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How to delete a tweet

You can delete any of your own Tweets from Twitter at any time. If you delete a Tweet, we will reflect your updated content on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android. Please note that you can only delete Tweets you have posted, you cannot delete Tweets from other accounts on your timeline. LearnВ about what actions you can take to control your Twitter experience.

If you Retweet a Tweet and later want to remove it from your profile, you can undo your Retweet.В

How to delete a Tweet

  1. In the top menu, tap your profile icon.
  2. Tap Profile.
  3. Locate the Tweet you want to delete.
  4. Tap theВ

icon located at the top of the Tweet.

  • Tap Delete Tweet.
  • Tap Delete to confirm.
  • How to delete a Tweet

    1. In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon

    В or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have.

  • From the menu, tap Profile
  • Locate the Tweet you want to delete.
  • Tap theВ

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

  • Tap Delete.
  • Tap Yes to confirm.
  • How to delete a Tweet

    1. Visit your Profile page.
    2. Locate the Tweet you want to delete.
    3. Click theВ


  • Click Delete Tweet.
  • Read about getting started with Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android for more information about our mobile apps.

    A fresh start is a few clicks away. Circleboom’s power search enables you to find specific tweets and replies of yours and delete them. You can delete your tweets and replies one by one or delete all tweets all at once by using our bulk (mass) delete option and save your time.

    Filter and sort your Tweets

    We list your Tweets & replies and let you filter them out by using free-text search.

    Delete Individual Tweet and Reply

    You can cherry-pick and delete any of your tweets and replies by clicking “Delete” button individually.

    Bulk delete

    Search within your “Tweets and Replies”, select the ones you want to “delete” and bulk delete all selected with just 1 button click. Circleboom starts to process your delete your Tweets and replies immediately.

    Delete your old Tweets history by “Date Range”

    By using archive upload & delete feature you can delete your old Tweets based on their “Sent Date”. By default; “Start Date” and “End Date” indicate your very first and last tweet’s dates in the file. You can play with the dates. These dates are inclusive, we include Tweets on start-date, end-date and every day in between.

    Delete your old media tweets at once

    We provide a unique filter in delete archive module to help you remove only Twitter media from your media timeline. By choosing “remove only media tweets” option, you could easily delete media tweets in bulk from your Twiter timeline.

    Delete all Tweets and Replies in Bulk

    A fresh restart is all we need (sometimes). By using our “Delete all my Tweets and Replies” feature, you can delete your most recent tweets and replies with just one click. With Circleboom, you can either delete all retweets separately or you can prefer upload your Twitter archive to delete all tweet history.

    How to delete a tweet

    You’re probably not the same person you were five years ago. Even if you are, Twitter is absolutely not the same place it was in its early days. The freewheeling low-stakes website for throwing bad jokes into the abyss has transformed into an enormous public forum inhabited by just about everyone who’s anyone, plus a legion of the worst people on the planet.

    There’s no good reason your tweets of yore should still exist, and every good reason to get rid of them.

    Two roads diverge in a Twitter wood

    There are effectively two ways to delete your tweets. The first is a service like Tweet Delete, which plugs into your Twitter account and goes to town. Tweet Delete is free and easy but incomplete—it will only rid the world of your 3,200 most recent tweets. Let’s call this a “light delete.”

    The second approach is more involved and generally comes with a fee. Take TweetEraser. It comes with a $7 price tag but is a much more thorough scrub that will get rid of all your tweets, forever. Let’s call this the “full delete.”

    The reason for the two tiers comes down to a limitation in Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API). In short, Twitter gives applications (like tweet-deleters) access to only your most recent Tweets, while the rest are inaccessible. You can still find these on your feed (and so can other people). You might go through and delete them yourself, but they’re out of range of light delete apps. Full delete tools get around this limitation generally by asking you to upload an archive of your tweets, which gives them a full map instead of the limited one they’d get from Twitter’s API, thereby bypassing Twitter’s API limitations.

    There is a third option, which is to use a light delete method like Tweet Delete over and over again, each time sloughing off the 3,200 most recent tweets on your account. Depending on your number of tweets, this might be feasible, if arduous. And if you have fewer than 3,200 tweets in total, I admire your restraint! Go have a beer with the time and money you’ve saved!

    First thing’s first

    Whatever path you choose, your first step should be to request your Twitter archive. If you’re doing a light delete, this is just for posterity, so you can skip it. But full deleters may need to go through with it.

    Go to Twitter (in the tab you probably already have open) and click your user icon in the top right corner of your home screen. Then, click Settings and Privacy and scroll down to the button that says Request your archive. Now click the button.

    How to delete a tweet

    Twitter will warn you that this process can take a little time, but when your archive is done, it’ll be emailed to the email account associated with your Twitter. If you don’t get it, revisit our button friend and click again for another email.

    Pull the trigger

    Now that you’ve got your archive, it’s time to get down to business. Simply connect your Twitter account to your deletion mechanism of choice and follow its instructions. Whatever the method, don’t expect the results to be instant or free of strangeness. It’ll take Twitter some time to properly respond to your exodus of tweets and update the numbers that appear on your profile accordingly. If things seems strange, wait a tick, especially if your method is running Tweet Delete repeatedly to cull more than 3,200 tweets.

    Stay trim

    Once you’ve dispensed with your archive, you’ll have a choice about how to go forward. With Tweet Delete, you can set the app to automatically remove any tweets older than a certain age. This can be great for maintaining hygiene, but it requires you to let Tweet Delete have constant access to your Twitter account (and while Tweet Delete shows no indications of being malicious, this is a security risk). Alternatively, you could go in and re-delete on a routine basis, or simply start building up a new archive until you get anxious again.

    If you do set a service to automatically delete your tweets, you may also want to consider finding a way to archive them in real time—especially if you are a data hoarder. One option, the one I use, is to use the IFTTT service to immediately archive a tweet into a spreadsheet the moment it is tweeted. That way, when it ages out and gets deleted, you’ll already have a backup tucked away outside of Twitter.

    Viola—you are free from the chains of your old tweets. Just remember, going forward, that perhaps the best way to keep your sanity is just to never tweet at all.

    Important : There’s a temporary update to Retweeting. We’re currently encouraging people to add their own comments before amplifying content by prompting Quote Tweets instead of Retweets. We hope this encourages everyone to consider why they are amplifying a Tweet, and brings more thoughts, reactions, and perspectives to the public conversation.В

    To Retweet a Tweet, simply click or tap the Retweet icon, leave the Quote Tweet composer blank, then click or tap the Retweet button again.

    What is a Retweet?

    A Tweet that you share publicly with your followers is known as a Retweet. This is a great way to pass along news and interesting discoveries on Twitter. You have the option to add your own comments and/or media before Retweeting. When using Twitter’s Retweet icon, your Retweet orВ Quote Tweet will reference the Tweet you are sharing. When someone replies to your Quote Tweet, the author of the original Tweet will not be automatically added to the conversation. If you want to include the author of the original Tweet, you will need to mention their username.

    In addition to sharing other’s Tweets on Twitter, with your own Tweet you can Retweet orВ Quote Tweet. This function is particularly useful when you want to re-post one of your older Tweets because it is relevant again, or Retweet your replies to other people when you want to make sure all of your followers see it.В

    Check it out before you Tweet it

    We think it’s important to help you have better and safer conversations on Twitter –– and that starts with being more informed about what you’re sharing with your followers. If you tap to Retweet or Quote Tweet an article that you haven’t opened recently on Twitter, you may see a prompt asking if you’d like to read the article before Retweeting or Quote Tweeting it. We believe this helps to give you better context and to reduce the unintentional spread of misleading information on Twitter. When you see this prompt you’ll have the option to open the article and read it right from your Twitter for iOS or Android app, or you can always go ahead and Retweet or Quote Tweet the article without opening it.

    Additionally, some of you may see a similar prompt to remind you to review all website links (not just articles) before Retweeting or Quote Tweeting them.

    How to delete a tweet

    Twitter is great, but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you can tweet something you shouldn’t have—perhaps an overly defensive reply to a follower or off-the-cuff comment you didn’t put enough thought into.

    Maybe you’ve realized your mistake straight away and want to remove the offending Tweet, or maybe you’re considering running for public office and don’t want journalists combing through your Twitter feed looking for juicy incidents to dredge up. Whatever the reason, here’s how to delete a Tweet from your account.

    How to Delete a Tweet on the Web

    Go to your Twitter page and find the Tweet you want to remove. Click on the little, downward facing arrow on the right side.

    How to delete a tweet

    Next, select Delete Tweet.

    How to delete a tweet

    Finally, click Delete to confirm everything.

    How to delete a tweet

    The Tweet will now be gone from your Twitter account.

    How to Delete a Tweet on Mobile

    Head to your Twitter profile and find the offending Tweet. Tap the downward facing arrow next to it.

    How to delete a tweet

    From the menu that appears, tap Delete Tweet and then Delete to remove it from your account.

    How to delete a tweetHow to delete a tweet

    While deleting a Tweet will remove it from your profile, if someone has already taken a screenshot of it, or otherwise recorded it, there’s not a lot you can do. As many a celebrity has found out, if you go on a drunken Twitter rant, deleting the Tweets afterwards won’t stop your fall from grace. The safest thing to do is not tweet anything you wouldn’t want being the front page headline of the New York Times.

    If you have some regrettable or embarrassing posts you’d like to get rid of, then you need to know how to delete old Tweets quickly. Maybe some of your older tweets are unprofessional and you want to clean up your profile for potential future employers, or you don’t want anyone to know how much you used to love watching The Apprentice (speaking of someone who might want to delete their tweets). Fortunately, there are a few ways to quickly clean up your Twitter feed.

    If you want to get your tweets off Twitter but you just can’t bear to part with them entirely, you can get a zip file of your old tweets emailed to you. Go into your account settings on Twitter, then select the “Your Twitter data” tab under “Data and permissions.” This will take you to a tab where you can download your Twitter data after re-entering your password.

    Once you have your old tweets saved for posterity, it’s time to start deleting. If you don’t want to use a service, you can delete directly from Twitter. If you know what you’re looking for, use the advanced search feature to make your job easier. Enter keywords, phrases, and hashtags to pull up a bunch of tweets that you know you’re going to want to trash.

    If you have several years of tweet regret you’d like to forget, there’s a program called Tweet Deleter that can get the job done fast. You can log in with your Twitter account and easily browse all of your tweets. You can select multiple tweets to delete, delete your full history, schedule automatic tweet deleting based on preferences you set, and more. Search by keyword and tweet type (retweet, replies, comments) for free. With a premium membership, you can search via date and media type as well.

    This service gives you several options to get rid of old tweets without investing a ton of time in cleaning up your Twitter feed. There’s another service called TweetDelete that works similarly, though it’s limited to 3,200 Tweets in one deletion.

    If you just don’t trust yourself tweeting any more, you can take the very bold step of deactivating your Twitter account. While this might sound super scary, you actually have 30 days to change your mind once you hit the deactivate button. If you want to reactivate your account in that period, enter your login on Twitter and you can reactivate your account, good as new.

    But whether you remove old tweets or remove your account altogether, those tweets won’t disappear right away. Search engines cache information in their systems. This means that even after you delete tweets, they could continue to show up in search results until the search engines update their systems, according to Twitter. However, despite being visible in searches, clicking on those tweet links will go to an error page. No one will actually be able to get to them (unless someone took screenshots and posted them somewhere else). Happy deleting!

    This article was originally published on Aug. 8, 2019

    T witter just made its search tool more powerful than ever. The social network has now made it easy to search any of the 500 billion public tweets that have been sent in Twitter’s eight-year history. Yes, that includes your tweets—even the drunk ones.

    If you’re nervous about what an Internet sleuth might uncover if they searched for all your references to “weed” or a comprehensive listing of your embarrassing unanswered pleas directly to a celebrity, you might want to review your old tweets and delete the bad apples. And remember, if you ever become famous, someone will inevitably dig up all those racist tweets you sent in 2010.

    Here’s how to head off your future PR nightmare at the pass:

    Option 1: Request Your Twitter Archive

    Before today, the best way to take stock of your Twitter past was to request your personal archive from the social network. Twitter will email you a zip file that includes all your tweets in an easily searchable database that mimics the interface. Just type in any questionable words you might have used in your younger days (“drunk,” “high,” “hella” ) and delete anything you wouldn’t want your Mom to read or embed on a public web page for the whole Internet to see.

    To get the archive, go to your Settings and click “Request your archive.”

    Option 2: Use Advanced Search

    If you don’t want to wait around for Twitter to send you your archive, you can use the Advanced Search option (here) to quickly parse through your tweets. In the “From These Accounts” field, enter your username, and in the “Words” fields, enter whatever terms you’re trying to find that you previously tweeted.

    Retweet the ones where you accurately predicted the future. Delete the incriminating ones.

    Option 3: Scorch the Earth

    You were a different person when you joined Twitter. If you were below the age of 20, it’s possible that you said so many cruel, vapid and ignorant things that there is simply no salvaging your younger digital self. You can wipe this person from Twitter’s record with a few clicks. Tweet Delete lets you automatically delete tweets more than a year old on an ongoing basis. Tweet Eraser allows you to delete everything you wrote before any given date. For more dire situations, you can download Tweeticide and erase your entire Twitter history.

    Not sure whether you should delete or tweet? Consider this: Every public tweet is being archived for future generations to make judgments about our culture in the Library of Congress. Don’t make us look bad.

    Retweets are one of the things that fuel Twitter and any given user’s Twitter account. It’s quite easy to come across somebody else’s tweets that you like at least as much as your own. Who can resist a retweet when that happens? If you’ve been retweeting a lot to the point of overshadowing your tweets, purging your retweets can be a great idea. Unfortunately, there’s no mass deletion on Twitter. You can’t unfollow, unlike, or delete anything in bulk.

    Does this mean you’ll have to spend a ton of time deleting your retweets manually? Luckily, no. There are a couple of solutions at your disposal if you want to mass-delete your retweets. Let’s take a look at what they are.

    Using Third-Party Software

    Whenever a platform doesn’t offer a much-needed native option, chances are some developers would have found a way around it. As a platform that lacks certain features that users would love to see, Twitter is no exception.

    There are a ton of apps and programs that you can use to get rid of all unwanted retweets at once. Each of them offers its own set of features, so you should do some research before finding the best one.

    One good example is Tweet Deleter, a trendy choice that hundreds of thousands of Twitter users have tried so far.

    How to delete a tweet

    Tweet Deleter lets you quickly browse through your tweets, including retweets, and select and delete many of them at once, and you can even set up automatic deletion. It removes the tweets for good, so they’ll no longer be visible to anyone. The free version limits the number of deletable tweets per day while the premium option gives you 3,000 deletes, and the unlimited gives you infinity.How to delete a tweet

    If you want even more control over your account, Tweet Attacks Pro can be a great idea. There’s pretty much nothing that you can’t do with the application, so it can undoubtedly handle deleting all your retweets. All functions of Tweet Attacks Pro are in 100% compliance with the twitter API, ensuring you don’t get banned.

    How to delete a tweet

    Tweet Attacks Pro retweet deleter does not provide a free option, but you can still try it for $7 for three days. Even though the application is not open to try in any way, it provides tons of handy Twitter functions and control.How to delete a tweet

    Furthermore, many other apps let you delete all your retweets at once, and you bet they offer a variety of handy features as well.

    Here’s a word of caution. When looking for the perfect software, do your homework and make sure that it’s legit. There are also scam programs out there that target your data.

    With the right software, deleting your retweets should be a piece of cake. It usually doesn’t take more than a few taps or clicks to get rid of all the tweets and retweets that you no longer want to see.

    You can also remove mentions from Twitter if you suffer from spam mentions, or if you just prefer to erase a particular mention for any reason.

    Using a Script to Delete Twitter Retweets

    If coding is something you find enjoyable, this can be a perfect way of getting rid of all unwanted retweets. Even if it’s not, it’s much easier than you might think.

    Here’s what you have to do:

    1. Open Chrome. (Or download and install Chrome first.)
    2. Log into your Twitter account and navigate to your tweets.
    3. Open the debug console by pressing F12 on your keyboard.
    4. Go to the Console tab, and paste the following script:

    function() <
    t = $( ‘.js-actionDelete button’ ); // get delete buttons
    for ( i = 0; true; i++ ) < // count removed
    if ( i >= t.length ) < // if removed all currently available
    window.scrollTo( 0, $( document ).height() ); // scroll to bottom of page – loads more
    $( t[i] ).trigger( ‘click’ ); // click and remove button from dom
    $( ‘button.delete-action’ ).trigger( ‘click’ ); // click and remove button from dom
    >, 2000

    How to delete a tweet

    Depending on the number of tweets and retweets, this will take a varying amount of time. You might also have to refresh the page and repeat this process several times before the whole list gets cleared.

    Scripts are a great way of going around Twitter’s limitations, and others can help you manipulate followers, likes, and pretty much everything else in bulk. You can find all of them online, so feel free to give them a shot.

    The Final Word

    Until Twitter decides to enrich its platform with features such as bulk retweet removal, the choices here are your main options. From Twitter’s point of view, this would NOT make the platform richer at all. It would become a lot “weaker” if too many users mass delete stuff.

    For that, most people will likely go with a third-party app, mainly because of the convenience and ease of use. Besides, most Twitter retweet deleter apps are free.

    If you decide to go with a script, the above steps should be enough for everyone. You can always tweak the scripts to match your needs as well. Scripting is also the safer way to delete retweets since you don’t log into your Twitter account for another app to access. The app may not have bad intentions, but a hacker behind the scenes certainly can.

    How to delete a tweet

    Umesh Singh

    Apr 8 · 4 min read

    There comes a time when we realize that we shouldn’t have done that same thing happens with social media activities. You may have made some tweets in the past that you want to delete now.

    But the problem is how you do you that?

    Manually deleting tweets will take a lot of time maybe even month. Most of all Twitter has no way to mass delete tweets or delete multiple tweets in a particular time period.

    And of course, you don’t have time to sit and delete tweets one by one.

    Luckily, t here is a solution for that use tweet deleting tools.

    Well, let me tell you one thing before you use these twitter tools. Twitter only allows delete up to 3200 tweets once at a time. So, whatever tools you are going to use, you can’t delete more than 3200 tweets.

    Circleboom is by far one of the best social media tools that you can use to delete bulk tweets, retweets, likes, and Twitter archives.

    It has a feature to delete tweets by searching keyword. You can simply search any keywords and it will show you the list of a tweet that contains that keyword. You can delete tweets one-by-one or in bulk.

    How to delete a tweet

    You can also unlike tweet that you liked before in a single click.

    Checkout: Circleboom Review

    Tweet Deleter is another effective tool that you can use to mass delete tweets. They offer types of ways to filter and delete your tweets. You can delete tweets according to date, media type, and tweet type.

    Let say, you want to delete only retweets then you can select retweets only and delete them in bulk or one by one.

    The best part it shows you all your tweet on the right side, so you know what you’re deleting before it disappears forever.

    Additionally, they have an auto-delete feature to automate your tweet deletion process. You have to set the days and number of tweets that you want to get rid of.

    The tool offers both free and paid feature, if don’t have lots of tweets to delete then you free feature is enough.

    It is an easy to use tool to delete tweets in bulk.

    Is has an option where you can set delete three-month-old tweets. Once your tweet will get three months old it will automatically delete itself.

    Otherwise, you can delete all the tweets you have made by selecting delete all tweets.

    You can turn on and off the delete schedule. The best part of the tool is completely free and you can use it to get rid of unwanted old tweets.

    TwitWipe is another tweet delete tool that you can use to get rid of old tweets in bulk.

    You can wipe all your previous tweet in a click. You can use this tool when you don’t have to do tweet selection before deleting.

    The only problem with the tool is it gets stuck when deleting retweets. So, if you have lots retweets to delete then better to checkout another tool in the list.

    And yes, TwitWipe is free, so there is nothing to lose to give it a try.

    Yes, it has a weird name but doesn’t fall for it, it an amazing tool to delete mass tweets and likes.

    The best part it has a clean and eye-pleasing user-interface.

    Same as other you can also delete up to 3200 tweets in one with Cardigan.

    Simply log into Cardigan and select the tweets that you don’t want to keep anymore. Additionally, you can also delete likes if you want to.

    This is a freemium mass delete tool that you can use to wipe off your unwanted tweets. It has three plans free, standard, and premium.

    If you don’t have lots of tweets to delete then the basic feature is enough for you.

    Simply select the tweet that you want to get rid of and the tool will take care of the rest.

    Whether you have made mistakes in the past or have made tweets that you regret now.

    These tools mentioned above can help you get rid of those tweets.

    All the tools have similar features simply pick any tools and wipe the unwanted tools in a snap.

    Let me know which tools you are going to use first.

    For those regretting previous tweets, moving to a new account, or cutting the cord for good.

    No matter the reason, if you’re seeking a fresh start on Twitter, this is the way to get it done.

    While deleting your account and creating a new one is a viable solution, it comes with the added consequence of also making you lose all of the people you follow and your own followers. Enter TwitWipe. This is a Web-based application that will delete all of your tweets for you. Follow these easy steps to fresh and clean start for your Twitter account.

    Before you start, please note: This service is a 100 percent final and does NOT back up deleted tweets in any way.

    How to delete a

    Step 1: Navigate to on your browser of choice.

    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

    Step 2: Click the Sign in with Twitter button and enter your account information. Authorize the app on the page that loads next.

    Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

    Step 3: Once authorized you’ll be brought back to the front page of the site. Click the Start Wiping link to start the process.

    The Web site notes that due to demand and the methods used, this process can take a little while (especially if you have tons of previous tweets on your account). It might be best to start before you go to bed or work and hopefully it will be complete by the time you come back.

    If you’re on a roll and want to clean out your Facebook too, check out Rob Lightner’s How to delete all your Facebook posts and comments .