How to hang a vanity mirror

Are you considering refurbishing your restroom?

How to hang a vanity mirror

Fortunately is that if your footprint currently works for you, you can offer your area an immediate upgrade by making simply a couple of little modifications.

A brand-new vanity, mirror, lighting and faucet can go a long method towards enhancing the look of your area.

How to hang a vanity mirror

The technique is to make certain that you are putting your brand-new components appropriately.

In this post, we’ll addresses a few of the most regularly asked concerns about restroom remodelings:

We hope this post addressed the following concerns for you:

  1. How high should I hang a mirror above a vanity?
  2. If I’m doing a wall installed faucet, where does that await relation to the sink and the mirror?
  3. How high above the mirror should the lighting be positioned?
  4. If I’m doing wall sconces, where should I position them in relation to the vanity and the mirror?
  5. Exist standards about electric outlets near the sink?


No matter what design or spending plan you have, area preparation is necessary to accomplishing a gorgeous and practical restroom.

Among the most regularly asked concerns from our customers who are dealing with restroom style tasks has to do with appropriate positioning of the essential components.

Keep in mind, the numbers we are sharing below are basic standards not set guidelines, BUT if you understand the guidelines and the factors behind them, you can make clever style options!


How to hang a vanity mirror

The important things to keep top of mind is the height of the individual utilizing the area.

The basic height for a visitor or master restroom vanity is 33″ to 36″.

For kids’ areas, you may wish to have the height peak at 33 inches so that it’s much easier for them to reach the faucet.

On the contrary, 36 inches is a a lot more comfy experience for a high individual.

Another essential note: If you are utilizing a vessel sink, the height of the base cabinet plus the acme on the sink is the overall to concentrate on.

For instance, if your vessel sink stands 6 inches high, then you’ll desire a base cabinet that disappears than 30 inches high.

How to hang a vanity mirror

Lastly, make sure to compute the density of your counter top into the total height of the completed vanity.

How to hang a vanity mirror


How to hang a vanity mirror

The basic height of the mirror above the vanity will differ depending upon the sizes and shape of the mirror, the typical height of the users, and height of your sink and faucet.

Simply make certain the mirror is around eye-level for the majority of the users!

Here are 3 simple techniques to figure out the optimum mirror height:

  • Hang the mirror 5″ to 10″ inches above the sink
  • Hang the mirror a couple of inches above the greatest part of the faucet
  • Center the mirror in between the vanity lighting and the sink.


How to hang a vanity mirror

If your vanity is developed for a deck-mounted faucet, setup is incredibly simple!

Nevertheless, if you desire a wall-mounted faucet (which are growing in appeal) you’ll absolutely wish to call an expert plumbing professional to have actually the component set up.

In preparation for your conference with your plumbing professional, you’ll require to understand for sure the complete, completed height of your vanity (consisting of the counter top), whether you have a vessel sink or an under-mount sink, the specifications (measurements) for your brand-new faucet, and the size of your mirror.

He’ll require all of this info in order to figure out where to position the faucet.

Generally, when it’s all stated and done, your faucet needs to be hung about 4-5″ over the counter top.

This height will differ depending upon the height and curvature of the faucet due to the fact that you need to make sure there is at least 1″ of area in between the most affordable part of the faucet’s spout and the flood level of the sink.


How to hang a vanity mirror

The basic height for vanity lighting above restroom mirrors is 75″ to 80″ from the completed flooring to the center of the light.

Bear in mind that these are simply the basic measurements. Utilize them as a beginning point and do not hesitate to change them to fit your area and to accommodate the users of the area.

If you select to utilize sconces instead of lighting above the mirror, they are hung 64″ off the completed flooring to be at eye-level.

How to hang a vanity mirror

This is a fantastic beginning location, however can be changed according to your height!

An excellent general rule is to hang sconces anywhere from 60″ to 70″.

Wall install the sconces on both sides of the mirror. Preferably, they ought to be 36 ″ to 40 ″ apart to make sure even lighting on the face.

As soon as you have actually found out where you wish to hang the sconces, make sure to let an expert electrical expert install them.


Electric outlets situated near a restroom vanity are a requirement.

With all of the consistent water circulation in a restroom, they can rapidly end up being unsafe. Security is the top concern of great style.

Luckily, setting up the right kind of outlet can make the location much more secure.

When selecting outlets for a location where there is water present, such as a restroom, you require to set up a GFCI electric outlet.

GFCI represents Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

This is an outlet that is developed to safeguard you from electrical shock and likewise avoids your house’s breaker panel from shorting out.

As you can see, it is necessary to make use of area preparation in your restroom!

You can make your area appearance expertly developed by simply using these 3 general rules.

Are you preparing to utilize these ideas? Make certain to send us images and let us understand how it exercised for you!

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How to hang a vanity mirror

A restroom mirror is a necessary component that you can discover in restrooms all over the world. As its performance, restroom mirrors are likewise outstanding ornamental components that significantly boosts the appearance and feel of a restroom. There are 2 significant kinds of restroom mirrors– framed and frameless. Correct hanging of a mirror in your restroom is essential to make certain that it is positioned firmly on the wall.

Action 1 – Select the Place

Select the area of your restroom mirror. Restroom mirrors are preferably situated listed below a restroom sink however you can select any area you desire as long as it is set up neither too low nor too high. As soon as you have actually picked a proper area, mark the center area with an “X” utilizing a dry eliminate marker. Mark the center of the restroom mirror.

Action 2 – Position the Mirror on its Put On the Wall

Have a work partner hold the mirror up on the wall and have it placed so that the mid-point marks for both are lined up. The borders of the mirror on the wall ought to be marked with a pencil gently.

Step 3 – Deal With the Drywall

How to hang a vanity mirror

Discover the 2 studs at the back of the drywall where the mirror will be hung utilizing a stud finder. Put pencil markings on its area. Draw the line midway in between the studs utilizing a level to preserve the mirror’s level on the wall.

Step 4 – Connect the J-Clips

Utilizing 2 J-clips, connect its bottom to the wall following the marks with flathead wood screws. The tops of the anchored pieces need to be attached to the wall. The 2 J-clips ought to be slipped gently into the anchors.

Step 5 – Protect the Restroom Mirror in Location

Position the restroom mirror into the bottom of the J-clips. The clips need to be pushed down so that completions discuss the rim of the mirror and protect it versus the wall.

Hanging a Framed Mirror

How to hang a vanity mirror

Action 1 – Connect Screws

To set up a restroom mirror with a frame, fasten eye screws behind the mirror frame. Secure one eye screw at the left side and 2 inches greater than the vertical center of your mirror frame. Connect the other screw to the ideal side.

Action 2 – Connect the Wire

Figure out the proper wire to utilize for hanging the framed mirror. The wire needs to be covered through one eye screw and twisted firmly utilizing pliers. Leave enough wire extension so that the opposite will be performed in the exact same way.

Step 3 – Determine if a Stud exists

Make a mark on the wall with a pencil. Figure out if there is a stud utilizing a stud finder and if present, all you require are a number of screws to connect the framed restroom mirror into your restroom wall. If there are no studs present at your selected area you can either choose a various area where there are studs or protect the mirror to the wall with making use of a hollow wall anchor.

Step 4 – Connect the Nail to the Mirror

How to hang a vanity mirror

Hold down the mirror and bring up the wire by the. Figure out the measurement from the bottom of the frame to the top of the mid-point of the wire and this will offer the area of where to connect the nail.

Action 5 – Hang the Mirror

Get the mirror and hold on the set up nail. Make certain that the mirror is equally placed on the wall.