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How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

There are plenty of reasons why someone would need to backup their voicemails; perhaps for legal purposes or to save the voice of a deceased loved one. Whatever your reasons are, this guide will show you two ways to backup the voicemails from your iPhone in MP3 format.

Note: This tutorial is for Windows. The same concepts will apply for Mac operating systems but not all of the programs mentioned here are built for a Mac. You can still use this article as a guide but will not be able to follow it exactly.

There are two different methods we suggest as the best ways for backing up your iPhone voicemails. If you have iTunes installed and are able to sync your iPhone, you’ll be able to get 100% quality voicemail backups and preserve them in MP3 format. If you don’t have access to iTunes or are unable to sync your iPhone for any reason, there is another method available that takes a little more tinkering and produces near-transparent quality backups.

Recovering Deleted Voicemails

Before we begin with the guide, are there any voicemails you have received and then accidentally deleted from your iPhone? There’s still a chance that they can be recovered, so read this section before continuing with the guide, as proceeding will destroy any chance at recovering deleted voicemails.

If you had a voicemail on your iPhone, synced your iPhone to your computer while the voicemail was still on it, deleted the voicemail from your iPhone since then, and have not re-synced yet, the voicemail can be easily recovered.

Let us say this just for clarification: Do NOT plug your iPhone into your computer if you are trying to recover a voicemail. Doing so can erase your older backups, thereby deleting any instances of the voicemails you are trying to recover. As long as you aren’t trying to recover a deleted voicemail, proceed with this guide as normal. If you are, still proceed, but disregard steps that tell you to sync your phone.

Converting Voicemails to MP3

If there are no deleted voicemails that you’re trying to recover, we recommend the following steps. On your iPhone, permanently delete any unimportant voicemails. There is no way to distinguish between different voicemails on your computer, so getting rid of the irrelevant ones will save you time in the future. After that, sync your iPhone to your PC so there is a fresh backup made of all your current voicemails.

You will need two programs in order to preserve your voicemails in MP3 format. Download iBackupBot and AMR Player. Installation is straight-forward on both programs. You can just install both of them with all of the default settings.

Once the programs are installed, run iBackupBot (there should be a shortcut on your desktop). iBackupBot will scan your iTunes backup folder for any iPhone backups you have on your computer. It lists the backups it finds under “iTunes Backups” in the left column. In the screenshot below, iBackupBot has found iTunes backups for a phone named ‘howtogeek’ which we’ve selected:

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Scroll down until you find your voicemails. They will be in the format of “Library/Voicemail/xyz.amr” (xyz being some number). It’s impossible to know which voicemail is which, so you’re best off to just select all of your voicemails (click the check box next to each one):

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

After you have selected the voicemails, go to File > Export.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Choose to only backup the selected files, and uncheck the box that backs it up with import information (unless you are actually planning to put these voicemails on another iPhone).

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

After clicking OK, it will ask you where to place the voicemails. Choose the location, click OK, and your voicemails will be exported there. Great, so we have our voicemails, but they’re in this ugly amr format. Now open up AMR Player (if there isn’t a shortcut on your desktop, go to Start and type AMR Player).

Once AMR Player is open, click on “Add File” and select the voicemails. You’ll need to repeat this step until every voicemail has made it into the queue.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

After all the voicemails have been imported into AMR Player, highlight them one at a time and click “AMR to MP3”. It’s inconvenient that this has to be done one at a time, but it’s a free and easy way to preserve these voicemails that can sometimes be priceless.

Alternative Method

If you are in a situation where your iPhone can’t be synced to your computer, or you don’t want to install iBackupBot and AMR Player, you can use an auxiliary cable and the Sound Recorder application built into Windows.

The auxiliary cable will need to be plugged into the microphone jack on your computer.

Auxiliary cable:
How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Microphone jack:
How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Once you have your iPhone hooked up via the auxiliary cable, open Sound Recorder by going to Start and typing “Sound Recorder.”

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Play the voicemail on your iPhone and hit record on Sound Recorder as soon as you do. When the voicemail is done playing, hit “Stop Recording” and select where you would like the file to be saved. Sound Recorder will save the file as WMA, which is more widely used than AMR, but still not a good file format for archiving your voicemails. To convert the WMA file to MP3, there are a variety of free programs you can use, such as Switch. Instructions are very similar to those for AMR Player.

Note: There are alternatives to the programs mentioned here, but iBackupBot and AMR Player are some of the most lightweight and bloat-free programs available for performing these tasks. Feel free to look around at alternatives, as the instructions for using them are likely similar.

May 15,2020 • Filed to: iPhone Recovery • Proven solutions

Most often we like to do exciting things with contents on our iPhones such as voicemails and pictures. For instance, you can transfer a voicemail from your iPhone to your personal computer and further convert it to other formats you want like MP3 format. Read this page, you will get the simplest solutions to save iPhone voicemail to MP3.

  • Part 1: How to Extract iPhone Voicemail to Computer
  • Part 2: Convert iPhone Voicemail to MP3 after Extracting from iPhone

Part 1: How to Extract iPhone Voicemail to Computer

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

dr.fone – The Best iPhone Voicemail Extractor

dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery is a software tool that allows you to recover data easily from your iPhone. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. It supports Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8, and 10 as well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 macOS Sierra. It is a tool that is used to recover deleted or lost data also from iPod, iPad and other devices. It allows you to recover data in three recovery mode, it can recover directly from your iPhone, recover from iTunes backup and lastly from iCloud backup.

Why Choose This iPhone Voicemail Extractor:

  • It allows you to preview recoverable data before you can recover them.
  • It can download information from iCloud Backup and iTunes.
  • It can recover data from any iPhone device including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and others.
  • It also allow you recover lost data in different scenarios including factory reset, accidently deletion, iOS system crash, water damage and more..

Note: If you have extracted voicemail from your iPhone, please directly go to Part 2 to save iPhone voicemails to MP3.

Step-by-Step Guide to Extract iPhone Voicemail to Mac

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone to the Mac

After dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery is running, fix your iphone to the Mac and select “Data Recovery” menu from the function list in the main window. Then in the next window, click on “Recover from iOS Device” mode.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Step 2. Select Files and Scan

After the program detects you iPhone, a window appears showing the files you can recover. From “Existing data on the Device” tab, select voicemail then click on “Start Scan” to scan your iPhone.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Step 3. Check Through the Data and Recover

After scanning is complete, the program displays the data found. Preview the data keenly and select the Voicemails you want to extract. Thereafter click on “Restore” button to save the files on the Mac.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

In doing so, your Voicemails will be available on your Mac or Windows, where you can now convert them to output formats such as MP3.

Part 2. Convert iPhone Voicemail to MP3 after Extracting from iPhone 7/SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

After you have extracted a voicemail from your iPhone you can convert it to mP3 format with the help of iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe program. First, let us discuss what is iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe. iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe is a powerful software tool that is used to download, play, burn and convert videos to a wide range of formats. iSkysoft software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It supports windows 7, 8, 10, NT, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2000 as well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 macOS Sierra.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert iPhone Voicemail to MP3

Step 1. Import Files to Convert

Open the software after you have downloaded and installed it. Go to the “File” menu then choose “Load Media Files” to import files into the program. You may also drag the files and drop them on the program.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Step 2: Select MP3 as the Uutput Format

Go to “Output” format and click on “Audios” and select mp3 format as the output format. Before converting your file, you may edit your audio like add effects on the brightness, subtitles and sound. Choose the location where you want to save your converted file.

Step 3: Select the File Location and Convert

Thereafter click on “Convert” button at the bottom of the program and you would have easily converted your voicemail to mp3 format.

It isn’t enjoyable when you miss a phone call, but it happens from time to time. The caller may leave a voicemail if the call was important enough, and sometimes they’ll even leave one even when it wasn’t. That said, no one wants the voicemail section of their phone to be cluttered with old messages. Luckily, you can save them either directly to your iPhone or your PC, thereby clearing up space and preserving precious messages for future reference.

Depending on which carrier you have, this process can be done on your phone or by using a third-party program. Either way, saving voicemails isn’t difficult, and with this guide, you’ll be saving your missed messages and organizing your voicemail inbox in no time.

How to save voicemails using your iPhone

This will be the easiest method, so long as you’re using iOS 9 or later and your smartphone carrier supports Visual Voicemail. Visual Voicemail is the list of voicemails you should see when you go to Phone > Voicemail. Carriers such as AT&T and Verizon support this feature, and it’s easy to set up. If you’re unsure if your carrier supports Visual Voicemail, your carrier’s support page or customer service department should be able to let you know.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

If you can use Visual Voicemail, then it’s easy to save your voicemails using your iPhone. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch the Phone app and select the Voicemail tab in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap the voicemail you want to save, followed by the Share icon. The icon resembles a box with an arrow pointing out of it.

Step 3: In the resulting pop-up window, choose a save location for the voicemail audio. You can either add it to your Notes app, save it as a Voice Memo, or send it to contacts via Messages. You can also email the audio or upload it to iCloud Drive.

Step 4: For any messages you don’t need to save, tap Delete in the bottom-right corner.

How to save voicemails using Explorer 4

If you’re unable to use Visual Voicemail or want another method, there’s always Explorer 4. The program allows you to save many things from your iPhone, including text messages, your call history, and other media housed on your device. The program starts at $40, but you can download it for free and use it in demo mode if you don’t want to pony up the cash.

First, you’ll need to install iTunes on your PC, as you need your phone to trust your machine before the two will interact. Consider making a backup of your iPhone as well, since Explorer 4 uses the backup to find your content. The program will create its own backup if there’s isn’t one available, but that will take some time.

Once you’ve installed iExplorer and made a backup, connect your iPhone using a Lightning cable. Launch Explorer and your iPhone should appear on the left side of the application window. When it does, select your iPhone and click Data > Voicemail on the right-hand side. You can also select your iPhone, click the drop-down arrow next to it, and go to Backup > Voicemail.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

Once done, your voicemails will load in the main program window, and you’ll see the contact, the date of the voicemail or call, and the duration of the voice message. To save voicemails, select them individually and click the Export button at the bottom. To save all voicemails at once, select Export All.

How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3

We are the Original Quality Message-Archiving Service
Since 2001
Voicemail to MP3 Service
Voicemail to CD Service
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This service is perfect if you don’t want to deal with any of the technology and would rather pay someone to transfer your valuable voicemail messages to mp3 or transfer voicemails to CD. We will actually call your voicemail for you and permanently back up the messages. Then you will be FINALLY free to erase those messages and make room for more messages. Also known as voicemail to email service, voicemail to mp3 service, voicemail transfer service. Voicemail to mp3 or CD Transfer Service, concierge voicemail backup service. (Service works on telephone answering machines too!)

  • Perfect for legal or nostalgic purposes.

(NOTE: Our service will even work with visual voicemail on a smart phone but NOT on an IPhone! If you have an iPhone, please see about our iPhone Voicemail Backup Service.

Want to do it yourself? Click here to learn how to permanently save voicemails all by yourself! Otherwise, keep reading below if you’d like us to do it for you.

Have you Ever Said This?

  • “How can I get these messages off my phone to make room for more messages?”
  • Or: “How can I save these adorable messages for posterity?”

Works for Voicemail or Answering Machines.

This service will work with any voicemail from ANY voicemail company. It will also work with any manual or digital answering machine. We will record any or all messages left on your voicemail. You can specify which messages that we are to record when you respond to the email that you get after placing your order.

For ALL Telecommunications Providers, Including:

Alianet, Alltel, Ameritech, Arch, AT&T, Bell Canada, Blue Sky Frog, Boost, Carolina West, Cellcom, Cellular One, Cellular South, Centennial Wireless, Centurylink, Cincinnati Bell, Cingular, Cingular Blue, Claro, Comviq, CREDO, Cricket, CTI Movil, Digicell, Edge, Einstein PCS, Fido, GCI, Immix, Koodo, Metro PCS, Mobile One, Movistar, Net10, Nextel, Ntelos, Optus, Orange, Page Plus, PC Mobile, Pocket Wireless, PowerTel, Qwest, Sasktel, Smart Telecom, Solo, Southern Linc, Speak Out, Sprint, Straight Talk, SunCom, Sure West, SwissCom, T Mobile, TBayTel, TelCel, Telenor, Telus, Tim, Unicel, US Cellular, Mobile, Verizon, Viaero, Vodafone, WellCom. (IF YOUR PROVIDER IS NOT LISTED LET US KNOW…. WE CAN DO THAT ONE TOO!)

Order Now

NOTE: As of March, 2018, we have had to put our custom voicemail transfer service on hold. We are currently recommending that you use Voicemails Forever.

“I received my voicemail transfer within 1 day! Howard and his team were extremely helpful and professional when answering my questions, even after they had completed my order. The sound quality is amazing; I would definitely use this service again and will recommend it to my friends.”

—Angela J.,
Alberta, Canada

“I am so happy I will be able to save these messages forever! This is such a great and important service.”

—Jennifer Turnbough,
Jersey City, NJ

“I have just successfully downloaded the voicemails. The quality and editing is outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank. Having lost my wife at an early age, I shall treasure these for years to come, thanks for your part in this.”

—Steve S,
Las Vegas, NV

“I love love love love what you have done for me and my family. Bless you. Truly priceless. I cannot thank you enough.”

—Raymond Shapiro,
Gaithersburg, MD

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I was just going through old voicemails on my mother, and grandmother’s, ancient flip phones. I listened to a lot of old voicemails from my father, who passed away almost 2 years ago, and I would desperately love to save them on my computer as a playable file (MP3, or whatever). I was able to do this on my iPhone, with the few messages he left me at that number. But I am trying to save the messages he left over 2 yrs ago from an LG VX5400, and a LG Revere™, I really have no idea where to begin. They still exist, they’re being saved for 21 days or something. I don’t even know if these phones have internet access, but it would mean the world to me to have these voicemails saved. Not sure what to do.

Basic Phones

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See if the suggestions in this thread help:

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Have a Look at the Info that i posted below:

From what i read it sounds like the Service can Make permanent Copies from Any phone Hopefully it True because having something that is close to ya and that you can keep for many years to come nothing can Match that.. b33

Voice Mail Archival

  1. Can I retrieve deleted Voice Mail messages? No, once a Voice Mail has been erased, the message is permanently deleted from the Voice Mail network. Back to top
  2. Can I have a permanent copy made of a Voice Mail message? Yes, permanent copies of your Voice Mail messages can be made in many ways but you can have CBW Productions, Inc. make a copy for you at a minimal fee. Go to CBW Productions and select the format you wish to use for your message archive. This is not a Verizon Wireless service and before any Voice Mail messages can be copied, you must register with CBW. If you do not have Internet access , you can contact CBW directly and place a phone order Monday through Thursday between 9am – 5pm EST and Friday 10am – 4pm at (800) 770-8046 or (877) 244-3222. Note: In order to have a copy of your message(s) made, you will be asked to provide CBW Productions, Inc. with your mobile phone number and Voice Mail password (Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchore. so they can access your mailbox. The message(s) you wish to have copied MUST still be present in your voice mailbox. If a message has already been deleted, it cannot be retrieved or copied. Your Voice Mail messages cannot be enhanced; therefore, any copies will be exactly what you hear in your mailbox; if the message that was left for you is garbled, the copy of the message will be as well. This archival service is not available for SMS (Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchored to the definit. (text) messages. CBW also provides Notary services for Voice Mail messages that are being archived. Back to top
  3. How much does it cost to have a message copied? Messages saved as MP3 (Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchored to the definit. files and delivered via email*

Cost = $10.00 for the first message, and $5.00 for each additional message.

*Due to firewall restrictions, etc., there is a limit of 10 messages per mobile phone number, and no more than 10 minutes recording time, per month for MP3 delivery. Orders will be processed within five business days from the time that the order is placed, excluding weekends and all holidays. Messages saved to CD or cassette

I ’d bet good money that most voicemails never get played. Instead, they just sit there serving as extra “missed call” notifications, letting you know to call or text back whoever bothered to leave you the message in the first place.

But every once in a while, you get a really special voicemail. Maybe your partner called you early in the morning, knowing you were asleep, to leave a Happy Birthday recording for when you awoke. Or maybe a beloved family member recently passed away, and you have a voicemail from them that might’ve seemed pretty pointless at the time but now carries extra significance.

In those cases, you might like to save that voicemail somewhere other than your phone for safekeeping or sharing.

Most phones don’t make that as easy as it ought to be. Apple’s iPhone will back up voicemails to your computer along with everything else, but they’re stored in a funky file format that’s not easily played by most software. Most Android phones, meanwhile, store your voicemails on off-site servers.

So what should you do if you’ve got a voicemail that’s really worth saving? The solution involves some free software and an affordable purchase, but it’s doable. Here’s how:

1. Download Audacity, a free audio recording program for Windows and Mac.

2. After opening Audacity, navigate to Preferences -> Recording, then check “software playthrough.”

3. Use a male-to-male headphone cable (that is, one with connectors at both ends) to connect your phone to your computer’s “Line In” jack. That cable shouldn’t run you more than a few bucks. Note that some computers, particularly Macs, only have one audio port that serves as both input and output.

4. On Audacity’s main control panel, make sure “Line In” or “Built-In Input” is selected in the drop-down menu for the recording source, marked by a microphone icon. The source you pick should match the port you’re using to connect your iPhone or Android to your computer.

5. Hit “Record” on Audacity. Then, on your phone, play the voicemail you’d like to record. When your message is done, stop recording. If you want to get really fancy, you can use Audacity to chop off any dead air at the start or end of your recording.

6. Navigate to File -> Export Audio and save your voicemail on your computer as an .MP3. You should now be able to open the recorded voicemail in software like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

7. For extra security, back up your newly recorded voicemails to a storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive, both of which offer free space.


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Some voicemails are just too precious to delete — or too important. After all, you may need to reference that voicemail from your friend about the parking situation at their new house, or you may want to preserve the meaningful message from a departed loved one.

Gone are the days of keeping a cassette tape to preserve your voicemails. Now, nearly everything exists in digital space, so there are convenient ways of saving all your important messages. But be careful. Tap or click here to learn how hackers can get into your digital voicemail.

We’ll teach you how to save important voicemails from your iPhone, Android or old non-smart phone. Let’s start with iPhones.

Saving voicemails on an iPhone

Apple provides ways of not just saving important voicemails, but sharing them, too. This is excellent for business or scholastic use. Share important messages with coworkers or classmates, or upload them to a computer anyone can access.

To save or share a voicemail on an iPhone:

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  1. Go to the Phone app, and tap on Voicemail on the bottom of the screen on the far right.
  2. Tap on the voicemail you want to save, then tap the share button — it looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it.
  3. You can now share this voicemail via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Notes, Voice Memo and more.
  4. To save the voicemail in your phone, select Notes or Voice Memo. You can access that saved message again in either app, and play it back at your leisure. Both apps will also automatically back up the file to iCloud, so long as you have iCloud enabled. Tap or click here to learn how to enable iCloud backup.
    How to backup iphone voicemails to mp3
  5. To save the voicemail to your computer, select AirDrop, then tap on your computer’s name. On your computer, accept the AirDrop, and save the message wherever you want.
  6. To send the voicemail to another person, select a contact in Messages or Mail, or share via AirDrop with someone who’s nearby. They can also save it to their device.

If you have a visual voicemail from FaceTime you want to save, you can save it with the Files app:

  1. Open the file you want to store.
  2. Tap Select, the file name and then Organize, which looks like a little folder.
  3. Under “On My [Device name],” choose a folder or tap the icon of a folder with a plus sign to create a new one.
  4. Tap Copy and you’re done.

Saving voicemails on an Android

Android phones are made by a variety of different manufacturers, so how to save voicemails stored in them differs slightly depending on the model you own. But there are some general steps you can follow to save those important messages.

To save important voicemails on most Android phones:

  1. Open your Voicemail app.
  2. Tap, or tap and hold the message you want to save.
  3. In the menu that appears, tap the one that says “save”, “export”, or “archive.”
  4. Select the storage location in your phone you would like the message to go to, and tap “Ok” or “Save.”

Another way to save your voicemails is by going to the cloud service you use to back up your phone, and turn on the switch or select the option to have your voicemails backup automatically. Tap or click here to learn about cloud storage.

Android also has third-party apps that preserve voicemails. Among these, we recommend VoicemailSaver. It costs $3.99 but it saves your messages, even if your phone is broken or stolen. For free options, try HulloMail or InstaVoice.

Get voicemails from an old phone

If you have a non-smart phone, but you want to save the voicemails on it, your best bet is to record them on a computer. This is a method that requires some equipment, but not as much as you might think.

This can also work with your iPhone or Android, if the above methods aren’t working for you. With those, you can plug your phone into the computer with a 3.5mm audio cable, but more on that in a minute.

To save voicemails on older phones:

  1. Download Audacity or another similar audio recording program to your computer. If you have a Mac, Garageband is a native app that can do what you need.
  2. Figure out if your old phone has a headphone jack. This is the port for headphones and microphones.
    • If it does, get a 3.5mm audio cable and plug one end into the headphone jack on your phone, and the other end into the jack of your computer.
    • If it doesn’t, turn up the volume on your phone and get a microphone, or hold the phone close to the opening for your computer’s internal microphone. You may need to experiment to find the exact location.
  3. Open your phone’s voicemail and find the message you want to save.
  4. In your audio recording program, click record, and play the message. When the message is done, stop the recording.
  5. Save the file on your computer to preserve it.

Voicemails can be kept for many reasons, but they’re particularly precious if they’re from people you love. Don’t regret losing those messages. Use our tips and listen to these meaningful messages over and over again.

If you want to save all your files to a cloud service, consider iDrive. Tap or click for 5 reasons Kim recommends this cloud service.

Save iPhone Voicemails to Your Computer as an mp3 or Burn to a CD

Only for iPhones

This information is to help you learn how you can transfer your voicemails from your iPhone to an mp3 or to a CD. Normally it would export to your computer first and then from there you could burn the CD. If you have ANY OTHER TYPE OF PHONE, please see our main article on backing up voicemails.

What’s Different about iPhones?

Most mobile phones store the voicemail messages on the provider’s server. The unique thing about iPhones is that the voicemails are stored ACTUALLY ON YOUR PHONE! This is known as “visual voicemail.” So in order to retrieve and archive voicemails from your iPhone, we have to do something different than with other phones. (Even our own voicemail backup service will not work with iPhones!)

3 Ways to Backup Voicemails from your iPhone

  1. DO IT YOURSELF Use iTunes and iCloud and the cost is FREE. The bad thing is that you have to be VERY, VERY computer-savvy and even THEN it is confusing. See Apple’s tutorial here.
  2. LET US DO IT FOR YOU Send your whole phone in and let us do it for you. $110. If you don’t know what a USB plug is, then this is the right choice for you. The down side is that you will be without your phone for about a week.
  3. (Our recommended choice) Sign up for ONE YEAR of UNLIMITED iPhone voicemail recording and storage with Voicemails Forever for for $29.99.

If you know how to:
– plug your iphone into your computer using the USB cable
– download free software to your computer and follow simple instructions,
then Voicemails Forever will be your best choice to save your iPhone voicemail messages.

We have referred business to Voicemails Forever for many years. They offer a great service at a great price for and they stand behind their service.

Q. Recently, my brother passed away. In the months leading to his death, he left me a series of voice messages on my iPhone, describing his health, his wishes, etc. I would like to archive these recordings somewhere other than on my phone. Is there a way to transfer voice messages to the computer?

A. If your iPhone is running at least iOS 9 and you have the Visual Voicemail feature enabled, you can save, store or share those voice mail recordings with a couple of screen taps. Just open the phone app, select the Voicemail tab and choose a message you would like to preserve. When the message file opens to show the playback controls and additional caller information, tap the Share icon at the top-right side of the screen.

The Sharing screen shows all the apps and places you can put a copy of the voice mail message. For example, you can attach it to an email or text message, save it to a Note file, make a Voice Memo from the recording or store it on any connected file-storage services you use — like iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you have a compatible Mac, you can also wirelessly beam the file from phone to computer with Apple’s AirDrop feature. When you save the file to your computer, you can play the recording back in iTunes, Windows Media Player or another audio program that supports .m4a (Advanced Audio Coding, or A.A.C.) files.

For phones not running iOS 9 or later, there are other ways to copy the voice mail messages to a computer. You could connect the phone to the computer with a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary audio cable and use the free Audacity sound-editing software to make recordings of the messages. You can also use programs like iExplorer or iMazing or services like Everlasting Voice. Your wireless carrier may have other solutions.