How to cook without a food processor

Utilizing a Mixer, Microwave, or Mortar and Pestle

How to cook without a food processor

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Hummus is among the most convenient Middle Eastern food to prepare, and it’s so easy that even most kids can prepare hummus by themselves. And while the majority of people utilize a food mill to make hummus in the house since it fasts, practical and simple, what do you do if you do not own one?

The bright side is that you aren’t out of luck. The reality is that a great deal of kitchen areas aren’t geared up with a food mill in the Middle East although hummus is prepared and consumed there every day. When you stop to believe about it, hummus was ready and consumed in ancient Egypt long prior to the basic food processor had actually even been created!

So, small kitchen area and college dormitory residents, do not worry. Utilizing a food mill does lead to a creamier mix, however without one, you’ll have a thicker, chunkier hummus that will still be breaking with taste.

Active Ingredients to Make Hummus Without a Food Mill

This is simply a fundamental hummus dish. The terrific aspect of hummus is that it is so flexible. You can include a wide array of veggies or spices and it will just contribute to the taste. Start with a great base and include what you like!

  • 1 16 oz can of chickpeas or garbanzo beans
  • 1/4 cup liquid from a can of chickpeas
  • 3-5 tablespoons lemon juice (depending upon taste)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons tahini (sesame paste)
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled and squashed
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Utilizing a Mixer

A mixer is going to be the next finest thing to a food mill. Put all active ingredients in a mixer and mix. Simply keep in mind to put in your thicker active ingredients initially, like the tahini and chickpeas. Otherwise, your mixer, unless you have a commercial-grade variation, may have problem completely mixing whatever.

Mortar and Pestle

Utilizing a mortar and pestle is the “traditional” method of making hummus, however works. Simply be prepared to put a little effort into it! For those unknown, a mortar and pestle are 2 bowls (mortar) and bat (pestle) shaped items utilized to crush foods, such as seeds, herbs, and spice.


Yes, you can microwave your hummus. Microwaving makes chickpeas simpler to mash with a fork. Prior to blending the active ingredients, put the chickpeas in a microwave-safe bowl and heat them for about 30 seconds. Drain pipes, however keep the liquid since you might require it in case your hummus is too thick. After mashing, include the tahini and all the staying active ingredients. Include one tablespoon of the drained pipes chickpea liquid at a time up until you have actually got the consistency you like if it’s still too thick.

If all else stops working, you can constantly purchase a fundamental hummus at the supermarket and include the veggies and spices you desire. Popular hummus dishes consist of garlic, jalapeno peppers, and sundried tomatoes. Initially, attempt making your own since you’ll absolutely taste the freshness.

I wish to try out making purées (especially carrot and parsnip, if it matters), however I do not have a food mill or any other mechanical mixing/blending tool. Exists anything I can do or is a processor essential?

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I believe some sort of mechanical help to macerate the food is essential for your job. Depending upon what meal you try, there are couple of alternatives.

A ricer (or food mill, depending upon who you purchase from) is a manual gadget (non-electric) that you may run prepared potatoes or parsnips through. Many individuals do mashed potatoes by doing this. Depending how prepared your parsnips get, a hand mixer (or immersion mixer, stick mixer) might work.

Nevertheless, all of this needs you to spend some money for a gadget. I’m uncertain, from your post, if that’s a choice. If you’re choosing ultra-smooth texture for a bisque or other soup, it may be worth it to get among the small-bowl food mill (simply operate in batches).

You’re simply not going to get the very same texture with anything that does not have spinning knives (mixer, food mill, and so on) You might be able to get close with sufficient cooking + a masher, then a hand mixer (or do the old hand-crank ones still count as mechanical?).

As things opt for the kind of cooking you’re handling, think about a stick mixer– they’re more affordable than a food mill, do not have the concern with dripping seals as a bar mixer, and they do not use up as much storage area.

They can’t rather do the very same things as the others (bar mixers benefit breaking down ice for shakes that a stick mixer may choke on, and you can leave them alone while they work; food mill can slice or shread with the ideal disks, kneed dough with the plastic blade, or break down strong items with pulsing to keep it from getting to pureed), however I do not believe the others work for making whipped cream, either.

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If you do not have a food mill, you may discover yourself avoiding dishes that need you to utilize one. There are a number of various tools and strategies you can utilize in location of a food processor. You can do most tasks with a spice, mixer, or mixer mill. Even if you do not have one of those, you can still break down most foods by hand!

How to cook without a food processor

How to cook without a food processor

How to cook without a food processor

Idea: Make sure to clean your mill well prior to and after you utilize it. Otherwise, your dish may taste like coffee, or vice versa!

However naturally, nobody item is ever going to be for everybody. Perhaps you do not desire another huge, cumbersome maker using up area.

Or perhaps you simply do not wish to spend that much cash for something that you may not utilize all that typically.

Well fear not. There are still a number of various manner ins which you can accelerate your cooking procedure. Enable me to inform you.

How to cook without a food processor

Food Chopper

A basic food chopper, as the name recommends, does not have anywhere near the variety of usages that a food mill does.

In reality the only thing that it does is slice. Compared to the food mill, that’s absolutely nothing at all truly, however perhaps it’s all you require?

There is some benefits to simply having the chopper. It’s a fair bit smaller sized. Smaller sized than even the tiniest of food mill.

It will use up less area in the cabinet, less area on the counter and less area in the dishwashing machine. You can count on the chopper if that is an issue.

It’s likewise naturally easier to utilize. A food mill does make things simpler, however it is a huge of a drag needing to set it up all the time.

There’s really little setup associated with a food chopper. Simply remove the cover, toss the food in and let it slice away.

You can’t utilize it for mixing, shredding or slicing. If all you desire to do is slice then the chopper is a great alternative for the food processor.

How to cook without a food processor


Just like the chopper pointed out above, the mixer has just one genuine function. It’s quite excellent at it.

In fact, just working for mixing does not truly put a big limitation on dishes. There’s still lots of meals that you can really quickly make with a mixer.

You can utilize it to churn butter. And not simply routine butter, however an entire range of nut butters too.

It can be utilized to mix eggs. Whether you simply wish to rush them, or if you desire them gotten ready for an omelette.

You can smoothe gravy, mix pie fillings or make custard. You might even utilize it to prepare batter for pancakes and waffles.

So while it does not have anywhere near the quantity of usages as the food mill, it still has its usages.

How to cook without a food processor

Big Grater

Among the aspects that puts the food mill above its options, is the reality that you can gear up a couple of various practical discs.

The shredding disc is a wonderful tool. Sure it’s got a supervillain sounding name, however it’s truly terrific for making all sorts of various things.

If you do not have a food mill, you can make the majority of the very same things with a big grater, however it is going to take a bit more time.

There’s an entire lot of various types. You have actually got package shredder, which generally is available in a couple of various sizes.

Box shredders are quite grate. (Do not let my terrible puns sidetrack you from simply how flexible they really are.)

The majority of box shredders have actually various sized holes on every side, making a number of various outcomes possible.

Due to the fact that shredder discs usually have simply 2 various variations,

This is really a bit of a benefit over the food processor. And a few of them just have the one.

You have actually likewise got a smaller sized, portable grater called a ‘microplane’. It’s an useful, effective little gadget that you can utilize to make small shavings of cheese or lemon.

So while the food mill will shred things quicker, there is a lot of options in the type of graters. When utilizing one, you likewise have a bit more control of the outcome.

How to cook without a food processor

Handbook Chopping and Slicing

Appearance, I understand this is what we’re attempting to prevent by purchasing all of these home appliances, however often there’s no higher alternative than your own hands.

If you slice and slice your food by hand it will take longer, there’s no concern about that. This is likewise the most control you’re going to get.

For some individuals, the idea of utilizing a mixer, chopper or processor is really quite uninviting.

The only method to guarantee that whatever will be precisely as you desire it to be, is to provide yourself as much liberty as possible. You will not get that with a maker.

So while I’m personally a supporter for food mill, it’s not precisely like you run out alternatives if you do not have one.