ or a girl so wasted that odds are she’ll throw up on your dick.

If you want to be the kind of guy who girls swoon over and brag to their friends about, treat her well like Jillian’s husband (Scott Shriner of Weezer) and other real men do.

A smart girl with self esteem never brags to her friends about the guy who’s treating her badly, she just trashes him on her podcast and then makes a web series about him. (See Romantic Encounters on Funny of Die)

Eat My Podcast is a scream of a podcast hosted by comedian Melinda Hill and bestselling author Jillian Lauren. Known for dishing about their unusual personal experiences with truly original voices, now they’re exploring what their superstar guests wanted to be when they grew up and how that’s panned out for them.

Eat My Podcast is an insightful journey into the defining experiences of the little people who became the big people we love today. And if you don’t like it, you can eat it. You can also follow them on Twitter @EatMyPodcast.

“I’ve never been a conceited person or cocky, never felt boastful, but I always had a sense of self-worth; I always had a real sense of myself.” – Will Ferrell

A viewer asks how to be confident without being cocky.

This week’s question comes from TheIslandryder:

He asks: I got used to, mastered and was born in a world of tension. Overcame all my tension and here I am today looking like a dragon slayer coming off as too cocky to some people. So how do you overcome all tensions and obstacles and enjoy your new self to not come off as cocky to some women?

For those of you new here, the tension he’s talking about refers to your ability to handle and step into tension throughout life. Tension is crucial for growth in all areas and especially for attracting and creating chemistry with women – think: sexual tension. Your ability to handle tension equates to your confidence as a man which is a huge part of making you attractive to women. For more on this idea, watch this video: A Critical Key to Being Good With Girls That Most Miss: Tension

When you think about emotions, there are two distinct emotions that handle tension well:

1- Pride (Cockiness, arrogance) – You can step into a lot of tension and come off as very confident when operating from pride.

2- Courage – This transcends above the level of pride. Courage is confident without being cocky or arrogant. It’s more solid, true confidence. It’s more free of the ego and underlying insecurities that cause pride or cockiness. In courage, you can step into even more tension and operate from more authentic, powerful confidence.

So when you’re stuck in pride to the point where you’re overly cocky or arrogant and pushing people away, stepping into more courage is your next step.

Courage is win-win, and pride is (typically) win-lose. There has to be a winner and a loser: “I’m the shit. I’m confident. I’m better than you.”

In courage, it’s “I can handle this, and so can you. If I can do this, you can too. Let’s do it!” It’s being confident enough to build everyone around you up. It’s still stepping into, managing, and playing with a lot of tension, but it’s also believing in everyone around you.

I go into this and examples in the world a lot more in the video, and I also suggest allowing more courage. And, as with the tension reference, if you’re new here and you get confused by what I’m talking about as you watch, this video should help (releasing and allowing are both part of this internal process of building deep confidence and letting go of things that are holding you back): Use This Simple Releasing Exercise To Improve Your Dating Life

How others see you.

Posted Dec 19, 2016


  • Cultivating Confidence
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  • “Where do you see yourself in five years?” asked the interviewer.
  • “I’ll have your job in three,” replied the millennial applicant.

This is a true story I heard from an attendee of one of my leadership seminars (“Human Connection Strategies for Busy Bosses.”) Confidence is a good thing, but this wasn’t confidence. It was arrogance. Needless to say, the applicant didn’t get the job. In fact, the interview ended right there: “Thank you very much. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

How can you have confidence without being seen as cocky or arrogant? It’s a balance many people struggle with, and it’s a challenge because most people have an incorrect view of what confidence is. They believe that a “confidence scale” would look something like the illustration below.

How to be confident without being cocky

Without confidence, you’re perceived as a “doormat.” But if you have too much, you’re seen as arrogant or at least overconfident. So the key is to have some confidence, but not too much.

Makes sense, right?

This is not how confidence works. If you think my little back-of-the-envelope doodle is an accurate view of confidence, you may be struggling at work more than you need to. First, get the idea of “overconfidence” out of your head right now. Overconfidence doesn’t exist; there is no such thing as too much confidence. Say this out loud until you believe it. The myth of overconfidence, and the fear of it, are the biggest killers of genuine confidence that I’ve ever seen.

Confidence and arrogance are different things altogether: They are not related to one another, and you can have one without the other. Is everyone who is confident also arrogant? Nope. Is everyone who is arrogant also confident? Not at all. Bullies are arrogant, but deep down we know they aren’t confident in themselves. That’s why they bully others in the first place.

The opposite of arrogance is not a lack of confidence. It’s deference. Here’s another quick doodle to illustrate this concept:

How to be confident without being cocky

The vertical line is how much confidence you have, and the horizontal line is how much deference you have. Each quadrant has a description of how others see you.

You can have as much confidence as you please, as long as you balance it with an equal amount of deference. Without deference, you’re arrogant (whether or not you have any genuine confidence).

As psychologists Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer write:

“Confidence and deference are not mutually exclusive, and it’s usually a lack of deference rather than excess of confidence that gets powerful people into trouble.”

Donald Trump, for example, is confident, but not deferential. Lincoln was both.

How to be confident without being cocky

The way to build deference is through perspective-taking. Seeing from another person’s point of view is essential. Had that job applicant thought about the situation he was in for just a moment, he would have realized how he sounded to the interviewer in the moment: “Have my job in three years? Hey, it took me 20 to get here and I’m not giving it up to some snot-nosed kid who thinks he’s king.”

How to be confident without being cocky

If you don’t believe in yourself and what you can do, it’s hard to make others believe that about you. When you go into an interview, you need to be able to speak confidently about your experience and accomplishments so the employer can have confidence in you as a potential employee.

This delicate balance can quickly move from confidence to cockiness, causing the interviewer to develop a negative opinion of you. Most people aren’t looking to hire someone who’s overly arrogant, despite their qualifications. Try these four ways to show off your confidence without taking it too far.

1. Start with your appearance

How you’re dressed is the interviewer’s first impression of you. You know the basic rules, but sometimes looking sharp can carry into the excessive. When you cover yourself in noticeably expensive brands, you aren’t letting your demeanor speak for itself. You’re immediately shouting, ‘look at me I buy nice things!’ Let your skills speak louder than your expensive watch.

2. Speak carefully about yourself

There will be several moments where you can either be too self-deprecating or too self-promoting. If complimented, don’t immediately go into a thousand reasons why it isn’t warranted. You also don’t want to explain to them why it is necessary based on how awesome you are. Again, it’s about finding humility in your accomplishments and recognizing how you received help without giving away all the credit.

3. Watch your tone

Speaking loudly doesn’t make you seem more authoritative; it simply makes you seem a little annoying. If you come in speaking louder to exude confidence, the interviewer will likely see right through it. Similarly, being too quiet can hurt you as well. The key is to speak clearly and confidently, not loudly.

4. Answer with real weaknesses

The old trick when asked about weaknesses is to turn them into strengths, but sometimes this can hurt you. It can make you seem arrogant because you aren’t being vulnerable or honest. Everyone has weaknesses that don’t translate into strengths. A confident person can discuss these and their impact on the job without trying to overcompensate.

A staffing agency changing expectations

At Workbox Staffing, we’re doing things differently. We may not be the standard corporate types, but we always get the job done. Our recruiters are real humans who take the time to get to know you and your skills and help guide you through the placement process. Jumpstart your job search today and request a call from us!

How to be confident without being cocky

“What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.”

I used to labor under the gross illusion that confidence was elusive, like a Sasquatch.

Or fleeting, like a shooting star.

It’s there for a moment, then poof! Gone.

To deepen this illusion, I believed that only a select few were anointed with confidence by an unseen hand upon their birth (this same mysterious hand also granted natural athletic ability), leaving the rest of us to muddle through, solely reliant on glancing blows of confidence that would hopefully show up when desperately necessary.

Time to do an oral report on The Louisiana Purchase? Let’s hope confidence decides to make a rare appearance—or I’m doomed behind that faux-wood podium!

To further confuse matters, I believed that any acquired confidence was the result of validation and admiration from others.

Perhaps this seed was planted when I heard the phrase: “Insert appropriate term here gave me/her/him confidence.”

The idea that confidence is “given” I apparently took somewhat literally, because I spent years looking for it outside of myself.

I know now that this is a fairly ridiculous passel of assumptions and just about as opposite of legitimate confidence as one can get.

I also used to think that it took arrogance to be confident and that confidence and arrogance were just about one and the same.

I didn’t have the first clue about how to be confident, and then as an added complication, I had a hang up around not even wanting to take confidence for a spin for fear of seeming arrogant.

Who does she think she is?!

My first big wake-up call to true confidence occurred twenty years ago in a small downtown bar in New York City.

My friends invited me out to see a new band, yet I felt like a “tag along.”

This, of course, was in my head due to the silly soap-opera story of outsider unworthiness I told myself. (Please refer to my previous post You Are Enough for more backstory.)

In said band, one member also happened to be a well-known movie actor.

It was a cold winter’s night and the bar was not crowded, so when the band’s set was over, the actor came over to say “hello.”

He was very friendly and a stranger to most of us, except to the friend of my friends who initially extended the invitation. They worked together and were making introductions.

He pleasantly greeted each of us one by one.

I was last in line to shake his hand and by the time he got to me, I said in the lamest most dismissive downtrodden way imaginable, “I’m Alix.”

But I might as well have said, “I’m an afterthought.”

He pounced on me in the best possible way.

“Now don’t say it like that!” he reproached.

He then mimicked me, “’I’m Alix.”

As he did so, he was looking me straight in the eyes, perfectly impersonating my shruggy sad-sack introduction.

His manner was so charmingly disarming that I cracked up laughing.

I couldn’t believe how I had come across!

His impromptu coaching continued, “You have to say it more like, “I’M ALIX!” I mean, come on, YOU’RE Alix! I should be excited to meet YOU!”

No one had ever spoken to me like this before and it woke me up to the cultivated patheticism that had hitherto dwelled in a broad blind spot in my unconscious.

Then, Mr. Actor made me practice introducing myself again, this time with vigorous hand shaking and committed eye contact.

As I engaged in the exercise, I could hardly keep a straight face.

This guy was giving such an unexpected gift by showing me back to myself.

With his light and humorous method, I immediately snapped out of my “no one wants to meet me” mindset.

I was liberated.

He taught me not only how to act confidently, but without realizing it, he revealed to me a clear way in which one can be confident without being arrogant.

He was confident, but he also didn’t take himself seriously. He made me feel I mattered and took the time to let me know.

This was a five-minute conversation that altered the course of my life.

Ever since that snowy night, I have been consciously aware of the energy that I present to others.

Eye contact? Check.

Firm handshake? Check.

After my no-confidence rehabilitation, I can tell you that I may not have always felt 100 percent confident in every single instance, but I decided to appear as though I did.

This is the definition of “fake it ’til you make it.”

I soon discovered that more I “acted” confident, the more authentically confident I felt.

I finally felt worthy, and worthiness is the prime ingredient of true confidence.

True confidence begins with, or I should say, within us.

It isn’t about stuff like success, rewards, accolades, or (and this may be the most salient point) the perception of others. It’s about the perception we have about ourselves.

Only we can “give” confidence to ourselves.

And here is the big secret:

If we embrace our own worthiness…

Well, then we are worthy.

It really is that simple.

Now I didn’t (and don’t) go around bellowing, “I’M ALIX!!” to strangers, but I certainly no longer feel I have to apologize for showing up.

I also recognize that since I come from a place of love and kindness, I probably will not be mistaken for being arrogant.

And if I am, then I’m all right with that, since that is really about “them,” not me.

I cannot, nor would I ever try, to control how others perceive me.

How others see us is really up to them.

Here is my mini-handbook to determine the differences between arrogance and confidence so you can feel confident that you’re not arrogant.

Arrogance is a mask for insecurities.

1. When people are covering their fears, they must work extra-hard to convince not only themselves, but everyone around them that they’re confident, instead of posturing.

2. This kind of bravado is a guise created by the well-meaning, albeit a misguided ego to protect what it considers to be the fragile eco-system of the mind.

3. Arrogance also always louder and more competitive than actual confidence, because it constantly fears for its survival.

True confidence is quiet (think Ninja).

1. This quiet is a result of honest self-evaluation, tough questions, and feeling worthy to be on the planet.

2. Confidence, once developed, then means we can be cozy—I’m talking couch-like—comfortable in our own skin, where the once pesky ego is now on a constant vacation.

3. True confidence is not competitive. In fact, it prefers to make space for others to speak their minds without feeling the need to jump in and course correct the conversation, the plan, or the route.

4. True confidence also breeds contentment, because we no longer exhaust ourselves trying to prove things to others or ourselves. Phew!

5. True confidence means that we continually enjoy our own company, because at the end of the metaphoric day, we’re the ones with whom we spend the most time.

6. True confidence also means being willing to dork out, be uncool, and be yourself whenever and wherever necessary.

I will be forever grateful to that friendly actor, who was so wonderfully confident in himself that he had no qualms about sparking true confidence within me.

If you want to be taken seriously, you should evoke an image of self-confidence because people gravitate towards individuals who seem confident. However, you should avoid being too cocky, which you can be if you don’t rein in your confidence. Here are some tips.

Know your strengths but don’t advertise them

You should work on the things you’re good at and hone them to the point of perfection. But if you want to be perceived as someone who’s confident without being cocky, you should work your strengths and let others see it without you bragging.

People like individuals who are experts in their field. But the moment you focus too much on letting every person know what you’re good at, the admiration you first had will soon turn into scorn. People hate braggarts, so don’t be one.

Listen more

People can easily notice which individuals are the cocky ones and which are simply confident. That’s because the arrogant persons are those who can’t stop talking about their accomplishments and great qualities. Those who are confident, on the other hand, will always let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

Also, confident people don’t feel the need to be the center of attention, which is why they take the time to listen to others. So, if you want the people around you to view you as someone who’s confident and not cocky, spend more time listening to others than expressing your opinions.

Improve your posture

This may surprise you, but the simple act of improving your posture can already have an effect on how others perceive you. Ask any professional matchmaker in Miami and they will tell you that women immediately notice men who stand straight with their chins up and their shoulders pulled back. Men who stand like this seem more confident, and that’s an attractive feature.

How to be confident without being cocky

Don’t be afraid to praise others

Another trait of confident people is their willingness to praise others when it warrants it. Confident people know their strengths and weaknesses. And they know that if in a certain situation they weren’t the person who solved the problem, they’re not insecure enough that they would try and steal that person’s thunder.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Insecure people are not only afraid to make a mistake but they’re even more afraid that other people would notice it. That’s where confident people are different. Confident people know that they’re not perfect and making a mistake is part of life. To them, a mistake is just another lesson to be learned.

Be empathetic

Having the ability to sense what other people are feeling can also help you become more confident. It’s because cocky people care about no one but themselves while confident people don’t need to put the spotlight on themselves all the time.

These are some of the traits of a confident person who’s far from becoming cocky. If you want to be perceived as a confident person, try following the suggestions above and you just might find people having a much better perspective of you.

An important life skill.


How to be confident without being cocky

Derek St. Hubbins, the front man of British rockers Spinal Tap once said that there was a fine line between clever and stupid. The same could be said about the line between confidence and arrogance. And it’s a line that can become quite blurry for a lot of guys. Not enough confidence and you look weak, but carry yourself with too much and you can come off as a cocky SOB that no one wants to deal with.

“Finding the right amount of confidence can be tricky for many men,” says Dr. Gilbert E. Franco, a professor of psychology at Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla. “Many want to be confident, but do not know how. Some men may have not had confident male role models; others may be experiencing inner factors such as depression or anxiety.” Understanding how to act confidently without coming off as arrogant is an essential skill, one that can help with relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. It’s also something that can be hard to recognize. Here, then, are some tips on how to act assuredly and not give off the vibe of a cocky a-hole. The world could use fewer of those.

Make Eye Contact

Sure, this might seem like confidence 101, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle it. People tend to either opt for no eye contact or too much, both of which are wrong when it comes to displaying confidence. When greeting someone, look them in the eye, shake hands and smile. Don’t get into a staring contest, though. Keep your eyes engaged but not locked in.

Try Not to Talk About Yourself Too Much

No one likes a braggart. But chances are they also aren’t particularly thrilled about hearing about all your accomplishments. At least not to the exclusion of everything else. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. If you’ve done enough that’s worth noting, people will want to talk about it. “A confident person is secure to the point that they do not brag about themselves or their accomplishments to others,” says Franco. “Instead, they behave in a way where other people talk about you and brag about you.”

Take an Interest in Other People

When you’re having a conversation with someone else, ask questions about them and listen, truly listen, to their interests and engage with them. People will appreciate your interest and, even subconsciously, recognize that you’re confident enough to not have to make it all about you. “The cocky man wants to spend the conversation talking about himself in order to boast,” says Patrick Kenger, a Men’s Image Consultant for Pivot Image Consulting.

Relax Your Body

Just as poor posture can convey weakness or discomfort, having a rigid, inflexible body type can convey the wrong message and make you look not only arrogant but standoffish. Having your arms and legs crossed might give you the illusion of confidence, but most people can see through the smokescreen. Just relax and take charge of your personal space. “The confident man appears relaxed,” says Kenger. “The cocky man appears like he’s being ‘tough.’”

Own Your Wardrobe

Dress well, yes, but don’t feel as though you have to be a slave to whatever trend the fashion world is following at the moment. If you are comfortable and relaxed in what you are wearing, then that will come across to the room much more so than the guy who is quite obviously trying to appear fashion-forward. “The confident man knows how to dress well, but he wears what he likes and actually thinks about his taste rather than just following the herd,” says Kenger. “I would strongly encourage men to develop more of their own personal style as a means of communication a sense of confident individuality.”

Carry Yourself Accordingly

Arrogant people tend to try and control a room by being the loudest person there. They draw attention to themselves and put others down in an effort to build themselves up. Those with natural confidence, however, earn a good reputation by not feeling the need to brag or boast. “The biggest factor, I believe is body language,” says Ryan Ewalt, a personal trainer who has worked with NFL players. “They walk into a room and know that they belong, there is no insecurity. They compete with themselves. Cocky individuals seem to measure their worth based on how they stack up to others.”

Be Secure in Your Talents

Many people who come across as overly confident are actually deeply insecure. Their arrogance stems from the worry that they don’t know as much as they should and are terrified of being found out, a psychological affliction known as Imposter Syndrome. You have talents, so use them. Invest in your skills and bring them to the fore so that, when you find yourself in a social situation, you can be confident in what you’re bringing to the table. Says Anne Brackett, CEO of Strengths University.“Being confident is understanding who you are and who you aren’t. So stop worrying about being perfect and start being you.”

Video about how to be confident without being cocky:

How To Look Confident Without Being Cocky?

Dress smart, not flashy—While confidence comes from inside, the easiest way to mask your true self is with your exterior appearance. They don’t mind serving as a cautionary tale. Everyone needs to know how to sell themselves, while keeping in mind, the best products sell themselves once the consumer understands what the product is. To deepen this illusion, I believed that only a select few were anointed with confidence by an unseen hand upon their birth this same mysterious hand also granted natural athletic ability , leaving the rest of us to muddle through, solely reliant on glancing blows of confidence that would hopefully show up when desperately necessary.

How to be confident without being cocky

Visualize yourself doing whatever you need confidence to do in your head over and over again, whether its making a presentation or sinking a golf putt. If you display arrogance, you may turn people off, lose potential opportunities and hurt your reputation. I’m what I call situationally confident. This was a five-minute conversation that altered the course of my life. They laugh with you. Having a collaborative attitude can prevent you from every being tagged as arrogant and it can open the door to new relationships and opportunities. Did I dream it? Does your big mouth ever get you in trouble, or when you get nervous do you tend to talk more without ever really saying anything? You can make yourself more approachable by making eye contact and using confident body language that invites conversation. Twenty thousand Facebook friends? Cocky and conceited people tend to take a position and then proclaim, bluster, and totally disregard differing opinions or points of view. This guy was giving such an unexpected gift by showing me back to myself. And very quietly, without calling attention to themselves, they go out and do it. Have the confidence to be frugal. How can you become more poised and self-assured? Confidence is a natural expression of ability, expertise, and self-regard. Since confidence is something we all need — when you feel more confident, your performance almost always improves — I spend a fair bit of time thinking about how to gain confidence. His manner was so charmingly disarming that I cracked up laughing. You take a stand not because you think you are always right, but because you are not afraid to be wrong. Everyone listening thinks he is a jackass. If nobody knows anything about you, then how can they respect you? See if the following apply to you. Please refer to my previous post You Are Enough for more backstory. Entrepreneurs usually have too much or too little and finding the right amount and how to show it, is a delicate balance. You want to be able to enhance and develop relationships, not make people view you guardedly. When engaged in daily conversations, listen well and focus on developing relationships. But the truth is—if he was really that cool, why would he have to tell everyone?

How to be confident without being cocky

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They ask what you do, how you do it, what you like about it, what you learned from it, and what they should do if they find themselves in a similar situation.