How to use skype on your chromebook

How to use skype on your chromebook

Chromebooks are great at so many things. They’re an inexpensive alternative to many laptops and their storage is largely cloud-based for extra convenience. You can use them for all of your chat needs, but what if you want to use Skype on Chromebook devices? There are actually two ways to use Skype on Chromebook products, so let’s jump right in and show you how it’s done.

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How to use Skype on Chromebook using the browser

How to use skype on your chromebook

Chrome OS is all about the web, so using the browser is a simple way to get things done. Here’s how to use Skype for Chromebook via the Chome browser:

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to the Skype website.
  3. Click on the Chat now button.
  4. Log in using your username (or email account or phone number) and password.

Once you’ve signed in, that’s it. You’re now ready to use Skype to chat with friends, use video, add new contacts, and everything else you usually do — on a Chromebook.

Use the Android app

How to use skype on your chromebook

While Skype isn’t included out of the box, most modern Chromebooks now support Android apps, and that means you can simply fire up Google Play and download it!

  1. Head to the Google Play Store and download Skype.
  2. Follow the basic installation instructions.
  3. Once it’s installed, you should find Skype in the app drawer (that little circle to the bottom left).
  4. Open up the app, log in, and you are set!

The Linux app is another great option

How to use skype on your chromebook

The list of Chromebooks that also support Linux apps continues to grow. If yours does, this is likely the best way to get Skype on Chromebook devices. You can get a much better experience, thanks to the desktop-focused design.

  1. Head over to Skype’s download page.
  2. You’ll see a Get Skype for _____ under the Skype for Desktop section. Click on the downward arrow to see options.
  3. Select Get Skype for Linux DEB.
  4. Find the file in your Downloads folder and double click on it.
  5. Follow instructions to finish installation.
  6. Open the Linux app and sign in.

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Owning a Chromebook comes with a lot of perks, but can also be a drag sometimes. For instance, if you‘re using Google Hangouts in order to video call or chat with someone it‘s all sun and rainbows, but if you were to use Skype, things wouldn‘t be so easy anymore. However, you can still use it to hold chats or interact with your contacts through a browser app. Here‘s all you need to know about it.

Using The Web Version of Skype for Chromebooks

First of all, you have to sing into Skype, so open a new browser tab and navigate to

This page will ask your user information, so go ahead and insert your username and password.

Now you can click on Get Started. Although the page message tells you that you can use Skype for audio and video calls, you should know that this service requires an additional app which only works on Windows and iOS, but not on Chrome OS.

Considering the above, you will only be able to use Skype‘s web interface for chats and contact administration or management.

Don‘t forget to sign out when you‘re done using it; just click on your profile picture, choose the Sign Out option, and confirm the action when prompted to do so.

Although Skype has been extending its platform more towards web usage, we don‘t see it happening on Chromebooks pretty soon now, probably because the users‘ number on Chromebooks is low and wouldn‘t justify the development investment.

However, Google created a system that can allow you to use the Skype app on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Entitled the App Runtime For Chromebook, it can be used to install the Android Skype version on your Chrome OS device.

How to use skype on your chromebook

How to use Skype Video Calls on Chromebook Using an Android Version of the Service

This method is a bit more complicated and mainly designed for developers that need to test Android apps on their Chromebooks, so you‘ll have a bit of work to do. Also, Google Play Store isn‘t the place where you can find the installation packages necessary.

The first step is to search for a Skype.apk file, whether you use an Android app that can extract an app package from your Android tablet or phone, or you find a website that contains the application you need. Another method would be to use and APK Downloader extension for Crome, a program that can provide the official variant of any app existent in the Play Store.

Keep in mind that toying with these tools without being an experienced user can have serious consequences, so you‘re doing this at your own responsibility. The Skype version we‘ve tried and recommend for usage on Chrome OS is Skype 4.9, other versions might not be supported just as well.

Before moving forward, make sure you have enabled the Developer Mode for Chrome OS extensions. You can check this pre-requisite by going to the menu button located on top right of the Chrome, choose More Tools, next Extensions, and now make sure that the checkbox next to Developer Mode is marked.

Now that you have all the above requirements fulfilled, you‘ll need to get the ARC Welder app, which will allow you to prepare the .apk package for Chrome usage. As soon as this is app is installed, open it and import the Skype .apk file in the screen that appears.

You can also choose how to see the Skype app – phone or tablet view, landscape or portrait. Go ahead and select the one that suits you best. Now you can click on the button Launch App and Skype will be ready to use on your Chromebook.

After this entire process, a Skype shortcut will appear in the Chrome OS launcher. If you can‘t see it there, you can find it in the Extensions page in the More Tools menu, accompanied by a launch button as well.

We know that this is not an easy way, but until Skype will launch a Chromebook version of its service, this method is pretty reliable, and you only go through the installation process once.

Use the Skype for Chromebook app or the browser version of the tool

How to use skype on your chromebook

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Most new Chromebooks run apps found in the Google Play Store, opening an array of functionality not previously available on Chrome OS. One popular app is Skype, which lets you communicate online through voice, video, and text-based chat.

However, for many older Chromebooks, Google Play Store support isn’t always available. If your model falls in this category, there is a workaround that allows you to place audio and video calls using a webcam and a microphone through the Skype browser-based interface. While it doesn’t feature all of the bells and whistles found in the Skype app, this web-only alternative gets the job done by coming close to mimicking the desktop experience.

Get Skype

To find out whether your Chromebook model supports Google Play apps, open the Settings app. If you scroll down the interface but cannot find a section for Google Play Store, your device cannot install the Skype app. If you find this section, however, verify that the service is enabled.

To install Skype using the app, open the link in Google Play Store, and install it as normal.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Use the Skype App on Your Chromebook

The first time you log in to Skype, you’re asked whether you wish to let the app access your contacts. This step is optional, and you can continue by either allowing or denying the procedure. You’re also asked several permission-related questions.

Your answers to these questions determine what capabilities the app will have, such as making video calls using the Chromebook’s webcam. If you chose to deny certain access and try to use functionality that requires it, you’re asked once again for permission when making an attempt.

Use the Web-Based Version of Skype on Your Chromebook

If your Chromebook model can’t take advantage of Google Play apps, the Skype web-based version is an alternative. From here, you can access all the communication methods that the app offers.

Open the Chrome browser and visit Log in to the service or register for a free account. After you log in, you’ll see the web interface. From here, you can initiate phone calls, video and text chats, as well as access stored contacts. You can also send and receive contact requests to and from family members, friends, or colleagues.

How to use skype on your chromebook

As is the case with the Skype app, certain permissions must be granted before you can use the webcam, microphone, and file system. The key difference is that, in this case, it is the Chrome browser asking for permission, as opposed to the application.

How to use skype on your chromebookUsing Skype on a Chromebook is not as easy as downloading Skype and connecting your account like it is on Windows, MacOS or Linux. Chromebooks cannot run Skype natively. However, it is possible that Chromebook users can use Skype a few different ways. While you can’t make video or voice calls using Skype on a Chromebook, you can hold chats or manage contacts in your browser.

They can run the Skype Web App or that they can use use a special Google tool to package Android apps for Chrome OS. Lastly, Google is starting to have Chromebooks that run Android Apps. There may be a version of Skype for Chromebooks that runs natively sooner than later. Skype on a Chromebook may be a permanent app as more and more Chromebooks can run Android apps. If you are using Skype frequently, it may be best to buy a Chromebook compatible webcam.

Microsoft now provides a version of Skype (known as the Skype Web App which runs on Chromebooks) that works directly in a browser, and even works for Chromebooks. The web app is a beta version of Skype and the video calling does not work good in Chromebooks. However, as Microsoft continues to develop this version of Skype, it might become a very good option for Skype Chromebook users and in the future until there is a native version of Skype for ChromeOS. You can head to in your browser, login, and start using instant messenger (limited voice and video Skype calls on Chromebooks).

It is quite simple to use Skype on the Chromebook. Here, only the call through the Web page and registered users is necessary. If you can already have a username, login with password is required. After the charging process, Skype opens into contains familiar environment. The browser requires the allowing of desktop notifications and the possibility to use the built-in microphone of the Chromebook. The former option does a choice there in my eyes, if you would like to be informed about incoming calls.

Downside of Using Skype on a Chromebook

On Windows and Mac, Skype for Web offers support for voice and video calls using a plug-in. This is the same way that Skype offered voice calls on, and the same way Google used to offer voice calls in Gmail with Google Talk. But Chromebooks can’t install older browser plug-ins like this—it’s the same reason why you can’t install the Java web plug-in on a Chromebook. That means Chromebooks are left out of Skype voice and video chats, for now.

In the past, it was already possible to exchange at least text messages with the Web application by Skype. It is undisputed that this can be in today’s age, and in the light of the other functions of Skype is not satisfactory. Because also the hangout provided by Google is a worthy solution, was gladly referred to this alternative. So it is not surprising that according to latest reports the possibility has been created now, Skype running in the browser to allow. However video calls are not supported currently still but may be possible once Chromebooks run Skype as an Android app.

Google is working on an Android runtime for Chrome. Ultimately, this is a compatibility layer designed to let you run any Android app directly on Chrome OS, giving Chromebooks access to all the Android apps that exist. It doesn’t work perfectly just yet and requires some fiddling, but it’s an option.

Skype has an Android app, and you can now install that Android app on Chrome OS. If you have an Android device, you can install Skype for Android and the ARChon Packager app. This is not reccomended for beginning Chromebook users and the install of Skype on a Chromebook requires some more advanced techniques. The packager app can then package up the Skype Android app into a Chrome app. You can then share the generated app using Android’s share feature and upload it to Google Drive, where it will be available on your Chromebook’s Files app.

  1. First, install the Archon runtime on your Chromebook.
  2. Next, extract the Skype app and install it by opening the Extensions page in Chrome, activating “Developer mode,” and using the “Load unpacked extension” button. This is probably the easiest option.
  3. If you just have a Chromebook, you can use the twerk Chrome app for this. You’ll just have to get an official Skype APK file to package it with. (Note that the “Developer mode” option here just activates some additional features on the Extensions page. It’s different from the “Developer Mode” feature below that allows you to install Linux.)

A couple days ago, Microsoft pulled the wrapper off a brand-new, updated version of Skype for Web and, in the process, left quite a few users out in the cold. In what looks like an effort to consolidate development around the most-used browsing platform (Chrome), Microsoft has shuddered support for the web version of Skype on browsers like Safari, Firefox, and it’s own now-defunct IE11. Their in-house browser is, not surprisingly, also still supported.

If Chrome support is still clearly there, why the title of this article? Well, it turns out Microsoft has decided to give a little jab to Chromebook users in the midst of this update as well. For whatever reason, Skype for Web works fine in Chrome on Windows or Mac, but not on a Chromebook.

Weird flex, but OK.

As it turns out, however, there’s a fantastically-simple workaround to this little issue and Kevin Tofel from About Chromebooks has made the world aware of that a simple user-agent switcher works wonders for bringing your Skype for Web functionality back to your Chromebook.

–> You can snag the extension here, select Edge for Windows as you user agent (oddly, Chrome for Windows doesn’t quite do it), and then load up and behold: your web-based video chats have full access to your mic, speakers, and camera. It’s almost like Microsoft just turned this off on purpose based only on your OS, not your browser. It’s almost like they targeted Chrome OS users specifically. –>

But I’m sure that’s just my imagination! Anyway, if you are/were a Skype user and the web portal is your preferred way of making and receiving calls, you can still take part from your Chromebook just fine.

–> Oh, there’s also the Android app that can be leveraged here as well in the event that this little workaround ceases to do the job.

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E ven with more software that supports video calls and VoIP being introduced daily, Skype still holds a special place among general consumers. Its support for clean and smooth video calls makes it a popular and reliable service, even for professional business communication. It is now available for several platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and mac. Not to mention its web version, which you can access any device with an active internet connection and a browser.

Even though this app’s primary purpose is to send messages and calls, Skype comes loaded with other more features than you can imagine. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Skype Features

  • High-quality video calls: Making Video calls is free. All you need is a good internet connection and a good webcam for high-quality video calls. You can also have a video conference with several users at once
  • Instant messaging: Users can send and receive text messages instantly. It also supports the use of video messages and Voicemail.
  • Skype calls: You can make calls to other users completely free. All you need is an internet connection. It also supports call forwarding to mobile phones and landlines.
  • Screen sharing: Other than video calls, you can also share your screen with other users. That comes in handy when you have a presentation to share.
  • Group conversations: Skype allows users to communicate with several people at one particular time. Audio call (up to 25 people), video (up to 10 users), Screen sharing (up to 10 users), and Group chat (up to 600 members)
  • Send Files with Skype: It enables you to send files of any size and format.
  • Edit and delete sent messages
  • Translation of voice and text: It can translate calls or text messages to your language.
  • Multilingual: It supports up to 39 built-in languages. You can select the default language to use without having to restart the app.

Can you install Skype on your Chromebook? The definite answer is YES! This post will look at two approaches you can use to have it running seamlessly on your Chromebook.

1. Install Skype using Google Play store.
2. Use Skype Chrome extension

Let’s get started and look at these methods in detail.

Installing Skype on Chromebook via Google Play Store

This method is suitable for Chromebook that has support for Android applications. I have already tested it, and it works fine. The only drawback is that you don’t have access to some minor Desktop features like background-blur and real-time caption use. One fantastic quality is that you can get Skype notifications, even when the app is not open. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Open the Google play store application.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Google Play Store

Step 2: Search for ‘Skype‘ and install the application.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, proceed to launch ‘Skype‘ from the applications menu.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Launch the Skype application

Step 5: The Skype application window will open, and you will be required to sign in.

How to use skype on your chromebook

You will get a notification that Skype wants to access your contacts. Click ‘Allow.’ The Skype client window will open, and you can now start chatting and video calling with friends.

If your Chromebook doesn’t support Android applications, don’t worry, we have you sorted out. Read along and know how you can use the Skype Chrome extension.

Installing Skype web version via Chrome extension

Step 1. To get started, we need to download the Skype extension. Open this link on your Chrome web browser.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Add Skype to Chrome

Step 2. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. A window will pop-up, showing you what data this extension can access. Click ‘Add extension.’

How to use skype on your chromebook

Add Skype Extension

Once the extension installs, you can launch it from the top-right corner of your browser. If you can’t see it, click on the black icon to reveal all extensions, as shown below.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Launch Skype Chrome extension

A window will open, and you will be required to Sign In to Skype.

How to use skype on your chromebook

The Skype main window will open, and you can now send text messages and video calls to friends.

Those are two ways you can use to have Skype running on your Chromebook. Please feel free to ask any questions and be sure to share any additional information with our readers below.

How to use skype on your chromebook

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Arun did his bachelor in computer engineering and loves enjoying his spare time writing for ChromeReady. He uses Linux as the daily driver and loves tinkering with interesting distros on VirtualBox. He recently got a Chromebook to understand this evolving and exciting Operating System and wishes to share his learnings on this website. He works during the day and reads anything tech at night. Apart from blogging, he loves swimming and playing tennis.

Hello I have a HP Chromebook X2 and have tried to use Skype for business for a while, without success.

I get error message: You can’t sign in with this version of Skype for Business. Please install newer version. If that doesn’t work, contact your support team.

I am using the latest available version of Skype and have tried all steps that were suggested in other posts here without success.

Replies (6) 

Welcome to post here.

From your description, can I know if you had installed the Lync client before please? Or the HP Chromebook X2 is a new one and this is the first time to install and use the Skype for Business client with your Office 365 for Business account in it?

Looking forward to your update about the above questions. In the meantime, please try to repair it to check if there is any improvement.

By the way, can I know the detailed version about this Skype for Business client please?

* Beware of scammers posting fake support numbers here.

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How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback.

I have looked up for MS lync and it says device not compatible. I am using MS Lync on my company mobile (Android Moto) and skype for business in my personal mobile (Android Pixel) both without issues.

Skype for Business details> Version updated 10-25-18.

Was this reply helpful?

Sorry this didn’t help.

Great! Thanks for your feedback.

How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback.

I am monitoring this thread by now. From your description, my understanding is you can sign in to SFB mobile app but cannot sign in to SFB in your HP computer with the same Office 365 account, right? If I misunderstand anything, please feel free to correct me. Have you tried repairing Office as @Rudy suggested?

For “I have a HP Chromebook X2 and have tried to use Skype for business for a while, without success”, do you mean you have never logged in to SFB via your HP computer before? Can you log in to another computer (like your colleague’s) with the same account? Please test it and let me know the result. Meantime, you can clear SFB cache if it helps:

1. Type Run in Windows search, then enter %AppData%.

2. Navigate to AppData > Local > Microsoft > Office > 16.0 > Lync.

3. Delete the contents in Tracing folder.

4. Delete user profile.

Moreover, since the problem is with your computer, please provide us a screenshot of your SFB computer’s version. You can click Help > About Skype for Business to access it.

* Beware of scammers posting fake support numbers here.

* Kindly Mark and Vote this reply if it helps please, as it will be beneficial to more Community members reading here.

Skype for Web (beta) is now available to try without an invite, providing you’re in the US or the UK that is.

The browser-based version of Skype allows users to make voice and video calls without needing to install the main Skype desktop app. It works in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac OS X.

But the WebRTC plugin that handles the VoIP side of things is not yet available for Chrome OS or Linux.

It’s not all bad though; Skype’s instant messaging feature should (at some point) work on a Chromebook as it doesn’t require a plugin to function.

So why web and why now? Microsoft say they’re doing it “because the hundreds of millions of people […] told us they want to call and IM when they visit our website.”

“We know how critical it is for you to get to your conversations — and Skype for Web helps you get connected anytime.”

How to Try Skype Web in Google Chrome

To try Skype for Web beta right now, in Chrome you need to be either the US or UK and have (or be willing to sign up for) a Skype account.

Then just dart over to in a new tab and sign in with your Skype login. Quick-ity-boo, you’ll be ready to send and receive instant messages with your Skype buddies.

How to use skype on your chromebook

To make a voice or video call you will need to install a plugin (you’ll be prompted to do this after signing in) but, as mentioned earlier, the plugin is only available for Windows and Mac OS X users.

Microsoft has also uploaded a ‘Skype Calling’ extension to the Chrome Web Store and will, on Windows, ask you to install it. It’s not instantly clear what this add-ons does but its permissions set implies it does more than let you click phone numbers online.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Let us know what you think

I’m not a heavy Skype user so I can’t attest to the quality of calls and video versus the standard desktop app. It works, which given the beta tag is pretty much all to be expected for now.

The service is available from today in the US and UK. Access for other countries is to roll out over the coming weeks.

If you try it out let us know what you think.

Connect With Dear Ones Via Video Calling Service

Many of us are aware about the web version of the most used Skype video & voice calling service, Skype on your Chromebook. Officially, there is no video or voice support yet however there are a few workarounds to help you with using Skype for Chromebook OS.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Skype For Chromebook gives you ultimate experience of using the video conferencing service as Chromebook are a bit smarter and advanced than a simple laptop or a tablet.

How to Get Skype on Chromebook?

Before we talk about using Skype on Chromebook, let’s first know what Chromebook is all about.

Chromebook is nothing but a tablet or laptop that runs on a Linux based Chrome operating system. Chromebook runs on Google Chrome OS that is a bit more advanced than Chrome browser as well as amazingly lightweight as compared to other operating systems. Since Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, the maximum functionalities feature on the Google suite’s applications.

How to use skype on your chromebook

The speedy, simple and secure operating system, Chrome OS powers every Chromebook. Easy to set up, it’s designed to feel intuitive and helpful every step of the way. With simple setup, smart search, & chrome sync, Chromebook gives you personal browsing experience on every device.

Let’s check out the ways to Get Skype For Chromebook

There is no speculation around Microsoft bringing Skype on the Chrome OS, however, Google created a tool that made Skype run on a Chromebook. There are a few simple & compressed steps (mentioned below) that will let you use Skype for Chromebook in no time:

  1. Chrome OS works entirely on the web so let’s start with visiting the Skype WebPage& you will get a Sign in window for putting a login User ID credential.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Apart from making the video calls, you can also use the other functionalities including voice calling & chat with your friends, family, & colleagues.

Please know that the Skype for Chromebook (web version) won’t work on Chrome browser (I’ve tried). And that is why, switching to Chromebook (Chrome OS) is making sure that you get to use the same without any hassles.

Chromebook & Android Apps

Not all but many modern or latest Chromebook versions support Android apps as well & that’s good news for those users who don’t rely on the Web much. You don’t need to do anything else part from using the latest Chromebook & navigating yourself to Google Play Store.

How to use skype on your chromebook

Download Skype from the Google Play Store & go through the usual installation instructions to finish up. The moment Skype is installed on your Chromebook, you will find the app in your app drawer (bottom left). Just open the Skype app, put in your login credentials & you are video calling with your dear ones in no time.

Wrapping Up

Skype for Chromebook seems a bit difficult, however, the whole process is as easy as installing an application on your mobile device. This very simple process makes things quite easier for you in case you are not a big fan of downloading & using video conferencing apps on your device (considering the current privacy & security issues).

Don’t forget to start using Skype for Chromebook & let us know how your experience was after making successful calls.