How to disassemble the lens of a fujifilm hs10 to clean them

So I utilized my electronic camera a few days ago. Perfect pictures. Considering that the other day though I have actually seen a mark on the within the lens. No concept how to act to clean it away or if it’s something I can’t repair or take apart to tidy. Photos a few days ago fantastic. Now they all have a white shadow straight in the middle of every shot. I did provide the electronic camera to a pal the other day to do some videoing however I believe it’s simply a coincidence it’s returned with this mark. I imply there’s no other way of acting. The glass on the uv and the lens filter on it are both clear and scratch totally free. This Mark is def on the within the glass.

Any ideas? Can I take the lens off to have a closer examination. I am attempting to publish pictures however the internet browser crashes whenever I pick select from computer system!

Found this with a google search. Take care

Long-term white spot under the glass. Leaves a white spot on all shots, dead bang in the middle.

Thanks. I will not take it apart till individuals with experience absorb what I have actually stated and take a look at the pictures prior to hacking at it

appears like fungi, if you aren’t handy/confident sufficient to provide cleaning up a shot, get it to a store. Some fungi will engrave the glass, others will not. As this simply appeared, the much faster you get cleaned up the much better.

You do not like the white spot in your pictures, so actually you have nada to lose at this point.

The procedure looks quite easy

If you like messing with video cameras,

Tackle this just.

Most convenient and least expensive is to purchase yourself a brand-new HS35 Exact same lens a bit bigger sensing unit and faster processing specifically of sweep panoramas.

Just function I miss out on and not that much is actually quick framing video.

Terrific suggestions. Thanks for making the effort.

Sadly, absolutely nothing to do with the initial post.

If I was going to purchase a brand-new electronic camera then was does it matter if I attempt to repair it?

So ref the pictures, any concepts?

I have actually invested a great deal of time with differing degrees of success fixing lenses and video cameras, dirt inside and so on

I likewise have watchmaking training and tools. With all of this my chances of success with clearing out a lens like the HS-10 zoom have to do with 1 in 3. Some individuals are gifted however it normally a long shot.

An experienced repair work individual need to make about $100+ per hour. For that time you can purchase a brand-new HS-35

If you experience the issue with your replacement,

Nevertheless it is enjoyable to attempt and what you discover might assist you.

In other words my suggestions was compose it off and take on the repair work just if you delight in doing that example with little expectation of success, specifically a very first time. My experience with these online tutorials has actually been that there are techniques and knacks they do not cover properly, that come just with experience which you will do a lot much better on your 3rd or 2nd effort.

Hi, thanks for making the effort to respond. I value the belief and suggestions. I did take the disrobe, and I should confess was simpler than I had actually anticipated. 2 trines screws. Each set a various length so you can’t get blended. The milky mark was simply that, so I’m no clearer what triggered it, however we are up and running with clear photos.

When eliminated the the external lens comes totally free genuine simple,

Wiped tidy and put back together. I anticipated it to be challenging however I was fortunate.

Unfortunatly here in Britain, even at discount rate sites, things are extremely costly, a brand-new HS30 EXR costs $305 And a HS50 $360

to conclude, thanks for making the effort to provide some fantastic suggestions and phew, I believe I was fortunate handling to take things apart and tidy up.