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How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

It does not need to be sweet to be a reward

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Do you wish to provide your kid a brilliant and enjoyable Easter basket, however you hesitate of what sugar will do to your little hyper one? Other factors to prevent the normal Easter sweet are that you’re preventing preservatives and colors, your kid has diabetes. or you can’t gamble with food allergic reactions. Obviously, possibly you simply desire a reason to go shopping in some sensory combination brochures.

Forget sugary foods. Purchase a lot of vibrant plastic eggs, and fill them with a range of these non-edible deals with for a basket of enjoyable your kid will still be taking pleasure in long after the majority of kids have actually gobbled all that bad sweet down.

Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Sweet

You can match this list or blend. With a few of these concepts, a fast journey to the dollar shop will net you lots of egg fillers. Or, you can utilize the chance to clear out your supply of little products in your scrap drawer.

  • Cash: This is a simple go-to concept. You can differ the costs and coins you take into the eggs and make it a genuine experience and surprise. Kids can then practice counting and amounting to the cash.
  • Enjoyable discount coupons: Make redeemable discount coupons your kids can utilize to get additional screen time, a day of rest from tasks and other benefits.
  • Confetti: This is sort of the booby reward, and may be enjoyable to consist of for older kids.

Video Game and Toy Products

You can discover great deals of these products at the dollar shop or range shop.

  • Marbles
  • Sticker Labels
  • Little toy vehicles
  • Dice
  • Leading
  • Finger puppets
  • Capture ball
  • Doll clothing
  • Whistle
  • Balloons
  • Little action figure
  • Pedometer
  • Little plastic animals
  • Little packed animal
  • A small bottle of bubbles
  • Playdough
  • Ridiculous Putty
  • Superball
  • Foreteller
  • Fidget toy

Art and Craft Products

  • Crayons
  • Erasers
  • Pencil grips
  • Little note pad
  • Plastic links
  • Bookmark
  • Rubber stamps

Wearable Products

  • Ornamental shoelaces
  • Hairclips
  • Beaded security pin
  • Beads
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail Polish
  • Keychain
  • Precious Jewelry
  • Short-lived tattoos
  • Coin handbag
  • Makeup
  • Socks
  • Bandanna
  • Earphones
  • Appeals
  • Lanyard
  • Body shine
  • Wristband

Nature Products

  • Seashells
  • Refined rocks

Easter Egg Filler Security – Little Products Are Choking Threats

When you are filling the Easter eggs, bear in mind the ages of the kids who will be searching for them. The recommended products are little and they will be a choking danger for more youthful kids. Any toys you utilize to fill the eggs must be proper for the age series of the kids who are most likely to discover the eggs.

If you utilize a mix of sweet in some eggs and little products in other eggs,

This might be particularly an issue. It might be smart to tape the eggs safely and after that just open them after they have actually all been collected. That method, you can have more enjoyable opening the eggs and taking a look at the treasures while keeping them out of the mouths of the smaller sized kids.

20 + Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers that will make this years egg hunt much better than ever!

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How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs


We go overboard for our Easter Egg hunt every year. It’s enjoyable for me and enjoyable for the kids. We normally conceal in between 100-200 eggs! If I were to put sweet in every egg I would have some extremely active kids and some costly dental professional costs so I have actually developed some concepts that aren’t sweet and are still enjoyable. Take a look at this list of Easter Egg stuffers that aren’t sweet and see if a few of these will work for you:

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

  1. Cash— dollars are great however coins are much better! The coins make an enjoyable noise inside those plastic eggs and my kids get so fired up!
  2. Present Certificates— possibly for McDonald’s or your regional frozen yogurt store
  3. Cheerios— Who does not like cheerios?
  4. Path Mix— healthy and filling!
  5. Sticker Labels— get the kind that begin a roll and detach– simple!
  6. Tattoos— my kids like these!
  7. Seed packages— it is Spring!
  8. Socks— adorable Easter socks suit the bigger eggs and are enjoyable for the kids.
  9. Raisins, craisins— sweet and do not need any sort of refrigeration.
  10. Finger Puppets— make your own or purchase some.
  11. Celebration size play doh— You can discover these in the celebration area or near the remainder of the Play-doh.
  12. Fish crackers— among my kids’ all-time preferred treats.
  13. LEGOs— purchase a bigger pack and divided it up
  14. Tattoos— offers the kids something to do.
  15. Erasers— I got some adorable Easter erasers at Dollar Tree.
  16. Magnets— letters for the refrigerator or other little magnets
  17. Grapes— cool, sweet, and delicious!
  18. Bouncy Balls— sure to get a smile!
  19. Ridiculous Putty or Gak!— constantly a crowd pleaser.
  20. Gum(ensure age proper)– a reward for the older kids.
  21. Race vehicles— Matchbox or Hot Wheels fit inside eggs.
  22. Clips/rubber bands for women— some quite clips and/or elastic band are an ideal Easter surprise.
  23. Marbles— (ensure age proper)– simply do not lose these on your yard. Your mower will NOT thank you!
  24. Chapsticks/lip gloss— for that best Easter smile!
  25. Nail Polish— once again, ensure age proper
  26. Pencil toppers
  27. Rubber reptiles, bugs, and spiders
  28. Bath fizzles or bombs— alter the color of the water in the tub
  29. Precious Jewelry— lockets, earrings, bracelets. and so on
  30. Hair ties, bows, elastic band— best for little women!
  31. What else can you consider?


How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

You understand! There are lots of alternatives besides sweet that are great deals of enjoyable for the kids! What do you put in your Easter eggs?

Here is some more Easter motivation:

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

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If you are hosting an egg hunt or filling eggs for baskets, these 20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Concepts make sure to make your Easter Egg hunt or Easter baskets additional unique.

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Concepts

We have actually not had an Easter Egg Hunt at our home in years. This year, we have choose to revive the custom. Jonathan has yet to take part in an egg hunt and it is time to let him have some egg enjoyable. Easter sweet is constantly discovered in abundance in our house as I make sure it remains in much of yours. It is constantly so hard to withstand all the great sweet offers that take place around the vacations. Jonathan dislikes sweet a lot that we would never ever have the ability to motivate him to gather eggs with sweet within, ha ha. Mike and I choose to include a bit of a twist and have an Easter Sunday egg hunt with non- sweet filled plastic Easter Eggs.

We made a fast journey to Target to discover some products that would suit both the big and little plastic Easter Eggs that we had on hand. It was an obstacle thinking about products that would work excellent for the teenagers however, we developed a couple of. Here are a few of the non-candy Easter Egg stuffer concepts that we chose.

Please Keep In Mind: If you are thinking about any of these concepts, make certain to pick age proper egg fillers for the age of the kids. Not all of these egg fillers would be proper for kids.

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Matchbox Automobiles— They fit completely inside the eggs after being gotten rid of from their product packaging. You can discover them for less than $1 each.

Army Guys— Perfect for the young kids. Include a couple of per egg.

Legos— You can utilize the little develop your own plans or get one box and broke up in a couple of eggs.

Cash— Clearly coins and folded costs will fit and these will be everybody’s preferred eggs, particularly the teenagers.

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Lip Gloss/Chapsticks— Fit refining and excellent for the larger mommies and women too!

Nail Polishes— Try to find the smaller sized bottles to fit right in your routine sized eggs. I accidently purchased bigger so they will require to enter my bigger Easter eggs.

Lottery Game Tickets— These are excellent for the adult Easter Eggs. How interesting, possibly they will win huge! I include a couple of “adult just eggs” for the moms and dads to have some egg-citement too!

Enjoyable Shoelaces— Perfect for the school child. They can include some bling to their tennis shoes.

Hair Ties— You can discover several hair ties. Youngster hair ties and bows or adult size will fit too.

Earrings/Bracelets/Rings— Low-cost little fashion jewelry can fit rather well in eggs. Perfect for grownups and teenagers. Or discover “kid” fashion jewelry for the littler ones.

Flower Seeds— Perfect for the grownups this time of year

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Play-dough— You can discover the tiny Play-dough tubs in the celebration favor area or Play-dough at the majority of shops.

Bouncy Balls— Perfect for any ages. Little and Medium Sized balls will fit inside your eggs.

Yo-Yo’s— Excellent for putting in eggs. Simply search for mini variations for the smaller sized plastic eggs. They are an enjoyable and affordable toy to include the mix of your eggs.

Whistles— These are excellent enjoyable for kids of any ages. You can purchase a big bundle, then divided them for lots of eggs. You can discover them in the birthday supply prefers at lots of shops. We discovered ours at Michael’s Craft Shop.

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Mini Erasers— You can discover the pencil cap erasers and likewise Easter themed erasers. These are excellent for the school aged kids.

Sticker Labels— All the kiddos like sticker labels. You can discover Easter themed sticker labels in bigger amounts and divided them as much as fill lots of eggs.

Little Books— I discovered vinyl ones that will leap back to size. Perfect for the children to delight in.

Little Individuals Automobiles— These are likewise excellent for the infants. They fit well into the bigger eggs and are “infant evidence”.

Fruit Snacks— You can utilize the daily fruit treats or discover Easter or spring themed fruit treats. The tiniest plans work best. I discovered mine at Target.

Mini Raisin Boxes— These are small boxes of raisins that can be discovered at the majority of shops. An enjoyable treat that fits best.

Dive Ropes— Excellent for the school ages kids and teenagers too! These healthy well inside the bigger eggs. I discovered my big eggs at Target.

Bubbles— Everybody enjoys bubbles. I make sure my kiddos will have them entered simply a couple of minutes time. EVEN teenagers like bubbles.

Pathway Chalk— You can break the longer sticks in 2 or purchase the smaller sized Easter Egg variations to fit inside eggs. Let the imagination start. I make sure our driveway will be rather vibrant after our egg hunt.

Balloons— Get a plan and different to fill additional eggs.

Easter egg hunts are constantly a lot enjoyable for the kiddos and for the moms and dads. I am extremely nervous to have a good time concealing our eggs around our house. The enjoyment of enjoying our kiddos “hunt” will be the emphasize of my day.

Do you host your own Easter Egg hunt or go to a regional hunt? I would like to become aware of your households Egg hunt strategies.

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

40 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

When it concerns the Easter Bunny, do all of us consider plastic eggs and chocolate? Peeps? How about non-candy Easter egg fillers?

Okay, I am a HUGE fan of chocolate and I do not have anything versus my kids having sweet.
NEVERTHELESS, I completely get that often it’s excellent to have some non-candy alternatives offered!

Definitely, there are times I do wish to downsize on the quantity of sweet my kids are consuming- let’s be truthful, the sugar CAN get a wee bit out of control on unique celebrations like this!

SO, today I am sharing a list of

40 little non-candy Easter egg fillers that can fit within a plastic egg! No sweet consisted of!

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

A few of the products are visualized while some are not- so review the list if you wish to get all of the concepts!

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

  1. Cheerios
  2. Little Figurine
  3. Mini Pretzels
  4. Cash
  5. Radiance Sticks (these will fit- you need to twist them and you might require a piece of tape to keep the egg from popping open, however it can be done. they will make your eggs radiance in the dark- so enjoyable for a night time hunt!)
  6. Hairpin
  7. Marbles
  8. Erasers
  9. Stick-on Tattoos
  10. Finger Puppets
  11. Fruit Snacks
  12. Little Lego figurines

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

  1. Vibrant Shoe Laces
  2. Balloon
  3. Nuts
  4. Beads & string (For instance, to make a bracelet)
  5. Nail Sticker Labels
  6. Ring
  7. Fun/colorful bandaids
  8. Radiance in the dark stars
  9. Sponge Capsules (the ones you put in water to liquify a sponge and the pill shape “grows” out of it)
  10. Sticker Labels (Nevertheless, your Easter Bunny more than likely has something a little less Christmas-y on hand)
  11. Popcorn
  12. Mini Nail polish
  13. Play Dough
  14. Keychain
  15. Earrings (pierced/clip-on/stick-on)
  16. In reality, go take a look at the dollar shop- you will discover great deals of fun/surprising small products!

In any case, I hope this list has actually assisted open your mind to all of the non-candy alternatives out there!

Easter Concepts

Our bunny tends to bring sweet deals with in addition to enjoyable non-candy deals with. He/she has actually likewise been understood to consist of some enjoyable spring products in the basket (that do not suit a plastic egg) like pathway chalk, avoiding ropes, bigger containers of bubbles, or a brand-new set of rubber boots!

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

In conclusion, we have actually discovered great deals of non-candy Easter egg fillers to influence you to fill your kids’s Easters baskets with something besides sweet. What are your preferred concepts from our list?

If you wish to see a few of our other Easter concepts, come by and go to at Raising Memories Blog Site! If you left a remark to let me understand you’re going to from HowDoesShe,
I ‘d like it!

Apr 3, 2017

Easter will be here prior to we understand it, which suggests that it’s time to begin considering how we’re going to fill all of those plastic Easter eggs! We like a couple of great quality chocolate deals with as much as the next individual, however for one of the most part, I attempt to fill our eggs with enjoyable non-candy surprises just since often excessive is simply excessive. I in fact truly delight in the obstacle of discovering things that a) are little adequate to suit plastic eggs, b) my kiddos will genuinely delight in and utilize, and c) will not spend a lot.

If I have actually bought a product to put in a plastic Easter egg, you can nearly be specific that it is among 3 things– a consumable (something we require and utilize to change routinely), an addition to a collection we’re developing, or a bigger set of products that I prepare to share and divide over a number of eggs.

Here are 10 enjoyable Easter egg fillers that your kids will really utilize:

1. Little musical instruments

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

We have a little bin of musical instruments that we contribute to from time to time, so for us, this falls under the ‘collections we’re developing’ classification. A lot of munchkins I understand adore music and making sounds and little instruments like egg shakers and bird whistles are the best addition to any Easter egg hunt.

2. Sticker Labels

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Which kid does not like sticker labels? My six-year-old stockpiles them and my one-year-old is consumed with them, so they’ll both be discovering sticker labels concealed in their eggs this year. Due to the fact that they can be folded or rolled to fit in even the tiniest plastic eggs, these sheets that you tear off of the huge rolls are best.

3. Egg-shaped crayons and chalk

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

These joyful little eggs appear to appear all over the location prior to Easter and they typically fit inside plastic eggs simply completely, or you can simply conceal them as is. We go through crayons and chalk like mad in our home, so renewing our stock is constantly a great concept.

4. Matchstick vehicles

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

A timeless and something my tiniest one is definitely consumed with at the minute! They fit completely in the somewhat bigger plastic eggs and I like discovering actually lively candy-coloured cars to contribute to our collection at Easter time.

5. Stamps and mini-ink pads

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

My individual viewpoint? You can never ever fail with innovative products. As soon as in a while and they’re constantly such a hit, we have a stash of stamps that we pull out. And stamp pads constantly appear to require changing faster than you’re anticipating them to, so having a couple of brand-new ones in the home and prepared to go ways preventing future ink pad frustrations, which is a really great thing.

6. Little figures

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

These are without a doubt a few of the most secondhand kids’ products in our home and it’s constantly a lot enjoyable to include a figure or more to our collection. We utilize these men for sensory play, little world play, story retelling, play dough play and more, and regardless of the reality that we currently have a really good collection, I can constantly discover a couple of animals we have actually yet to have.

7. Mini markers

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Aren’t these simply the sweetest thing ever? And helpful too! They can undoubtedly be utilized for all type of innovative tasks in the house, however since they’re so small they’re likewise excellent in bring sets and trip binders.

8. Play dough

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

I actually can’t state it enough– we like play dough. I typically fill a number of plastic eggs with our preferred homemade no-cook play dough (like I did here), however the mini pots you can buy as celebration favours healthy completely into the bigger size of plastic eggs if that’s easier for you too.

9. Washi tape

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

Both of my kiddos like washi tape therefore do I! It’s affordable, offered in numerous adorable styles, and comes off of surface areas quickly too. It’s the best tape for letting children delight in without stressing excessive about squandering or it getting stuck all over your house, so I constantly like to keep a great stock of it on hand.

10 Magnets

How to choose non‐candy fillings for plastic easter eggs

This is an ideal example of a bigger set of products that I prepare to break up and share over a number of eggs! I have actually had my eye on this set of wood magnets for my youngster for rather a long time now, and given that the set includes a number of little parts, it can be utilized to fill a lot of eggs. You can do the very same thing with LEGO puzzles and sets, and when they have actually discovered all of the eggs, the kids can return together to develop the structure or created the puzzle as a group.