How to print business cards

Your best bet when printing business cards is to always start with a business card template. Avery stock and other perforated blank sheets work with many of the business card templates you’ll find in Publisher or online.

To set up a mail merge to print different names and/or addresses on a sheet of business cards, see Create labels with different addresses. You’ll find instructions for how to print the sheets in the final steps of the mail merge procedure.

But if you’re only printing a few different business cards and you don’t mind typing in the information for the different cards, you can follow the steps in this article instead of completing a mail merge.

Click File > New.

Type business cards in the search box to find a template online.

Tip: Type the Avery card stock number (e.g. Avery 8871) or other manufacturer stock number in the search box to find templates designed to work with that stock.

Find a template with multiple business cards per sheet and click Create, or select a single business card, click Create, and then add more cards as follows:

Click Page Design and expand the Page Setup box.

In the Layout type list, select your sheet size and then select Multiple pages per sheet. Note the number of pages that fit on a sheet.

Click Insert > Page to add a business card to your sheet. Repeat until you have a full sheet of business cards.

Type the information you want on each business card.

Click File > Print.

If you chose a single card template and added pages to it, make sure that Multiple pages per sheet appears in the Settings group under Pages. Also make sure that the correct paper size and orientation appear under Layout Options.

How to Print Business Cards

Click File > New.

Click Business Cards.

In the Available Templates list, select Installed and Online Templates or narrow your search by clicking Installed Templates or Online Templates.

Click to select a template, and then click Create.

Click Page Design and expand the Page Setup box.

In the Layout type list, select your sheet size and then select Multiple pages per sheet. Note the number of pages that fit on a sheet. Click OK.

Click Insert > Page to add a business card to your sheet. Repeat until you have a full sheet of business cards.

Type the business card details on each page.

Click File > Print.

Under Pages, make sure to choose Multiple pages per sheet, and then click Print.

Click File > New.

Click Business Cards.

Click to select a template, and then click Create.

Click Insert > Page.

In the Insert Page dialog box, enter the number of pages that you want to add. For example, to print 10 different business cards on one sheet, insert 9 pages.

Click either Before current page or After current page and then make sure that Insert blank pages is selected.

Type the business card details on each page. Alternatively, you can create individual files for each business card, and then copy the cards into the primary file as follows:

Click Edit > Select All or press Ctrl+C in the source file.

In the primary file, click one of the blank pages that you inserted.

Click Edit > Paste or press Ctrl+V.

Repeat steps a – c for each card that you added.

Click File > Print.

On the Publication and Paper Settings tab, under Printing options, make sure to choose Multiple pages per sheet, and then click Print.

If the primary publication uses a master page, you may need to ignore that master page on the pages with the copied publications. In the primary publication, go to the page that contains the master page objects that you want to hide, and then click View > Ignore Master Page.

If you want to print your publication at a specific location on the sheet, change your publication’s position on the sheet by adjusting the row options, column options, and horizontal and vertical gap values under More print options. For more information, see Print labels, postcards, name tags, or business cards in a specific position on a sheet.

To make it easier to align a publication with a specific manufacturer’s product or print multiple pages of a publication on a single sheet, turn crop marks on, and then print a test sheet on a sheet of plain paper. Overlay the manufacturer’s product on the test print, hold them up to the light to see if they align properly, make any needed adjustments to the settings under More print options, and then make a test print again to verify that the alignment is correct. You can turn the crop marks off after you align your publication on the sheet of paper.

By Justin Phelps

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Ordering business cards from a professional printer entails meeting a minimum order volume, dealing with limited design options, and then waiting for the vendor to print and deliver the cards. If you print business cards yourself, you can bypass these restrictions and print exactly what you need at your home or office. This article will describe how to use Microsoft Word and popular Avery templates made by Avery Dennison to print your own business cards.

You’ll be working with a blank template or with a template that has a predefined style. You may need to download templates from Avery Dennison’s Website, but you won’t have to install any additional software. The proper way to use Avery templates differs slightly depending on the version of Word you are running. Since Avery templates are designed to work with Avery paper products, we’ll assume here that you’re using Avery-brand card stock for printing.

Working With Blank Templates

Blank templates for printing on several varieties of Avery cards (called products) are included in all versions of Word. The following instructions explain how to open a template in Word 2007 and Word 2010. (Notes for working in Word 97 through Word 2003 appear in parentheses.)

1. Word treats business cards as a type of label, so you must open the Labels window. Click Mailings, Labels. (In Word 97 through Word 2003, click Tools, Letters and Mailings, Envelopes and Labels or Tools, Envelopes and Labels.)

2. In the Labels tab, click Options and select Avery US Letter under Label Vendors. (In Word 97 through Word 2003, click Avery Standard under Label products.)

3. You’ll see a list of all available Avery label products, including business cards, organized by product number and description. Select your card stock from the list of Product Numbers and click OK. Your product number should appear on the product package.

4. Return to the Labels tab, insert text for the card, and either press Print immediately or create a new document to preview and edit what you’ve done so far. To do the latter (which we recommend), select New Document in the Labels tab. In that document you’ll be able to preview different fonts and add graphics. Print when you’re satisfied with the results of your tinkering.

If your card-stock product doesn’t appear in Word, you can download a blank template for it on Avery’s Website (instructions below).

Downloading Blank and Predesigned Templates

You can download additional blank templates from Avery’s template gallery. For design help with the specific fonts, colors, and graphics on your business card, you can download predesigned templates and tweak them to your liking. (Avery’s site will prompt you for your name and e-mail address in order to download templates.)

1. Navigate to Avery’s template gallery.

2. Use the search box to search for your product number (found on the product package). Alternatively, click Templates for Business Cards, and then on the next page under ‘Template Types’, click Blank (to browse blank templates) or Pre-Designed (to browse predesigned templates).

3. When you find a template you like, save it to a familiar location (such as your desktop or your Documents folder); then open the template to begin editing in Word. Some Avery templates include macros (.docm files). Opening such templates in Word 2007 and 2010 will activate the Avery Template tab in the Ribbon. This tab provides useful shortcuts and features.

Design Tips

1. Editing and formatting business cards in Word is much like editing and formatting other documents in Word. Use Word’s Ribbon tabs or toolbars to experiment with different fonts, colors, sizing, and spacing.

2. Business cards typically include your name, your organization’s name, your contact information, and your company’s logo. To insert a logo or graphic in Word 2007 or Word 2010, click Insert. In the Illustrations group, click Picture and browse to the file you’d like to open. In Word 97-2003, click Insert, Picture, From File. and browse to the file you’d like to open. You can move and resize the inserted picture, and you can right-click it to gain access to advanced formatting options.

3. To see the boundaries of the cards in Word, make sure that you’ve made gridlines visible. In Word 2007 or Word 2010, click inside one of the business cards, and then click Layout under Table Tools. Select View Gridlines to toggle gridlines on or off. In Word 97 through 2003, click Table, Show Gridlines. Gridlines are strictly visual guides; they will not print.

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How to Print Business Cards

Designing Your Business Cards

Full color, double-sided printing on premium 16 pt card stock.

How to Print Business Cards

  • Hundreds of great designs
  • Sort by industry, color and more
  • Fast, easy customization

Easily customize hundreds of great designs sorted by industry, color and more.

How to Print Business Cards

  • Print your completed card
  • Upload the 3.5” x 2” design
  • Double-sided printing

Upload and print your 3.5” x 2” business card design.

How to Print Business Cards

  • Completely control the design
  • Add your logo, artwork and other information
  • Easy customization tools

Create new designs by adding your own logo, artwork and company information with easy-to-use tools.

How to Print Business Cards How to Print Business Cards

Design: Flowers Medicine

Premium-Quality Business Cards

Your best networking tool.

To stand out from the competition, the difference is in the details.

Thick 16 pt card stock

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Gloss UV coated front

Vibrant designs, crisp text and durable handling

Smooth matte back

Subtle extension of your design, easy to write on

Browse Designs by Industry

An attractive, professional brand image is essential to marketing your business.
Our collection of business card designs are sleek, unique and customizable.

Eye-catching business card designs
Choose your preferred color option and orientation
Easily customize with your logo and information

Business Cards at Affordable Prices


Printing Options Fit for Your Business

When you order business cards online, choose to pick up your order from a Costco warehouse near you or have it delivered right to your door.
Business card printing is professional and fast, ready in 5–7 business days.

Full-color printing

Impress customers from every angle. High-quality double-sided printing is included at no extra cost.

Great value

Premium card stock, professional finish and designer styles—all at a wholesale value you’ll appreciate.

Order online

All projects are saved to your account, so it’s easy to update your business card template for new team members.

Costco guarantee

This is a partnership you can count on. Satisfaction guaranteed or we’ll replace or refund your order.

How to Design and Print with Costco Business Printing

Our design tool makes it easy to design and order business printing products online. Watch our introductory video or visit our help center to learn more.

Why Choose Costco Business Printing?

A professional brand image starts with professional business cards. Making the right impression is easy with Costco Business Printing.

Our premium quality business cards feature full-color, double-sided offset printing on 16 pt card stock at no extra cost. That’s a networking tool you can share proudly with potential clients and new customers. Your business card is an introduction to you and your brand. Make it impactful with clear contact information, a sleek card design and a memorable tagline.

Business cards can be shipped to your door or picked up from most Costco warehouses. Design is easy and printing is fast―even for large quantities―which allows you to get back to what you do best.

When you get to work, you’re immediately approached by the firm’s top salesman. He’s out of business cards and needs them for a lunchtime seminar with new clients. Ten minutes later, a manager tells you that her new employee will start tomorrow, and will need business cards immediately. And to top it off, a recently promoted employee asks for her much-needed business cards, updated with her new job title—today. When you don’t have time to delay, and need it done right away, you can count on Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards to help you get the job done.

With our Clean Edge Business Cards, you can produce high-quality professional-grade cards right from your own desktop printer. With its sturdy card stock and smooth edges—and no rough perforations in sight—the cards will look so good, no one will suspect you printed them yourself. Typically when you order through a print shop, you need to place a minimum quantity order (usually 250 cards), give the shop the information to place on the card (with the same information printed on all the cards), and then wait. Clean Edge Business Cards give you the flexibility to print as many cards as you need, when you need them, and you can update them at any time—which can significantly lower your printing costs, reduce waste, and save you time.

Ready to create your own business cards? Here are some quick tips to get you started:

    Keep it simple
  • “If you are designing new business cards, remember to keep the design simple. Don’t use more than two font styles, unless you have a lot of experience,” says graphic designer Amy Inouye of Future Studio.
    Include all your key information
  • “A good business card focuses on the logo,” says Inouye, “but still has enough space to get all the necessary information on it—including email, fax, and cellphone—in a legible type size.”
    Be consistent
  • If your company has an established business card design and logo, you can easily re-create your own company business cards. Just be sure to follow the corporate graphic standards.

Check out the pre-designed Avery Templates on Avery Design & Print . It’s free, there’s nothing to download, and works for Windows or Mac. You can also learn how to create your own business cards step-by-step. Pretty soon, you’ll be on your way as your own do-it-yourself print shop!

How to Copy a Business Card From a Copier

Getting business cards printed from an existing card can be easy, especially when you are short on time and have an event later that evening. There are economical ways to get your business cards printed from an existing card through either a local printer or even an online printer. There is no reason to be without your business cards.

Contact the original local printer you used to print your business cards and see if they retained the native files. If they did, then ask them what the cost would be to get your cards printed again. Get the cards printed without missing a beat. If you need your cards that evening, some printers will rush the job for a fee.

If your original printer is no longer in business and you cannot contact the original designer, as long as you have your business card you can contact a new printer. If you take your card to them, they can scan your card, clean up the logo and then print the number of cards you need. They will also be able to save your files for later use.

Another way to get business cards printed from an existing card is to do it yourself. At a business supply store such as Staples or Office Depot, you can purchase perforated or “clean-edge” business card sheets that can be fed into a printer. As long as you have enough of your existing business card to place on the glass to fill the page, simply copy onto the sheets.

If you used an online printer, contact them. Find out if they have your business cards archived. Then notify them that you need a reprint of your existing card. These companies will usually rush the process for an additional fee.

If you are in a major crunch for time, you can photograph your card with a digital camera and output it to prints. .

Some online printers do not save the files once the print job has been completed.
If you choose to print your own business cards from an existing card by photocopying a sheet of cards, be aware that the quality will not be the same as the original card.

How to Indicate a Master’s Degree on a Business Card

Whether you are a business professional or currently unemployed and seeking a job, business cards can help you market your individual skills and abilities to others. According to a 2008 article in “The Wall Street Journal,” including your degree with your name or profession on a business card can make you stand out in a competitive job market. Instead of ordering expensive custom business cards from a printing company, consider using simple word processing or publishing software to create your own business cards printed with your name and degree.

Open a blank document in word processing or publishing software on your computer. Select a business card template with a simple decorative design or elegant border for your business card.

Select a clear, common font style, such as Times New Roman or Arial, in a size 12 to 14 point to format the text of your business card.

Type your full name on the center of the business card template. Put your highest undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree earned below your name on the card, such as a Master’s of Business Administration (or MBA). Recent graduates from distinguished universities should also include their school’s name, major and graduation year, recommends “The Wall Street Journal.”

Type your contact information, such as your mailing address, phone number and email address, in a smaller font size below your name and degree on the business card. Proofread all of the information on your business card template to correct potential grammatical and factual errors.

Place a sheet of high-quality white or off-white cardstock – thick paper – into your printer’s paper tray. Click on the “File” tab in your software program’s menu and select the “Print” option to print your business cards. Most business card templates are programmed to print multiple business cards on a single sheet of paper to reduce waste.

Include your current job title, company name and logo if you are currently employed.

Use a paper cutter instead of scissors to cut out your business cards with straight, clean lines for a more professional look.


  • How to Create a New Business Card Template in Word
  • Software to Make Business Cards at Home
  • How to Open a .Cbk File
  • How to Design a Business Size Card
  • How to Make Business Cards on a Mac Computer

Knowing how to make and print your own business cards on a computer only requires a few things such as common software, business card sheets and an ink jet or laser printer. Printing your own business cards can sometimes save time and money over professional printing, particularly when small quantities or temporary cards are needed; and the quality is acceptable for part-time home-based business or hobby use.

However, if you are printing large quantities of business cards, weigh the price difference between professional printing and doing it yourself. Printer ink and toner are expensive and will add considerably to the cost of producing your cards in large quantities. Business card sheets are sold pre-perforated, 10 cards to a sheet, and are available at office supply stores. Business card design programs may be purchased from office supply retailers or found online, or you may use your current word processing program if it offers business card or label creation templates and a printing option.

Purchase Business Card Sheets

Purchase perforated business card sheets at your local office supply retailer. You may have several color and finish options to choose from depending on the brand and sheet type carried by the retailer. Purchase and install the business card design program on your computer by following the instructions, or check your word processing program for a business card or label design template.

Using Microsoft Word

In earlier versions of Microsoft Word, you can find the business card option by going to the “Tools” tab, selecting “Letter and Mailings” from the drop-down menu, selecting the “Labels” tab in the dialog box and selecting the business card sheet brand name in the label dialog box. In Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, click the “Mailings” tab, select the “Labels” icon on the upper left and select the “Options” button in the dialog box to choose the printer, business card sheet vendor and product number.

Layout and Design Stage

View and study the layout and design of business cards you’ve collected, or go online for examples to gain an understanding of design elements. This will help you develop an attractive design for your card. Design your business card according to the instructions in your program.

Generally, you will compose the card by adding text, logo, border, background or other design elements in a template, using prompts or selecting options as necessary. Save and name the computer file in a folder of your choice or on the desktop for easy retrieval.

Understand the limitations of your printer and design skills to avoid frustration and assist in your design composition. Professional business cards use a number of printing processes depending on the card design, such as metallic foil stamping, raised or engraved printing, half-tone photographs and gradations and other processes and techniques that are not possible with computer printers.

Print Your Cards

Load the business card sheets into your printer according to the instructions included with the sheet package. Open the business card file and select the “Print” command, usually located in the drop-down menu under the “File” tab. Print one sheet to ensure the card design is lined up, prints properly and is to your satisfaction.

Print the remaining card sheets to the quantity you specify and separate the cards by folding and tearing along the perforations. Make certain you have enough ink or toner to avoid wasting partially printed sheets, and “babysit” the printer while it’s in operation to check quality and to deal with jams that may occur.

Reconsidering DIY Business Cards

Homemade business cards are limited in paper stock weight and finish varieties due to the limitations of personal computer printers. The use of paper of heavier weight and finishes not specified by your printer may cause printer jams and damage. Avoid the use of homemade cards for professional business use if possible. The quality of the print and weight of the paper can appear amateurish when compared to professional printing and may reflect on your credibility.

1,696 free business card designs that you can download, customize, and print. 187 people downloaded them last week! All of these templates are original & unique to this site: Kevin’s promise.

Here are the 15 most popular business card designs:

Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. (No spam, ever!)

These card templates are easy to download, customize, and print.

They are available in .DOC format. Just download one, open it in Microsoft Word, and customize it before printing.

Some of our business cards can now be customized online for free without the use of a Word document editor and downloaded as a PDF file.

This 4-minute video shows the whole process from start to finish.

report this ad New: Photo Business Card Generator

Search All Business Cards

If you don’t see a business card design or category that you want, please take a moment to let us know what you are looking for. Make a suggestion

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’re always adding new printables, and would love to hear your suggestions. What are we missing?

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Scan each side and save it as a separate file. Get business card paper. Open the scanned images in a program that can read and print the files (like Microsoft Word or if you don’t have that, try downloading the free OpenOffice and use Writer). Select the appropriate template for business cards. Copy the image onto the screen image of the business card template – making sure to add a copy of the image to each of the business card locations on the template. Print it. Then determine how the printer prints (which side needs to be in which direction to print as you want – and insert the printed copies into the paper bin as required – run a few tests with normal paper first so you get the positioning correct). Now select the other image and print that on the reverse side of the copies which had only the first side printed. Your cards will now be printed.

I hope this helps.

Lorien – MCSE/MCSA/Network+/A+ — If this post helps to resolve your issue, please click the “Mark as Answer” or “Helpful” button at the top of this message. By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others find the answer faster.

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Business cards are a key marketing tool that every small business owner should have at the ready to hand out to potential customers. Professional designers charge a considerable amount of money to design and produce cards that are smaller than the standard size. If you’re on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money if you make the cards yourself. With a word processing program and some creativity, you can make memorable small business cards for your company.

Step 1

Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, or WordPerfect. Proceed to the envelope and label module and open the label section.

Step 2

Select a business card template from the list in your program. Open the properties of the template and adjust the dimensions to the size you want for your small business cards. Standard size business cards are 3.5 inches wide and 2 inches high. Small business cards are typically the same width but 1 inch to 1.5 inches high.

Step 3

Enter the number of cards you want to print on one sheet of 8-inch by 11-inch business card paper. You might have to adjust the margins around the template and the spacing between each card to print as many as possible on one sheet.

Step 4

Type your name and contact information into the fields for the cards and include your business logo. Because the cards are smaller than standard size, you will either have to restrict the amount of information you include, use a smaller font size, or arrange the information creatively. For instance, you could place your name and business name on the left side of the card and place your phone number, email address and website address on the right side.

Step 5

Print the cards onto the sheet of business card paper and cut them out. You can get smooth edges if you use a paper cutter.

Last reviewed on October 31, 2013 1 Comment

An Outlook user wanted to know how they could print an Outlook business card. Although Outlook does not include the business card (or contact photo) in Outlook’s printouts, you can get the business card image out of Outlook using copy and paste methods.

Copy Image from Contact

  1. Open the contact.
  2. Right click on the business card and choose Copy Image.
  • Paste it into any document or application that accepts images.
  • If you want to save the image, you can paste it as a new image in your favorite image editor.

    Insert Business Card

    If you use the Insert Business Card command to insert a business card (and *.vcf file) into a message, you can right click on the business card and choose Save as picture to save it as a jpg, or you can print the draft message, or copy the business card.

    To print all of your contacts as business cards, you can either do a screen print of the Contacts window or copy each card individually and paste them in a Word document to print.

    Last reviewed on October 31, 2013 1 Comment

    An Outlook user wanted to know how they could print an Outlook business card. Although Outlook does not include the business card (or contact photo) in Outlook’s printouts, you can get the business card image out of Outlook using copy and paste methods.

    Copy Image from Contact

    1. Open the contact.
    2. Right click on the business card and choose Copy Image.
  • Paste it into any document or application that accepts images.
  • If you want to save the image, you can paste it as a new image in your favorite image editor.

    Insert Business Card

    If you use the Insert Business Card command to insert a business card (and *.vcf file) into a message, you can right click on the business card and choose Save as picture to save it as a jpg, or you can print the draft message, or copy the business card.

    To print all of your contacts as business cards, you can either do a screen print of the Contacts window or copy each card individually and paste them in a Word document to print.

    Okay. I am printing out “Raffle Tickets” on Business Cards. I downloaded this template off of Microsoft Office’s website and customized it to my liking.

    I made 100 documents and numbered the tickets from 000-999. That took a whole 3 and a half hours. Before I made everyone of them I printed off one copy to see if it worked. Sure enough it did PERFECTLY. I thought Wow! for once somethings going to be easy and work for me. Well I guess I was wrong. I now went to print off the rest of the cards but for some reason my printer (HP PSC 1350 All-In-One) will not print the tickets on the correct region of the perforated paper. It prints right before the first perforation so that the first two lines are omitted. Basically it starts printing right away rather than leaving a space at the top of the page. Funny thing is when I print it on normal paper it works PERFECTLY! I’ve tried adjusting my margins, hitting the enter button and moving the document down (on MS Word) but even after that it isn’t aligned. I’ve adjusted settings on the print menu, there isn’t a choice for perforated paper. Ugh I’ve wasted probably 20 sheets of paper and a ton of ink trying to do this. It worked last night and now it isn’t at all. I’m running out of ideas. I even restored my computer to last night and it still doesn’t work. Please someone help I’m so stressed out about this.

    Thanks for the fast response George, but I’ve tried flipping the paper upside down, turning it everything. No luck. I tried calling both Staples and Avery’s costumer support but they are both closed.

    What customers have to say about our Business Cards

    I would like to buy a greater quantity at a discount

    “The business cards were exactly what I wanted. They arrived very quickly. I only wish that there was a choice of quantity to order with a discount for a larger quantity. I would have purchased a larger quantity. Two packages were too expensive compared to other printers.”

    Business cards

    “The cards were exactly what I expected and I was very pleased with them.”

    This is My Second Purchase and Won’t be My Last

    “Love these personal monogram calling cards. This was my second purchase. I only needed to upload a new (more recent) photo. Great quality card. Easy ordering and quick delivery. Perfect!”

    Great cards

    “I made these for my husband so he could give out his contact information to friends and acquaintances. They are very sharp.”

    Tired of crumpled napkins getting destroyed in the washing machine? Or squished in the bottom of your purse? Personalized business cards are what you need to give everyone your contact information.

    In an important meeting with a new client? Ready to give your blind date your digits? Met another parent and want to schedule a playdate for your three-year-old? It’s easy – give them your calling card. Not only will you look well prepared, but you’ll also make quite the first impression.

    Networking with Custom Business Cards

    Business cards are small – they will fit anywhere and also happen to pack quite a bit of information. When you are on the go but need to exchange or share your information, they may be your new best friend. Limit them to your name and number or deck them out with your address, email, phone number, LinkedIn or anything else you want to include. Give it an extra splash by adding your photo, artwork or a custom design. It’s all about networking and making deeper connections.

    Personalized calling cards can accommodate as much or as little information as you choose. It’s up to you. Shutterfly is sure to have a custom calling card that fits your personal style.

    For the Job Seeker

    Job seekers need to be imaginative when making a first impression so that it turns into a good lasting impression. One way to do that is with personal calling cards. Get creative and add things that will not be on your resume, like a photo or a distinct message. That will have them remembering you the minute you walk out the door after your first interview. Keep the momentum going and remember to send them a thank you card or business holiday card. After you get the job, it’s a good idea to keep your personal calling cards on hand.

    Shutterfly offers personalized calling cards and business cards to help share life’s moments. You might also like custom self-inking rubber stamps, notepads, note cards, address labels and gift tags. At Shutterfly, the options are endless. All that we ask is that you have fun creating them.

    The business card is still a necessary tool for maintaining contact with potential clients and associates. You can create your own business cards using Microsoft Word and business card computer paper. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to make business cards.

    1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Click on Tools, select Letters and Mailing and then select Envelopes and Labels. Click on the Labels tab and then click on the Options button.
    2. Choose Avery Standard as the Label Products, under the heading Label Information.
    3. Select product number 5371Business Card and click OK.
    4. Click on the new document button in the Envelopes and Labels window. A screen with ten 2-inch-by-3.5-inch (5.08-centimeter-by-8.89-centimeter) cells will appear.
    5. Create your business card in the first cell on the left side. You can add your company logo or image by inserting the pictures from your computer files. Remember to include your company name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address. Make your business card stand out by adding a picture or using bright font colors [source: Ginsberg].
    6. Copy the card to the other nine cells on the document page, once you have created a business card that you like. An easy way to do this is to select all the information and images in the first cell by clicking CTRL+A. Then click CTRL+C to copy it. Place your cursor in another cell and click CTRL+V to paste it [source: Daffron]. Save your document.
    7. Print your business cards with a high quality printer. You can print your business cards at home by clicking the print icon at the top of the screen. However, you may want to have your cards printed by a professional. Remember, presenting a high-quality business card will reflect well upon your business.

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    How to Print Business Cards

    What Kind Of Paper Are Business Cards Printed On?

    Classic business cards are printed most commonly on 14-point cardstock (thick), 16-point cardstock (thicker), and 100 lb. gloss cover (thin). These are the 3 most common kinds of paper used to print classic business cards. But, there are even more upgraded business card paper weight options available.

    To help you visualize the difference between the 3 paper stocks: 100 lb gloss cover is thinner, less dense, and more bendable than 14 point and 16 point paper.

    Today I’m going to be writing about the popular kinds of business card papers. This way you can get a better sense of what different printing companies use for standard size business cards.

    “Cheap business cards” are printed on 100 lb. gloss cover

    Many small local printing companies and office supply stores will print on 100 lb. gloss cover. This business card paper weight is easier for small printing companies to print on because 100 lb gloss cover can be printed on common office copy machines. Thicker and heavier stocks like 14 point and 16 point require a heavy-duty printing press.

    100 lb gloss cover is a cardstock. If you receive a lot of different business cards, you’ll notice that 100 lb gloss cover cards are more bendable and thin compared to the standard card. It works perfectly well for a convenient and cheap business card.

    Let me repeat: 100 lb gloss cover feels perfectly fine, and it doesn’t feel cheap. Many new customers (coming from a small business, freelance, or personal background) show us the 100 lb gloss cover business cards they’re already using. Some are perfectly content with the thinner paper. Since they may not exchange business cards frequently, they are content with that paper.

    14/16 point cardstock are the most popular business card paper types

    Your business card is the first way that you will be remembered by a potential client or connection. Printivity wants to offer high-quality paper options, like 14pt Cardstock and 16pt “Extra-Thick” Cardstock, for business cards at affordable prices. Both paper options give a luxury appearance with a durable feel.

    Business cards are meant to last, whether on a card holding rack, inside a person’s wallet, or even floating around in a person’s pocket or purse. 100 lb cover business cards easily get bent and rip. However, 14pt and 16pt business cards thickness can withstand more wear and tear.

    Thick and Uncoated Classic Business Cards

    Passing out unconventional business cards is the easiest way to make a lasting impression. There are numerous types of luxury business cards available, but sometimes a simple upgrade may be all you need! Printivity has added 2 new paper options to classic business cards: 24 point and 32 point Uncoated Cardstock.

    Unlike 16 point and 14 point semigloss cardstocks, these new paper options are thicker, more durable, and textured. What stands out the most about 24 point and 32 point classic business cards is the uncoated finish. Business cards are commonly printed on semi-gloss paper finish for the smooth feel of gloss coated with less glare. Uncoated paper doesn’t have added coating. This feature allows you to feel the natural texture and eliminates any glare or shine. The texture of uncoated paper makes it the easiest paper type to write on with a pen or pencil without smearing.

    A successful business card depends on many factors, including concise information, attractive design, and durable paper. Durability is one of the most important elements that you should consider in your business card. The longer that your business card can sustain normal wear and tear increases the probability of the customer contacting you. Show that your company is built to last when you hand over a 24 or 32 point classic business card. The extreme thickness of these business card paper weights are less likely to bend or fray compared to less thick paper types.

    How To Choose the Best Classic Business Card Paper Paper Weight

    If you were to go through your own stack of business cards from acquaintances, the most popular paper option would be 14 point cardstock. You can feel the slight thickness difference between 14 point and 16 point cardstocks. So how do you choose business card stock that will work for you?

    The first point to consider is your budget. 14 point cardstock is the more cost-effective option for business cards compared to 16 point cardstock. If you have a little more money to spend and you want to produce luxury business cards, it is recommended to choose 16 point. For an even more professional feel, consider upgrading to the 24 point or 32 point paper weight.

    The second point to consider is storage space. Business cards are usually held in wallets or briefcases so that they are readily available. If you want to hold the most amount of business cards, choose 14 point cardstock. The last point to consider is the level of professionalism that you want to exude. 14 point considered a high-quality paper, however thicker cardstocks give a higher level of professionalism and luxury.

    Upgrade to a Luxury Business Card

    When you want the paper to speak more about your brand than just your design, choose a luxury business card option. Printivity offers a variety of business card paper with different colors, sizes, textures, and thicknesses that are guaranteed to elevate your brand.

    Kraft business cards are a very unique paper option available because it has a natural brown color with a recycled paper feel. In addition to the one of a kind paper, this is the only paper type available that allows for white ink printing. Kraft business cards are available at 18pt cardstock for a durable business card that will last.

    Appeal to your customer’s sense of touch with the raised cross-hatched texture on light-weight 100 lb linen business cards. Colorful designs stand out against the bright-white linen paper. Choose to shimmer in the light with the 14pt pearlescent metallic effects of pearl business cards. This one of a kind paper type will stand out against every other paper type available.

    The next 2 business card paper options are double the size of the 16 pt original business card paper type, at 32 pt thickness. However, the way that these two options are created makes them distinctively different.

    Painted edge business cards are a single sheet of smooth uncoated paper with hand painted edges that come in a wide variety of colors to fit your brand. For a more unique appearance, choose triple layer business cards that are created exactly how they sound. A branded color sheet is sandwiched between 2 white sheets of paper for a layered appearance. What makes these business cards the most versatile option of the luxury cards is that you are able to add premium lamination. The gloss, matte, or soft touch lamination to add another impressive element to your triple layer business card.

    Are you still undecided?

    Contact Printivity for free paper samples of 14pt, 16pt, and every finishing option that we offer! We want to make sure that our online customers are given the options and resources to make informed decisions about their print products. If you have any questions, call us at 1-877-649-5463.

    Do your business cards need to have more character and uniqueness? Printivity now offers a wide variety of business cards with distinct textures, thickness, and sizes! Learn more about these luxury business cards before choosing which one is best for your brand.

    How do these cards help with your Paparazzi Accessories business?

    • Get your personal brand recognized with addition of optional photo placement
    • Customers are more willing to reach out to you when you provide various forms of contact
    • More Sign-Ups with visible descriptions of Perks & Benefits
    • Be perceived as the Professional you are with Industry Standard business cards

    How to order Paparazzi business cards

    Just fill out the short form below with your business and contact information, we’ll handle the rest.

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    • Description
    • Additional information
    • Reviews (0)


    Paparazzi Accessories Business Cards contain the following features:

    • Modern sleek design
    • Ultra-Thick 16PT Card-Stock
    • Printed on both sides (front & back) full color
    • Premium UV Gloss that produces a brilliant shiny finish

    With these business cards a Paparazzi Independent Consultant can:

    • Generate more Call-backs from new leads
    • Promote their individual brand
    • Look professional at Networking Events
    • Convert everyday meetups into customers

    These visiting cards display your unique Independent Consultant web address to the Paparazzi platform. This is the best way for customers to purchase new products and business prospects can be referred to join Your Team to become a Paparazzi Consultant where you both earn commissions.

    Have something else in mine? Contact us for a custom design.

    How to Print Business Cards

    How to Print Business Cards

    Additional information

    UV Gloss for brilliant shine!

    Sturdy 16 Point Premium Card-Stock for ultimate durability

    Up to 3 Business Days

    With most business being done digitally, you might think that business cards do not matter anymore, but they can offer a lot.

    A business card is a road map to opportunity. It could lead you to a great new job, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make money.

    Think of a situation where you are networking looking to benefit your business by making contacts. Suddenly, you come across an individual that could be a potential client. You introduce yourself and describe what you do, but at some point, you will need to hand off your contact information.

    A business card saves you time and makes you look professional.

    You are not fumbling around with a pen to scribble your e-mail address and you also give them a sense that this is not your first rodeo.

    How to Print Business Cards

    How to Print Business Cards

    How to Print Business Cards

    • Product Info
    • More Info
    • Delivery
    • Feedback

    Business Cards Now £4.95 (inc VAT)

    Our cards can come with the following features:

    • Choose from 400gsm, 450gsm or recycled board.
    • Print & dispatch within 24hrs of placing an order.
    • Choose from 100’s of designs & edit to make it your own.
    • Free uploads of your own artwork, photos or logos.
    • Next day delivery to mainland UK
    • Free QR code generator and use of stock logos
    • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).
    • Standard UK size – 85 x 55mm
    • Fixed delivery charge of only £4.95 per complete order.
    • Packed in rigid plastic boxes for protection.

    In addition to the features above we have the following upgrades available:

    • Double sided printing.
    • Same day print & dispatch with next working day delivery (Express option & ordered before 2pm Mon-Fri).
    • Same day print & dispatch with next working day Delivery before 12 (Express Plus option & ordered before 2pm Mon-Fri).
    • Round corner finish.
    • Matt, Gloss or Velvet Lamination.
    • Various quantities ranging from 50 – 5,000.

    Even More Info

    Our cheap business cards come in the following weights.

    400GSM Board

    Our 400gsm are a standard thickness of business card and ideal for any professional company wanting to make a good first impression.

    Your personalised business card is like a silent salesperson, ready at a moments notice to jump into the hand of your potential new customer and move them on to you so you can close a sale or set-up a follow up date.

    Can you afford not to allow your business card maker to make a good first impression? Well whether you have scuffed shoes or spinach in your teeth, your business card printing will still be sure to make a good impression when buying from banana-print. Dont forget to checkout our free business cards here if you only want a few and don’t mind our small ad on the back.

    450GSM Board

    Our 450gsm are our premium weight for a more luxurious feel.

    Think of your card as a silent salesman. Like you might want your top salesman to make a good impression by wearing a nice suit, you can make a good impression by upgrading and giving your double sided business cards a top quality finish. Now it is ready to go forth and sell!

    Ready to buy? Then browse through our online design templates or upload your own artwork.

    Recycled 350GSM Board

    Our extra green and environmentally friendly recycled business cards show that you care – And not only for the planet but for your company and how it projects itself with would be customers.

    Not only do our recycled cards appeal to friends of the earth but they also add a touch of sophistication with their bright white finish and an uncoated feel to them. This also makes it easy to write on and stamp unlike a coated card where extra time may be needed for drying. It’s 100% post-consumer waste recycled card which means that it’s as green as you can get without using dropped leaves.

    How To Order

    There are 3 ways of ordering your next set of cheap business cards using Banana Prints online ordering system:

    • Browse design – Pick a pre-made design template from the 100’s we have then enter your own details and images to make it your own.
    • Upload your design – Upload the artwork file you have. If you choose this option then please see our design help section on how to design for print as this will help the printing process run smoothly and can improve on the quality of your finished print product.
    • Custom design – Choose this option if you want to be a little more creative, you will start with a blank canvas ready for you to upload and insert your own images and company details to suit, time to let your imagination run wild.

    Delivery Information

    When Will I Receive My Order?

    You will receive your order the next working day after dispatch. So if you ordered before midnight on Monday your order would be printed and dispatched on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday.

    How much is delivery?

    So that we can keep our individual printing prices low but our delivery quality high, we charge £4.95 for each complete order to be delivered, we use a fully tracked 24hr delivery for this service. Some companies inflate the price of their products and then advertise “free delivery” where in reality, they include delivery in the price which means, you are paying delivery per item instead of per order.

    Business Card Printing Feedback

    Great choice of templates which translated our info into a professionally designed looking cards but at cheap prices.

    Used many times before and always liked the fast turnaround on orders, great communication and super print quality. Thanks to all at Banana Print.

    Sarah L – Leicester

    Excellent value for money, quality printing and lightning delivery speed. Banana Print are definitely at the top of my list for cheap business cards. I will be back for more very soon.

    I have used Banana Print a few times now and they have never let me down on the quality or delivery. Great service and I hope they keep it up as I’m a customer for life.

    How to Print Business Cards

    This free InDesign business card template has a simple, colorful design which is easy-to-edit with a stylish terrazzo effect on the back. This on-trend design would be a great fit for creative professional or anyone in the design industry!

    Inspired by terrazzo interiors, this modern business card design combines bright pastel colors with a bold sans serif font.

    This InDesign template includes a simple text layout and a terrazzo pattern illustrations created with the shape tool directly in InDesign. It’s easy to change the colors if you’d like to customise the business card design to fit your own branding.

    Images & Templates from our partner, iStock

    Business card size:

    InDesign Business Card Template

    Below you can preview the business card design with two different color schemes, download the InDesign file and read up on a few helpful tips for editing your template in InDesign.

    How to Print Business CardsHow to Print Business CardsHow to Print Business CardsDownload this business card template for free (includes an INDD file for InDesign CC and IDML file for earlier InDesign versions):

    Free Fonts

    Help Working with InDesign Templates

    We’ve put together a collection of helpful tips to make editing our InDesign Templates super easy. If you’re a newbie to Adobe InDesign it’s worth checking these out before starting work on your design.

    Step 2. Our InDesign templates are packaged and saved as ZIP files. If you have a Windows computer Right Click > Extract All before opening the InDesign file.

    Step 3. If you’re running InDesign CC open the INDD version of the file. If you’re working with InDesign CS4, CS5 or CS6 open the IDML version.

    Make sure to hide the SWITCH OFF BEFORE PRINTING layer when you export your design for printing. Click on the eye symbol to the left of the layer’s name to do so.

    How to Print Business Cards

    Pro tip: Try locking the YOUR IMAGES HERE layer to save time when editing text. This will prevent you from accidentally moving the graphics out of position.

    How to Print Business Cards

    Pro tip: Editing a swatch will automatically update all instances of that color across your document.

    Pro tip: Do your images look blurry? Make sure your display is set to high-quality (View > Display Performance > High-Quality Display). To see more accurately how your design will appear when printed go to View > Overprint Preview.

    Want an impressive business card but lacking in inspiration? Our free business card templates will help you create a card with ease. For a professional finish choose from Gloss, Matt or Velvet lamination on your choice of three high quality paper weights. With hundreds of business card templates to choose from you can create the perfect design for your business.

    1. Home
    2. Business Cards
    3. Free Business Card Templates
  • Business Cards
  • Search Designs


    There are currently no templates available for your selection, sorry.

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    Bluetree Design & Print Ltd T/A has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.

    For information on what this means please click here.

    ISO Certified

    Bluetree Design & Print Ltd T/A has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 for the following scope:

    ISO 9001:2015: The production and supply of digital and lithographically printed products on paper, board and plastic substrates at the Manvers site.

    ISO 14001:2015: The environmental management of all operations at the Manvers site, including lithographic printing and small and large format digital printing and finishing operations.

    We print 12 different types of business cards at our Mississauga facility, just outside of Toronto. You can be confident we will have the right cards to fit your personality and budget.

    Don’t have a business card design file?

    We have over 60 free business card design templates for you to choose from. Once your order is placed, you will receive a design proof within one business day.

    12 card stocks to choose from

    Nationwide shipping available. Shipping costs range from $15-$25, and you can expect to receive your order 1-3 business days after production is finished. If you need cards in a rush, we also have the same and next day printing options.

    What You Need To Know

    Turn Around Time

    How long will my order take?

    Specialty Finishing Treatments

    Elevate your cards with print finishing:

    Business Card Design Options

    If you are unsure about what type of cards to print, you can feel them for yourself and order a free business card sample pack at no cost to you.

    Learn More About Our Business Cards

    What people say

    “From Designing my logo, printing my business cards, folders, banners, creating my letter heads, custom note pads and was truly a one stop marketing shop that made my branding/printing needs for my new business very easy. Great experience working with Vinny and the team. “

    Mistry Motors

    “NEPS offered extraordinary customer service. The variations of designs they provide were highly beyond my expectations and the outcome of my business card left many people in awe. There work is highly commendable as well as reliable. I am extremely pleased with the service I was provided and the overall outcome of my product.

    Ritzy Roses

    “They won’t satisfy you, they will WOW you. I placed an extremely short notice order for business cards (48 hours), and Puneet and the NEPS team turned it around in less than 24 hours. Not only that but the cards echoed quality. This was the second batch I’ve ordered. They’ve won my business for a lifetime. I hope this helps others sitting on the fence. Happy customer ! “

    Mansha Financial

    A good business card conveys the image of your business and provides all the necessary information on how you can be contacted. Your business cards should also present a processional and distinct representation of your company.

    Despite all of the possibilities to reach customers online, business cards are still an important part of building company image and brand recognition. A well-designed business card leaves the impression of a professional and provides another way of raising brand awareness.

    All businesses are unique. We strongly believe, a business card is the last thing someone remembers you by after your first encounter. The ultra thick series cards provide exceptional value and will certainly stand out stacked up against any type of business cards. Ultra thick enviro and suede cards are most popular.

    The best business card design for you will depend on the type of business you are in. The colours, images, and font(s) you select all contribute to the look and feel you are going for. For example, bright colours and alternative fonts are best suited for businesses in the entertainment industry.

    On the other hand, lawyers, consultants, and similar service based businesses will want to stick to a minimalistic style design, with white space and neutral colours, in order to represent a reliable and professional image.

    Whatever image you need your business cards to present, you can achieve it with one of our 50 free designs and 12 different card types. Alternatively, you can provide your own business card design and have us just print them for you.

    Print business cards online and reorder whenever you need to
    • Premium quality 400gsm material
    • Full colour double or single sided
    • From £2.50 per pack of 50
    • Free UK delivery On all orders of £5 or more
    • Same day production For despatch today **

    • How to Print Business Cards
    • How to Print Business Cards
    • How to Print Business Cards
    • How to Print Business Cards
    • How to Print Business Cards
    • How to Print Business Cards

    Print Business Cards online

    If you need to print business cards online, you’ve come to the right place. Doxdirect can print business cards today (if you order by 2pm) and despatch them for delivery tomorrow morning. We also offer standard production with FREE delivery.

    We print your cards on premium quality 400gsm card, in full colour, and supply them from as little as 50 copies. You may print single sided business cards, or double sided cards at no extra cost!

    Place your business card online order by clicking the orange ‘Print business cards’ button near the top of this page, or get an instant online quote on the Price Calculator before you order. We produce high quality, durable, well printed cards.

    Our online Business Card printing service

    We print business cards at 85mm x 55mm, so simply upload the first business card you’d like to print as an PDF file at those dimensions (and at least 300dpi, with or without bleed and crop/trim marks) and check it on the preview screen. We also accept JPG and PNG files.

    Then, if you need to print multiple business cards for your team, simply click ‘Add new document’ and repeat the process as many times as you need. You can give a nickname to each card while ordering, for quick reference next time you order – see below.

    Note: For best results please keep text and fine details (e.g. keylines or borders) at least 3mm from the edges of your card.

    Options for business card printing

    Size / Orientation

    85mm x 55mm
    Portrait or landscape


    400gsm (plain)
    400gsm (satin)

    Quantity / Pages

    Minimum order
    1 pack of 50 cards
    (single or double sided)

    Print business cards today

    • Order by 2pm, choose same day turnaround and courier delivery – get your cards tomorrow!
    • Cards can be printed in colour
    • Cards can be printed double or single sided

    50 cards: £10.00
    100 cards: £14.00
    200 cards: £18.00
    500 cards: £32.50
    1000 cards: £50.00
    (Use the Price Calculator for other quantities)

    How to reorder your business card

    After placing your first business card order, your cards will be saved in your document library if you choose to register an account (here’s how). After logging in to your account, go to the document library and you’ll see your previous orders.

    If you’ve ordered multiple business cards for your team, you can either choose to order them all again (check the ‘All’ box next to the order details and add them to the basket), or you can order individual business cards if not everybody needs theirs topping up (check only the items you need, then add those to the basket).

    You can even reorder on your mobile device for an even quicker way to reprint business cards!

    You may also be interested in

    In addition to business card printing, Doxdirect offers a range of binding styles and printing options for whatever you need. We offer paperback book binding, spiral/wire and ring binding as well as saddle stitched binding. Please see the binding options page for further information on any of these binding styles. If you need a certain type of product printing, for example brochures, flyers, posters or dissertation printing please see our product overview page for more information.

    You could also put your LinkedIn QR code on your resume, your website, your email signature, text it to someone, or even print it out and slip it into the back of your badge at a conference.

    Handing out business cards has become an awkward ritual where we often apologize about how last-century it is to be handing out little slips of paper in the digital age.

    Some have replace this routine by simply whipping out our phones, typing the person’s name into LinkedIn, and sending a connection request. But that still takes longer than the dead tree exchange. And if the person doesn’t have any business cards on them, then there’s no guarantee you’ll remember their name and be able to find it later.

    LinkedIn is finally trying to combine the powerful of digital connections with the speed of exchanging business cards with the new QR Code feature in its Android and iOS apps. To get the get the functionality, just download the LinkedIn app for your phone or update to the latest version, if you already have the app.

    Scanning someone’s LinkedIn QR code

    Go to the homepage of the LinkedIn app. On the right side of the search bar app, you’ll now see a QR code icon. Tap it. By default, that brings up the option to scan someone else’s code. The person you want to connect with simply needs to pull up “My code” from their LinkedIn app. You point the square in the middle of the screen at their QR code and LinkedIn automatically pulls up their profile page, where you can send a connection request.

    How to Print Business Cards(Credit: Screenshots via LinkedIn)

    Alternatively, if someone texts or emails you their code, you can save the photo of their code to your phone. Then, from the Scan screen in the app, at the bottom of the screen you can select “Add code from Gallery” in Android or “Select code from photos” in iOS and it will have the same effect as live-scanning their code by pulling up the person’s LinkedIn profile.

    Sending someone your LinkedIn QR code

    To start using your own LinkedIn QR Code, click the QR code button from the search bar in the LinkedIn app and then click the “My code.” You can hold this up and have someone else scan it, and then your profile will automatically pop up in their app.

    There are also some other options for sharing your LinkedIn QR code. On the “My code” screen, below the code itself are two options: “Share my code” and “Save to photos.” When you click to share your code, you get the option to share just an image of the QR code itself, or your profile card with your photo, name, title, and QR code like the one on the “My code” screen.

    You can then send your code to someone via text, email, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or another communications app installed on your phone. Or, you could post it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or another social network to invite your contacts there to connect with you on LinkedIn.

    Alternatively, by saving the image of your QR code or your QR code profile card to your Photos (or Gallery on Android), you can then use that image to post on your personal website, put it at the bottom of your email signature, embed it into your resume, or even get crazy and print it out before you go to an event so that it’s available to quickly connect with people who want to follow up with you.

    Your business card is a large part of the first impression you give to your potential customers. Your business card is also a lasting impression and often is kept for future use. Therefore, creating a card that will leave a positive impact on prospects is of vital importance. One way to do this is to print your business cards with a full bleed.

    Printing with a full bleed means that your background color or image and any other graphics desired will extend beyond the edge of the card. Without full bleed printing, your business card will contain an unprofessional white line between graphics and the edge of the card. Make sure that your cards are printed correctly with full bleed by following certain layout requirements.

    Step 1: Design your card to be 3.75″ x 2.25″
    Your printer will print your design the size you design it, and once the card is printed, it will then be trimmed down to the standard 3.5” x 2.” This extra step will ensure the highest possible edge quality.

    Step 2: Keep all text and important graphics 0.125” away from the trim line.
    Your text and graphics must be within 3.25”x1.75” to be sure that it will not be trimmed off the business card. That means that your title and logo must be far enough away from your edge so that they look right when the 1/8” bleed area is cut away to create the final card size.

    Step 3: Convert to CMYK color mode
    Make sure to save your design file in the CMYK color mode. If you use RGB to design your card, simply convert it back to CMYK before it goes to the printer.

    How to Print Business Cards

    • Description
    • Price Details

    Browse Design

    • Printing
    • Info
    • How To Order
    • Delivery
    • Feedback

    Free Business Cards

    Order your 50 FREE business cards today and get them dispatched within 48hrs:

    • Our 50 Free business cards are printed on a rigid 350gsm card
    • 48hr turnaround and packed into handy plastic wallet’s
    • Delivered via 1st class Royal Mail post
    • More than 50 templates to choose from
    • Pick one of our designs and edit to make your unique design
    • Printed in full colour to one side

    Our standard cards benefit from the following:

    • Double sided print (optional extra)
    • Quantities ranging from 100 to 10,000
    • Rounded corners (optional extra)
    • 24hr print and dispatch with next working day delivery
    • Same Day Print and dispatch (Express) or same day print and dispatch and delivery before midday (Express Plus)
    • Next day delivery by DPD

    Extra Info About Our Free Business Cards

    myPrint247 FREE business cards

    Our cards really are free, you only pay £3.95 for postage and packaging costs. We print our free business cards with the same high quality as our standard business cards so don’t think you’re getting an inferior product. There is no limit on how many sets of free cards you can purchase so you can get some for your friends, family or neighbours if you like and repeat orders are more than welcome.

    Dispatch time is 48hrs from the order and delivered within 1-2 working days using Royal Mail First Class. As with all of our printing products we only dispatch between Monday to Friday.

    You have the same ease of designing online and ordering your cards regardless of whether you pick our free or standard cards.

    The differences between the two options are as follows.

    Our FREE Business Cards

    Over 50 different design templates to choose from which can be customised and edited to make your own. You have the option to upload your own photos, images and logos too. Our Free cards come with ‘Designed and Printed for FREE at’ on the back.

    Our Standard Business Cards

    Over 1,000 professionally designed templates which can be customised to make them your own, you also have the option to upload your own images and company logos. You can use your own artwork in various different formats including Microsoft office. We also have a large range of icons and stock logos to choose from and use on your business card designs.

    The standard business cards are provided as white label products (no myPrint247 text on the back)

    You can show your customers that you mean business by having a truly unique design printed on high quality board in vibrant full colour.

    How To Order

    With myPrint247 it is easy to order using our online system. Click on the browse design and get started:

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    I ordered my new cards on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday, much thicker card than I had previously gotten despite paying over £40 for them. Thanks myprint247

    R Oxley – Northampton UK

    Superb print quality and the colours were so solid. Will definitely be using you again soon

    D Richards – Norwich UK

    My free business cards arrived in next to no time. excellent selection of templates and it was nice I could still use my own logo on them.

    ‎10-24-2017 12:27 PM – edited ‎10-24-2017 12:51 PM

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    I am attempting to print business cards with Avery 8371 template and blanks. When I print on a sheet of plain paper, it is perfect and the spacing is correct. When I print on the avery card stock, without changing anything, the font changes and the entire page is printed much smaller. This is a PDF file.

    In a chat with Avery, they printed my file on both paper and cardstock and it printed correctly on both. I have used this file and hp printers for years with no problem. This is the first time I have tried to print this file with this printer. I am going crazy.

    Logic tells me that there is no way changing the weight of the paper will change the font. I have even tried changing to “Other types of paper” with the same results.

    Reason found! “DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING” Printing a single side and the font stays correct, in double sided printing, the font and images shrink.

    I would like to know how to work around that.

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    • deskjet 3522

    ‎10-24-2017 03:40 PM

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    Printer Specs and Ruminations on the subject of Media type, Paper Size

    Specifications indicate the printer handles “card” media up to 200 gsm / 110 lb.

    In general, (though not always) weight of paper is listed on the package in which the paper is purchased. If the weight of the paper is within the maximum allowed weight, and the Media type is set correctly, the content should print on the paper / card.

    The specifications indicate Media type Card > Paper size settings do not include “letter” size (as would be needed for the template 8371 – 10 card sheet ).

    If the Media type (card) can be set,

    If the Paper Size cannot be set to accomodate the size of the sheet of business cards,

    If the printer supports “Custom Size” forms,

    Create a Custom Size form for your sheets of business cards in the paper size needed.

    Control Panel > icon view > Devices and Printers >

    Left-Click on your Printer one time to highlight >

    Left-Click Print Server properties

    Guessing / Hunting for Easter Eggs

    The issue may be related to the margin settings — “duplex” might be changing the “back side” margin setting and throwing off the size / centering. A similar effect can be seen when printing in “booklet” style when the gutters are set to other than zero.

    Looking at the Avery template #8371 shows that the template is intended for “one side” printing.

    Depending on the software you are using, the “duplex” printing setting for this Media type may — or may not — be unsupported. ??

    “Duplex” aside, ensure whatever software you are using to print the PDF file is not set to “Fit” / Shrink to Fit / or similar setting that would “force the content” onto the confines of the paper.

    Check the margins to ensure they are not set less than the boundary needed to allow the content to fit within the “cut” areas of each card on the sheet. Reminder: Margins cannot be set to be less than the minimum margin for the printer / media type / size. For example: “Borderless” may not be supported on Media “card”. Reference: Datasheet

    This might be easier using Word (if you have it). PDF Reader software may behave differently when setting up the print job. Carefully check the settings (Media, margins, page size, source. )

    Alternatively, Windows supports Avery Design and Print software (free from Avery). Select to download for your PC / Mac Operating System.

    The latest version of Design and Print does produce a “proprietary” file (odd file type that must be used with Avery software). This is irritating (to me); the software does work quite well.

    Caveat: Avery Design and Print will likely not support Duplex printing with a template that is not made for it. ?? (I do not know this; I am guessing.)

    Printer Homepage – “Things that are your printer”

    Drivers and Software, Videos, How-to, Troubleshooting, Manuals, Product Information, and more

    Dragon Document – Help, suggestions, and examples :

    Print Labels, Business Cards, Cards, Booklet

    Topics / Subjects include:

    • Preparation and Setup
    • Labels, Cards, and Business Cards
      • Office Word
      • Avery Design and Print (through Windows 10) and Mac
      • Avery Wizard for Word (through Windows
    • Print Booklet
      • Links to help documents
      • Foxit Reader – Booklet
      • Adobe Reader – Booklet

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