How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

How to pick your perfect wedding invitationAfter setting out a wedding date and a location, your next step is to select your wedding invitations. With a wide variety of wedding invitations in terms of prices and style, the decision can sometimes be very overwhelming. Here are some few tips and ideas on how to select the best wedding invitations for your big day.

  • The budget

When you are estimating the total budget for your wedding, you will have to set aside at least 3% of the total budget to cater for the wedding invitations. Let’s say that your wedding is going to cost $30,000; you’ll be able to spend $1,000 on your wedding invitations. The costs of wedding invitations usually range from $1,000 per 100 invitations on the high end or as low as $200 per 100 invitations on the low end.

  • How many people to invite

You may not know the specific people who will attend your wedding, but still, you should be able to set a range for the guests that you expect to invite may be less than 100 or between 200 and 400. The groom and the bride may all have ideas on how they expect they picture their wedding day to be like so it is essential to communicate your ideas and wishes regarding a small wedding with fewer guests or a large wedding with many guests. With the guest estimate in mind, you are now able to decide on a budget of your wedding invitations.

  • Plan ahead and early

When choosing your wedding invitations – Sail and Swan, it’s good to start soon. You and your partner will need to carefully select and review the types of invitations that are available. Of you plan ahead, you may even have enough time to request some samples from the various companies. Ordering your invitations early enough will give you ample time for them to be printed and corrections in case of errors can be made. You will also be able to assemble the invitations and mail them out to have sufficient time for responses. Also, plan on ordering extra 20-30 invitations in case some are destroyed, or you may decide to increase the number of your guests.

Types of wedding invitations

There are various types of wedding invitations for couples to choose from. Their prices vary widely because of the way they are made.

  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitationThermography

This type of wedding invitation is usually cheap, popular and easy to find. This type of invitation is mostly used at casual weddings. Thermography creates the illusion of a raised text.

  • Offset printing

This type uses the standard print. Although this print seems familiar, this invitation type will still announce your wedding in an elegant fashion

  • Embossed

These type of invitations are usually expensive but are very classy. They also have a raised print, and this is what makes them expensive-because of the way they are made.

Choosing your wedding invitations is a great and exciting as well, make sure that you order only the invitation that pleases and makes you happy.

Yay you’re getting married and you’ve started looking at wedding invitations… then you realise there are so many different wording options. Let’s chat about the different options for wedding invitation wording and I’ll give you some samples. Let’s look at what you need to consider.

Who is hosting the wedding?

When you consider wedding invitation wording samples, first think about who is hosting the wedding. The bride and groom, the brides parents, the grooms parents, both sets of parents, or it can be anybody else you want to include.

  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Sample of wedding invitation wording:

  1. and are getting married. This is an example of wedding invitation wording casual and is used when the couple are hosting. Check out the Emily Collection for this example wording.
  2. and together with their families invite you to celebrate their marriage. Check out the Alexandra and Pippa Collections for this example wording
  3. Together with their families and invite you to celebrate their marriage. Check out the Sara Collection for this example wording.
  4. Mr and Mrs request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter to . This is an example of wedding invitation wording formal and is used when the parents are hosting the wedding. Check out the Petite Fleur Collection for this example wording.
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Names of the Couple

There is formal wedding invitation wording etiquette but depending on the style of your wedding will decide is this is right for you or not. Traditionally the bride’s name is printed first but you can go against tradition and print the groom’s name first. For same sex marriages you have the choice of who you want to choose to print first – many couples choose whichever they think sounds best for both of their names.

  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

The location of the wedding

Always include the location of the ceremony, traditionally the full address would be included but it is now acceptable to include the ceremony location name and the general area as people can find the location themselves.

The Date and Times

You can choose the formal style of wording by including the full date and time or you can mix it up with full text writing, for example TWENTY SECOND OF APRIL or using roman numerals is another very elegant idea.

Reception Details

The format for the reception details follows a similar style to the ceremony location. You should include the name of the location and either it’s full address or it’s general location address. Be sure to also include the time the reception starts at and the expected finish time.

RSVP details

You have a few options when it comes to rsvp wedding invitation wording. Many couples choose an RSVP card which goes out with an addressed envelope with their invitation. The second option is to include the RSVP details on the bottom of the invitation or the third option is to include the RSVP website details on a details insert card. Whichever you choose is up to you and all are totally acceptable ways of including your RSVP details.

  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Details Cards

The details card can include many items of information, some of which I’ve listed below. Have a think about the most important information you want your guests to know and include this on the wedding details card. The wording of your wedding details card can include items like those listed below.

  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • How to pick your perfect wedding invitation
  • Inviting children
  • Accommodation
  • Directions
  • Gift List
  • Website RSVP
  • Dress Code
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Transportation

There are many options for wedding invitation wording and you will find the one that matches your style best, as a couple and for your wedding. Never worry if your wording is different to someone else’s as there is no right or wrong, there’s just you and your wedding! For more wedding inspiration check out my instagram page.

Wedding invitation wording is the most important part of the wedding invitation. This is how the bride and groom convey all of the pertinent information to their guests so that guests can plan for the wedding as well. There are certain things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding invitation wording.

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding invitation wording is the theme of the wedding. If at all possible, this theme can be incorporated within the wedding invitation. Consider that a formal event will need formal wording while a casual event can be less formal. This not only applies to the wedding invitation wording, but also to the spelling of certain words and the quality of the printing.

The next thing to consider when choosing a wedding invitation wording is including all of the necessary information for the guests. The bride and groom should include the names of those who are hosting the wedding if they are not doing it themselves. This will honor the hosts. The full names of the bride and groom should also be included. While this sounds odd, it is important because there are going to be guests at the wedding who may not have been in contact with the bride and groom in quite awhile. It is better to include the full names rather than to embarrass guests. The bride and groom should also include the date, time, and location of the ceremony as well as the reception information if it is different than the ceremony location.

Every wedding invitation vendor will have examples of different wedding invitation wording. It can become tricky when trying to include the information of the hosts, but this can easily be solved with some simple research. The bride and groom can choose to use one of these examples or they can mix and match several examples to create their own. They also have the option of truly personalizing their invitations by writing their own wedding invitation wording. This is a wonderful way to personalize an aspect of the wedding.

Regardless of the wedding invitation wording that the bride and groom choose, they need to ensure that all of the information is correct and spelled correctly. More than one person should proofread the wedding invitations. It would be a shame to order wedding invitations and have the wrong information. This will save the bride and groom from a lot of embarrassment.

Choosing the perfect wedding invitation; wedding planning wording does not have to be difficult for the bride and groom. They need to make sure to give themselves enough time to think about exactly what they want as well as time to proofread and order the invitations prior to sending them out. The wedding invitation wording is an excellent way for the bride and groom to express their personal style as well as their love for each other!

Browse Pinterest, Etsy, or Google for “wedding invitations” and you’ll be bombarded with MILLIONS of options. (Seriously, there are 337 million Google results for that search!) Just a little overwhelming, yes?

So how do you figure out what you want YOUR wedding invitations to look like? You have an entire Pinterest board of inspiration – but it’s all over the place. There are so many pretty options and narrowing it down to one can feel like you’re missing out on something else.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

I work closely with couples at the beginning stage of choosing wedding invitations and the feeling of overwhelm is very common – you’re not alone! I help guide them to picking the perfect design and I’m happy to share that same advice with you.

Wedding Theme

First and foremost, consider your overall wedding theme – the venue, your color palette, and the wedding vibe you’re trying to accomplish. The invitations are the very first detail guests get and should set the tone for the entire event – even subconsciously telling them how to dress. (Yes, for real.)

All weddings are different. An invitation for a formal, black tie wedding at a hotel will likely not look the same as a laid back, local brewery wedding. You might fall in love with a design, but if it doesn’t fit your wedding theme, I caution you to choose it.

I don’t think you have to be literal in matching everything (like having the envelopes in the exact same color as the bridesmaids dresses), but I do recommend having it set the feel.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Personal Style

When picking a wedding invitation design, it’s important that it match your personal style. Not your mom’s or your wedding planner’s or your best friend’s, but YOURS (and your fianc é ‘s of course).

If you prefer simple, go with it – you don’t have to choose an extravagant design. If you wouldn’t dream of putting a pink pillow in your home, don’t add that to your invitation palette. Ignore trends or what a wedding magazine says you should do. The invitation is a reflection of YOU.

Personalities of You as a Couple

What do you and your fiance love together as a couple? Maybe it’s cooking, travel, or a themed movie series. If it’s a big part of your life, consider incorporating it into your invitation in a small way!

The invitation design is a chance to show off who you are as people – whether that be funny, quirky, elegant, loud, whatever! If you’re not traditional, don’t feel like you have to pick something that’s by the etiquette book (and vice-versa!)

Your invitation should reflect YOU TWO – people will be surprised if they get something in the mail that “isn’t you” and it doesn’t set the same familiar tone as something that fits your personalities!

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Consult a Professional

Although you might like a lot of invitation designs and feel torn, think about what will: make the best first impression, set the tone, and reflect the styles + personalities of you as a couple. Want some feedback on choosing the perfect wedding invitation design? I would be happy to help you with that!

Overall, have fun with it! Interested in learning more about my invitation process and pricing? Download your guide here!

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Choosing a perfect wedding invitation designer to make your invitation maybe very stressful just like choosing your wedding dress. It is very real that the first impression count, the wedding invitation sets up the tone for the entire wedding. Also, this invitation will forever live in your mother-in-law’s photo album. Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the best wedding invitation, designer

Personality and Communication

You and your designers have to mesh well in that they can communicate with you openly and understand your vision. The designer has to understand what you want them to place in your invitation to make your big day unique, beautiful and successful. Having a designer who can confidently communicate to you is essential this builds more trust and raises high expectations of the outcome.


A good designer should have at least 3 to 4 years of experience. He/she should provide samples of their previous work. You can also check online to confirm if truly they can deliver good work. It is also important to check their credentials to be sure you can trust them to handle your job without you panicking.

Design Style

It is essential for you to consider your designer’s style and aesthetics before hiring them. If you don’t like their style or the invitations they had done in the past, then it is likely that you will not be a good fit. It is possible that their design may appear elegant and simple while you personally want your invitations to be more fun whimsical and bright. Therefore when choosing the best designer you have to ensure they meet your standards and adhere to the design that you strictly want.


Having a designer who you can rarely meet can be tricky. You need someone who is available whenever you need him/her. Meeting with your designer is very essential it makes it easier for you to give them details on how you want your invitation to appear. This meeting time also allows you to make corrections where necessary. You should plan with your designer where you want to meet and at what time. If your designer is not available, he/she should inform you prior.

What People Say

You can choose the best designer by asking friends about the whole process. Friends play a significant role when it comes to decision making especially for such an important event. Getting other peoples experiences especially those who have had designers make their invitations before is wise. They can tell you the dos and don ts when looking for the best wedding invitation design.

Your budget, style, and printing type all make a difference in your choice.

For the vast majority of couples, a stationer will be the person helping you choose the right paper for your wedding invitations. If you’re designing them on your own, then your budget, style, and the printing method you’ve selected for your invitations will help you determine which type of paper is right for you. If you’ve chosen to make your own invitations or you’re ordering them through a website, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make your selection.

Types of Paper

Paper types range from cotton and linen styles to parchment, cardstock, or vellum. The papers that are most commonly used for weddings are those that have a heftier weight or more natural feel. Something like mylar wouldn’t be appropriate because it’s very lightweight, very glossy, and is more likely to be used for a kid’s birthday party invitation than for a formal event like your ceremony and reception.


As you can imagine, paper types run the gamut of pricing depending on their formality and the materials they’re made of. As such, if you’ve received a quote from your stationer and think you’d like to find ways to trim the budget, you might ask for recommendations of other paper types that are more affordable.


Your wedding invitation is the first thing guests will see that hints at your celebration’s aesthetic. Your overall invitation look, including the paper, should represent your wedding style. For example, if your wedding style can be described as earthy, organic, feminine, and textural, you’ll want to select a paper that matches that style. In this example, something like a deckled-edge paper or handmade paper might be the right fit.


A paper’s weight can really transform its formality. Think of the last business card you received. Was it on a floppy, lightweight paper or a thicker cardstock with an embossed logo? What did you think of the company as a result? Most likely, the thicker paper would lead you to believe the company puts more care into small details. Similarly, a wedding invitation’s paper type can give recipients an idea of the event’s grandeur.

Printing Type

If your invitations will include any letterpress, embossing, or engraving, you’ll need to select a thicker paper. You’ll most likely be working with a stationer if you’ve chosen this style of printing, and they’ll have exact paper requirements in order for the design to properly be executed.


How To Pick The Right Wedding Invitation Company For Your Big Day?

Preparing for the big day is overwhelming, and it can leave you feeling all sorts of emotions. From wedding cake to dress to the reception area and everything in between, making these big decisions can spark the anxiety of anyone. But lucky for you, we have got you covered with one aspect of the wedding which is invitations.

How To Pick The Right Wedding Invitation Company For Your Big Day

Many people are confused about what to write in the cards and which style to choose. There are many details which go into the invitations. And since invitations have to go to the guests, it is the first impression they will have on your wedding. This shows how crucial it is. If you are looking for the best tips to create a dreamy invitation, keep reading!

Embrace your wedding style

The wedding style depends on the level of formality. If your wedding is contemporary, casual, and modern, then the invite should be glam as well to match the theme of the wedding and vice versa. The stationery to write down the wedding cards will be based on the theme too, which can be searched online.

Stay aligned with your budget

The cost of each invitation can go from $1 to $100 depending on all the parts that go into it. Decorations and custom designing are pricey, and if you add it to ink, printing, typeface, and quantity, the overall procedure will be expensive. So stick to your budget and priorities. Broad choices are elegant printing, multiple closures and custom designing.

Select the paper

Three different papers are the most common in invitation papers; cotton, heavy card stock, and vellum. The second option remains durable in the delivery and is available in different colors. Cotton is expensive, but it remains the same for years, which means you can keep it safe. Vellum is transparent, and it’s the best for direct printing.

Promote simplicity

The more simple an invitation looks, the more appealing it will be to the eyes. It becomes easy to read, as well. Only mention the most important details which consist of the people who are hosting the wedding, wedding date, area of the ceremony, the names of the couple, time, and the reception to follow.

Set the tone with the best wording

The wording is the actual substance matter of the invitation. The words should be chosen based on the style of the wedding. The wording will shape the tone of online wedding invitations. In case the parents of both partners are assisting in the wedding preparations and planning, talk to them, and ask if they have something to suggest for the wording. If your wedding is traditional, you can write the following words:

Example 1: Mr and Mrs (insert name here) wish for your presence at the wedding of their son James Young to Katherine Leigh.

In case your wedding is modern and casual, the following words will be best:

Example 1: Together with their families, Kelly Morgan and John Regis invite you to celebrate their wedding.

Send it on time

With invitations, it is better to send them out early so that anyone who is out of the country or town can easily arrive for the wedding in time. As for people who host their marriage at specific destinations, 3 months is the optimum time so that everyone can adjust the travel plans. In the case of RSVP’s ask for the replies at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding. You can do the printing of the escort cards, finalize the seating arrangement and decide the headcount in the meantime.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

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How to Write and Design Perfect Wedding Invitation Cards

Every aspect of your wedding should be special. That also includes activities before the big day, even those pesky planning details that stress you out at 3 AM. One of those activities is the act of designing, writing, and sending out wedding invitations.

What makes them extra special is that they will likely be seen by many people (even those who are friends and family of your guests). Many guests also have the habit of keeping wedding invitation cards as souvenirs, especially if you have a destination wedding. So, here are some of our tips on how to make them special, unique, and unforgettable:

Top 5 Tips for How Social Media Will Help on Your Wedding Day

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

1. Don’t get too caught up in invitation templates

Today there are a lot of examples on the internet that offer certain structures for design. However, it may not be the most appropriate option for the type of wedding invitation letter you want to make. So, the most important thing, in this case, should be the information you want to include.

Here it is not necessary to include all the information from the internet’s example. On the contrary, it will be more than enough to write information that is relevant to get to the wedding. This can take some time.

Therefore, you will have the possibility to create your structure. To do so, you need to consider the type of ceremony that will be performed. Make sure the invitation and ceremony are compatible and follow the same vibe. Of course, there are a lot of tools that are available today to help you with this procedure.

2. Triple check for the most important details

One of the most common errors in a lot of invitation cards is that the wrong information is entered. In particular, many times, certain basic information that guests need to know is not included. When this happens, the unforeseen events for the guests are usually more than obvious.

This could be as simple as the place or date of the ceremony, information that is sometimes not included on the invitation cards. Wedding traditions and rituals differ in cultures around the world, but this one really is universal. Don’t force guests to ask, and this will also take away from your precious planning time. Of course, this causes several inconveniences that can easily be avoided.

It is also important to include important clarifications or requirements for the wedding, such as how the guests are to be dressed. Otherwise, it is much more difficult to make these requirements known to the guests in a good time. Let them know if the ceremony is formal, casual, or so on.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

3. Include courtesies

There are some writing aspects that you should consider in the final design of the invitation cards. One of these aspects is the reception that is planned at the wedding. Of course, this is not mandatory to include.

With a destination wedding, every guest has more freedom in their preparation. It is not necessary to mention all the details and secrets of the wedding unless there are more formal events planned like dinner rehearsals or welcome parties.

This also allows guests to feel that they are important since they are taken into account. Also, this allows for a much more pleasant and enjoyable ceremony. If you are not sure how to verbalize all of this information, you can use the following services: professional writing services that can help you formulate the perfect invitation text, help with essay websites (because they specialize in clear writing), Canva (a tool to help you visually present all those little details) and Grammarly (to check the style, clarity, and readability of your wedding invitation).

4. Include important clarifications

One of the important clarifications is who the wedding invitation is specifically for. It is quite a controversial issue when no clarification is included. So, people may not know who is specifically invited.

Here it may be more than enough to write down the names of the people invited. Additionally, you also can write the “name + 1”. In this way, the guest will know that they can bring a person along.

On the other hand, including the full address is also necessary. Include your wedding website if already created as well, so guests can book directly. Therefore, the guests will be able to reach the place of the ceremony more easily. Along with this, including a map of the area is not a bad idea to help guide the guests from the airport.

5. Follow design tips

– Visual theme: In this case, it may be a good idea to choose a specific visual theme for the invitation cards. This is another way of letting people know what the specific theme of the ceremony will be. In turn, there are many different themes with specific designs.

– Choosing the typography: In this case, we can include handwriting, calligraphy type, brushes, or writing fonts. A combination of these aspects can also be used for a more pleasant result. Besides, it is possible to find the best style that represents the couple that is the protagonist of the ceremony.

– Including images or photographs: Including images to the design of the whole invitation card is a good option. In this way, the invitation card will become more vivid and represent the couple. Share one of your favorite photos together.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation


In summary, one of the most important bits of advice we can leave you with is that you should try to reflect your love and relationship in that wedding invitation card. Future guests who receive your wedding invite will appreciate the beautiful design, but a personal, warm invite goes a lot further.

You can also try including some of the inside jokes and special memories that make you and your S/O the perfect couple you are. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Most people get dozens of wedding invitations each year, so stand out!

Have questions about planning your destination wedding? Call us now:

Day in the Life

Helping Clients Choose the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Out of all the decisions to be made when helping your client plan their dream wedding, one of the first design choices to be made is the stationery. Event planners know just how important it is to make a statement with the stationery. The invites will essentially set the tone and leave the first impression for the entire wedding itself, so helping your clients choose something that will impress their guests is extremely important. Finding that perfect invite is a lot easier said than done. There are many different sites and design options and it can all start to look the same. Here are a few tips to keep in mind and to remind your clients when they are on the hunt to find the invite of their dreams.

Choosing a Theme

Every event needs a theme or overall design. Whether your client has a vision of a wedding that’s more traditional and classic, or more modern and bold, choosing a theme or style will definitely help finding the invite to match.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation


Once your client decides on a theme, the next step is finding the perfect color scheme to bring it all together. Having your client decide on a color scheme will help you, as the event planner, find an invite that will perfectly reflect on what they are looking for. Finding a site that has a wider range of color options will also make your job 100% easier. That’s why you should always make sure the online stationery website you order from gives the option to fully customize the items ordered.

Quality of the Invitation

It wouldn’t look good as an event planner to suggest to your clients to place their order of invites only to have them delivered looking nothing like the way they appeared online. The paper quality is the most important part of the entire invitation, so you need to make sure you find a site who is dedicated to serving up quality stationery. Be sure the site you order from takes pride in the quality of their stationery products.

How to pick your perfect wedding invitation

Find an Invitation that is Meaningful and Personal to your Client

A person’s wedding day is one of the biggest days of their life. It’s something they will remember forever, and what better way to look back on their special day than with a special invitation? Helping your client find a card that is personal and meaningful is an important task as an event planner. Talk to your clients and find out what’s important and what they want their invitation to tell their guests. This will certainly help the happiest day of their life be even more memorable.

Order Online from a Website You Can Trust

When it comes to online stationery, Basic Invite has you covered. Basic Invite is a top notch online stationery company that has been serving up completely customizable stationery for the last ten years. Basic Invite takes pride in not only the quality of their invitations but also in being one of few websites that offer over 160 different color options with instant previews online. Every one of Basic Invite’s wedding invitations is part of a set. Your clients can find everything from the save the date before the wedding to the wedding invitations and enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and then matching thank you cards for after. Basic Invite also offers custom samples so your client can order a sample of their invite to see how it looks in hand before they place their final order. When it comes to finding the perfect stationery, Basic Invite is everything you could want as both an event planner and a bride to be!

*this is a sponsored post from Basic Invite