How to receive alerts when your garage door opens using myq

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Chamberlain’s MyQ technology is great for opening and closing your garage door remotely with your smartphone, but you can also receive alerts whenever your garage door opens and closes (as well as receive alerts when it’s been open for an extended amount of time). Here’s how to enable them.

If you don’t have MyQ set up on your smartphone yet, check out our guide on how to set it all up so that you can be up and running in no time. Once you have the app all set up, it’s time to enable the alerts. Here are a few different alerts that you may want to create.

When Your Garage Door Opens

Open up the MyQ app and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen (I’m using the Liftmaster MyQ app. It might be slightly different than the Chamberlain MyQ app, but overall it should be very similar).

Select “Alerts” from the list.

Tap on the “+” button in the top-right corner.

Tap on “Garage Door” (or whatever you named your garage door when you set it up).

Start by giving the alert a name.

Next, tap on the toggle switch to the right of “Garage door is open” to receive an alert when your garage door opens. Do the same for “Garage door is closed” if you want to receive an alert when your garage door closes.

Make sure that “As soon as it happens” is turned on so that you receive the alert right when your garage door opens.

Further down, tap on the toggle switch next to either “Push notification” or “Email”. A push notification will alert you on your phone.

Next, tap “Save” in the top-right corner to save your alert and enable it.

The new alert will appear on the Alerts screen where you can disable it and re-enable it at any time.

When Your Garage Door Has Remained Open for a Specific Amount of Time

If you want to receive an alert right when your garage door opens but also another alert whenever it remains open for a specific amount of time, you’ll need to create a second alert on top of the one you just created in the previous section.

For this kind of alert, toggle all of the same options except for “As soon as it happens”. This will need to turned off.

Doing this will show a new option called “For longer than”. Simply select the amount of time your garage door would have to remain open before you receive an alert about it, and then hit “Done”.

If You Only Want to Receive Alerts Within a Specific Time Window

If you’re at home, then you probably don’t care about receiving garage door alerts—it’s really only useful when you’re at work or on vacation, so you can specify certain times and days when you want to receive alerts.

Like the previous alerts, everything will remain the same, but you’ll simply turn off the toggle switch next to “All times and days”.

After that, a new section will appear where you can specify a certain time window, as well as certain days that you want the alert enabled.

When you’re done, hit “Save” up in the top-right corner to create your alert. You’re all set!

Keep your garage door
running smoothly

Trouble Shooting made simple

As often as you go in and out of your garage each day, it can be stressful when your garage door doesn’t open. myQ Diagnostics can save you time and money if it’s an easy fix you can do yourself or remove the hassle of trying to find the right Dealer when you need one.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Tag your Dealer’s contact information in the myQ app so you can quickly connect with them when you need help.

Know right away when there is an issue with your garage. Receive alerts and error codes in the myQ app and learn if it’s an easy fix, or if you need to call a Dealer.


Easily share your myQ Diagnotic health report with your Dealer from the myQ app to ensure they bring the right tools and parts needed for a rapid repair.


Service at your fingertips

Have your Dealer on “speed dial” so you can quickly contact them when you need help. It’s as simple as opening your myQ app and searching by zip code or by dealer name.


Alert and Error Codes:

Open the myQ app to know when there’s a problem, so you don’t have to guess. Specific error codes will let you know if it’s something you can resolve yourself, like a misaligned safety sensor, or if it’s a bigger issue that requires a technician.


Easily share information

When an error occurs, you can generate a free myQ Diagnostics health report. With a few quick taps, you can share your report within the app and provide your Dealer with the insight needed for a rapid repair.

Setup takes moments

If you are an existing myQ user with a Wi-Fi enabled LiftMaster or Chamberlain brand garage door opener you’re ready to get started.

myQ Diagnostics works with select LiftMaster and Chamberlain branded garage door openers. If your garage door opener has one of the following logos, it is compatible: Wi-Fi® or Powered by myQ

If you are a myQ account owner, tap your account information in the top left corner of the home screen. Select “My Dealer” and then “Add a Dealer.” You can search by zip code, dealer name or participating Dealer ID and add to the app.​

  • In the myQ app, tap the menu option (3 dots) that’s displayed next to your Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener on the Home Screen to be taken to Device Settings.​
  • Select the arrow next to “myQ Diagnostics” to view device status​
  • Select “Send Report” to share your health report with your Dealer.​
  • For more information on how to use myQ Diagnostics please read the support article

No, myQ Diagnostics is not an open data source. You are only sharing the data fields shown in the report and your contact information. Choose when to share a health report with a Dealer and stop sharing your device data status at any time. Shared reports will be automatically deleted from the dealer’s database after 30 days.

The smart solution for your garage.

With myQ Connected™ garage door openers, homeowners have complete control of their garage, experiencing unrivaled convenience and security of their home’s largest access point.

Total garage control.

Know if your garage door is left open and close it right from your smartphone. Preset times for your garage door to open or close. Receive alerts and error codes in the myQ app if there is an issue with your garage door and learn if it’s an easy fix, or if you need to call a Dealer.

Invite guests.

Easily invite up to three people to control your myQ devices from anywhere.

Security when it matters.

Take advantage of advanced security features* like automatic garage door locks, battery backup and the ability to close your door from anywhere with myQ.

Product Reviews

“Works flawlessly. Very easy setup with the Wi-Fi and programming to your phone so you don’t even need the remote that comes with it—open the garage from your myQ App!”

“[I have] a Chamberlain installed in my garage [. ] and I’ve been extremely happy with the performance of the opener (especially with the myQ app).”

“I have a heavier steel garage door and the new belt drive opens and closes it smoothly and very quietly! The myQ app is great and lets you control everything right at your fingertips.”

—User Ash9, Wisconsin, USA

Ready to upgrade your opener?

Buy and install through a professional LiftMaster dealer.

Buy from a retailer and install yourself.

Learn about the many ways homeowners use myQ to live simpler.

Most garage door opener brands are compatible with myQ technology if the model was manufactured after 1993. These garage door openers will usually have safety sensor eyes. Check to see if your garage door opener is compatible with myQ by using our myQ Compatibility Tool..

Newer Chamberlain and LiftMaster smart garage door opener models feature built-in myQ connectivity. All you need to do is download the myQ App and you’re ready to take control of your garage from anywhere in the world. For help with your smart garage door opener, visit our Support Site.

You can connect all myQ accessories to a smart garage door opener. Chamberlain and LiftMaster offer a range of myQ Connected accessories from remote light controls and switches to the myQ Home Bridge that works with Apple® HomeKit™ and Siri® voice control. For help with myQ Connected Accessories or to find out what myQ Connected Accessories are compatible with your garage door opener, visit our Support Site.

Easily connect your Chamberlain or LiftMaster smart garage door opener to Wi-Fi using the on-screen step-by-step guide in the myQ App. For help with setting up Wi-Fi, visit our Support Site.

For help with testing and improving your Wi-Fi signal strength, visit our Support Site.

Need help?

If you need assistance with product installation or troubleshooting, please visit the Chamberlain Group technical support site.

Craig Lloyd is a smarthome expert with nearly ten years of professional writing experience. His work has been published by iFixit, Lifehacker, Digital Trends, Slashgear, and GottaBeMobile. Read more.

If you have a newer Liftmaster or Chamberlain garage door opener, it’s likely that it has MyQ capabilities, which allow you to open and close your garage door from the MyQ app. Her’s how to add a MyQ shortcut to your phone’s home screen foreven quicker access.

MyQ makes it really convenient to not only open and close your garage door from your phone, but to also check and make sure that you closed it after you left for work–that seems to be everyone’s biggest worry about their garage door anyway.

However, the MyQ app is pretty barebones and doesn’t come with a whole lot of features and integration. But with the help of another app, you can create shortcuts for opening and closing your garage door and put them right on your home screen or notification center for quick and easy access.

Setting Up the Shortcuts

To do this, you’ll need to download the Wink app (iOS and Android). Wink is a line of smarthome products that are controlled through the Wink hub. However, we don’t need the hub to make this work–only the app.

Once you have the app downloaded and installed, open it up and tap on “Sign Up” to create a Wink account. Or if you already have on, select “Log In”.

After you log in or create an account, you’ll be taken to the app’s main screen. From here, tap on the “+” button.

Scroll down and select “Garage Doors”.

Tap on “MyQ Garage Door”.

Select “I have an account” if you already have the MyQ app installed on your phone. If not, tap on “Get MyQ app”.

Tap on “Connect Now”.

Sign into your MyQ account and then tap “Authenticate”.

Your MyQ garage door will now show up in the Wink app and you can now begin controlling it by swiping up to open it and swiping down to close it.

Next, you’ll need to create “Shortcuts” that will allow you to control your garage door from the home screen or notification center, tap on the menu button in the top-left corner.

Tap on the “Shortcuts” tab at the bottom.

Tap on the “+” button where it says “New Shortcut”.

On the next page, tap on “New Shortcut” and give it a custom name, like “Open Garage Door”.

Next, tap on “Make this Happen” under “Shortcut Action”.

Tap on “Garage Door”.

Tap on “Open” and then hit “Save”.

Hit “Done” in the top-right corner to save the shortcut.

You’ll now repeat this, but this time you’ll create a shortcut for closing the garage door.

When you’re done, you’ll have two shortcuts: one to open your garage door and one to close it.

Adding the Shortcuts to Your Home Screen

We’re done in the Wink app, so now it’s time to add the shortcuts to your phone’s home screen or notification center.

On Android

Simply tap and hold on the home screen. Then select “Widgets”.

Scroll all the way down and you’ll find the Wink widgets. Tap and hold on one and then drag it onto your home screen.

A new screen will appear where you’ll drag and drop the shortcuts you want to use onto the widget. Tap on “Done” in the top-right corner when you’re finished.

After that, your MyQ shortcuts will appear on your Android device’s home screen.

On iPhone

You can’t put widgets on your home screen, but you can put them in the notification center. Start by swiping down from the top of the screen to bring up the notification center and make sure you’re on the “Today” tab.

Scroll down and tap on “Edit” at the bottom.

Scroll down and find “Wink Shortcuts” in the list. Tap on the green “+” button next to it.

Scroll back up, and it will now appear with the other widgets you have enabled. You can hold down on the move icon to the right to change where you want the widget located. Its default location will be at the bottom. Tap on “Done” when you’re good to go.

From there, the Wink widget will be located in the notification center, and you can instantly control your MyQ garage door from right there without even opening up the MyQ app itself.

It’s not quite as convenient as having the widget right on the home screen like on Android, but it’s the next best option in iOS.

Aren’t you lately hearing people asking “Can I add MyQ to Vivint?”. Well, MyQ garage, being the smart garage door opener and Vivint Smart Home, are the modern technology apps that can be integrated to provide security to your home and garage.

Vivint and MyQ together, will help you monitor and safeguard your garage door, thermostat, camera, doorbell, and all other smart home devices, with a single application.

This article will help you learn how to connect MyQ to Vivint in a matter of seconds. The main thing is to see if is MyQ compatible with Vivint? The good news is, yes!

Fortunately, Chamberlain groups have collaborated with Vivint to offer effortless management, tracking, reporting, monitoring, and control of their smart garage and home devices through a single program.

Merging Vivint’s entire smart home system with the MyQ garage technology has made it simple and easy to grant guests and package deliveries secure access, that is completely under your supervision and control all the time.

How does Vivint work with MyQ?

If you are wondering that how to connect MyQ to the Vivint panel, stop thinking and follow these step-by-step instructions to make Vivint and MyQ work together.

Enter your MyQ account by clicking on “log in”.

Look at the bottom menu, you will find the option “Works with”. Select this option.

In the partner list, you will find “Vivint”. Click on it.

Now, tap the “Link” option to connect MyQ with Vivint. That’s it you are connected now.

Benefits of linking MyQ and Vivint

Vivint and MyQ, working together can offer a lot of benefits to its users. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Allows you to control all your smart home devices from a single application.

2. Provides you the facility to create a safe, secure, and smart home for your family.

3. By linking MyQ with Vivint, you can conveniently monitor your garage door, thermostat, video monitoring system, and all other smart home devices.

4. It will also provide you the ability to adjust your smart home settings, receive notifications and alerts that will keep you updated about all your important activities.

Is MyQ Compatible with Other Platforms?

MyQ is compatible with some other platforms too, some of them are mentioned below:

To know the list of platforms on which MyQ will work, follow this link.


Vivint and MyQ are some of the modern technology tools that can help you keep your home under control. It is important that you must know how to set up the system before using it for your home safety and security.

Vivint gives you the ability to set rules and receive notifications when anyone enters or leaves your garage.

You can also create a schedule that will ensure your garage door is closed at night, or when you are away from home.

We hope that the topic “How to connect MyQ to Vivint?” has helped you in understanding how these two brands are working together for your home’s safety and security.

Have any queries regarding the topic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Technology helps make our lives easier and these days it seems that there’s an app for everything! From getting food delivered straight to your door to keeping track of your health—our smartphones give us incredible power from the palm of our hands.

Have you ever left the house in a rush and then panic that you didn’t shut the garage door in your frenzy to leave? Or left for vacation and had to call a neighbor to check to make sure it’s closed? By opting for a smart garage door opener that’s connected to your cellular device, you’ll gain back control and peace of mind that your garage and home are safe. Amega Garage Doors and Openers provides and services openers that are compatible with the app.

What is MyQ Garage & Access Control App?

The MyQ Garage & Access Control App from LiftMaster/Chamberlain is an easy-to-use application that connects Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers to your cellular device. The app allows you to check the status of your garage door at any time. It gives you the ability to open, close, and check the status of your garage door from anywhere.

Benefits & Features of a Smart Garage

Garages are often the first entry point to our homes. They keep your bikes, cars, and other valuables safe and secure. Accidentally leaving it open during the day or at night could potentially be dangerous for your things and your family. By using a smart garage door, you can rest assured that you and your family are safe from unwanted intruders.

Real-Time Alerts

Keep track of who is coming and going in and out of your home with real-time alerts. Get reassurance that your kids made it home safe from school by turning on alerts for garage door activity. MyQ also makes it easy to set up alerts when your garage door has been open for a certain amount of time.

Control From Anywhere

MyQ makes it simple to control access to your home from anywhere. Whether you are on vacation across the country or just running to the grocery store, you can always ensure you know what is going on at your house and that it is secure.

Set Schedules

Another benefit of the MyQ app is the ability to set schedules. Go into night mode and close your garage door every night at the same time or set a schedule for when you leave for work so you never forget.

Share Access

Sometimes you need to share access to your garage with family, friends or neighbors. MyQ lets you securely give limited access to up to five different users. You can set up and manage guest profiles to give permissions on when and how they can access your home. This makes it easy for anyone from grandparents stopping by to babysitters or even dog walkers!

Amazon Key

Amazon Prime members have the added bonus of using their MyQ smart garage for in-garage package delivery. Amazon drivers receive a one-time code to access your garage to safely drop off packages to prevent missing or stolen deliveries and protect against damage and bad weather. Order groceries straight to your house and keep them safe from rain or get alerts when your latest online shopping delivery makes it to your garage. To use Amazon Key with your smart garage door, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you link your myQ account in the Amazon Key app then,
  2. simply add items to your cart and
  3. choose “Key Delivery” before you check out.

Does the MyQ app work on all garage doors?

Most garage door opener brands are compatible with MyQ technology if the model was manufactured after 1993. At Amega, we are a proud LiftMaster Provantage dealer and all of the residential openers we sell have Wi-Fi capabilities and work with MyQ technologies. If you have an older model of garage door, don’t worry! You can still get connected by purchasing a MyQ smart garage hub. Chamberlain/LiftMaster offers tons of free resources and how-to videos online to get started.

How to Get Connected with MyQ Mobile Remote

If you are unsure how to check and see if you have a Wi-Fi compatible opener or don’t know where to begin, explore the MyQ resources and get connected to your smart garage door and the MyQ app today!

Craig Lloyd is a smarthome expert with nearly ten years of professional writing experience. His work has been published by iFixit, Lifehacker, Digital Trends, Slashgear, and GottaBeMobile. Read more.

If you ever forget to close your garage door at the end of the day, you can set up a specific time for your MyQ-enabled garage door to close automatically. Here’s how to set it up within the MyQ app.

To start, open up the MyQ app on your phone and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap on the plus icon in the top-right corner.

Start off giving the schedule a name by tapping on “Name Schedule”.

Next, tap on “Add Device”.

Tap on your garage door to select it and then hit the back button in the top-left corner.

Next, tap on “Time” to set a time that your garage door will automatically close.

Select a time and then confirm your time zone at the bottom. Hit the back button in the top-left corner when you’re done.

After that, select “Day” to set which days your garage door will automatically close at the time you specified.

By default, all seven days will be selected, but you can pick and choose whichever days you want to use. Hit the back button when you’re done.

Next, you have the option of receiving a notification whenever your garage door automatically closes, either via a push notification on your phone or through email.

Hit “Save” in the top-right corner to create your new schedule.

The schedule will appear on the main list on the “Schedules” screen, which is where you can temporarily disable and re-enable it at any time by tapping on the toggle switch to the right.

If you ever want to delete a schedule, simply swipe it to the left and hit the red “Delete” button.

You can either rely on this schedule and have your garage door automatically close at night, or you can simply use it as a backup in case you ever forget to close the garage door at the end of the day—if your garage door is already closed, the app will recognize that and will skip the automatic closure. Either way, you’ll never have to deal with an accidental open garage door ever again.

myQ® Facility is a facility manager’s dream. It monitors all commercial door operators, gate operators, and access controls for real-time data to improve safety and operational efficiency. Receive insights and monitor your entire facility—in real time. That way you can improve operations around the facility, enhance safety protocols and holistically view everything that is happening.

24/7 Visibility of Your Facility

Create a dashboard of your facility and visually manage, monitor and control your building for your bottom line and peace of mind.

Generate custom reports to demonstrate proof of compliance, set activity benchmarks and communicate key KPIs.

Assign permission-based facility access by person, group, time and location, maintaining insight into every access point.

Quickly see the current status of each loading dock in real time with colors and alerts of inefficiencies or safety concerns.

Build a Customized View of Your Facility

Upload an image of your facility to create a custom dashboard that shows the locations of your commercial door operators, dock equipment and gate operators.

Receive Real-time Notifications

Increase the life expectancy of your door and reduce service costs. Get notifications about any issues with your commercial doors so you can make the right repairs fast.

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

“When we set up myQ® Facility to send alerts anytime our doors were left open for longer than an hour, we initially were flooded by 60 notifications a day. But with the problem identified, we changed our operations process, reduced the number of notifications by half and significantly reduced our energy costs.”

Article Information

In order to monitor, open, and close your garage door using the myQ app and a Wi-Fi hub, a myQ door sensor (included with all hubs) needs to be mounted to the inside top panel of the door. For those with more than one garage door, additional door sensors are available for purchase.

Test the Door Sensor

To test the door sensor press the “Test” button. The LED light should blink, if it doesn’t blink follow these steps. Note: The original door sensor included with the myQ Smart Garage Hub and the Smart Garage Control has a red LED light. The myQ Garage door sensor has a yellow LED light. All replacement sensors have a red LED and work with the myQ Garage, Smart Garage Hub, and Smart Garage Control hubs.

myQ Garage and Smart Garage Hub
Door Sensor

Smart Garage Control
Door Sensor

No LED Light During Testing

Follow the steps below if the LED light on the door sensor did not blink when you pressed the test button.

  1. Make sure you remove the pull tab from the door sensor.
  2. Open the door sensor by pressing the button on the bottom and pulling the front cover off.

myQ Garage and Smart Garage Hub

Smart Garage Control

Low Battery in Door Sensor

The myQ Garage, myQ Smart Garage Hub, and Smart Garage Control all come with a door sensor. This door sensor communicates with the hub and reports the position of the garage door. If the battery in the door sensor is low or the door sensor is not working, below are some of the issues you may experience.

  • May not be able to pair the garage door opener to the hub
  • Garage door may not activate through the myQ app
  • May receive false alerts from the myQ app
  • The myQ App may report an incorrect door status

Test for Low Battery

  1. Press and release the test button
    • The hub should beep.
  2. Wait 5-10 seconds, then repeat the process five more times. (Press, beep, wait, and repeat).
    • The hub should beep with each press. (If you don’t wait 5 seconds you may not hear a beep.)

If you don’t hear a beep with each press, replace the battery (3V lithium, size CR2450).

Replacement door sensor

If replacing the battery does not ;resolve the issue, replace the door sensor.

  • Chamberlain – myQ-G0302
  • LiftMaster – G821LMB-2SENSOR
  • LiftMaster – Smart Garage Control – 821LMC-SENSOR

Features of myQ Technology

  • Monitor and control away from home: myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door away from home
  • Receive alerts and notifications: Receive alerts and notifications for complete piece of mind knowing you are in control away from home
  • myQ Scheduling: With myQ scheduling you can select specific close times for your garage door
  • myQ Touch ID: myQ Touch ID removes the need to input your 4 digit security code to access your Merlin myQ app

myQ App features

Control from anywhere

Let a contractor, house cleaner or family member into your home any time. myQ gives you control of your garage door whenever, wherever you are.

Real-time notifications

Get real-time notifications from the myQ app anytime your garage door opens or closes.

Set daily schedules

Create schedules to close your garage door or turn your myQ ® lights on/off at specific days and times. It’s an easy way to keep home secure, especially when you’re away on a trip.

Invite guests

Securely share limited access to your home with up to five users you know and trust. Send a user invite and set up guest profiles in the myQ app to manage when and how users have access to your home.

Commander Ultimate – Open Up Possibilities

Commander Extreme – Designed for extreme conditions & heavy custom doors

All the essential performance and design features you need.

Commander Elite – Merlin’s favourite sectional door opener

Merlin’s favourite roller door opener – NOW WITH 7 YEAR WARRANTY

Small in size, big on features

Add monitoring and control away from home via the myQ app for smart devices including Apple Watch.

827AU myQ Remote LED Light

1. What is myQ Technology?

myQ is Merlin’s Internet Activation and Monitoring Protocol for garage door systems. With this technology, a smartphone or tablet can be used to monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere in the world.

2. Can I connect a myQ opener directly to my phone or computer?

No. You must use a myQ Gateway connected to a home router. The router must have a continuously active internet connection (also known as broadband internet). A dial-up connection is not acceptable.

3. What are the necessary items required to establish a residential myQ system?

The Merlin myQ Connectivity Bundle includes:

  • The myQ Gateway Kit with power pack and cables.
  • The Protector System (Safety IR Beams).

The homeowner requires:

  • A home router with continuous Ethernet connection port.
  • Smart device to activate the opener.

4. Can any other device be controlled with the myQ Gateway?

Only myQ branded devices such as garage door openers and the myQ Remote LED Light specifically with myQ technology can be controlled with the myQ Gateway.

5. How do I connect to the app?

Download the myQ app from your smart device’s App store. Go to Apple App Store or Google Play; Android – go to the Android Market.

It’s incredible how innovative technologies can benefit our life, starting with such important, though routine things like your garage door. When you opt for such highly advanced devices as LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener , you instantly get ultimate control over your garage door accessibility and, thus, over the security of your property and all the dwellers there. This control comes from a simple tap on your smartphone or other electronic devices you can use to install the MyQ app on. From this article, you will learn why LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener can become your house security guard when you are in or away from home.

The cutting-edge LiftMaster Security+ remote is a nice example of how innovative technologies can transfer the quality of our life for better. This high-end equipment can be simply programmed to prevent any access to the house without your permission.

Every time your garage door is open, you receive a special alert on your device. You can easily close the garage door in one click without being around your house. Anytime you need it, check the status of your garage door in several simple steps. No wonder, that LiftMaster Security+ remote is so popular in the Canadian market and globally. It allows managing your house access in a smart and rather convenient way.

LiftMaster Security remote or LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener is a part of the famous home control garage door systems which can bring you peace of mind and control over your home safety. Every time anyone comes in or goes out, you will know this with the help of your MyQ LiftMaster notifications which appear on your phone screen in real time.

The best thing to remember about another in-demand accessory, the LiftMaster Security+ remote, is that this tool is compatible with the majority of other garage door openers. LiftMaster security remote is considered to be a universal device and truly the smart product of choice for every homeowner.

Besides, this appliance can guarantee quiet and fast access to your garage. No need to get out of the car in order to open or close this huge and heavy garage door by hand. All can be done in a heartbeat using a finger and internet connection.

Satisfied customers of the LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener converse, that this smart equipment meets all essential requirements and expectations a garage owner can have. For example, this device is convenient to use, reliable can easily manage automated garage door lifting, with user-friendly software.

All LiftMaster products should be bought only from the authorized local dealers. You will receive a full installation and maintenance from trained and knowledgeable technicians, which also makes device usage a pleasure. By the way, the local garage door expert can help you choose the best LiftMaster security remote, perfect to match your lifestyle and any specific requirements you may get. Contact your local garage door opener supplier to learn about your next LiftMaster accessory and enjoy the technological advantage wherever you are.

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Follow the instructions for installing the LiftMaster MyQ hardware for your garage door. Instructions for integrating a LiftMaster 8500W are available here. Once the gateway is installed, be sure the Garage Door & Gate Control feature is enabled. Wait for the info to populate at the panel.

Unlike with Z-Wave garage door controllers, the integration between the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 plus and the LiftMaster MyQ garage door controller is handled through the server. Where the panel would control a Z-Wave garage door controller directly, then report the door’s status to where applicable, any commands being sent from the panel to the LiftMaster MyQ garage door controller are sent from the Qolsys panel to From to the LiftMaster server. From the LiftMaster server to the MyQ gateway or other device, and finally to the garage door itself. For that reason, the bulk of the configuration is handled between, the LiftMaster server, and the LiftMaster hardware being used. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2/2Plus must be on Firmware Version 2.4.0 or higher to support this feature.

To integrate the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with a LiftMaster MyQ garage door controller, do the following:

  1. Install the hardware. Follow any instructions provided by LiftMaster or Chamberlain for the garage door motor and controller installation. There are basically two (2) ways to integrate a garage door via the internet. One is to use retrofit devices with an existing non-MyQ garage door controller. The MyQ Control Panel (888LM/889LM) is required along with a MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM). Newer LiftMaster or Chamberlain garage door motors and controllers have the MyQ internet capability built in. These devices will connect to WIFI using either WPS (WIFI Protected Setup) or in some cases, another method. Check the installation instructions for your MyQ garage door controller to find out how it connects to the internet. Once the hardware is installed, verify that the garage door can be controlled locally by pressing the button on the MyQ Control panel to raise or lower the door.
  2. Register the MyQ Device. Whether you are using a retrofit device, or a garage door controller with MyQ built-in, you’ll need to get the serial number off of the network portion of the device. With the retrofit option, the serial number should be on the MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM) which requires a wired ethernet connection to your router or switch. On the newer devices with WIFI capability built-in, the serial number should be on the garage door motor itself. The MyQ serial number will differ from the product serial number and should be on the same side of the garage door motor as the wiring terminals. It should have the MyQ symbol next to it to indicate you’re looking at the proper serial number.

How many times after leaving home have you returned to ensure your garage door was closed? Even worse is having that unsettling “did I close the garage door?” feeling while you’re at work or another faraway destination, where you’re unable to check on the door’s status.

A garage security system that eliminates worrying

This is where the innovative MyQ Technology garage security system can grant you peace of mind. MyQ Technology is made by Chamberlain, manufacturers of LiftMaster, the leading brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers.

MyQ lets you control and monitor your garage door via the internet. Using the MyQ app on your smartphone (or through a tablet or computer), you can perform various functions from anywhere, whether it’s just up the road or on the other side of the world:

  • open or close your garage door
  • monitor whether your garage door is opened or closed
  • receive email or text alerts letting you know the status of your garage door

Convenience and control over your garage door

The next time you’ve left home and questioned whether your garage door got closed, simply check the MyQ app and set your mind at ease. Open or close your garage door remotely with a tap on your smartphone screen – it’s that easy.

If you have kids, they tend to forget about closing the garage door sometimes. MyQ can ensure your garage door doesn’t stay open for long when this occurs and you’re away. And MyQ Technology comes with built-in safety features to give plenty of warning that your garage door is being closed remotely.

MyQ Technology works with new and old garage doors

This garage security solution can work with your existing garage door setup. If you’re planning to update your door’s design with one of the stylish new garage door models available, or just want to upgrade your garage door opener, MyQ Technology will work with them.

The additional benefits of MyQ Technology

There are other benefits to using MyQ Technology besides providing a garage security safety net for our sometimes forgetful selves. Say you’re expecting a package delivery and can’t be at home. Arrange with the delivery driver to call your smartphone, open the garage door so they can leave your package inside the garage, and then close it back up.

With the proper setup, you can also enable MyQ Technology to work with your home lighting. Turn on the lights when you’ll be away from home for longer than expected. You can also remotely turn on the lights for added safety if you’re arriving home at a late hour.

Take advantage of the convenient features that MyQ Technology brings to the top-performing garage door openers at Garage Living. If you’re ready to take better control of your garage’s security, schedule a free consultation with us.

Is this an actual problem?

Yes, it’s possible, although rare, for your garage door to open by itself. There are a few unusual factors that can cause your door open by itself. Here are a few scenarios we’ve come across:

  • Residential electric garage door openers manufactured after 1993 are equipped with two safety mechanisms that operate while the door is closing. The first is photoelectric and the second is mechanical. The most common scenario is a misalignment of the photoelectric reversal system. When the two sensor housings are out of alignment, the beam is cut off, which the door opener interprets as an object in the way of the door’s descent. As a result, it automatically reopens the door. Realigning the beams will resolve the problem. To make sure that it has been corrected, check the wall panel near the entrance to your home. The indicator light should have stopped blinking.
  • Another common scenario: during the winter, the threshold of your garage door must be kept clean to avoid any accumulation of snow or ice. Otherwise, the door’s mechanical mechanism will butt up against this buildup, and depending on how sensitive it is, may reverse the door
  • Also, a power surge caused by a lightning storm, for example, may have damaged the electrical circuits of your door opener.
  • There’s one last scenario that applies to door openers manufactured before 1993. Before this time, remotes were programmed by positioning clips. By sheer chance, one of your neighbors may have a remote programmed with the same code. After 1993, LiftMaster started using a rotating code with millions of possible programming combinations.

According to a persistent urban legend, a plane passing over your home can cause your garage door to open. To correct many people’s misimpression, we should point out that it all depends on the frequency used by the door opener. The frequency used in older garage door openers could interfere with certain military planes. This problem was corrected starting in 1993 by employing a different transmission frequency.

A couple of possible solutions:

Before leaving home, wait a few seconds to ensure visually that the door is completely closed and that none of the security mechanisms have triggered it to reopen.

Another solution: if you want to be sure that your garage door is completely closed, there is a garage door monitor (829 LM) that you can install in your home (e.g. in your bedroom) that will indicate whether the door is completely closed or not.

The permanent solution: use of LiftMaster’s MyQ TM technology.

For your peace of mind, we recommend MyQ TM technology, which will allow you to:

  • Open and close your garage door from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Receive an email when your garage door is opened
  • Program the door to close automatically 60 seconds after it is opened

In order to benefit from this technology, you need to have a door opener model that offers built-in MyQ TM technology.

Otherwise, if you already have a LiftMaster door opener manufactured after 1998, you can purchase the 888 LM wall station with an 828 LM Internet gateway to equip your current door opener with MyQ TM technology.

If you have a LiftMaster model dating from 1993 to 1998 or even certain models made by other manufacturers, adding an 821 LM universal door controller can also equip your door opener with MyQ TM

Consult a Garaga dealer to verify the model and year of your door opener and analyze the possible solutions… So you can sleep peacefully!

Chamberlain shares the keys to its smart garage door openers with Comcast’s Xfinity Home security app.

Brian Bennett is a senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET. He reviews a wide range of household and smart-home products. These include everything from cordless and robot vacuum cleaners to fire pits, grills and coffee makers. An NYC native, Brian now resides in bucolic Louisville, Kentucky where he rides longboards downhill in his free time.

Knowing and controlling the status of your garage door is a huge part of enjoying a secure smart home. Chamberlain, maker of the MyQ Garage and Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener products, agrees and has just pledged to play nice with the Comcast Xfinity home security system.

According to both companies, customers will soon be able to command MyQ-equipped garage doors from within the Xfinity Home mobile application. Likewise, homeowners who subscribe to Comcast’s Xfinity service and also have a MyQ-compatible Chamberlain device will receive timely notifications when their garage door opens and closes.

This game plan isn’t new for third-party smart-home device makers, of course. Nest Labs, creator of the popular Nest Learning Thermostat and owned by Google, has a similar partnership with home security giant ADT.

Chamberlain already offers a homegrown MyQ mobile app for iOS and Android as well, which provides a similar level of remote garage access and awareness. The company also lets you link its MyQ devices with the Google Nest app and Apple HomeKit products.

MyQ already works with Google Nest. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

What remains to be seen, however, is just how deep this new integration with Comcast Xfinity Home will go. Based on today’s announcement it appears the collaboration is all one way and in Comcast’s favor. For instance while you can see what your MyQ openers are up to within the Xfinity Home app, the reverse isn’t the case regarding Xfinity gadgets.

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  • ADT adds Nest integration to its Pulse security platform
  • Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener review
  • MyQ Garage review

And outside of standard text and email messages, Comcast confirmed the Xfinity Home application won’t provide push notifications generated from within the app itself — a skill the MyQ app has in its toolbelt. Comcast does expect to bring support for Chamberlain MyQ to Xfinity Home by the end of September and does have “future plans to include push alerts”.

Regardless, it’s rare for a massive infrastructure company such as Comcast to let third-party hardware on board its usually completely closed systems. A welcome change — hopefully we’ll see more cooperation from interested smart-home players going forward.

Article Information


These steps only apply to the myQ Garage NOT the myQ Smart Garage Hub or the Chamberlain/LiftMaster Smart Garage Control

You should not be using these instructions until you have tried to add the myQ Garage to the myQ Home Control App as a device.

Before programming the opener, you should set up the Wi-Fi between the myQ Garage (Wi-Fi Hub) and your home router. Make sure to download the myQ Home Control App to your mobile device and you can add your garage door opener using the app. Your garage door opener should be manufactured after 1993 that use photoelectric sensors that do not change to a low power mode.

Manually Programming the myQ Garage (Wi-Fi Hub) to a Garage Door Opener

Program the door sensor

To program the door sensor, you may follow the steps in the myQ Home Control app on your mobile device or you can follow the steps below using the myQ Garage (Wi-Fi hub).

  1. On your myQ Garage (Wi-Fi hub), press and release BUTTON 1. The yellow LED will turn on solid
  2. Press and release the Test button on the door sensor until the Wi-Fi hub beeps and the light flashes
  3. The yellow LED on the Wi-Fi hub will turn off

Program the Wi-Fi hub to the garage door opener

To program the myQ Garage (Wi-Fi hub) to your garage door opener, you may follow the steps in the myQ Home Control app on your mobile device or you can follow the steps below using the myQ Garage (Wi-Fi hub).

  1. Press and release the SETTINGS button (gear). The blue LED will turn on solid.
  2. Press and hold the SETTINGS button (gear) again until the green and yellow LED’s alternate blinking.
  3. Press and release the SETTINGS button (gear) again. The yellow LED will turn solid.
  4. Press and release BUTTON 1 (to the right of the settings button) the number of times as indicated in the chart below:
    Number of Presses RF (in MHZ) Brand
    1 315 Chamberlain/LiftMaster with Yellow LEARN button
    2 315 Chamberlain/LiftMaster with Purple/Brown LEARN button
    3 390 Chamberlain/LiftMaster with Red/Orange LEARN button
    4 390 Chamberlain/LiftMaster with Green LEARN button
    5 315 Genie/Overhead Door Intellicode
    6 390 Genie/Overhead Door Intellicode
    7 318 Linear Mega Code
    8 310 Stanley Secure Code
    9 372.5 Wayne Dalton Keeloq

*Note: If you’re not sure of the learn button color on Chamberlain/LiftMaster openers, see: Determine the Color of the Learn Button on your Garage Door Opener for more information.

  1. Press and release the SETTINGS button (gear). The green and yellow LED’s will alternate blinking on the Wi-Fi hub.
  2. Press and hold the PROGRAM/LEARN button on the garage door opener until the LED turns ON.
    DO NOT continue to hold until the LED turns off or you will remove all of your programmed accessories.
    • NOTE: For GENIE garage door openers, press and hold the PROGRAM/LEARN button until the LED turns on. If your LED is Purple or Red, you are ready for programming. If your LED is Blue, press and release the Program Set button again, the LED for this operator will change to Purple and is ready for programming.
    • NOTE: Some garage door openers may require your remote for programming. The app will prompt you to use your remote.
  3. Press and release BUTTON 1 on the Wi-Fi Hub, then press it again to activate the garage door opener.
    • Note: For Genie/Overhead Door operators, continue to press and release button 1 until the garage door activates. If the garage door opener does not activate, exit programming and repeat the steps above.
  4. To exit programming mode, press and hold the SETTINGS button (gear). The blinking yellow and green LED will change to one of the following:
    • Blue Blinking – ready to be connected to a Wi-Fi network
    • Blue/Green Blinking – attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network
    • Green Blinking – attempting to connect to the Internet
    • Green Solid – connected to a Wi-Fi network

If you are programming an additional door sensor and garage door opener for a second door, repeat the programming steps using the BUTTON 2 instead of BUTTON 1.

Posted Thursday, January 27th, 2022

A Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener enhances the security and accessibility features of your house. Whether you’ve recently updated the garage door or you’ve had the same one for years, a myQ Wi-Fi garage door opener is all you need to turn your property into a smart home. Use this guide to learn about the characteristics and benefits of a Wi-Fi garage door opener.

Connecting your garage door to your mobile device is easy with the MyQ app and a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener. Here are five smart features that will come standard with your new garage door opener.

1. GET REAL-TIME ALERT NOTIFICATIONS Through the myQ app, you will receive push notifications on your mobile device when your garage door opens or closes. Along with accessibility messages, you could also enable security alerts for carbon monoxide or temperature changes to be aware of emergencies when you’re not home.
2. ACCESS YOUR GARAGE FROM YOUR PHONE You can control your garage door from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you need to open the door to let in guests or close the door after rushing out of the house, you have a built-in remote with the myQ app on your phone.
3. RECEIVE PACKAGES SECURELY Amazon Prime members who live in select cities and surrounding areas are eligible for Key by Amazon in-garage delivery. You can link your myQ account in the Key app to your garage door opener. Instead of leaving your package on the doorstep, the delivery person will bring it inside the garage.
4. SET UP DAILY SCHEDULES Create a schedule for the garage door to close or for the lights to turn on. If you’re expecting housekeepers or repair people, or you need to let your kids in after school, the schedule feature is efficient for managing who comes in and out of your house.
5. INVITE GUESTS TO HAVE ACCESS With the myQ app, you can securely invite up to three people to have access to your garage door opener from their myQ account. If you have older kids who are responsible enough to work the garage or you have parents who visit often, you can permit them to control the garage door for easy access into the house.

Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers provide your home with accessibility and safety throughout the day. Since you can manage your garage door opener from your phone, you have access to your garage anywhere and anytime. Check out these benefits of a new Wi-Fi garage door opener.
The garage is an entry point into the central area of your house. An app-based garage door opener sends you a push notification every time your door opens without your authorization. Your smart garage door opener can watch over your living space all day and night.
Carbon monoxide and smoke can be dangerous to the air quality of your home. If these fumes reach unsafe levels in your garage, the MyQ app will send you a notification so you can address the issue from anywhere in the world.
A Wi-Fi garage door opener comes with a complimentary laser guiding system that automatically turns on when you drive into your property. The lasers show you where you should park the car for a perfect fit.
In the snow or rain, you would fumble looking for the remote or open the cold door with your sensitive fingers. With the myQ app installed on your phone, you have a reliable garage door opener that provides access to the house from your car.
Since the garage is typically not insulated, it can overheat or freeze in harsh weather conditions. An app-based garage door opener comes with temperature monitoring sensors. It can tell you if this area of your home is an unsafe temperature so you can protect temperature-sensitive equipment or food.
While you’re running around taking care of errands, you can easily let guests or family members into the house. If your kids come home early from school or you want the delivery person to leave your package in the garage, you can grant them access. You could also use this feature to authorize guests to enter as well as keep thieves out of the house.
Your MyQ Wi-Fi garage door opener can be a second set of eyes and ears for when you’re not home. If you have a camera, microphone and speaker option, you can see your guests and talk with them from your phone. With this feature, you can leave instructions for delivery people and those who need extra help entering the house.
When you’re driving around, you might wonder whether or not you remembered to close the garage door. A myQ Wi-Fi garage door opener allows you to check your property at any time to see if the door is open or closed. The app can also alert you directly if you accidentally leave the door open after you’ve left the house.
If multiple people enter and exit your house throughout the day, you can easily let them in with a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener. You could also pre-schedule events so the garage door will open or close at the same time you need it.
With a Wi-Fi garage door opener, you can open the entryway to your living space without any buttons. The GPS can send a message to MyQ, alerting your garage door opener of where you are, so the door will automatically open as you approach the driveway.
For 75 years, whether it’s a residential garage door for your home, or a sectional or rolling door for a commercial or agricultural application, Raynor Garage Doors products are crafted for dependable, long-lasting performance.

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