How to get a chaos chao in sonic adventure 2 battle

Under very special circumstances, it is possible for a Chao to evolve into a Chaos Chao. Chaos Chao are named after the beast Chaos, from the first Sonic Adventure game. The Neutral, Hero and Dark Chaos Chao are called the Light Chao, Angel Chao, and Devil Chao respectively.

Chaos Chao are very unique in that they are immortal; they will never die nor reincarnate, no matter what. Once your Chao succeeds in transforming into a legendary Chaos Chao, it will stay in that form forever. You should therefore choose wisely before pursuing this transformation; in particular for the modern versions, you will not be able to raise your Chao’s stat grades after it transforms.

As immortal Chao, Chaos Chao have no need to reproduce and therefore cannot mate. Make sure that if you create a Chaos Chao that you won’t want to breed that particular Chao in the future.

A final attribute of Chaos Chao is they do not retain animal parts like regular Chao, or have different eyes/mouths. All Chaos Chao are pure and take on a single, featureless appearance.


There are four general requirements that your Chao must satisfy in order to transform into a Chaos Chao. There is also a fifth alignment requirement if you want to get a specific kind of Chaos Chao. Once all steps are complete, when your Chao goes into a cocoon, special music will play and a Chaos Chao will emerge!

On Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast, you can only obtain the Light Chao as there are no Hero and Dark alignments!

i am tryin to make a chaos chao in sonic adventure 2 battle and i wante to kno after the first 2 reincarnations how the hell do u give it 1 of every animal is their like a strategy on how to give it one of every animal.

For a dark chaos chao u have to give it all 21 animals but first how would u get all 21 its hard. and what do u have to do for the hero chaos and light chaos.

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How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

To make a Chaos Chao you have to give it ONE of ALL 21 animals. Just keep a checklist to make sure you don’t give you chao the same animal twice. Also do not give it any Chaos Drives or the transformation won’t work. To make it a Devil, pet it with a dark character. To make it an Angel, pet it with hero characters, and to make a Light chao, keep it neutral. is a really good site for chao information, and it has a list of the animals and what stages they’re in, but the site’s been down this week.

well.. first to make a chaos chao u need to leave ur gamecube,or ur game system on overnight (for 2 nights) (reborned 2 times) then get one of every animal in the adventures, (level 1,etc) u give them to ur chao and wait for it to evolve. and Bam! u got urself a chaos chao. hope this helps.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

You have to give it animals only to get a devil dark chao I think but otherwise, watch how the colour changes after you feed them cause they have to evolve at a certain colour to get the 1 you want.

“What are Chao? Chao are tiny, cute, and mysterious creatures that are adored by people from all over the world. Chao live in the “Chao Garden.” The Chao Garden is where you can breed and raise Chao.”

Regardless of which Sonic Adventure game you are playing, in order to find Chao to raise, you will need to make your way to a Chao Garden!

There are three Chao Gardens in each Sonic Adventure game. For Sonic Adventure 1/DX, there is one garden located in each adventure field. For Sonic Adventure 2/Battle you need to first find the key to Chao World.

You can start raising your Chao once you have discovered and entered a Chao Garden. Time only passes for the Chao while you are inside the Chao Garden. If you are exploring an adventure field, playing a stage, or are in a different Chao Garden to the one your Chao is in, it will not age.

Chao World [SA2 only]

To gain access to your Chao in Sonic Adventure 2, you must first venture into Chao World. To get to Chao World, you must find a Chao Container in one of the levels. When you break open the Chao Container, you will find a key inside. If you collect this key, you will be warped to Chao World after completing the level.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 BattleHow to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

There are three Chao Containers in each level. The first container that you open, regardless of which one it actually is, will always contain the key to Chao World. The second container that you open will contain four random animals from that stage. In the third (and final) container will be the “special” animal from that stage. See the animals section for more information on this.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chao Lobby [SA2 only]

Once you successfully find the key and complete the level, you will be placed into the entrance of Chao World – the Chao Lobby. This is a room with a warp pad in the center, and doors that will lead to the different Chao Gardens and the Chao Kindergarten. You can use the warp pad to leave Chao World and return to the main game.

Chao Gardens

When you first start, there will only be one Chao Garden available. Time only passes for the Chao while you are inside the Chao Garden. If you are in the Chao Lobby, playing a stage, or in a different Chao Garden to the one your Chao is in, it will not age. There are three gardens in total, decribed in the Gardens page. For Sonic Adventure[DX], you will need to find the other gardens in the Adventure stages. For Sonic Adventure 2, you have to unlock them by raising certain Chao.

Your First Chao

When you first enter the Chao Garden, you will see two Chao eggs. As you later unlock other Chao Gardens, you will find a single Chao egg in each of them too. These eggs contain regular coloured Chao, which are light blue with yellow highlights. They will change in shape and colour as they grow.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Note: Chao are light blue with green highlights in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 1! You will also find two new eggs rather than one in each new garden you discover!

“Chao are very easy to raise. The big eggs that you will see in the Chao Garden are Chao eggs. Chao eggs hatch on their own, but you can also hatch them yourself.”

Caring for Chao

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

To make your Chao like you and adore you, you should be nice to them! Pet them and hug them to show your affection. Remember to feed them regularly!

“Chao like to be petted and carried around. Chao do not like it when they are attacked by a spin attack or are punched. Chao like to be given fruits to eat.”

After a while of raising your newly hatched Chao, it will eventually go into a cocoon after a few hours. This is called it’s evolution. Your Chao is evolving from a child to an adult! A Chao is considered to be a child until it evolves.

Dreamcast: One Chao year = around 1 hour

Modern: One Chao year = around 3 hours

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chao can evolve into one of three alignments, and one of five different ability types. This makes for a total of fifteen different possible evolutions! In addition to this, there are three special evolutions, which are separately explained on the Chaos Chao page. The alignment page will detail how to control your Chao’s alignment. This page will explain how to control its ability type, and will present the fifteen different evolutions.

Please keep in mind that a chao will evolve into the alignment and ability type that it favours most at the point it enters it’s cocoon. You can therefore choose how you want it to evolve by choosing what animals or Chaos Drives (and by extension stats) the Chao is given. If you are aiming for a particular type of Chao, you must maintain and keep it how you want it to be until it actually does evolve.

All Chao in the first Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast are Neutral alignment. Hero and Dark Chao were not introduced until the next game in the series, Sonic Adventure 2! So there are only five possible evolutions ([)plus the Neutral Chaos Chao) in this game.

Ability Types

A Chao doesn’t just evolve into a Hero, Dark, or Neutral alignment: it also evolves into one of five different ability types. Depending on what animals and/or Chaos Drives you have given your Chao, it will evolve in a certain way. There are four main groups of animals and Chaos Drives and this is what determines the Chao’s evolution path; it will evolve into one of five different ability types. These ability types are Swim, Fly, Run, Power, and Normal (where no stat is favoured over the others).

It is very commonly believed that a Chao evolves into the Swim, Fly, Run, or Power types if the corresponding stat is the highest, and that the Normal type is based on HP/Stamina or a balance between the other four stats. All of this is completely false! Evolution is more complicated than that, and actually is not based on stat values at all. Instead, it is based on a Chao’s recent interaction with animals or Chaos Drives.

A Chao evolves into a ‘Normal’ type if it has recently interacted with animals/drives in a balanced way. This includes when it has been given nothing at all! Here are two examples to help explain this:

You give your Chao 100 Run animals, then 100 Power animals, then 100 Fly animals, and then 100 Swim animals. You have given it an equal amount of every type, but only over a long period. Most recently, you have only given it a large amount of Swim animals. The Chao will evolve into the Swim type.

You give your Chao 5 Run animals, then 5 Power animals, then 5 Fly animals, and then 5 Swim animals. You repeat this process 20 times, so that it has had a total of 100 of each kind. Because the Chao most recently interacted with a balance of all types, it will evolve into the Normal type.

The above explanation was just a summary of how it works. For more in-depth information on this, see the wiki page.