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How to create a podcast playlist in ios

By Andrew Myrick 8 comments Last updated August 31, 2019

Starting in iOS 11, Apple made a myriad of changes to the application, including the removal of basic features such as Podcast Playlists.

For some odd reason, Apple has opted to move to this functionality to the “Up Next Queue” feature, although it doesn’t work exactly the same.

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Create Podcast Playlists

In short, you can’t create standard playlists in the Podcasts for iPadOS and iOS 11 and higher.

Instead, you’re supposed to take advantage of the “Up Next” queue. This can be found when you begin playing a podcast of your choice. How to create a podcast playlist in ios

These features are similar to that of the Apple Music app, so it makes sense this gesture was added to the Podcasts app.

Step-by-Step To Create a “Podcast Playlist” in iOS 11+ and iPadOS

  1. Open the Podcast App
  2. If a podcast is playing, swipe up and see if there are already episodes in your Up Next Queue
    1. If you don’t want to listen to those episodes, swipe them and select remove How to create a podcast playlist in ios
  3. Find Show Episodes you want to listen to
  4. Tap Library and choose either Episodes, Shows, or look under Recently Updated
  5. Locate an episode you want to add to the podcast queue
  6. Press on the Details Button
  7. Tap the More Button (three dots) to expand Podcast Menu options
  8. Select Play Next or Play Later to add to your Podcast PlaylistHow to create a podcast playlist in ios
    1. Play Next puts the episode first in line
    2. Play Later places the episode at the end of the line
  9. Add more episodes to your Podcast Playlist by finding another show and episode you want to listen to on the playlist and repeat the steps as listed above
    1. For phones with Quick Action menus or 3D Touch, you can also navigate to your library, select an episode and use 3D Touch, and choose “Play Next” or “Play Later” from the 3D Touch Menu

Add a new podcast episode to your Podcast Playlist Queue While Listening

  • You can continue playing your current podcast while lining up some additional options for the Podcast Playlist Queue.
  • After you add a podcast episode, you should see a prompt confirming that your queue has been updated.

Think This Process Is Not User-Friendly?

We agree. It’s incredibly clumsy.

And on top of it, there is no way to see the episode order in your Podcast Playlist without first starting to play a podcast episode!

How to View and Arrange Your Podcast Play Next Queue

Once you have your “playlist” created in the Podcasts app, you may want to change the playback lineup.

Maybe there’s something that you just added that you want to listen to next, or maybe you just want to switch things up.

The bad news is that there is no current way to view your Up Next List without playing a podcast

  • The only way to view the queue and change the playback lineup is to start playing a podcast episode
  • Then, swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the ‘Now Playing” podcast screen
  • And look for the “Up Next” section How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Want To Change the Podcast Queue Order?

  • Tap and hold each podcast episode using the three lines to the right of the listing How to create a podcast playlist in ios
  • Move each episode up and down the queue to change its order of appearance and playback
    • Simply drag and drop your podcasts selections into the order that you want to listen to them in

Want to Remove an Episode from the Podcast Queue?

  • In the Up Next list, swipe on the episode you don’t want to listen to and select remove How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Possible issues ahead

One problem that I have discovered while using the Apple Podcasts app and this ‘Up Next’ feature is the grouping of podcasts.

If you are behind on listening to your favorite podcasts, you may find multiple episodes showing up in your queue.How to create a podcast playlist in ios

This usually only happens when the current podcast that you’re listening to has some older episodes left in the library.

You won’t be able to delete these from the queue until they are reached.

However, you are still able to add and remove more podcast episodes to the queue thanks to 3D Touch.

Find the episode you want to add, 3D Touch the episode, and select “Play Later”.

This will move the podcast to the end of the queue, and then you can re-arrange using the steps above.


There are murmurs and rumors that Apple is looking to revamp the iBooks app in the near future.

We can only hope that Apple will finally get all of the kinks worked out with the Podcasts app. Until then, you can check out other reliable options such as Overcast, or Pocket Casts.

If you have run into any other issues or have any questions about the Podcasts app, feel free to sound off in the comments. We’ll be sure to respond as quickly as we can to help solve any problems that may arise.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Andrew is a freelance writer based on the East Coast of the US.

He has written for a variety of sites over the years, including iMore, Android Central, Phandroid, and a few others. Now, he spends his days working for an HVAC company, while moonlighting as a freelance writer at night.

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Looking for the best way to organize your podcasts? The podcast app on the iPhone makes it easy.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

This article will tell you how to arrange podcasts on your iPhone to your satisfaction. The more subscriptions I have on my Podcast app, the less organized they are. I have a variety of Podcasts on my iPhone, but I don’t want to be listen to meditation Podcasts while I’m driving down the road. Here’s how to organize podcasts into stations on iPhone.

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How to Use Stations in the Apple Podcast App

We’ve already gone over how to subscribe to a podcast on your iPhone, and how to change the playback speed in the Podcasts app. For more great Apple device tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day.

The best way to organize podcasts on your iPhone is to create a station that includes all your podcasts of that category. To create a station:

Open the Podcasts app. If the Podcast app is missing, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

Tap on Library at the bottom of the screen.

In the upper right corner, tap Edit.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Tap New Station.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Type the title you want for your new station, then tap Save.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

At the bottom of your Station Settings, under Podcasts, tap Choose Podcasts.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Tap on any of the podcasts you want to include in your station.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

When you’re finished, tap Back.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Then tap the name of your station in the upper left corner to go back again.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Tap Library in the upper left corner to go back yet again.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Now tap Done.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Under Library, you’ll see the name of your new station.

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

Next time you’re in the car or out for a jog, you can listen to your new station without having to worry about selecting what to listen to next. To learn more about the Podcast app and other iPhone features, sign up for our Tip of the Day newsletter.

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How to create a podcast playlist in ios

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How to create a podcast playlist in ios

How to create a podcast playlist in ios

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How to create a podcast playlist in ios

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How to create a podcast playlist in ios

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