How to watercolor easter eggs

I have bee n motivated recently by all the brand-new methods to embellish or color Easter Eggs. It appears the conventional method we have actually been passing away eggs is unsatisfactory nowadays– wink! I need to state, I completely took pleasure in checking out these Watercolor Easter Egg Styles— it’s simply not for kids any longer! Not just is Easter an enjoyable time to commemorate and embellish, however Spring! I like all the intense and soft colors of this season!

Watercolor Easter Egg Styles

How to watercolor easter eggs

How to watercolor easter eggs

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These would be best for Blown Out Eggs like they do here.

How to watercolor easter eggs

My motivation for my Easter egg styles originated from this … my father’s well-used watercolor paint tray. He was a really skilled painter who unfortunately is not able to paint any longer. My mom provided me his tray recently– lots of terrific paintings originated from this tray. You can see a few of his operate in this previous Daddy’s Day Post! When I was more youthful … seeing and discovering some of his strategies, given that I am likewise creative and did a little painting. I believed I would attempt a couple of to see if they would work on eggs.


How to watercolor easter eggs

The something about watercolor paint is that it is difficult to manage. Unlike other paints, it wishes to spread out. The trick to the Crackle Egg appearance is cling wrap! Whatever brand name you like. Merely paint the egg entirely with heavy pigment then crinkle the cling wrap and dab everything over the egg. The wrap gets rid of the paint in some locations and gathers it deeper in others. Let dry without smearing, it if you can. Pretty cool looking! And yes, my father did this on his paintings!

How to watercolor easter eggs

How to watercolor easter eggs

Pointer: I discovered it simpler to take the egg container and turn it upside down, to hold the egg, while I painted. My fingers were getting a little unpleasant!

How to watercolor easter eggs

The Speckled Egg was carried out in a comparable strategy. Entirely cover the egg with paint, dip a little bristle brush in water and spray the water on the egg. See the pigment end up being watered down as the water strikes the egg.

How to watercolor easter eggs

How to watercolor easter eggs

As I stated, watercolor paint can be difficult to manage, however among the cool aspects of it is the fascinating results it produces when the colors bleed together. For the Bleeding Egg (looks a little tie-dyed) I initially dipped the whole egg in water, then dabbed the egg with heavy pigment. It takes a couple of minutes, however the colors start to bleed together. Include extra paint and colors as required.

How to watercolor easter eggs

Hope you are motivated to embellish your eggs artistically this Easter!

How to watercolor easter eggs

How to watercolor easter eggs

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Searching for a classroom-friendly option to painting eggs this Easter?

This lesson teaches trainees 4 various watercolor strategies to produce vibrant patterns and styles that they can utilize to embellish their paper eggs.

Let’s begin …

What You’ll Require:

— Water resistant black marker

— Wax crayons or oil pastels

Watch Patty’s Facebook Live tutorial, showing how to teach this lesson to your class of trainees. This video has actually been modified from the initial Facebook tutorial.

Water Resistant Marker

With a water resistant black marker, trace a line around the beyond the egg. Utilize the exact same marker to draw lines, patterns, and other designs inside the egg. P aint the within of the egg with liquid watercolors as soon as you have actually completed drawing your style.

Wax Resist

With a wax crayon or oil pastel, draw patterns, lines, and other designs inside your egg. Color in some parts of the illustration or shapes with crayon. Usage watercolor to paint over the whole egg with one color. Notification how the paint prevents the crayon, enabling the styles to reveal through.

Wet-on-Wet & Salting

Dip your paintbrush in water and paint inside an egg shape without getting any color. Next, dip your brush in one color and brush it over the top of the damp area. Select another color and paint from the bottom up. The colors will top the damp surface area, mixing with each other.

Optional: Sprinkle salt over the damp paint to produce a speckled result.

Glue Resist

Draw egg shapes on a piece of watercolor paper. Usage white glue or white glue combined with India ink to trace over shape line. Utilize the glue to include designs and patterns to the egg. When the glue has actually dried, fill in the egg with watercolor paints.

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