How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Dec 2, 2016, 3:00 pm EST | 1 min read

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Remember the days when Facebook videos only played when you clicked on them? If you want to return to that far finer age, all you need to do is toggle a few tucked-away settings to stop the auto-play madness.

Auto-playing videos are annoying at best (maybe you didn’t want that video to start playing in front of everyone in sight of your screen) and data-wasting at worst (maybe you didn’t want to burn up that data on a video you didn’t even really want to watch)—so we totally understand if you want to put an end to it. Let’s start with Facebook’s mobile apps and then move onto the desktop for total coverage.

How to Disable Auto-Play on Mobile Devices

To disable auto-playing video on Facebook’s mobile applications, we need to head over to the settings menu. We’re using iOS for this tutorial, but the option is the same on both iOS and Android. Select the menu icon to access your settings.

Select “Settings” in the resulting menu.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Select “Account Settings” in the pop up menu.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Select “Videos and Photos” from the Account Settings menu.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Within the “Videos and Photos” menu select “Autoplay”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

There you can toggle the settings between always playing regardless of the network, only auto-playing on Wi-Fi, and never. Select “Never Autoplay Videos”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

How to Disable Auto-Play on the Desktop

No need to stop our war there—let’s spend an extra few seconds to do away with it on the desktop too. Log into your Facebook account and click on the menu arrow in the upper right corner. Select “Settings”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Within the settings menu, select “Videos” from the bottom of the left hand navigation pane.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Within the “Video Settings” menu, select the drop down box beside “Auto-Play Videos” and toggle it to “Off”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

With that quick change, auto-playing videos are now a thing of the past.

Facebook is a great social media site for sharing a lot of things such as status update, photos, videos, links, news and even our location. By default, videos in our news feed are played automatically. I believe many of us will find auto playing videos annoying, simply because the video will just start playing even when we’re just scrolling down the page. Video playback consumes large amount of data, wastes unnecessary battery life and it can be quite distracting, especially when we are in the middle of doing something important and the sound of the video just blasts through the speakers.

You may wonder why auto playing videos are pushed into user experience despite the bad user experience and feedback. This is because Facebook is charging the advertisers. For each of the video that is playing more than 3 seconds it will be counted as a view. Like it or not, auto playing videos are here to stay. Luckily we can stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook and it only takes a few simple steps to do it. Whether you are on a desktop computer, or Android or iOS Apps, our guide will show you how to do on each platform. Here’s how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook.

Desktop Computer
Click on the small arrow down icon in the top-right of your screen and select Settings.

Tap on the Menu icon located in the top-right on your phone. From the menu, scroll down and select Settings. Scroll down until you see Media and Contacts. Tap on it and select Autoplay. Under Autoplay, select the option Never Autoplay Videos.

iOS (iPad / iPhone)
Tap on the Menu icon located in the right-bottom. Scroll down and tap on Settings. Select Pop-up Message, Account Settings, Videos and Photos. Tap on Autoplay and choose Never Autoplay Videos.

This should stop the videos from automatically playing on Facebook. If you’ve encountered any issues or need any help, you may leave your comment in the box below.

You can disable Autoplay Facebook videos complete to save your data while checking Facebook on Android or iPhone. In addition to this data loss, these videos will be annoying for them where the device suddenly starts playing the video with sound while scrolling down through the page. For such users, Facebook has given an option to disable Video Autoplay either completely or muted videos. Some of us will feel that the Autoplay feature is good, but the sound is annoying. Hence, there are two options given regarding these video settings on Facebook. We can either allow Autoplay videos without sound or we can completely disable video Autoplay.

We can choose whatever convenient option from the available settings. Here we will see how to disable autoplay Facebook on Android & iPhone.

Stop Facebook Video Autoplay on Android

The settings for Android and iOS Facebook apps are slightly different. We will begin with Android App settings.

Disable Sound on the Facebook Auto-Played Videos

To start with, we need to open the Facebook App on your device. The options of Facebook App is available in Settings and we need to open that. Under the Settings page, we will see App settings under the submenu Help & Settings. Open App Settings there.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

App settings include settings for notifications, Videos and sound settings, Links related to the Facebook App in your device. There we can find out two settings related to video Autoplay. if you want just disable the Audio while allowing the videos to Auto-play, disable “Videos in News Feed Start with Sound” using the settings. The Auto-playing videos will be muted in the News Feed of your Facebook App.

For newer versions of the Facebook App for Android, these settings are available at a different place. Here, it is available under Settings & Privacy->Settings->Media and Contacts.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Disable Autoplay Facebook Video

If you feel the auto-playing of Video is to be completely disabled, then the bottom option in the App settings will do the trick.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Select the Auto-play setting and the options are to be selected from Auto-play 1) on Mobile data and WiFi Connections 2) On WiFi connections Only 3) Never Auto-play Videos. By default, it will be playing in both Mobile and WiFi connections. If the purpose of disabling the Video Option is to save the Mobile data, we will choose the second option to play the Videos only on WiFi. Here we will select the 3rd option to completely disable the Auto-play of Videos.

Turn Off Autoplay Facebook Videos on iPhone

To stop Facebook Video Autoplay in iOS, We will open the Facebook App and Tap the rightmost bottom button for Settings. Scrolling down through the screen will display the Settings menu that we need to open. Settings menu includes Account Settings, Chat Settings, Payments settings, etc.

In the Settings menu, select Account settings. This will open all the general App-based settings for Facebook. In these settings, we will open “Videos and Photos” to change the video autoplay settings. In short follow this order: iPhone > Facebook App > Tap Right Bottom Menu Button > Scroll Down for Settings > Pop-up Message > Select Account Setting > Videos and Photos.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

The settings under Videos and Photos are more or less similar to the Android counterpart. Tap on the Autoplay (Autoplay > Never Autoplay Videos) to change from “On Mobile Data + Wi-Fi”. This will open another screen where we can select “Never Autoplay Videos”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Now we will go back and verify that videos are not playing automatically while scrolling down through the News Feed of Facebook App. If we want to enable the Video Auto-play option, we can go back to the App settings and Enable the Auto-play option as described above.

Disable Autoplay Facebook Video on PC Browser.

Many of us will be accessing Facebook in the browser without these Apps. They will be also trying to disable this video autoplay feature. This process is much simpler than the App settings. Open “Settings” after logging into Facebook. To disable Autoplay, we will open “Videos” from the “Settings” window. It will directly open the Video settings where we can “off” the “Auto-play Videos” option.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

The Auto-play feature is a better option to get a deeper look at videos while we scroll down through the news feed so that we can select and watch the best ones. Providing the option, disable video Auto-play on Facebook is a good move from Facebook for those who feel it annoying.

You can completely turn off the Facebook Videos Autoplay feature that can keep you away from Annoying videos when you scroll down on the Facebook Timeline.

Learn how to disable videos from playing automatically in your Facebook news feed for both the mobile app and on the desktop.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been wildly successful in raising money for ALS research, but the resulting videos that undoubtedly have been showing up in your Facebook news feed may be raising your data charges. By default, videos are set to autoplay in Facebook. When we looked at the disabling this feature last year, you could disable when on a cellular connection, now you have the option of disabling autoplay altogether.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

On an iPhone, go to Settings and scroll down until you find Facebook. Tap on it and then tap Settings. Next, tap on the Autoplay setting and choose either Wi-Fi only or Off so you don’t use a big chunk of your monthly data allotment on Facebook videos.

On Android, you will find the auto-play settings within the Facebook app itself. Tap the menu button and then choose settings.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

You can also disable autoplay videos on the desktop should you find it an interruption to have videos play as you leisurely scroll down your Facebook feed. To do so, click on the downward arrow in the upper-right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Next, click on Videos from the left-hand navigation panel and choose Off.

Jun 8, 2017, 4:04 pm EST | 1 min read

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

In yet another bid to get your attention while browsing Facebook on your mobile device, Facebook now has videos set to automatically play the audio in your news feed. Here’s how to turn that annoying new “feature” off.

Last year, Facebook rolled out a similar feature that automatically plays videos without you clicking on them. Thankfully, you can disable it, but now they’re back with another update that automatically plays videos with the volume on.

To turn off the new always-on volume feature, fire up the Facebook mobile app and click on the menu icon in the lower right corner. Although we’re using iOS for this tutorial, the menu options are roughly the same on both iOS and Android—on Android there are simply fewer menus between you and the setting you need to toggle.

Within the main menu, scroll down until you see “Settings” and select it. (Android users should tap “App Settings” where they will find the “Videos in News Feed” setting it will take iOS users a few more clicks to get to.)

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Select “Account Settings”. (Of course it would be under Account Settings instead of News Feed Preferences. Why would the preference you have for videos in your news feed be under News Feed Preferences, after all?)

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Select “Videos and Photos”.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Within the Videos and Photos menu, toggle the top entry, “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” off.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Now videos in your news feed will not start with the sound blaring and if you want to hear the sound you will either need to double tap on the video to zoom to the video (much like tapping on a photo for a closer look) or you need to tap the speaker icon in the lower right corner

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

From here on out, no more abrasive ads with sound blasting at you (unless, you know, turning the volume on and enjoying the ad experience is your thing).

Facebook regularly releases updates which they’ve painstakingly tested to ensure they improve your experience when using their platform. Despite all this care, the social media giant has decided to start playing sound with videos automatically – which is ridiculous. Here’s everything you need to know and a quick guide to help you stop Facebook auto-playing videos with sound.

What’s The Problem With Auto-playing Sound?

Smartphones are one of the most life-changing pieces of technology in human history. The sheer volume of smartphones in the world is incredible. They help us navigate from A to B, play endless playlists of music but most importantly, pass the time in the bathroom. 75% of people have admitted using their phone on the bog and the rest were lying.

Now, the problem here is the office. What happens if you’re on the porcelain throne when a colleague enters the bathroom just as you hit a video by Korean Billy going through Irish phrases? Sure, it’s far from incriminating but at best it’s a little odd to hear that coming from a cubical.

How To Stop Facebook Auto-playing Videos With Sound

After receiving a push notification from Facebook, alerting me to the fact they were turning on auto-play sounds in videos, I got the fear and set about turning this off for good.

To avoid such awkwardness in the workplace all you need to do is take a few simple steps. Here’s how to stop Facebook auto-playing videos with sound:

  1. Open the Facebook App on your smartphone
  2. Tap the menu “burger button”

  1. Next, look for App Settings
  1. Hit the toggle beside “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound”

There ya go. Bob’s yer Uncle.

Bonus tip:

While you’re in Facebook’s App Settings, take a quick look at when your videos auto-play. If you’re away on holidays, even with new roaming laws, it’s probably a good idea to disable this or limit it auto-play to WiFi only. You find your options and be able to pick an option that suits you here:

Ashish Mundhra

30 Apr 2014

I am not against ads and completely aware of the fact as to how important it can be for a business to grow. However, there’s a fine line between showing ads and annoying with ads, and Facebook just crossed that line by coming up with auto-playing video ads. But the worst part is that it’s not just limited to browsers on computers. You have them on smartphone apps as well.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Turn Off Native Videos: If you’re looking to disable auto-play native videos on Facebook, then we’ve got you covered on that too.

So, today we are going to see how we can stop these sponsored video ads from auto-playing across all the devices and save our mobile 3G/LTE data. We will start with disabling ads on desktop browsers first and then move on to Android and iPhone.

On Desktop Browsers

To turn off ads on the desktop browser, open the Facebook homepage and click on the small arrow on the menu at the top, to open a dropdown box.

Here click on the Settings option to open Facebook settings. On the settings page, look for the option Videos and click on it. You will now see the option to toggle video playing settings here. Click the On box and change it to Off.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

That’s all, you will not be bothered with the video ads that auto-play. Some users might not see the option in their settings menu and that could be because the feature has not been enabled for them as of now or they are still on the old Facebook style. Consider yourself lucky for the time being, but don’t forget to turn them off when you start seeing them.

On Android Devices

I am currently using the beta version of Android and the screenshots you see in the post might differ, but the process remains the same. Open the Facebook app on Android and tap the option App Settings on the left sidebar (right sidebar for the beta users).

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Here look for the option Video Auto-play and turn it off. If you want to play the videos over Wi-Fi and only restrict it while on data connection, select Wi-fi only.

You might have to force-kill the app once to see the changes in effect.

On iOS Devices

Unfortunately, right now there’s no way you can disable these auto-playing video ads permanently on your iOS devices. However, we can disable them from playing while we are on data connection, and limit them only to Wi-Fi network.

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Open your iOS settings and navigate to Facebook settings. Here you will find a list of apps that have access to Facebook on your device. Again tap the Settings option to see the option Auto-play on Wi-Fi only under Video and turn it on.


So that was how you can disable the annoying, self-playing video ads on Facebook across all the platforms. Talking in terms of battery life, it will hardly make a difference. But you save on the bandwidth. And peace of mind? Priceless.

Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018
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Did You Know

The first Amazon Kindle was released on November 19, 2007.

By Mitch Bartlett 2 Comments

Facebook’s decision to play videos automatically in the timeline has made many users angry. Not only does it use more data if you’re on a mobile device, it’s takes up space and distracts from other items you may want to see.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to prevent videos from playing automatically on Facebook. We have tutorials for disabling auto playing videos in Chrome for Desktop, and the Facebook app for iPhone and Android.

Chrome Desktop Version

If you’re using Google Chrome on a Windows, Linux, or Mac desktop computer, you can disable autoplay for plugins using these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type “chrome://settings/content” in the web browser, then press “Enter“. Alternately, you could go to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Show advanced settings…“, then choose the “Content settings…” button.
  • From the “Content settings” window in the “Plug-ins” section, you have two options:
    • If you want to prevent auto-playing videos on all the websites you visit, select “Click to play“, then select the “Done” button. Note: This setting will require you to click to allow plugins like Flash games every time you want to use them.
      How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing
    • If you only want to change this setting for Facebook, you could leave the “Run automatically” option selected, then choose “Manage exceptions…“. From there you can add Facebook to the list and set the site to “Ask“. You would do this by typing “[*.]” in the blank field, then changing the selection menu on the right from “Allow” to “Ask“.
      How to stop facebook videos from auto-playing

Videos on Facebook will no longer automatically play in Google Chrome after changing this setting.

Have you noticed that videos in your Facebook news feed now start playing automatically?

Even though Facebook’s auto-playing videos are muted by default, I reckon they’re super distracting.

If you’re sick of videos auto-playing too then don’t worry – thankfully it’s a pretty easy feature to disable (I can hear you all breathe a sigh of relief). Whether you’re on a computer, an iOS device or Android mobile, here’s how you can change your Facebook video settings.

Steps for the Desktops and Laptops

Log in to Facebook with your details, then look for the upside-down triangle icon two across from the notifications button. Click on it and then choose Settings from the dropdown list.

From there, you’ll be redirected to the main Settings page. Click on Videos – it’s the last option on the left hand-side of the page. Then just turn Auto-Play Videosoff.

Steps for Mobiles

Before I go into the steps for different mobile devices, here’s an FYI that will help make sense of a few things. You’ll notice that the steps below make mention of videos auto-playing for “WiFi only.” What that means is that Facebook’s settings don’t let you completely disable auto-play for videos – you can only disable auto-play if you’re using your mobile data. If you’re connected to WiFi, the videos will still auto-play.

Yes that’s a bit of a bummer, but I guess the silver lining is that the auto-playing videos won’t chew into your mobile data, and that’s a big plus.

iPhone and iPad settings

For those with an iPhone or an iPad, here’s what you’ll need to do to stop videos auto-playing on Facebook:

  1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Scroll down to Facebook
  3. Tap Facebook and then Settings
  4. Under the Video section, turn the option for Auto-play on WiFi onlyon. In some versions of iOS the option is called Auto-play, and you can select between on, WiFi only or off.

Android – HTC

Here’s a head’s up for those with an Android smartphone – these steps will only work if you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Facebook app. If you haven’t, all you’ll need to do is update the app through the Play Store. The steps should then work for you.

Open the Facebook app on your HTC, then tap Menu. Head to App Settings then select WiFi only for Auto-play Videos.

Android – Samsung

The steps for a Samsung smartphone are pretty similar to those for the HTC – open theFacebook app, then tap the Menu (it’s on the bottom left hand-side of your handset) andSettings. Again, for Video Auto-play select WiFi only.